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  1. The chats do work on Macs under Firefox (not using one now, but I have used it). You need that standard distribution of Java installed. You can always try pressing the "Live Chat" button and seeing if it works whenever you want. If it doesn't, it will give you some time to figure out the solution to any technical issues you have. Post here if you have any questions.
  2. Happy birthday, antlered one.
  3. Sema'J brings back auxilliary systems, allowing the ship power and bringing back gravity to essential locations. Eagle, Servo and Alces go on a spacewalk. Alces finds that all light is blocked, then all comm signals are blocked as he get farther away from Arcadia. Eagle suggests that this void might be similar to the one Negilum used to "study" the Enterprise-D. Daena and Lo'Ami begin their recovery in sickbay, as the doctors arrive from wherever they were. Daena regains conciousness. Lo'Ami's physical injuries, including blood loss and internal bleeding are repaired. An additional brain-wave pattern is found that prevents him from regaining conciousness. ChatLog.071010to071011.txt
  4. It's always good to come in to a new sim with an open mind to adjust, especially if you're trying to introduce non-canon elements into your character. But, if you do have lots of character details that you'd like to keep, you can also talk to the GM team before you sign up for the sim and see whether they would allow your proposed character on their ship. There are some characters that (I'm pretty sure) no GM would allow, like a fully-empowered Q. But, there is some variation between sims in style and faith to canon.
  5. The Arcadia website server will be (physically) moving, and service will be down starting sometime on Sunday, July 1. I hope to have it restored by Tuesday, July 3.
  6. The idea there is not to get too hung up on character development in a one hour academy sim that has no continuity, while you could be helping to advance the plot.
  7. Since the last board upgrade, I haven't had any luck logging in to the chat when I wasn't logged in on the boards.
  8. Hello and welcome to STSF!
  9. Happy Birthday, Captain!