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  1. To: Captain Chirakis Kirel From: Commander Mimi Pavilion, CMO Subject: Jim Pine and Hank Slym As discussed in medical, both Jim Pine and Hank Slym both suffered a concussion, cracked and broken ribs, a broken nose and some bruises. Both are stable and will be resting in medical for at least 3 days. But for now, both patients are resting comfortably. If there any questions to their welfare or in general, please don’t hesitate to ask.
  2. To hear that Sky Harbor Aegis did not get destroyed was something to rejoice about, the fact that the station and its captain survived is something to celebrate about. For Mimi, that moment came when Commander Lei’ri called stating to stand by, followed by Captain d’Ka to be ready to beam Chirakis to the tactical medical area. It was to her amazement that Chirakis was weak, but very much alive. Mimi performed a detailed scan of Kirel, as well as a blood sample, to make sure that there were no lasting side-effects. She also wanted to make sure that, in the worst possible scenario that this happened again, that a small team could be on the station instead of one person; especially after the captain’s muttering of “never happens again.” Now, Mimi can breathe a sigh of relief of not having to send a death certificate to Starfleet, but have to compile a report for them that the captain is alive and the station is intact. But above all, to let the Chirakis get some much needed rest and to keep her in medical overnight for observation, as well as letting the rest of the crew know that she’s alive.
  3. One moment Mimi was aboard Sky Harbor Aegis, the next she was aboard the USS Iowa after an emergency beam-out. It took her a bit to get her bearings and to get permission to beam over to the USS Missouri, once all ships were clear, where her staff was at, and bear the bad news to her staff in regards to their commanding officer. For the worst part of her job was to write up the death certificate.That is the hardest job to do for a doctor, let alone a Chief Medical Officer. Mimi had everything filled out, except for her signature and sending it to Starfleet, which at the moment she couldn’t bear to do.
  4. Nope, just show and you can talk with the GM then.
  5. Look at the schedule of sims that are running and see which one would interest you the most. You can observe the sims to start with, just let the GM's know that your new. Hope that helps a little.
  6. Memo: Possible Foothold To: Captain Chirakis Kirel and Commander Scott Coleridge From: Commander Mimi Pavilion, M.D. After analysing the combined dna structure between the Pakleds and the unknown plants and comparing them to the original structure, the plants seem to be engineered to rewrite the Pakled dna to kill. To what full effect is currently unknown. I have conferred this possibility with Lt. Cmdr. Tarisa Duella.
  7. Passing On Mimi Pavilion, MD Amanda Davis, PhD There are times when Amanda can cope and times when she can not cope. Counselor Amanda Davis stood at the door to Dr Pavilion’s quarters wondering if she could push past her personal feelings and help her dear friend Mimi deal with the death of her bond mate, her husband, the person she had chosen for life. He loved her dearly, but SubCommander Torate tr’Jeth Dabi, was also a warrior. As dedicated to his people as he was to her, he left Aegis to rebuild the Empire after the devastation of ch'Rihan in 2387.* Then came the destruction of the Breen.** Many who were no longer Breen slaves formed the Alien Alliance that not only threatened the Romulan Star Empire, it threatened to overtake the Joint Allied Powers…. “If it’s not one thing, it’s another,” thought Amanda. “And Torate, as bold and brave as he was, gave his life to save his captain. Oh, Mimi.” She sighed quietly, then took a deep breath to regain her composure before pressing the chime on Mimi’s door. “Enter,” Mimi said, as she sat at her desk. Amanda stepped in quietly. “Hello, Mimi,” she said in a more professional manner. “How are you?” She looks at Amanda and sighs, “Not well, as expected. How can one deal with the loss of a spouse?” “With difficulty, Mimi," she replied quietly and sincerely. "You will have times when you remember him fondly, maybe even smile at some of the things he did. Then you’ll have times when you can’t stop crying..” “I know,” Mimi replied; “it’s just the biggest adjustment that I’ve… I’m going through, since being assigned to Aegis.” Amanda pulled up a chair and waited for her to continue. And if she wasn’t going to continue, she would be Mimi’s friendly presence, sitting by her side, mourning with her. “You know Torate and I had been married for over a year. Thing is he wanted children to carry on the family name. Now there’s going to be a big empty house and no children.” Amanda pressed through her sadness, knowing how important that is in the Rihan culture. “Yes, that is very important, not only to you, but to Torate. If you can, try thinking of it this way, Mimi. He is in Vorta Vor... watching you, and knowing how you feel. Try to think of his passing as a transformation from one world to another. Try to think of him as being here next to you, but in a different form. Does that make sense?" Mimi nodded. “It does,” she replied. _______________ *In the Aegis timeline, ch’Rihan was not destroyed. At the request of the crew, the exploding star’s cosmic rays devastated ch’Rihan and rendered it uninhabitable for hundreds of years. **In their attempt to create a subspace attack corridor, the Breen trapped themselves in subspace.
  8. This takes place the next day after the end of the last sim. Mimi entered the holding area where the gremlin was at, with chocolate energy bars and a PADD. As she approached the cell where the ‘visitor’ was at, it just looked at her. She pulled one of the energy bars off the stack she had and it seemed to get excited at the treat. Mimi looked at her PADD, laying the chocolate energy bar down; and tried to communicate with gremlin via sign language alphabet. She signed “Do you like these bars,” to the creature. It signed back to her “Yes.” Mimi smiled and finally had a way to communicate with him. She placed the bar in-between the two as a sign that he will get it when they’re finished. She signed to the gremlin, “Are you alone on this station?” He replied “No.” “Do you know how many there are,” Mimi signed. The gremlin signed, “enough.” Mimi stopped the conversation after the smell started to pick up. She asked the security officer to lower the force field long enough for her hand the gremlin the energy bar. Then she left security to go change and file a report on her findings.
  9. New players are accepted. The Academy's are no longer avaliable. You can observe the sims that fit your time and talk with Game Masters (GM's).
  10. The Vladivostok. It seemed to Mimi that the ship would come back to bite her in the rear. She remembered the day the Vladivostok crew arrived. They were malnourished, ill and some had died; and to top it off, Mimi was the one in charge of the station at the time. So, when Captain d’Ka had handed her the metal with USS Vladivostok inscribed on it, her reaction was understandable. Now, she knew the aliens who tended to the crew of the Vladivostok, are the same ones they just made contact with. Also, with the void area of space, they seem to be interested in it and are willing to work with us on it. The question Mimi has: what will the effects be if our crew is around them for long periods of time rather than the short periods time they have spent with us?