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    Littles ships are tough till they blow up
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  1. I was still thinking on how to word my request as I entered the Brig. Lt. Marx was sitting behind the desk reading a PADD. Looking up as the door closed, he set down the PADD and asked "Mr. Rhod, what do I owe this occasion?" "I was just wondering..." I decided to go for some small talk before asking for the droid, "Just wondering what you were planning on doing during this shore leave we have coming up." Marx didn't truly believe that this was Ensign Rhod's reason for coming to the Brig but he decided to play along. "I was going to check out the X-wing to make my maintenance crew put back together correctly. How bout you, planning to go planet side?" The question seemed to have caught him off-guard, perhaps he had thought about this conversation before he came in here, and this wasn't exactly how he thought it was going to go. "Oh I was just planning to stay on board and keep an eye on things on the ship, had enough problems with planets for the next few weeks." Marx looked down for a second, and then said "Yes, perhaps we'll think a bit longer before we go down to another strange planet. Now is there something else on your mind?" I guessed he knew that I didn't just come down here to talk about shore leave, considering he'd probably also spend time with his family. "Yes sir, I also wanted to check out the droid of yours, perhaps see if it could be useful to duplicate it and use it for tasks too dangerous for engineers to enter." I paused for a moment, "And perhaps recheck its database for some more information on that galaxy." The Lt took a breath before he answered. "Well for the first request I'll have to deny that, based on ethical grounds. R4 is sentient, in a manner of speaking. And the Federation determined that androids and their kind are allow the same rights and privileges all sentients are guaranteed. As for the second, we've already downloaded all the recent files that were on R4 about it's galaxy to the computer." I took another pause and answered "I was referring to files a bit older, say, 15-20 years ago" Marx stared at the Ens., remembering his personal file. "That would be before the Challenger found you correct?" Steven nodded. "Do you think something in those files may answer some questions about your past?" "Perhaps," he answered. "And what makes you think that Rhod?" He crossed his arms and said "I don't know for sure. It's just a feeling, a feeling that I've had since I was found by Capt. La Forge, a sense of loss and unknowing, that disappeared while we were in that galaxy, and once we left, returned. "If I could just look though those files, and see the ship designs from that era, that would tell me if I'm on the right track" I looked over to the right, looking at nothing really, then when the Lt. started speaking again I turned back. "Well... I see nothing wrong with it, go ahead. But, I can make no guarantees that the information you're looking for is still within his databanks." I felt a great sigh of relief. "Thank you sir, where is the droid?" He went back to his PADD and said, "I don't know really. I'll send him to after I finish my flight test. Would that be sufficient?" "Yes sir goodbye." I left the brig and headed back to my quarters to set up the console from the memory retrieval, excited that perhaps some of the questions about my past may finally be answered.
  2. oh, and one shot for when Kim falls for the wrong woman
  3. Take a glup every time Wolf says " If you were any other man I'd kill you where you stand"
  4. thats really sad
  5. Can I get " Littles ships are tough till they blow up"
  6. UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS STARFLEET COMMAND STARFLEET PERSONNEL COMMAND -=/\=- RECORD ACCESS -=/\=- CLASSIFICATION LEVEL: CONFIDENTIAL /NOFORN NAME: Rhod, Steven RACE: Human SEX: Male AGE: estimated 22 HEIGHT: 2m WEIGHT: 87kg RANK: Ens( SD:50607.12) ASSIGNMENT: USS Arcadia, NCC-1742-E DUTY POSITION: Engineer -= PERSONAL HISTORY PRIOR TO POSTING=- Steven Rhod's birth place is unknown, He was found by the NCC 71099 USS Challenger on a planet which the ship was surveying. He was found in the wreckage of what appeared to be an alien shuttle craft, which at the time was unfamiliar to the Federation. The medical officer him estimated to be 8 years old and after an extensive search Star fleet was unable to find any family members, so he was placed under the supervision of Challenger crew. He spent 10 years on the Challenger and after all that time Star Fleet "kinda grew on him" as he had put it, and left the Challenger to attend Star Fleet Academy. Half way though the academy he got in a fight with 4 Orion males but managed to beat them with minor inquires, the fight seemed to be over a poker game which the cadet had beaten the captain of their ship which he had bet, Star Fleet informed the cadet that he would not be able to keep the ship and had returned ownership back to the captain after he was revived. He graduated in the top of his class with very high marks in shield, hull, weapon design and technology, and posted on the Arcadia as an engineer because she was very shorthanded in that area. -= DUTY CHANGE=- (S.D. 50703.09)Transfered to regular duty shift due to there only being one officer left during that shift.
  7. Hey has anyone ever forgot that other ppl are real, and not just things to interact with? Once that happened to me when I thought I was the only real person there was and everyone else were like NPCs just to interact with. wierd
  8. Well my dad finally got them off the corpse, the cat was more likly going to die young anyways, parents were brother and sister and the other 2 died 2 weeks later.
  9. I did something really stupid when I was 5, I saw my cat beat up my dog when it stuck her nose in his face, so I put my kitten outside cause I wanted to see it beat up my 2 dogs, it didn't go to well... :blink:
  10. thx guys