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    I don't know....where am I?!?!
  1. Hah! An army of fish and a race of cats, anyone else think that will be a war waiting to happen?
  2. Any time when they mix Family Guy with Star Trek is a good thing.
  3. happens to me a lot in pbems, of course its mainly because I post about three times more than anyone else.
  4. Our tax dollars hard at work.......
  5. Oh and she's in the torture chamb....I mean medical, LOL
  6. a gold pig, hmm....... now if I could find one of them i wouldn't have dial-up. But anyways, Happy Chinese New Year.
  7. Well, as we all know power corrupts, but in Kai's case she corrupted the power. I'm going to assume she bitched and moaned her way to power.....as did most Bajorans on DS9....::Sighs:: They could've made the bajorans a little bit better
  8. Hehe, I got one that said "Here's your chocolates, bye."
  9. Congrats to X'aedell, she is now an Ensign and ready to be hounded by all advanced sims to join ;) ::hands X a pamplet on the Manticore::
  10. Are Linda Park from Star Trek: Enterprise and Grace Park from Battlestar Galactica sisters?
  11. What does Santa do when his reindeer have to go to the bathroom in mid flight. I hope he has a bug shield.
  12. Umm, ok. One question though, you didn't take any nitetime cough medicine before you went to sleep did you?
  13. Diry Dancing. I hate that thing, it shouldn't have been a movie. I just can't see what the fuss is over, its boring.
  14. Umm, that's not right, not right at all.............