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  1. Yes welcome to stsf check out thease links are helpful in becoming an advanced player if you have any problems you can contact the GM team thro via pm on the message board or on the chat room here is the schedualing for all academys simulation Scheduals also you can check out the rules page if you havent done so yet Rules they will help you to get started on stsf you might want to check out Tips From the Moose they are really great I read them and they helped me out graduating from the Academy ... Welcome aboard and hope you have a great experiance here ;)
  2. Engineineering status report: :report adressed to Commander Garnoopy: Most systems were hevily damaged juring the colision and were in active we had to replace alot of conduites and blown out computer parts from consoles and restore them to normal consoles are still in the process are in the process of being restored back to their original programing Impluse Systems: have been restored to full power and relcaibrated to the correct parameters and is at full power Warp systems : Warp field recalibrated to normal parameters plazma conduites cleaned an. recalibrated to acept plazma flow. Power Systems: all power systems are back to full power and recalibrated to acecpt the normal flow Sheilds: Power to the sheilds has been restored to 100 precent and is acepting commands from bridge Phasers and photon launchers : phasers are restored to normal parameters and is currently acepting commands from bridge also Holodecks : Still being restored to normal process still working on power systems Waste Systems: back online and functioning sonic showers: Operating normaly and acepting command imput Replicator systems: Back online acepting commands Computer Core: Back online acpecting imputs from all consoles and bridge inputs Communications : External and internal communications have been restored to normal parameters also took hevy damage due to power overload from impact
  3. Doug entered main engineering went right to his usual computer terminal looks over across engineering to see Jami near the other side of the warpcore. "Doug says" can i help you with something commander. "Jami replied no, Doug everything is ok". Doug carried on a conversation with the Commander then said have a good day then he smiled. pressing on his console and entered a set of command codes to check on the engine status realizing that their is no engines at all. Then later he grabbed his engineering kit with his favorite set of tools then went over to the warp core. Doug then pulled out the correct tool then started, to get power back online to the engines he started by rerouting the correct power flow to the core, from the main power source Doug was getting frustrated making the adjustments then he bypassed the power systems rerouting it to the warp core and impluse drive . He had given the other repair crews their assignment's to begin restoring the other systems back online. He then began to recalibrate the control interface to restore the warp core to normal operations Then he started to enter the warp field calculations he had used before hoping that they would work he said computer bypass computer control and set warp systems on manual override. Doug then began to bring the warp drive back online recalibrating the warp field to the correct parameters then "Doug tapped his com badge then said Dougt to Commander Garnoopy I'm pleased to let you know that both impulse and warp drive systems are back online then Doug went back reentering the correct parameters. He left his console to head over to another one to begin working on the communication systems he had asked one of the other engineers to give him a hand to reroute the necessary resources to get the external com back online he rerouted power from other sources he said that's good ensign lets keep the power flow their and lock it down. Doug went back over to his console to begin is report to the Commander and make several adjustments to the main console adjusting the power flow to make sure its stable He then exited engineering to head for sickbay for the doctor to look over his medical condition to make sure his treatment is working correctly. He said hello is the doctor in now "I'm here for my check up"
  4. Happy New Year stsf!
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  6. happy birthday Admiral hope its been a good one
  7. I had pulled an all nighter going over my status reports to Garn. The next thing I knew it was daylight and the crew was up and filled with ambition to go looking for our missing crew member. I, on the other hand, was tired. I heard Pilot say something about it being morning. I said it couldn't have been morning already. Pilot replied, “Yes, Doug. It’s morning.” I said, “Really? I must have got carried away in my work.” I got up and grabbed myself a phaser rifle, a type 2, and a tricorder. Pilot had asked me what that was for. I said to him, “I want to be ready for anything that might come our way. I don't want any surprises like we had the previous day with the creature attacking our crew member and getting dragged away. I don't want another episode of that happing again. I was on point,” I said. I should have been able to stop it from happening.” The next thing I knew I could hear the sound of an engine or something overhead hovering towards the other camp. I looked out the window of the Chimera. I looked over head to see a fighter hovering over the captain’s camp. I was curious as to why it was sent from the ship. I said to Hilee, “Any ideas on why the fighter was sent?” Hilee replied, “I have no idea.” Then I realized that we were in big trouble for staying behind. I knew that the Admiral must have sent the fighter to come and order us back to Manticore. I was worried that we might have to leave. Then I heard sounds like people talking. I knew the captain must be trying to tell the fighter that we were staying behind. The next thing I heard was the fighter engaging its engines then taking off. Then I heard the captain’s voice over the com. I looked over to Commander JFarrington. Listing to her and the captain talking I was feeling like I wanted to get out and start looking for our missing crewmember, but I knew that wasn't possible because we were being ordered to head back to the ship and that security would be left behind. I felt like I wanted to stay behind and help but I knew it wasn't possible. Later, as we started to head back to the other camp, I heard a sound in the trees. I looked at the commander as she raised her rifle. Then we all felt a really high pitched squealing. It was so painful I felt as if I could pass out. It was so terrible I remember looking at the rest of my crewmates and seeing them in pain. Then I realized that the sound had stopped. I noticed that everyone was slowly getting back up to head over to the other camp.
  8. happy b day jami have a good one
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  10. theirs now 10 days untill shoreleave west
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  12. 84 days left untill shore leave west now
  13. well their is 100 days left untill shoreleave west im looking forward to it
  14. happy birthday precip... Col. C.E. Harper hope you all have had a good one
  15. The brig of the ISS Manticore. A few hours have passed since the Admiral's death. Keb sat glumly with her elbows on her knees and her chin on her hands on a bunk. “I should have killed him when I had the chance,” she muttered. Doug, doing push ups and minding his own business, said, “I wonder what’s going on the rest of the ship.” Keb kicked Doug in frustration, because he happened to be there. Doug looked up at her. “What was that for?” “Can't you do that over there?” “There is no room over there. Why can’t you move over there?” “I was here first. This is all Escher's fault. And they put him in a different cell. Jerks.” Doug looked at Keb. “I can’t wait to get back at Faldek for this.” Keb shrugged. “They said the admiral was killed. I bet Faldek wanted the glory to himself. I didn't even want him killed.” “I had a feeling they planned this,” Doug said. “I think Precip’s involved too.” But Keb was barely paying attention. “Who cares? I only went along with it because I wanted Escher out of the way, and I was trapped.” “Do you have any ideas on how we can escape?” Doug asked her, looking around the brig. “If I had my bag--but Escher and Faldek destroyed it--it's hopeless.” Keb buried her head in her hands. Doug pounded his fist on the wall out of frustration. Keb looked up at the noise. “He got you the same way, didn't he? Stuck in the brig...” “Let’s just say if I had my way he would be thrown out an airlock.” “If he takes Escher with him, I'm in. Only before the airlock, there should be blood.” Doug nodded. “Agreed. A phaser on high would do the trick, but how would we get one?” He punched the bulkhead again. “It’s pointless. We can’t get out of this cell!” Keb seemed much calmer. “Phaser isn't painful enough. Well, a normal one. Look, it's no use, I told you. I don't have any tools. I don't have any parts. I've got nothing but this stupid sash on my uniform.” Doug looked Keb over. ”I suppose Faldek took your combadge, didn’t he?” “Course.” Keb untied her sash, thinking. “Then Kyle is next on my list.” Keb didn’t look up from the shiny fabric. “What'd he do to you?” “Injected me with toxins a small amount they used for the bio weapons.” “Oh, is that all?” She looked supremely unconcerned, but fascinated with the sash. Doug frowned at her. “It was very painful. If I get out, I’m going to give him a higher amount of the toxin.” It was as if Keb hadn’t even heard him. “Give me your sash. Two of them would be just long enough...” “What are you doing?” he asked, handing over his sash. “Well, there are more ways to kill a man than a phaser, you know...” She tied the two sashes together with a square knot. “How? He’s twice our size. Even if we get out, then what? Then the bridge will be after us.” In a cheerful voice, she asked, “Ever heard of garroting?” Doug shook his head. “I haven’t.” Keb smiled at him, flourishing the sashes. “Ancient form of torture and execution...somewhat like hanging.” He seemed more interested in planning than history lessons. “Even if we do get out we would have to take command.” “I don't care about command,” Keb replied. “Escher will suffer. That's all that matters now.” “The command staff will hunt us down if we don’t eliminate them” “So?” She tied a hangman’s knot in one end of the long sash. “Hm,” he said thoughtfully. “Did McFly seem to be on our side or Faldek’s?” Keb shrugged, holding up the loop. “Think this will fit over Escher's fat head?” Doug avoided the question and asked his own. “Do you have access to phasers? I want to kill Faldek.” “I'm in the same brig you are. Did they issue you a phaser at the door? But,” she added, smiling cheerfully and sing-songing the rest, “I've got a garrote....” Doug was serious. “You know, I was going to turn on Faldek, but he tricked me.” Keb held up the noose toward him like a gift. “It could be used twice...if we're fast. I'll need your help, though.” He nodded. “What can I do?” She closed her eyes thoughtfully. “We have to find a way to get to them. That's all.” “Did you see who was in security last?” She shrugged. “No. I was thinking about all the lovely sharp things in my bag and how pretty they'd have looked embedded in Escher's flesh.” Doug’s eyes flashed as he envisioned grand plans. “You know, I do have command experience. We can take the whole ship and put it on lock down.” “And how do you propose we get out of the brig? I'm not sure garroting all these guys is going to help us.” Keb made a sweeping gesture at the company in their cell. Doug whispered to her. “Watch.” Then he turned towards the forcefield, yelling. “Hey, someone let us out of here!” He slapped the forcefield. She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, you keep doing that.” She ran her fingers happily along the sash noose and giggled.