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  1. The sheer scope of the Federation, not to mention its principles to lend a helping hand so long as the Prime Directive isn't being infringed, meant that there was usually a medical emergency somewhere. Today was no different. The Hippocrates was zooming its way at warp 9 to the homeworld of the Renoteth to assist with an outbreak of a troubling virus that was eating its way through that species' youth. With the ship's figurative lights and sirens on, they were breaking the warp speed limit under the emergency clause of the law designed to keep subspace from breaking through into normal space from degradation by warp fields. Commander Mreh K'hal sat on the bridge in the big chair as per usual, because Captain Holman preferred to organize and do the mission planning, leaving the dark-haired Cait to deal with ship's business. This suited him just fine, because he'd given up actively practicing medicine a while ago to concentrate first on operations and then entering the command training that eventually netted him his first executive officer position. It was this combination of medical knowledge and ability to run the ship tidily that interested Holman in the Cait when his previous XO moved off to a reasearch lab on Betazed. The Olympic class vessel was fresh from an overhaul at Earth Spacedock and was running like a charm. Which meant that for a change Mreh didn't have a bucket load of complaints from the department chiefs. Though the Chief Medical Officer still wasn't happy that they didn't add more beds throughout the various wards on the ship. Both the Captain and Mreh had lobbied for them but the designers said "more beds would disrupt the workflow of the areas." Considering they weren't medical types it was a silly statement as they had no experience doing the work. As most doctors would complain their mouths (or equivalent) off about cramped conditions but would still prefer to have the beds anyway so no one was happy about it. It's much better for doctor and patient to treat the wounded or sick on a biobed than on the floor. In any case the Hippocrates wouldn't arrive at its destination for a little over two days, and until the situation was further assessed on site they wouldn't be putting the overhauled wards to the test for a while so he had time before the CMO started her tirades anew. Being so fresh out of dock and traveling through the safety of the Federation also meant Mreh didn't have much to do save read the occasional memo from Holman, so his time in the chair today wasn't taking much of his brainpower. It gave his mind a chance to drift back to his youngest brother. Shortly after arriving at Earth for the overhaul, his family contacts had alerted him that the Excalibur was taking on a little bit more than it was doing on the record, though what exactly they didn't know and Mreh himself wasn't able to ferret out. Considering what he had been able to learn wasn't pleasant, and involved characters out of his own past on board his old ship, he did what any protective older brother would do and damn the regulations. He'd had a good long chat with his youngest brother as both their ships were being worked on at the same time, albeit in different quadrants. "Hopefully the info is helping him," Mreh thought. He hadn't heard another peep about the Excalibur or its crew since the Hippocrates set out. At this stage it was too early to increase the worry level any higher than it already was, but he couldn't help thinking that Rhan would've been better off following his sister's pawprints by staying a civilian. Though the trouble probably came from the posting to the Excalibur, which seemed to guarantee trouble. After all his eldest younger brother Hakran has led a perfectly safe (and probably boring) life being a science officer on the Copernicus. There are some ships that probably shouldn't get another letter after limping into port for the last time (or not even making it that far and just blowing up), and Mreh though the Excal was one of them. With a sigh he turned his thoughts back to his own ship and crew. "Lieutenant Stavros, let's get engineering on their toes. Cue up an emergency drill, dealer's choice," Mreh ordered with a grim smile on his feline face.
  2. Fresh from a workout of his hybrid Caitian Morahk'ta/Terran Tai Chi regimen, Rhan lounged upon his spiffily made up bed in the room he shared with fellow operations guru Ensign Gene Thurman. The room was small and sparse, but each occupant had forcefully stamped what personality they could in the shared space. For the Caitian it was with rich colors and bold angles, along with various holophotos of his family. The human's side was much more eclectic, with various reproductions of old posters from various late 20th to mid 21st Century science-fiction entertainment. Most prominently displayed was a rather distinct looking young woman in an outfit an Orion slave girl would feel right at home in as she stood in front of a creature Rhan likened to a an evil, oversized (and overweight) Trill symbiont. The title of it was Star Wars The Return of the Jedi. Whatever that was. The young Cait had thus far steadfastly refused invitations to watch it. Moments after washing up from his workout he received a notice of an incoming transmission from home. He waited while the subspace communique from Earth was relayed through, rolling his eyes at the little spinning waiting indicator beneath the same ol' screen indicator was displayed on the PADD he transferred the call to. Starfleet, he thought, could really use someone to spruce up the LCARS GUI one of these days. It was an unexpected but welcome call, as his eldest brother Mreh had always been a humorous but steadying influence on Rhan during his formative years. Hakran had always been the rival, and being the biggest of the siblings, the one more likely to pounce on the unwary. His sister Mren, when not busy studying, was far too involved in her own social life to want anything to do with her young brother. Finally that annoying little circle stopped spinning and the screen popped up to show the elder K'hal offspring grinning between his paws. Mreh's jet-black hair had recently been tidied up and cropped from the unruly mess he usually kept it in, yet it still seemed to want to fall over his eyes. "I heard through the grapevine that the Excalibur just finished a mission, and you're still alive!" "Not through lack of effort on other people's part," Rhan replied, rolling his eyes. "I really thought you had been kidding when it came to this ship's reputation." "If only that were true," Mreh said. "I wouldn't have to keep visiting sickbay for tune-ups on my back." The older brother narrowed his eyes, looking over his brother's image. "Whatever it was, looks like it took some of the green off of you." "Like I was ever that green," Rhan responded. "I knew better than anyone what it meant to join Starfleet and then take starship duty after graduation from the Academy." "True, but it's still not the same, Bro. But I'm glad you made it through your first one without leaving any pieces behind... You didn't leave any pieces behind, right?" Mreh asked. "Everything is still attached," Rhan said with a chuckle. "Maybe some of my internal organs are flatter than they were before I started, but that's about it." "Oh?" "Chief Science officer decided to use me as a bouncy castle from about 3 meters up," Rhan replied, speaking of course of Ithene's rather ungraceful landing. "She's heavier than she looks." "Typical," Mreh said after a sharp laugh. "Though what did I tell you about physical intimacy with senior officers." "Hah, as if. She's not nearly furry enough, though I suspect part of that is regular shaving, but otherwise she is so not my type. Weird as hell for a department head though," Rhan said, shrugging at the thought. "Seems to actually know her stuff, but definitely not your run of the mill officer, she's very... familiar." "Sounds like someone else I know," Mreh replied with a pointed glance through his viewer. "But that's the problem with being born with a pip on your ass. You're just as comfortable around a strange admiral as you are with Grams." "I'm probably more comfortable with strange admirals, had those over for dinner more often than Grams visited," Rhan corrected. Mreh shook his head, though couldn't conceal the smirk. "So what are you doing back on Earth, anyway?" Rhan asked his brother. "Hippocrates is in Spacedock for a minor overhaul to the cargo bays. Which will be good, should be able to carry more medical supplies so we don't have to drive all over the quadrant picking them up," Mreh replied. "Won't take long, but we'll get a few days leave out of it." "I'm sure Dad's thrilled to see you, and I'm sure Mom's thrilled to have a chance to corner you on the prospect of grandkittens." Rhan grinned at his brother's defeated sigh. "You'd think she'd be too busy to think about that with all the expansions they're doing down at Medical, trying to keep the facility secure with all the construction going on. But no. I'd barely materialized on the front stoop when the door swung open and she looked around to see if I'd brought a girl home." Mreh's bemusement seemed secondary to his resignation. "That's what you get for being born first." "Yeah," Mreh agreed. "But your time is coming, don't think you're immune." "I could always donate," Rhan said with a laugh. "Then tell her there are potentially dozens of little Rhans running around... somewhere." "She'd tie you upside down by the tail from the ceiling," Mreh warned. "If things hold true to form on this ship," Rhan said, "I might already be used to that."
  3. I can sit on a fence and yowl if you'd like more noise.
  4. (( :: performs a drive-by captioning :: )) "Live long and... ROCK!"
  5. Coming in 2011... Milwaukee's Best Ninja v Klement's Racing Sausages Only one shall live to see the 7th Inning.
  6. Friday Academy runabout wants in on the action too!
  7. Will is certainly on to one method. Imagine wireless communications if you could have transmit petabytes of data through the planet without even worrying about the mild delay of light speed transmissions? I'm sure Google is working on this in a back room somewhere right now. I wouldn't be surprised if military research could open the door to subspace as well, probably under the stealth category. Trying to find some way of hiding some offensive weapon until the kaboom point and voila! There's subspace. Whether subspace needs to be theorized first or not, I don't think it matters. There have been discoveries in our science that have completely out of the blue during research into something else. Or possibly looking into something even something as relatively mundane as the neutrino could spur the discovery of subspace. Which can make Starfleet's "subspace tech required" commandment quite variable in the technological quality of the species they can contact.
  8. Look how much science has changed the "truth" about the T-Rex just since Jurassic Park came out. I'd say they'll need another 100 years of more wild speculation and quite a few more fossils before I put too much stock in anything but the bones themselves.
  9. Director (off-camera)> CUT! Come on guys, you're supposed to act as cheesy as the costumes! Dumb it down a little, this isn't Star Trek!
  10. :: Thinking: "I don't know, I give leeway on yellow outfit, but I say something about shoes?" ::
  11. I dunno, I'm pretty sure I belong to that loony bird population most of the time. :P Anyway, Happy 8th to the site and warm huggles all around for a great community.
  12. I know you were eager for a ship upgrade, Deanna... but this is taking it one step too far.
  13. Rugby may come in second place to footie around the world but it shouldn't be that hard to find a human opponent.
  14. <p class="birthday_greeting"> <?php $str1="Happy Birthday"; $name="Sam"; echo $str1 . " " . $name . "!!!"; ?> </p> :)
  15. Happy Birthday Will