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  1. You have a neat idea Danika. Im open to it, would certainly make logs and joint logs more fun and get us all started. Hanging out at the lounge etc. Just need to find a ship that meets on days we are open, and have three positions open that we can fill. Ill leave a note with Kevin on your idea, see what he thinks.
  2. I know huh? I was thinking the same thing, only I havent Sim'd with you yet. I have read some of your mission logs though, and look forward to simming. Who knows the three of us may get stationed on the same ship!
  3. Sendai_Riko certainly makes the most critical points to be sure (cant emphasise enough the Moose). Your profile doesnt specify past experience on these types of games (no worries, I have a whopping 4 days under my belt, counting today), so forgive if I state the obvious. I have recently trolled the entire history of the STSF Academy posts, and here is a brief synthesized list of things I find to be helping me make the game more interesting for me and I hope others as well. Again, these are not my ideas but others from the past, I read too many to remember names sorry. 1. Those neat little rank insignias you see on my and others signatures can be gotten: http://kuro-rpg.com/ 2. Two of the more difficult Posts for me to play have been Engineering and Medical. A great post suggested having another browser open to WebMD or Wikipedia to lend a hand on these posts. Of course you can always prescribe leeches (has the benefit of doubling as a pet after treatment), bandaids, and discuss how your are not quite ready to rule out the possible benefits of a frontal lobotomy if you want as well. 3. Memory Alpha is also a trove of Trek treasure. 4. Small talk. If a mission doesnt have you under attack, its fun to strike up a conversation with someone, real or another 'staff member' in your station. Particularly if you are not currently active in the mission. Suggestions would be betting with your 'staff' what time a watch will read after being replicated, discussing long term side effects of a "Pink Panther" marathon etc. Someones post struck this home by stating that the show would have been cancelled after 3 episodes if it went: <KIRK> Mr. Sulu Take us to the nearest Starbase <SULU> Aye sir ---45 solid mintutes of silence and everyone staring at the view screen.-- True Kirk would have gone through less shirts, but that kind of boring. Again Im new, so this is just what I have learned so far.
  4. Way ahead of you. Since you've helped with the comments (which has taken on a life of its own!), You will notice not one but 2 shiney stars have been awarded to you and the return friendship! Ferengi I am not...
  5. -=Cadet's Log=- Stardate 0701.08 Starfleet Communications Network Cadet Charles Stone Student Starfleet Academy I went on my first Away Team today, and even though logically I know it is a simulator, it seems so real. I know real original observation right? How many Cadet logs have said the same thing? But I'm not talking about the simulated wind on my face, sun in my eyes type of realism. I'm referring more to the gritty lessons that are much better learned and the mistakes better made in there. As is my custom, I enjoy reviewing the Holodeck recording of the mission, you know so I can see what my classmates experienced, did, and said. Still trying to find a color of shirt I like the best. I was on Away Team 2 and all we dealt with was a large double rotor helo, but Away Team 1 was dealing with a Large 4 legged animal. We had specific orders not to make contact in accordance with the Prime Directive, but this large creature was certainly imposing and always right on the verge of discovering the Team. I think it was Cdt. Gallus who noted, that it was entirely possible that this WAS the primary lifeform on this planet. That thought had not occurred to me, although it should have after my little main hall expereience yesterday. My whole perception of what a primary life form is must change if I and Starfleet are to succeed. I simply cannot assume that all primary life forms will be bi-pedal and carbon based. After the mission was over, a good friend of mine, Kevin Anderson graduated. This was a man who has been there with me from my beginnings. I was his AMO in my first sim and Kevin did his best to look out for me. The Academy will be different for me now. Without a Kevin I will have to step it up a notch. Never know I may become another new Cadet's Kevin... I truly wish him the very best and whatever Starship he chooses will be lucky to have him. -=End Log=-
  6. My head hurts thinking about that show almost too much to even remember that I think it is call Armed and Famous. Either way CBS needs to step it up a notch. I know the commercial you are talking about, and I swear Estrada has to wear dentures. Never mind the wig, but those teeth... After all those years of playing a cop on a motocycle you would think there would be a little coffee yellow or bug green or something... I havent been a big fan of these reality shows over all, but a fun "Sit com" moment in real life happened to me a few days ago. I came home from work after I found and joined this site and started rambling on to my Wife how I joined this cool club, and I have my first mission on so and so, and... and you get the picture. I noticed that she was watching TV and the show was none other than Beauty and the Geek. Totally walked into that pit trap... It actually wasnt a bad show that I saw at least. Beauties crying over the Dewey Decimal system, Geeks asking guys to rub sun tan lotion on their backs afraid of the women...
  7. -=Cadet's Log=- Stardate 0701.07 Starfleet Communications Network Cadet Charles Stone Student Starfleet Academy Cadets log first entry. What a day this has been. I arrived at the Academy 20 minutes before I was scheduled to, just to take a look around. Very impressive to say the least. All too soon I gathered with my fellow new recruits and went to requisition our Academy uniforms. I couldn't wait to put mine on, so I swung by the nearest head and changed in a toilet stall. Not my proudest moment to be sure, but I was soon able to top that little private embarrassment with a rather more public one. I left the head carrying all my belongings with me and began looking for my quarters. Even if I wasn't fond of working out my uniform would be full just from the pride I felt wearing the famous Starfleet uniform. True, I don't have a single rank insignia, but I do have my comm badge gleaming from my chest. I bumped into several people and one tree from comm badge blindness, which cant be as rare as I have been lead to believe by both of the unfortunates I bumped into, the tree was rather more sympathetic or at least quite about the ordeal. It was about this time as I entered a main hall filled with more people of more races than I knew existed just 3 hours before, that I topped my bathroom experience and comm badge blindness in my most embarrassing moment in my short Starfleet career. All of a sudden my chest started vibrating and scared the heck out of me. I threw all my belongings into the air to allow my hands the full range of motion they would require to swat at my chest frantically. This was accompanied by the customary scream like a cat in water first impression that I'm sure we all wish to make. Just that quickly my shirt that was only moments ago stuffed, suddenly felt three sizes too big. Sullenly I began to gather my belongings, although I couldn't find a hint or trace of my pride anywhere on the floor. A very nice blue (or maybe green, could have been purple too I guess?) girl of a race that I have no idea , but am determined to find out, stopped and lent me a hand picking up my stuff. I half expected her to have a sarcastic remark loaded in torpedo bay 1, but she only said in an oddly serious voice "First comm huh?" Anyway, thats it for this log. "Hey Mike you want to go hit the lounge?" <nearly inaudible mumblings..presumably from Mike> "What? Oh sure bring her along" <more mutterings from 'Mike'> "No, I'm not paying for you its your turn to buy." <more insistent mutterings from 'Mike'> "Ok ok, don't get all worked up about it Ill get the check." <Computer voice>"If you would like to make a log, please hang up and try again. Message number 351" "What? Oh crud, End Log!!!! End L"... -=End Log=-
  8. Congratulations Danika! You going to leave a "Last will and testament" leaving some of your Academy stuff to your classmates?
  9. Had a good time at the academy with you last night Mikhail
  10. So it is ok and maybe encouraged to attend multiple academies? Im new to the concept of online simming like this, and would enjoy getting as much practice as possible. Makes sense to try and hit the same couple for the GMs to get to know me though.