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  1. Mmmm. Cheese ::drools:: Name another this that comes in a wheel, brick and can in so many delicious flavors.
  2. Welcome aboard! I like how LoAmi's link takes you right to the "Courtesy to other players" section. I guess it could be interesting to have a character like that. It would be hard for me to keep that character constrained to the sims and logs, while trying to convince people Im not like that 24 seven in the fun postings around the boards, where I want to post and not neccessarily my character. Of course, gotta let your hair down so to speak, at the Red Star, where you can just kind of mingle with people you may see, but not get a chance to chat with. Good luck with that
  3. A friend of mine was marveling that my Madden football guy has had a 1000 yard rushing GAME, and thought I should post how to do it. My reply? "What am I to say? Get ball perform miracle? Because thats what it is, you cant teach game. You either got game or you bring water to those that do." Sometimes I crack myself up...
  4. Those that think it permissible to tell white lies soon grow color blind.Austin O'MalleyHey does this seem a little like the kids sitting in the basement on That 70's Show?
  5. =/\= Personal Log =/\= -= Stardate 0701.14 =- Starfleet Communications Network Ensign Charles Stone Graduate Starfleet Academy ::In the background a mans voice is heard saying: "Agincourt crew, family members and honored guests." An ancient Earth proverb says, "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.":: As I sit here going through the many logs and bios of the possible assignments, I am reminded of how anxious I was to hear one way or the other on my application to Starfleet. ::"This is the commitment that was displayed toward me by a dear friend and what compelled me to enter Starfleet. ":: Odd, how this answer which will directly effect the next few years of my life does not seem to compare to the feeling of anxiety that I felt then. ::"In the same manner, I offer this commitment to you without any hesitation." I pledge to you on this day that I will lead by example and never ask of my crew something that I would not be willing to do myself.":: I sent in my application this morning, requesting assignment to one of Starfleet's proud vessels. Each one possesses the allure of exploration of new areas, meeting new lifeforms both on and off ship. ::"And before you and before heaven I pledge to expend whatever resources it takes to preserve every life, for all life is precious, human, alien or otherwise.":: Sharing experiences with these new people, well new for a while. Its impossible to spend that much time with strangers. Soon, though never soon enough, the talk will stop being how the previous officer did something if I am to replace a transferred crew member, or how to more efficiently fetch coffee, or hold the flashlight if I am to be a new "You-Know-Nothing-Until-I-Say-So" assistant. ::"It is my hope that we shall live up to the motto of this fine vessel. "We happy few, We band of brothers" is more than just a motto, it is an ideal that we all should embrace and in time, will learn to embrace.":: I have spent the days since my graduation perusing the storied history of each of the available vessels, read more crew bios and ships logs than I'm willing to admit, spoken with more officers, newly grads, and the bartender of the Redstar, to finally have narrowed the list down to a few favorites. ::"Just as the English and Welsh banded together to defeat the mighty French cavalry on that glorious day in 1415, we too, from all sorts of diverse backgrounds will band together against whatever the universe throws against us."":: 1415? Did he just talk about 1415? Was there a 1415? Hmm.. where was I... Just as difficult to narrow down is the lists of Posts available. True I was better in some areas in the Academy then others, but are there really anyone of them that I feel capable of doing for an entire Starship? I had the audacity to apply for a Helm position. Heck, I barely have my Starship learners permit, I'm not sure I'm allowed to pilot without an responsible adult on the Bridge, and even then probably only during daylight hours... ::"So today, together, we embark on a new and unfamiliar journey that promises to take us where no man has gone before. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to command such a fine group of officers and I look forward to serving with each and every one of you. I salute you."":: It is one way to stand out though. Can't hide on the Bridge, can't learn by watching others like an Assistant, there is only one Helm and I could be it. Scratch the paint, everyone will know it. "To Boldly Go" has suddenly gone from a Cadets joke about the Science buildings 3 floor men bathroom, to a tough motto to live by. I wonder, since fear is habit forming, is courage? I guess I will find out. ::"Colonel...":: <In unison with the voice on the recording> "it's time." -=End Log=-
  6. A9, this is really geared towards you I think. I am emailing you a guide I wrote detailing step by step how to create those SIMS2 avatars in case anyone wants to make them on their own. I wanted to check with you before posting it because I included links others have contributed to the board over time, but I know that in general you want us to refrain from posting links. Anyway, if you get a sec can you give it the thumbs up or down? Thank you!
  7. Oh ya, Class of '07! You did a great job in the sim I was with you in yesterday! Good times ahead. Definately be looking for you online, and Id sim with you anytime!
  8. Aloe vera are two different plants.
  9. Welcome! You are in for many, many good times, stories, and friends. If you are available,swing by the redstar nightclub. Its Saturday at 11PM EST in the STSF Holodeck chatroom. Hope to see ya there!
  10. When The Force is too much for any one man to handle.
  11. Ok, so I got that figured out, I'd be glad to help out if the other good folks get too busy with these requests.
  12. Can I have "Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten." please.
  13. Ditto on Danika's question, be fun to literally flesh out my guy, not that Max Sterling isnt ultra cool, he is just ultra not Star Trek.
  14. WANTED: Friend to make this little spec of sadness (see attachment) go away. **Will pay one rating star or return friendship.** Since these are my "Quarters" I thought I'd try and decorate it a bit.... If attachment fails to load it is a screen shot of our 'Friends' tab with the sad message "There are no Friends to display."
  15. Congrats Ensign Stefan Fischer! The class of '07 (now and as it grows throught the year) should meet at the Red Star Cafe. The Red Star is on the Holodeck chatroom one hour before Saturday's academy.
  16. -=Cadet's Log=- Stardate 0701.09 Starfleet Communications Network Cadet Charles Stone Student Starfleet Academy Cadets log final Academy log This is it, after 4 years of grueling classes, demanding, but ultimately helpful Professors, and getting to know so many great and intelligent Cadets, I'm graduating. I'm sitting in my quarters, packing my boxes, pausing now and again at a particular piece of nic-nac and remembering fondly where it came from, and wondering just when an item goes from 'junk, slated to be tossed' to 'memoir the un-tossable'. Pausing in my packing, I stare out my window at the perpetually clear and sunny San Fransisco afternoon. This is it, a two week leave to say good bye and await my transfer orders and I'm off. I wonder which ship it will be? My friends all seem to know what ship they want, based on name, style, color, zodiac sign and I don't know what else. I on the other hand, don't seem to have a clear front runner yet. It dawns on me that what I am really taking from the Academy will not fit in this box. The tools I have now don't fit on a utility belt. The Academy has given me or allowed me to earn, as Prof. Dufour was found of saying, confidence. Confidence in myself, well ya, but I had that buried beneath pride before I came here. No, this is confidence in others. A sense of knowing without a doubt that the person next to me will do their job, will come up with ideas, will help me. That I do not have to try and do it all myself. Thats what I am taking from the Academy. Well, that and this fluffy Academy robe. Oh and these Academy slippers. ::Walks out of room leaving the box un-packed, but certainly not empty handed.:: -=End Log=-
  17. Good see you posting Dino! Have fun with these things, I look forward to reading future installments.
  18. Can I have "When life hands you lemons, ask for a bottle of tequila and the salt"
  19. I cant wait to read it either, that would mean it is finshed-ish.
  20. Ok dang. That was a great bio Danika. You set the bar a bit high though, unless we are talking about the Limbo...
  21. Ditto on the learning this board thing, but as a programmer I am a compulsive button pusher what does this do person. I thought the same as you actually, that if you added me as a Friend it would show on my Friends list, when in fact that only shows the ones I added. Go fig? As for the little stars thing, I bumped into that by accident. I noticed someones stars werent greyed out like mine were so I click on it and lo and behold jumping jehosephats it put a star there. Ultra cool if I do say so myself.
  22. Atragon9, you bring up (or made me think of) a good point. Even if we cant all get on the same Duty Station, that still leaves things like what ever the equivalent to email is in Star Trek between the characters trying to stay in touch, and occassionally run into each other.
  23. Hey welcome Dino! Glad to see you were able to get the log in stuff figured out. I think I was with you last night, hope you enjoyed it!
  24. Ah, the Bio, right... Back story and all that. Ya, I gotta start that as well.