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    Who wants Warrior Cookies!
  1. That's easy.. :P
  2. I'm the E M H Used for emergencies only But they forget me We Have a Doctor His name is Doctor TroNoq so please, turn me off.. ------------------------------------------------------- This Log brought to you by Blamo East
  3. Um no.. that would be the Qob. Come check out the crazy Klingons and their equally crazy displaced Federation crewmemembers. Tuesdays at Midnight. We are out on a mission to meet new species and kill them. Come, Join the hunt and I'll even throw in a plate of Warrior Cookies.
  4. Burger Kings-Kicking Chickens Insect Cousin "Wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
  5. Salvaged, Reprogramed, Slightly insane EMH That plus a living borg appendage
  6. New from Apple, the I-date. Plays music, projects video and holds "your" hand. no assembly required. 100 D cell batteries (not included)
  7. My Coworker gave me the pic and she gives the win to Kallah. Honorable mention goes back to Will with the thought that there just isn't enough chlorine in the world to cull us nerds.. On a side note, she also pointed out how much Jaden's Avatar looks just like the guy..
  8. Sorry for the Delay..Been a crazy weekend. Here ya go.
  9. KC.. I like my meat a little sweet.
  10. "Dude, I told you it would fit.. You owe me a beer. " "Ginger! Mary Ann! Mrs Howell !"
  11. With BBQ sauce and some bloodwine to wash it down.
  12. "Looks like NYC residents solved their Pest Controll and Fossil Fuel Problems. "
  13. Behind the Scenes production photo from "Speed 3- When nature crawls"
  14. Cat- "Yea.. real freaking hilarious"
  15. "It was in charge. It had controll. It was master now.. " The thoughts occured to Thing as it patrolled the corridors during the Qob's short voyage. Thing had been ordered down to the MRF and instructed to use it's nanoprobes to awaken specific crew members at a certain time. The probes had been loaded with the antidote needed to revive the crew. The gas had been dissapated and Life support programed to absolute minimum. Thing had only to wait for the appointed time. "But what to do untill then?" It had decided to patroll the ship, making sure that all the crew was indeed out cold. So it walked the corridors, it scanned the lifeforms, counted the bodies against the roster. Yes.. it was the only functional entity aboard the ship.. "Except her......" She had been missing for some time now. In all it's searching since the end of it's full multi level diagnostic, it had not found her yet.. Perhaps it should reporgram the nano probes. Perhaps it should begin assimilating the lifeforms on this ship into it's collective. Then it might be able to find her... "But the one would be upset.. The one had ordered it not to assimilate anything into it's collective without the One's permission"..... If it assimilated all the crew aboard the ship, it would have the collective tear the ship apart to find her.. Then they could rebuild the ship and search for more beings to assimilate. Resistance would be futile..Lifeforms would adapt to service it..........and her... "It could do it.. they are all asleep...It could assimialate them all and they would awaken to the collective. It would be so easy" ::Computer sends a chime throughout the ship.. an alert that the designated time is soon...:: Thing> ::moves off towards the bridge, ready to complete it's mission. Deleting it's memory of the past hour::