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  1. She's also flavoured Happy Birthday Captain Quarky Warky, may the next year bring you twice as much latinum as the last.
  2. "Scousers" A log by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kevin Anderson introducing Scouser Craig After his shift Kevin had gone to work out for a while. He had spent so much time sitting at his desk sorting out the bugs that his legs felt stiff and his eyes hurt from the bright lights. So doing some work out had been just what the doctor prescribed. Now he was up to some socialising, though. His shift had passed without any incidents and without anybody saying more to him than hello. He walked through the doors of Drankum's and looked around for a familiar face. As he didn't spot one he walked up to the bar, ordered a beer and struck up a conversation with the security enlistee who looked to be about his age. "You look like you've had a long day, too." Kevin was taken aback when the young man spoke as his accent was only too familiar. "It wuz quite a chokka dee, yis." "Merseyside!" Was all he managed to say and he smiled broadly. "Aye defo, yous? The security enlistee smiled back, obviously thrilled to have found someone who was able to pinpoint his accent. "Me tew, care fe a bevvy?" Immediately Kevin felt a bit more at home out here. Something that all the work had prevented these past few months. The other man got up and grinned. "Most defo, let's bowl find a table. Me name's Craig, by de way." Also getting up Kevin shook his hand. "Am Kevin. Wa' about doz bevvies? Beer?" Craig only nodded and made his way to an empty table while Kevin got two more beers and followed him. When he got to the table he put the drink before Craig and sat down. "What brings yous e'yer?" Craig looked up at Kevin and took a sip. "Cheers, same as yous ay guess. Ye nah 'ow Starfleet tinnie be." "Deffo, its ways ay mystiious. Although Aegis isn't tew bad, despite o' wa' ay fairst thought." It was true, despite having some difficulties to adjust at first he was now quite comfortable, at least with his job. "Tinnie get lonely out e'yer without family, especially whun you're nicked." At this Craig looked down at his drained beer and he seemed to be a bit sad, but quite suddenly he looked back up and ordered two more and smiled. "But now dat ay found a la' from back round os." Kevin smiled as he knew exactly how Craig felt. "Aye, fe se. Tew bad you're nicked, dough, ay thought yous might kun some lasses." "Lasses? Am se two stunn'n lads like us tinnie find some." At this Craig scanned the bar, "See, there's bags around." Kevin laughed, "Not ternight lah Am clocked and frankly, already tew bladdered fe a date." "Tew bladdered fe a date? Is thuz such a th'n?" Craig grinned maliciously, it was clear what he was up to for tonight, but Kevin really just wanted to get another drink, now that he thought about it, his fourth. "Juss remember dat we can't gerrof de station and juss vanish if we dun behuv. " "Sound as a pound point, maybe some uvver time. 'ow about anuvver bevvy?" Craig gave in and Kevin turned to the waitress, "Two more bevvies, please, lass." The waitress looked at him confused, and only then did he realise that he hadn't switched back. "Oh sorry, my friend and I would like to have two more beers, please." The waitress nodded and smiled and shortly afterwards came back with two more drinks. The two men spent the rest of the night talking about this and that and by the time Kevin looked at his watch and realised it was time to get into bed his legs were not as steady anymore as he'd like them to be. So he got up and said, "See yous quick sticks, lah. Ay need ter get some attack te mattress now." Craig got up too. "Aye fe se, attack te mattress bright, lah." They made their way to the door where their ways parted. As Kevin tried to walk as steady as possible down the corridor to the turbolift he murmured, "Yous tew lah, yous tew."
  3. "Taxonomy" A Log By Lieutenant Junior Grade Kevin Anderson Kevin entered science again after some work out. After he had been called to sickbay only to explain to Swan what security was, which hadn't even required him to speak Tamarian, he had felt the need to punch something, or someone. So he had gone to the holodeck and ran a hand to hand combat training program. So no, after a quick shower he was ready for more work. First he called for two lab assistants and handed them a couple of PADDs, he had so much work that it might as well be them who entered the Tamarian data into the computer, he would merely supervise them. Now he finally had time for his bugs, something he had been looking forward to for days. Thanks to Gerran's help they were all still alive when he retrieved the specimen containers. Not that they'd be for very much longer, but science demanded sacrifices. Many people had never understood this, but Kevin had always known that in order to understand something it had to be examined. Upon first inspection those bugs seemed to fit the usual orders. Earth's fauna made it a bit easier on taxonimists, in the case of bugs they just counted legs and then went from there, but insects out here didn't necessarily have to have 6 legs. What was interesting, however, was the fact that, despite the leg problem, the orders were pretty much the same. But before Kevin could determine their orders he had to kill them and prepare them properly. All the wings, legs and antennae had to be in the right position, and this had to happen before rigor mortis set in or the bugs would be useless. This could easily be done with needles, lots of them. It looked bizarre to see a bug no bigger than his fingernail framed by 20 needles. Kevin took the first bug out of the container, separated it from the rest and killed it with a chemical. Then he got a little piece of styrofoam and pried the wings apart a little before sticking a needle through its thorax. "Coleoptera," Kevin thought, "very hard exoskeleton and elytra." This was pretty much all he could say at first glance. Now on to the legs, five pairs, very interesting. He spent the next ten minutes crossing two needles underneath each leg and having them rest upon the needles in the desired position. He did the same with the antennae. When he was done he put the beetle in front of him and examined his work. It looked alright, tomorrow he'd be able to remove the needles and examine it under a microscope for further determination. Looking over at the two lab assistants huddled over a console he smiled to himself. Finally he was getting some work done.
  4. "Apple Pie" A joint log by Commander Muon Quark and Lieutenant Junior Grade Kevin Anderson Muon was sitting in the mess hall, finishing up her dinner. It had been a long day but she was happy with the day's progress. Almost as happy as making a profit. So she sat there eating her apple pie happily. After he had left sickbay Kevin had made his way to the CT only to be told that Commander Quark was in the mess hall. So, he went over there and was now looking around to find the Ferengi woman he needed to speak urgently to update her on the news he had on the Tamarian. Seeing her sitting alone he hurried over and hoped he wouldn't get into trouble for interrupting her meal. "Commander Quark, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I managed to talk some more to our Tamarian guest." Muon's hand holding the fork full of apple pie stopped in mid air half way to her mouth. "Oh ah, that's great. You can tell me all about it tomorrow eh?" "Yes, sir. I just had the impression you would want news asap." He couldn't make sense of this, when he had reported to her in the CT tower earlier it had seemed to him that everybody was quite concerned about the implications this attack might have, he must have been wrong. Muon's hand was still holding the fork with the apple pie. She sighed, it looked like the pie would have to wait. "Yes well, oh..... alright. Go ahead." Muon reluctantly put her fork down and looked at the pie forlornly. "OK Lt jg Anderson, proceed with your report. What have you got so far? Kevin's eyes followed Quark's to the piece of apple pie. "I shall not keep you long Commander. The Tamarian's name is Swan and she is the Captain of the vessel. So it's understandable she's quite distraught about the loss of her crew. She uttered the wish to see them which Dr Lepage granted." He paused for a moment after this. Muon frowned slightly. "Doctor Lepage did what?" she asked quietly. Then she gathered herself and realized that she needed to speak to the Doctor, not Anderson. "OK, so..... were you able to find anything out about their mission, where they were going? Stuff like that?" "Yes, sir. Well, more or less. It's an exploration and science vessel, they set out for first contact when they were attacked. Which is why this attack doesn't make any sense, it's not like they had anything valuable aboard." Kevin frowned but didn't dare to speak up about Swan's wish to see her crew to the Commander. Muon sat back in her chair. "So, exploration and research? Did she give any clue as to where the Tamarian homeworld was? Also, Mr. Brown and Mr. Dent will need help contacting her homeworld so they can come get her." Kevin nodded. "I think it'd be best to have her send a message herself, my knowledge of Tamarian is limited. She mentioned something about a diplomatic mission but couldn't say more. She doesn't know who the attackers were but if we gave her access to our databanks to look at certain ship types common around here she might be able to recognise one." Muon nodded thoughtfully. "Very well. I'll have security go over the more common ships found in this area with her. I will also speak to the Captain about authorizing her access to our system to contact her homeworld. If he agrees, I'll have Mr. Brown assist her. The last thing I need you to do Mr. Anderson, is assist Eli down in engineering with decoding the flight recorder. I'll ask Betile if it's OK to borrow you for awhile. In his mind Kevin pictured the workload adding up. There still were the samples form the away mission to take care of, he sure hoped all his bugs were still alive, otherwise he'd have to throw them away. There also still was the databank left, and as he was now ordered to help Commander Brown with the flight recorder first he'd also have to babysit Swan while she interacted with the other crew members. So he hesitated a moment when before he answered. "Aye, sir." Muon glanced at Kevin's face and knew he was feeling overwhelmed. Smiling, she tried to reassure him. "Don't worry, you'll have help. Perhaps you can download what you have to Mr. Brown and he can work with Eli. Either way is fine." Kevin was taken aback, he hadn't realised this had shown on his face. "No, sir, I can deal with it, I mean, I'll just put in some more hours. If I may suggest I start working on the databank first, though, that way the computer might be able to translate at least some of the phrases and I don't have to be present during Swan's interaction with the crew." As he said this he was wondering if his chief was a biologist and knew how to prep bugs. But the last thing he wanted was to appear as if he wasn't up to what was asked of him. Muon smiled at the new Lt jg's enthusiasm. "Mr. Anderson, it's OK. You don't have to do everything by yourself. It will be fine for Mr. Brown and Mr. Dent to assist Eli once you download the databank. They can call you if there are any questions. Don't worry." Somewhat relieved Kevin nodded. "Thank you Commander, if that's all I don't want to keep you from your apple pie any longer." Quark picked up her fork, happy to be able to return to her abandoned apple pie. "Good job Mr. Anderson. I knew there was a reason we promoted you." Kevin smiled and nodded at the Commander. "Thank you, sir." With that he considered himself dismissed and turned around to head back to work. As the doors of the mess hall swished close behind him a waft of air scented with food hit his nostrils. His stomach gave a rebellious grumble as he hurried down the corridor away from the food.
  5. I haven't been around all that long, so I'll go with my very first acad. My brother had talked me into coming to the chatroom at 3am my time. I had planned to watch to see what it's all about, but it seems my brother had been plotting behind my back with the GM and as soon as I entered I got a PM saying "You're ASCI" (or CSCI, I don't actually remember if there was someone else in SCI that night). That's how it all started for me, determined to tell my brother that I don't think I'd enjoy it and that I certainly wouldn't stay up until 3 or 4 am for this and that he can stop bugging me now. Needless to say I was hooked after the first acad. So I really should thank my brother and the GM that night. So happy birthday STSF!
  6. I don't think there are limitations to that one. The reason you can't start a second one right away is that if you start out with the advanced sim you have no clue how much work you'll have to put into it (logs, research for certain plots etc.).
  7. Thanks Muon. As a little explanation, there are some metaphors we haven't used that are listed on Memory Alpha. Then there are some that are not on Memory Alpha that we've made up to be able to say things that just had to be said. If someone else wants to talk to the Tamarian and has to make up new things feel free to add them to the dictionary (those of you who do, please note that everything's in alaphabetical order and Tamarian - English). For making up new metaphors or better apologues just imagine we'd express everything through things that happened in the bible or in legends. Law/Rules for example might be Moses and God at Mount Sinai. I will keep this updated if necessary.
  8. Chenza at court. The court of silence. -- Uncertain; seems to indicate an unwillingness to listen. Darmok on the ocean - loneliness, isolation Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra - cooperation / Communication (or friendship) as a result of shared struggle. Felia and Rix in Falash? - What is your name? Who Are you? (As a statement also My name is) Girab with hands in the air – Get well Kadir beneath Mo Moteh - failure to communicate/understand Kailash, when it rises.-- (possibly) A necessary risk; a necessary loss. Kiazi's children, their faces wet.-- (possibly) Crying for no good reason; "crying wolf." Karan and Jiri during the full moon. - I need to ask a few questions Karan and Jiri hear the sounds. - I will answer your questions Kira at Bashi. -- Storytelling. Kiteo, his eyes closed - refusal to understand / A refusal to see someone or something; "break off communications." Marat in the fields of Nogra – How are you? Mizah on dark fields of Malak - where am I? Mirab, with sails unfurled - signifying departure/engines to full/fleeing Nahki with his family - I want to see my crew Picard and Dathon at El Adrel - to work toward a common goal Rai [of Lowani] and Jiri [of Ubaya] at Lungha.-- Communication. First Contact. Rai and Jiri at Lungha. Rai of Luwani, Luwani under two moons. Giri, or Ubaya. Ubaya of crossroads, at Lungha. Lungha, her sky gray - greeting between two different cultures/races Ria in Kinta? - What kind of vessel is this? Sea of stones/ Sea of Rocks – Asteroid field Shaka, when the walls fell - failure Sokath, his eyes uncovered/opened - understanding/realization / an epiphany. Temba, his arms wide.-- Giving; receiving. The river Temarc in winter - be quiet/silence Uzani, his army at Lashmir.--A military strategy in which an army lures the enemy in, and then attacks. Perhaps roughly equivalent to 'don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes.' Uzani, his army with fists open - to lure the enemy away Uzani, with fists closed - to attack Zima and Bakor, at Anso. -- Unknown Zinda, his face black, his eyes red - anger or conflict, also can indicate pain or discomfort
  9. "Rai and Jiri at Lungha" A joint log by Katherine Swan and Ensign Kevin Anderson Kevin was still sitting in the runabout communicating with Swan via comm link. He found this all fascinating, back during his linguistics classes he would never have thought he'd actually get to talk to a Tamarian. But despite his fascination he knew that she would soon ask questions he didn't want to answer. And he'd probably have to ask questions she didn't want to answer. So, he looked at her and smiled. She really must have been through a lot, but what had made her fly into an asteroid field? "Kevin, Sokath, his eyes uncovered, Uzani, his army Swan with fists open." Swan looked at the monitor understanding that this being wasn't like her but he knew her language. At least enough to speak to her and answer her questions and explain to the others around her. This made her feel a little more at ease. Kevin frowned. He had feared that something like this had happened, it seemed like Swan and her crew had been attacked and they had tried to get away. "Mirab with sails unfurled; Shaka, when the walls fell?" Swan nodded her head agreeing. She was relieved that finally someone got her, she was able to warn someone. "People many Kiazi's children, their faces wet, People Mizah on dark fields of Malak? Taking a deep breath Kevin looked at the screen although he felt it was almost impossible to do so. Swan had just asked him where her crew was. He remembered them well, the two bodies in Aegis' morgue. "Shaka when the walls fell, people Mirab his sails unfurled." In a whisper he added, even though he knew she wouldn't understand him "I'm sorry." Everything around Swan suddenly started to spin. She was feeling weak and the enthusiasm she had felt just moments ago at finally finding someone to communicate with was all gone. She hardly noticed the doctor rushing towards her administering a hypospray with a sedative. She tried to fight the blackness that started to creep into her conciousness but it was no use. She would have to ask Kevin all those questions she needed answers to later on. Kevin watched everything on his monitor and he felt helpless, he would have liked to be of some use other than being the one who had to deal that blow to her. To him it almost felt like he had been the one who killed her crew. When he saw Dr Lepage give her the hypospray he ended the transmission, as it felt like he was intruding.
  10. "Autopsy" A joint log by Ensign Atrian Waterford and Ensign Kevin Anderson Kevin was back in Sickbay, he was spending quite a lot of time there lately he thought, fortunately not all of it as a patient. Right now he was looking for Doctor Waterford once again because they were to perform autopsies on the bodies that had been found during the last away mission. So he sat on a biobed and assured the nurse that inquired whether he was in need for a doctor that the doctor he was waiting for would be with him shortly. He also noticed that SB could do with some decorations, it looked rather bleak. Atrian stepped out of the morgue into sickbay. The pockets of his medical smock were filled with the equipment he'd need to complete today's procedure. A slight smile was on his face as he searched sickbay for the member of the science department who'd be joining him. Although autopsies made most people feel uneasy, he had always seemed to be comfortable performing them. Finding cause of death was a puzzle to be solved, and even though the two bodies in sickbay would probably have a rather mundane story to tell, Atrian looked forward to the opportunity of returning to the one facet of medicine he performed the best in - forensics. A door swooshed open somewhere and as he was expecting Atrian Kevin looked up. He mustered Atrian in the outfit he wore for the autopsy. It looked rather uncomfortable, but ah well, a couple of hours and he'd be out of the morgue. It didn't really bother him that he was to assist an autopsy and find out the cause of death, he just hoped he wouldn't screw anything up, as this was going to be his first time working on humanoids. At least he knew the basics from the innumerous animals he had worked on. Atrian didn't approach the biobed Kevin was sitting on, clinging to the few feet of carpet in front of the entrance to the morgue instead. He waved him over, "Come on. You're ready to get started, right?" "As ready as I'm ever going to be. Well, maybe you show me where to change, you can go ahead then and I'll be with you in a jiffy." Kevin nodded. "As ready as I'm ever going to be. Lead the way Doc. He jumped off the biobed and walked over to Atrian waiting to be shown the way to the morgue. Waterford flipped around, making his way back into the morgue. Two bodies, already prepped for the autopsy, rested on separate biobeds. Two bright lights shown over each corpse, providing the only illumination in the otherwise dimly lit room. "Right, let's begin." "Right, let's. You know what you're doing, right? Because I don't, well at least not 100%." Kevin followed the Doc and walked over to the brightly illuminated bodies. "We start with the outside, right?" Atrian returned with a quick nod. "Computer, begin recording." He glanced at the first victim. "Subject 1 is a Tamarian male, appearing to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He's six foot one. He had brown hair, cut short. His eyes are a similar brown. There are no apparent identifying features." He glanced over to Kevin, with a look that suggested, "Your turn." Kevin stood in front of the other body. "Wonder what they use that thumb for." He coughed. "Sorry. Subject 2 is a male in his mid thirties, five foot nine tall. Typical Tamarian physiological features, light brown skin with red markings. There is a... wait a second..." Kevin had found a scar on the man's abdomen and made to measure it. ".. a 6.4 cm long scar on his lower right abdomen which is well healed and looks like it was medically treated. Other there are mutiple trauma injuries likely from the crash which will be recorded in detail during the autopsy." He turned around to Atrian. "Well, how was that for a first?" Trying to spare the recording from sideline banter, Atrian simply smirked at Kevin. "Bruises and lacerations cover Subject 1's body. It appears as if he suffered a moderate to severe concussion." He flipped open his tricorder, running the instrument over the entire length of the body for a minute or two before speaking again, "Scans indicate that the probably cause of death was internal bleeding, caused by the rupture of the femoral artery. I will perform an internal examination to confirm this conclusion." Kevin focused on the work at hand and started scanning the dead man in front of him. He had prepared and learned about Tamarian anatomy. The scans showed multiple bruises, he made sure they were all minutely recorded. He was sure the man had died of internal bleeding, there was substantial injury to his spleen. Kevin would leave the internal examination to Doctor Waterford though. He wasn't a doctor after all and he didn't want to destroy evidence. "Doctor Waterford, I think I'm done here, the scans indicate he bled to death due to a ruptured spleen, will you confirm that?" It took Atrian an hour to perform an internal exam on both of the subjects, with nothing of much interest to report. The tricorders had been correct. These people had died of internal bleeding as a result of trauma. He sighed, somewhat disappointed by the normality of the procedure, "Were we supposed to expect anything different?" Kevin had assisted Atrian and was glad that it was over now. It had been interesting enough but in the end not much had been revealed. "Well, we performed an autopsy on two people having died in a shuttle accident, I think that's exactly what we were supposed to expect. I'd say we write reports for our chiefs and call it a day. I need a shower now." "Alright," he nodded, replacing the coverings for both bodies. "I'll get started then. Thanks for your help." "Anytime. You don't seem your chipper self today though. I hope that wasn't my fault." He'd understood that Atrian hadn't talked much during the procedure but now that he thought's about it the doc had hardly said anything at all today. Atrian shrugged, "No. Just...trying to focus I guess." What was he supposed to say? That he was disappointed that the subjects hadn't died in more interesting, mysterious ways so he'd have a puzzle to work on for the next few days? No. Detective Waterford had to get a hold of himself. He offered a grin as consolation for his silence. Kevin grinned. "Tell you something, we'll clean ourselves up a bit and meet again in an hour at Drankum's. There I can tell you something about detective work and how boring that can get. And if you want to I'll take you to that shuttle that was attacked by the Breen which we tractored here. I played detective there for days and it was most disappointing." He knew how Atrian felt, he had felt the same when he had spent days crawling over the floor of the shuttle finding nothing only sustaining severe carpet burns on his elbows. Atrian blinked, surprised how well Kevin picked up on his somewhat shameful disappointment. "Heh. Which one of is the empath here?" Kevin laughed. "That has nothing to do with mind reading, just with scientific curiosity. Anyway, will I see you at Drankum's later?" He made his way to the doors as he felt the desperate need to get clean. "Alright. Drankum's. One hour." "Only one hour? I won't have time for the make up." Chuckling he left sickbay and headed for his quarters to finally get that shower.
  11. Starfleet Command Personnel File Midshipman Aidan S. Driscol General Information Full Name: Aidan Seamus Driscol POB: USS Leeds (NCC-70352) DOB: August 19th 2375 Age: 22 Species: Human Height: 6' 2 Marital Status: Single (no children) Family: Father: Marine Captain Seamus Aaron Driscol Mother: Megan Jade Carragher Siblings: None Service Record: Current Rank: Midshipman Current Assignemnt: USS Agincourt (NCC-81762), Assistant Science Officer Accepted at Starfleet Academy in August 2392 Graduates Starfleet Academy June 2396 Assigned to Jupiter Station in July 2396 as Assistant Science Officer, Rank: Midshipman Assigned to the USS Agincourt in May 2397 as Assistant Science Officer, Rank: Midshipman Currently MIA Personal History: As the only child of a Marine Captain and a former high school teacher Aidan grew up aboard several Starfleet Ships and Space Stations depending on where his father's assignments took the family. He mostly attended classes aboard space stations and was home schooled whenever there were no facilities. Throughout his childhood Aidan was an inquisitive child who longed to understand as much as possible of the world around him. His mother greatly supported him in his eagerness for knowledge and so he usually finished classes in the top third. Having fought in the Dominion War Captain Driscol believed it necessary to make sure his only child would be able to defend himself and what he believed in if he would ever need to. Thus he trained the boy in hand to hand combat early on and instructed him in the use of various weapons once he was older. Aidan has always shown an aptitude for leadership which repeatedly became apparent in various sporting activities. This paired with a deep understanding for discipline made his father hope he would follow in his footsteps some day. When it came to deciding his future, however, Aidan chose a career in Starfleet Science over that of a marine. Even though he had considered becoming a marine for a long time. His fears that his father would not appreciate his decision proved to be untrue. Captain Driscol accepted his son's wish and supported him where ever he could. During his years at the Starfleet Academy Aidan repeatedly impressed his teachers by his qualities as a leader through understanding both discipline and tactics. Fellow cadets usually trusted his judgement and followed him blindly in battle simulations. He never showed any sign of insubordination but showed good judgement on when to question an order and when not to, undoubtedly due to having a Marine Captain as his father. While his superiors and teachers were all very impressed with his performance in and outside of the classroom not all of his fellows were. There were 3 incidents of Aidan getting into fights with fellow cadets because they thought he was too arrogant and too eager to show off his own abilities. Neither of these incidents, however, escalated into anything serious. He performed well in all of his subjects and outstandingly in battle simulations, xenobiology and bio- chemistry. After his graduation Aidan was shortly assigned to Jupiter Station awaiting his assignment to a ship. 10 months later he was assigned to the USS Agincourt (NCC-81762) right after the crew's last shore leave on Earth before the ship went missing near Melkas III. He is currently MIA. Psychological Evaluation Aidan Driscol appears to be a very disciplined and focused young man who knows what he wants. He has a rather dominant personality which he never lets get in the way when dealing with superiors, however. His personal relationships seem to be limited to his parents and acquaintances from work. He possibly finds it hard to form real friendships due to the fact that he never had the chance to do so as a child, when he had to follow his father around from assignment to assignment. He seems to find fulfilment in his work and his sports. The sports he does practise tend to be of combative nature with a high risk for injury, which probably stems from the longing to prove himself to others and most importantly his father. He is fit for duty and not prone to insubordination even though a superior might get questioned if his judgement differs, but he would never disobey a direct order. Medical Evaluation Aidan Driscol is in excellent physical shape and unquestioningly fit for duty. All his previous injuries acquired during his "sports" are completely healed and are no cause for any concern.
  12. "Virus, What Art Thou" A Log by Midshipman Aidan Driscol Aidan was back in the science lab. It seemed to him that he never got out of there these days apart from reporting to his Chief and checking with sickbay. He had known that Alpha would be more work but he hadn't imagined it to transform his life into little more than work. He chuckled. It was hard being this good. He picked one of the PADDs up and went back to work. Again he was waiting for results of tests he was conducting. Captain Merill had come up with a possible treatment but Aidan still felt uneasy. He had a feeling that his overworked and sleep deprived brain was missing something. Just to be prepared he was taking the virus apart so that when he was done with it he would know everything there was to know about it. Aidan put the PADD down again. Was he getting obsessed? Nah, he had always been thorough and this was his first big project, not only on the Alpha Shift but since he left the Academy. This was his chance to prove himself. And first and foremost he wanted to save those sick Gareem. This was why he hadn't been sleeping, he wanted to make sure that he did whatever he could to help them. He simply couldn't afford to take much time off because those people were transforming. When on the bridge he had overheard a comm between Lieutenant Colonel Day and this other Gareem woman and she had sounded very disappointed. That meant he simply hadn't tried hard enough. And not trying hard enough would probably mean that the sick Gareem would die. That's how they dealt with it, wasn't it? Yes, he now remembered that from his briefing. They killed their sick before they could fully transform. Taking a deep breath he went back to work wishing he could do more. He didn't expect the new results to come in for another few hours. They still didn't know much about the virus. His previous tests had been cause for more questions than answers. Aidan put his head on the desk in front of him just to relax for a moment. He should focus on the report he had to get together for the Chief, she would want to be kept up to date. He took a moment to close his eyes and put his thoughts in order before getting on with the report... but before long he nodded off...
  13. "On the Pandora's Box" Stardate 0704.23 A Log by Midshipman Kevin Anderson When he reached the Pandora's Box Kevin's head still hurt from hitting it against a console while trying to find something that might lead them to the whereabouts of the transport ship's crew. As he headed for the bridge to take his spot at the science station he wondered if this new incident might actually shed more light into the whole affair. Everything was just far too mysterious for his liking. An entire crew had vanished after they had been attacked by... well... a group that did their best to make everything look like a Breen attack. It just didn't make sense. Why hadn't they just killed the crew and taken the cargo? Where was the crew? Were there any survivors who were held prisoner somewhere? While pondering these questions Kevin almost mechanically did what had to be done on the bridge. Nothing of much importance anyway, the real work would start once they'd get to where the distress signal had originated. He looked over at Commander Hawke. Kevin still had to learn to be careful about what he thought when she was around. He didn't much like the fact that his thoughts and some of his actions gave away his insecurity all the time, he'd spent nights beating himself up over it, although he knew it wouldn't help. If only he were able to stop always wanting to do everything perfectly. Perfect was something his father had always expected of him. To him it had never mattered how hard he had tried, all that had mattered was the result. Anything less than perfect was unacceptable. Kevin's career in Starfleet was unacceptable. Kevin knew he wasn't trying to be perfect for his father anymore, he was now trying to be perfect for himself, to prove to everybody that Starfleet wasn't a mistake but something he truly believed in. He also knew that regardless of what his superiors might think of him now, he would become a good Starfleet Officer once he would find his place in this world where everything was new to him, and he was out on his own. A beep on his console suddenly demanded his attention and put a halt to his reverie. He would need to stay focused. Kevin regained his professional manner and showed that by straightening up a bit. The last non work relating thought he allowed himself was that he hoped that some day someone out there would be proud of him. Then he centred all his concentration on the task ahead, to find out what had happened to those two ships.
  14. http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Shields Memory Alpha is a really good site for all kinds of Trek knowledge, I use it all the time. I hope this one answers all your questions... and well, what's not there isn't important B) . Hope to see you simming soon.
  15. Well, I still have to look down at my fingers for typing, at least if I wanna type fast enough to keep up with things. I can't say that I'm having trouble keeping up unless I get a bunch of pms as well. But if you feel like you can't keep up what will indeed work (as mentioned before) is to firstly only pay attention to what's happening in places that your character can hear and see. Anything else will only tempt you to use OOC knowledge and get you distracted. When I first started out, which wasn't too long ago, I tried to read everything but found I performed a lot more efficient if I didn't read everything. And if someone wants something from you they will contact you anyway. And after a while of simming your typing will improve and you'll get to read more and more of the things going on all over the ship.