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    Starfleet Academy
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    Trek of course! Star Wars, Anime, Battletech and lot of other things.<br /><br />Master Pilot of VirtualWorld.com's Red Planet<br />Master Officer on SWGalaxies: Flurry<br />Former SFOL HostFalcon<br /> -XO of TeenFleets USS Havana
  1. After getting his new ride, Atragon couldn't understand why his Hells Angels friends kicked him out of the Gang.
  2. ::wants more snow::
  3. Happy Birthday Blu!!! May you have many many more.
  4. News Reporter: "This Just in.. The beggar on the Highway offramp makes more than you. Film at 11. "
  5. Happy Birthday my little friend. Hope its a happy and healthy one.
  6. ::will keep his big mouth shut this time.::
  7. The Plastic "enterprise" model set.. You get the movie and a digital copy PLUS a nice snap together model of the new enterprise. The DVD's are "IN" the saucer section. All this and it's only a few bucks more.
  8. Yes I have done a pair of the cruises in the past.. They are what you make of them.. You can go to all the events, after all you are paying for them, or do your own thing on the ship. It is a lot of fun.. Yes I have proposed this in place of SL West Vegas but as stated, it is cost prohibitive for many.
  9. Happy birthday Moose. ::will put on his antlers when he gets home in honor::
  10. But what are you going to do tonight? Oh that's right.. Happy B-day When you do take over the world for your B-day may we all have cake?
  11. I call this, ,Human style.
  12. No time to discuss this as a committee
  13. Stooopid Gringo Caballero.. Your doing it all wrong.. This is Bull fighting, not Bull Wrestling. :huh:
  14. A Long Long time ago in a SFOL galaxy far away, I designed a ship for the sim I used to help run. Sketched it out and even went as so far to start to do floorplans for the decks. Could only use window's paint at the time but it worked for me. Please excuse this shallow attempt. =0) I promised that I would show it.