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Rhain tr'Khalav

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  1. Count down to the apocalypse.
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  3. Hi!

    Welcome to da bomb diggity Star Strek simmin' site on da web.
  4. Jolan tru! Welcome aboard, Kaya! I remember talking to you before Academy started andI hope you'll enjoy your stay here. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Acad again some time! Good luck, Rhain
  5. Congrats Doug!
  6. A haiku is five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables.
  7. That was some good fun last night, chasing that goo monster thing around...Woo. Too bad we never caught it. Hope to see you at more of the Acadamies!
  8. Rhain tr’Khalav stepped off of the transporter pad, his duffel bag hanging from one shoulder. He nodded at the transporter chief gratefully and turned to the door leading out into the hallway. The door hissed open and he stepped out into a mass of teeming Rihannsu, officers and crewmen going this way and that on various errands. He could feel the hum of the ships engines through the soles of his boots, sense the efficiency of the crew. It was good, being on a starship. He looked around. He had been on a few of these before, but he still didn’t have the layout committed to memory like he should. He had to find the security office and report in to the Daise D'heno, one El’Riov t'Aehjae and then the Enarrain. He needed to ask someone for directions. Perfect. He couldn’t ask a crewmember…That’d be rather humiliating and would probably make the crew lose all respect for him as a junior officer. He spotted a rank insignia that was higher then his own floating by and stepped forward to intercept it, saluting respectfully. “Jolan tru, rekkhai. Perhaps you can help me. I’ve just come aboard and I need to report to El’Riov t’Aehjae. Could you possibly direct me to her office?” The officer glanced at him."El'Riov t'Aehjae's office would be in the Main Dheno department, Erein...?" she asked, arching an eyebrow slightly. Rhain smiled slightly, inclining his head in a small bow. "Erein Rhain tr'Khalav, rekkhai. I've just come aboard and I need to report to my immediate superior. Khlinae arhem for aur assistance." "Fhaen, do na thank me." She nodded slightly in return. "Arrain Sar'vek t'Jhiin. I would be the Daise'Science officer. If au would follow me, I suppose I can most likely show au easier than I can give directions." Rhain nodded again, smile spreading across his face. "I would be most greatful, rekkhai. Au know how it is when au come aboard a new starship..." ((OOC: Much thanks to Sar'vek for helping with this. :D ))
  9. Thanks. :D
  10. <br /><br /><br /> Best of both worlds! :D
  11. Updated. No longer under construction.
  12. Now approved. Personal Information Name: Rhain tr'Khalav Gender: Male Age: 26 years Height: 1.72 meters Weight: 65.3 kilograms Eyes: Light green Hair: Black, regulation length Place of Birth: ch'Rihan Marital Status: Single Galae Dossier Rank: Erein Current Post: RES Talon Commanding Officer: Enarrain Khre'Riov L'haiy t'Rexan Commendations: None Disciplinary Infractions: None Service Record 07.0112 - Assigned to RES Talon Family Father: Enarrain Serik tr'Khalav, Officer Commanding of the RES Warsong. Currently assigned to the Neutral Zone. Mother Enarrain Rela t'Khalav, Retired Siblings: Brother - Teron tr'Khalav, aged 16 years Personal History Rhain was born on chi'Rihan to a slightly affluent, well-off military family. At the time his father, an El'Riov then, was serving as an aide to a Daise'Khre'Riov planetside and so was able to grow up in a relatively stable enviroment, his mother retiring several years after his birth. Although not rich or powerful, his family was able to provide for him and eventually his younger brother. They were a happy family, although there were the usual arguements and such thorughout the years. Upon entering secondary school, tr'Khalav took an immediate interest in military history and tactics, encouraged by his parents, who were pleased to see their son following in their footsteps. He studied the military history of the Rihannsu, especially the more recent conflicts, with extreme interest. What especailly caught his eye was the Earth-Romulan War. Upon graduation he applied to the Galae Phi'lasasam and was duly accepted, being sponsored by both is parents and his father's (now an Enarrian) former superior officer. In school he continued to study tactics extensively, excelling in war-games and other intellectual pursuits. However, he did not neglect his physical attributes, going on runs, taking up swimming and learning various forms of unarmed combat (most of which involved using either one's speed or your opponents weight against them). He also wrote several papers, including one on Federation tactics and Terran psychology during wartime. He opted to enter the security division and graduated in the top quarter of his class. He went through seveal more months of officer training and was then assigned a berth on the RES Talon. Time will tell if his career will rise or fall.
  13. Many of you (hopefully) know me as Stefan Fischer. Welp, I've been assigned a berth on the RES Talon, so from now on I'll be a Romulan. I'll be posting around under this name, so this is just an FYI for those of you that DO know me. :D Jolan tru!
  14. Indeed we do. *Waves Romulan alt around*