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  1. I enjoy cheese...
  2. Sorry about that. :D
  3. I'd like to request, "Panzerfausts in Space."
  4. Sounds like a plan to me! :D
  5. Begin Log Entry Ensign's Log 01.11.07 I graduated last night! After a very...intense training mission, I was officially promoted to ensign by Atragon. It's a nice feeling to have a pip on one's collar. Makes you feel...official. And proud. I worked hard to get through the Academy and I finally made it. I got (virtually) shot at, blasted by plasma, almost blown up by ground-to-air missiles, bit by annyoing insects and had to pick my way through the remains of a Federation embassy. Still, it was all worth it. They were preparing me for life on a real starship. I'll probably encounter all of that and more. What's more, I made friends. Alumni, other cadets, teachers. They supported me, encouraged me and made sure I stayed on my feet. I'm sure I'll be seeing some of them as I head out into the great unknown to expand mankind's knowledge of the universe. I look forward to it. Signing off this is Ensign Stefan Fischer. Ensign Fischer. I like the sound of that... End Log
  6. "Viva la Bam" is about a punk kid with money. I hate that show...
  7. Congrats! I was there to see it happen and it t'was a beautiful ceremony. Had to shield my eyes from the blood, though. :P Dibs on here stereo.
  8. Hey, they said "hell" on the TV series. :lol: But thanks for the info. I'll refrain from using it in further posts.
  9. Cadet's Log, January 5 Well, yesterday was interesting. I attended my first Academy holo-course. I was assigned, along with a classmate named Gallus, to a security team attempting to track down a wanted convict. We were beamed down to thes urface of a dead moon and began searching for him. Apparently, he had some sort of device that messed with our tricorders. We were forced to track him via the footprints he left in the surface. We did find him, but he tricked us with a hologram. I can't believe we fell for it...I tried to shoot out the canopy of his shuttle with my phaser as he took off, but I wasn't able to. Concentrated phaser fire on his engines was unable to stop him and he hit us with the plasma trails off of his engines. I know it was just a hologram and that the safety protocols were on, but...it felt so real. It hurt. Well, that would've been the end of us right there if our starship hadn't blown the hell out of his shuttle with a pair of torpedoes. Talk about close calls. Although I walked away feeling like it was a no-win scenario... End Log
  10. Thanks all! I've taken a look around and I think I might try my hand at being a Romulan... :P Stefan
  11. Heya everyone! New here, but this looks like good fun. Stefan Fischer will be nomenclature for the academy, as I've read we're all humans there. It might change in the future. Just warning you. =p Anyway, I've been looking for a Star Trek sim for awhile and this looks like it'll be fun. I'm looking forward to the academy and (hopefully) graduating at some point in the future. I have previous rleplaying experience, but I've never been able to do any Star Trek... So, anyway, looking forward to seeing you chaps in the chat room. So long, Stefan