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Danika Sylar

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    Her work, springball, learning about her Bajoran & Human roots, hydrosailing, orbital skydiving, cooking, swimming, running, music
  1. I just wanted everyone to know that I won't be around for the next two weeks at least as my daughter is having prety major surgery on Thursday (out of town) & I will barely have any time nor access to a computer. Hope to return back when things are all settled & hope everyone continues having a ton of fun here! See y'all later!
  2. Congrats! Welcome to our class!
  3. Wait, there was a shower scene on Voyager?? When? Anyone know the episode? I must not have paid close attention.
  4. HI

    Welcome! Good luck getting up.. I'm so NOT a morning person!
  5. Congrats!!
  6. Hi!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself!!
  7. Yes, congrats!! Welcome to the Class of '07!
  8. Congrats on getting assigned! I just got assigned myself.. assistant science on Aegis! :0)
  9. I just got my application, filled it all out & sent it back subspace! :0) Whee! I am very excited now!
  10. You check when an Academy is going to take place, which can be found on the main page of STST.net & then hit the link for "Live Chat" up there & listen to the GM's in charge. It's really easy! & then just have some fun!
  11. Welcome!! :0)
  12. Still feelin' a bit worried here. On Saturday it will be two weeks! Perhaps I am just an anxious girl.. but I would love to get started! I hope to get it soon! Where do I send the gift baskets??
  13. Welcome Dominic! (I've always loved that name!) Hope to see you around this fine place sometime. ;0)
  14. Nice to meet you & welcome! :0)
  15. Welcome! Hopefully see you around!