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  1. Your from texas stardust? wow your right next to me iam in the old state of new mexico. "poor new mexico, so far from heaven, so close to texas. :p"
  2. Nemesis, if fred does read that your proboly always going to be the ACADEMY sex symbol.
  3. figures.
  4. You have got all my support HD! (and ensign Keraz's to)
  5. They have a website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no please no... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
  6. wow you people graduated fast! ( it took me 7 tries and I know a dude whos done 11 and still hasent graduated, but he got repramanded for taking a bomb on a mission.
  7. Happy birthday Randy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that your done celebrating you can fix the Reaent's bio section he he he. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  8. Hey when do we have to post are stories by?