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  1. A shame Williams never wrote a "Rebel March", as it would be appropriate for this weekend's festivities.
  2. Although it tends to be more of a hoorah in most AF formations. ::mutters:: I remember when we took pride in being called the Chair Force
  3. NASA's looking at shields, and a few other potentially Sci-Fi-ish solutions: From NASA.gov:
  4. Oldest tugboat in the fleet.
  5. Well Said Bruce! The only series that really didn't have an "official" finale was TOS, but even then it lived on with TAS followed by the movies, with TUC truly its finale. Shatner, Doohan, and Koening in the beginning of Generations was like having De Kelley in the pilot of TNG- passing the torch to a new franchise, in this case the movies. Star Trek will always have its detractors, no matter what the series. The TNG/DS9/VOY fans were closed minded to ENT and New TOS. And just because its not the "continuing story-arc" of the TV shows, doesn't mean its any less Trek worthy
  6. And the win goes to Crash this time.
  7. Have at it.
  8. So, Carl Weathers kick your butt too?
  9. I've already cleared my calendar for that weekend, so I'll be there ready to commit Mayhem as usual
  10. Real Science! From weapons research.
  11. From the Toronto Star: Maybe its time to get kids away from the technology toys and let them be creative again?
  12. Be glad she didn't go "Yippee-ki-yay" on you, Lefty.
  13. The Friday night Academy will not be running this or next Friday. Have a safe, sane, and sober holiday folks.
  14. Well...with only one entrant, you win by default, Shalin.
  15. Since its officially the Christmas season, I figured I'd pull this one out again