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  1. My Life on Hold Personal Log, Fletcher Jackson [with quotes from Friday’s chat log] It was the moment of a lifetime. Something most people never even dreamed of. And all Fletcher could do was stare. With his mouth open. "I see that you have new crew." USS Missouri’s tall Sindar, Captain d'Ka, approached Fletcher, hand extended in greeting. It was the biggest. Elf. He had ever. Seen. "That is Ensign Fletcher Jackson," said LtCdr Pavilion. Captain d’Ka gave a gracious nod. "A pleasure to meet you, Ensign Jackson. I am Captain d'Ka, USS Missouri." Did I mention Fletcher’s mouth was open? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Up until then it had been an ordinary day, pretty much like most ordinary days, which means mostly boring. Assigned to tactical operations Alpha shift in Aegis Command and Control until Lt Cdr Kital returned, Ensign Fletcher Jackson’s days were filled with routine threat assessments, monitoring ship movement into and out of Aegis sector, checking the station weapons systems (no, he never got to try them out), running diagnostics and readiness tests for the defense grid (no, he didn’t get to try those, either, but it sure was tempting), And writing reports. Yeah, reports. Those things that every young ensign just dreams of. Maybe he did something wrong along the way? Maybe the stars didn’t align when he was born? Maybe he turned left instead of right and upset the balance of the universe? Or maybe he just needed more coffee. The elixir of the gods! 8]Thor: This drink! I like it! 8]Jane: I know. It’s great, right? 8]Thor: ANOTHER! It was delicious! I want another. And then it happened. You know, the it that always happens when it’s the last thing on your mind? “Sky Harbor Aegis, USS Missouri requesting docking instructions.” Huh? What? “USS Missouri, Sky Harbor Aegis. You are clear to dock at port level three, secure bay Alpha.” Fletcher’s mouth dropped open. “All is well, Ensign?” Commander Brown leaned toward him. “Sorry, sir. I've just…” he swallowed hard, then his face lit into TAC mode, his hands gesturing in excitement as he spoke. “I’ve never seen the Missouri. She's a legend, you know? It’s like... wow. Ginormous. It was the first Akira refit specially made for border patrol. That ship’s got stuff on it that’s so over the top we can’t even imagine. Three flights of P-70B Peacekeepers, and a flight of A-85 Crusader attack fighters. Man, it must be something to just see those, let alone fly one. “She has a Sindar captain, right, Sir? Kind of like an elf? Super quiet, really powerful?” Fletcher swiveled toward Brown. “Have you ever seen the captain, sir? Captain d'Ka?” “Yes. A few times in person,” Brown replied, casually. “At one particular time, coordinating the station defense. Nice fellow.” “Man, what a thing that would be. But,” he shrugged, “I don’t suppose I’ll ever see him.” “He prefers to keep a low profile, from my experience.” Fletcher nodded, then looked longingly at the main viewscreen. Missouri was docked in its secure slip. It dwarfed the other vessels in size, power, and sheer, total awesomeness, and he began to wonder what it must be like to be part of that crew. To be on that ship. To defend the galaxy. To go where no one had gone before. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ And suddenly there he was, stepping out of the command lift and into the CnC. Captain d’Ka. On Aegis. Right there in front of him. The biggest. Elf. He had ever. Seen. "That is Ensign Fletcher Jackson," LtCdr Pavilion said, nodding in Fletcher's direction. D’Ka stepped forward, hand extended. "A pleasure to meet you, Ensign Jackson. I am Captain d'Ka, USS Missouri." Did I mention Fletcher’s mouth was open? “Ensign Fletcher Jackson, tactical officer, Sir!” he blurted. He stared at the captain. He stared at the captain’s hand. Then he shook the captain’s hand. It clamped down on his like a vice grip. “A pleasure, Ensign. I have heard good things about you from Captain Chirakis.” Yeah? Seriously? Captain Chirakis? Then he was gone. Quiet. Silent, even. Couldn’t hear his steps. Couldn’t even hear him breathe. Fletcher’s mouth finally closed, yes it did. He sank into his chair. “So, Fletcher, you going to be okay?” said Brown, not a little bemused. “Gees, I hope so, Sir,” he muttered, taking a deep breath, looking at his hand. His hand. The one that shook the hand of Captain d’Ka, USS Missouri. “Yeah.” He grinned. “I’ll be okay.”