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  1. SD 0409.2023 - No SIM (Easter) SD 0416.2023 The crew have found themselves in uh... well its unclear what or where they are exactly (or when) after t'Ditsy grabbed a strange crystal. When the special effects finished, they were in what appeared to be the planet's distant past when it was verdant and occupied by a pre-industrial society of hominids the crew had seen as faded images when t'Ditsy first touched the crystal. They were greeted by Vyane who somewhat cryptically referred to the other crews.
  2. SD 0402.2023 When we last left off, t'Ditsy touched a crystal like object that briefly caused faded images of others to appear. they included what appeared to be the former inhabitants of the planet, but also members of the romuland and starfleet crews.
  3. SD 0326.2023 Excalibur's crew alongside the Romulans continue their search for the missing crew of the two ships. As we left off, Irene and one the Romulan science officers discovered what appears to be a large set of primitive doors, further reinforcing notions that the planet had been, at least at one point, inhabited. Meanwhile, the other part of the away team was investigating a long-abandoned campsite where Will stepped on a rake.
  4. SD 0212.2023 - No SIM (Superbowl) SD 0219.2023 The joint teams have discovered the first signs of not only the missing Starfleet crew, but of the Romulans as well in the form of a camp outside of a cave system. A few meters inside the cave, they also located the source of the transmission that drew Elarion and Excalibur to the system -- a heavily modified Federation emergency beacon, but so far nothing else. As we picked up, the two teams were heading deeper inside the cave to continue their search.
  5. SD 0205.2023 A crew from the Excalibur has teamed up with a team from the Romulan warbird Elarion to search the surface for clues of the two missing crews (and ship in the Romulans case.) When we pick up, the team is headed towards the triangulated source of a rudimentary signal that drew both the Excalibur and Elarion to this system. So far there has been no signs of either crew, or really anything more than a few small lizards.
  6. SD 0129.2023 A Romulan vessel, the RES Elarion, has decloaked and offered their services in helping us find the missing crew of the Caroline Mikkelsen, and perhaps a missing science team of their own. As we pick up, a team from both ships are materializing on the surface where a signal that brought us here has been emanating. It also happens to be the same location that the last records of the CM showed an engineering team beam to before all the records stop.
  7. SD 0122.2023 MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur is in orbit of a, barely, M-Class planet in the Shackleton Expanse where they have located the USS Caroline Mikkelsen abandoned in orbit. Our efforts to find the crew (or what became of them) have so far been fruitless. As the crew continued to search for clues, a Romulan warbird -- the RES Elarion, commanded by the brother of our former crewman Issaha N'Dak -- has decloaked.
  8. SD 0108.2023 - No SIM SD 0115.2023 Excalibur is in orbit of a M-class planet where they are investigating the disappearance of the crew of the USS Caroline Mikkelsen deep within the Shackleton Expanse. When we last left off, Will, Irene and their teams were working to see what they could retrieve from the CM's computer core. Rex and Jalen were going into Captain's quarters.
  9. SD 1218.2022 - No SIM SD 1225.2022 - No SIM / Christmas SD 0101.2023 - No SIM / New Year's
  10. SD 1211.2022 The Excalibur has found the Caroline Mikkelsen in orbit of a M-Class Planet in an uncharted system. None of the records aboard the ship explain where the crew may have gone. The only clue at this juncture has been a transporter log of an away team that beamed to the surface to conduct a mineralogy survey a few hours before the ships logs mysteriously went blank. As we pick up, a team is aboard the Caroline Mikkelsen continue to search the ship, while Irene and Will are working to rig a probe to scan the surface area near where the team beamed down.
  11. SD 1120.2022 & SD 1127.2022 - No SIM SD 1204.2022 The Excalibur has found the USS Caroline Mikkelsen in orbit of a vaguely M-class planet in an uncharted system. An away team (of all of you) has been put together and is preparing to beam over to the Caroline Mikkelsen, which appears to be devoid of life, but otherwise functional.
  12. SD 1113.2022 Having recovered the probe and not gotten stuck in a gravity eddy, Excalibur is following a signal that appears to be Federation in origin, hoping perhaps that it is the trail of the USS Caroline Mikkelsen, which you may recall, was the original purpose of us coming here to the Shackleton Expanse.
  13. SD 1106.2022 As Excalibur continues to search for the lost science vessel, the probe they launched to map the area has discovered an interesting signal that resembles a Star Fleet navigational beacon. The ship has reached the first beacon and just encountered a strong gravimetric wave.
  14. SD 1023.2022 - No SIM SD 1030.2022 As Excalibur continues to search for the lost science vessel, the probe they launched to map the area has discovered an interesting signal that resembles a Star Fleet navigational beacon. The ship is en route.
  15. SD 1009.2022 - No SIM SD 1016.2022 As Excalibur continues to search for the lost science vessel, they are preparing to launch probes to help map the general area and narrow down where the ship might have gone.