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  1. SD 0613.2021 Excalibur continues to investigate Optera IV. The away team, on a frosty, windswept peak has located what appears to be a smaller nymph version of the creatures they encountered in the desert. It appears to be injured and is flashing what appears to be distress signals. The crew must now decide what to do with it.
  2. SD 0530.2021 Excalibur continues to investigate the mystery of Optera IV, and have beamed to second of four locations where tetyron emissions originated. The team ends themselves in a cold, snow-capped mountain region and has taken shelter in a cave.
  3. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur continues to investigate the mystery of Optera IV, and have beamed to second of four locations where tetyron emissions originated. The team ends themselves in a cold, snow-capped mountain region and has taken shelter in a cave. MEE6 BOT 30-May-21 07:14 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:15 PM This is not the resort vacation I was promised. William Chocox 30-May-21 07:15 PM William rubs his hands together. “Alright, what’s sending out radiation here?” Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:15 PM Rex> Because he was prepared, is not freezing Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:16 PM "Let's find out before we freeze." Irene beep boops her tricorder, looking for another one of those reflector towers. Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:17 PM ACTION> There isn't one, because that would be too easy. There seems to be some deeper into the caves, but another much closer -- outside the cave. Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:19 PM "...outside." She points to the mouth of the cave. "Dammit." William Chocox 30-May-21 07:19 PM “Of course it is.” Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:20 PM Rex> Tries not to smirk William Chocox 30-May-21 07:20 PM “You enjoying the snow Commander?” Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:20 PM The generator deep within the cave structure? Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:21 PM Rex> I don't mind it, no. William Chocox 30-May-21 07:21 PM “No, apparently the generator is outside the cave.” Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:21 PM "I am reading some deeper in the caves but they're pretty far away." William Chocox 30-May-21 07:22 PM “Hm…” Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:22 PM Rex> Let's check it out. Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:23 PM Hmph. "Outside or inside, Commander?" Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:24 PM Stanton> Frowns Outside first. Rex> Puts his hood up and heads out again Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:25 PM Irene has scrounged up enough pieces of clothing to stay warm, somehow. She heads out into the snow and leads the team toward the generator. William Chocox 30-May-21 07:25 PM William sighs and pulls up his own hood. “Join Starfleet they said. See exotic planets they said.” Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:25 PM :: Growns :: Here we go. Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:26 PM ACTION> The readings take them past the beam down point and the empty shells they spotted and to a ledge. Below them, there is a much smaller version of one of the creatures we encountered earlier laying on its back in a snow drift. Its mouth pieces are flashing weakly. William Chocox 30-May-21 07:27 PM “That’s suboptimal.” Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:27 PM "It's hurt is what it is. We gotta help it." William Chocox 30-May-21 07:28 PM “Anyone here a xenobiologist?” Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:29 PM Rex> Frowns, looking at the ledge Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:29 PM I'm a counselor :: shrugs :: Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:29 PM Stanton> We should check it out. Irene, Rex, Indura find a way down. Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:29 PM "...me." She looks at Stanton. "Permission to go do some xenobiology." "Gotcha." She brings up a topographic map on her tricorder and looks for a safe way down to the bottom of the ridge. Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:33 PM Beam down? William Chocox 30-May-21 07:33 PM “Assuming Clark can actually hit that spot.” Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:33 PM Rex> Frowns We should be able to find a way down. William Chocox 30-May-21 07:35 PM “Yeah.” Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:35 PM Rex> Not that I don't trust Clark... _but he didn’t Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:36 PM "Over here!" Irene yells from about 80 meters away. "I think we can make it down this snowbank!" Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:36 PM Looking at her own scanner. Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:36 PM Rex> Smirks and nods for Indura to head along William Chocox 30-May-21 07:36 PM “Fun.” Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:37 PM Corenic> We could start a snowball fight while they're gone. Stanton> Glowers Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:40 PM Heads slowly down the only available path down. Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:41 PM Rex> Along with his two compatriots they carefully made their way down the slope. And because Swain had just eaten cake and felt charitable, they didn't have to roll for danger Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:42 PM Irene leads her group down the slope. "Easy, just a bit more to go. Great, we're down." She creeps toward the smaller creature, her tricorder clipped to her belt and both hands open. Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:44 PM I was not prepared for this. Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:44 PM Rex> Perhaps I should start come basic training classes for crew members. William Chocox 30-May-21 07:45 PM “I’ve had some basic training. I’m just very rarely in snow.” Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:45 PM ACTION> As they approach, the creature is laying on its back in a snowdrift, having fallen somehow. It appears to be losing energy, but is emitting a distinct tetryon pulse. Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:46 PM Approaches the creature. Wish I was a telepath..or Betazoid. Hmm. her scanner beeps. Tetryons Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:47 PM Satisfied that it's not going to jump up and eat her, she pulls out her tricorder. "Yeah. I don't think you need to be a telepath to figure out it's injured and calling for help. But... what can we do for it?" Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:48 PM Rex> Frowns What if its parents come back? Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:48 PM Can we treat it on the Excal? Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:48 PM Rex> Looks to Irene Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:51 PM She scans... and scans... "We... might be able to. The atmosphere is compatible, at least, and the ship's resources would really help - I'm a biologist, not a doctor. We'd be exposing the lab to its tetryon transmissions, of course. The worst case is that it dies, and we just put it back." Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:51 PM Rex> Considers if that is really the worst case We should run it by command. Rex> I am sure there's some rule about beaming unknown alien bugs up without command approval. William Chocox 30-May-21 07:54 PM “Wonder if they’re going to attempt to take it up to the ship.” Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:54 PM Stanton> Can't hear that, but would approve of Rex's attention to protocol, instead he looked over to Will What did you make of that tower. The technology didn't look like anything I've seen. Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:54 PM "I... yeah, definitely." She looks like she really wants to bring that thing up. "Well, who's going to tell Stanton?" William Chocox 30-May-21 07:55 PM “It was very interesting. Clearly meant for humanoids, not those.” Williams nods to the group. “Those things.” Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:55 PM Rex> Gives the not me look You're blue shirt in chief here. Stanton> Nods Which is troubling. William Chocox 30-May-21 07:55 PM “You think they’re still around?” Erich Jaenke, Eng 30-May-21 07:56 PM Easier to ask forgiveness than permission. The scanners in medical may shed light on what the radiation of this creature really is. Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:58 PM Stanton> Let's hope not. Our recent track record hasn't been great. William Chocox 30-May-21 07:58 PM “Too true.” Irene Mincine 30-May-21 07:58 PM She sighs. "We can't beam it up without permission." She taps her combadge. "Irene to Stanton..." Captain Swain 30-May-21 07:59 PM Stanton> +Irene+ Go ahead. ((Two Minute Warning )) Irene Mincine 30-May-21 08:02 PM +Stanton+ "Sir, I think we should transport the creature up to the ship. We don't have the equipment to evaluate or treat it down here. It would give us a chance to examine them in detail." Captain Swain 30-May-21 08:02 PM !pause MEE6 BOT 30-May-21 08:02 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  4. MISSION BRIEF: While investigating anomalous readings connected to the Tetryon power surge, sensor scans revealed a several different origin points for the surges, but nothing resembling developed civilization. At the first of four beam-down sites, in a very lovely, windy desert, the team encountered two very large insect-like creatures. One was trapped in some sort of force field. In the course of investigating a tower that seemed to be the source of said force field, part of the away team was trapped in a bubble themselves. But due to the skill and luck of the chief engineer, he has been able to disable said force field leaving the away team and the bugs free. Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:16 PM !BEGIN MEE6 BOT 16-May-21 07:16 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:16 PM Rex> Realizing they no longer had a forcefield between themselves and the bugs, he was suddenly more worried. Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:17 PM It is good to get out of that. :: stretches her arms out :: Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:17 PM Irene has been more interested in the bugs than anything else. She's been playing with her tricorder the whole time. William Chocox 16-May-21 07:17 PM Turns to the away team. "Hey guys! I did it!" Maryse Dubois 16-May-21 07:18 PM ::Has no desire to be dinner.:: So... ::Looking at the bugs.:: Who makes the first move? Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:19 PM ACTION> The second creature, which had been positioning itself between the trapped creature and the away team begins moving towards its now free compatriot. The creatures begin to emit a series of brilliant colored lights from the mouth-like orifices on their faces. These lights take the form of roughly circular bands of pulsing radiation. Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:19 PM :: turns to the bugs :: Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:19 PM $Clark> +AT+ Excalibur to away team. Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:19 PM "Whoa, whoa..." She makes sure the lights aren't dangerous with her tricorder. William Chocox 16-May-21 07:20 PM "That's uh...that's interesting." CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-May-21 07:20 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Tricorder in one hand and phaser in the other, he had the first scanning and the second ready.:: Some form of communication? Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:20 PM The other may be injured. Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:21 PM Rex> Keeps his phaser up but doesn't target it yet Possibly. Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:21 PM I would say so. William Chocox 16-May-21 07:21 PM +Excal+ "William here." Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:22 PM Irene looks puzzled, then nods. “Looks like they communicate with those emissions, yeah. They read as tetryon radiation. The same as what the Excalibur’s sensors saw. I’ve never seen this before.” Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:22 PM :: Slooowly approaches the two bugs :: Hello, my name is Indaura. Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:22 PM $Clark> +Will+ Is everything okay, we detecting raised tetryon emissions now. William Chocox 16-May-21 07:23 PM +Clark+ "We have some creatures we've found. One was trapped in a forcefield when we came." +Clark+ "They might be the source of some of the transmissions." Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:24 PM ACTION> The insects turns towards Indura. They do not respond directly, but their back and forth responses continue with each other. $Clark> +Will+ The increased tetryon emissions are making transporter lock more difficult, but we'll see what we can do. Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:25 PM “You don’t speak tetryon, I don’t think they’re interested, Counselor.” Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:25 PM Rex> Glances over to Jalen, waiting on a cue from the commander. CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-May-21 07:26 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Mincine, can you modify your tricorder to mimic their tetryon patterns? William Chocox 16-May-21 07:26 PM +Clark+ "Understood. We might be able to communicate with them." Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:28 PM What can we say? Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:28 PM She gives Stanton a shrug. "Easily, but I'd be speaking gibberish at best without an understanding of the underlying patterns." CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-May-21 07:29 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Then, perhaps, it is best we leave them be for now and transport to one of the other locations. Let's retreat out of the interference and see if the ship can get a lock. William Chocox 16-May-21 07:30 PM That sounds like a good plan Commander. Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:30 PM Prime numbers? CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-May-21 07:31 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Everyone, back the way we came, and keep an eye on those creatures for any sign of aggression. Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:32 PM Rex> Relieved they weren't going to hang around too much longer, motions for the goldshirts to lead the way -- he'd take up the rear. Maryse Dubois 16-May-21 07:32 PM Gladly. ::Carefully starts heading back.:: William Chocox 16-May-21 07:32 PM William walks with the crowd. Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:33 PM "Prime numbers would be good for convincing them we're intelligent... but I think they believe we are." She nods to Stanton. "Good idea. If we get more data on the Excalibur's sensors, we might be able to get something." Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:33 PM ACTION> The two creatures also follow along, at a distance, but they do seem curious about the ugly bags of mostly water. CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-May-21 07:35 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Excalibur+ We're moving away from the tower. Can you get a lock? Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:35 PM :: Still looking at the creatures :: If you two need counseling I have open spots. :: waves goodbye at the creatures :: Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:36 PM (( Give me a number folks. 1-20 each )) Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:36 PM (4) William Chocox 16-May-21 07:36 PM (( 8 )) Maryse Dubois 16-May-21 07:36 PM ((12)) Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:36 PM (( 5 )) Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:36 PM :: Waves again, as the creatures tail her :: Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:37 PM ACTION> Indura thinks for a second she sees one of the creatures seems to wave one of its spindley legs, but no it couldn't be, could it? Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:38 PM :: Stops to see if they close in on her position :: Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:38 PM $Clark> +Stanton+ The tetryon emissions seems to be with in tolerable levels of transporter lock. Do you want to come straight back or site to site to another location, and if so where to? Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:39 PM Irene's keeping an eye on the tachyon transmissions all the time. CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-May-21 07:39 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Excalibur+ Transport us directly to another emissions site. Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:40 PM Rex> Keeping an eye on the creatures, he did not see the wave. They do however seem to be slowing down a little, and their tetryon emissions are slowing as well, both in frequency and intensity. Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:40 PM Wait, are we visiting these creatures later? They may need our help Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:40 PM $Clark> +Stanton+ Understood. Stand by for transport. Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:41 PM "I'm sure there will be more of them..." Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:41 PM I mean more of these in particular. Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:44 PM Rex> I mean))) Rex> Glances to Jalen $Clark> +Stanton+ Ready for transport on your mark. CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-May-21 07:46 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Clark+ Transport. Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:49 PM ACTION> The crew feels the familiar tingle of the transporter take hold. Within a few moments A bone-chilling cold sets in as soon as the transport is complete, freezing their breath and making it visible as they exhale. You find yourselves standing on a rocky ledge overlooking a magnificent mountain chain that stretches beyond the horizon. Ahead of you on the ledge, you see a pile of cracked and empty eggshells, each about the size of a melon. A sticky, mucus-like substance, still surprisingly warm, holds the eggshells together in a nest. Several trails of this ooze lead from the nest into a nearby cave. The ledge near the outer edge of the nest appears to have given way in a landslide, and some of the eggs may have fallen below. William Chocox 16-May-21 07:49 PM "Holy! This is cold as hell!" Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:49 PM This is different. Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:50 PM Rex> Makes a note to hit Clark really hard when they get back. William Chocox 16-May-21 07:51 PM "Ok, ideas, is there some form of shelter so we don't all freeze to death?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-May-21 07:51 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Shivers.:: It looks like a nesting site. Probably for those creatures. Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:52 PM She lets out a Klingon cuss when the transport completes, dressed completely wrong for ice cold mountains. "Aaah! What the... couldn't they have warned us?" She takes out her tricorder to check the temperature, then notices the eggshells and seems to forget all about the bitter cold. "Ooh...!" CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-May-21 07:52 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Spots the cave.:: Everyone into the cave and out of the wind. William Chocox 16-May-21 07:53 PM William walks into the cave. Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:53 PM Rex> Shakes his head at Will once they were in the cave You clearly weren't a boy scout. Motions to the goldshirts to get out the warm jackets they brought along in their gear packs for everyone William Chocox 16-May-21 07:54 PM "No, I joined Starfleet." Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:54 PM ACTION> Irene's tricorder readings show a very faint tetryon pulse coming from somewhere nearer the nest. Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:55 PM "Hey, I'm picking up more tetryon radiation over here, Commander!" She records it all excitedly, trying to find the exact source, rather than going into the cave. Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:55 PM Rex> Zips up his coat Good thing for you I did. Handy that this cave was here though I suppose. I wonder if Clark knew we brought jackets? William Chocox 16-May-21 07:55 PM "I'm not sure Clark knows much of anything." CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-May-21 07:56 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Digs his coat out of his pack and fiddles with the hand warmers before pulling the hood up to cover his ears. Pulls out his tricorder again, scanning.:: Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 07:56 PM Again? Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:56 PM $Clark> Chuckling to himself. That's what Will got for cheating at poker, imo. William Chocox 16-May-21 07:56 PM William puts on his own jacket. ((Wait a minute, when did I cheat at poker? I demand satisfaction!)) Captain Swain 16-May-21 07:57 PM ((I mean, maybe Clark just thinks you cheated )) (( TWO MINUTE WARNING )) Irene Mincine 16-May-21 07:59 PM By this point, Irene realizes she's really cold and dashes off to the cave. "Oh! Um. Anyone got spare hand warmers...?" William Chocox 16-May-21 08:00 PM William tosses some to her. "Think fast." CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-May-21 08:01 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> You didn't pack any? ::Glances at Mincine.:: We won't be here long. Hopefully the other sites aren't this harsh. Indaura Ryssan, Counselor 16-May-21 08:01 PM :: Shaking as she is following the others :: Irene Mincine 16-May-21 08:01 PM "I thought I did..." She catches Will's hand warmers and rubs her hands together. "Much better." Captain Swain 16-May-21 08:02 PM !Pause MEE6 BOT 16-May-21 08:02 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  5. SD 0516.2021 While investigating anomalous readings connected to the Tetryon power surge, sensor scans revealed a several different origin points for the surges, but nothing resembling developed civilization. At the first of four beam-down sites, in a very lovely, windy desert, the team encountered two very large insect-like creatures. One was trapped in some sort of force field. In the course of investigating a tower that seemed to be the source of said force field, part of the away team was trapped in a bubble themselves. But due to the skill and luck of the chief engineer, he has been able to disable said force field leaving the away team and the bugs free.
  6. SD 0509.2021 Excalibur has arrived in orbit of Optera IV, where they have discovered a number of anomalous readings connected to the Tetryon power surges that brought us here in the first place. Sensor scans revealed a several different origin points for the surges, but nothing resembling developed civilization. An away team has been assembled and is preparing to beam down to first of the four identified locations.
  7. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur has arrived in orbit of Optera IV, where they have discovered a number of anomalous readings connected to the Tetryon power surges that brought us here in the first place. Sensor scans revealed a several different origin points for the surges, but nothing resembling developed civilization. An away team has been assembled and is preparing to beam down to first of the four identified locations. MEE6 BOT 09-May-21 07:08 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:09 PM ((Ok I'm back)) William Chocox 09-May-21 07:09 PM William materializes in a shimmer of light. Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:09 PM ACTION: The whine of the transporter fades and is replaced by the roar of a harsh, burning wind. Cracked and sun-bleached rocks litter the otherwise flat surface of the desert, which extends to the horizon in all directions. Optera IV’s three pale moons hover overhead in a cloudless sky. Roughly 50 meters away, you can see a tall tower bristling with electronic instruments. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:10 PM William puts a hand up to shield his face as he quickly wraps a cloth around his face with the other. After he secures it he grabs some goggles. Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:11 PM ::Arrives on the planet, after inoculating the away team against radiation.:: Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:11 PM Rex> Looks around, shielding his eyes from the sun and wind, motions to the two goldshirts he brought along to take up flanking positions William Chocox 09-May-21 07:11 PM Well, how's this for a warm welcome? Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:11 PM Holy h... :: she said, her expletive muffled by her protective mask she quickly placed over her face :: Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:12 PM Irene doesn't seem bothered by the sun and wind. She pulls out her tricorder and begins scanning, then looks up at the tower, putting her tricorder down. "...I guess I don't need this to tell you that's our reflector." Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:14 PM ::Protects herself from the elements with a cloak and mask.:: We sure know how to pick them, don't we? Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:15 PM Rex> Smirks in agreement with Maryse Shall we investigate the reflector? Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:15 PM Where are we going? :: The wind blowing around her words :: Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:15 PM $Swain> Drinking tea on the bridge, which is not a desert hellscape. Being captain wins again. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:15 PM I believe that we're headed towards that tower. William points to where Irene was looking. Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:17 PM "Mm-hmm. Hoping there's going to be there's some way to interface with that thing." She sets out for the reflector. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:17 PM William follows her. "I've interfaced with weirder. Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:17 PM Rex> Glances over to Jalen, and takes point Rex> Steps carefully among the rocks, keeping an eye out as best he could with the face covering he was wearing ACTION> As the AT approaches the tower, they notice emerging from the ground, a dome of crackling energy like an orange bubble -- a force field? Trapped inside is a large insectoid creature with six spindly appendages and glowing red eyes set atop a strange mouth-like orifice surrounded by short tentacles. Another seemingly identical creature circles the tower a short distance away, thrashing its pincers against the tower. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:24 PM Well that's not weird. Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:24 PM Um...Let's not get too close shall we? Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:25 PM She jumps back when the bug appears in front of them. "What the hell is that?" She starts scanning that orange force field. Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:25 PM Rex> Holds up a closed fist to the team William Chocox 09-May-21 07:27 PM William holds up. Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:27 PM Were they trying to get into the tower? :: looks up :: Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:27 PM Rex> Unholsters his phaser, but doesn't bring it to aim yet. Gives a cautious glance to his goldshirts and Jalen as well. Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:28 PM Irene looks puzzled at her tricorder. "It... looks like the tower's projecting the force field, actually. It's a sphere 10 meters in diameter, definitely impassable. They're stuck in there, as far as I can tell." William Chocox 09-May-21 07:28 PM Huh... Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:29 PM Well lets try not to get stuck with them. Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:29 PM (( Everyone give me a number 1-20 )) William Chocox 09-May-21 07:29 PM (16) Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:29 PM ((8)) Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:29 PM (12) Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:29 PM (13) Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:29 PM (( 7 )) ACTION> The insect attacking the tower continues, having not noticed the AT yet. The one inside the forcefield does seem to be in some degree of distress. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:31 PM Are these animals, or do we think they're sentient? Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:32 PM :: Studies the creatures :: Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:33 PM ::Looks to Will.:: Do you want to ask them? Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:33 PM Irene tries to tell with her tricorder. "Either way, it doesn't look like being in that containment field is very pleasant." Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:33 PM I'll gladly stay behind this rock. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:33 PM I'm an engineer, not a first contact specialist. Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:33 PM Rex> Well if that one is attacking the tower, it seems reasonable to assume they have some degree of intelligence, right? William Chocox 09-May-21 07:34 PM I mean...maybe. Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:34 PM Animals will react if they have a connection with one another. Perhaps the one trapped is a mate, or a relative. Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:35 PM "It doesn't take a brain genius to figure out the tower's doing something nasty to its friend there." Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:35 PM ACTION> The creature attacking the tower turns away and begins moving to place itself between the creature trapped in the force field and the AT, but is clearly in a defensive posture, with two legs raised. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:36 PM Hello? We come in peace! Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:36 PM Rex> Glances over to see if it responds, which it doesn't William Chocox 09-May-21 07:37 PM Well, it was worth a shot. Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:37 PM We should help. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:38 PM Hm... William starts thinking about how to get the trapped creature out. Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:38 PM Rex> Bites his lip Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:38 PM "And how do you propose we do that?" She also takes up a defensive posture once the bug does so. "Whoa, whoa..." Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:39 PM Rex> Mincine, you and Chocox should make a move towards the tower. Nice and slow. Take Hanga with you. The rest of us will stay here. Hopefully if we move slowly and carefully they won't think we're a threat. Rex> Presumably the tower has an off switch, right? William Chocox 09-May-21 07:39 PM Probably. William shifts his bag on his shoulder. Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:40 PM :: Holds up both of her hands in front of her :: Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:40 PM Hanga> The green skinned security officer nodded and moved to follow William and Irene Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:41 PM I can't say I'm a fan of this idea. ::Gets her phaser out as a precaution.:: Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:41 PM Rex> Unless someone has a better idea. Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:42 PM :;Still positioned behind a rock.:: Nope. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:42 PM Nothing ventured, nothing gained. William starts walking with Hanga, being careful to avoid the creatures and walking slowly. Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:42 PM Irene moves along with the group, very slowly. "I don't have anything better to try..." Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:42 PM (( will and irene give me a number 1-20, and also maryse and indura give me a number 1-20)) William Chocox 09-May-21 07:43 PM ((8)) Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:43 PM :: To the creature :: Can you understand us? Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:43 PM Hanga> Leading the way, he walked slowly trying not to think too much about the gross creatures Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:43 PM (2) :: She repeats the phrase in Denobulan rather than Federation standard :: Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:44 PM ( 4 ) Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:46 PM ((18)) Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:47 PM ACTION> As William, Irene and Hanga approach the tower the untrapped creature remains in a defensive posture between itself, both groups, and the one in the force field. Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:49 PM "Good start..." As she gets closer to the tower. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:49 PM William looks at the tower, squinting as he looks at the sides to see if there is anything removable. "I think there's a grate I can access." Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:50 PM Hanga> Lets Irene and Will move closer to the tower, he keeps himself between them and the creature Rex> It sure is a uh... interesting bug. It is an insect right? Six legs? Do those uh... mouthpart things count? Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:52 PM This is a fine time for a counseling session. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:52 PM As they get closer, William confirms that it is indeed a grate. "If I pop that open I might be able to deactivate the forcefield." Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:52 PM :: Takes out her scanner to examine the force field :: Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:53 PM This is a good time for us to be back on the ship. Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:53 PM "Go for it?" She's keeping an eye on the bug. "It doesn't seem to be making any aggressive moves. I don't think it thinks we're a threat." Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:53 PM :: Waves her scanner over the extent of the force field :: William Chocox 09-May-21 07:55 PM "Yeah, I'm going to go for it." William starts opening up the grate and sees a control panel behind it. "See? Once we figure this out it should be easy." Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:55 PM Rex> Smirks at Maryse ACTION> Maryse, Indura, Jalen, Rex and the still as yet named third goldshirt hear a sudden crackling sound and then a flash of orange light. Now they too are caught in one of the forcefield bubbles. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:57 PM William looks over at the others. "Uh...are you guys ok?" Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:57 PM Rex> Frowns Well. This is lovely. Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:57 PM Well this is a sticky wicket. Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:57 PM ::Sighs:: Really? Irene Mincine 09-May-21 07:57 PM Irene turns around when she hears the noise of the new containment field. "Hey, Will, you might want to figure that thing out..." Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:58 PM Rex> +Excalibur+ Away team to Excalibur... ACTION> Static. Erich Jaenke, CEng 09-May-21 07:58 PM Well, I can scan from the inside now. William Chocox 09-May-21 07:58 PM "So uh...I'm going to get to work, yeah..." William starts poking around the weird tech. Maryse Dubois 09-May-21 07:59 PM ::Sits down.:: No one exert yourselves. As a matter of fact, I recommend relaxing. I imagine there is little to no airflow. Captain Swain 09-May-21 07:59 PM Creature1> The untrapped insectoid lowers its front legs, and begins moving closer to the team trapped in the field, but extremely cautiously. Its mouth-parts begin working back and forth. Irene Mincine 09-May-21 08:00 PM Irene tries her own combadge as the bug approaches the away team in the field. "Away team to Excalibur?" Captain Swain 09-May-21 08:01 PM $Clark> +Irene+ Excalibur here. << 3 minute warning >> William Chocox 09-May-21 08:02 PM Williams pokes and prods, trying to keep from harming anyone in the forcefields. Irene Mincine 09-May-21 08:02 PM +Clark+ "Oh. Good. It does work. We've got a bit of a problem down here. Half the away team is stuck in some force field thing that's blocking communications. Can you keep a transporter lock on us all?" Captain Swain 09-May-21 08:04 PM $Clark> +Irene+ Tries to keep his voice from going up an octave in alarm Force field? Well that explains the strange readings. The tetryon bursts are interfering with our sensors. I have a lock on... you, Chocox and Hanga but... the others I can't cut through the interference from the force field. We thought it was just a blip. << Will give me a number 1-20 >> William Chocox 09-May-21 08:04 PM ((4)) Captain Swain 09-May-21 08:05 PM ACTION> Will pokes a blue button and the force fields suddenly drop. The entire array seems to have shut down as well. William Chocox 09-May-21 08:05 PM "I did it!" Captain Swain 09-May-21 08:05 PM !Pause MEE6 BOT 09-May-21 08:05 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  8. MISSION BRIEF: When we last saw our intrepid heroes, Science had detected a series of repeating tetryon emissions from the Optera system. Optera has, like much of this sector, only been mapped passively but at the time had no known inhabited planets. We pick up there. MEE6 BOT 02-May-21 07:09 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:10 PM ACTION> The scene fades into Excalibur dropping out of warp in the Optera system. William Chocox 02-May-21 07:10 PM William is on the bridge at the engineering station as they start looking around the system. "We have successfully transferred to impulse power." Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:11 PM Val> "Course, Cap?" She looks expectantly toward the center of the bridge. Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:12 PM Asher bit his lip pensively Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:12 PM Irene> "I've managed to refine the tachyon sensor sweep a little. We should have a better idea what's out there now." Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:13 PM Have we made any progress in localizing where in the system they're coming from? Erich Jaenke, CEng 02-May-21 07:14 PM :: Working in her office :: Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:14 PM Rex> Standing at the tactical station, stiffly. He was known for his levity, but he also had a serious side and whatever was causing high frequency tetryon bursts could be dangerous. Clark> Glances over to Val, then to his own station again. Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:15 PM Irene> "From what I can tell, it's localized to the fourth planet, mostly underground. It looks like something's shooting tetryons at the surface and getting responses back. The transmission rate is picking up pretty fast, too." CdrMirandaHawthorne 02-May-21 07:16 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Has it increased since we arrived in the system? ::Slight head tilt as he turned to review the readings.:: Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:16 PM Shoots a glance over to Jalen, then back to the viewer Bites his lip again Rex, anything on tactical sensors? Maryse Dubois 02-May-21 07:18 PM ::Checking over work reports in her office. She sipped on a cup of tea as she read.:: Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:18 PM Rex> Nothing on sensors, sir. Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:19 PM Irene> "It's been increasing constantly. It's definitely some kind of localized transmissions. I'd guess we're picking up what leaks out, like wide-band transmissions flooding into space." She shakes her head. "Scans aren't picking up any kind of technology on the surface." William Chocox 02-May-21 07:19 PM William looks over at the captain. He hadn't known Swain to be so worried before. Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:20 PM Put us into orbit of the fourth planet. Then begin a full sensor sweep. CdrMirandaHawthorne 02-May-21 07:20 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> A natural emission from the planet? ::He speculated.:: Or ancient technology that's survived its makers? Could be an interesting place to explore. Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:20 PM Nods Possible. Though strange that it just started. Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:21 PM Val> "Entering standard orbit of planet 4." The impulse engines kick back in and the ship heads off. Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:24 PM Will Is there any danger to the warp drive from all the tetryon emissions? William Chocox 02-May-21 07:24 PM "All readings are currently at normal, but I'm monitoring it. I have one of my consoles dedicated to it right now." Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:24 PM Irene> "That's better..." As the ship gets closer to the planet. "Readings are getting clearer from the subspace interference. I'm picking up... an energy source, on the equatorial continent. There's another few smaller ones scattered around the surface." "Mostly on the mountain peaks, but the largest reading is in the middle of a large desert." CdrMirandaHawthorne 02-May-21 07:27 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Run it through the computer to see if it can discern any type of pattern in the transmission. I'd like to know if someone or something is trying to communicate with us. Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:27 PM Nods to Jalen, and makes a note of the good thinking for progress report Glances back over to Will Keep us informed. I don't want to get caught flat footed. +Medical+ Bridge to medical Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:29 PM Irene> I'll have the computer start analyzing it for patterns. I'm not so sure if it's a transmission, though. Scanners are showing the planet has a liquid core, generating massive amounts of solanogen through subspace inversions. It could be a natural phenomenon,that stuff shouldn't exist outside subspace." Maryse Dubois 02-May-21 07:29 PM ::Sets her report down.:: +Bridge+ Medical here. William Chocox 02-May-21 07:30 PM "Aye sir." Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:31 PM +Maryse+ Doctor we're investigating a planet where we've detected a large number of high intensity tetryon bursts. As you know, that stuff isn't exactly fun. Right now we don't believe it should be a problem, but I want you to have radiation measures ready to go in case they pick up in intensity. We also will likely need some inoculations for away teams. Makes his way over to the science console You mentioned a subterranean cavern system... can we get a look at that on the monitors? Clark> to Val just lowly enough for only her to hear He sounds more cautious than usual. Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:34 PM Irene> "Bringing it up now." A diagram of a vast network of caverns appears on the viewer. They run all through the planet's crust. There's a blind spot in the mapping as it gets closer to the planet's core. "High levels of tetryon radiation in there. I wouldn't want to be there for too long." Maryse Dubois 02-May-21 07:35 PM +Swain+ I'm on it. ::Activates her console to search for options.:: Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:35 PM Val> Whispering back. "Maybe they raised his starship insurance premiums too far." Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:36 PM Frowns Blind spot? That's... unusual. Of course a planet that has solanogen in its core isn't exactly usual. Run the database to see if there's any record of similar planets and if they produced similar tetryon emissions. Clark> Smirks and looks back to his console. Or maybe his husband gave him a stern talking to for all the near death experiences? William Chocox 02-May-21 07:37 PM "If I increased power to the sensors would it help with the blind spot?" Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:38 PM Irene> "There's not going to be anything like this in the computer, sir." She checks, just to be sure. Irene> "It might." Shrug. Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:38 PM Nods both to him and to Will It might. Rex> Glances to the tactical monitor every few seconds, clearly on edge CdrMirandaHawthorne 02-May-21 07:38 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> It couldn't hurt. ::To Will.:: Though it might be prudent to tweak them to filter out as much of the radiation as possible. Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:39 PM Val> Stifles a laugh. "Ah, probably it." William Chocox 02-May-21 07:39 PM "Alright, give me a moment. Need to move some things around." William starts shifting power needs and attempting to tweak the sensors from the computer. Maryse Dubois 02-May-21 07:40 PM ::Begins preparations for treatments.:: Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:41 PM ACTION> The Universal Translator chimes to notify Irene that although it does not recognize typical language patterns, it does however detect distinct repetition patterns that seem to indicate some sort of communication. Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:43 PM Irene> "Oh, computer's analyzed the transmission patterns. It's... definitely communicating. That's about all I can tell you. Whether it's communicating with us, the energy signatures, itself, or what it's saying, no clue." Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:44 PM Makes his way back to the center seat So, we detected emissions in three or four different places? Deep underground caves, mountain tops, near the planet core and a desert? Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:45 PM Irene counts them off one by one. "The planet's core, a lone beacon in the desert, smaller ones on mountaintops, and the cave systems." Erich Jaenke, CEng 02-May-21 07:47 PM :: Pokes into where Dibois was :: What's up? Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:47 PM Looks over to Jalen Prep an away team. Which spot? CdrMirandaHawthorne 02-May-21 07:47 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Frowns.:: Can we tell where the strongest transmission is emanating? Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:48 PM Irene> "The transmissions are emanating from deep in the planet. The surface ones seem to be reflectors, or receiving stations." Maryse Dubois 02-May-21 07:49 PM ::Looks up.:: I am preparing us for possible radiation treatments. Seems like we may have found something. CdrMirandaHawthorne 02-May-21 07:51 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> We'll start with the desert, then, and work our way through the locations. Rex, pick a few officers and head to TR2. Chocox, Mincine, prep whatever you need to take with you and report to the transporter room. Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:52 PM Rex> Nods Aye, aye. Sends a message down to security for some goldshirts to join them in the TR room and for Macklin to come up to relieve him. CdrMirandaHawthorne 02-May-21 07:52 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Dubois+ Doctor, do you read? Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:53 PM Clark> Looks over to Val and makes a hand gesture to show his relief he didn't pull away team duty Irene Mincine 02-May-21 07:53 PM Irene> "Mm-hmm." She heads off to the turbolift, disappearing to gather her things for an away mission. Val> Whispers back. "Hey, someone's gotta fly the ship." Captain Swain 02-May-21 07:55 PM Rex> Follows along with everyone else into the TL Maryse Dubois 02-May-21 07:56 PM +Jalen+ Yes Commander? Erich Jaenke, CEng 02-May-21 07:59 PM We go from one medical emergency to another CdrMirandaHawthorne 02-May-21 07:59 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Maryse+ Doctor, I need you and Dr. Ryssan to gather what you need to inoculate the away team and join us in TR2. The two of you will be monitoring crew health while we explore the planet. Maryse Dubois 02-May-21 08:00 PM +Jalen+ Understood. ::looks to Indaura.:: Shall we? ::Gets up to stock up a couple of kits.:: Erich Jaenke, CEng 02-May-21 08:01 PM (brb) William Chocox 02-May-21 08:01 PM William has headed down to Engineering to get his tools and such. Captain Swain 02-May-21 08:01 PM Rex> Rex arrived at the transporter room where three goldshirts were waiting for him. He was pleased with their efficiency. They brought all the gear they'd need for at least the first phase of the mission, including extra water bottles and sun-screen lotion. Irene Mincine 02-May-21 08:04 PM Irene showed up a few minutes later, with her science backpack. She's wearing sunglasses and her skin was shiny from all the sunscreen. "Ready to go." CdrMirandaHawthorne 02-May-21 08:05 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He rose, tugging on his uniform tunic.:: We'll keep the comms open. Captain Swain 02-May-21 08:05 PM Nods to Jalen Good luck Commander. I wish I were coming along but... well I know better. William Chocox 02-May-21 08:06 PM William finally shows up, with his engineering kit and other accouterments. Captain Swain 02-May-21 08:07 PM ...and... !PAUSE MEE6 BOT 02-May-21 08:08 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  9. SD 0425.2021 - No Sim SD 0502.2021 When we last saw our intrepid heroes, Science had detected a series of repeating tetryon emissions from the Optera system. Optera has, like much of this sector, only been mapped passively, but at the time had no known inhabited planets. We pick up there.
  10. MISSION BRIEF: After several days of leave while repairs were made to the ship, Excalibur has disembarked from Starbase 37 Tango to begin a patrol of the Kallen sector on the border of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The sector was only recently charted just before the Dominion War and had largely gone unexplored since. With renewed tensions between the Federation and Romulan Empire, Starfleet has dispatched us to patrol and chart the sector more completely. We will be tasked with establishing a long range sensor network in the sector, along with the standard science-y stuff. MEE6 BOT 18-Apr-21 07:12 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:12 PM William was on the Bridge at the Engineering station, monitoring the systems. Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:14 PM Clark> On the bridge, monitoring power usage. He was glad that they would get some quiet time on the way to whatever dumb place they'd been shipped off to next, though he did not particularly like the idea of setting up a whole sensor network. What if the engineering rats tried to turn them into explosives or something. Brooding in his ready room with tea and a book. Maryse Dubois 18-Apr-21 07:14 PM ::Decides to pay a visit to the bridge.:: Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 07:14 PM Irene's at her station on the bridge. She seems happy that she might actually get to do some science without everything exploding, maybe. William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:14 PM William feels a pang, like someone said that it was going to be a quiet shift. He feels the urge to fling a heavy object at whoever had that thought. Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:16 PM Rex> Meanwhile, he was busy counting phaser riffles. They had replaced a number of units during their stop over and he wanted to make sure they had gotten working units, this time. Clark> Turns to Will I assume you will be working with the blue shirts on the sensor grid deployment? It sounded like my job will be just coordinating the supplies around. William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:17 PM "Yes, that's the plan." CdrMirandaHawthorne 18-Apr-21 07:20 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Drums fingers on his armrest, reviewing the last sensor readings of their designated sector.:: Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:20 PM Clark> Nods I am clearing out cargo bay 3 for you guys to use as a staging area for the sensor units. Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 07:20 PM Val, meanwhile, was at helm and going over their course for the eighth time. "This navigational chart is 15 years out of date. I don't want a repeat of our last mission..." William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:21 PM "Thank you Clark." Maryse Dubois 18-Apr-21 07:22 PM ::Quietly observing the bridge crew as they went about their business.:: CdrMirandaHawthorne 18-Apr-21 07:23 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> I don't think we could repeat our last mission, even if we wanted to. ::Snort.:: But better safe than sorry, I suppose. William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:23 PM "No, instead we're probably going to get into some other form of trouble." Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:23 PM Asher> Over tea Captains log -- The ship is proceeding through a little-explored sector of space, according to our orders. This region was mapped and surveyed about 15 years ago at long range, but that mission gathered only the most general data on the nearby systems and planets. And, in any case, a lot can change in almost two decades. I had hoped to return to our previous patrol route, but Command wanted to send someone "more seasoned" with "deep space exploration" on this mission. I suppose I should be flattered, even if it feels like a long time since I had that sort of mission profile. Nevertheless, ship and crew have functioned well. I was pleased with the efficiency of the engineering crew in working with starbase crew to make repairs. Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 07:26 PM Val> "We're not hitting any quantum filaments, or wormholes, or anything if I have anything to say about it." William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:27 PM "Thank you." Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:28 PM I have also put in commendations for the medical staff on their top work in getting the vaccine together under trying circumstances. I considered doing the same for engineering, but... he bit his lip Commander Rex's report absolved them of any fault in causing the accident, but I am concerned that safety mechanisms were disabled. I have to wonder if Miranda had still been here if she would have kept them in line. Not that I find Commander Stanton lacking in quality. He's fine first officer, but Engineering was Miranda's baby and ... he trailed off and drank tea Computer, delete that last sentence. Restart after disabled. William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:28 PM William shudders, like someone walked over his grave. "Computer, what's the status of life support on the Bridge?" Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:29 PM Computer> Life support is functioning normally within established parameters. William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:29 PM "Hm." Maryse Dubois 18-Apr-21 07:30 PM ::Steps over to Will.:: Problem, Chief? William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:30 PM "Felt like I had a sudden chill." Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:30 PM Clark> Looks over to Val with a a look William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:31 PM "I'm sure it's nothing." Maryse Dubois 18-Apr-21 07:31 PM Well you are welcome to sickbay if you change your mind. William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:32 PM "I will if I need it. Thank you Doc." Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 07:32 PM Val notices Clark out of the corner of her eye. Val> "What?" Indaura Ryssan 18-Apr-21 07:32 PM :: Working around the medical bay :: Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:33 PM Clark> Makes a gesture to Will and makes a mildly problematic hand gesture to question his sanity William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:33 PM "I'm right here Clark." William has a clear line of sight at Clark from the Engineering station. Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:33 PM Clark> Grins Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 07:34 PM Val rolls her eyes and goes back to navigating. Indaura Ryssan 18-Apr-21 07:39 PM :: Looking over her schedule :: Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:40 PM ACTION> An alert rings out from long range sensors: bursts of tetryon radiation have been detected along our general course. William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:40 PM "Oh boy." CdrMirandaHawthorne 18-Apr-21 07:41 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances up at the alert, head cocked.:: Company or anomaly? Indaura Ryssan 18-Apr-21 07:44 PM :: Wonders where Doctor Dubois is, but goes about her business :: Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 07:44 PM Irene shakes her head from the science station. "They're impossible to trace under the best of circumstances. It could be subspace interference, a black hole, or any number of things." Maryse Dubois 18-Apr-21 07:45 PM ::Is still people watching on the bridge. She listens to Irene's report.:: Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 07:47 PM "I might be able to get some idea of the source with an adaptive sweep..." Irene types a new sensor program into her console. Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:49 PM << Give me a number 1-20 >> Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 07:49 PM (( 15 )) Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:52 PM ACTION> Irene's modification to the sensors reveal the tetryons are generally originating in the Optera system, a small, out of the way system that is uninhabited. Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 07:54 PM Irene> "Got it." She looks up, proudly, from the science console. "They're coming from the... Optera system. I can't tell any more than that from here. Charts say nobody lives there." William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:54 PM "That's interesting." Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 07:54 PM Val chimes in. Val> "The 15-year-old charts." Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:55 PM Clark> I doubt an alien civilization went from primitive tool users to tetryon radiation emitters in the time since you were at the academy. Clark> Or from primates or whatever. Maybe lizards, whatever. Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 07:56 PM Val> A bit exasperated. "I mean someone else might have taken up residence since the war." Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 07:57 PM Clark> Hides a giggle, having accomplished his mission CdrMirandaHawthorne 18-Apr-21 07:57 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Or it could be something completely natural that wasn't detected here during the last survey. William Chocox 18-Apr-21 07:58 PM "Clark, I'm fairly certain the helmswoman has a rocket fist at the end of her arm. I wouldn't make her mad if I were you." Indaura Ryssan 18-Apr-21 07:58 PM :: Feels something is going on. Looks up as if she can see to the bridge :: Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 08:01 PM << 2 minute warning >> Clark> Tetryon radiation isn't very dangerous though, is it? Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 08:02 PM Irene> "It depends. It's usually a sign that there's something outputting a lot of subspace energy. That's the part you gotta worry about." Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 08:02 PM Clark> Frowns So much for the quiet patrol. William Chocox 18-Apr-21 08:03 PM Throws whatever is handy at Clark "Never say anything like that! Go onto the turbolift, spin three times, curse, then spit." Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 08:03 PM Clark> dodges the tricorder Hmph! Irene Mincine 18-Apr-21 08:04 PM Val> "Before my rocket fist takes its revenge." Captain Swain 18-Apr-21 08:04 PM ...and... William Chocox 18-Apr-21 08:04 PM "I'm serious about spinning three times, cursing and spitting. Get going!" MEE6 BOT 18-Apr-21 08:04 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  11. SD 0418.2021 After several days of leave while repairs were made to the ship, Excalibur has disembarked from Starbase 37 Tango to begin a patrol of the Kallen sector on the border of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The sector was only recently charted just before the Dominion War and had largely gone unexplored since. With renewed tensions between the Federation and Romulan Empire, Starfleet has dispatched us to patrol and chart the sector more completely. We will be tasked with establishing a long range sensor network in the sector, along with the standard science-y stuff.
  12. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur has been docked at Starbase 37 Tango undergoing repairs following their recent mission. Most of the crew has been on leave and intermittently being recalled for debriefing by a Starfleet Intelligence officer. As we pick up, the crew has been notified that said debriefings have ended and the intelligence officer has left the Starbase. Repairs and leave are both nearing an end. MEE6 BOT 11-Apr-21 07:12 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:13 PM William is already in Engineering, double checking how the station monkeys messed with his settings. Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:14 PM ACTION> Will has already noticed that a lot of his secret projects have been deleted by the station engineering crew. Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:15 PM Irene is coming back onto the ship from the last debriefing via transporter. William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:15 PM Expletive deleted "Can't they just keep well enough alone?" Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:18 PM :: She enjoyed being in crowds again, but not back with this mess up great crew :: Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:19 PM On the station, drinking tea in his and Arden's quarters. Arden had left for work, leaving Asher alone with his thoughts. The debriefing had gone well. He was happy to be rid of the Lieutenant. He wasn't a bad sort, but it was better for everyone when that sort didn't linger. Rex> Enters the bridge of the Excalibur. He'd returned early the night before to handle the influx of crew coming back aboard now that their leave was coming to an end. William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:21 PM "Common decency between engineers is to not delete each other's projects. I wouldn't do this to them!" Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:22 PM :: Crosses over to the ship after saying goodbye to all she spoke to on the station :: Well, back to the old ship. Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:24 PM Irene comes onto the bridge from one of the other turbolift doors, heading straight for the science station. "Ugh... stupid intelligence officers..." Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:24 PM Rex> Glances over Eh, they were fine. Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:25 PM +Bridge+ Doctor Ryssan back on board, if anyone needs me William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:25 PM William looks around. "Reynolds? You around?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:25 PM Ens Reynolds> What's the problem sir? ::Glancing up from his terminal. Other than time spent on the holodeck, he wasn't all that interested in taking leave.:: William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:25 PM "My special projects were deleted. Yours?" Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:26 PM Irene> "They wanted to know all about my observations of the Romulans and their listening devices. They even read through my personal logs just in case I missed anything." Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:26 PM :: Enters the nearest lift :: Medical. CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:26 PM Ens Reynolds> I'm afraid so, sir. It is standard Starbase procedure. That's why I always make backup copies and keep them with me. William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:27 PM "My backups were a bit old. You didn't happen to make anything more recent than about a month ago of mine did you?" Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:28 PM Rex> Smirks Standard procedure. Especially with things getting stickier with the Romulans lately. Presses a button on his console as another round of crew members checked back in. Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:29 PM "Did they have to ask me about the holodeck programs, though?" She mumbles some Klingon cusses Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:29 PM Rex> snorts Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:30 PM :: enters the medical bay :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:31 PM Ens Reynolds> I think so, sir. I made a backup copy of all of our projects before we docked. ::Waves his memory chip.:: William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:31 PM "Thank you." Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:31 PM Hello? :: her voice echoed through the bay :: Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:31 PM Rex> They don't like to leave stones unturned, no. Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:32 PM Irene> "Well, I hope Starfleet Intelligence enjoys reading through transcripts of Vulcan Love Slave, Part 4." CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:34 PM Nurse> Counselor? Welcome back. Did you have a good leave? ::Paused, data padd in hand, to address Indaura.:: Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:35 PM Rex> Smirks, thinking that the latnium he'd paid to the debriefer, who was an old academy buddy, to rile Irene had been well spent Clark> Enters the bridge carrying a stack PADDs grumbling Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:36 PM :: to the Nurse :: I did. I found the largest crowd I could and just talked to everyone I could. Now that I think of it, people came to me with their personal problems a lot. Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:36 PM Irene> Hits a few buttons on her console. "There. The last of the files they wanted. How long until we depart?" Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:37 PM Rex> Shrugs Nothing official yet. Captain's still baseside. Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:38 PM I even made a Klingon cry. I hope he finds his family soon. CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:38 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Rings the chimes at Swain's quarters.:: Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:38 PM Clark> Muttering as he logged into a console Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:38 PM The other seat up front turns around toward Clark. Val> "Having fun before we leave?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:39 PM Nurse> ::Eyebrow raise.:: Well, that's your job, I suppose. And people do like to talk about themselves. Counselors and bartenders... both easy listeners. Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:39 PM Irene> "Not any time soon, then. Can't they end our leave closer to our departure time?" Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:39 PM That's a great idea. I should set up my practice here at the our bar. Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:40 PM Clark> muttering No. I am trying to get everything in order. The last time we were here those idiots gave us extra engineering kits instead of extra med kits. Rex> Shrugs, pressing buttons I would think you'd be happy to get leave at all. Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:41 PM Oh, oh. Or just have a mini bar in my office. I'm sure the holodeck has classes I could take. Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:42 PM Irene> "I've been behaving myself! Plus helping find all the listening devices." Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:42 PM Rex> Idle hands though. Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:43 PM Val> "Engineering kits? You sure they weren't just keeping us prepared for how often our systems blow up out here? CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:43 PM Ens Reynolds> Did you see they also reset most of our adjusted settings to default? All of my screen savers are just the Starfleet insignia bouncing around on a black screen. Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:43 PM Are the Captain's favorite drink on file? Hmm CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:44 PM Nurse> In his medical file? I don't think so. Unless Doctor Dubois has been taking her own notes. William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:44 PM "Yes, yes I did. I have no clue why they do that. Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:44 PM Irene> "Okay, Commander Stanton also made me agree not to drink any alcohol on the starbase." Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:45 PM Maybe a Sheliak on the Beach or Blue Horta CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:46 PM Ens Reynolds> The repairs look good so far, though. You can't deny they're efficient. William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:47 PM "They're definitely efficient, just single minded about how things should be run. Comes from not being able to see the starts." CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:47 PM Nurse> I bet it's something like an Andorian Sunset or Slippery Nausicaan. Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:48 PM I know that last one comes in a tall glass and is often disagreeable. CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:50 PM Ens Reynolds> I thought about posting up on a Starbase. They don't go anywhere. Seems safer. William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:50 PM "But think of the cool side projects you get to do here." Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 07:52 PM Irene> "You know they give you a special vertical ID badge when you're not supposed to drink?" She grumbles. "I feel like a 16 year old sneaking into an Andorian disco." CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:53 PM Ens Reynolds> And Starbases get too much civilian traffic. I didn't want to have to deal with that. William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:53 PM "So many civilians. Could you imagine being on a Galaxy Class?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:54 PM Nurse> Do you need any help settling back in? The crew is still being recalled, so I assume you still have a bit of down time. Ens Reynolds> ::Shudders:: Ew... William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:56 PM "Right?" Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:56 PM I think a cup of coffee should do the trick. I'll watch for people arriving just in case. CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:57 PM Ens Reynolds> And children, too. William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:57 PM "Oh God." Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 07:58 PM Asher> Having spaced out thinking, he heard a chime at the door Enter Rex> Glances over to Irene I did not know that. CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:59 PM Ens Reynolds> Sticky fingers smeared across control panels. ::Shivers.:: Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 07:59 PM Did anything happen while I was gone on this ship? CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 07:59 PM Nurse> Very good, Counselor. I'll be around if you need anything. William Chocox 11-Apr-21 07:59 PM "I would absolutely put child locks on all the doors." CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 08:00 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Steps into Swain's quarters as the door open, glancing about.:: I'm not interrupting anything, am I, Sir? Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 08:00 PM Asher> Smirks over his now cold tea No no. I was just zoned out. Arden's on duty this morning. Irene Mincine 11-Apr-21 08:00 PM Irene> "I heard one of the science teams had a pool going on whether I'd get dragged back onto the ship in my underpants. Jerks." CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 08:02 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> I just finished my last round of questioning with SI. It was... thorough. Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 08:03 PM Asher> Nods, stands and takes his tea to the fresher Indeed. They seem very concerned about Romulan movements along the border. More than the actual incident that sent us there. I'd be lying if I said that didn't worry me. Asher> Arden said they intercepted some garbled comms from across the border that seemed to indicate there have been some terrorist attacks on their outlying planets. Pauses But that's not public knowledge yet. CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Apr-21 08:08 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> I've heard a few things, as well, and none of them are good. ::Shakes his head.:: I'm very interested to know what's going to be in our next debriefing. Indaura Ryssan 11-Apr-21 08:08 PM :: Sits at a nearby desk and checks her mail :: Captain Swain 11-Apr-21 08:09 PM Asher> Nods and grabs his uniform jacket I've asked the Admiral for permission for us to resume our patrol and survey. She said she'd consider it, so who knows. Sometimes I do wonder if I should have asked for a science ship to command. MEE6 BOT 11-Apr-21 08:11 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  13. SD 0328.2021 - No SIM SD 0404.2021 - No SIM (Easter) SD 0411.2021 Excalibur has been docked at Starbase 37 Tango undergoing repairs following their recent mission. Most of the crew has been on leave and intermittently being recalled for debriefing by a Starfleet Intelligence officer. As we pick up, the crew has been notified that said debriefings have ended and the intelligence officer has left the Starbase. Repairs and leave are both nearing an end.
  14. Mission Brief: Excalibur has been delivering supplies to virus stricken colony near the Romulan border. Starfleet has dispatched a medical ship to relieve us, so that we can make repairs at Starbase 37 Tango. The medical ship Dorotea Bucca has arrived in orbit and Swain and Stanton are briefing them aboard the medical ship, as are the Excalibur medical staff. MEE6 BOT 21-Mar-21 07:11 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:12 PM :: Speaking to the medical staff of medical ship that shall not be named :: Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:13 PM ::At the briefing.:: William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:13 PM William's finally gotten himself cleaned up from the shenanigans with the wormhole. At this point it was more of keeping the ship in one piece as opposed to making repairs. Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:14 PM :: Val is stationkeeping with the medical ship. :: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:14 PM (( Grab an @ if you're on the uh Dorotea Bucca )) (( Or uh a $ actually since @ tries to tag people lmao )) Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:15 PM Irene> Is down in engineering working at a console. There's a small metal cylinder on a rolling cart next to her. "That should be the end of the listening devices. The positronic scanner can't see any more." Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:15 PM ((If you put a space in between it's fine.)) William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:15 PM "From your lips to Starfleet Intelligence's ears." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:16 PM $ on the Dorotea Bucca in their main conference room wondering just how they come up with starship names as one of their doctors was launching into a long question to Maryse about the virus Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:16 PM $ :: Standing with Doctor Dubois :: Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:17 PM Irene> "Hah." She picks up the metal cylinder. "The devices in here should keep Intelligence busy for a while once we turn them in at Starbase 37-Tango." William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:18 PM "I just don't want the spooks poking around my engine bay." "Only thing worse than Romulans poking around my engine bay is spooks poking around my engine bay." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:18 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::On the medical ship speaking quietly to their second officer, a charming brunette woman with a pretty smile, waiting on the briefing to start.:: William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:18 PM "And the only thing worse than that?" "Time cops." Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:19 PM $::Presenting her findings, along with a copy of the vaccine formula in case they need it.:: Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:20 PM Irene> "You've had run-ins with Temporal Investigations down here? I haven't, not since I joined Starfleet." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:20 PM $Captain Umer> Glances over to Asher and makes a side eye to Stanton and his own second officer, smirking William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:20 PM "They have long reaching reputations." William can't remember if he's had to deal with Time Cops. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:22 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Throws Will a look.:: William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:22 PM ((I honestly can't remember if we've dealt with Time Cops.)) Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:22 PM $Captain Umer> The tall, slender Betazoid cleared his throat when Maryse had finished Thank you, Doctor DuBois. It sounds like everything is in order for us to take over the relief efforts. I do wish you were able to stay around to help with the investigation into how the shipments were contaminated, but I understand. Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:24 PM Irene> "They always have one give a speech about the integrity of the timeline during the class on the philosophy of quantum mechanics. Don't go messing with the timeline, et cetera et cetera..." She waved her hand to emphasize the et ceteras. "I had my friend T'Mal take notes for me that day." William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:24 PM "Damnit, I knew I should've gotten a Vulcan study partner. I had a Tellarite. Great discussions...not so much the studying." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:24 PM $ Asher smiled. He was proud of his crew and the work they did, even if sometimes some of them made him consider leaving them on the nearest ice block sometimes, but he didn't let that thought bubble to far up the line, overly aware of Umer's abilities Of course. Doctor DuBois and her staff are excellent at what they do. Rex> Enters engineering, frowning and carrying a PADD William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:26 PM William looks over. "I don't like that look. Don't be giving me that look. If you're going to be giving me that look, you need to go outside, turn around three times, curse, and spit." Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:26 PM Irene> "I wouldn't have gotten through quantum mechanics without the memory techniques he taught me." She smiled. "And the stuff they say about only once every 7 years, that's a lie." She spots Rex coming in and goes back to serious mode. "Trouble, sir?" William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:27 PM William gives Irene a look before turning back to Rex. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:27 PM Ens Reynolds> Well, you aren't supposed to speak about them because they might hear you. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:27 PM Rex> I've been, at Captain's "suggestion" the air quotes were audible going through the security logs for the safeties. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:28 PM William swears audibly. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:28 PM $Umer> Well I think that pretty much wraps things up here, unless there was something else? Rex> For starters, I am going to just completely omit the bevy of times someone on your staff has over-ridden a safety protocol while doing some sort of... I'll be generous and call it experimentation. Rex> I scrubbed those from the record, because well I am a nice guy. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:29 PM "I told them to be better at hiding that." Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM Irene> "Oh? Anything I can help with while I'm down--" She hears Rex's speech and her finger goes to her collar instinctively, even though she's not the one being smoked. "--guess not." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM Rex> Some of them are with your override code, Billy, William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM William looks around. "Who's Billy?" Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM Rex> Gives him a sly look Exactly. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Overhearing Captain Umer, he sighed, more than a little disappointed they had to leave so soon. He muttered something to his friend, who giggled and elbowed him in the gut. He grinned and headed to join Swain.:: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:31 PM $Swain> Stands and shakes Umer's hand I do wish we could stay. I was just telling Jalen what fun we used to have at the academy. Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:31 PM $ :: Listening to Maryse :: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:32 PM Rex> Anyway. So I scrubbed the very obvious uh, experimenting ones, but there's still a few I want you to comb through to check to see if they're legit or not. Most of the ones that I didn't scrub aren't related to any of the systems that control the warp field matrix though. Mostly people tinkering with the holodecks or replicators. A few with the transporters. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:33 PM "Look, sometimes, as Chief Engineer, you need to make sure things are up to snuff. And sometimes Starfleet's 'preferred parameters' are well short of what my machinery can do. And sure, I'll check them out." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:33 PM Rex> Captain wants me to make sure it wasn't sabotage, but as I told him -- if it was sabotage they likely weren't dumb enough to leave a trace log in the safety protocol records, but you know how it is. he finally smiled $Captain Umer> Turns a little red I hope you didn't tell him too much. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:34 PM "Yeah, yeah, I'll check things out." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:34 PM $ Smiles Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:35 PM Irene> Picking up her metal container of listening devices from the cart. "Um, I'll drop these off in a secure locker and head back to the bridge. You look like you're going to be busy for a while, Chief." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:35 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Laughs.:: Oh, he told me enough. A pity we couldn't stay longer. I had no idea that Gretchen... eh... Commander Hatcher was assigned to the Dorotea. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:36 PM Rex> Ah -- good Mincine. I was going to ask you to bring those to security and help Collins catalog them. Starfleet Intelligence already put in a request that we transfer them once we're at Tango. $ Umer and Asher exchanged bemused glances Well, we'll be in orbit a little bit longer until we transfer over the last of the medical supplies. Maryse How long do you expect that will take Doctor? William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:37 PM shudders "Damn spooks. Any chance you can keep them out of here Rex?" Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:38 PM Rex> I would imagine they'll dispatch someone to debrief, but unlikely they'll take too much interest if we don't find anything that points to sabotage. Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:38 PM $ Since supplies were packed and ready. I would say no more than an hour for transfer. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:39 PM "Harrumph." William starts scanning through the overrides. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:39 PM $ Nods Very well. I'll head back to Excalibur, Commander if you want to stay behind and help coordinate with doctors I have no complaints. Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:40 PM Irene> "Will do, sir. I figured Starfleet Intelligence would want these and the scanner settings I used to find them." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:40 PM Rex> Nods Yep, and a full report if you don't mind. Sighs From everyone who worked closely with the Romulans. I know it's a pain, but if we have our ducks in a row ahead of time, we're way less likely to get grilled by SI when we get back. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:41 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> With pleasure. ::Devilish grin.:: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:42 PM $Umer> Gives a knowing glance over to Asher and shakes his head, but smiles anwyay Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:42 PM Irene> Smiles. "Of course. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to main Security with a batch of Romulan toys." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:42 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> I'll just go see if the Commander needs any help. (edited) Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM $Swain> Maryse Unless you need Doctor Ryssan, I'd like her to return with me to Excalibur. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM Ens Reynolds> I was on an entirely different deck at the time! ::To Rex.:: Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM $ ::Nods.:: That will be fine. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM William looks up from his console and stares at the warp core. "Everyone? You know how many people work down here in an emergency Commander?" Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:44 PM Rex> I already have my own people started. Doesn't have to be a novel. Just a short report on their interactions as best they remember it. $Swain> Well, Captain. Best of luck. Doctor Ryssan? Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM Irene leaves Will to his personal hell and hitches a ride up to Security in a turbolift, carrying the container of listening devices. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM $Umer> You too Asher. Tell Arden I said hello. $Asher> Smiles He'll be sad he missed you. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM "I'll see what I can get you commander. Some of these people are asleep though and aren't going to wake up for their shift in a few hours." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM Rex> No hurry. It's what, two weeks at warp 7 till we're home? William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:46 PM "Possibly, I'm an engineer not a navigator." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:46 PM Rex> Just want to have them before we get back to turn over to Intelligence. Hopefully they don't send us some hardass fresh out of academy who needs to prove himself. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:47 PM "I will shove someone out of an airlock." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:48 PM Rex> Grins I just have to ask. Is "Project Lua" a moonshine operation? CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:48 PM Ens Reynolds> How do you know abou... ::Shuts up.:: William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM "What are you talking about? Project Lua is a harmless science experiment." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM Rex> Because, if it is, while I am required to mention how many regulations you are breaking, I would also like to get in on that operation. Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM Irene shows up at the main security office on deck 6. "Delivery!" Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM Collins> Looks up, looking as if he'd been up for like thirty-six hours straight Oh. Hello. $ *waits for Ryssan to join him in the lift down to the transporter room* William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:51 PM "I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not substances that could become intoxicating when ingested have possibly been distilled in this department." Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:51 PM $ :: Goes to the lift :: Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:52 PM Irene> She sets the metal container down on his desk with a thud. "One cylinder of Romulan listening devices that are gonna need a secured locker. Starfleet Intelligence is going to pick them up once we make it back home." Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:52 PM $ Sorry Captain. My mind and stomach are elsewhere. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:53 PM $ Smiles No worries. waits for the lift doors to close Transporter room 3 CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:54 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> How about a tour? ::He linked his arm with Commander Hatcher's and they ambled off together, chatting about old times.:: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:54 PM $ How are things down in the counseling arena? I apologize for not really involving myself too much. I know some captains really lean on them, but I -- well, I am not used to that, Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:55 PM $ Well to be honest I have only seen a handful of patients, ones that forget to fill their calendars with their work. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:55 PM William looks like a realization has hit him. "I thought Vulcans only reproduced every seven years, not went seven years between sexual activities." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:55 PM Rex> Well, I just happen to have a friend on the Orlando who gifted me some very expensive Argosian loose leaf tea that I was going to give to .... pauses wait really? William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:56 PM "Just something Irene said. What's that about Argosian Loose Leaf?" Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:56 PM $ It is interesting that if I need to I can find someone like yourself mentally compromised I can relieve you of duty. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:57 PM Rex> That would be news to the Vulcan I dated at the academy. Tomak was well... rather... anyway yes. I have some loose leaf tea I was going to give to Swain to butter him up, but I could part with it for some of the moonshine you absolutely aren't brewing down in engineering lockerroom. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:57 PM "Commander, I would be happy to take that tea off your hands for some very non-existent moonshine." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:58 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Totally not listening to the shady deal happening behind him.:: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM $ Smirks True, I would hope it never comes to that. But, please let me know if you need me to pass along the word to department heads to tell people to encourage openings in their schedule. After the last few weeks, I am sure there's some stress. Rex> Grins, widely I'll have one of my people make a delivery. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM "Pleasure having this conversation Commander." Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM $ Life on an enclosed starship is not easy for many species. Denobulans are known for living in close quarters. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM Collins> Yawns Yeah. Man you ever think you made a mistake signing up for starfleet? Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 08:00 PM $ Have people considered intimate relations Captain? Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 08:00 PM $ Nearly bursts into laughing I think Commander Stanton is thinking about that right now. << two minute warning >> $ Composes himself a bit as the lift door opens to two ensigns from the Bucco and proceeds towards the transporter room Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 08:01 PM Irene> She profoundly disagrees. "A mistake? I love xenobiology and exploration. I get to do it every day." Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 08:02 PM $ Well the Denobulan marital structure is sure different from that of humans. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 08:02 PM William totally doesn't have a thought about how the last time he was involved with someone was when Ithene essentially forced him to. MEE6 BOT 21-Mar-21 08:04 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  15. SD 0321.2021 Excalibur has been delivering supplies to virus stricken colony near the Romulan border. Starfleet has dispatched a medical ship to relieve us, so that we can make repairs at Starbase 37 Tango. The medical ship Dorotea Bucca has arrived in orbit, and Swain and Stanton are briefing them aboard the medical ship, as are the Excalibur medical staff.