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  1. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur's away team has discovered a rather macabre scene in the cave -- a series of what appear to be trophies of aliens, there are also several antechambers off the main one that the crew is going to be expand their search. MEE6 BOT 23-Jan-22 08:07 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 23-Jan-22 08:07 PM (Medical team, "He's on a sedative!") Lahl> Lieutenant Kimonzi was down in Engineering monitoring the warp core. Captain Swain 23-Jan-22 08:09 PM Asher> drinks his tea Irene Mincine 23-Jan-22 08:11 PM @ Irene had finished cataloguing the known species' skeletons down on the planet. She let out a heavy sigh and called up to the ship. "Science team to Excalibur. We've got a... we found something down here. A whole lot of preserved skeletons of various species." Captain Swain 23-Jan-22 08:12 PM Clark> Glances over to Stanton Maryse Dubois 23-Jan-22 08:12 PM @ ::Making sure they cover the entire room before they even decide to open any of the other rooms.:: CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:12 PM Ens Reynolds> ::About to pull his hair out over his current project.:: William Chocox 23-Jan-22 08:13 PM Lahl> Looks over at Reynolds. "You ok over there ensign?" Maryse Dubois 23-Jan-22 08:13 PM @ ::Notes the cranial patterns of a set of bones.:: Klingon male. CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:14 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Irene+ Does it look like a burial site? Or a crashed ship? Maryse Dubois 23-Jan-22 08:14 PM @ ::Then points to the others.:: Human female, Vulcan male... CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:15 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Sighs.:: I just can't seem to get these resonance readings in the iso chipsets to equalize. William Chocox 23-Jan-22 08:15 PM Lahl> "What have you tried?" Irene Mincine 23-Jan-22 08:15 PM @ +Stanton+ "Science lab. There's a wide range of Alpha Quadrant species and some we can't identify, mostly hundreds of years old." Maryse Dubois 23-Jan-22 08:16 PM @ Some I do not recognize. Maybe we'll have enough for genetic analysis for identification. @ A couple of these are over 1000. Irene Mincine 23-Jan-22 08:18 PM @ "The ship's computer should be able to figure them out. I should know, I wrote the genetic analysis subroutines. Take scrapings from the largest bone - only a few grams should work." CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:19 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Irene+ Is there any indication of what sort of technology was used? Who might have owned the lab? Maryse Dubois 23-Jan-22 08:20 PM @ ::Smirks.:: Not my first foray into forensics. But let’s do make sure everything is ready to go before we touch the other rooms. I fear what else we may find. Captain Swain 23-Jan-22 08:21 PM Clark> frowns, thinking that of course they had to stumble onto something terrible CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:21 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Points at the current readings.:: I've tried three different modulators thinking that mine might have been on the fritz, but none of them are working properly. These chips were pulled from junction 45 on the deck where Chief Chocox reported those power surges. Maryse Dubois 23-Jan-22 08:21 PM @ ::Taking the samples, making sure each is labeled and cataloged appropriately.:: William Chocox 23-Jan-22 08:21 PM Lahl> "Where you and him were? Where is he anyway? He didn't come back down with you." Irene Mincine 23-Jan-22 08:22 PM +Stanton+ "We don't know yet. Still investigating that. This is just the main lab, as far as we know. We figured we should let you know before we proceed further. Dr. Dubois is taking forensic samples to bring to the genetics lab. I think the skeletons should be returned to their home planets for proper rites, if possible." Maryse Dubois 23-Jan-22 08:23 PM @ ::Has everything catalogued and secured in a case for transport.:: Ok these are ready. CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:25 PM Ens Reynolds> Ah, I think he was heading up to the bridge to report to the Captain. William Chocox 23-Jan-22 08:26 PM Lahl> “Everything ok?” CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:26 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Shrugs.:: I don't really know. I mean, it isn't my place to question, is it? He's off shift right now, anyhow. William Chocox 23-Jan-22 08:28 PM Lahl> "Alright. Let's take a look at those modulators." CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:28 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Irene+ I'd agree with you, actually, but that's the Captain's call. Keep me informed. William Chocox 23-Jan-22 08:30 PM Lahl> She starts looking at the modulators. Irene Mincine 23-Jan-22 08:31 PM @ +Stanton+ "Understood. We'll proceed further in and update you if we have anything to report." She looks at Maryse and gestures to one of the doors that leads to the interior. "Let's see what's inside." CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:32 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Spreads them out for her.:: It isn't the modulators, so I guess it's the chips. Something's fried them so they can't be reprogrammed, I guess. Maryse Dubois 23-Jan-22 08:33 PM @ Oh goody. Hopefully we find one that isn't full of bones. Indaura Ryssan 23-Jan-22 08:34 PM @ :: Working the pond :: Irene Mincine 23-Jan-22 08:36 PM @ "I sure hope this is the last of them." She tries the door controls, now that they've worked them out. Captain Swain 23-Jan-22 08:37 PM ACTION> The door slides open revealing what appears to be an empty bunk room. Irene Mincine 23-Jan-22 08:40 PM @ "Barracks?" She enters the bunk room, searching for any clues about who lived here and raiding every container like a building in Fallout. "Could be worse." Indaura Ryssan 23-Jan-22 08:41 PM (This sure seems like a DnD session ) Captain Swain 23-Jan-22 08:41 PM ACTION> There's a computer terminal at the end of the room, it’s a bit dusty and decidedly non-standards. Maryse Dubois 23-Jan-22 08:41 PM @ Looks like it. ::Scanning.:: There's a terminal here. Irene Mincine 23-Jan-22 08:43 PM @ "Does it have power?" Irene's on the other side of the room looking through containers. Indaura Ryssan 23-Jan-22 08:45 PM :: Looks up and back to the cave, seeing they must have gone in :: William Chocox 23-Jan-22 08:45 PM Lahl> "You sure they're fried? That's unlikely in these systems." Maryse Dubois 23-Jan-22 08:46 PM @ I think so. Though I don't want to touch it to find out. CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:46 PM Ens Reynolds> Maybe not. Can't figure out why they won't hold a charge, though. William Chocox 23-Jan-22 08:46 PM Lahl> "Have you scanned them to see what's wrong with them?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:47 PM Ens Reynolds> Diagnostic shows they're fine. Just another mystery. Irene Mincine 23-Jan-22 08:48 PM @ "Let me take a look." She saunters over to the computer terminal and checks if it's going to blow up if they power it on. "If the skeletons were that old, this computer might be that old too." William Chocox 23-Jan-22 08:49 PM Lahl> "Huh. That can't be right." She takes a modulator herself and tries. Maryse Dubois 23-Jan-22 08:49 PM @ Or older. CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 08:52 PM Ens Reynolds> Told you. I think we should just scrap them and program new ones. William Chocox 23-Jan-22 08:53 PM Lahl> "But these things shouldn't be acting this way. It's unusual." Indaura Ryssan 23-Jan-22 08:54 PM :: squints and looks up again at the cave entrance :: Irene Mincine 23-Jan-22 08:54 PM @ "Only one way to find out." She flips a heavy switch on the side of the terminal. "I think that's the on button..." Captain Swain 23-Jan-22 08:57 PM ACTION> The computer fires up and its decidedly alien. Indaura Ryssan 23-Jan-22 08:57 PM (Femputer?) Irene Mincine 23-Jan-22 08:58 PM @ "This is... not LCARS. I don't know this." Irene hrms. "This might take some time. Why don't you take a look at the next room while I see if I can pull up any records here." Captain Swain 23-Jan-22 08:59 PM (( TWO MINUTE WARNING )) CdrMirandaHawthorne 23-Jan-22 09:00 PM Ens Reynolds> They shouldn't, but they are. I'm tired of looking at them. You want them? I can start on something else. William Chocox 23-Jan-22 09:01 PM Lahl> "Yeah, I'll see what I can do." Captain Swain 23-Jan-22 09:01 PM !PAUSE MEE6 BOT 23-Jan-22 09:01 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  2. SD 0123.2022 Excalibur's away team has discovered a rather macabre scene in the cave -- a series of what appear to be trophies of aliens, there are also several antechambers off the main one that the crew is going to be expand their search.
  3. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur continues its survey of the M-class planet. On the surface, the science team has discovered what appears to be a manmade bunker and is exploring. On the ship, Will may be losing his mind and is getting checked out in medical. MEE6 BOT 16-Jan-22 08:10 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:11 PM William was down in Medical, waiting for the results of his exam. Indaura Ryssan 16-Jan-22 08:11 PM @ :: Surveying a pond with a small group of scientists :: Irene Mincine 16-Jan-22 08:11 PM @ Irene has entered the bunker. She's taking a careful look around, trying to figure out what it could be for. "Hmm..." Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:13 PM In his ready room drinking tea, glances to Jalen What do you think? Dr. Tyran> Running a scanner over Will's head William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:14 PM "How crazy am I doctor?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-Jan-22 08:14 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Shakes his head, looking bewildered.:: I have no idea, sir. It's... very strange. Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:15 PM Nods How are things going otherwise? Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:16 PM @ ::Enters with irene.:: Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:18 PM Dr. Tyran> Frowns Well... you seem to be in pretty good health, all things considered. You have gained some weight since your last check-in and your blood-pressure is up, though that could be because of the heightened levels of adrenaline. CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-Jan-22 08:18 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Fine, otherwise. The survey seems to be progressing nicely. The team just found some sort of structure. Purpose unknown. Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:19 PM @ACTION> The AT comes to the end of the hallway where they find two very large metallic doors. Sits his tea down Structure? I thought this planet was uninhabited, curious. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:19 PM "Hm...anything wrong with my brain?" Irene Mincine 16-Jan-22 08:20 PM @ "Of course." Seeing the large doors. She scans them to see if she can tell what's behind them! "Do you see anything that looks like a power source or a control system, Doctor?" Indaura Ryssan 16-Jan-22 08:20 PM @ :: Sees fish in the pond :: It's been so long. Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:20 PM Dr. Tyran> Well, some of your brain chemical levels are elevated, we'll need to do some additional tests. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:21 PM "Unfortunate. Elevated how?" Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:21 PM @ ::Looking around.:: What about this box here? CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-Jan-22 08:22 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> So did we. But it's there... Very strange. The team is exploring the structure. Did you want to have a look? Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:22 PM Dr. Tyran> Well, the levels of your insert technobable are higher than I'd expect. They appear to be closer to what I might expect if you had just left REM sleep. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:22 PM "Really? That's weird. I've been up since before my shift started. ...Obviously." Indaura Ryssan 16-Jan-22 08:23 PM @ :: Checking the composition of the water in the pond :: Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:24 PM Strokes his beard No, Let give Ensign Mincine this chance, but I do want the other teams to be a little more careful. Irene Mincine 16-Jan-22 08:25 PM @ Irene checks out the box that Maryse pointed out. "Hm..." She slips a hand tool into it and pries one side open. "Only one way to find out." William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:26 PM "Unless this is all a dream...oh God, what if this is all a dream?" Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:27 PM Dr. Tyran> Pinches Will William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:27 PM "OW!" Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:27 PM Dr. Tyran> Not a dream. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:27 PM "Very well then." Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:28 PM ((Tyran is getting a raise)) William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:28 PM ((For getting Will into an exam room?)) Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:28 PM ((For pinching you.)) William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:28 PM ((Ah)) Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:29 PM [email protected]> The door slides open revealing a large room. Lights slowly flicker on automatically. There appear to be numerous skeletons hanging on the walls and on podiums. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:30 PM "Still doesn't explain what's going on with my memory though..." CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-Jan-22 08:30 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Nods.:: Very well, sir. I'll return to the bridge to monitor the team. Hopefully, this thing with Chocox is something as simple as being overworked. Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:31 PM Dr. Tyran> Well, it’s possible you've just been under a lot of stress lately. Irene Mincine 16-Jan-22 08:31 PM @ "Okay, I think it's opening!" Proud, she stands in front of the door as it opens, revealing the haunted room of skeletons. Her grin turns to a look of horror, immediately backing away and pulling out her tricorder once again to see if there was any radiological or biological danger to the two of them. "Back up, back up!" William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:31 PM "Would stress explain me inventing a whole lieutenant?" Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:31 PM Nods Agreed. Let me know if anything comes up. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:31 PM "Who I had a conversation with?" Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:33 PM @ ::Noting the skeletons on the walls.:: What was this, a torture chamber? Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:34 PM Dr. Tyran> Human brains do weird things. I am going to give you a mild sedative and proscribe some sleep. Puts a hypospray to his neck I am also placing a cortical monitor on you. does so That way we can see if there's somthing else going on. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:34 PM "I still have maintenance to oversee..." Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:35 PM [email protected]> The Bones are meticulously placed and have been cleaned. They appear to be from several dozen species, many of which do not pop up on the known list. Tyran> It can wait. No, go get some rest. A full 12 hours. CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-Jan-22 08:35 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Stands up, tugging at his uniform, and gives Swain a nod before heading back out to his seat on the bridge.:: Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:35 PM (( I am watching the episode were Data gets a girlfriend and I am dying this whole time )) William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:36 PM "12 hours? I haven't had 12 hours of rest since...the Academy? Not counting shore leave." Indaura Ryssan 16-Jan-22 08:36 PM (Data's Day) Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:36 PM (( No, "In Theory" )) Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:37 PM @ Hmm. On second thought... ::Making a guess from where she stands, since she hasn't been cleared to enter yet.:: They look like they have been carefully placed. Indaura Ryssan 16-Jan-22 08:37 PM (Oh yes) Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:37 PM ((It is the one where she gets all clingy to Data?)) Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:37 PM (( Yeah lol )) (( "am I not behaving as a solicitous mate?" )) Dr. Tyran> Well, you should. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:39 PM "I'll try." Irene Mincine 16-Jan-22 08:40 PM @ Seeing no danger, and the skeletons carefully arranged rather than simply lying everywhere, she steps into the room, waving Maryse in as well. "Yeah, you're right. It looks like a biolab. I've never seen most of these species before, and the tricorder can't identify them either..." How long have they been there? The tricorder should be able to tell that, at least. Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:40 PM Dr. Tyran> Don't make me send a nurse down to your quarters to keep watch. Grins I'll keep looking through your test results. Indaura Ryssan 16-Jan-22 08:40 PM @ :: Getting a picture of the pond :: William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:41 PM William hops off the bed. "Alright, thanks Doc." William walks to the turbolift to head back down to his quarters. Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:41 PM @ ::Sets her tricorder close to a bone for age analysis.:: Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:41 PM [email protected]> They're of varying age, with the oldest dating back at least 1000 years and the newest between 200 and 300 years. CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-Jan-22 08:41 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Ops, are you still getting a visual feed from the exploration team? I'd like it on the main viewer. Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:42 PM Clark> Nods The feed is a little sketchy, but I can clean it up. Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:42 PM @ The youngest here is at least a couple centuries old. Irene Mincine 16-Jan-22 08:45 PM @ "So it's a biolab that's been sitting here for a long time. We've got no record of this planet ever being inhabited, so we should figure out who ran this place... and why they left." Close on Irene, music swells, fade to black. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:46 PM William leans against the back of the turbolift with a sigh "I hope this isn't just a dream..." Indaura Ryssan 16-Jan-22 08:47 PM @ :: Goes to her padd to transmit her data to the ship :: Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:47 PM @ Yeah well, some of these bones put them in the same time period as the Earth's Middle Age. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:49 PM William walks through the turbolift doors and heads for his quarters, the sedative starting to work. Irene Mincine 16-Jan-22 08:49 PM @ "None of these are Earth species, I hope." She starts hunting around the room for any kind of computer or storage device. "I'm going to look for a computer terminal. Can you keep gathering data on the skeletons?" Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:50 PM @ ::Nods.:: Working on it. Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:51 PM [email protected]> There do appear to be some Federation species in the mix, including Vulcan, Klingon and Human. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:52 PM (("We are the Borg.")) Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:52 PM Clark> Tapping Here, this should be good enough. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:52 PM William flops onto his bed, going to sleep with the sedative. Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:52 PM @ Uh...I'm getting a hand full of known species. Human, Vulcan, and Klingon to name a few. Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:53 PM ACTION> Will didn't notice his sheets were different, instead of little warp cores they were little starships. William Chocox 16-Jan-22 08:54 PM ((sweeps hands across desk)) Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:54 PM ((lol)) Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 08:56 PM [email protected]> Deeper into the room there's several doors leading into smaller chambers. Clark> Are those... skeletons? CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-Jan-22 08:57 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Squints.:: Looks like it. And on an uninhabited planet. Odd. Irene Mincine 16-Jan-22 08:58 PM @ She stops, hearing Maryse. "Oh. We... should tell the Excalibur. They might want to recover the species we know about and return them to their native worlds. Definitely before we keep going deeper. Who knows what we'll find in those rooms." Gesturing to the smaller chambers. "If this is a biolab, then..." Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 08:59 PM @ ::Nods:: Then at least one of those rooms is a morgue. Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 09:00 PM << 2 minute warning >> Irene Mincine 16-Jan-22 09:01 PM @ "Or worse." Sigh. "Okay. Let's catalog the species we do know about, then inform the captain." Maryse Dubois 16-Jan-22 09:02 PM ((Gotta take off for bed. See everyone later.)) CdrMirandaHawthorne 16-Jan-22 09:03 PM (Night) Captain Swain 16-Jan-22 09:06 PM !PAUSE MEE6 BOT 16-Jan-22 09:06 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  4. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur is surveying an M-class planet in the Itarian system. Several science teams have been investigating various fun things in the boreal forest regions, while leave has been granted by Captain Swain. An unusual event occurred shipside when science officer's experiment in his quarters went awry. We left off as a bright, white flash escaped from his quarters. Are we dead? Are we alive? Are we in a different timezone? FIND OUT, TONIGHT ON <dramatic music> EXCALIBUR MEE6 BOT 09-Jan-22 08:06 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:07 PM Willaim puts his arm in front of his face to shield his eyes. CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:08 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Temporarily blinded.:: Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:08 PM :;Was walking with Irene to whatever she was going to show me.:: Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:09 PM ACTION> The bright light subsides. Ensign Koller's room is empty, in fact it looks its been so since we left spacedock at least. There's no trace of him or his experiment. Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:10 PM Irene> "Otters!" Eventually, they wind up at a little marshy area. Irene crouches among the reeds pointing to a pond about 20 meters away. There are a couple other science ensigns attentively taking notes. There are some impossibly cute creatures with black and brown fuzz that look just like Earth otters playing in the pond. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:10 PM “Ok, I need a full scan of this room. Computer, where is Ensign Koller?” Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:11 PM Computer> There is no record of a Lieutenant (my bad) Koller assigned to the Excalibur. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:11 PM flatly “What? Computer, confirm that a Lieutenant Koller is not on the ship.” Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:11 PM ::Kneels down.:: They do seem quite similar, don't they? I wonder if they have the same behaviors. Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:12 PM Computer> There is no record of a Lieutenant Koller assigned to the Excalibur. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:12 PM William turns to Reynolds. “What department was he a part of?” “Let me back up. You remember talking to a Lieutenant Koller just now don’t you?” CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:13 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Blinks away the spots.:: Talking to who, sir? Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:14 PM Irene smiles while the otters are frolicking as only otters can. "Convergent evolution. There are a few body shapes and profiles that seem to be... I don't want to say optimal, but work well in many environments and habitats. Crabs, for example. I guess otters are up there, too." William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:14 PM William gives Reynolds a look. “Does anyone remember why we were here?” William looks to see if his maintenance team is still here. CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:15 PM Ens Reynolds> Of course, sir. There was a power drain in this area. In these quarters. Ens Reynolds> ::Peeks inside.:: They're empty, though... Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:15 PM :: Somewhere on the planet? :: Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:16 PM ACTION> While she's walking along Irene nearly trips over a large, unusually cut rock that she did not see before now. They hear a rumbling behind the waterfall as a doorway appears to open behind the falls and a stone archway raises up. Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:16 PM ::Nods in agreement.:: Seems so. Have you observed them using "tools?" William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:17 PM "Computer, who is assigned to these quarters?" Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:17 PM Computer> Currently these quarters are unassigned. CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:18 PM Ens Reynolds> Well, that's odd. I wonder if someone was just using them temporarily for some unauthorized experiments. ::Checks his padd and makes a few notes.:: Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:18 PM (Indaura has been looking and cataloging plants, etc...she noticing anything?) Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:19 PM Irene is heading toward the other scientists to ask them that question when her foot hits the rock, revealing the doorway. She looks on excited, then rushes back to Maryse. "Ow! I mean, did you see that? Otters can wait, we've got a... that to explore!" Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:19 PM ::Looking at the waterfall cave entrance.:: So it seems. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:20 PM "Computer, display power usage of these quarters for the past 24 hours." William turns to Ensign Ulrich. "Tell me how much you remember." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:20 PM ACTION> The display reads as normal for the past 24-hours. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:21 PM William looks at the display. "Computer, this data is wrong." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:21 PM Computer> Would you like me to run a diagnostic? William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:21 PM "Yes." Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:21 PM Irene hrms, pulling out her tricorder and pointing it at the cave. "We better inform the ship and see if they can detect anything dangerous in there, or any new power sources, or anything like that." With her other hand, she opens a channel to the ship. "Science team to Excalibur." William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:22 PM "Also, display alphabetical crew manifest starting at K." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:22 PM Clark> +Irene+ Excalibur here. Computer> Beginning level 1 diagnostic. ACTION> It displays the crew manifest. There is no one named Koller, either first or last name. Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:23 PM :: Walks up to Mincine :: William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:24 PM William shakes his head, distinctly remember a Lieutenant Koller. +Ranking Science Officer on ship+ "Chocox to Science." Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:25 PM +Clark+ "We... stumbled... upon some kind of bunker or something near my location, built into the rock behind a waterfall at these coordinates. Are you picking up anything new down here? If not, I'm requesting permission to investigate." Irene nods to Indaura as she approaches. "I'm on the line with the ship. Do you need something?" Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:26 PM Clark>+Irene+Lifts a brow No, but there aren't any records of this planet ever being inhabited. looks over to Val Let me run this by the XO. Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:27 PM No. I am merely out of sample capability. Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:27 PM Clark> Turns around and takes his ear piece out Commander, science reports they've found some sort of... bunker on the surface. They're requesting permission to investigate further. Nothing is showing up on sensors at their location. Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:27 PM Val> Val shrugs in response to Clark. "What d'ya want me to do? I'm not in charge." William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:28 PM +Ranking Onboard Science Officer+ "Chocox to Science." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:28 PM Woddle> +Will+ Science here. Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:29 PM Something happening on the ship? Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:29 PM Maybe this is some sort of blind. Starfleet scientists and anthropologist are fond of using this to remain hidden during studies. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:29 PM +Woddle+ "Are there any records of a Lieutenant Koller working in the Science department of this ship?" Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:29 PM Woddle> +Will+ Who? William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:30 PM +Woddle+ "Nevermind, question answered." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:30 PM Woddle> +Will+ Uh... let me check the system, but I don't remember seeing any Lieutenants by that name. Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:30 PM Irene> "Oh! Right. Sorry." She flips the backpack off her shoulder and hands it to Indaura. "Sample containers for you and the rest of the team. Find anything good? No, I'm just seeing if we can check that out." Pointing to the newly-revealed cave and door behind the waterfall. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:30 PM +Woddle+ "That would actually be much appreciated." Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:31 PM Many creatures and plants as I have seen on other planets. I got lost in looking at them to be honest. Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:31 PM Irene> Hrm. "Aren't duck blinds usually cloaked? I don't think they'd put the release down here where something could find it." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:31 PM Woddle> +Will+ No one assigned to science aboard the Excalibur by that name. Why? CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:31 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Glances up at Chocox.:: What's wrong, sir? Who is Lt. Koller? Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:32 PM Clark> Runs another scan of the area where the science team is just to be sure while he waits for a response from the commander William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:32 PM +Woddle+ "If I tell you you'll think I'm crazy so I'll just go to Medical and get myself checked out." William turns to Reynolds. "I distinctly remember a Lieutenant Koller being in these quarters arguing with us about his power usage. There was then a bright flash and now we're here, where apparently I'm the only one that knows who this Vulcan was." Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:32 PM ::Shrugs:: Smuggling stash then? We won't know till we get in there. Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:33 PM Woddle> Looks directly into the Camera, makes a vaguely problematic gesture Engineers. It's gotta be all that time they spend near the warp drive. Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:34 PM Irene grins in response to that guess. "You think like an Orion." She goes back to talking to her combadge. +Clark+ "Are we near any local powers or anything here? It could be a cache someone put here?" Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:34 PM Clark> +Irene+ We're very much in the middle of nowhere. The nearest trade route is... two weeks away at warp 7. Clark> +Irene+ There's not an occupied planet within like 30 light years. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:35 PM "As such, I believe that I need to inform the Executive Officer and potentially get a medical exam done. And I had such a good streak going with avoiding medical. Reynolds, continue the maintenance tasks as necessary, and try not to have an engineering emergency." CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:35 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances up from his report to Clark, head tilted.:: Do we have anything on our sensors that shows what might be inside? Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:36 PM Irene shakes her head at Maryse. "Not unless someone really wanted to hide something. I really want to know what's inside now." Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:36 PM Indeed Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:38 PM Clark> Shakes his head Nope. Not even registering, but appears to be surrounded by some fairly dense ore deposits that could be interfering with our scans. Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:39 PM :: Leaves her containers and takes the empty ones :: The rest of us will be close to where you are now. I spotted a small pond that is bound to have life contained within. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:40 PM +Stanton+ "Chocox to Stanton." CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:40 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Raises his eyebrows at Will.:: Uh, okay sir. Cdr Jalen Stanton> Then tell them to proceed, but be careful. Keep a transporter lock on the team, if possible. Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Will+ Stanton here. What can I do for you, Chief? Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:42 PM "Sounds good, Dr. Here, take my holocamera." She undoes its neck strap, handing it over to Indaura. "Make sure you get lots of photos!" Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:42 PM Clark> Nods, puts his ear piece back in +Irene+ Commander Stanton has approved you to investigate further, but reminds you to be cautious. We will try to keep a transporter lock on you. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:42 PM +Stanton+ "I need to talk to you and Captain Swain if that is possible. There is an...issue..." Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:43 PM +Clark+ "Understood, we'll be careful." Her smile returns to Maryse. "We're good to check out the caves." Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:44 PM :: Takes the camera :: I will take as many as memory allows. Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:45 PM After you then? ::Motions towards the cave.:: CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:46 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Will+ Of course, Chocox. Are you coming up to the bridge? William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:46 PM +Stanton+ "I do believe that would be for the best. I'll be up in a minute." William walks into the turbolift. Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:47 PM ACTION> The turbolift controls Look familiar but the LCARS colors are slightly different than Will remembered. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:47 PM William rubs his eyes. "What?" William takes a closer look at the LCARS display. Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:48 PM Irene starts heading for the caves, but stops. "Oh! Dr. Ryssan, would you like to investigate the cave as well? I should have asked." Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:49 PM :: Heads down to the pond :: :: Turns and snaps a holo of Irene :: Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:50 PM ACTION> The rock pathway is very clearly not actually rock, but intended to look very, very natural. Pretty elaborate fake, imo. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:50 PM William steps onto the bridge, looking around to see what else is different. "Commander Stanton." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:53 PM In his ready room, sipping tea. It was a pleasant blend from the Bolian homeworld. He'd actually bothered to make real tea instead of using a replicator and was enjoying it, sprawled out on his couch Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:53 PM Someone had some attention to detail. CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:53 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Seeing Will, he rose from his chair.:: You alright, Chief? You look a bit green around the gills. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:53 PM "Can we speak in private Commander?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:54 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> The Captain is in his ready room. ::Tilts head toward Swain's RR and walks over to ring the chimes.:: William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:54 PM William follows him to the door. Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:54 PM Clark> Leans over to Val, whispers Looks like someone spent too much time near the warp core. thumbs towards Will Sighs and sets up straight Come. Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:55 PM :: Arrives at the pond :: Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:55 PM Irene notices and gives a smile to the holocamera. She's wearing a short-sleeve exploration uniform, a thick black belt with various survival tools, and her hair is kept tightly back. After that, she kneels down and runs her hand along the fake rock pathway. "Mm-hmm. There's no reason to make it look this real unless you're trying to fool something intelligent - animals don't care if it's rock or painted concrete." William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:56 PM William enters with Commander Stanton. "Hello Captain." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:56 PM Smiles Come in. Tea? It's a lovely Bolian blend. Very mild. Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:56 PM Val can't hide a grin very well. "Radiation. It'll get you every time." CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 08:57 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> None for me, sir. The Lieutenant here would like a word with us. Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 08:57 PM I guess we won't know for sure until we actually go inside. ::Looking over the entrance.:: Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:57 PM Wrinkles his nose and motions for them to join him in the sitting area Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 08:57 PM :: Snapping shots of the pond :: Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 08:58 PM Irene> "Mm-hmm." She climbs back to her feet. She picks up a tiny stone and chucks it through the doorway, making sure there's no traps or force fields on it their tricorders can't pick up. Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 08:58 PM ACTION> The stone skips harmlessly through the door and into the cave. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 08:59 PM William raises an eyebrow and walks over. "No thank you. Something has uh...something is off. I was with my engineers investigating power usage and an unauthorized experiment. There was a flash of light and now no one except me remembers the Lieutenant involved and...also the computers colors are off." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:00 PM Looks over to Stanton I... see. (( 4.675 minute warning )) William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:01 PM "I realize this makes me sound crazy, and I'm planning on going to medical after speaking with you and the Commander." CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 09:01 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Raises an eyebrow at Chocox.:: A flash of light? Which Lieutenant? William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:01 PM "A Lieutenant Koller, he was a half-Vulcan science officer." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:02 PM Takes a drink of his tea I knew a Lieutenant Koller -- it’s been, twenty years though since he... well went missing in action. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:02 PM "Missing how?" Irene Mincine 09-Jan-22 09:03 PM "Well. Let's go inside." Irene will cautiously enter the cave... Maryse Dubois 09-Jan-22 09:03 PM ::Follows in after Irene, cautiously.:: Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:03 PM It was a... rubs the bridge of his nose it was an accident on an away mission if I remember correctly. I think he was a Vulcan too. How odd. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:04 PM "I have no clue what happened to me though. None of the other engineers with me remembered Lieutenant Koller." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:05 PM Probably not connected. Stanton I sadly don't know the crew roster as well as I used too, but I don't remember any half-Vulcan science officers named Koller, do you? CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 09:05 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> No, sir. I don't recall the name. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:06 PM "I personally checked the roster with both the computer and myself and didn't see him, but I distinctly remember arguing with him about his power usage. He was about to blow up the power system." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:08 PM ACTION> Beyond the entrance the rock face transitions to metal hallways made from a synthetic alloy, none of the components of which are found on the planet, and forged using a process that wouldn't match any records for any known species. A series of low lights flicker on, likely motion activated revealing a long, downward slope. CdrMirandaHawthorne 09-Jan-22 09:08 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> I think a trip to medical would definitely be in order. Just to be sure. Indaura Ryssan 09-Jan-22 09:09 PM :: Scanning the contents of the pond :: Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:09 PM Tries not to laugh, and drinks his tea instead of making the obvious joke Agreed. Have them do a full work up. You might just be tired Will. I know you've been working hard lately, which has not gone unnoticed. In fact I was hoping to talk to Commander Stanton about this before talking to you, but I am putting in for you to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander. William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:10 PM William blinks "I...uh...thank you sir." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:11 PM Of course it will have to wait till the paperwork is official, but congratulations none the less. Now, go get yourself checked out and get some rest. ...and... William Chocox 09-Jan-22 09:11 PM "Aye sir." Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:12 PM !PAUSE MEE6 BOT 09-Jan-22 09:12 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== Captain Swain 09-Jan-22 09:14 PM ACTION> Will goes back to his quarters and finds the trophy he won at last month’s trivia night is no longer the first place he remembered, but instead is a third place. bonus points if you get the reference to which episode
  5. SD 0116.2022 Excalibur continues its survey of the M-class planet. On the surface, the science team has discovered what appears to be a man made bunker and is exploring. On the ship, Will may be losing his mind and is getting checked out in medical.
  6. SD 0109.2022 Excalibur is surveying an M-class planet in the Itarian system. Several science teams have been investigating various fun things in the boreal forest regions, while leave has been granted by Captain Swain. An unusual event occurred shipside when science officer's experiment in his quarters went wry. We left off as a bright, white flash escaped from his quarters. Are we dead? Are we alive? Are we in a different timezone? FIND OUT, TONIGHT ON <dramatic music> EXCALIBUR.
  7. SD 1219.2021 Excalibur has continued its survey of the M-class planet's boreal forests. Science and medical continue searching for fungus and primates, and luckily for Ensign Mincine, Captain Swain has returned ship side. SD 1226.2021 - No SIM (Christmas) SD 0102.2022 - No SIM (New Year's)
  8. SD 1205.2021 Excalibur has entered orbit of an M-class planet in the Itarian system. It was briefly surveyed by the USS Montana roughly 30+ years ago. From those records we know that there are no higher-order lifeforms, but there are a large variety of flora and fauna dispersed through a number of different biomes. Captain Swain and Ensign Mincine have led two science teams down to a boreal forest. Swain's team is looking for fungus or other plants, while Irene's team is hoping to catalogue some of the early stage primates.
  9. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur has continued its survey of the M-class planet's boreal forests. Science and medical continue searching for fungus and primates, and luckily for Ensign Mincine, Captain Swain has returned ship side. MEE6 BOT 19-Dec-21 08:03 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:04 PM William is working away on routine maintenance task for Excalibur, which are usually neglected due to circumstances. Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:05 PM Steps onto the bridge, wearing his bomber jacket from the away mission, and drinking tea Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:06 PM $ Thankfully still on the planet, away from the captain. She drinks some water from an aluminum canteen as she continues the hunt for more primate species. Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:07 PM Clark> looks over to Val He seems, chipper Glances over to Jalen Lovely planet. CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:08 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Rises as Swain enters.:: Captain. Welcome back. Did you enjoy yourself? Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:08 PM Val> "Maybe he just wanted to get away from the commander." Whispered. Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:09 PM Nods It was good to have a walk, and to see Ensign Mincine at work. Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:09 PM ::Making sure the camp is kept in order.:: William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:09 PM “Reynolds, what’s the status of maintenance team three?” Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:10 PM They've setup a small camp now, things are going well. A bit of peace and quiet is nice. CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:11 PM Ens Reynold> ::Leans over to check the status board.:: Ah, they're about eighty percent done with the chip replacements on deck six. William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:12 PM “Wow, they’re making good progress. Note that down so I can tell them they’re doing a good job.” Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:12 PM $ :: Still cataloging what she finds :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:12 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Any particular finds thus far that are note worthy? Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:14 PM It is unusual to find primates in these climate zones, but certainly not unheard of -- CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:16 PM Ens Reynolds> Will do, Chief. On the opposite end of the spectrum is team two. They're struggling with the power assessment. ::Frowns.:: Apparently there's a lieutenant that's running some experiment in his quarters that's doubling that deck's normal power draw. Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:17 PM $ "Over here." She ropes up an ensign or two and gets them to note down the behavior of some otter-like creatures. Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:17 PM ::Makes herself a cup of tea as she enjoys the quiet.:: William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:17 PM “I’m sorry? Check the logs, is that an authorized experiment?” Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:17 PM $ :: She sat down at a tree to look at the plants and creatures around her :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:19 PM Ens Reynolds> Apparently not. But he's been snipping with the engineers and refuses to shut it down. ::Turns:: What do you want to do about it, sir? William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:20 PM “If the maintenance team team can’t handle it I guess we need the big guns. Let’s head over there.” Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:20 PM Val> "You getting a weird power drain in crew quarters?" Glancing to Clark once more. Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:22 PM Clark> Oh... that's Lt. Koller. He's doing some research or something. CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:23 PM Ens Reynold> You're going to just confront him? ::Shudders:: Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:23 PM Val> "Huh. Research on how to screw up the thrust parameters?" Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:24 PM Clark> We're in orbit of an M-class planet in the middle of no where. William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:24 PM “We are. And not confront him, just try to get him to see it our way.” Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:25 PM Val> "Do you know how many science ships have disappeared in orbit of M-class planets in the middle of nowhere? I don't want to add to that list." CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:25 PM Ens Reynolds> Ah... okay. ::Though has his doubts. He follows along with a data padd in his hand.:: You know, we could just reroute the power and leave him completely in the dark. Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:26 PM Clark> Aren't we incredibly likely to have that happen anyway, just like, based on our history? William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:26 PM “Yeah, but then we risk a pissing match with Science.” Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:28 PM Val> "Hm, true. We do attract... weirdness, don't we?" Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:28 PM Clark> Nods Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:28 PM Val> "Couldn't be me." Winking her yellow-colored eye. Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:29 PM $ :: Watches an insect crawl in front of her :: Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:30 PM $ ::Listening to nature as she sips her tea from a thermos. She glanced around the camp, making sure the ensigns didn't mess up any of the tents.:: Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:32 PM $ Irene steps into camp once again. "Just grabbing a few things, don't mind me." Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:34 PM $ :: Being in the outdoors was a nice change from the starship :: William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:35 PM William steps out of Engineering into the turbolift. CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:36 PM Engineers> ::Clustered around one door in particular, they all sag in relief as soon as they see Will.:: William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:36 PM William walks up to them “Alright, what seems to be the problem?” CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:38 PM Ens Reynolds> Yes, what seems to be the problem. ::Not a terribly good hype man, but trying his best.:: Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:39 PM $ ::Smiles as Irene show up.:: Find anything interesting? CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:40 PM Ens Ulrich> Ah, sir... well... you see... he just won't listen. Something about a delicate experiment and he can't shut it down just now and... William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:41 PM "Did he say what the experiment was about?" "And does he have a name?" Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:42 PM $ Picking up some sample containers from a box. "The team's taking holophotos of these little otter things we found. They're really cute. We want to get an idea of the planet's biological processes, so we're collecting some of their droppings." She pauses dramatically. "And bringing Ensign Markaz a new pair of boots." Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:42 PM Jalen We can start letting the crew go down for general survey as well if they wish. Nothing seems to be too dangerous down there. CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:42 PM Ens Ulrich> Not exactly, sir. Just that it involves the suspension of a particular crystal in a liquid solution. I'm not sure why it's so important, to be honest. Ens Ulrich> ::Checks padd.:: Lieutenant Koller, sir. Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:43 PM $ Interesting. ::Pauses:: New boots? Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:43 PM Bites his lip But keep them out of Ensign Mincine's research area. There's a small island off the coast of northern sea. That seems like a good place for shoreleave. William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:43 PM William rings the quarter bell "Lieutenant Koller, it's Lieutenant Chocox. I need to talk to you." Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:43 PM Have Commander Rex send a security team down. CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:43 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Very good, sir. I'm sure they'll enjoy it. Everyone will be taking the usual precautions, of course. Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:44 PM Koller> Go away. I can't be disturbed right now. Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:45 PM $ Irene finally can't help a grin as she collects a few more things from the supply tent. "Yeah." Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:45 PM $ There seems to be a funny story involved there. William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:46 PM "What are you working on?" Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:46 PM $ Irene finally starts laughing. "Do I have to spell it out for you, doctor?" Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:47 PM Koller> the short, stubby half-Vulcan popped his head just out the door Nothing any more dangerous than you get up to engineering from what I hear. CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:48 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Sends a general announcement to all departments that leave is granted on the new planet, so long as they sync up with security.:: Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:48 PM Koller> But I am at a very delicate stage and curls lips you're bringing very negative energy to a very delicate experiment. Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:48 PM $ No thank you. I'll just let my imagination take over. CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:48 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Blurts out.:: Can we see? William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:48 PM "I'm not worried about danger, I'm worried about the power levels you're using. We're just trying to get some maintenance done and your experiment is unfortunately interfering." "And my ensign appears to be interested in your experiment." Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:49 PM Koller> Well, buzz off. Closes the door Jalen I'll be in my ready room. William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:49 PM "Lieutenant Koller, this will be a lot easier if you just tell me what you're working on. Otherwise I might have to reroute power from your quarters." CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:50 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> I'll notify you if anything interesting happens. ::Resettles in his chair, crossing his leg as he leans back to make himself comfortable.:: William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:51 PM "And I actually don't want to do that." Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:51 PM Koller> opens the door Snow globe communicators, now leave me alone and whatever you do, don't touch my power. Locks the door William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:51 PM "Snow globe communicators? What does that mean?" Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:52 PM $ Smiling. "You could at least come take a walk instead of just sitting in camp. I promise I'll keep your boots clean." William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:52 PM William looks to the other engineers. "What department is Lieutenant Koller a part of?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM Ens Ulrich> Science, sir. Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM $ I suppose I could go for a walk. The camp setup is complete. William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM sighs "Which means his head of department is on planet right now doesn't it?" Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM :: She spied for other interesting plants :: Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM ACTION> The lights flicker on the deck. CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:53 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Rings Koller's door chime incessantly.:: Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:54 PM $ "Come on. You gotta see these otters." Her excitability about biology is infectious. William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:55 PM Looks up "Lieutenant Koller, the lights just flickered out here. I really need to know what is going on and why it's taking so much power." "Or I will reroute your power. I'm trying to play nice." Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:56 PM $ I do enjoy otters. :;Follows Irene, after setting her thermos back at camp.:: Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 08:57 PM Koller> through the door Just go away I am almost done. William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:57 PM turns to the maintenance team "Has he said that before?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 08:58 PM Ens Ulrich> No, sir. And we think he might blow the power grid at this point... Erich Jaenke 19-Dec-21 08:58 PM $ :: She found it relaxing to be away from others. A strange thing for a Denobulan :: Irene Mincine 19-Dec-21 08:58 PM $ It's a good walk out from the camp through thick forest. "Don't get out much?" William Chocox 19-Dec-21 08:59 PM "Lieutenant Koller, only I'm allowed to destroy the Excalibur's entire power system, I'm going to need you to either stop, or explain what's going on so I don't make a mistake cutting your power." Maryse Dubois 19-Dec-21 08:59 PM $ Only when I want to. Usually the adventure finds me first. Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 09:02 PM ACTION> the lights around Will flicker again and the hair on Reynolds neck begins standing up, well really everyone around it would have that feel. CdrMirandaHawthorne 19-Dec-21 09:02 PM Ens Reynolds> Sir, now this is getting ridiculous... ::Makes a quick entry into his data padd and Lt. Koller's door lock disengages and the door slides open.:: William Chocox 19-Dec-21 09:03 PM William pokes his head in. "This is getting ridiculous Lieutenant." Captain Swain 19-Dec-21 09:03 PM ACTION> As the door opens a bright light flashes across hall and the entire ship. William Chocox 19-Dec-21 09:03 PM Oh [expletive deleted] me. MEE6 BOT 19-Dec-21 09:03 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  10. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur has entered orbit of an M-class planet in the Itarian system. It was briefly surveyed by the USS Montana roughly 30+ years ago. From those records we know that there are no higher-order lifeforms, but there are a large variety of flora and fauna dispersed through a number of different biomes. Captain Swain and Ensign Mincine have led two science teams down to a boreal forest. Swain's team is looking for fungus or other plants, while Irene's team is hoping to catalogue some of the early stage primates. MEE6 BOT 05-Dec-21 08:09 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Erich Jaenke 05-Dec-21 08:11 PM :: Is...somewhere :: William Chocox 05-Dec-21 08:11 PM William steps out of the turbolift into Security. He looks around to see who's in the area. Irene Mincine 05-Dec-21 08:13 PM @ "Over here." Irene and her team are taking photos of various primates with a holo-camera. They look like large orangutans huddled near a tree. Maryse Dubois 05-Dec-21 08:13 PM $ ::Making sure the supplies are in order at their camp.:: Captain Swain 05-Dec-21 08:13 PM $ Trying to keep his enthusiasm for being on an away team in check This is certainly a diversified biome_ $ Especially for a boreal forest. CdrMirandaHawthorne 05-Dec-21 08:15 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Holding down the bridge and enjoying the peace and quiet.:: Erich Jaenke 05-Dec-21 08:15 PM $ :: Nearly on the ground looking for fungus :: William Chocox 05-Dec-21 08:16 PM William makes his way towards the security replicators, trying to act casual. Captain Swain 05-Dec-21 08:16 PM Clark> to Stanton The Captain certainly seemed eager to stretch his legs. CdrMirandaHawthorne 05-Dec-21 08:17 PM Security Ensign> ::Spots Will in the area.:: Need something, Chief? Irene Mincine 05-Dec-21 08:17 PM $ "Mm. Atmospheric conditions are supportive of a wide range of life here." She's focused on her holo-camera. William Chocox 05-Dec-21 08:17 PM "Routine maintenance on the replicators. Gotta make sure everything's working properly." Captain Swain 05-Dec-21 08:18 PM $ Glances over to the Vulcan science officer Be sure to get water samples from both up and downstream of that log jam points CdrMirandaHawthorne 05-Dec-21 08:19 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances up from his PADD.:: Hmm? Ah, I can't really blame him. He normally misses out on all the fun. Security Ensign> Oh, okay. Let me know if you need anything. ::Not at all suspicious.:: Captain Swain 05-Dec-21 08:21 PM (( See if I were the malevolent person y'all accuse me of being, some big space creature would attack us or a Romulan ship would decloak )) William Chocox 05-Dec-21 08:23 PM "Will do, thanks for the offer." William starts fiddling with the replicators. Nothing serious, just hot drinks being a few degrees off, food being just a little bit off in texture. Irene Mincine 05-Dec-21 08:23 PM $ "They look just like orange gibbons." Irene's snapping away while the other ensigns on her team are taking observations. "It's great to go on a hike through here instead of crawling through caves or freezing my butt off." Captain Swain 05-Dec-21 08:26 PM $ Unusual for primates to develop in this climate though, I wonder if the hot springs are part of the reason why. William Chocox 05-Dec-21 08:29 PM William buttons up the replicators. "Have a good day Ensign." He walks out of security and back towards the turbolift to Engineering. CdrMirandaHawthorne 05-Dec-21 08:31 PM Security Ensign> ::Waves to Will as he leaves and makes a note of his visit in the official report.:: Irene Mincine 05-Dec-21 08:32 PM $ "They're a source of energy for complex chemistry." She considers it for a second. "We should collect samples from that, too, for chemical analysis." Captain Swain 05-Dec-21 08:34 PM $ I already assigned some of your team to that. The fungal collection is also started. Erich Jaenke 05-Dec-21 08:36 PM $ :: Indaura continued to collect her samples on her own, enjoying the calm. :: Irene Mincine 05-Dec-21 08:36 PM @ "It's my..." She catches herself before she mouths off at the captain too much and just says, "Good." William Chocox 05-Dec-21 08:38 PM William steps out of the turbolift back into Engineering. "How are we looking Reynolds?" Maryse Dubois 05-Dec-21 08:38 PM $ ::Is also enjoying her quiet time as she sets up the research tent.:: Captain Swain 05-Dec-21 08:42 PM $ Glances over, smirks I am sorry, I know having me here can't be easy. My science officer on the Cassini hated when I... how did she put it "tagged along like the principle coming on a field trip." CdrMirandaHawthorne 05-Dec-21 08:43 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Jumps a little as Chocox reappears.:: Oh? Ah... I'm good, Chief. Need me for anything? William Chocox 05-Dec-21 08:44 PM "No, was just wondering if the ship was about to fall apart around us." CdrMirandaHawthorne 05-Dec-21 08:46 PM Ens Reynolds> No, not at the moment. There's always time, though. Irene Mincine 05-Dec-21 08:46 PM @ Irene sighs, knowingly. "I know your job isn't to be the principal. It still feels weird having you over my shoulder on a simple survey mission, though." Captain Swain 05-Dec-21 08:47 PM $ I am only here because I enjoy the science, Ensign, not to look over your shoulder. Irene Mincine 05-Dec-21 08:48 PM @ "That used to be Commander Hawthorne's job, I think." She goes back to snapping holo-photos, a little less nervous now. Captain Swain 05-Dec-21 08:49 PM $ If I didn't trust you with science, I have plenty of options. _Gives her a quick wink before heading off to check out something someone was waving him over for __ William Chocox 05-Dec-21 08:50 PM "Well, let's keep it that way. By the way, if security sends tickets about their replicators, put them in the low priority queue." Irene Mincine 05-Dec-21 08:53 PM @ "...I... that's... good, I think..." She tries not to think about it as the captain wanders off. "Hm. Well, at least you trust me, right?" She says to the orange gibbon, which is picking its nose. Erich Jaenke 05-Dec-21 08:56 PM $ :: She was up to her waist in fungi, figuratively speaking :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 05-Dec-21 08:57 PM Ens Reynolds> Done and done. ::Smirks.:: Though, is there a reason why they'd call about the replicators? William Chocox 05-Dec-21 08:58 PM "Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies Reynolds." CdrMirandaHawthorne 05-Dec-21 09:00 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Snickers.:: Whatever you say, Chief. Captain Swain 05-Dec-21 09:01 PM << ... Two Minute Warning ... >> William Chocox 05-Dec-21 09:01 PM "Good lad." Captain Swain 05-Dec-21 09:04 PM !PAUSE MEE6 BOT 05-Dec-21 09:04 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  11. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur has entered orbit of an M-class planet in the Itarian system. It was briefly surveyed by the USS Montana roughly 30+ years ago. From those records we know that there are no higher-order lifeforms, but there are a large variety of flora and fauna dispersed through a number of different biomes. Away teams are being put together and the survey is getting started. MEE6 BOT 14-Nov-21 08:14 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:15 PM On the bridge, trying to not make an excuse to go down to the planet and begin poking around CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:16 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Having narrowly escaped the security showers with his life, he was back on shift in engineering nursing his wounds.:: Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 08:16 PM Irene has her science team together, mostly nerds from the last survey. "At least they're letting us start with the temperate zone this time." Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 08:16 PM ::In her office, having finished her roster.:: William Chocox 14-Nov-21 08:17 PM William was back in Engineering. "How were the sonic showers?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:18 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Enjoying watching Swain squirm.:: Lovely dinner. I really enjoyed the noodles. Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:20 PM I got the recipe from a Betazoid I dated back during my academy days, before I met Arden. He hates them, so any chance I get to have them when he's not around you know. How's the survey teams coming together? I hope Ensign Mincine doesn't think she's taking an Argo shuttle down. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:21 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Hunches down.:: I don't want to talk about it. They're fixed, so... I suppose that's all that needs to be said. ::Turning a bright shade of red.:: Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:21 PM :: In her office, looking over the latest stress reports :: William Chocox 14-Nov-21 08:21 PM William narrows his eyes "Did something happen?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:22 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> You know... you could tell her that yourself. While you're prepping to go down to the planet. I could hold down the fort, as it were. Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 08:22 PM Irene submits her finalized roster up to the bridge. "They could at least let me take one of those dune buggies after making me sit through a formal dinner..." CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:23 PM Ens Reynolds> No! Did someone say something? I didn't see anything. William Chocox 14-Nov-21 08:24 PM William softens his look "You need to work on your poker face Reynolds. What happened?" Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:24 PM Grins If you don't mind I would like to go down myself. I think medical should send a team down to.. the original survey indicated there were strong indications of medicinal algae growing in one of the larger river systems. You know I studied as a biologist before getting in astrometrics. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:25 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Smirks.:: Yes, I'm aware. I was certain that your background in science would lead to some very boring missions. Such a fool I was... Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:26 PM Snorts as he stands up Have medical prep a team while I go give Ensign Mincine the bad news about the Argo shuttle. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:27 PM Ens Reynolds> Uh... well... nothing much. Just... routine repairs. ::Winces as he shifts in his seat.:: They weren't very happy about the showers being inoperable, though. And security crew are generally... ah... muscleheads. William Chocox 14-Nov-21 08:27 PM "I can speak to Lieutenant Commander Rex." CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:27 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Aye, Captain. Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 08:27 PM She's down in her favorite science lab, surrounded by other ensigns. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:28 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Medical+ Stanton to Medical Ens Reynolds> Um.... ah... no, that's fine. They'll probably just laugh about it, anyway. Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 08:29 PM +Stanton+ Go ahead, Commander. William Chocox 14-Nov-21 08:29 PM "Alright." William makes a note to screw with some of Security's equipment later. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:30 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Maryse+ Doctor, the Captain is heading the away team and would like medical along. Do you have someone(s) prepped to go? Apparently there may be biologicals on the planet with medical potential. Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 08:31 PM +Stanton+ I already anticipated this, and have a team already assigned. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:33 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Maryse+ Very good, Doctor. They'll be leaving in ten. Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 08:34 PM +Stanton+ Understood. ::Gets up from her office, grabbing her pack on the way out. She then stops by Indaura's office, knocking.:: Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:35 PM :: Looking over the profile of those creatures they encountered on their last mission :: Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:35 PM Enters the science labs, away team bag slung over one shoulder Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:35 PM Come. Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 08:35 PM ::Steps in.:: Care to stretch your legs a bit, or would you rather stay home for this one? Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 08:36 PM Someone calls 'captain on deck!' and the pack of ensigns immediately snap to attention. Irene just looks up at the door, puzzled. "Captain?" Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:36 PM I can get out. What's the job? Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 08:37 PM Planetary survey. They found us some algae to look at. ::Smirks.:: William Chocox 14-Nov-21 08:37 PM William starts thinking about how to mess up the replicators in security, among other "punishments" Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:37 PM Algae in need of therapy? Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:37 PM Grins I decided to tag along for part of the survey. I'd like to take a couple science officers and medical down to an area in the boreal forests of the northern continent. There are some hot springs there that the first survey believed could have some medicinal algae, as well primates. Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 08:38 PM ::Shrugs:: Possibly. Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:38 PM Also I wanted to make sure you knew that the Argo shuttles haven't been approved for this survey. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 08:38 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Just happy to not be talking about it any longer. Tappity taps away at his console.:: Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:38 PM :: gets out of her chair :: What do I need to bring? Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 08:39 PM Typical survey kit, and anything else you might find useful. Commander says we leave in ten. Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:40 PM Medicorder, sample kit, and my personality. Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 08:41 PM Sounds good. See you there. :;Heads out.:: Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 08:41 PM Now Irene's looking nervous, too. The captain looking over her shoulder for an entire survey mission? "I didn't know you were interested in phycology, sir. I... of course, you don't need my permission to do that." She looks to the other ensigns. "Uh... Solak, Caldero, Everett, you're with the captain." Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:41 PM :: Gets a medicorder from her shelf :: :: Heads out to get a sample kit :: Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:43 PM Smiles I studied biology before the academy. I actually used to collect butterflies. Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:45 PM :: Goes to the transporter room? :: Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:46 PM Clears his throat Well we'll head to the transporter room. Have fun on your survey, Ensign! Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 08:46 PM "Huh." Irene seems a little surprised at that. "I knew you had a background in science but not specifically in biology. Did you always wear a red shirt or did you used to wear blue?" The other ensigns have gone back to packing. "Oh, uh, see you on the planet." Irene, too, finishes packing and heads to her transporter room with a few scientists. Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 08:46 PM ::Arrives at the TR as well.:: Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:47 PM Until they conned me into command, always teal. grins Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:47 PM :: Follows some others to the transporter room :: Is the entire ship going? Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:50 PM Television magics to the transporter room with his three science officers in tow, smiles at Indura Ah, Doctor. Coming along with us to look at algae and hopefully some primates? Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:51 PM I am interested in all life Captain, even yours. :: smirks :: Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 08:53 PM Irene arrives at the crowded transporter room with her three science officers next. "Full house, huh? Maybe it would be faster to fly an Argo down." Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:53 PM steps onto the pad Our insurance policies doesn't cover under-ranked officers driving it. Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 08:55 PM gets on the pad Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 08:55 PM After the last planetary survey, I'm surprised they would even give us anymore Argos. Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 08:57 PM "You side-swipe one runabout and nobody lets you forget about it..." Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 08:57 PM Energize. Snorts to say nothing of my silverware. ACTION> The Captain's AT shimmers away attaching a nice % symbol along the way. They materialize on the surface in a vast boreal forest along a gurgling river. A series of white-capped mountains loom off in the distance. The air is fresh, crisp and a lovely 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 09:00 PM Irene sighs and steps on the pad next, with her team. "Let's go. Maybe we'll find some ancient silverware." William Chocox 14-Nov-21 09:00 PM "Alright, Reynolds, don't have an emergency, I'll be back." William grabs his tools and heads to the turbolift. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Nov-21 09:01 PM Ens Reynolds> I'll try not to. ::Throws him a glance, but quickly gets back to work, glad for the distraction.:: Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 09:02 PM % Materalizes alongside his team What a lovely planet. Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 09:02 PM :: Breathes in deeply :: Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 09:03 PM % ::Looks around.:: Nice place. Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 09:04 PM % gets out her medicorder Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 09:04 PM ( Did Irene and co. show up in the same place? ) Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 09:04 PM % Opens his tricorder Lets go ahead and get some water and soil samples. Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 09:04 PM ((I have to take off. See everyone later.)) Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 09:04 PM (( If you want... or I can come up with another biome for you to study )) Maryse Dubois 14-Nov-21 09:04 PM ((night)) Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 09:04 PM ( Nah, just making sure ) ( night! ) Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 09:04 PM (( Not taking any chances with me sending you to swamps huh? )) Irene Mincine 14-Nov-21 09:05 PM ( ) % Irene appears a few yards away from the rest, along with a few nameless ensigns. They immediately start setting up their scanning gear. "Muuuuch better than last time. A little cold, though." Indaura Ryssan 14-Nov-21 09:07 PM Looks for signs of life to scan Captain Swain 14-Nov-21 09:07 PM !pause MEE6 BOT 14-Nov-21 09:07 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  12. SD 1114.2021 Excalibur has entered orbit of an M-class planet in the Itarian system. It was briefly surveyed by the USS Montana roughly 30+ years ago. From those records we know that there are no higher-order lifeforms, but there are a large variety of flora and fauna dispersed through a number of different biomes. Away teams are being put together and the survey is getting started.
  13. MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur has left the Opteran system and is resuming its mapping of the sector. We're headed towards a cluster of stars that was mapped some years previously but has not been investigated since. MEE6 BOT 07-Nov-21 08:11 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Indaura Ryssan 07-Nov-21 08:11 PM :: Cleaning medical :: Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:13 PM Irene's down in the science lab making sure that freshly-repaired equipment is working properly once again. "Grab that frequency counter, Merida. Make sure this scanner's exactly on spec or they'll start seeing black holes where they should be seeing quasars.'" William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:13 PM William was standing in Engineering, monitoring all the systems after the repairs. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:14 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Do you know that I've had to file more special paperwork and forms since I've been on the Excalibur than in the entirety of my career? ::Grousing as he put his thumb to yet another report on his padd.:: Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:15 PM On the bridge, drinking tea, looking over the preliminary data from the last survey, which completed by the USS Montana I know,right? You should have been here when we were in the Gamma Quadrant. Indaura Ryssan 07-Nov-21 08:16 PM :: Using a cleaning scanner over the instruments :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:16 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> I shudder to think. I'm beginning to understand why Miranda chose to build ships over being on one. Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:17 PM Looks over Don't get any ideas. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:18 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He chuckled.:: Don't worry. I enjoy the adventure. Just not the paperwork. Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:19 PM Val, meanwhile, is at the helm as she always is, looking quite bored as the ship putters along. Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:19 PM Clark> Val This seems like a peaceful little sector of the universe. Only two M-class planets, none with life higher in intelligence than a house cat. No spatial anomalies or weird planets. Rex> Enters engineering, looking mischievous Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:20 PM Val> "Yeah, the boring part of the quadrant. At least we got to pull one over on those guys before they could harvest all the Opterans." CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:21 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Seeing Rex, clears his throat to alert Will.:: William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:21 PM William looks up. “Hello Commander Rex. What brings you down to my domain?” CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:24 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Grunts at Val's comment.:: Yes, and the reports I'm going to have to file are astronomical as a result. Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:24 PM Rex> Grins I thought I'd swing by, see how things were going. Clark> See that’s why you never let them give you more pips. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:24 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Immediately suspicious.:: William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:24 PM “Things are going well. The ship seems to be running well.” Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:25 PM Val nods in agreement with Clark. "Comes with the job, Commander." Ensign Irene, meanwhile, is doing very little paperwork as she cleans up the wreckage of the science labs. Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:26 PM _Smirking over his tea_The Montana survey was nearly thirty years and it was an old ship, so maybe we will find something they missed. We have way better sensors. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:27 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> I let the executive bathroom and exercise facilities cloud my judgement. ::Sighs.:: Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:30 PM Val> Smirks. "As commanding officer of the shuttle Titania at Starbase 34, my executive bathroom was 3 meters square and had a 'no smoking while in spacedock' sign from sometime in the 23rd century." Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:30 PM Rex> The sonic showers in the barracks are malfunctioning. Indaura Ryssan 07-Nov-21 08:30 PM :: Was happy the medical ward was quiet. Meant no patients :: William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:31 PM “Damnit, that’s not great. How long have they not been working?” Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:31 PM Rex> Apparently last night after our training exercises. William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:32 PM Looks at Reynolds “Did we receive a report on that?” Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:32 PM Rex> Nods William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:33 PM “Hmph, why hasn’t that been fixed yet?” William starts looking for the ticket. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:34 PM Ens Reynolds> I didn't see it! Not my fault... Ens Reynolds> It's probably a low priority item. William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:34 PM “Not assigning blame Reynolds.” CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:35 PM Ens Reynolds> I didn't think that security showered that often, anyhow... William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:35 PM “But I’ll take care of it my-let’s not insult other departments while their heads are in earshot Ensign.” Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:35 PM Looking over the PADD The second M-class has some interesting fauna, and a pretty wide variety of biomes. I am particularly interested in the mountain region on the upper continent. I say we survey it first, what do you think Jalen? Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:36 PM Irene gets a report from one of the other scientists and looks quite unhappy as she taps her combadge. "Ensign Mincine to Engineering. Where are the survey module relays I put in a request for 16 hours ago? We might as well be trying to look at stars with a children's microscope right now." William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:37 PM +Mincine+ “I was unaware that you had reported an issue, I’ll send an engineer right away.” Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:39 PM Rex> Smirks Thanks, and you're right. We don't, Ensign, but my boyfriend wanted me to smell good for a holodeck date. Rex> Turns to head out, wry grin on his face Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:40 PM +Will+ She offers a terse "Thank you." and hangs up. "That's what they said 4 hours ago..." CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:40 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He nodded.:: I'm sure it would be interesting. So long as it isn't freezing... William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:40 PM “Showers or science Reynolds?” CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:41 PM Ens Reynolds> I'll take showers, I guess. ::A bit embarrassed at letting his mouth run away from him.:: William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:42 PM “If you don’t want to do the showers I was going to take them before Ms. Mincine called down.” CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:43 PM Ens Reynolds> No... showers are fine. I... uh... don't want Mincine mad at me. Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:43 PM Helm, adjust course to put us into orbit of the second M-class planet. William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:43 PM “Alright.” +Mincine+ “Survey module relays coming right up!” Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:45 PM +Will+ "Great, deliver them to lab 3, please." Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:46 PM Jalen Have medical, science and security prep for a full survey of the planet. We'll have a briefing this evening. Considers Dinner in the Captain's mess? William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:46 PM +Mincine+ “I’m headed that way now.” starts gathering the modules into an anti-grav sled Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:46 PM Val> Punches the course in on her console. "Aye, moving into standard orbit. ETA 6 minutes." CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:47 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Nods.: That sounds nice. Ens Reynolds> ::Packs up his kit and heads for the lift.:: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Sends a message to science, medical, and security department heads to prep for the planetary survey and select crew for an away mission.:: Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:50 PM Nods Good. I'll have the galley get dinner together... I am thinking Betazoid? Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:51 PM Irene looks at the padd she's holding. "Another planetary survey?" She opens a channel to the bridge. "Mincine to Commander Stanton, we don't have the planetary survey sensors working again yet." CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:53 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Mincine+ That's fine, Mincine. We'll start with the teams on the planet while engineering fixes the sensor modules. Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:53 PM Clark> Looks over to Val Betazoid food? William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:53 PM William drags his sled into Lab 3. “Heard y’all needed some relays.” CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 08:54 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances back to Swain.:: Could be tasty. Traditional wedding feast attire, too? ::Smirks:: Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:54 PM Val> "Hope you like salads." As she monitors their orbital insertion. Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:54 PM Snorts No, lets uh go with clothes this time. Indaura Ryssan 07-Nov-21 08:55 PM :: Sees a message :: Oh, a mission. Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 08:55 PM Clark> I hear the oysters are good. Besides, aren't you senior staff? Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:55 PM Irene> She looks like she ran out of patience long ago. "Finally! We just got orders to get a planetary survey team together and those relays control the survey sensor focus." Val> "Last I checked." William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:56 PM “My apologies, I’ll get them installed posthaste.” William gets to work on the various relays. Irene Mincine 07-Nov-21 08:58 PM Irene> Another exasperated "Thank you." and she disappears into the next room to gather a survey team. William Chocox 07-Nov-21 08:59 PM (M) “Who pissed in her Wheaties?” Keeps installing relays CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 09:00 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Arrives at the security barracks and opens the access panel to check the sonic modulators.:: Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 09:01 PM ACTION> There's at least three hulking, naked security officers horsing around in the locker room and begin cat calling Reynolds. Indaura Ryssan 07-Nov-21 09:02 PM :: Getting her gear together :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Nov-21 09:04 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Flushed and bumbling, trying to ignore the attention. Scans the module nodes one by one.:: Captain Swain 07-Nov-21 09:04 PM Security Officer1> Whips a towel at Reynolds << and >> !pause MEE6 BOT 07-Nov-21 09:05 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  14. SD 1031.2021 - No SIM (Halloween) SD 1107.2021 After helping the Opterans free themselves from captivity from the Kavians, the Excalibur has left the Opteran system and is resuming its mapping of the sector. We're headed towards a cluster of stars that was mapped some years previously but has not been investigated since.
  15. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur is working on a backup plan in case the Kavians prove to be unwilling to abandon their plans to harvest the Opterans for ~slavery~ powering their civilization, while Captain Swain and Commander Stanton have beamed aboard the Kavian vessel to ~make mischief~ stall them. MEE6 BOT 24-Oct-21 07:07 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 24-Oct-21 07:07 PM William was looking over the calculations and what not that they had done to prep for getting rid of the barrier at the bottom of the planet. It was going to be a close run thing once they actually did it. Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 07:08 PM Irene was going over what she knew about the energy barrier one more time, all of the readings they'd taken from orbit and on the surface. "We're cutting it close, aren't we?" Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:09 PM $Kavian1> Pointing to a device where an Opteran adult was being loaded As you can see, once we activate the holding field, they are put into suspension. Though their bodies continue to function. These are the newest models, and keep their biosigns at peak energy transfer. Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 07:09 PM :: in medical :: William Chocox 24-Oct-21 07:10 PM William turns to Irene. "Yes, yes we are, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes." Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:10 PM @ Glances over to Jalen I see. And, are they aware during this... suspension? Rex> On the bridge, frowning +Engineering+ Report. William Chocox 24-Oct-21 07:11 PM +Rex+ "We think we have it where we won't blow up the ship." Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:12 PM Rex> +Engineering+ Encouraging. Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 07:12 PM +Rex+ "If we're lucky, we won't need a tow to Starbase 46." William Chocox 24-Oct-21 07:12 PM +Rex+ "You're more than welcome to take a look at the math sir." CdrMirandaHawthorne 24-Oct-21 07:12 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Observing without trying to look judgmental.:: I'd also like to know how long these creatures last while in suspension... Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:15 PM $Kavian1> Nods The newest models are designed to extend the creatures usefulness as long as possible. The goal would be for them to last for a full cycle, but not there yet. Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 07:17 PM :: Helping in medical as she has no patients. :: Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:17 PM Rex> +Engineering+ Well it won't be my call ultimately, thank god. Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 07:19 PM +Rex+ "We'll keep working on reducing the power requirements. How long until the captain is expected back?" Maryse Dubois 24-Oct-21 07:19 PM ::Making sure everything was in order. Just in case.:: Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:19 PM +Rex+ He told me to let him know when we're ready. He doesn't want to be on the alien ship when we do it. William Chocox 24-Oct-21 07:21 PM +Rex+ "Of course, but we're probably as ready to go as we possibly can get. At least in my opinion." Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 07:22 PM :: Nearly runs into Dr. Dubois :: Oh excuse me. Guess the waiting is getting to me. Maryse Dubois 24-Oct-21 07:23 PM It's always the worse part. Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 07:24 PM +Rex+ "There's not much more we're gonna be able to squeeze out of the plan from Science's perspective, sir, no matter how long we wait." Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:25 PM Rex> +Engineering+ I'll let the captain know. Rex> +Swain+ Excalibur to Captain Swain Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 07:26 PM I am prescribing some R&R after this. I think the crew needs it. CdrMirandaHawthorne 24-Oct-21 07:27 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> Mmm. A cycle... I see. How interesting. And is the creature fully mature when this process happens? ::He stroked his chin.:: Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:28 PM $ Politely excuses himself to take the comm from Rex Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 07:28 PM Irene steps back from the console with a sigh. "I'm confident it'll work. For how long, it's anyone's guess." William Chocox 24-Oct-21 07:28 PM "Hopefully long enough that we don't blow up." Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 07:30 PM Are there planets this crew are banned from doctor? Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:31 PM $kavian> Begins a very nerdy discussion on the Opterans reproduction cycle that could make Vulcan poetry seem exciting Maryse Dubois 24-Oct-21 07:32 PM Hmm...There were a couple in the Gamma Quadrant, but I think we're still fine in Alpha. Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 07:32 PM "I've heard you have enough experience with it to know when things are really going to blow up." CdrMirandaHawthorne 24-Oct-21 07:33 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Playing interference, he gestured for the Opteran to show him more, wandering about to have a look at their facilities.:: William Chocox 24-Oct-21 07:33 PM "There's a fine line. But yes, I have some experience with the power system failing." Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:34 PM $ Returns to the exhilarating dialogue Commander, I am afraid that we're going to have to cut our visit short. We left the tea water on and it might boil over if we don't turn it off. Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 07:35 PM Good to know. Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 07:35 PM "We'll be fine." She leans against a metal grade. "Besides, if we blow ourselves up, we'll probably take those bastards over there with us." CdrMirandaHawthorne 24-Oct-21 07:36 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> Ah, that's too bad. ::He nodded to the Opteran.:: Thank you for enlightening us. William Chocox 24-Oct-21 07:36 PM "Somewhat comforting thought." Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:37 PM Kavian> Looks a little confused, but smiles Of course, any time. $+Rex+ Two to beam back to Excalibur $ Smiles and preps for shimmering. You know you have to like get in the ready position so you beam back looking good for the camera. None of that slouching on this show. Rex> +Engineering+ Do we need to position the ship in any particular way to do this, or can you just pew-pew it from any angle? Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 07:42 PM So doctor, how have you been lately? Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 07:42 PM +Rex+ Irene shrugs lightly. "Point and shoot." William Chocox 24-Oct-21 07:43 PM +Rex+ "It's a very versatile set up, but we would like as straight a line as possible." Maryse Dubois 24-Oct-21 07:43 PM Trying to get me on your couch, Counselor? ::Smirks.:: Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:43 PM Rex> Val Move us into position to give us the best shot. Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 07:44 PM Oh I will talk to anyone anywhere. Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 07:45 PM Val> She is all business. "Aye, repositioning the ship." The Excal begins turning, eventually facing the planet dead on. CdrMirandaHawthorne 24-Oct-21 07:46 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Shimmer shimmer:: ::He relaxed as they arrived back on the ship and took a breath.:: Well... that wasn't overly long... I take it they're ready for an attempt? Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 07:47 PM I really wanted to get to know those creatures better. Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:47 PM Shimmers aboard Yes, that's what Rex said. Though he's not overly encouraged by Will and Irene, but hey when have ever done it the easy way? +Engineering+ This is Swain, as he walks to the lift tell me how this is working and what are chances you blow my ship up. William Chocox 24-Oct-21 07:52 PM +Swain+ "Well, it works by reversing the polarity of the barrier and inverting the positrons of the various power sources. Chances I blow my ship up? Uh...32.333333333, repeating of course, percent chance." Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:53 PM +Engineering+ So that's better than I expected. Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 07:54 PM +Swain+ "The extra time we got helped with that, Captain. Assuming we don't blow out the warp reactor with neutrino feedback, the barrier will be neutralized." CdrMirandaHawthorne 24-Oct-21 07:55 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> That sounds somewhat promising. Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:56 PM Nods to Jalen Besides, I never wanted to live forever. +Engineering+ I am almost back to the bridge. stand by to activate on my mark. William Chocox 24-Oct-21 07:56 PM +Swain+ "Aye sir." Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 07:57 PM Exits onto the bridge Open a channel to the Kavian vessel, audio only. Clark> Channel open +Kavians+ Kavian vessel. This is Captain Swain. I have decided that even if your Captain should realize that what you're doing wrong, it might not be enough to stop your species from enslaving the Opterans. As such, we have devised a method to disable the field you placed around the planet's core, this will allow the Opeterans to return to their home dimension. Excalibur out. +Engineering+ Activate. Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 08:00 PM Irene is by now back at the console and nods to Will. "Ready." Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 08:01 PM << Y'all know the drill, give me a number 1-20 >> William Chocox 24-Oct-21 08:01 PM "Alright let's do this, Williaaaaaaaaaaam! Choooooooocoooooooooox!" presses button ( 8 ) Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 08:01 PM (( 11 )) CdrMirandaHawthorne 24-Oct-21 08:01 PM (( 18 )) Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 08:01 PM (9) Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 08:01 PM (( 15 )) (( wipes sweat off brow holyyyyyy coooowwww )) William Chocox 24-Oct-21 08:03 PM (( Is this a Leeroy Jenkins moment? )) Irene Mincine 24-Oct-21 08:03 PM (( do I need to refresh myself on the Klingon afterlife? )) William Chocox 24-Oct-21 08:04 PM (( Do I need to brush up on my Tellarite characteristics? )) Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 08:04 PM ACTION> Using a good bit of our SFX budget, a cool beam lashes out from the Excalibur deflector dish towards the planet. Aboard Excalibur the lights flicker on and off for a moment and Will and Irene get treated to a shower of sparks circa TNG. William Chocox 24-Oct-21 08:04 PM "Whoa! Status update!" Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 08:04 PM Uh oh Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 08:05 PM ACTION> When the beam turns off, sensors show that the field around the planet's core has dissipated and the Opterans are burrowing to FREEEEEDDDDOOOOOMMMMMM or whatever that sounds like in Tetryon. Erich Jaenke 24-Oct-21 08:06 PM (I've dissipated people in my day) Captain Swain 24-Oct-21 08:06 PM !PAUSE MEE6 BOT 24-Oct-21 08:06 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== POST-SCRIPT ACTION> The Kavians are absolutely disappointed in us, but since there's not much they can do now, they leave by telling us we're monsters and they don't know what they're going to do next. Swain offers to send Federation engineers to help them, which they begrudgingly accept. We start next week with a few days passed and us back on our original mission of exploration! POST-POST SCRIPT: The Opterans thanked us with a lovely light show. I have been watching Lower Decks and Swain feels very seen by that show. So I am glad we didn't blow the ship up. Our pick a number was 61, and we rolled a 60