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  1. SD 1113.2022 Having recovered the probe and not gotten stuck in a gravity eddy, Excalibur is following a signal that appears to be Federation in origin, hoping perhaps that it is the trail of the USS Caroline Mikkelsen, which you may recall, was the original purpose of us coming here to the Shackleton Expanse.
  2. SD 1106.2022 As Excalibur continues to search for the lost science vessel, the probe they launched to map the area has discovered an interesting signal that resembles a Star Fleet navigational beacon. The ship has reached the first beacon and just encountered a strong gravimetric wave.
  3. SD 1023.2022 - No SIM SD 1030.2022 As Excalibur continues to search for the lost science vessel, the probe they launched to map the area has discovered an interesting signal that resembles a Star Fleet navigational beacon. The ship is en route.
  4. SD 1009.2022 - No SIM SD 1016.2022 As Excalibur continues to search for the lost science vessel, they are preparing to launch probes to help map the general area and narrow down where the ship might have gone.
  5. SD 0925.2022 - No SIM SD 1002.2022 In an effort to make their search for the missing science vessel a bit easier, science and engineering are working on modifying probes to analyze the Expanse and look for clues.
  6. SD 0918.2022 Having managed to avoid complete disaster, the away team(s) have returned to Excalibur, breaking orbit and leaving a "navigational hazard buoy" in their wake. There is still the problem of the missing science vessel, however, and Swain has gathered senior staff to the observation lounge to further discuss the issue.
  7. SD 0911.2022 With Tovar guiding them, the team has returned to the encampment where the earthquake was felt a wee bit more acutely. The team has been lead back to the holding area while Tovar meets with the leaders.
  8. SD 0821.2022 - No SIM SD 0828.2022 - No SIM SD 0904.2022 The crew continues to explore the underground facility. Irene and Tovar have discovered some holo images of what appear to be star maps, though they have not yet been able to make much out of them beyond that, while the rest of the team have found an extremely elaborate door at the end of a hallway -- could it be an exit?
  9. SD 0814.2022 Irene and Tovar believe they may have made a discovery that may help the crew learn more about the people who built the facility and what it is for, while the rest of the team has discovered a room with numerous storage lockers, a platform, and a console.
  10. SD 0807.2022 The away team has found themselves stuck in an alien complex that was below the colonist's mine. They discovered beacon in a primary chamber that appears to be broadcasting the signal that led them there in the first place. As we pick up, the crew is exploring more of the complex, hopefully looking for an exit.
  11. SD 0731.2022 When we last left off, after a series of unfortunate rolls, the AT found themselves in a room that was below the excavated mine shaft. The walls appear to be metal and there is a door leading into something (a dampening field has prevented any further scanning beyond said door.) As we pick up, Will is about to die erm, attempt to open the doors.
  12. SD 0717.2022 - No SIM SD 0724.2022 The AT, with the help of a certain surly Vulcan, restarted their search for the signal that lured them to the encampment in the first place. The signal appears to be coming from one of the mine shafts the colonists have dug near their settlement.
  13. SD 0703.2022 - No SIM (4th of July) SD 0710.2022 The leader of the breakaway colony has offered an exchange: if the crew helps to find and disable the signal that drew us here, she will consider letting them go. She has provided them with some old, but well-kept equipment and the assistance of tall, slender Vulcan named Tovar.
  14. SD 0612.2022 - No SIM SD 0619.2022 - No SIM (Father's Day) SD 0626.2022 The away team is in a sticky situation, as they have found some uh, locals, who are less than thrilled at having company. Their leader, Ya'Mel, has indicated she's not willing to simply let them go either and has demanded the crew come to their settlement.
  15. SD 0529.2022 - No SIM (Memorial Day) SD 0605.2022 The team made its way through the forest towards the source of the alien signal, however as they approached a small rise just a few hundred meters short of the signal, they detected additional energy signatures and were able to see what appeared to be smoke trails rising from the other side of the rise.