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  1. MISSION BRIEF: In orbit of Optera IV, Excalibur has finally -- the hope -- developed a way to communicate with the creatures. MEE6 BOT 12-Sep-21 07:13 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Erich Jaenke 12-Sep-21 07:14 PM Wonder how this will go down? William Chocox 12-Sep-21 07:15 PM William is in the bottom of the ship fixing things. Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:15 PM AS A RECAP ACTION> Following our message, one of the bugs had begun moving towards the ship. CdrMirandaHawthorne 12-Sep-21 07:16 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Waiting pensively in his chair on the bridge to see if their message was understood or if the creature was coming to drain their power once again.:: Maryse Dubois 12-Sep-21 07:16 PM Hopefully well, despite our track record. ::Gets a tea from the replicator.:: Let’s just hope we don't insult anyone. Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:17 PM Val> Val shakes her head at helm. "Bug on a collision course again, Cap. Whatever y'all are doing, it's working." Erich Jaenke 12-Sep-21 07:18 PM Denobulans are not easily offended. Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:18 PM Clark> One of them is transmitting directly towards us... shall I ... put it on screen? Looks over to Jalen with a bemused smirk Let's do audio only. Maryse Dubois 12-Sep-21 07:20 PM Yes but they are not Denobulans. Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:21 PM Clark> Nods Putting them through now. Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:21 PM Irene> She's back to working at all three science consoles at once, manipulating every setting she can find. "Translator matrix is stable." Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:22 PM Opteran> Hello Commander Swan of the Hydrocarbon-Heavy Creature's Ship. I am Gclkkkakakkaakkkkakkkkkkkkkkkaakkkkeeekkkkaakkaakkkkkttttttttkktkktktktkt. Is extremely glad that this is not a visual communication in anyway shape or form William Chocox 12-Sep-21 07:24 PM ((That’s an impressive name.)) Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:24 PM Val> Trying not to laugh. Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:24 PM Clark> Also trying very hard not to laugh William Chocox 12-Sep-21 07:24 PM +Reynolds+ “How’re your repairs going Reynolds?” Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:24 PM Irene> "Translation buffer had problems with that one, sir..." Maryse Dubois 12-Sep-21 07:25 PM ::Monitoring from the lab.:: Well now. Seems like we may have suceeded. CdrMirandaHawthorne 12-Sep-21 07:25 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Names are sometimes difficult. ::Grunts.:: At least the translator is catching most of it. Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:26 PM Clears his throat Right.. I'll just try not to uh say that one outloud. Uh... +Clicky+ We welcome you. We made contact with two of your species on the planet but were unable to return their communication until now. We have many questions.... perhaps... Clicky> +Excalibur+ Interupts Ah, you are probably wondering such perfect beings as our own have become trapped in such a strange, backwards universe as your own yes? Erich Jaenke 12-Sep-21 07:27 PM Long names.. Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:29 PM Irene> "Solanogen..." CdrMirandaHawthorne 12-Sep-21 07:30 PM Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ Sir? Ah, things are okay. ::His voice sounded small as he was in one of the JT.:: Just about done in this junction. Will be moving to the next sector, unless there's something else you need done? Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:30 PM Clicky> Continues Opteran> Many brood-cycles ago, our native subspace manifold experienced a prolonged period of turbulence, causing many broodlings to seek refuge by passing through a gash that connected our realm with gooey yolk of this world. For even more brood-cycles, we passed freely through the gash to escape periodic outbreaks of turbulence, Over time, they built tunnels throughout the nugat and yolk. Mouths to Jalen Nugat? Rhan K'hal 12-Sep-21 07:31 PM ((I'm suddenly hungry for a Three Musketeers omelette)) CdrMirandaHawthorne 12-Sep-21 07:32 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He shook his head and gave Swain a shrug, as flummoxed as the Captain.:: Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:33 PM Irene> "The planet's mantle, I think." She adjusts the translation matrix. Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:33 PM Clicky> continues the plot dump Then the Takers came! Evil creatures! Not dissimilar from Swan and His Hydrocarbons! They built great barrier that keeps us from returning to our place. Then set to trapping us! Not know why. Evil likely. To avoid this and to find way back to our place we evolved new brood-cycles. William Chocox 12-Sep-21 07:34 PM +Reynolds+ “Nope, just checking in.” Erich Jaenke 12-Sep-21 07:34 PM :: Listens :: William Chocox 12-Sep-21 07:35 PM ((I wish I could say this was the weirdest thing we’ve experienced.)) CdrMirandaHawthorne 12-Sep-21 07:35 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> What barrier? ::Looking to Swain.:: Where? Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:35 PM Clicky> Now broodcycle has us lay dormant as young for many years in the nugat and yolk, then we rise, mate, lay brood-hatch and return to stars to seek another such egg-in-sky. None have returned, so we believe none such egg yet found. Takers will come soon as well. They come when we broodhatch. Taking all that in +Clicky+ You said they made a barrier... Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:37 PM Irene> "The shielding towers?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 12-Sep-21 07:38 PM Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ Thanks, Chief. I think I'm good for now. Any luck on the translation power cycling? Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:38 PM Clicky> Yes. Great Prophylactic! the translation matrix wigs out at a bunch of high pitched clicking sounds that follow Terrible thing. They build smaller ones too to help take us. It surrounds Gash in Yolk, prevents our kind of passing back to Our Place. Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:39 PM Val> Is now covering her face like a comedian breaking on set. Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:40 PM Swallows extremely hard Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:40 PM Irene> "I... well, now you know what their cursing sounds like, Captain." She makes sure to program in alternatives to 'prophylactic'. William Chocox 12-Sep-21 07:40 PM +Reynolds+ “That’s going pretty well. What’s your next project?” Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:41 PM Clicky> Perhaps you help us. Perhaps Captain Swan can break barrier? Clark> Is several shades of Red William Chocox 12-Sep-21 07:42 PM ((Wait…Great Condom?)) Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:42 PM (( howling )) CdrMirandaHawthorne 12-Sep-21 07:42 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> We could help them pierce the barrier, can't we? Smash it to pieces. ::Looking about.:: Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:43 PM Irene> Irene is shaking her head. "I'm sorry, sir, this is... just how it's translating things..." She's not really sorry. She's having a great time. CdrMirandaHawthorne 12-Sep-21 07:43 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Even if we could poke holes in the barrier, we could probably negate it. Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:43 PM Has somehow managed to not completely fall in the floor laughing, both at the translation and the reaction of the crew We could. I assume it’s the energy field we've been scanning around the planet core. Rex> Far be it for me to be the one to ask this, but wouldn't that be a violation of the Prime Directive? And what will the uh... Takers say? Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:44 PM Val> "They look warp-capable to me." Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:45 PM Bites his lip again +Clicky+ It may be possible, but it could take us sometime to do so... can you give us a moment to discuss? Clicky> Hmm moment-- what is a moment? Such a strange species with such limited understanding of space-time, but yes take 'a moment' the broodhatch continues. My genetic memories say that we should be visited by Takers now, so becareful at taking too many of your 'moments.' Gclkkkakakkaakkkkakkkkkkkkkkkaakkkkeeekkkkaakkaakkkkkttttttttkktkktktktkt out, for now. CdrMirandaHawthorne 12-Sep-21 07:47 PM Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ Well, there are two sensor nodes down in the next junction and then I have some chip replacements in the next deck up. Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:48 PM Irene> "So we still don't know who the Takers are, but they're coming..." Erich Jaenke 12-Sep-21 07:48 PM Incoming? Great. William Chocox 12-Sep-21 07:48 PM +Reynolds+ “Alright, keep up the good work.” Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:48 PM Rex> Nothing on long-range sensors... but they may have stealth technology. to Jalen Well... that's more than I thought we'd learn. Though Commander Rex is correct to point out the Prime Directive, but they do seem advanced and their natural cycles have already been interfered with, what do you think? Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:52 PM Irene> "I don't think the Prime Directive applies to species from outside of this universe, but that's why I'm not in charge of anything." Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:53 PM The Prime Directive applies to all lifeforms, regardless of their origin, but well its a flexible notion. smirks wryly CdrMirandaHawthorne 12-Sep-21 07:54 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> We're not allowed to get into the middle of a civil war, but this is more than that. They're being attacked and they've asked for assistance on getting home. Cdr Jalen Stanton> I say that we at least see what this barrier is... And if the Takers arrive, perhaps we can negotiate. Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:56 PM I tend to agree. Send a message to the Opterans, we will help them. ACTION> Sensors detect high energy distortion near the Excalibur, moments before a large vessel shimmers into normal space. William Chocox 12-Sep-21 07:58 PM ((Well ain't that swell.)) CdrMirandaHawthorne 12-Sep-21 07:58 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Speak of the Takers... Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:58 PM Well that’s lovely... Rex> Shall we go to Red Alert? Clark> They're hailing us Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 07:59 PM Irene> Jumps from the translators to the sensors to see what the hell that is. "Picking up... the same tetryon-based power source as the planet. And the same life forms... I think." Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 07:59 PM Yellow alert, but don't raise shields or power weapons. Gives a look over to Irene then to Jalen Confirm that. Clark, put them through. Irene Mincine 12-Sep-21 08:01 PM Irene> Shakes her head. "I'm having trouble penetrating their shielding, same thing as the planet. I might be able to break through, but it'll take a few minutes." Captain Swain 12-Sep-21 08:01 PM ACTION> The view screen activates showing a tall humanoid woman with long black hair and unique facial ridges along her cheeks and a V shaped tattoo on her forehead. She is wearing battle armor with several awards. Kaldok> “I am Captain Sharama Kaladok, commanding officer of the collection vessel K.E.S. Ko’Falgrin of the Kavian Expeditionary Force,” she says. “This planet belongs to Kavia. You will return any Kavian property on your vessel and withdraw from this system immediately. We will tolerate no interference with our harvest.” MEE6 BOT 12-Sep-21 08:02 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  2. SD 0905.2021 - No Sim (Labor Day) SD 0912.2021 In orbit of Optera IV, Excalibur has finally -- they hope -- developed a way to communicate with the creatures.
  3. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur remains in orbit of Optera IV where we are working to close a language barrier with a species of giant insects. Meanwhile, science continues to investigate the mysterious energy barrier around the planet's core. MEE6 BOT 29-Aug-21 07:05 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:05 PM Rex> The creatures have largely seemed to ignore us now. On the bridge hovering at the science stations Maryse Dubois 29-Aug-21 07:06 PM ::Has the UT update ready to go.:: Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 07:07 PM Irene> Now working all three science consoles at once, somehow. "Down there, sir. At a depth of 200 kilometers. The same energy readings as the towers." Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:08 PM Nods Isolate points this section. That can't be a natural structure at that depth. William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:08 PM William looks over the engines +Bridge+ "Engineering to Bridge." Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:09 PM Clark> +Will+ Operations, go ahead. William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:10 PM +Clark+ "Engines have been running, any bugs coming our way?" Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 07:11 PM Irene> She's mostly working the center console. The left and right consoles are all full of sensor parameter settings. "It's shielded. I can't get a good reading on what it is, but it's certainly artificial." CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:12 PM Ens Reynolds> ::About to pull his hair out with their experimental resonators they've been trying to modify with little results.:: Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:13 PM Clark> +Engineering+ They seen to be leaving us alone, for now. William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:13 PM +Clark+ "Thank you, I need to take care of Reynolds before he gives himself a bald spot." He turns to Reynolds "Alright, what's wrong here?" Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:14 PM Frowns, looks over to Jalen How is the translator matrix coming? Indaura Ryssan 29-Aug-21 07:15 PM :: Watching the translator :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:16 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Sighs and throws up his hands.:: I can't get the Dilithium matrix to provide a stable linkage. I think we need to tie it into the phase coils to get anything workable. William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:17 PM "Alright, that sounds like a good idea. Let's see how it goes." He walks over next to Reynolds and sees what they'll need to do. CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:18 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He checked his padd.:: Looks like medical has wrapped up their compilation of similar languages. That, along with what we collected ourselves, gives us a good foundation. Now, we're just waiting on engineering. Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:18 PM Nods Maryse Dubois 29-Aug-21 07:18 PM ::Grabs a drink from the replicator, sipping it.:: Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 07:20 PM Irene> Frustrated, Irene kicks the paneling under the center science console. "I can't penetrate the shielding at that depth through all the solanogen, sir." Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:21 PM Takes a drink of tea Maybe they can help us. motions to the bugs CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:23 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Brings up the computer simulations of their resonator scenarios and all of the pending errors.:: I just can't get the phase modulation right. Indaura Ryssan 29-Aug-21 07:24 PM Anything yet? William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:24 PM "I see...have you run a simulation if you do tie it into the phase coils?" Indaura Ryssan 29-Aug-21 07:24 PM (are we planetside?) Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 07:24 PM Irene> "Hi space bugs. Do you know how to penetrate tetryon-based energy shielding on a 1.43GHz wavelength?" She shrugs. CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:25 PM Ens Reynolds> No, not yet. Haven't had the time. You want to do the honors? Maryse Dubois 29-Aug-21 07:25 PM ::Shakes head.:: Waiting on Engineering to finish their device. Indaura Ryssan 29-Aug-21 07:26 PM Should start with prime numbers. William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:26 PM "Of course." William inputs the necessary computer things and sets it to start. Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:28 PM Smirks Its possible. Though if we have the frequency... seems to have a moment of clarity try modulating the k-band of our sensors to that frequency. (( Will give me a number 1-20 )) William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:28 PM (( 16 )) Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:29 PM ACTION: The settings Will tries seem to work. William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:30 PM claps his hands "Hot damn!" CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:30 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Jumps at the outburst, then blinks.:: It did? I mean... uh... yea, I knew it would. Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 07:30 PM Irene> She closes her eyes for a moment and calms herself down. "Can't hurt to try." She slides over to the left science console and adjusts the K-band frequency to match the shielding. "Should have results in a second here if it worked, Captain." Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:30 PM << Irene give me a number 1-20 >> William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:31 PM "Good job Reynolds!" +Bridge+ "Engineering to Bridge." Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 07:32 PM (( 16! )) Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:33 PM ACTION> The sensor modifications seem to also work which show a facility near the planets core. Clark> +Engineering+ Bridge here William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:33 PM +Clark+ "Let science know that we seem to have a resonator worked out for communications." Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:35 PM Clark> {asses that message along to science and to the command staff CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:35 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Hearing Will, he tapped his comm.:: +Medical+ Stanton to Medical. Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 07:35 PM Irene> She seems a bit shocked that the sensor changes actually worked. "Hey, it's reading something. Looks like there's a metallic structure down there in a carved-out area near the core? How the hell did they build that down there?" "And we've got the resonator going, too? Maybe we can ask the bugs after all..." Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:36 PM Looks back to the sensor scans I wonder if we can beam through to that? Maryse Dubois 29-Aug-21 07:36 PM +Stanton+ Go ahead Commander. Indaura Ryssan 29-Aug-21 07:37 PM :: Looking at the others, then back to her display :: Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 07:38 PM Irene> "I... hm. Good question. I wouldn't want to be the first one to go." CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:38 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Dubois+ Engineering has a workable device to emit tetryons. If you could please send your data to Science, Captain has asked them to meld the two. Maryse Dubois 29-Aug-21 07:40 PM +Stanton+ The Universal Translator has already been updated. I will send the data now. ::Sends data packet.:: CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:41 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Mincine, you should be getting the information from medical as we speak. Please inform me when you've got the device ready to transmit. Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 07:44 PM Irene> Slides over to the rightmost science terminal and begins programming the language transmission into the computer. "On it, Commander. Just a sec..." At last, something going right! Now she looks excited instead of frustrated. CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:46 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Sags in his chair.:: Okay, with that out of the way now... I guess I can start working on the diagnostics. We're getting some system errors from when we had to force shutdown the engines. William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:46 PM "Oof, what's going wrong?" Indaura Ryssan 29-Aug-21 07:49 PM Their language must use a complicated grammatical structure. Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:49 PM Moves back to his chair CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:49 PM Ens Reynolds> Two dozen different things on a dozen different decks. ::Pulls up the logs.:: What do you want me to start on first? Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 07:52 PM After a few minutes, Irene looks over her shoulder toward the center of hte bridge. "Transmitter is tied into the universal translator, sir." CdrMirandaHawthorne 29-Aug-21 07:53 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Alright, let's give it a shot. ::Glances to Swain.:: Would you like to do the honors, sir? William Chocox 29-Aug-21 07:53 PM "Start at the top and work your way down, I'll start from the bottom and work my way up." Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:55 PM Smirks Open a channel. Clark> Channel open sir. This is Captain Asher Swain of the Federation starship Excalibur to Opterans. We are explorers seeking to learn more about you and if possible assist as needed. Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 07:59 PM Irene> "Transmission confirmed sent... assuming we made sense, we should be getting a response shortly." Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 07:59 PM (( everyone give me a number 1-20 )) Maryse Dubois 29-Aug-21 08:00 PM (8) Indaura Ryssan 29-Aug-21 08:00 PM (1) Irene Mincine 29-Aug-21 08:00 PM (( 10 )) William Chocox 29-Aug-21 08:00 PM (( 9 )) Captain Swain 29-Aug-21 08:00 PM (( 13 < for me )) ACTION> One of the Bugs begins moving towards us MEE6 BOT 29-Aug-21 08:02 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  4. SD 0829.2021 Excalibur remains in orbit of Optera IV where we are working to close a language barrier with a species of giant insects. Meanwhile, science continues to investigate the mysterious energy barrier around the planet's core.
  5. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur is still in orbit of Optera IV where the tetryon space cicadas have started a great migration into space. One has taken particular interest in Excalibur and as we left off was approaching us. In order to not attract more, we have lowered our shields. Meanwhile, Science and Medical were working on ways to respond to them, and engineering was investigating the unusual energy field around the planet's core. MEE6 BOT 22-Aug-21 07:13 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 22-Aug-21 07:13 PM William looks up as his console starts beeping at him about the power. +Science+ "Sorry Science, I'll call you back." +Bridge+ "Chocox to Bridge." Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:13 PM Rex> Frowns, keeping an eye on tactical to see if any of the other creatures headed towards them Erich Jaenke 22-Aug-21 07:13 PM :: Is where she is :: Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:14 PM Looks over to Jaden William Chocox 22-Aug-21 07:15 PM +Bridge+ "Bridge, this is Engineering, we're getting a power drain warning down here." Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:16 PM Irene, at the science station, is focused on the creature attached to the hull. "It probably thinks we're the same kind of energy source as the planet's core." Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:16 PM Clark> +Engineering+ One of the creatures seems to have attached itself to our warpdrive. William Chocox 22-Aug-21 07:17 PM William blinks at being informed of that. +Bridge+ "Any ideas on how we get it unattached?" Erich Jaenke 22-Aug-21 07:17 PM :: Look over the large medical display :: Tholians are the only species I can see who are remotely close to these creatures. Maryse Dubois 22-Aug-21 07:18 PM ::In the lab, sitting at a console. She was going through the database.:: I'm not having much luck myself. Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:18 PM Clark> +Engineering+ Not really my area of expertise. I just push buttons on the bridge. William Chocox 22-Aug-21 07:19 PM William rolls his eyes. +Bridge+ "Has anyone else on the bridge mentioned anything?" Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:19 PM Val> Val shrugs. "I'm not an engineer, I just fly the thing." Irene> "How similar are our warp drive emissions to the planet's emissions, I wonder? Can we make them very different?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 22-Aug-21 07:21 PM Ens Reynolds> It's siphoning our exhausts, sir. ::Watching the readings.:: What if we cut the engines completely? Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:21 PM Nods It’s also possible they're simply attracted to the energy signature, like bees to flowers. William Chocox 22-Aug-21 07:22 PM "That's a possibility. Would leave us largely in the dark though." Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:22 PM (( give me a number folks 1-20__ Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:22 PM ( 3 ) William Chocox 22-Aug-21 07:22 PM (( 8 )) Erich Jaenke 22-Aug-21 07:22 PM (19) Maryse Dubois 22-Aug-21 07:22 PM (7) Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:25 PM ACTION> The Opteran begins emitting tetryon emissions, attracting several other members of the swarm towards Excalibur, though most seem to content to continue into space Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:26 PM Val> Sighs in frustration at her navigation readout. "More of them are approaching, sir. I'm with Reynolds. Turn off the power, they won't care about us." Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:27 PM Looks over to Jaden for a moment Try it. CdrMirandaHawthorne 22-Aug-21 07:29 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Nods:: +Engineering+ Bridge to Chocox. We've got more of the creatures approaching. We'd like to try to shut down the engines to see if that's why they're attracted to us. William Chocox 22-Aug-21 07:29 PM +Bridge+ "Acknowledged. We'll step it down to make it not seem like we just cut them off." William directs Reynolds to start winding things down. Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:30 PM Rex> We could also modulate a phaser burst that would stun them. CdrMirandaHawthorne 22-Aug-21 07:30 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Nods and begins the process, reducing main power in gradual steps.:: Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:30 PM Looks to Irene Would that cause injury to the creature? Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:32 PM Irene> She looks to the captain and thinks for a moment. "I'm not sure. We don't know too much about their biology, but if they're evolved to absorb energy, it shouldn't injure them." Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:33 PM Irene> "I suggest modulating the phasers to match the shield towers we found on the planet. They really don't like those things and it didn't seem to permanently injure them." Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:34 PM ACTION> As Reynolds powers down the engines, the creature detaches and moves away. The incoming also turn away and move towards deeper space. Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:35 PM Val> "Perimeter alert deactivated, Cap." Being right made her smile. "They're going back to the swarm." Maryse Dubois 22-Aug-21 07:36 PM ::Studying for a moment.:: Well if Tholians are what we are going to use as a template, it shouldn't be difficult to modulate the universal translator. Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:36 PM Sighs in relief You mentioned modulating the phasers, but could we modulate the shields to do the same? Erich Jaenke 22-Aug-21 07:37 PM Unlike a normal language, the computer could take a while for theirs. Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:37 PM I'd rather not sit around and wait for them to clear out to have engines. Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:37 PM Irene> "Definitely. The towers down there were roughly equivalent to deflector shields. I'll send the waveform to Engineering, if that's our plan." CdrMirandaHawthorne 22-Aug-21 07:39 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Chocox+ That worked, Chief. The aliens are heading elsewhere. We'll let them get a good distance away before starting the engines again. Maryse Dubois 22-Aug-21 07:39 PM True, but it would be a start. Plus we can adjust and adapt the UT as we progress. Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:39 PM Nods, then bites his lip Can you compare it to the energy field we detected around the planet core? William Chocox 22-Aug-21 07:42 PM +Stanton+ "Understood Commander, just let us know when you want us to spin them up." Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:42 PM Irene> She brings up their scan data on her station. "Computer, compare the energy pattern of the shield towers and the energy pattern of the emissions of the planet's core." The annoying computer voice replies that they are the same. "...makes sense if they were using them for power... what's the plan, sir?" Looking to Swain expectantly. Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:43 PM Clark> lowly to Val One day, we'll get a nice quiet mission where nothing goes wrong. Right? Erich Jaenke 22-Aug-21 07:43 PM They may also respond to pheromones, which we can't translate. Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:43 PM Our sensors weren't able to penetrate it, but if we have the frequency, could you adjust sensors to compensate? I'd like to find out what they're shielding. Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:44 PM Val> Chuckles to herself, replying quietly. "What fun would that be?" Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:44 PM Clark> That's what holodecks are for. Maryse Dubois 22-Aug-21 07:45 PM Nope. But we'll have to make due with what we have. ::Begins entering some parameters to a UT file.:: Erich Jaenke 22-Aug-21 07:45 PM Who should we have as an ambassador? Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:46 PM Irene> "Yes, I should be able to but with the power of the energy emissions it's hard to tell what's the shield tower and what's the planet's core from here." Maryse Dubois 22-Aug-21 07:47 PM Typically on a starship, that falls upon the captain with the counselor in an advisor role. CdrMirandaHawthorne 22-Aug-21 07:47 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Do we still have the creatures on our passive scans? Let engineering know as soon as they're a safe distance away. Erich Jaenke 22-Aug-21 07:47 PM I was hoping they liked me, but I don't know if they 'like' in the same manner we do. Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:47 PM See what you can do. Maryse Dubois 22-Aug-21 07:48 PM ::Finishes her adjustments.:: There this should do it for now. ::Uploads.:: Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:49 PM Val> "They're moving away at a pretty good clip, Commander. The closest is now at 200,000 kilometers." Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:49 PM Looks over to Jalen, for a moment. May I have a word in my ready room, Jalen? Maryse Dubois 22-Aug-21 07:49 PM +Irene+ I've just uploaded a program into the UT to help with communication. It may run a little slow at first, but it will adjust in time. Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:49 PM Stands and begins moving towards his RR Maryse Dubois 22-Aug-21 07:49 PM +Irene+ It's based off a Tholian template. CdrMirandaHawthorne 22-Aug-21 07:50 PM Ens Reynolds> So.... ::Twiddling his thumbs as they wait for main power to be turned back on.:: About that resonator... Erich Jaenke 22-Aug-21 07:50 PM We will probably sound like a robot to them. Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:50 PM Irene> She works at her station furiously. "Should have something for you when you're out of there, Captain." CdrMirandaHawthorne 22-Aug-21 07:50 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Nods and rises to follow Swain.:: Maryse Dubois 22-Aug-21 07:50 PM ::Nods:: Hopefully not an angry robot. CdrMirandaHawthorne 22-Aug-21 07:52 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Engineering+ Stanton to Chocox. We think the creatures are far enough away. Power up engines again. If they return, then we'll shut down again. Be prepared. Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:52 PM Enters the RR and waits for Jalen to enter and the doors to shut behind them Do you think we should stay in orbit and continue to study the creatures or leave now while we're ahead? William Chocox 22-Aug-21 07:52 PM William turns to Reynolds. "Yeah, we might still need it." +Stanton+ "Understood, we're on it." ::starts turning the engines on again." CdrMirandaHawthorne 22-Aug-21 07:53 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He rubbed the back of his neck and sighed.:: Honestly, my first instinct is to cut and run, but their message worries me. It sounds as though they need some sort of assistance. Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:53 PM Irene> "What is that...?" By now, she's working on two of the science stations at once. "Ops, can you give me any more sensor power?" Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:55 PM Nods Agreed. Though it’s possible the Prime Directive could apply. I won't lie though, I am extremely curious about this power signature surroundings the planet's core. I've studied hundreds of M-Class worlds and I've never seen one with these characteristics, but is my curiosity worth the risk to the ship and crew? The creatures went off after we turned off the engines, but what if that doesn't work next time. There are thousands of them. Clark> Nods Done. Erich Jaenke 22-Aug-21 07:56 PM I hope they know we are trying to talk to them. I'd hate to say something wrong. CdrMirandaHawthorne 22-Aug-21 07:56 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> I think we should pursue a means to communicate with them so that we can explain we're not food. If they're headed into deep space, we may not bet the only ones that they run across. Irene Mincine 22-Aug-21 07:57 PM Irene> "Thanks. Something is definitely down there, but I'm not sure what yet..." Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 07:58 PM Agreed. He walked over to the replicator Tea, Oolong Peach, Hot, no sugar. Maryse Dubois 22-Aug-21 07:58 PM Saying hello while accidentally insulting their mother is never a good thing. Captain Swain 22-Aug-21 08:01 PM Very well, let’s figure this out. Looks over Thank you. MEE6 BOT 22-Aug-21 08:02 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  6. SD 0815.2021 - No Sim SD 0822.2021 Excalibur is still in orbit of Optera IV where the tetryon space cicadas have started a great migration into space, one has taken particular interest in Excalibur and as we left off was approaching us. In order to not attract more, we have lowered our shields. Meanwhile, Science and Medical were working on ways to respond to them, and engineering was investigating the unusual energy field around the planet's core.
  7. MISSION BRIEF: With all the away teams back from the surface of Optera IV, we've begun to fill in some blanks. However, a number of mysteries remain: why are there such high concentrations of minerals that should only exist in subspace on the planet (and in the creatures); what is the source of the large energy field near the planet's core; we have managed to decipher some of the creatures languages, but not a way to respond; along those lines what did they mean by "the Takers" -- could it be related to whoever created the structure we encountered on our first visit to the planet? Swain has called the relevant senior staff (y'all) down to the science lab to discuss further. MEE6 BOT 08-Aug-21 07:09 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:09 PM "Look, I'm just saying, that this much power in the middle of a planet is not natural." Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:10 PM Takes a drink of tea and nods On the list of abnormal things about this planet, I agree that's among them. Indaura Ryssan 08-Aug-21 07:10 PM :: Listening :: Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:11 PM Irene> "Of course it's not natural, that stuff shouldn't exist outside of subspace." Arms crossed and leaning against the wall. Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:12 PM And yet it does. Looks over to Jalen CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:12 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Puzzled as he reviews a transcript of the alien communication.:: What do you believe they meant by 'Takers'? Someone else that visited this planet in the past? William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:13 PM "That would be my first guess." Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:13 PM Rex> Well someone had to make that tower that captured them. We never did get any hits on the scans did we? Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:14 PM Irene> Shakes her head. "They're not referring to us, are they? We did kind of take one of them... and gave them back, but still." William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:15 PM "One of their last messages implies that the Takers might take us as well." Indaura Ryssan 08-Aug-21 07:15 PM We don't know how passed down in stories their Takers are. Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:17 PM Irene> "Hm." She looks at the ceiling, as if there might be some answers in the fluorescent lighting. "Has Engineering made any progress on a way to talk back to them?" Maryse Dubois 08-Aug-21 07:18 PM :;Sits back as she listens to the discussion.:: Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:18 PM Rex> We also detected more of those towers on the southern plains where we didn't go. Reasonable to assume there's more of them on the planet. William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:19 PM "Um...I'll have to talk to Lieutenant Lahl or Ensign Reynolds. I came straight here once I beamed up." Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:19 PM runs a hand through this hair Irene, Will can you try to compare the readings we had of the shield the tower was creating and the energy field at the planets core. CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:19 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> They also mentioned they needed help of some sort. If we are to help them, then we need a way to communicate. ::To Chocox with a nod.:: William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:19 PM "Of course." Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:20 PM Irene> Nods. "Sure. I've been going over the data that the away team brought back, as well to see if there's any connection to the energy emissions in the caves." Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:20 PM Nods I agree, we need to establish two way communications. It's clear to me that they are sentient creatures. Indaura Ryssan 08-Aug-21 07:22 PM They do not use a method of communication we have encountered before. William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:23 PM But at least we can understand them. Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:23 PM Rex> Actually I wonder about that. Surely there's been some other creature Starfleet has encountered that uses tetryon or something similar for communication purposes? Takes another drink of tea out of his mug, considering thoughtfully Indaura Ryssan 08-Aug-21 07:24 PM I wonder what Tholians use. William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:25 PM "Clicks?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:25 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> If there has been, it'll be in the database. Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:25 PM Sounds like something the medical team could look into -- hmm. Smirks at Jalen Maryse Dubois 08-Aug-21 07:27 PM Seems like we need to come up with our own set of pictograms. Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:27 PM Irene> "There's a reason why most species manipulate the air for communication and not energy patterns. Could they be engineered?" Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:29 PM Possible. he took another drink of tea William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:29 PM "Has anyone here actually been in Subspace?" "If they evolved there, could it be a place where this type of communication is reasonable?" Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:30 PM Entirely true -- but that does beg a question. Why are they here? William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:30 PM "We'd have to ask the Takers." Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:30 PM Or the Opterans. Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:30 PM Irene> "Someone trying to harvest the tetryon energy...?" Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:31 PM They did mention needing our help. Considers Certainly a possibility. Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:32 PM Irene> Thinking it through now. She looks like she's trying to remember things she's only read about, and not that recently. "We know of several species that use tetryons as a power source, particularly in the Delta Quadrant. We're a long way off from there, though." William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:33 PM ((What quadrant of space are we in?)) Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:33 PM (Beta atm iirc ) CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:33 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> If someone is harvesting, it might be harming them. Though... I wonder why they wouldn't try to disable the towers, if that's their function. Maryse Dubois 08-Aug-21 07:33 PM I don't think the Takers are a positive thing in these creature's lives. If they were engineered, would they not call them builders or creators like a number of races would? Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:34 PM Clark> +Science+ Bridge to Science -- I think you and Commander Stanton had better get up here. Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:34 PM Irene> "The towers were protected by energy shields. It looked like they were trying to disable them. Or they were in distress from them." Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:34 PM +Clark+ On our way. William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:34 PM "Could it be that they can't manipulate the towers to keep from being trapped in energy fields?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:35 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Pushes away from the table, standing with his padd.:: Look into it, Chocox. But that translation program is priority. Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:36 PM Glances over to Jalen, then the rest of the senior officers Medical assist them as needed by going through the database. I also want the analysis of that shield to continue. Let's go. William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:36 PM "Aye sirs." Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:36 PM Rex> Assumes he gets to come along too and heads for the door Heads out the door CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:38 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Follows with long strides.:: William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:38 PM Heads towards Engineering Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:38 PM Enters the nearest lift with Rex and Stanton, waits for it to close It's always something. Bridge. Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:39 PM Irene> After most of the senior officers leave, she lets out a breath. "Okay, let's get on it. Do we know of any species with tech like these towers? I think that's the first question." Indaura Ryssan 08-Aug-21 07:40 PM :: Walks out of the science lab :: Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:40 PM Rex> Looks over to Jalen with a smirk William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:42 PM Walks into Main Engineering "Reynolds!" CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:42 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Jumps!:: I didn't do it! Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:43 PM Exits the bridge, unsure what fresh hell to expect William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:43 PM "You didn't start figuring out a way to communicate with the space bugs?" Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:43 PM Clark> vacates the center seat as the brass show up Sir points to the screen ACTION> On the viewer, a large number of the creatures are now leaving the planet and entering into space. CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:44 PM Ens Reynolds> Oh... ah... I thought it was something bad. Yes, we're working on it. Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::His mouth dropped open.:: What in the world... Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:44 PM Val> At helm, watching the creatures fly... "I've never seen anything like it, Cap. Biggest swarm of cicadas in the Beta Quadrant." William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:45 PM "Where are we at?" "As in, how far away are we from getting something that works?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:47 PM Ens Reynolds> Not very far, I'm afraid. I mean, we know what we need to do, but the doing is difficult. William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:47 PM "Makes sense." "How are you tackling it?" Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:48 PM ACTION> The creatures are moving extremely fast -- near impulse speeds. Most of the swarm seem to be headed straight away from the system. A few seem to be lingering for a moment. Uh takes his seat That's a new one. (( everyone give me a number 1-20 )) Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:49 PM Irene> Irene rushes onto the bridge like a bat out of Sto'vo'kor. "I heard, I heard!" She immediately records every bit of information she can about the spaceborne insects. (( 12 )) William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:49 PM (( 16 )) CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:49 PM Ens Reynolds> The syntax matrix in the universal translator just needs to be translated back into tetryons somehow. We've been researching various bits of technology that might work. We need some sort of resonator, I think. Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:49 PM Rex> At the tactical console, looking very stern Indaura Ryssan 08-Aug-21 07:49 PM (11) William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:49 PM "Alright, I like where you're going with it. What kind of resonator?" Maryse Dubois 08-Aug-21 07:49 PM (18) Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:50 PM ACTION> One of the creatures begins moving towards the Excalibur. Helm, expand our orbit to give the creatures a wide berth. Rex> Frowning looking at the tracking system, which was struggling to keep up with the literal hundreds of creatures all jetting around emitting tetryons Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:53 PM Val> "Aye, Cap. But those things can move pretty damn fast." She taps her panel and the ship begins moving into a higher orbit on a different inclination to keep them away from the swarm. Indaura Ryssan 08-Aug-21 07:54 PM :: Back to work on the creature data they collected :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:54 PM Ens Reynolds> We've got a few choices. Dilithium crystals was suggested, as was a harmonic oscillator or the phase coil resonator. William Chocox 08-Aug-21 07:55 PM "Dilithium Crystals might be the closest we have to the crystals in the caves. I wonder..." +Science+ "Chocox to Science." CdrMirandaHawthorne 08-Aug-21 07:55 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Is it coming at us on purpose? ::Frowns.:: Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:55 PM ACTION> The creature that had started moving towards us continues on its path even after we alter our orbit. It is now within proximity alarm range. Rex> Sir... that thing is closing fast. Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:56 PM Val> All business now. "Proximity alert, Cap. Orders?" Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:56 PM Looks over to Jalen Raise shields. Clark> Clenches his buttcheeks Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:58 PM Irene> "Captain, if we reduce our energy emissions, it might not think we're that interesting anymore. Raising the shields might attract more of them." Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 07:58 PM Considers Belay that order. Let's see what it does. (( TWO MINUTE WARNING )) Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 07:59 PM Val> Keeping one hand on the throttle, metaphorically speaking. Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 08:01 PM ACTION> The creature slows its approach before attaching itself to the plasma manifolds and begins to siphon the exhausts. ...and... Irene Mincine 08-Aug-21 08:02 PM Val> "Brace for impact!" Before it attaches to the nacelle! Captain Swain 08-Aug-21 08:02 PM !PAUSE SIM MEE6 BOT 08-Aug-21 08:02 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  8. SD 0808.2021 With all the away teams back from the surface of Optera IV, we've begun to fill in some blanks. However, a number of mysteries remain: why are there such high concentrations of minerals that should only exist in subspace on the planet (and in the creatures); what is the source of the large energy field near the planet's core; we have managed to decipher some of the creatures languages, but not a way to respond; along those lines what did they mean by "the Takers" -- could it be related to whoever created the structure we encountered on our first visit to the planet? Swain has called the relevant senior staff (y'all) down to the science lab to discuss further.
  9. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur is in orbit of Optera IV where they have been observing unusual, large insectoid creatures that seem to communicate through tetyron emissions. They also appear to have properties that should not belong in normal space. For nearly an hour, a team on the surface has been observing a large group of the creatures as they surfaced. They have been slowly slowing down and appear to be preparing to molt. Meanwhile aboard the Excalibur, the science nerds have been trying to make progress on deciphering the tetryon based language with some success. MEE6 BOT 01-Aug-21 07:10 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:10 PM $William has been watching the creatures molt. Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:11 PM $ Well, this is new for me. :: watching :: Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:11 PM $Rex> Cicadas. William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:11 PM $"Oh, you don't normally watch insects molt?" Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:12 PM $ Solak is watching with intense focus. "Usually, people who are not entomologists do not." William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:12 PM $looks at Rex "You think they're going to start screaming about wanting sex?" Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:12 PM $ I was going to get it to it Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:13 PM ACTION> Now that you mention it, several of the insects that have finished their molt spread their very large iridescent wings and begin flapping off into the sky in pairs. CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:13 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Completely fascinated with the process.:: I wonder if the mountains were we found the young are their breeding grounds. William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:13 PM $”Seems very possible.” Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:15 PM $ Solak> "Many species seek a protected area for breeding, ignoring the problems of getting home. The Earth salmon, for instance." He whips out a holo-camera when the insects begin their colorful flight. "This process is fascinating. The science department will be very pleased with what we bring back." Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:17 PM $Rex> Stiffles a yawn Well, I think the science nerds can handle this, Will -- what you say we get back to the Excalibur? I am sure you'll want to do some analysis on those weird subspace rocks, yeah? William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:17 PM $"Yes, yes I will." $"But can we trust the science nerds to not get eaten?" Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:18 PM $ Solak> "We may never get another chance to see this portion of the species' lifecycle, Commander. I should think this would be more interesting to you." (edited) Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:18 PM $Rex> I'll leave two of my people down here to keep an eye on them. $Rex> ::Solak:: Thats why you're here. I shoot things. Occasionally I put things in the brig. You scan things. See it’s all part of the order of the universe. William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:19 PM $"Sometimes security students don't get a second major or a minor in the Academy." CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:20 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> I think we should get closer to the adults and get more language samples. Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:21 PM $Rex> I double majored in Biochemistry. William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:21 PM $"You want to get in the middle of what appears to be a mating ritual?" Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:21 PM I wonder if the one we saved is telling them about us. Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:21 PM $ Solak> "I don't believe that we should disturb them during this process. We can leave a recorder probe behind to pick up their emanations." CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:21 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Throws Will a glance, blinking.:: Of course not! I'd wait until they were finished. Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:22 PM $Rex> My senior thesis at the academy was on "Surfactant modification of montmorillonite for environmental contaminant remediation" Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:23 PM $ Solak> Glances back at Rex. "Security and biochemistry? An interesting choice of majors. Perhaps you missed your calling in the science department." Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:23 PM $Rex> Biochemistry makes for good explosives. Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:23 PM $ Solak> Raises an eyebrow. "Indeed." Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:24 PM $Rex> Grins Anyway, Doctor Castell, I expect you to follow away team procedures. And if you don't, I've told Carson here he can stun you. Now, Will, shall we get back to the ship (edited) William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:25 PM $"Sure, also, you get more fun explosives material in Engineering. Just saying." Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:25 PM $Carson> The Burly looking security officer nodded with a wry smile, patting his phaser riffle $Rex> I prefer demolitions, we tend to only blow things up when we want to... but then your nickname is Boomer. William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:26 PM $"You blow up one EPS system..." Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:26 PM $Rex> +Excalibur+ Rex to Excalibur, two to beam up. William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:26 PM $William shimmers. Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:26 PM (who beamed up?) Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:27 PM (( Will and Rex )) Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:27 PM $ Solak> After the two of them beam up, the tall Vulcan returns to snapping holo-photos of the insect swarm. Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:28 PM Rex> Back on Excalibur, he sighed as he stepped off the transporter pad I don't really like insects. Especially not ones the size of a shuttlepod. William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:29 PM "Ah. So if I were to start a holodeck program with insects, that would be a no go?" (edited) Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:29 PM $Insect1> Thought it had shed its skin and had dried its wings, it seemed interested in Solak and the team and began moving closer Rex> I know where your quarters are located and which power junction connects to your sonic shower, yes. Rex> And I might also mention I know how muck one up badly enough that even you couldn't fix it. William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:29 PM "Good thing I know both of those things too." Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:29 PM $ Oh, one is approaching. William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:30 PM "You'd be surprised what I could fix." William walks with Rex to wherever their destination was. Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:31 PM $ Solak> "I advise we maintain a passive stance, Lt. Castell." Watching the one insect get closer with interest. "They have done nothing to show they are threatening to humanoids." CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:31 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Excited bounce.:: If we can get some language samples, we can filter them through the translation program and maybe see what they're saying. Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:31 PM Rex> I would also remind you that I conveniently omitted all mentions of your little project in my report about the security protocals after our last mission. Was he serious? William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:31 PM "And I am eternally grateful for that." Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:31 PM $Insect1> begins making a motion seemingly mimicing Taryn's excited bounce Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:31 PM $ We should be on our best behavior. Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:32 PM $Insect2> another insect seems to take an interest and moves over as well, the light show from their mouth pieces continues Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:32 PM $ Solak> "It appears to have taken an interest in you, Lieutenant." He still has his holo-camera out. "I am recording all audio, naturally." He moves back a little to get Lt. Castell and the insects in frame. Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:33 PM Rex> Smirks So, I am going to head to my office and file a report on those things, I suggest you do the same witht he samples of the rocks. I am sure Captain Swain will be curious what solid solanogen is doing in regular space. Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:33 PM $ What's an insect hello? Oh wait, do they use pheromones? William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:34 PM "Sounds like a plan." William walks down to Engineering to start working on the rocks. Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:37 PM $ :: Waves at the insect :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:37 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Waves to the creatures and makes sure her tricorder is passively scanning.:: Greetings from the Federation! Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:37 PM $ Solak> "Lieutenant..." He seems as exasperated as a Vulcan can get. "These insects appear to communicate exclusively through their energy emissions. I do not believe we have detected any pheromones." He double checks. Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:37 PM $Insect 1 and 2> Both insects mimic the waving with their antenae (edited) Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:38 PM $ They sure can mimic. $ Is any of them the one we saved? CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:39 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> No, that one was a juvenile. These are the adult version of the species, if their development mimics other creatures. Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:40 PM +Will+ Swain to Chocox William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:40 PM +Swain+ "Chocox here." Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:40 PM +Chocox+ I understand you've returned to Excalibur? William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:40 PM +Swain+ "That is correct." Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:41 PM $ Solak> "Their behavior is quite interesting. That they are interested in us rather than their brood could mean they have the capacity for independent action." Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:41 PM +Chocox+ Good, good. I am down in science lab 2 with one of your engineers we're looking at the scans of the solanogen crystal deposits. I' d like you to join us. CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:42 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> ::She moved closer, waving both hands to see if they'd mimic the action again.:: William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:42 PM +Swain+ "I am on my way." William starts heading that direction. (edited) Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:42 PM $Insect1> Waves both antennae at Insect 2, which repeated the gesture back Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:42 PM $ :: Decided to move with Taryn :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:43 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Waves up and down, raising the nonexistent roof.:: I bet they think we're crazy or something. Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:44 PM $Insect1> Turns towards the two ugly bags of mostly water moving towards them and begins emitting an array of colorful signals from its mouthpieces Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:44 PM $ Solak> "Perhaps." He checks if the level of radiation from the communications is dangerous. Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:45 PM $ I hope they don't think of us as food. Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:45 PM $Insect2> Moves over and repeats the same exact colorful light show as Insect1 (edited) Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:46 PM Solak> "If nothing else, we are expanding our corpus of their attempts at communications." He's making sure to record it all. CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:46 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> I caught that one! ::Runs the light pattern through the science team's translation program.:: William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:46 PM William walks into the science lab. "Hello Captain." Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:46 PM << Dice roll time -- give me a number AT 1-20 >> Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:47 PM (( 5 )) Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:47 PM $ We could mimic those sisgnals back. (14) Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:48 PM ACTION> The translation program begins to sort out the signals and spits out a fairly short message: HELLO BAGS OF CARBON AND HYDROCARBONS, YOU ARE STRANGE! BUT YOU DO NOT REMIND US OF THE TAKERS. Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:48 PM $ :: turns :: Takers? Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:49 PM Insect1 & 2> Repeat the same message more or less Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:49 PM Solak> "It is an accurate assessment of the chemical composition of a humanoid, Lieutenant. But what does it mean by Takers?" Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:50 PM $ Can we repeat Takers, but make it a question? CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:50 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> It doesn't sound nice, whatever it is. It shows they're aware of what we're made of, though. At least they didn't call us ugly bags of carbon and hydrocarbons. (edited) Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:51 PM Insect1> seeming to become a bit frustrated communicates something to the other one that the translation matrix can only partially parse as "maybe bags of carbon are not advance enough for language? Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:51 PM Solak> "Do we have enough information to attempt a reply?" William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:51 PM William approaches the science station that the Captain and the other engineer are at. "What's cracking?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:52 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> We don't have anything that can flash back their radiation. ::Frowns.:: Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:52 PM Turns Ah Chief, you're here. Points to the diagram I've heard of solanogen before, but never seen it. I don't know if there's any record of it ever existing in nromal space like this. Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:53 PM $ Wonder if a mind meld would so something. William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:53 PM "It appears we're the first recorded instance in the Federation. What have you guys found so far?" Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:53 PM INsect2> Flashes a message back that the translation matrix parses as "Pitty for them, perhaps they will evolve that skill when the next brood hatches? Perhaps then they can help us, if they aren't trapped themselves by the Takers CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:54 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Shoots Ryssan a shocked look.:: You can't just go around suggesting mind melds! Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:54 PM $ I just did. It's not like I can. :: slowly approaches the insects. Waves again :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:55 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> I don't think we can do anything more here until we have a way to talk back to them. ::Tapping at her tricorder.:: They can't understand us otherwise. Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:56 PM Insect1> Flashes back what the matrix can only construe as a something between a sigh and resignation to that fact, before turning to flash another message to the team."Good luck bags of carbon! May your journeys be wet. Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:56 PM $ Solak> "I would be willing to attempt it, but I do not think that the insects would allow it without a way to explain it to them." CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:56 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> ::At their last message, she waved again in farewell.:: Bye! We'll be back, maybe... Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:57 PM Insect1 & 2> Take flight together into the sky CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 07:57 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> Happy mating! Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:58 PM It does appear to be natural, but again I can't even imagine how that happens. There's also this brings up a diagram of the planet intense energy reading coming from the planet's core. Almost like it’s some sort of shield. Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 07:58 PM $ Solak> "We should return once we have a communication device of some sort. Until then, we can investigate who the Takers are, and what they mean by stuck here." William Chocox 01-Aug-21 07:59 PM “The more I learn about this planet the more concerned I get.” Indaura Ryssan 01-Aug-21 07:59 PM $ We should have given them something. :: frowns :: Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 07:59 PM I don't disagree, but so far nothing has posed a danger to the ship. Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 08:00 PM $ Solak> "We do not know what they value." CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 08:00 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> Or what they'd consider an insult. $Lt. Taryn Castell> Besides, we saved one of their young, so... William Chocox 01-Aug-21 08:01 PM “True, but this place is absolutely weird.” CdrMirandaHawthorne 01-Aug-21 08:03 PM $Lt. Taryn Castell> I'm beaming back up. Anyone else? Irene Mincine 01-Aug-21 08:03 PM $ Solak> Nods. "I believe we have accomplished what we can down here." Captain Swain 01-Aug-21 08:03 PM !pause MEE6 BOT 01-Aug-21 08:03 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  10. SD 0801.2021 Excalibur is in orbit of Optera IV where they have been observing unusual, large insectoid creatures that seem to communicate through tetyron emissions. They also appear to have properties that should not belong in normal space. For nearly an hour, a team on the surface has been observing a large group of the creatures as they surfaced. They have been slowly slowing down and appear to be preparing to molt. Meanwhile aboard the Excalibur, the science nerds have been trying to make progress on deciphering the tetryon based language with some success.
  11. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur has continued its exploration of Optera IV where they have been observing unusual creatures. An away team on the surface is following a large cluster of the creatures as they burrow their way to the surface, while a second team is preparing to return a juvenile creature that injured to an icy hellscape where it was found. There are still many questions for the crew to uncover, such as who created the strange tower they discovered in their first encounter with the creatures, and what is the high powered energy source near the planets core? MEE6 BOT 11-Jul-21 07:07 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:08 PM $William keeps walking after Lieutenant Castell, trying to keep up with the scientist. Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:09 PM $ Solak is still chasing after Castell as well. Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:09 PM $Rex> Makes a note for away team protocol review for all officers as they make their way to the surface Erich Jaenke 11-Jul-21 07:09 PM :: is where she is :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Jul-21 07:10 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Bursting out of the tunnel and into the cold, she pulled up her hood as she turned about, searching for where the creatures had exited.:: Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:10 PM Making his way back to the bridge, in the turbo lift he took a minute to monologue out a captain's log We’ve stumbled onto a mystery. Tetryon emissions on Optera IV, an unexplored world, have led us to investigate a sentient but intelligent native species of insectoid. Due to the unusual and unstable nature of tetryons, particularly in normal space, I felt warranted in sending away teams to discover and decode the source. It appears the Tetryon emissions may be some form of communication for the instectoids and so we have decided to attempt to translate these emissions. Any damage done by beaming down, in relation to the Prime Directive, will have inadvertently already been done and so an attempt at first contact, no matter if it proves futile, should at least be made. William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:10 PM $William looks around as well, bundling himself up. "It's still way too cold!" Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:12 PM $ Solak> Stoic as always, despite the circumstances. "Lt. Castell, please slow down. We can't keep up with your pace." CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Jul-21 07:13 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> Hurry up! We're going to lose them! William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:14 PM $"And we're going to lose you if you don't wait up!" CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Jul-21 07:14 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Is all ready to beam the creature back where we found it? ::Peering about at the scientists.:: Erich Jaenke 11-Jul-21 07:14 PM As ready as we can Maryse Dubois 11-Jul-21 07:15 PM Are we beaming it back to the same spot, or have we found a more ideal location? Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:16 PM Irene> "It should be fine if we put it back where we found it, right-side-up and not injured. There were openings to caves nearby, right?" Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:16 PM $ACTION> The $ away team emerge from underground onto a vast, open prairie filled with exotic plants and more importantly, hundreds of the creatures. William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:16 PM $"Whoa." Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:16 PM $ Solak> "...Fascinating." Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:18 PM $Rex> Does a "woah" facial gesture That sure is something. William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:18 PM $"It's a whole herd of them." Maryse Dubois 11-Jul-21 07:18 PM I believe so Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:18 PM $ Solak> "It could be a colony group, perhaps? They all left the cavern together and came here." William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:18 PM $"Right." Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:19 PM Crimina> Looks over to the team who've been working on the juvenile Woah... get a look at this. Readings just jumped off the chart all over the planet. Thousands of creatures are appearing all over the planet's surface. CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Jul-21 07:20 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Nods.:: Yes, back where it came from, though closer to the caves where it can take shelter. Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:21 PM Irene pushes a blueshirt aside to get at one of the wall consoles at that news. "The tetryon readings, can the computer make any sense of them? Do we know what they're saying?" Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:22 PM Crimina> Shrugs The algorithms aren't tested yet, and its like, a circus down there. $Rex> Migration? What if they're like cicadas? William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:24 PM $"That would be interesting." Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:24 PM $ Solak> "A terrestrial insect that migrates en masse on a periodic cycle. Unfortunately, we do not have decades to find out." William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:25 PM $"Wouldn't that mean their communications are booty calls?" Maryse Dubois 11-Jul-21 07:25 PM ::Looks at the map.:: Well here is where we found it. ::Points to a spot.:: Here is the closest entrance. ::Plugs in the coordinates.:: Sending the numbers to the TR Chief. We'll be ready to transport. CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Jul-21 07:26 PM ACTION> After coordinates were fixed, Stanton gave the order and the injured juvenile shimmered in transport, reappearing in the cold mountain region, just outside of the cavern. Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:26 PM $ Solak> "Crude, but possibly an accurate analogy. Unfortunately, again, we do not have decades to find out." CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Jul-21 07:26 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> Maybe they just like this time of day. I wonder what they eat... Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:27 PM $Rex> Hopefully not starfleet doctors. William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:27 PM $"Or engineers." Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:27 PM $Rex> Seems to consider that for a moment $Rex> Well, I mean... Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:28 PM $ Solak> "As far as we know, they subsist on energy, do they not?" Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:28 PM $Rex> I guess it is a lot of paper work to fill out if a member of your away team gets eaten by a giant, possibly sentient insect. William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:28 PM $"Glad it's just paperwork that's keeping me alive." Maryse Dubois 11-Jul-21 07:29 PM ::Watches the baby bug beam away.:: Well that was fun. Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:30 PM Irene sighs, heavily, as the insect gets beamed away. "At least we were able to help it." Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:30 PM (( better ending than the last baby we had on the ship )) ACTION> The Juvenile takes a moment to get used to its surroundings again, but soon happily burrows its way into the ground, heading down, down, down. Maryse Dubois 11-Jul-21 07:33 PM ((Haha...No more green babies.)) CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Jul-21 07:34 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> We don't really know what they're doing with those crystals. Are they feeding on them? Placing a communications call? Or perhaps it is their form of entertainment. I'm curious to know more. But this behavior... how odd. ::She set to scanning the atmosphere for any changes.:: Erich Jaenke 11-Jul-21 07:34 PM They grow...down so fast. Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:35 PM ACTION> Some of the creatures begin slowing down their movements and the tetryon bursts. William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:35 PM $"Careful..." Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:35 PM $ Solak> "I suggest we have the Excalibur compare our readings now with the readings before the creatures' exodus, Lieutenant." Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:37 PM $Rex> Nods Make it so William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:37 PM $William raises an eyebrow. Erich Jaenke 11-Jul-21 07:40 PM :: Looks around, scanning the surrounding area :: Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:41 PM $ Solak> Nods and begins transmitting his tricorder readings to the Excalibur. Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:47 PM Crimina> We're getting some sensor readings from Commander Rex's team. They appear to be pretty close to the creatures. Should we punch them into the translation matrix? Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:48 PM Irene> "Go ahead and load them into the translation system, yeah. Let's see if we can make out their conversation, at least." Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:48 PM Crimina> Nods $Rex> +Stanton+ Rex to Stanton Erich Jaenke 11-Jul-21 07:51 PM :: Wonders if they can even speak to them in any meaningful manner :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Jul-21 07:53 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Rex+ Stanton here. Go ahead, Chief. Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:54 PM $Rex> +Stanton+ Commander, we're observing the creatures on the surface. Part of my team is still down in the caves taking samples of crystals we encountered that they appeared to be drawn to before migrating to the surface en masse. ACTION> A few of the creatures begin to go almost completely dormant. If one of the $ was paying close enough attention, they might notice that their "skeletons" were beginning to dry and crack open. Irene Mincine 11-Jul-21 07:57 PM $ Solak> "Lieutenant!" He points out one of the changing creatures... "It's undergoing metamorphosis!" CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Jul-21 07:57 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Rex+ Acknowledged. Have you seen any sign of aggression toward the team? The science team was able to work the translator to reading their emissions to a certain degree. If they do not seem hostile, continue to monitor. They're attempting to translate what you're sending back to the ship. William Chocox 11-Jul-21 07:58 PM $William looks over at the creatures. "Oh [expletive deleted]." Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 07:58 PM $Rex> +Stanton+ They don't seem to even notice we're here Commander. (( 2 minute warning )) Erich Jaenke 11-Jul-21 07:59 PM :: Keeping her reaction in check, scanning :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 11-Jul-21 08:01 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> You think they'll get any bigger? Like molting? Or are they going to come out with giant wings? ::Clearly excited, she really wanted to get closer.:: Captain Swain 11-Jul-21 08:01 PM !PAUSE MEE6 BOT 11-Jul-21 08:01 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  12. SD 0711.2021 Excalibur has continued its exploration of Optera IV where they have been observing unusual creatures. An away team on the surface is following a large cluster of the creatures as they burrow their way to the surface, while a second team is preparing to return a juvenile creature that injured to an icy hellscape where it was found. There are still many questions for the crew to uncover, such as who created the strange tower they discovered in their first encounter with the creatures, and what is the high powered energy source near the planets core?
  13. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur continues to explore Optera IV. The crew is attempting to provide medical assistance and hopefully establish some sort of communication with a juvenile specimen of the large insectoids we have encountered on the planet. Meanwhile, a second team has beamed to a large underground cavern where they have found a large grouping of the creatures. MEE6 BOT 27-Jun-21 07:10 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Erich Janeke 27-Jun-21 07:12 PM :: With the creature :: I sure wish I was telepathic. Maryse Dubois 27-Jun-21 07:13 PM ::In the lab, making sure vitals remained stable.:: Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:14 PM Irene> "We don't know if it has thought patterns a telepath could hear, anyway." Working at a computer terminal with the universal translator up, with the help of another blueshirt. Captain Swain 27-Jun-21 07:14 PM $Rex> ::Keeping an eye on the creatures:: Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:15 PM $ Solak> Crawls back to the rest of the group, sample of crystal in a small metal jar. "This should be enough for analysis on the ship." William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:15 PM $Nostrun> "Please be careful Lieutenant Castell." Erich Janeke 27-Jun-21 07:16 PM :: Reaches out to touch the creature, to reassure it if possible :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:16 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> Hmmm? ::A bit absently as she studied the readings on her tricorder as she scanned, leaning to see if she could determine how they were interacting with the columns.:: William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:17 PM $"I think Nostrun doesn't want you to get clamped by one of the creatures Lieutenant." Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:19 PM $ Solak> "Indeed. We do not know their defensive capabilities, if any." CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:21 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> I'm not going to touch them, naturally. They're all a bit preoccupied. William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:22 PM $"That could change in a moment." Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:23 PM $ Solak> The tall Vulcan ponders for a few moments, then opens up the sample container. "Lieutenant, are there any differences between this sample, now that it is removed from the cavern, and the ones the creatures are interacting with?" Erich Janeke 27-Jun-21 07:24 PM :: Looks at the latest vitals and that of them over time :: Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:26 PM Irene looks a bit frustrated. This is out of her area of expertise, now that the creature is stabilized. "Computer, are we making any progress on interpreting the creature's tetryon emissions?" Erich Janeke 27-Jun-21 07:28 PM If we can at least get a glimpse of its emotional state. CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:30 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Finally backs away after getting several biological scans. She rejoined the others, looking to see what they'd collected.:: I think that most of the tetryons are coming from the creatures and not the crystals, though would have to get closer to one of the groups to check for certain. Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:31 PM $ Solak> "That is in line with the findings that the crystals are acting as an oscillator and amplifier for the tetryons." Erich Janeke 27-Jun-21 07:32 PM Is the tetryon transmitter ready? CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:32 PM Computer> ::To Irene.:: Tetryon emission patterns recognized. Reliability at 72% with current sample. Maryse Dubois 27-Jun-21 07:33 PM Well that's not terrible. Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:34 PM Irene> "It's better than nothing. What should we... say?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:35 PM (( Clarification - you've rigged the UT to read the creature's emissions. Has anyone created a device to talk back to it? The UT can't produce tetryon radiation. )) Maryse Dubois 27-Jun-21 07:35 PM Hopefully something simple, that won't be mistranslated into something like we come to kill you all. William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:36 PM ((We are the Borg. Lower your shields and prepare to be assimilated. Your biological and technological distinctiveness shall be added to our own. Resistance is futile.)) Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:36 PM (( Oh, okay. )) CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:37 PM Computer> Current translation is as follows: PAIN/HELP/PAIN/BROOD/COLD/HELP/PAIN William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:37 PM $Nostrun> "Interesting. We'll have to see what else is hanging around here." Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:38 PM Irene looks at the creature, a bit taken aback by the directness of the translation. "It doesn't want to be here... I don't blame it. It's stable now, right?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:39 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> I vote we continue exploring the cave system to see if all the groupings are the same. Perhaps we'll be able to discern patterns in the communication crystals. $ Lt. Taryn Castell> For instance, are they speaking to one another through them? To other areas of the planet? Or are they searching for travelers in space? Maryse Dubois 27-Jun-21 07:40 PM ::Nods:: From what I can tell, yes. Captain Swain 27-Jun-21 07:40 PM ACTION> The great mass of insectoids begin moving towards the ceiling of the cavern, burrowing towards the surface. William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:40 PM $"Is there anything that indicates that they're technologically advanced?" Captain Swain 27-Jun-21 07:40 PM $Rex> Frowns William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:40 PM $Nostrun> "That's interesting." Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:41 PM $ Solak> "Nothing that we have found so far." He watches them go toward the surface... "Hmm." He checks his tricorder to see if any of the signals have changed? CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:41 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Starts, blinking.::What on earth caused that, I wonder... Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:42 PM Irene> "I think we should put it back. We can't... I don't think we can help it much further up here." William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:42 PM $Nostrun>"Did they notice one of their own was missing?" Erich Janeke 27-Jun-21 07:42 PM Well, if nothing else the creature is not panicking. CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:44 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Is the leg braced enough that it might heal in time? Maryse Dubois 27-Jun-21 07:44 PM ::Nods:: Captain Swain 27-Jun-21 07:45 PM $Rex> Interesting. William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:45 PM $"Concerning more like it. Where are they going?" Erich Janeke 27-Jun-21 07:46 PM We think so, but we also don't know how quickly they heal. Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:46 PM "It's going to live, we got enough tetryon data out of it to set up a basic translation matrix, and we got enough biological data to keep researchers occupied for years." Captain Swain 27-Jun-21 07:46 PM ACTION> They continue burrowing towards the surface, there's some rocks falling but nothing major. They seem somehow, driven, towards the surface. CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:47 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> I want to see what's going on! ::Leaving the cavern the same way they'd arrived, she hustled to reach the surface along with the creatures.:: William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:48 PM $"Someone go with her and make sure she doesn't hurt herself." Captain Swain 27-Jun-21 07:48 PM $Rex> Doctor, hold up. Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:50 PM $ Solak> "Lieutenant Castell, please wait..." Did he roll his eyes? Must have been their imaginations. He followed her out of the cavern. William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:50 PM $Nostrun> "I didn't know Vulcans could feel that way." Captain Swain 27-Jun-21 07:51 PM $Rex> Sighs Very well, lets go. Its only, what a kilometer up? William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:52 PM $"I believe so sir." Captain Swain 27-Jun-21 07:52 PM $Rex> Nostrun, you and Calleson stay here and take some samples of the rocks. William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:52 PM $Nostrun> "Aye sir." Captain Swain 27-Jun-21 07:52 PM $Rex> Keep an open comm channel. William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:52 PM $Nostrun> "You got it." CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:54 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> If there's nothing more we can do with the creature, then we should return it to the surface where we found it. Or perhaps closer to the cavern where it can be out of the cold. Maryse Dubois 27-Jun-21 07:55 PM I have no objections. Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 07:57 PM "Somewhere that it won't freeze to death, I agree." CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:57 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Sir? ::Looks to Swain.:: Have you had your fill? William Chocox 27-Jun-21 07:58 PM $William goes towards the entrance of the cavern to keep Castell and Solak company on the surface. CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 07:58 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Hurrying up through the tunnel, though the incline was slightly more difficult than when they'd come back down. She was in shape, however, and made good time.:: Captain Swain 27-Jun-21 07:58 PM Swain> Nods Yes agreed. Swain> Make preprations to take it back to the surface where you found it. Irene Mincine 27-Jun-21 08:00 PM Irene> With the captain's approval, she goes back to the terminal, now bringing up a topographic relief map of the surface near where they beamed it up. "Okay, let's find a good spot for it..." She looks a little shaken from the translation, still. $ Solak> "Lieutenant, please be careful..." He had the typical Vulcan physical strength and stamina, but she had gotten a pretty good head strart. CdrMirandaHawthorne 27-Jun-21 08:03 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Glances back.:: It isn't that difficult of a climb, but my calves are burning. Hurry up! If you pass me, I just might hop on your back and let you haul me up. Captain Swain 27-Jun-21 08:03 PM !PAUSE MEE6 BOT 27-Jun-21 08:03 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  14. SD 0627.2021 Excalibur continues to explore Optera IV. The crew is attempting to provide medical assistance and hopefully establish some sort of communication with a juvenile specimen of the large insectoids we have encountered on the planet. Meanwhile, a second team has beamed to a large underground cavern where they have found a large grouping of the creatures.
  15. MISSION BRIEF: The crew has returned from the planet with a new friend -- one of the creatures -- and is working to heal its injuries and attempt to discern if its blinking tetryon strobes are some sort of language. Meanwhile, Rex is leading a team back to the surface, assuming Will doesn't cause them to materialize in rocks. MEE6 BOT 20-Jun-21 07:10 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:11 PM $Rex> Wondering if he should have listened to his mother and went into stem bolts instead of starfleet as he herds the B-team onto the transporter pad Just try not to beam us into solid rock, okay Will. I am not fond of the idea of becoming Horta. William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:11 PM $Will quickly gets to work on the transporter controls. “Have I ever let you down Commander?” Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:12 PM $ Solak> Looks across the transporter pad. "We would not become Horta, sir. We would simply suffocate." William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:12 PM $Nostrun> “Such a cheery thought.” Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:12 PM $Rex> Looks at the Vulcan with a withering glance No we'd just die instantly as we materialized in the rock. But... that’s not the point. William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:13 PM $Will pops up “Ready!” Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:13 PM $Rex> Considers that dying wouldn't be so bad. Alrighty. William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:13 PM $Will gets onto the pad. CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 07:13 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> Good luck! I believe in you. ::To Chocox.:: William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:15 PM $Nostrun> “Impressive how loud your thoughts are Lieutenant.” Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:15 PM << Away team give me a number 1-20 )) CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 07:15 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Standing aside for the scientists as they examine the rescued creature, still uneasy about having it on board.:: Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:15 PM $ (( 12 )) CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 07:15 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> ::She beamed at Nostrun.:: That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. Erich Jaenke, CEng 20-Jun-21 07:15 PM (I'm back on the ship right?) Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:16 PM Swain> Finishing his sandwich, wondering what the away team has brought up. CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 07:16 PM (Yep, in the lab with the creature, Indura) Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:16 PM (( Yes, in the biolab with Maryse, Stanton, Irene, and Bill the Bug )) Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:16 PM Irene> Has been leading the efforts to stabilize the creature. "Okay. How are we looking?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 07:18 PM $ (17) William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:18 PM $((16)) Maryse Dubois 20-Jun-21 07:18 PM ::Watching the vitals.:: You are out of imminent danger for now. But we are far from stable. Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:18 PM ACTION> The away team shimmers off the platform on the Excalibur and materializes along the edge of a vast cavern. Brilliant flashes of kaleidoscopic light assault their vision the instant they materialize. The lights seem to emanate from dozens of outcroppings made of crystal. In the instant the lights flash brightest, you can see the motionless shapes of the creatures from the surface clustered around the outcroppings. There appear to be hundreds of these creatures in the cavern. Contrasting sharply with the psychedelic light show, the chamber is eerily quiet and cool but not cold. William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:20 PM $William shields his eyes. “Whoa.” Erich Jaenke, CEng 20-Jun-21 07:20 PM Fascinating. So rare to work on a creature that is not humanoid. Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:20 PM $Rex> Blinks, shielding his eyes with one hand Well that is one hell of a light show., Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:21 PM Irene> "Good. At least we have time now. And it's not going to drop dead on us. Have we made any progress with the computer decoding its tetryon transmissions?" $ Solak> "...Fascinating. This appears to be a den, of sorts." The tall Vulcan squints, trying to get his eyes to adjust to the light show they were given. Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:23 PM $Rex> Looks over Those crystals... they don't look like anything I've ever seen before. William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:23 PM $Nostrun>”It’s certainly pretty.” Erich Jaenke, CEng 20-Jun-21 07:24 PM We are not sure. We need to establish a yes and no level of understanding. CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 07:24 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> I wonder why they're clustered around them. Could they be feeding on the light in some fashion, you think? ::She flipped open her tricorder to scan, pursing her lips in concentration.:: Erich Jaenke, CEng 20-Jun-21 07:25 PM :: Goes over to the creature, and says to it... :: My name is Indaura. We are attempting to help you. Do you understand any of what I am saying? William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:26 PM $Nostrun>”Could be religious.” Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:27 PM $ Solak> "If they communicate through one type of radiation, it could reason that they also derive sustenance from another type of radiation." Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:27 PM ACTION> The crystals appear to be made of Solangen, the same substance earlier found in the creatures themselves, and also extremely rare to be found in normal space. The crystals appear to be amplifying the tetryon emissions from the creatures. Erich Jaenke, CEng 20-Jun-21 07:28 PM :: Gently places her right hand on the creatures head :: Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:28 PM Irene shakes her head. "I'm no linguist, but I agree that we need to establish some kind of baseline of transmission if we're going to talk to it. Can we... compare the tetryon transmissions of the healthy ones to the injured one?" Erich Jaenke, CEng 20-Jun-21 07:32 PM I don't speak tetryon. William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:34 PM $”Anyone think to bring shades?” William asks. Erich Jaenke, CEng 20-Jun-21 07:35 PM Maybe the creature is too weak to communicate. I wonder. Can I have my speech translated into tetryon emissions? CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 07:37 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Scan the thing's speech pattern and see if the universal translator can make any determinations. ::To Indaura.:: I want a full recording of the thing while it is on the ship. Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:37 PM $Rex> Smirks No, but your eyes get used to it eventually. Taryn Do the tertryons pose any risk to us. We haven't encountered them in such high concentrations. Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:38 PM Irene nods. Irene> "Computer, transfer all tetryon-band recordings from my tricorder to the translation matrix. Are there any recognizable speech patterns?" William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:38 PM $Nostrun> "Your mind seems fine Lieutenant Chocox." William> "That's reassuring." CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 07:40 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> No, sir. The radiation in here is at an acceptable limit for a small amount of time. I'd recommend treatments when we return to the ship, just to be safe. Erich Jaenke, CEng 20-Jun-21 07:40 PM We should keep the translations in a one-to-one, meaning if I'm speaking at 170Hz it does that in tetryons Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:40 PM $ Solak> Has been looking at his tricorder in the meantime. "Commander, these crystals are amplifying the tetryon emissions. They are of a material native to subspace. I would like to get a sample." Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:41 PM $Rex> Nods to both See if you can get a sample without disturbing the creatures. William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:42 PM $Nostrun> "Should be fun." Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:43 PM Irene> Shrug. "We don't know if that means anything in terms of tetryons." $Solak> "Understood." He crouches down to find a spot where he can hammer off some of the crystals with a hand tool, as far from the creatures as possible. Erich Jaenke, CEng 20-Jun-21 07:43 PM :: Looks at the creature scans :: We can't determine the range based on our scans. Maryse Dubois 20-Jun-21 07:43 PM Too bad none of us are telepathic. Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:44 PM Enters the lab So, you said you had a present for me? William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:44 PM ((It's a puppy!)) Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:45 PM Irene> "Half-Klingon, not half-Betazoid. Sorry." She jumps hearing the captain's voice. Oh, she was going to get it now. "Well..." CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 07:45 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> I doubt telepathy would help. Empathy, perhaps... ::He glanced as Swain entered.:: I told you that you'd want to see this. ::Waving a hand at the creature.:: We believe it is newly hatched. William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:49 PM $William keeps looking at the creatures to make sure none of them start coming towards the science people. Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:49 PM Looks over Well, I see what you mean. Lifts a brow I am sure you know my next question CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 07:51 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> It's injured, and likely wouldn't have survived had we left it in the cold. It might still perish. ::He glanced back to the thing.:: But not from lack of trying. Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:51 PM Irene grins sheepishly in the direction of Captain Swain, then goes back to working on the translation matrix. Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:52 PM He nodded. If the creature was indeed sentient, they risked a prime directive violation, but he'd deal with that later. Very well. I assume you've already started trying to decipher if it is indeed sentient? $Rex> Also watching vigilantly, but the creatures seemed to busy to notice the crew So, how does a subspace substance like Salongen end up in such quantities in regular space, Will? Erich Jaenke, CEng 20-Jun-21 07:53 PM :: Looking at the transmissions, if any :: William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:53 PM $ “Aliens.” deadpan Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:54 PM Irene> "Our main concern is keeping it alive, sir." Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:55 PM $Rex> Gives Will a "look" William Chocox 20-Jun-21 07:55 PM $ “Otherwise I’m not sure enough to say. I’m thinking on it.” Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:55 PM Nods to Irene Yes, I think they do frown on death in first contact situations. $Rex> Nods I am sure Swain will want to have some thoughts on that. He's a big science nerd you know. Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:56 PM $ Solak> "Commander, if they communicate through radiation normally found in subspace, it may be their natural habitat. The solanogen in this planet could have attracted them here." CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 07:56 PM $ Lt. Taryn Castell> ::Scoots a bit closer to the lifeforms to scan them directly, interested in the biology of what she assumed were adult creatures.:: Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:56 PM $Rex> Does a motion to the Vulcan See Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 07:56 PM $ Solak> Raises brow Vulcanly at Rex. Irene> "So far all we know is they communicate through tetryon transmissions and they love solanogen. That's about as far as we've gotten." Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 07:59 PM TWO MINUTE WARNING Solanogen? But that almost never exists in real space? Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 08:00 PM Irene> "No, sir, it does not. This planet's full of it, though." Erich Jaenke, CEng 20-Jun-21 08:00 PM Do we have any solanogen? Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 08:01 PM Strokes his beard The Enterprise, I think it was, encountered Solanogen based life forms once. Curious that the sensor probes they sent out for mapping missed that, but I doubt they would have thought to scan for it. Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 08:01 PM Irene> "That's not something you can go down to the Promenade and buy..." Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 08:01 PM But just think of how much of our silverware would buy of it though. dead pan CdrMirandaHawthorne 20-Jun-21 08:02 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Chokes:: Irene Mincine 20-Jun-21 08:02 PM Irene> "It's not something that normally occurs in planetary crust, so the sensor probes probably aren't set up to scan for it. Especially the ones they used whenever they mapped this sector." She looks away at the silverware comment. Captain Swain 20-Jun-21 08:02 PM !pAUSE MEE6 BOT 20-Jun-21 08:02 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========