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  1. MISSION BRIEF: The engineering team continues to work on the shuttle too see if they can determine how to prevent further battery drain; while science and medical head down into the crystal caves. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM William Chocox: ::is poking around the yacht's engineering department, looking to see if anything seems promising:: Irene Mincine: "Here we are, 400 meters below the surface." :: Irene steps out when the elevator stops. :: "About 50 meters this way is the resonance cavern." Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Still reading the trashy romance novel:: William Chocox: ((Do we need to grab a symbol?)) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: (( @ for crystal crew. # for Yachty )) Cptn Swain: (( Probably not. )) William Chocox: ((::grabs a # and slaps it on his head like a hat::)) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> ::Scanning the yacht with a rapidly declining tricorder seemed a bit stupid, but it was all he had.:: William Chocox: # Anything looking good? I'm not getting a lot of joy here. Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Getting ready to visit the resonance again :: Maryse Dubois: @ ::Follows Irene, carefully.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ACTION> The crystal cavern is much how they left it. The lights scattered throughout the cave made the crystalline structures glimmer as they navigated the path. Every little sound echoed back at them a hundred times over. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> ::He grumbled.:: Me, either. Looks like the systems are still being drained. Irene Mincine: @ :: She whispers to the rest of the team. :: "Make sure you don't make a lot of noise in here." :: She was, again, awed by the crystal systems... Indaura Ryssan: @ :: coughs :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ACTION> ::COUGH!COUGH!COUGH!COUGH!COUGH!COUGH!:: William Chocox: # This makes no dang sense...it compels me though. ::starts physically poking around:: Indaura Ryssan: @ :: gasps :: (w) sorry.... sorry......... s o r r y.... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> What about physical barriers? You think that might work? Some sort of substance that could literally shield the power systems? William Chocox: # That is probably the best idea. If it's radiation we would need lead. Irene Mincine: @ "Just like that..." :: She pulled out her tricorder. :: "I'm not sure what we're looking for, but we should get as many readings of the area as possible." Maryse Dubois: @ ::Looks at Indaura a moment before she grins. Then she begins scanning.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ACTION> Scans of the crystals show an interesting internal matrix that seems to amplify sound, light, and energy. William Chocox: #::does a quick scan with his tricorder to see if it's radiation that's draining the batteries:: Maryse Dubois: @ Hmm Maryse Dubois: @ ::Quietly:: These crystals seem to amplify...well just about anything. Cptn Swain: #ACTION> There does appear to be radiation traces on the ships batteries and the warp core is likewise poisoned with theta radiation Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Gestures since making a sound will only make things worse for their hearing :: Irene Mincine: @ :: Valdar is pointing something out on her tricorder to Irene. She returns to Maryse and Indaura. :: "That's what Valdar says, too. Geology and engineering aren't my forte. Maybe we could give some shavings to the engineering team. An energy amplifier could counter an energy drain, right?" William Chocox: # There we go...theta radiation... ::closes his tricorder to save battery:: Now, what blocks theta radiation? Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Thinks :: Do we know the structure of these crystals and how far they go? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> ::He takes a look at Will's readings and scratches his head.:: Maryse Dubois: @ If we take samples, do so carefully. The wrong setting on a phaser or laser drill could be hazardous. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> I mean... Trellium is a good insulator, but I don't see how we could synthesize that here with such limited means. Unless the scientists have something? William Chocox: # That is the best idea I've heard this mission. Irene Mincine: @ Valdar> :: The Bajoran geologist answers. :: "It's a hexagonal matrix that extends... well, with the amplification effect the tricorder can't really tell, but there's a *lot* of crystal. I'd use a hand drill before I tried zapping them with a phaser." Indaura Ryssan: @ Maybe just looking for a loose one would be safer. Irene Mincine: @ Valdar> :: Nods! :: Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "Let's see if we can find one that we can break off without shooting a high-gain amplifier with a directed-energy beam." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> So we should go to the dig site and see? ::He frowns.:: How are they still operating, though? They've been here a lot longer and the only system they've complained about not working is comms. William Chocox: # That...that is a very good question Reynolds. And I do not have a good answer. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Nods as she starts feeling around for a loose crystal.:: Cptn Swain: !Rex>. ::opens a chocolate bar and flips to next. chapter:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> ::He closed up his kit and slung it over his shoulder.:: Indaura Ryssan: @ :: jiggles a crystal :: (real fake crystals....not this one, not this one, not that one...) William Chocox: #::closes up his own kit as well, before leading Reynolds out of the Yacht:: Irene Mincine: @ Irene> :: Digs around looking for crystals... :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ACTION> The team finds several smaller loose crystals that seem disconnected from the main cavern mass and are no longer glowing softly. Indaura Ryssan: @ :: gets a crystal :: Would make a great necklace. Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene has a few in her hand after a couple minutes of searching. :: "Maybe once we get off this planet." Maryse Dubois: @ :;Finds a loose crystal, scans it to see if it is usable.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> ::Follows along, moving toward the dig site.:: I never saw their equipment. The others took a tour and I went straight to the comms hut. William Chocox: # I was looking at something, I can't right remember at the moment. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ACTION> The loose crystals seem to have the same properties as the others, though don't seem to resonate as much. Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Places the crystal in her coat pocket :: Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene drops a couple crystal pieces into her pack. Valdar has a sample container as well. :: "All right, I think we got what we came for. Let's head back to the surface?" Indaura Ryssan: @ Testing these in controlled conditions would help a lot. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Puts away her stash. Nods in agreement with Irene and Indaura. She starts making her way back.:: Indaura Ryssan: @ I can finally have a duet partner. Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "The engineering team should be able to help with that." :: She leads them back to the lift to the surface. :: William Chocox: # Hopefully we're going to be able to get this figured out and get out of here. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> Yea, let's hope so. I'd hate to be stuck here forever. ::Points at the largest makeshift building.:: I think their main lab is in there. William Chocox: # Let's go find out. ::heads that way:: Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  2. SD 1018.2020 The engineering team continues to work on the shuttle too see if they can determine how to prevent further battery drain; while science and medical head down into the crystal caves.
  3. MISSION BRIEF: After a fun night around the campfire, the Excalibur team has awakened to a lovely, damp, cold day on what is rapidly becoming a 2 hour tour of an away mission. They now must focus on trying to find a solution to the power drain on the yacht and other electronics, as they have no way of knowing if their message for additional assistance made it out or not. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM William Chocox: ::wakes up:: I had a horrible, horrible dream last night. Cptn Swain: Rex> ::crawling out of his tent wearing an Official Cold Weather Hoodie:: William Chocox: ::looks around:: Damn, it wasn't a dream. ::puts on some cold weather gear and climbs out of his tent.:: Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Looking for coffee:: Maryse Dubois: ::Already sitting by the fire, bundled up.:: Irene Mincine: Irene> :: Climbs out of her tent, also wearing a fancy Starfleet cold-weather jacket. :: "Did the temperature drop 15 degrees or is it just me?" Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Snorts:: 18 Cptn Swain: Rex> So... ::cracking open a breakfast ration:: first thing's first. Will, I want you and Reynolds to go take a look at the yacht and see how the batteries are -- Irene, you and the doctors are going to take a look at those crystal caves again. Maybe they're related to issue somehow. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Shivering by the fire with a hot drink in one hand and a hot ration pack in the other.:: William Chocox: ::snarfs down a breakfast ration:: Aye, sir. Cptn Swain: Rex> Obviously take some of the ::thumbs towards the science camp:: with you Maryse Dubois: ::Stands up, walking over to Irene.:: Sounds like a fun trip. Indaura Ryssan: :: Gets out of her sleeping arrangement :: William Chocox: ::to Reynolds:: We'll go once you've finished eating. Irene Mincine: :: Irene's unwrapping a protein bar from a ration pack. :: "Gotcha, commander." :: She calls a few eggheads over from the science team, then answers Maryse. :: "As long as the elevator still works, it will be." Cptn Swain: (( are you giving me ideas )) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Raises his mug in salute then hunkers down to finish his meal and drink.:: Maryse Dubois: Take good care of me. This is my first time there. Indaura Ryssan: :: Starts in on a lemon bar :: Irene Mincine: (( she was concerned about it before! )) William Chocox: Eat first, you can drink on the way back. Cptn Swain: Rex> ::drinking fake coffee:: Irene Mincine: :: Nods, then sips from a metal thermos. :: "No problem, doc. We'll check in with the planetside science team and let them know we're going down. I can't wait for you to see those crystals." Cptn Swain: (( I didn't realize we'd gone to Sedona, )) Cptn Swain: (( That is a joke exactly one of you will get )) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: (( LoLz )) Indaura Ryssan: It's a way down. Cptn Swain: (( WELCOME TO THE CRYSTAL VORTEX )) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Finished with his ration pack, he threw the remnants into the fire and nodded to Will.:: Ready when you are, sir. William Chocox: ((I'm literally watching the Penn and Teller: B*llsh*t episode on new age medicine right now.)) Cptn Swain: (( lol Sedona is like the woo woo crystal healing capital of the universe )) William Chocox: Alright, let's grab our gear and head out. ::grabs his stuff and starts walking towards the yacht:: Maryse Dubois: ::Finishes up her breakfast, and goes to grab her pack.:: Irene Mincine: "All right..." :: She pops into her tent and emerges again wearing her silver-colored pack. :: "Shall we?" Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Shoulders his kit and follows along, both hands shoved into his pockets against the cold, breath pluming in the air in front of him.:: Ugh. I hate the cold. I'd rather be on some tropical beach. William Chocox: Well, we don't always get what we hope for. I'm sure we could arrange some extra holodeck time for you once we get back. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> That would be fantastic. The beach without the nasty sunburn. Love it. Indaura Ryssan: :: Carrying her pack and with the group :: Cptn Swain: (( I considered a tropical beach planet, but i dice rolled on that and well -- it was also the home to large, venomous lizards and carnivorous plants. )) Maryse Dubois: ((lol)) Maryse Dubois: ::Rejoins Irene and Indaura.:: Ready. Indaura Ryssan: Doctor. William Chocox: I'll arrange it myself once we get back. Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Once the teams had headed out, Rex pulled out one of Captain's romance novels and made himself comfortable:: Irene Mincine: "Let's head out." :: Irene leads the doctors and a few eggheads on a hike back to the planetside science team's camp at the entrance to the crystal caverns. Despite the cold, she's enjoying being on the ground and doing some exploration. :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Hiking back to the yacht, he checked his tricorder as they went and found the battery almost nearly drained.:: No luck with a dampening field, sir? All of our small equipment is badly drained. William Chocox: I thought the shield would have worked, but apparently not. Indaura Ryssan: :: Checking her devices :: Irene Mincine: Irene> :: Sighs, seeing Indaura. :: "We're gonna need hand cranks on our tricorders at the rate the power's going down. How are you looking, Dr. Ryssan?" Indaura Ryssan: Not too good. Perhaps I need to take pen and paper notes. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> Maybe if we get a look at the yacht's systems, we can loop one of the batteries into some sort of modified shielding. Hmm... it would help if we could figure out what's causing the drain in the first place. I've never heard of it being so bad. William Chocox: Same here, but if we knew what it was, we'd be receiving all sorts of attention from the Daystrom Institute. Irene Mincine: "Fun times." :: They make it to the science outpost. Irene immediately looks for the one in charge again to inform her that they're going down to the caves. :: Indaura Ryssan: :: Finishing off her lemon bar :: Maryse Dubois: ::Looking around.:: Nice setup. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::As they arrive at the yacht, he headed for the engineering compartment.:: You ever feel creeped out when in a shuttle without a few crew? It seems strange. Indaura Ryssan: Wish it was not so far down. William Chocox: I try not to think about it in such terms, but I guess you're right. Irene Mincine: "What, you don't like being under a hundred meters of rock?" :: Irene leads them to the cave and elevator, checking the power reserves before they go down. :: Cptn Swain: (( TWO MINUTE WARNING )) Maryse Dubois: When you say it like that, it doesn't sound very ideal. Indaura Ryssan: I mean as a Denobulan I enjoy close quarters, but not exactly like this. Cptn Swain: Rex> ::drinking coffee and eating a second breakfast ration while reading the book:: Irene Mincine: "The crystal cavern is worth it, though." :: Satisfied that the elevator isn't going to strand them, she turns it on and they descend... :: Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  4. SD 1011.2020 After a fun night around the campfire, the Excalibur team has awaken to a lovely, damp, cold day on what is rapidly becoming a 2 hour tour of an away mission. They now must focus on trying to find a solution to the power drain on the yacht an other electronics, as they have no way of knowing if their message for additional assistance made it out or not.
  5. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur's away team has continued to work to find the reason behind the energy drain to batteries, which seems to have also affected the yacht's power systems. They did, however, find a cache of secret supplies stored aboard, likely, by the Captain. As evening has enveloped the planet, Commander Rex suggested an old fashioned campfire with the science team, as it looks like all of us could be here a while. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Indaura Ryssan: :: A bit cold...or cool :: William Chocox: ::is wondering if anyone brought a guitar for campfire songs:: Irene Mincine: :: Irene wandered up to the group, too. :: "Who... found the captain's stash, again?" Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Did not, but also was thinking about that. The night was rather cool, and he'd donned a Starfleet hoodie, also from the Swain Collection.:: William Chocox: Don't know what you're talking about. Cptn Swain: Rex> I no idea what you're talking about. ::Getting out of a packet of marshmallows:: Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Maryse:: Do you? Indaura Ryssan: :: Drinking her water :: William Chocox: We need an instrument. Acappella depends on really good voices. Irene Mincine: :: She shook her head. :: "Forget I asked. Valdar wanted to know, but I think she'll forgive me if I don't have an answer for her." Maryse Dubois: There was a stash? ::Shrugs as she drinks stale ration tea.::: Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Hands Will a stick with a marshmallow on it:: You ever done this? Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Smirks at Irene:: See, you pick up fast Ensign. William Chocox: ::takes it:: Camped? Yeah...is this fire old enough for roasting marshmallows? I don't like them after they've been on fire. Cptn Swain: Rex> It should be Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Still a bit irritated that the drain was still happening to their equipment, he hunkered down around the primitive fire and pulled a blanket about his shoulders.:: William Chocox: ::puts the mallow down towards the coals of the fire, slowly rotating it:: How you doing Reynolds? Cptn Swain: Rex> See now folks ::passing more of the sticks with marshmallows around:: watch Chocox's technique here. William Chocox: Oh, now you're putting pressure on me. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Takes a stick and looks at it like it might bite him. He wrinkled his nose at Will.:: I don't like outdoor activities, sir. They've made this place habitable with the basic comforts, but not some place I want to stay forever. Cptn Swain: Rex> Just think about baseball. Indaura Ryssan: Baseball? A human thing? Irene Mincine: "Hm? I learned how to do this on field expeditions. You engineering types need to get out more." :: She begins to perfectly roasts a marshmallow in the fire. William Chocox: Reynolds, I think this is going to be a great growing experience for you. The stick is inanimate, it's not going to hurt you. Maryse Dubois: ::Grins as she sips her drink.:: Cptn Swain: Rex> ::Indaura:: It's uh well it’s something uh human men... you know never mind. Anyway. Indaura Ryssan: Men? Hmm. Irene Mincine: :: Irene laughs into her canteen when Rex brings that up. :: "I'm sure Valdar would love to be here roasting marshmallows, but she's a bit out of commission at the moment..." William Chocox: ((Why am I talking like William isn't in his mid 20s? :P )) Cptn Swain: Rex> I do hope you didn't break anything. How were the caves? Indaura Ryssan: :: Spins her sugar pillow around :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Holds it near the flames, trying to copy Irene, but in a matter of minutes his marshmallow was on fire. He waved it about frantically, which fanned the flames even more, and by the time he had the thing completely extinguished, his marshmallow was a charred gooey mess that dripped off his stick into the fire.:: William Chocox: Everything ok Mincine? Irene Mincine: :: Irene shook her head. :: "Broken? Noooo. Not on an away mission. Bruised, yes, broken, no." :: She then busted out laughing at Reynolds' attempt to cook the marshmallow. :: William Chocox: ::looks over at Reynolds:: The trick is to use the coals, not the flames. ::checks his marshmallow and sees it's golden brown:: Hey Commander, do we have stuff for s'mores or is it just roasted marshmallows tonight? Cptn Swain: Rex> ::shrugs:: Check the uh... box Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Scowls and stares at the end of the stick where the goop still clung to it.:: How is this supposed to be fun? Irene Mincine: "Because we're not traipsing through caves or fixing power units. We're bonding! Or something." William Chocox: ::walks over and rummages through:: It appears not unfortunately. And it's fun because it satisfies our primordial need to play with fire. ::eats his marshmallow straight off the stick:: (mm) It's a throwback to a simpler time. ::comes back to the fire and sits back down:: Cptn Swain: Rex> ::eating his perfectly done marshmallow and getting another ready to roast:: And the double bonus is there aren't any bugs on this planet. Irene Mincine: "There's those really cool crystals we found though! I wish I could show you our holorecording of the sound and light show they made but preservation of power is our top priority at the moment..." Cptn Swain: Rex> What do you mean? William Chocox: I'll be keen to see it by the time we get everything going again. Irene Mincine: :: To Rex. :: "About the crystals or the power?" Cptn Swain: Rex> The crystals. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Grumbling to himself, he shoves another marshmallow onto his stick to try again, keeping it away from the flames this time.:: Yea, what kind of crystals? Indaura Ryssan: :: smiles while she eats her treat :: William Chocox: ::starts roasting another marshmallow himself:: Almost wish I was there instead of here. Irene Mincine: "Oh! The lead scientist on the planetside team, Dr. Harris, took us a few hundred feet underground to show us where they found microbe samples. It ended up being this big cave system, with a chamber containing all these hyper-resonant crystals. It was really pretty there with our flashlights, but she showed off their real power when she had me hit one with a metal tool. They made this long, reflecting, beautiful sound." William Chocox: Sounds amazing. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> Un-underground? ::Shivers.:: Glad I was busy. I wouldn't mind seeing the recording, but I don't like going underground... Maryse Dubois: It does seem interesting. Cptn Swain: TWO MINUTE WARNING William Chocox: Claustrophobic Reynolds? Cptn Swain: Rex> Sounds cool. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> Or enclosed spaces, or deep water, or fast water, or high places... ::Could go on and on and on.:: Irene Mincine: :: She smiled gently at Reynolds. :: "It was pretty far down but the caves were big and wide." :: She hrmed when he continued, though. :: "You don't like enclosed places or heights but you serve on a starship?" William Chocox: ::blinks:: Come to think of it, have I seen you in a Jeffries Tube? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Wrinkles his nose at Will.:: Not when I can help it. ::Shrugs at Irene.:: I don't have to look out of the windows, so... William Chocox: Never thought about it. There's worse phobias to have. Irene Mincine: "I don't like spiders... but you don't have those on a starship much." Cptn Swain: Rex> I knew a guy... he was security officer, afraid of spiders. ::Eating his marshmallow:: Had to crawl through a tangled mess of crap during the war that was infested by Talarian hook spiders. William Chocox: That would be weird. William Chocox: That's unfortunate. Cptn Swain: (( The former CSCI had a pet spider in the science labs. )) Irene Mincine: :: Oof. :: "Oh, that... sucks." Cptn Swain: (( Citrus, the tarantula. )) Cptn Swain: ..and... Maryse Dubois: ((haha I forgot about Citrus)) Maryse Dubois: ((She also talked to a rock.)) Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  6. SD 0927.2020 Excalibur's away team has continued to work to find the reason behind the energy drain to batteries, which seems to have also affected the yacht's power systems. They did, however, find a cache of secret supplies stored aboard, likely, by the Captain. As evening has enveloped the planet, Commander Rex suggested an old fashioned campfire with the science team, as it looks like all of us could be here a while.
  7. MISSON BRIEF: The science team discovered some woo-woo crystals that definitely used a good chunk of the budget; meanwhile the other team. is working to find out what is causing the electrical storage systems to fail. Maryse and security, while getting our supplies from the shuttle found a cache of supplies left by Captain Swain. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Maryse Dubois: @ ::On her way back with the goodies.:: Cptn Swain: @Rex>. ::Wondering if they had the parts to make a still, if they were going to be stuck here for a while:: Irene Mincine: # :: Irene is in the center of the crystal cave, looking a bit sad to leave. :: "We should head back to the surface, I think, if our equipment power is all draining." William Chocox: @::is looking at the batteries forlornly as if he can make them power back on again:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> ::She sighed.:: Yes, I suppose that is probably best. ::She also looked a bit forlorn at leaving the cavern. Nearing the edge, she reached out to caress one of the crystals with a delicate hand. Then, as if remembering what she was supposed to be doing, she snapped to herself and started back down the path to the lift.:: Maryse Dubois: @ ::Arrives back at the camp.:: I come bearing gifts. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::looks up:: Oh? Irene Mincine: # :: She was taking a couple more holopictures of the crystal room, still in a bit of amazement. :: "If we can figure out how to shield the electronics, we can come down here without worry." :: She follows Dr. Harris toward the lift. :: William Chocox: @Gifts! Yes! What are they? Maryse Dubois: @ Well we have rations, more medical supplies, tents, AND.... ::Shows the container.:: A variety of the Captain's stash. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::eyes go wide:: That's... well William Chocox: @Captain's stash of what? Maryse Dubois: @ Yep. ::Grins:: Oh just some things for him to have a good time. I'm sure we can make some use of most of it. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> ::She threw them a glance as she loaded onto the lift and waited for them before starting it climbing toward the surface.:: You should probably be getting back with the rest of your group, anyhow. I have many things to do and can't spare anyone to escort you. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Walks over:: Oh...this is... ::holding up a bottle:: Irene Mincine: # :: Irene rides the lift up with Harris and company. :: "Yeah, good idea. I should check in with everyone and see how the engineering team is doing." Cptn Swain: @Rex> This is a really good vintage. And that... ::pulls out a box:: these are Andorian chocolates. They cost a small fortune. Cptn Swain: @Rex> And uh... romance novels? William Chocox: @Ooh, fancy. The wine, not the romance novels. Never my thing. Maryse Dubois: @ Well maybe someone is bored and will want to read them. William Chocox: ((Aren't we in a post-money society?)) Cptn Swain: @Rex> I nominate Will. William Chocox: @ Were you listening? Cptn Swain: (( Latinum is money! )) Cptn Swain: @Rex> Yes. William Chocox: ((Andorians are Federation members! :P )) Indaura Ryssan: # Biochemical devices. William Chocox: @ Hmph. I can read them aloud like we're old American pioneers or something. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Laughs:: Anyways we should at least get the tents set up for now. We can decided on the goodies later. Cptn Swain: @Rex> Agreed. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> ::She turned to peer at Indaura as the cavern levels began to swoop by.:: In what regard? William Chocox: @::pushes himself up from his position on the floor:: Alright, hand me one. I was a Scout. Irene Mincine: # :: "Hmm? What about them, Doc?" Cptn Swain: @Rex> I bet you were cute. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::having palmed one of the romance novels:: Indaura Ryssan: # They could work within this dampening effect. William Chocox: @ The shorts didn't look great on me. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Giggles:: Indaura Ryssan: # I don't believe we have any onboard. Cptn Swain: @Rex> Skipping leg day huh? William Chocox: @ They were just too short. Do I look like I skip leg day? Irene Mincine: # "Not something you'd take along on a typical mission, yeah..." Cptn Swain: ((There is either a skunk or someone smoking really, really bad weed outside my window one moment. )) Maryse Dubois: ((lol)) Cptn Swain: @Rex> Short shorts are cute though. Last time I was on Risa they were all the rage/ Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> An interesting theory. ::The lift slowed to a halt at the surface and she opened the gate to let them out.:: I do hope you enjoyed your tour. Maryse Dubois: ((Maybe a skunk smoking bad weed?)) Indaura Ryssan: ((Skunk smoking really bad weed?)) Maryse Dubois: ((lol)) William Chocox: ((Jinx?)) Cptn Swain: (( A literal skunk lol )) Irene Mincine: # :: Irene looks quite content, despite anything else happening on the mission, that trip was worth it. :: "Thank you, Dr. Harris." :: She steps out of the lift and heads for the mouth of the cave, tapping her combadge. :: "Science team to engineering team." Indaura Ryssan: # :: walking and thinking :: William Chocox: @ Short shorts are cute on the right person. I can't pull them off. You don't want to know how many uniforms I go through on a regular basis. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Gives Maryse an amused look:: Maryse Dubois: @ ::Watching the tents get put up.:: You're being too modest, Chief. ::grins:: William Chocox: @ I'm a vaguely square shaped brick of a man, I know how I look. Cptn Swain: @Rex> Just so we're all clear. No one should mention to anyone back on the ship the captain's cache. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene tried again as she walked back to the science labs. :: +Engineering Team+ "Mincine to engineering team?" William Chocox: @ The what? I don't think we found anything extra on the Captain's Yacht. ::starts attaching poles: Indaura Ryssan: # Are we still being dampened? Irene Mincine: # "Out here? It was working earlier." Maryse Dubois: @ Oh I plan on there being no evidence. Cptn Swain: @Rex> Exactly. William Chocox: @ Anyway, how's your tent coming? Indaura Ryssan: # +Engineering Team+ Indaura to engineering... Irene Mincine: # "Let's try the transmitter at the science team camp." :: Irene reaches the camp and heads into the comms tent, checking the transmitter. :: William Chocox: @+Ryssan+ Chocox here. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::points to security goons:: Doing pretty well. Cptn Swain: @Rex> Though I think Gooding probably needs to practice more. Cptn Swain: @Rex> So... who wants to do a camp fire tonight? Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Going. through the goodies:: I think these are marshmallows. Indaura Ryssan: # +Chocox+ Oh, we have left the cavern system. Maryse Dubois: @ Sounds great. Won't the other team be surprised. William Chocox: @ +Ryssan+ Thank you for letting us know. Reynolds didn't get claustrophobic did he? Irene Mincine: # +Chocox+ "Reynolds stayed behind..." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Ens Reynolds> ::And very glad he did, too.:: Cptn Swain: (( 2 minute warning )) William Chocox: @+Ryssan+ That's unfortunate. Would've been a good learning experience. Irene Mincine: # +Chocox+ "How are things over on your end?" Indaura Ryssan: # +Chocox+ I don't believe it was that. We have some interesting readings, if it recorded them, Cptn Swain: ...and.. William Chocox: @+Ryssan and Mincine+ Could be better over here. Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  8. SD 0920.2020 The science team discovered some woo-woo crystals that deff used a good chunk of the budget; meanwhile the other team is working to find out what is causing the electrical storage systems to fail. Maryse and security, while getting our supplies from the shuttle, found a cache of supplies left by Captain Swain.
  9. MISSION BRIEF: So, things are not going exactly according to plan, but you know when has an Excalibur mission actually gone according to plan? 2006? Anyway, Rex is returning for the possibly crippled shuttle to see what's next while Team Irene continues their adventure. Also Maryse has continued to be the Good Doctor and has been treating one of the science expedition members who broke their leg digging a latrine. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Making his way back to the main camp, he was mildly alarmed that they could be stuck on this godforsaken planet until someone else bothered to send a rescue team, but as the ranking officer he needed to Stay Calm. He muttered under his breath about how that academy prof who'd said that was a dips*it:: William Chocox: @::has been talking to Reynolds:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> ::Gestures to the path.:: Would you like to explore further inside? The resonances in the center are striking. Careful of speaking too loudly. Indaura Ryssan: # Sure....sure........su... William Chocox: @Well, how bad is it Commander? Irene Mincine: # :: Irene looks excited at the prospect. :: "I'd love to." :: She looks back at the rest of the group accompanying her. :: "How's everyone so far? What do you think of the caverns?" Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Plops his satchel bag down:: Hopefully the shielding of the shuttle will keep some of the juice in the batteries, but I am not an engineer. ::Bites his lip:: How many people are in the expeditionary team? William Chocox: @I think about thirty? I don't remember. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Biting his lip:: Probably too many to safely cram into the yacht. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> ::Moving down the path, she led the way through the crystal structures which seemed to be humming in response to their footsteps.:: William Chocox: @Depends on how friendly people are. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Sits down by the others.:: I'm pretty sure we exceed the maximum operating capacity. Cptn Swain: @Rex> We're in no immediate danger I suppose. ::Frowns:: And I assume they'd rather protest if we ordered them to cram inside just so we ::motions to the three of them and the two security officers who were making shadow puppets in the corner as if no one saw them:: don't get stuck here until Starfleet sends *another* rescue team. William Chocox: @Those maximum capacity ratings are really guidelines. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene followed... she was in amazement at the resonant crystals that surrounded them, looking up and all around. Following Dr. Harris' lead, she took notes on her padd rather than speaking around them. :: Cptn Swain: @Rex> So... we need to find out exactly what's causing the battery drain and if possible develop a way to shield the research team's equipment as well as the yachts. Has Reynolds had any luck with their transmitter? Indaura Ryssan: # Anyone else feel that resonance? William Chocox: @It needs to be recharged. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Frowns again:: I see Irene Mincine: # "Ssh... you don't want to set off a cascade." :: She whispered to Indaura and pointed to her padd. :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> Mmmhmm.. Striking, isn't it? ::The crystals grew in orderly chaos and the color of them seemed to deepen as they went further inside. The central cavern held a large open area that was void of crystals and sunken slightly into the ground.:: We've taken samples of the crystals, of course, but this is where we've found the highest concentration of microbes. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Maryse:: Since it looks like we're going to be here a while too. Why don't you take the two puppeteers over there and start setting up some tents for our team as well. There should be a full survival kit in the yacht, as well as rations. I don't want to put any more stress on the expeditions supplies than we have too. Cptn Swain: @Security1> ::Looks over as if he'd been caught stealing latnium from a Ferengi:: Irene Mincine: # :: Irene approached the central area. She got onto her knees and examined the ground of the cave in wonder. :: "I see... there's got to be some connection between them... even if they're just grown from microbe poop..." Maryse Dubois: @ ::Nods:: Alright. ::Gets up and motions the 2 guards to follow.:: Cptn Swain: @Security1> ::Sheepishly follows along:: Doctor. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> We thought there might be some correlation, but that is as of yet unknown. ::Looking quite pleased as she gazed about in wonder. Tilting her head at the two, she gestured to one of the larger structures around the clearing.:: Would you like to hear the full resonance of the chamber? All you need to do is strike one of the crystals with something metallic. I warn you, however, it is breathtaking. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Frowns again:: So... ::looks at Will:: I don't know about you, but I think I'd rather be on diplomatic babysitting Indaura Ryssan: # Sounds wonderful. Can we record the sound? William Chocox: @Never thought I'd be agreeing with that statement. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene dug through her utility belt and removed a metallic emergency multitool. :: "Yeah, let's get a good recording of it. I'm sure you have a few already but one more couldn't hurt." Indaura Ryssan: # :: Gets out her tricorder :: Cptn Swain: @Rex> At least there's no dangerous wildlife to eat us or anything. Cptn Swain: ACTION> Indaura's tricorder is nearly dead, popping up with the LCARS version of "you have 20% left" William Chocox: @Are you trying to tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing? Maryse Dubois: @ ::Making her way back to the yacht with the guards.:: Indaura Ryssan: # This should not happen... Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Smirks:: No just thinking about this time on the Lexington where an away team I was on was temporarily cut off from the ship on a planet with 18 foot tall flightless birds that were well... they weren't vegetarians. Cptn Swain: @Security2> My first ever away mission, and we get stranded on some... what is the even name of this rock? Irene Mincine: # "What shouldn't happen, doc?" :: She's about to hit the crystal, but she stops. :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> Of course. Be my guest. ::Glances curiously to Indaura.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> Something wrong? Indaura Ryssan: # My fully charged tricorder is close to dead. William Chocox: @Did you lose the Emu War? Irene Mincine: # :: Huh. :: "Weren't there some with defective batteries a while back? You sure you charged it?" :: She pulled out her own tricorder and checked it out in her other hand. :: Indaura Ryssan: # No, these power cells were fine. Cptn Swain: @Rex> No. Thankfully we found some trees we could climb into and wait out the storm that was keeping the ship from beaming us back, but let me tell you... I never have looked at birds the same way again. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> Hmm.... yes, that's the interference on the surface. It has been draining all of our equipment and has seemed to have gotten worse recently. The effects aren't so drastic down here with shielding. William Chocox: @Well then, it's good that we're on a barren planet. Irene Mincine: # "Ah, I wasn't aware it was affecting tricorders and small pieces of equipment, too. I should have checked that before we came down here..." :: She sighed. Too late now. :: "Well, we can still get a recording, at least. But we shouldn't stay down here too long if our equipment is going dead." Cptn Swain: @Security2> ::to Maryse as they continue on towards the shuttle:: Is every mission like this on this ship? Maryse Dubois: @ ::Smiles at the banter between the 2 security.:: We're almost there. ::Gets within visual range of the ship.:: Maryse Dubois: @ No...Some are much, much worse. Cptn Swain: @Security2> ::Goes white as a sheet:: W-w-worse? William Chocox: ((Don't scare the lad. There was just that one time with the pirates.)) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> The lift system is mechanical, so we don't have to worry about being stuck. The lights down here are shielded by the earth. However, it is wise not to remain here for very long, anyhow. The auditory effects are still mostly untested. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Nods as they walk up to the ship.:: Yeah, but it doesn't happen too often. The last bad mission we had to get a brand new ship. Cptn Swain: (( I think the worst Excalibur away mission was either Resident Evil Rip Off or the time I ripped off Slivers from MTG. )) Cptn Swain: (( In terms of people dying/danger )) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> For example... ::She hummed a high pitched note and the crystals tossed it back at them in a chaotic melody that vibrated their bones.:: Cptn Swain: @Security1> Yeah, and besides, at least the Romulans haven't shown up yet. Irene Mincine: # :: She shook her head to make sure she was still in one piece after the vibration ended. :: "Understood... let's get our recording, some holopictures, and head back to the surface. Can you start your recorder?" :: She motioned to Indaura. :: Cptn Swain: ((Possibly the time the Baby Got Stolen And the Rescue Mission Had to Crawl Through a Swamp to Rescue It )) William Chocox: ((Must've been before my time or during my hiatus.)) Maryse Dubois: @ :;Cringes:: Ooo...You never should say those things. It always seems to come true. ::Opens the hatch to the yacht.:: Maryse Dubois: ((Haha I remember the zombie mission.)) Cptn Swain: @Security2> ::Nods in agreement:: Yeah you dofus, now we're totally going to end up imprisoned by the Romulans. Indaura Ryssan: # Ready Cptn Swain: @Security1> We can get the tents ma'am if you can grab the rations. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene taps the handle of the multitool against one of the crystals. :: Irene Mincine: ((Famous last words.)) William Chocox: @What's the likelihood Someone got your message? Maryse Dubois: @ ::Nods as she grabs the ration case and a spare medkit.:: Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Shrugs:: Depends on if it was able to get enough gain from the batteries to get out of the atmosphere. I'd say 50/50. William Chocox: @Hmph... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> With that little tap, the entire crystalline cavern came to life as that one pure note was caught by all of the structures and amplified with every pass. It grew in volume, but the resonance was even greater, and as the crystals sang out, they could feel their bodies caught by the sound, almost lifted by it. It was pure and sweet and carried with it a sense of intense longing. And when it finally died away, they all experienced a sense of profound loss as the sound became a mere whisper, leaving them vibrating and empty. Cptn Swain: @Security1> ::Opening the hatch where the tents and other emergency supplies were:: Cptn Swain: << Everyone give me a number 1-10 >> Indaura Ryssan: # :: stumbles :: Indaura Ryssan: (5) William Chocox: @I'm not enthused with those adds. William Chocox: (8) Cptn Swain: @Rex> Me neither... Maryse Dubois: ((6)) Irene Mincine: # :: Irene was even more amazed at that then she was expecting. She stared at the crystals surrounding her while the sound rang out, taking in the pure beauty of it. When it finished, she looked to Dr. Harris, then Indaura with tears welling up in her eyes, watching their reactions as well. :: "Did... um... did you get the recording?" Cptn Swain: << lmao >> Cptn Swain: @Security2> ::eyes go real wide:: Cptn Swain: @Security1> Doctor... uh... you better come take a look at this. Maryse Dubois: @ Hmm? ::Walks over to where they were.:: Cptn Swain: ACTION> In addition to the tents and other survival supplies, Captain Swain had apparently stashed away a cache of "special supplies" including some extremely expensive liquors and other amenities for a "romantic" getaway. Cptn Swain: ACTION> Including his collection of vintage romance novels. Indaura Ryssan: (did not know you cared Captain) Maryse Dubois: @ Oh those are definitely coming with. Irene Mincine: (( sorry, my client froze )) Cptn Swain: ...and... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> ::Even though she'd experienced it many times before, she was also in tears, one hand against her chest.:: Still so beautiful... Maryse Dubois: @ ::Starts packing them into the rations case.:: Cptn Swain: @Security2> ::looks rather horrified:: But... but what if the Captain... Cptn Swain: @Security1> ::shoves a tent at him:: Shut up. Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  10. SD 0913.2020 So, things are not going exactly according to plan, but you know when has an Excalibur mission actually gone according to plan? 2006? Anyway, Rex is returning for the possibly crippled shuttle to see what's next while Team Irene continues their adventure. Also Maryse has continued to be the Good Doctor and has been treating one of the science expedition members who broke their leg digging a latrine. Questions?
  11. MISSION BRIEF: On the planet, we have a new. situation. -- the shuttle's power supply is seemingly having the same problem as the science team's battery. Meanwhile, Irene and Indura are going on an adventure. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: @Rex>. ::On the shuttle, frowning:: Not great. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene catches up to the group of scientists going to the excavation. She's got a survival pack slung across her back, just in case. :: "Ready to go." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> ::Banging away at the comms unit, very glad he had something to occupy him. Going into the caverns wasn't his idea of fun.:: William Chocox: @+Rex+ Were you able to get a message out? Indaura Ryssan: # Let's go then. Cptn Swain: @Rex> +Will+ Won't be able to tell, I've powered down most of the systems and put everything on standby. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> ::Waiting at the mouth of the cavern for the scientists, in a discussion with two others from her team. She glanced up as they arrived, eyebrows lifting.:: Ah, I see you come prepared. ::She tipped her head toward the mouth of the cavern.:: I hope you're both alright with being underground. William Chocox: @+Rex+ Understood. Cptn Swain: @Rex> +Will+ Anything else I should do? William Chocox: @+Rex+ Not that I can think of at the moment. This makes no sense to me. Irene Mincine: # "Underground's fine with me." :: She bounces the survival pack. :: "I don't want to get caught without water or survival rations underground, after all." :: Irene looks excited to see whatever it is the science team's gonna show them. :: Cptn Swain: @Rex>+Will+ Alright. I am heading back. Indaura Ryssan: # There's a lot of that on Denobula. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Walking around the camp.:: William Chocox: @+Rex+ We'll be looking for you. Cptn Swain: << afk a. second >> William Chocox: @::turns to Maryse:: This is not good, if the shuttle's down, we're not getting off this rock any time soon. I knew this was too easy. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> ::Leads the way into the cavern. It was spacious, with a huge domed ceiling arching above and a smattering of stalagmites and stalactites. Lighted markers flanked the path that led deeper into the system and sloped slightly downward. She glanced back as they walked.:: This initial cavern was discovered several years ago, but no one explored the inner system until recently. Cptn Swain: << Hey gang, I am not feeling great. Going to bow out. Have a good week! >> Indaura Ryssan: (My chat is not refreshing) William Chocox: ((You too! And yeah, I've had to refresh mine a bunch.)) Irene Mincine: # "I should have brought along a geologist." :: She follows Dr. Harris into the cave system and along the lighted path. :: "This is a pretty big antechamber. How deep does the inner system go?" :: She's shining the light around to get a good look at the rock formations, even if it's not her specialty. :: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Scanning and scanning :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> Oh, the entire system isn't yet mapped, but what we explored so far has gone several hundred kilos down. We're going to one of the lowest levels today. ::At the rear of the cavern, they'd installed a lift that was little more than a platform and railing. Harris waved them on.:: Keep your limbs inside of the lift at all times. Indaura Ryssan: # :: Makes sure her hands are to her sides :: Irene Mincine: # :: Irene stands near the center of the lift. :: "Does this go all the way down?" :: She was just thinking about how it's a long way up if this rickety thing breaks down. :: Indaura Ryssan: # This would take a long time to descend. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> ::Activates the lift and they travel down, down, down.:: Yes, but the trip only takes a few minutes up or down. ::As the lift began to move, they were treated to views of other levels, other caverns and tunnels. Some were lit, others darkness, but it was clear that the system was vast.:: The first explorers had to descend with crude climbing equipment, then with anti-gravs. Thankfully, we've upgraded. Indaura Ryssan: # Have the teams found anything down here yet? Irene Mincine: # :: She watches the various caves go by... :: "Oh, yeah, definitely glad you've upgraded. What's the composition of the rock? Anything active or that screws up equipment down this far?" :: She's carefully maintaining her balance away from the edges of the lift. :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> Yes, we've several geological samples and the microbes. ::She held her hands before her as they descended.:: Nothing from the surface can penetrate the lower levels. Whatever interference exists there doesn't have any impact on our equipment. Irene Mincine: # "That's good to hear." :: Irene loosens up a bit and looks up at the now quite far away cave ceiling. :: "I hope everything's going all right with the other team. I'd hate to go off on an expedition if we're in a critical situation they haven't told us about." William Chocox: @::while waiting for Rex, William continues fiddling with the battery stuff:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> Our planetary comms are working, so they'll be able to reach the ground team if they need. The comms work down here, as well. ::She gestured as the lift came to a halt. The cavern system beyond was nothing like those above. It was a crystalline structure with huge formations jutting out from the walls, ceiling, and floor. Most of the crystals were pale blue and purple.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> ::Frustrated with his task, he muttered under his breath and leaned back, trying his comms.:: +Chocox+ Reynolds to Chocox. Any luck, Chief? Irene Mincine: # :: The abrupt change from rock to crystal definitely caught her attention and she whipped out her tricorder as soon as the lift stopped. :: "What the hell is all this? It's beautiful, but what _is_ it?" William Chocox: @+Reynolds+ I've got a shield emitter up to try to keep the radiation at bay. It should be cleared up soon over here. Hopefully that helps with the energy draining problems. How's it going on your end? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ Not good, sir. I've got an emitter going, as well, but the comms unit is completely dead. We need some way to recharge or replace it. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Dr. Noel Harris> ::She smiled smugly.:: Yes, it is quite striking, isn't it? We don't know how these were formed. We believe there was once an underground ocean here. This is where we found the microbes. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: (( Two minute warning. )) Irene Mincine: # :: Irene hrmed at Dr. Harris, looking over her tricorder readings. :: "Well, they could excrete minerals that form crystal lattices such as these given enough time, but on a microscopic scale, not systems like these..." :: Her head was going a million miles a second working out the problem, now. :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: (( And... )) Indaura Ryssan: # :: Remaining rather silent as they continued on :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM
  12. SD 0906.2020 On the planet, we have a new situation. -- the shuttle's power supply is seemingly having the same problem as the science team's battery. Meanwhile, Irene and Indura are going on an adventure.
  13. Cptn Swain: MISSION BRIEF: The "rescue" team has found the science team remarkably intact, but they do need some help! Will, Maryse and Rex are working at the man camp to help with a battery problem. Indura and Irene are working with the science team on samples while Reynolds makes repairs to their transmitter. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM William Chocox: @Alright, Dr. Dubois, I would advise you to stand back a bit. I'm about to do percussive maintenance. Irene Mincine: :: Irene is examining the samples in the lab. :: "Do you have these reagents? I want to see how they react to this..." Cptn Swain: @Rex>. ::Making his way back to the shuttle:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> ::Tinkering in the comms shed, trying to calibrate one of the power units to emit a modified signal.:: Indaura Ryssan: :: Working with Irene :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ((::slaps them with a # ::)) William Chocox: @::starts banging on the emitter with a spanner:: Alright, let's see if this works again. ::attempts to turn it on, hoping to hear a hum:: Irene Mincine: # :: Receives a #. :: Cptn Swain: @Collan> ::Pops into the area where will is working:: Can I get you anything? Maryse Dubois: @ ::Standing back.:: William Chocox: @::hears a hum:: Nothing right now, I do believe the percussive maintenance worked this time. Cptn Swain: @Collan> ::Smirks:: tried that. William Chocox: @Hm? Cptn Swain: @Collan> I tried that. Oh... Doctor Ferris Collan, I am the team's engineer as such. Indaura Ryssan: (test) William Chocox: @ Lieutenant William Chocox, Chief Engineer of the Excalibur. I was more ecstatic about getting this emitter working. Hopefully it'll protect the batteries. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> ::Pops back into the lab to check on Irene and Indaura.:: So, have you found our specimens interesting? ::She brought a canister with her and inserted it into the containment field.:: Cptn Swain: @Collan> ::Nods:: Let me know if you need something. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene looks to the lab entrance when Dr. Harris enters. She looks like she's having a lot of fun. :: "Oh, yeah, I love these things. What's in the can?" Maryse Dubois: @ ::Checking on the patient.:: Cptn Swain: @Collan> I am not really an engineer. ::Smirks:: William Chocox: @Do you guys solely rely on batteries like this? And everyone's an engineer, it's just a question as to what they're an engineer of. Dr. Dubois is an engineer of the human body. And you've been doing a good job. Cptn Swain: @Collan> Well we'd planned on using solar but there's not enough getting through the atmosphere. William Chocox: @Hm...if we were able to get them bigger maybe... William Chocox: @Or more of them. William Chocox: @Wait, how windy is this area normally? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> Another sample, it seems. They believe this one is a bit older than the others. ::She pressed the load sequence and the canister was sucked into the containment unit to be extracted. A moment later, another group of microbes appears on the screen, highly magnified to show an interesting spiky structure.:: Cptn Swain: @Collan> Pretty windy, what are you thinking? William Chocox: @Wind turbines. William Chocox: @We'd need to send a supply ship with them and people to put them together, but wind turbines would be great here. Indaura Ryssan: # :: listens :: Cptn Swain: @Collan> ::tips his head:: Not a bad thought. Irene Mincine: # "Now that's something..." :: She looks at the results on the screen. :: "Older than the rest? It's got a different anatomical form, certainly. I'm not sure how we get from these old ones to the new ones, though..." William Chocox: @Assuming there isn't something weird here that would affect it. Indaura Ryssan: # what brought you to this planet in the first place? Cptn Swain: @Collan> Worth looking into. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Walking back over to Will.:: The lead blanket on the patient seems to help with the setting bone. But the emitter would be even better. Any luck? William Chocox: @::points to where it's humming:: I'm fairly certain I got it to work. Maryse Dubois: @ Good. Any idea how long it will take to clear out the radiation from the area? William Chocox: @Uh...If you give me a moment. ::starts doing math frantically in his head:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> There has to be a linkage we haven't discovered yet. ::She wrinkled her nose as she set the scanners to extrapolate the data before throwing Indaura a glance.:: A good question! Thermal scans of the planet indicated buried structures, but they turned out to be geological formations. Our samples of the planet soil showed these interesting results, however. Irene Mincine: # "Do we know how old the formations are compared to the various samples?" :: She watches the scanners work. :: "That might help us figure out a linkage." :: Irene leans against a table, in thought. She loved this part of her job. :: William Chocox: @I honestly have no clue off the top of my head. Indaura Ryssan: # :: shakes her head, not understanding why they are even here :: Maryse Dubois: @ ::Smirks.:: I suppose soon enough. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Arriving at the shuttle, he started to open the comms but the shuttle power supply seemed to be running out:: Oh... lovely. William Chocox: @I try, but there's a reason I'm an engineer not a scientist. Cptn Swain: @Rex> +Will+ Rex to Chocox Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> The formations are much younger than the microbes, so we think they are unrelated. We're still in the process of investigating, however. ::She glanced at the two scientists.:: Would you like a tour of the cave systems or do you need to be returning to your group? William Chocox: @+Rex+ Chocox here. Indaura Ryssan: # that could be fruitful Cptn Swain: @Rex> +Will+ I think we have a problem. William Chocox: @+Rex+ I don't like problems. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene looks very excited. :: "I'd love to see the cave systems. We better tell Reynolds where we're going, though." Cptn Swain: @Rex>+Will+ Same, but it looks like the power systems for the shuttle are being effected by whatever is messing with the batteries. William Chocox: @::swears:: +Rex+ That is very bad. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> Very well. Just come down to the dig site when you're ready. Take the blue lit path and you'll find me. Cptn Swain: @Rex> +Will+ I am putting everything into stand by to conserve as much power as we can, but this shouldn't be happening. We have a M/AM unit. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene smiles wide. :: "Understood. Dr. Ryssan, go with Dr. Harris. I'll catch up." :: She bounces off to find Ensign Reynolds. :: Maryse Dubois: @ ::Listening.:: What if he used the ship's shields? Indaura Ryssan: # :: looks :: delightful, let's go Maryse Dubois: @ In the same manner that we are using the emitters to block the radiation. Cptn Swain: ...and... William Chocox: @+Rex+ I'm aware...We need to contact Starfleet as soon as possible, or they'll be sending someone else out here to find us...or write us off as lost. Cptn Swain: @Rex> +Will+ I am sending a message before powering down the array. Indaura Ryssan: # :: with doctor harris :: Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  14. SD 0830.2020 The "rescue" team has found the science team remarkably intact, but they do need some help! Will, Maryse and Rex are working at the man camp to help with a battery problem. Indaura and Irene are working with the science team on samples while Reynolds makes repairs to their transmitter.
  15. MISSION BRIEF: To everyone's surprise, because y'all don't trust me apparently, the Excalibur AT has found the science team in alive and well. Science nerds are helping out, while Medical tends to a wounded science team member and engineering attempts to help with some battery and latrine issues. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM William Chocox: ((Why do you think it is that we don't trust you?)) Cptn Swain: (( I am extremely innocent. )) Maryse Dubois: @ ::Returns to the camp with her escort.:: We're back with the shield emitter and an extra power pack. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene's currently interested in the organisms that the science team has found. :: "That's some real interesting stuff there." Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Drinking some of the coffee that the science nerds made him:: Maryse Dubois: @ Once we get this set up, we can shield the camp against the radiation. Cptn Swain: (( afk for a second )) Indaura Ryssan: (what group am I in again?) Irene Mincine: (( science nerds )) William Chocox: @::has popped out the battery to take a look at it and also take a look at the leads:: There has to be something easy to do. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Ens Reynolds> ::Having found his way into the comm shed, he started searching for the issues.:: +Chocox+ Reynolds to Chocox. Do you read? William Chocox: +Reynolds+ Chocox here. Indaura Ryssan: # Exactly what kind of organisms? :: turning on her infectious diseases hat :: William Chocox: ((::slaps an @ onto his last message::)) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> ::Gestures for Irene and Indaura to join her in the mobile lab they'd erected on site. It was a temporary structure, but climate controlled.:: We have everything catalogued here, starting with our first find to the latest. We've already dated the first three samples. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene follows, entering into the lab structure. :: "Great work, doc. I've missed doing field work like this." :: She looked over the catalog information, taking notes. :: Indaura Ryssan: # How old are these samples? Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Walks back out into main camp area.:: Maryse Dubois: @ ::Places the shield emitter and power pack next to Chocox.:: This should make things easier. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ Sir, we're at the dig site and everyone seems to be alive and well. Their comms are down here, however. I'm reading some high levels of atmospheric radiation that's causing an issue with the feed. Are they having the same issue at your site? Cptn Swain: @Rwx> ::Finds Maryse and Chocox:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> Rough dating puts them at several million years old. We're not exactly certain what they are just yet. Microbes, of course, though we're uncertain of their function. Perhaps they were part of a larger ecosystem, but we haven't found any evidence of that just yet. ::She gestured to the terminal.:: Have a look if you want to see a close up view. None are showing signs of life, but we intend to put them through a battery of environmental tests to see how they react. We think they might simply be dormant. Cptn Swain: @Rex>. :siips his coffee:: William Chocox: +Reynolds+ I'm experiencing the same radiation, but it's interfering with power sources over here. William Chocox: ((Why are there two i's?!)) Indaura Ryssan: # :: Looks :: Let's hope they remain dormant. Cptn Swain: << 0:)>> Irene Mincine: # :: Irene looks at the terminal display. :: "Mmm. Looks like they metabolize compounds that haven't been present in the soil for a while, at least at this layer." :: She was fully engrossed in the scientific stuff, but looked to Indaura. :: "There's not usually any danger from samples like this, but I'd still want to be outside a containment field when you test them." Indaura Ryssan: # :: thinks :: Does anyone outside of this group know what you have found? I still don't know why we were called here. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> ::She smiled thinly.:: We're keeping *them* in containment for now. We aren't so foolish as to expose ourselves to bacterium from an alien planet where life hasn't existed for millions of years. For all we know, there may have been other life upon this planet that couldn't survive these microbes. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: #Ens Reynolds> ::Groans:: +Chocox+ Acknowledged. I thought they'd have some type of shielding, but their comms unit is almost completely unshielded. Do you think we have anything aboard the shuttle that we could configure? Indaura Ryssan: # :: Looks again, wondering if she's ever seen something like this before :: Irene Mincine: # :: Irene goes back to looking at the terminal's results. :: "I guess there was something wrong with the communications system at base camp. Everything seems fine here." William Chocox: @+Reynolds+ I'm not sure. I asked about wrapping the battery packs in lead but they don't have enough. I'm also not sure we have enough on the shuttle. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> ::She eyed Indaura.:: I don't know why you're here, either. We make our reports on time. I had no idea they weren't getting through. Perhaps you might be able to courier them for us. We're in need of supplies. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Coughs as she Inches the emitter a tad closer to Chocox.:: Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::drinks more coffee:: How's the patient Maryse? William Chocox: @::looks over:: Oh, thank you Dr. Dubois. +Reynolds+ Dr. Dubois has provided a shield emitter and a power pack for it, I'll see how that works over here. ::gets started setting it up:: Indaura Ryssan: # We will need to investigate this. Can you keep me in the loop on your findings of the microbes? Maryse Dubois: @ ::Looks to Rex.:: Doing well. The bone is set and they are resting with a lead blanket on them for now. But if we get this emitter running, we shouldn't have to worry. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene shrugs. :: "If you transmitted your reports from here, then they'd be at the base camp subspace transmitter. That's probably where the problem is, and I'm sure they're working on fixing it." Maryse Dubois: @ ::To Chocox.:: I've already scanned the radiation and have figured out a frequency. ::Hands him her tricorder with the numbers.:: Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Nods::: Will, is the radiation enough to interfere with a transmission from the shuttle to Excalibur? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> ::She shrugged.:: I don't know anything about communications. I just process the reports. If they'll go through, then good. If not, we need someone to get the message out to let them know what we need here. This weather has been wreaking havoc on our gear. William Chocox: @::takes it and looks at the numbers:: Oh, that is much appreciated. ::inputs the numbers:: Alright, let's see if this works. ::turns to Rex first:: It's possible sir. We're using similar communications, just Starfleet issue. Now, shall I? ::gestures to the emitter:: Irene Mincine: # "Yeah, we'll make sure the requests get out." :: Irene taps her combadge. :: +Base Camp+ "Mincine to base camp team." Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Takes another drink of coffee:: Good. Doctor you're in command here. I am going to head back to the shuttle and check in. Cptn Swain: @Rex> +Irene+ Go ahead. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Nods:: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Still looking at the sample :: William Chocox: @::nods and presses the "On" button:: Irene Mincine: # +Rex+ "Can you check if you've got the science team's reports in your subspace relay? They're running low on supplies over here. If we can get their requests out for them they'd really appreciate it." Indaura Ryssan: # :: Getting a bad feeling :: Cptn Swain: @Rex>:: Making his way out of towards the main camp area:: +Irene+ I am headed to the shuttle to check in with Excalibur, I'll see what we can do. Assuming we can. get a message out ourselves. Irene Mincine: # +Rex+ "All right, thanks. Other than that, everything's fine here. How's things at base camp?" Indaura Ryssan: # I need to get a genome sequence of this microbe... :: gets out her tricorder :: Cptn Swain: @Rex>. +Irene+ The radiation is draining their batteries and the latrine is broken, Chocox is working to fix it. Cptn Swain: @Rex> +Irene+ But everything else is fine. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Checks back in with her patient as Chocox works on the emitter.:: If we can get the shield up, you won't need the lead blanket anymore. Irene Mincine: # +Rex+ "Well, uh, you have fun with that. We'll stay here with the science team. Sound good?" William Chocox: @Hm... ::presses the on button again while squeezing the power pack at the same time:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> ::She glanced at Indaura and her tricorder.:: Well, they're all in containment, so I'm not sure what sort of readings you're going to be getting with that. You can see the scans we took of it, however. ::She moved to one of the larger displays and pulled up one of the files.:: We haven't sequenced it yet, but the raw data is there if you want to feed it into your system. Cptn Swain: @Rex> +Irene+ ::Smirks:: Very well. Keep in touch. Irene Mincine: # +Rex+ "Will do. Mincine out." :: She goes back to Indaura and Dr. Harris. :: "Well, they're working on the communications system, so we'll keep you company here for a while." William Chocox: @Power shouldn't have drained that fast. ::checks on the status of the power pack:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> I don't mind, so long as you don't get in the way. I've got to get back out to the team and supervise. If you stay here, don't alter any of our settings. The samples are secure, but you can review the data if you like. Indaura Ryssan: # Sounds good. Maryse Dubois: @ ::Walks over.:: I just brought a fresh pack. William Chocox: @I'm not doubting you. ::checks the connection between the pack and the emitter, jiggling the wires a bit while pushing in:: I'm just going through the troubleshooting process. ::tries to turn it on again:: Irene Mincine: # "Wouldn't dream of messing with your equipment. Thanks for the info, Dr. Harris." :: Irene goes back to gawking at the samples. :: Indaura Ryssan: # Are you making anything of this Mincine? Irene Mincine: # "Well... it's ancient, but other than that I wouldn't know until they start running environmental scans. It looks like they have more important things to worry about at the moment though, like being short on reagents and other supplies." Cptn Swain: (( TWO MINUTE WARNING )) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: # Dr. Noel Harris> ::Leaving them to their investigations, she walked back outside to the dig site where her people were still working to uncover more of the strange microorganisms.:: Indaura Ryssan: # :: Nods :: Yes. Something about this is off, but I'm no investigator. William Chocox: @This is the weirdest thing. It should not be happening like this. Irene Mincine: # :: Irene ponders for a moment. :: "Well, xenobiology and genetics is my field, but the equipment here is a bit limited until they get a supply shipment. What seems off about it to you?" Cptn Swain: ...and... Indaura Ryssan: # Nothing about the microbes yet, but the fact their comms are not getting through. Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM