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  1. Mission Brief: Excalibur has been delivering supplies to virus stricken colony near the Romulan border. Starfleet has dispatched a medical ship to relieve us, so that we can make repairs at Starbase 37 Tango. The medical ship Dorotea Bucca has arrived in orbit and Swain and Stanton are briefing them aboard the medical ship, as are the Excalibur medical staff. MEE6 BOT 21-Mar-21 07:11 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:12 PM :: Speaking to the medical staff of medical ship that shall not be named :: Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:13 PM ::At the briefing.:: William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:13 PM William's finally gotten himself cleaned up from the shenanigans with the wormhole. At this point it was more of keeping the ship in one piece as opposed to making repairs. Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:14 PM :: Val is stationkeeping with the medical ship. :: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:14 PM (( Grab an @ if you're on the uh Dorotea Bucca )) (( Or uh a $ actually since @ tries to tag people lmao )) Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:15 PM Irene> Is down in engineering working at a console. There's a small metal cylinder on a rolling cart next to her. "That should be the end of the listening devices. The positronic scanner can't see any more." Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:15 PM ((If you put a space in between it's fine.)) William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:15 PM "From your lips to Starfleet Intelligence's ears." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:16 PM $ on the Dorotea Bucca in their main conference room wondering just how they come up with starship names as one of their doctors was launching into a long question to Maryse about the virus Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:16 PM $ :: Standing with Doctor Dubois :: Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:17 PM Irene> "Hah." She picks up the metal cylinder. "The devices in here should keep Intelligence busy for a while once we turn them in at Starbase 37-Tango." William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:18 PM "I just don't want the spooks poking around my engine bay." "Only thing worse than Romulans poking around my engine bay is spooks poking around my engine bay." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:18 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::On the medical ship speaking quietly to their second officer, a charming brunette woman with a pretty smile, waiting on the briefing to start.:: William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:18 PM "And the only thing worse than that?" "Time cops." Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:19 PM $::Presenting her findings, along with a copy of the vaccine formula in case they need it.:: Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:20 PM Irene> "You've had run-ins with Temporal Investigations down here? I haven't, not since I joined Starfleet." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:20 PM $Captain Umer> Glances over to Asher and makes a side eye to Stanton and his own second officer, smirking William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:20 PM "They have long reaching reputations." William can't remember if he's had to deal with Time Cops. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:22 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Throws Will a look.:: William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:22 PM ((I honestly can't remember if we've dealt with Time Cops.)) Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:22 PM $Captain Umer> The tall, slender Betazoid cleared his throat when Maryse had finished Thank you, Doctor DuBois. It sounds like everything is in order for us to take over the relief efforts. I do wish you were able to stay around to help with the investigation into how the shipments were contaminated, but I understand. Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:24 PM Irene> "They always have one give a speech about the integrity of the timeline during the class on the philosophy of quantum mechanics. Don't go messing with the timeline, et cetera et cetera..." She waved her hand to emphasize the et ceteras. "I had my friend T'Mal take notes for me that day." William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:24 PM "Damnit, I knew I should've gotten a Vulcan study partner. I had a Tellarite. Great discussions...not so much the studying." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:24 PM $ Asher smiled. He was proud of his crew and the work they did, even if sometimes some of them made him consider leaving them on the nearest ice block sometimes, but he didn't let that thought bubble to far up the line, overly aware of Umer's abilities Of course. Doctor DuBois and her staff are excellent at what they do. Rex> Enters engineering, frowning and carrying a PADD William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:26 PM William looks over. "I don't like that look. Don't be giving me that look. If you're going to be giving me that look, you need to go outside, turn around three times, curse, and spit." Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:26 PM Irene> "I wouldn't have gotten through quantum mechanics without the memory techniques he taught me." She smiled. "And the stuff they say about only once every 7 years, that's a lie." She spots Rex coming in and goes back to serious mode. "Trouble, sir?" William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:27 PM William gives Irene a look before turning back to Rex. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:27 PM Ens Reynolds> Well, you aren't supposed to speak about them because they might hear you. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:27 PM Rex> I've been, at Captain's "suggestion" the air quotes were audible going through the security logs for the safeties. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:28 PM William swears audibly. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:28 PM $Umer> Well I think that pretty much wraps things up here, unless there was something else? Rex> For starters, I am going to just completely omit the bevy of times someone on your staff has over-ridden a safety protocol while doing some sort of... I'll be generous and call it experimentation. Rex> I scrubbed those from the record, because well I am a nice guy. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:29 PM "I told them to be better at hiding that." Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM Irene> "Oh? Anything I can help with while I'm down--" She hears Rex's speech and her finger goes to her collar instinctively, even though she's not the one being smoked. "--guess not." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM Rex> Some of them are with your override code, Billy, William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM William looks around. "Who's Billy?" Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM Rex> Gives him a sly look Exactly. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:30 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Overhearing Captain Umer, he sighed, more than a little disappointed they had to leave so soon. He muttered something to his friend, who giggled and elbowed him in the gut. He grinned and headed to join Swain.:: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:31 PM $Swain> Stands and shakes Umer's hand I do wish we could stay. I was just telling Jalen what fun we used to have at the academy. Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:31 PM $ :: Listening to Maryse :: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:32 PM Rex> Anyway. So I scrubbed the very obvious uh, experimenting ones, but there's still a few I want you to comb through to check to see if they're legit or not. Most of the ones that I didn't scrub aren't related to any of the systems that control the warp field matrix though. Mostly people tinkering with the holodecks or replicators. A few with the transporters. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:33 PM "Look, sometimes, as Chief Engineer, you need to make sure things are up to snuff. And sometimes Starfleet's 'preferred parameters' are well short of what my machinery can do. And sure, I'll check them out." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:33 PM Rex> Captain wants me to make sure it wasn't sabotage, but as I told him -- if it was sabotage they likely weren't dumb enough to leave a trace log in the safety protocol records, but you know how it is. he finally smiled $Captain Umer> Turns a little red I hope you didn't tell him too much. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:34 PM "Yeah, yeah, I'll check things out." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:34 PM $ Smiles Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:35 PM Irene> Picking up her metal container of listening devices from the cart. "Um, I'll drop these off in a secure locker and head back to the bridge. You look like you're going to be busy for a while, Chief." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:35 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Laughs.:: Oh, he told me enough. A pity we couldn't stay longer. I had no idea that Gretchen... eh... Commander Hatcher was assigned to the Dorotea. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:36 PM Rex> Ah -- good Mincine. I was going to ask you to bring those to security and help Collins catalog them. Starfleet Intelligence already put in a request that we transfer them once we're at Tango. $ Umer and Asher exchanged bemused glances Well, we'll be in orbit a little bit longer until we transfer over the last of the medical supplies. Maryse How long do you expect that will take Doctor? William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:37 PM shudders "Damn spooks. Any chance you can keep them out of here Rex?" Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:38 PM Rex> I would imagine they'll dispatch someone to debrief, but unlikely they'll take too much interest if we don't find anything that points to sabotage. Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:38 PM $ Since supplies were packed and ready. I would say no more than an hour for transfer. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:39 PM "Harrumph." William starts scanning through the overrides. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:39 PM $ Nods Very well. I'll head back to Excalibur, Commander if you want to stay behind and help coordinate with doctors I have no complaints. Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:40 PM Irene> "Will do, sir. I figured Starfleet Intelligence would want these and the scanner settings I used to find them." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:40 PM Rex> Nods Yep, and a full report if you don't mind. Sighs From everyone who worked closely with the Romulans. I know it's a pain, but if we have our ducks in a row ahead of time, we're way less likely to get grilled by SI when we get back. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:41 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> With pleasure. ::Devilish grin.:: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:42 PM $Umer> Gives a knowing glance over to Asher and shakes his head, but smiles anwyay Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:42 PM Irene> Smiles. "Of course. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to main Security with a batch of Romulan toys." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:42 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> I'll just go see if the Commander needs any help. (edited) Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM $Swain> Maryse Unless you need Doctor Ryssan, I'd like her to return with me to Excalibur. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM Ens Reynolds> I was on an entirely different deck at the time! ::To Rex.:: Maryse Dubois 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM $ ::Nods.:: That will be fine. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:43 PM William looks up from his console and stares at the warp core. "Everyone? You know how many people work down here in an emergency Commander?" Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:44 PM Rex> I already have my own people started. Doesn't have to be a novel. Just a short report on their interactions as best they remember it. $Swain> Well, Captain. Best of luck. Doctor Ryssan? Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM Irene leaves Will to his personal hell and hitches a ride up to Security in a turbolift, carrying the container of listening devices. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM $Umer> You too Asher. Tell Arden I said hello. $Asher> Smiles He'll be sad he missed you. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM "I'll see what I can get you commander. Some of these people are asleep though and aren't going to wake up for their shift in a few hours." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:45 PM Rex> No hurry. It's what, two weeks at warp 7 till we're home? William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:46 PM "Possibly, I'm an engineer not a navigator." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:46 PM Rex> Just want to have them before we get back to turn over to Intelligence. Hopefully they don't send us some hardass fresh out of academy who needs to prove himself. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:47 PM "I will shove someone out of an airlock." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:48 PM Rex> Grins I just have to ask. Is "Project Lua" a moonshine operation? CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:48 PM Ens Reynolds> How do you know abou... ::Shuts up.:: William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM "What are you talking about? Project Lua is a harmless science experiment." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM Rex> Because, if it is, while I am required to mention how many regulations you are breaking, I would also like to get in on that operation. Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM Irene shows up at the main security office on deck 6. "Delivery!" Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:49 PM Collins> Looks up, looking as if he'd been up for like thirty-six hours straight Oh. Hello. $ *waits for Ryssan to join him in the lift down to the transporter room* William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:51 PM "I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not substances that could become intoxicating when ingested have possibly been distilled in this department." Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:51 PM $ :: Goes to the lift :: Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 07:52 PM Irene> She sets the metal container down on his desk with a thud. "One cylinder of Romulan listening devices that are gonna need a secured locker. Starfleet Intelligence is going to pick them up once we make it back home." Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:52 PM $ Sorry Captain. My mind and stomach are elsewhere. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:53 PM $ Smiles No worries. waits for the lift doors to close Transporter room 3 CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:54 PM $Cdr Jalen Stanton> How about a tour? ::He linked his arm with Commander Hatcher's and they ambled off together, chatting about old times.:: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:54 PM $ How are things down in the counseling arena? I apologize for not really involving myself too much. I know some captains really lean on them, but I -- well, I am not used to that, Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:55 PM $ Well to be honest I have only seen a handful of patients, ones that forget to fill their calendars with their work. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:55 PM William looks like a realization has hit him. "I thought Vulcans only reproduced every seven years, not went seven years between sexual activities." Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:55 PM Rex> Well, I just happen to have a friend on the Orlando who gifted me some very expensive Argosian loose leaf tea that I was going to give to .... pauses wait really? William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:56 PM "Just something Irene said. What's that about Argosian Loose Leaf?" Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:56 PM $ It is interesting that if I need to I can find someone like yourself mentally compromised I can relieve you of duty. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:57 PM Rex> That would be news to the Vulcan I dated at the academy. Tomak was well... rather... anyway yes. I have some loose leaf tea I was going to give to Swain to butter him up, but I could part with it for some of the moonshine you absolutely aren't brewing down in engineering lockerroom. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:57 PM "Commander, I would be happy to take that tea off your hands for some very non-existent moonshine." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Mar-21 07:58 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Totally not listening to the shady deal happening behind him.:: Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM $ Smirks True, I would hope it never comes to that. But, please let me know if you need me to pass along the word to department heads to tell people to encourage openings in their schedule. After the last few weeks, I am sure there's some stress. Rex> Grins, widely I'll have one of my people make a delivery. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM "Pleasure having this conversation Commander." Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM $ Life on an enclosed starship is not easy for many species. Denobulans are known for living in close quarters. Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 07:59 PM Collins> Yawns Yeah. Man you ever think you made a mistake signing up for starfleet? Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 08:00 PM $ Have people considered intimate relations Captain? Captain Swain 21-Mar-21 08:00 PM $ Nearly bursts into laughing I think Commander Stanton is thinking about that right now. << two minute warning >> $ Composes himself a bit as the lift door opens to two ensigns from the Bucco and proceeds towards the transporter room Irene Mincine 21-Mar-21 08:01 PM Irene> She profoundly disagrees. "A mistake? I love xenobiology and exploration. I get to do it every day." Indaura Ryssan 21-Mar-21 08:02 PM $ Well the Denobulan marital structure is sure different from that of humans. William Chocox 21-Mar-21 08:02 PM William totally doesn't have a thought about how the last time he was involved with someone was when Ithene essentially forced him to. MEE6 BOT 21-Mar-21 08:04 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  2. SD 0321.2021 Excalibur has been delivering supplies to virus stricken colony near the Romulan border. Starfleet has dispatched a medical ship to relieve us, so that we can make repairs at Starbase 37 Tango. The medical ship Dorotea Bucca has arrived in orbit, and Swain and Stanton are briefing them aboard the medical ship, as are the Excalibur medical staff.
  3. MISSION BRIEFING: The Excalibur has arrived in orbit of Dourup IV where they are assisting in vaccinating the populace against a deadly viral outbreak among the mostly Tellerite colonists. We are also assisting initial stand up of several emergency clinics for those affected. Engineering is being assisted by science in continued repair efforts as well as sweeping for Romulan tracking and listening devices that may have been planted by our appreciated, if no paranoid, friends from the Talon. Asher has yet another new hair style. MEE6 BOT 14-Mar-21 07:07 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:08 PM throwing another bug into the pile. “How could they install this many in so little time?” Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:08 PM << Very efficient >> CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:09 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Bedraggled, he turned one of the tracking devices over in his hands.:: I didn't even think they went this many places! Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:09 PM Irene is in front of an open panel in engineering, digging through some optical fiber. "The sensor readings don't lie." Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:10 PM Clark> On the bridge, keeping an eye on power usage as the transporters were working overtime beaming supplies down to the surface William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:10 PM “Were they using robots?” Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:10 PM << Somewhere, on the Talon, I bet they have a pool running to see how long it takes us to find them all >> CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:12 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Reviewing the latest reports from the planet from his chair on the bridge, fingers drumming on his armrest.:: Maryse Dubois 14-Mar-21 07:12 PM ::In the cargo bay, overseeing the vaccine shipments.:: Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:12 PM Irene neutralizes a listening device with an energy beam from a long metal cylinder. "They're not the Borg, they've just had a lot of practice at spying on us." CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:12 PM Ens Reynolds> You think we can use any of these to turn the tables and spy back? Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:12 PM Val> Monitoring their orbit, making sure they don't hit any asteroids or fall out of the sky. She looks pretty bored. Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:13 PM Clark> This certainly isn't on the recruitment posters. William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:13 PM “There’s two of them right next to each other! This is insane!” CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:14 PM Ens Reynolds> These all seem a bit obvious, don't they? ::Worried look.:: William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:14 PM “Unfortunately...” Indaura Ryssan 14-Mar-21 07:15 PM :: Standing beside Doctor Dubois, inspecting a container :: Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:15 PM Rex> Like Maryse, he'd decided he didn't want to don an isolation suit on the planet and was instead overseeing things from the cargo bay too Sounds like things are going well planet side. Gotta admit, I expected the Tellerites to be more of an issue. Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:16 PM Irene> She checks her tricorder. "Apparently, most of them are passive reflectors tied into the data circuits, no power or transmitting device. You shoot a narrow-beam gamma pulse at one and you can sniff what's on the wire. No way to turn it back on them, unfortunately." William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:16 PM “Damn. Would’ve been fun.” Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:16 PM Val> Hmph. "Would you prefer getting shot at?" To Clark. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:17 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> I know I do. ::Absently.:: Maryse Dubois 14-Mar-21 07:17 PM They do like arguing the small details, but once they get focused, it is hard to stop them. Indaura Ryssan 14-Mar-21 07:17 PM :: Turns to Dubois :: Wonder if there are listening devices in the vaccines.... Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:17 PM Clark> I mean I understand why someone like you, at the end of your career wants that, but I want some excitement Maryse Dubois 14-Mar-21 07:18 PM If there are, then I feel sorry of the Romulans listening in. Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:18 PM Rex> chuckles Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:21 PM Val> She stops what she's doing (which isn't very much) and looks sharply at Clark. "End of my career? Do I look like a 60-year-old astrophysics lieutenant running analyses on clumps of space garbage?" Indaura Ryssan 14-Mar-21 07:21 PM So is everyone taking their dose? CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:21 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Chuckles at the conversation.:: Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:22 PM Clark> I mean. Maryse Dubois 14-Mar-21 07:22 PM I haven't heard of any delivery issues yet. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:23 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> You probably should stop talking before you end up with something embedded in your eye, Clark. Indaura Ryssan 14-Mar-21 07:23 PM These containers are ready. :: signs off on her padd :: Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:23 PM Rex> clicking on a padd The emergency center near the planetary power grid is up and running. Lt. Karos reports they're ready to start accepting patients. Clark> Nods Right, of course. Maryse Dubois 14-Mar-21 07:24 PM ::Nods.:: And the Western clinic? Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:24 PM << At least she didn't pull a phaser on him and shove him in the broom closet >> CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:25 PM (( Mess with the bull... )) William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:25 PM locates some more “You’d think they’d try to be more efficient.” Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:25 PM Rex> Taps Should be online in the next hour. Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:25 PM Irene> "They probably just cram as many as they can in. They know we'll look and find nearly all of them." CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:26 PM Ens Reynolds> Or they're just leaving these to be easily found so we think we got them all! Indaura Ryssan 14-Mar-21 07:26 PM WIll check now Maryse Dubois 14-Mar-21 07:26 PM Good. Most major hurdles seem to be cleared now. William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:26 PM “That’s a good point.” Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:26 PM Val> "Wouldn't want to end up with a yellow eye of your own." She winks with her prosthetic. Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:26 PM Rex> I am just glad the transporters are working and we're not having to shuttle all this stuff down. Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:27 PM Irene> "I mean, that's how I'd do it if I was in charge of putting these things in people's ships." William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:27 PM “Just means we have to look harder.” Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:28 PM Clark> Considered commenting that she could get that matched with her other eye, but decides to quit while he's ahead. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:28 PM Ens Reynolds> Maybe we should let loose a few of our own bots to seek and destroy. William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:28 PM “If you think you can catch them.” Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:29 PM Clark> Oh, Commander. I did have a complaint from some of the junior officers. They're mad we're keeping replicators to low function and that the holodecks are in operative. Clark> I may or may not have also programmed one of the ringleaders sonic shower to play Klingon Opera. Maryse Dubois 14-Mar-21 07:30 PM We would never hear the end of it if that were the case. Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:30 PM Rex> To say nothing of having to load all this stuff up and out. Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:31 PM Irene> "I can take a few of these listening devices with me and see if I can program a search algorithm into a few of our maintenance bots." She starts sliding some into a parts satchel. "Maybe figure out why my sonic shower started singing about Kahless and Molar while I'm at it." William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:31 PM “You didn’t happen to complain about the replicators did you?” Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:32 PM Clark> Frankly I thnk they're lucky we left the sonic showers up at all. Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:32 PM Irene> "They broke the holodecks, they could at least let me have Swedish meatballs for dinner..." William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:33 PM “We had to prioritize Medical Irene.” CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:33 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> People will always complaining about whatever... They'll just have to keep complaining until we get the ship fixed. Not much we can do otherwise. Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:33 PM Clark> Nods Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:33 PM Val> "Can't neglect basic hygiene aboard a starship. You know how bad the Old Earth space capsules smelled after 2 weeks in orbit?" Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:34 PM Clark> Had considered auctioning off replicator rations Clark> We have that gel sanitizer stuff. Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:34 PM Irene> "Yeah, I know, I know, medical's more important..." Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:35 PM << Irene would probably be interested in rubbing someone down with hand sanitizer like they did on Enterprise >> CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:35 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Maybe anyone that complains further will only be getting the C or D-listed rations. Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:35 PM Val> "The detox gel? I thought they stopped using that before my parents were born. I've never even seen a bottle." William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:36 PM “It’ll be back once we get the vaccine distributed. And once we get to a starbase.” Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:36 PM Clark> Smirks I'll keep a list to Val Yeah we still keep barrels of the stuff ini storage. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:37 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Already working on a tiny bug-finding roomba to crawl through the ship.:: Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:37 PM Clark> They use it on Starbases to deep clean the holodecks after deep space ships stop by. Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:38 PM Val> "I am so glad I don't work in that department." Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:38 PM Clark> I hear the worst is after a cadet training cruise. William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:39 PM “Reynolds, how are you doing with the search?” CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:39 PM Ens Reynolds> Still running, sir, but I have located at least three more and one possible. I sent a team. William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:40 PM “Good job.” Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:40 PM Irene> Assisting with programming the roombas. "Should be able to get the rest of them with these, I think." Val> "Oh, they give you holodeck time after training cruises now?" Indaura Ryssan 14-Mar-21 07:41 PM I did get some good scans of our friends. Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:41 PM Rex> I brought some food cubes if you're hungry doctors. Clark> Did they even have holodecks when you were a cadet? Maryse Dubois 14-Mar-21 07:41 PM ::Shakes head.:: I'm good for now, thanks. Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:42 PM Val> "During the Dominion War?" Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:42 PM Clark> Thats ancient history. Rex> takes a bite Well, help yourself if you change your mind. The green ones are uh, chicken and broccoli and the blue ones are uh also chicken and broccoli I think. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:43 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Clark, I'm beginning to think you have a death wish. ::Snorts.:: Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:44 PM Rex> We can literally go faster than the speed of light, but our rations haven't improved since the Romulan War. Maryse Dubois 14-Mar-21 07:45 PM ::Smirks:: You're giving them too much credit. Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:45 PM Val> Narrows her eyes. "Permission to determine whether or not Clark is a changeling sent to sow discord, Commander?" Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:45 PM Clark> I am pretty handsome, but not a Founder. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:45 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Do you want to send him to medical for a blood test? Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:46 PM Clark> Smirks I am just saying, I was all of 8 when the Dominion War ended. Rex> takes another bite Yeah, you're right. I think they've gotten worse. Indaura Ryssan 14-Mar-21 07:47 PM I am fine as well Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:47 PM Val> "More like involving a pocket knife... I mean, uh, never mind, sir." Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:48 PM Clark> Incredibly pleased with himself William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:49 PM finds a cluster of five “Really?’ This is overkill!” CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:49 PM Ens Reynolds> I'm saving them all to be dissected. They're really put together in a most interesting fashion. Ens Reynolds> Though now I'm wondering if all those spare parts they 'helped' us out with are really tracking devices. Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:51 PM Irene> "Of course they are. Wouldn't you do the same thing?" William Chocox 14-Mar-21 07:52 PM “We’ll have to check them up.” Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:52 PM << How sophisticated would a Klingon tracking device be though >> Irene Mincine 14-Mar-21 07:53 PM (( it blinks 12:00 and beeps loudly )) Indaura Ryssan 14-Mar-21 07:54 PM <shaped like a dagger, inserted into chest> CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:54 PM (( It'd blow up the moment it was found. )) Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:55 PM Exits onto the bridge from his ready room, his hair was wavy and flowing free and he had a beard again CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:56 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances to Swain.:: Captain. ::Not about to comment on his ever changing hairstyles.:: Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:57 PM Good news commander. Indaura Ryssan 14-Mar-21 07:57 PM You know I really should see some patients. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:58 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> We could use some. Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 07:59 PM I just got off the horn with starbase. They've dispatched the USS Dorotea Bucca, a medical ship, to take for us. Once they arrive, we can return to starbase for repairs. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 07:59 PM Ens Reynolds> We're going to have to tear this entire deck apart, aren't we? William Chocox 14-Mar-21 08:00 PM “Most likely! Always a fun thing!” Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 08:00 PM The Dorotea Bucca will be here in 4 days. Her Captain is an old friend. Nice fellow. Betazoid, named Kalas Umer. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Mar-21 08:01 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Are we going to be meeting with them when they arrive to discuss the situation? We're not in much of a position to host anything. Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 08:02 PM Nods I figured we could make a house call to brief them. Kalas always did like hosting parties. Smirks He almost got expelled from the Academy for a party he threw in the dorms. Clark> Looks at Val, wideeyed Asher> They do frown on having dom-jot tables and dancers from Orias VIII in the dorms. To say nothing of the keg of Romulan ale. << 1 minute warning >> Indaura Ryssan 14-Mar-21 08:05 PM I think all of the vaccines are ready. William Chocox 14-Mar-21 08:05 PM “I swear, this many listening devices should be considered a war crime.” Captain Swain 14-Mar-21 08:06 PM << and >> !pause MEE6 BOT 14-Mar-21 08:06 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  4. SD 0314.2021 The Excalibur has arrived in orbit of Dourup IV where they are assisting in vaccinating the populace against a deadly viral outbreak among the mostly Tellerite colonists. We are also assisting the initial stand up of several emergency clinics for those effected. Engineering is being assisted by science in continued repair efforts as well as sweeping for Romulan tracking and listening devices that may have been planted by our appreciated, if not paranoid, friends from the Talon. Asher has yet another new hair style.
  5. MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur, with an unexpectedly helpful assist from the Romulan warbird RES Talon was able to make repairs following their run in with a wormhole caused by an imbalance in the warp drive systems that left them hurdling towards Romulan space. With most systems now repaired or at least patched together, they have resumed course towards Dourup IV to provide assistance with a deadly viral outbreak. We pick up as we near the system. MEE6 BOT 07-Mar-21 08:07 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 07-Mar-21 08:08 PM William is down in Engineering, monitoring everything since the Romulans departed. His face was still a bit sooty from the escapades on Deck 16. Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:08 PM Clark> On the bridge, discretely playing tic tac toe while the computer system ran a diagnostic on the power distribution network following another round of repairs completed by the engineering staff Maryse Dubois 07-Mar-21 08:09 PM ::In sickbay, making sure everything is in order for the vaccine distribution.:: Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:09 PM Enters onto the bridge from his ready room, sporting yet another hair style change, this time he wore it Gareth Bale man-bun style, drinking tea Irene Mincine 07-Mar-21 08:09 PM Irene is at the bridge science station as usual, watching for anything weird that might signal Romulans were coming along. Val is looking bored at helm. Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:11 PM (( I wonder if there would be a wiki article updating Asher's ever changing hair styles. )) CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:12 PM (( You'll probably write one before it's all said and done. )) Rhan K'hal 07-Mar-21 08:12 PM (( probably a rowdy subreddit )) CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:13 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Stands as Swain enters the bridge, shoving over a seat.:: Captain. We seem to be progressing smoothly for the most part. Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:13 PM (( lol )) Indaura Ryssan 07-Mar-21 08:13 PM :: Back in sickbay, uploading her readings :: Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:13 PM Nods and takes his seat in the center chair ETA to Dourup? William Chocox 07-Mar-21 08:14 PM +Bridge+ "Engineering to Bridge." Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:14 PM Clark> +Will+ Pausing his tic tac toe game Bridge here. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:14 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Down in engineering with Will, looking twice as mussed, he scowled at the part in his hand before turning it the other way around and resuming.:: Irene Mincine 07-Mar-21 08:15 PM Val> "Not long." She gives a more precise estimate. "Good thing we got the warp engines going." William Chocox 07-Mar-21 08:15 PM +Bridge+ "Hey Clark, we're looking...better than we did before. We might need a starbase to get us back to fully normal though." Lahl> Kimonzi looks over at Reynolds "That part giving you trouble?" Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:16 PM Clark> +Will+ Aye. The EPS network is functioning at around 89%. I am still keeping primary systems a little under full power usage just in case. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:16 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Blinks at Lahl.:: Hmm? Erm... no. It's fine. ::Swaps it around the way he had it before.:: William Chocox 07-Mar-21 08:18 PM +Clark+ Excellent thinking Clark. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:18 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Sickbay+ Stanton to Sickbay. Indaura Ryssan 07-Mar-21 08:18 PM How are the vaccine manufacture going? William Chocox 07-Mar-21 08:18 PM Lahl> "You sure?" Maryse Dubois 07-Mar-21 08:19 PM +Stanton+ Sickbay here. ::Gives Indaura a thumbs up.:: CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:19 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Sickbay+ Doctor, we're nearing the system. Just wanted to give you some warning. Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:19 PM Clark> +Will+ I am also running a diagnostic on the computer core. I think some of the files we lost might be able to be recovered by starbase, but bad news for any holodeck fans. That whole database is toast. We'll have to get SB to completely reload it. Maryse Dubois 07-Mar-21 08:20 PM +Stanton+ Thanks you Commander, everything is ready here. William Chocox 07-Mar-21 08:20 PM +Clark+ "That is most unfortunate. Hopefully people have their favorite programs backed up." CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:21 PM Ens Reynolds> Ah, sure. ::Pops it into the replacement node he was refurbishing and sets the scanner to test mode.:: Irene Mincine 07-Mar-21 08:21 PM Irene> "The holodeck database..." She overhears that and her heart skips a beat. "I hope my isolinear backups are okay..." Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:21 PM Lifts a brow at the commentary, but continues drinking his tea William Chocox 07-Mar-21 08:24 PM Lahl> "Keep up the good work." +Clark+ "Anything else I need to be aware of? You catching anything I'm not? I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off." Indaura Ryssan 07-Mar-21 08:25 PM :: Examines a vial of vaccine :: Maryse Dubois 07-Mar-21 08:26 PM We cut it kind of close on that one. Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:27 PM Clark> +Will+ Medical has been doing a lot of use with the replicators for vaccine production, so we've been tampering down replicator use. I am inclined to leave that down once they're done just to keep everyone from a doing a run on the mess to get food that isn't cubes. Clark> Had wisely left power up to the CO;s replicator though. William Chocox 07-Mar-21 08:28 PM +Clark+ "That sounds like a good plan. I think we can ease that when we get to the planet, but it's a good idea for right now." CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:30 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Not getting any test results, so pops the part out and swaps it around the way he had before to reinsert it.:: Irene Mincine 07-Mar-21 08:32 PM Val> "We're approaching the Dourup system, sir." CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:35 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Straightens in his seat.:: Indaura Ryssan 07-Mar-21 08:36 PM Yeah, rather close. The Romulan assistance was...unexpected. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:38 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Inform medical and security of our arrival and to make final preparations. Irene Mincine 07-Mar-21 08:39 PM Irene> +Sickbay+ "Mincine to sickbay, we're at the system. Are you ready with the vaccine?" Maryse Dubois 07-Mar-21 08:40 PM +Irene+ Everything is set and has been moved to the cargo transporters. Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:42 PM Rex> Dispatches a crew of security officers to sickbay to get assist, while more of his team were getting stuff ready in the cargo bays to beam down for vaccination site stand up. The local authorities were friendly, but not really prepared, so he had his work cut out for him. He only wished Clark was less tied up with repairs because it would have made this whole sh*tshow easier Irene Mincine 07-Mar-21 08:42 PM Irene> +Maryse+ "Perfect." :: She looks up from her console to the center chair. :: "Medical is standing by for transport, Commander." Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:43 PM Drinks his tea Standard orbit. Inform the colony of our arrival. Indaura Ryssan 07-Mar-21 08:43 PM :: to Dubois :: I presume these vaccines have proper distribution channels? Irene Mincine 07-Mar-21 08:44 PM Val> "Aye, standard orbit." She looks over at Clark, who's pretty busy. "...and I'll tell the colony we're here." Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:44 PM << Sorry, only 1-B priority right now, or if they know an ensign on the Excalibur. >> << If we had a Ferengi ensign, we could have a plot line of them selling access to the vaccine that totally wasn't social commentary >> Maryse Dubois 07-Mar-21 08:46 PM ::Nods.:: Everything should be in order. William Chocox 07-Mar-21 08:48 PM Lahl> "Does that entire part need to be replaced Reynolds?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:49 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Throws his hands up in the air.:: I have no idea. It still isn't testing. ::He popped it out and chucked it over his shoulder into a bin of throwaways.:: We've got sleepers now. Parts just waiting to die because of the surge. William Chocox 07-Mar-21 08:50 PM Lahl> "Ah, too true. Let me know if you need any help." Irene Mincine 07-Mar-21 08:51 PM Irene> "Do you want me to keep scanning for Romulans while we're in orbit?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:51 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances to Irene.:: Do you think it'd do any good? ::Slight smile.:: Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:53 PM ::Jalen:: I was surprised though how, understanding, the governor was when I told him about our delay. I don't know if you've worked with many Tellerites, but I wouldn't say patience is a strong point for most of them. Irene Mincine 07-Mar-21 08:54 PM Irene> "They probably don't need to have a warbird out there. I bet engineering is filled with so many listening devices they know which ration pack I had for lunch." CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 08:55 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> A good point, Mincine. Perhaps you should work something up with Chocox to see if our 'friends' left anything behind. Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He glanced at Swain.:: Maybe they're just happy to have any assistance at all. Beggars can't be choosers. William Chocox 07-Mar-21 08:57 PM William munches on a random ration pack. "Ooh, this is actually my favorite." Irene Mincine 07-Mar-21 08:57 PM Irene> Looks up from her console. "I'm not really an engineer... I don't know anything about listening devices." Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 08:57 PM Sips tea Probably. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Mar-21 09:01 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> No, but you do know what the sensor readings look like on Romulan technology. As well as have the internal sensor files for when our guests were on board and where they went. Irene Mincine 07-Mar-21 09:02 PM Irene> Thinks about it for a moment, then smiles. "I'll collect the data we have on their movements and energy signatures and coordinate with engineering." Captain Swain 07-Mar-21 09:02 PM !PAUSE MEE6 BOT 07-Mar-21 09:02 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  6. SD 0307.2021 The Excalibur, with an unexpectedly helpful assist from the Romulan warbird RES Talon was able to make repairs following their run in with a wormhole caused by an imbalance in the warp drive systems that left them hurdling towards Romulan space. With most systems now repaired or at least patched together, they have resumed course towards Dourup IV to provide assistance with a deadly viral outbreak. We pick up as we near the system.
  7. SD 0228.2021 Repairs have continued but we're still on a timer as we need to deliver those medical supplies to the Tellerite colony. The Romulan crew from the Talon have been assisting us in repairs but a few key systems remain, likewise we may have additional guests from the Empire who are less cuddly than Commander t'Temarr.
  8. SD 0221.2021 After drifting dangerously into Romulan territory, the Excalibur has been towed back to the Neutral Zone by the RES Talon, who has also offered assistance in repairing their ship. Several Romulan engineers, along with their Captain, have transported to Excalibur to aid and observe.
  9. SD 0214.2021 The Excalibur has crossed into Romulan space following an incident involving a wormhole. Repairs to the engines, shields, weapons and other primary systems have yet to be completed; however we have restored communications -- which is a good thing considering we have a Romulan warbird for a welcoming committee.
  10. MISSION BRIEFING: Repairs have continued but we're still on a timer as we need to deliver those medical supplies to the Tellerite colony. The Romulan crew from the Talon have been assisting us in repairs but a few key systems remain, likewise we may have additional guests from the Empire who are less cuddly than Commander t'Temarr. MEE6 BOT 28-Feb-21 08:06 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:07 PM Irene does a double-take now that the sensor array is back up and pointed at the border. "Uh, commander, we have Romulan company..." Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:08 PM :: Scanning in engineering still :: William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:08 PM William is in the Impulse Reactor room, attempting to fix it. Every time he wiped at his face it pretty much just moved the soot around his face. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:08 PM Enters main engineering deck, making a grand appearance, and a new hairstyle -- pulled back and braided -- for the episode. He even shaved. Clark> On the bridge, watching lights on the ops console start to come to life again Maryse Dubois 28-Feb-21 08:09 PM ::Has made it back to the medical lab, putting the finishing touch on the vaccine.:: Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:11 PM ::Monitoring the warp core from the main station, upswept brows drawn together in concentration. She snapped something at one of the nearby Romulan engineers, who nodded and went back to tweaking one of the nearby nodes with his Federation buddy.:: Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:11 PM Clearing his throat You must be Commander t'Temarr. CdrMirandaHawthorne 28-Feb-21 08:12 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Makes some adjustment to tactical.:: Can you get a good read on them, Ensign? Maryse Dubois 28-Feb-21 08:13 PM ::Sets up the vaccine for synthesis, then checks on the state of the rest of her supplies.:: Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:13 PM She tries to get a reading on how many there are out there. "A-a lot of them. I'm trying to narrow it down." Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:13 PM ::Glances up and over at Swain, taking the measure of him in a single sweeping look.:: Ie. You are the Captain of this vessel? Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:13 PM :: Completing her scans :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 28-Feb-21 08:14 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Well, we're officially on this side of where we should be, but... that doesn't matter much to the Romulans, I think. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:14 PM Nods Captain Asher Swain. My apologies for not coming down sooner. I want to extend my personal thanks, as well as those of the Federation, for your assistance. William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:14 PM "Lieutenant Lahl, I need the flex spanner." The Trill hands it to him. "Here you are sir." "Thank you." Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:15 PM :: Approaches the two captains, albeit slowly :: Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:16 PM Rex> Hops off the lift onto the bridge, scowling Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:17 PM Enarrain Laehval t'Temarr. ::Slight incline of her head as she gestured to engineering.:: Your crew is competent enough, I've found. The process has been fascinating. CdrMirandaHawthorne 28-Feb-21 08:17 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Chief... ::Seeing Rex.:: You're just in time to see the Romulans gang up on us. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:18 PM Good. I am glad to hear that. We've had a few opportunities to work closely with the Romulans over the years. I think one of our former colleagues served on your vessel actually. Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:18 PM She shakes her head at her console. "It's using the indicator that means a lot of Romulans. That's all I can get." Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:18 PM :: Awaits her turn :: Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:19 PM Rex> Scowls more deeply Of course. Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:20 PM ::Slight eyebrow arch.:: On the Talon? Not many of our kind delve into the Federation. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:20 PM Rex> takes the tactical console and looks over what sensors were showing William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:21 PM Williams cranks down hard on the bolt he had been working on. "I really hope this works. We need to get going soon." Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:21 PM Val> "I can give you 1/32nd impulse if that helps." She looks pretty frustrated. Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:22 PM :: Gets more into the space of Captain Swain and Enarrain t'Temarr :: Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:23 PM He was exchange officer, Centurion Issaha N'Dak. CdrMirandaHawthorne 28-Feb-21 08:23 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Returns to the center seat.:: So long as they're staying on their side of the Neutral Zone... If you see weapon spikes, however... Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:23 PM Smiles, notices Indaura Doctor? Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:23 PM Sorry to intrude, but I wanted to let you know there are no issues of radiation or medical calamities in engineering. If there is nothing else I shall return to medical. Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:24 PM Irene> "Understood..." She looked uncharacteristically nervous, monitoring the science station for Romulan weapon power-up. Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:24 PM ::snorts.:: I should have known it would have been a N'Dak. ::Turns back to the console while he speaks with the doctor.:: It's always a N'Dak. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:24 PM Rex> Understood. I see their reputation for trouble is universal. ::Smirks, then turns again tot he doctor:: Thank you doctor, let Dr. DuBois know I would like a status update on the vaccine. Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:26 PM I will do that. :: Turns to t'Temarr :: Pleasure to meet you Enarrain Laehval t'Temarr. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:26 PM Laehval We were on our way to a Federation colony experiencing an outbreak of a virus when we encountered the wormhole. William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:26 PM "Well sir, there's not much else we can do to it. We should probably head back to main Engineering." William and Kimonzi walk back to Engineering. "Oh...hello Captain Swain." Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:27 PM Our readings seem to indicate that it was created by our own warp drive being out of alignment. He frowned Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:27 PM ::Brief glance at the doctor.:: Maenak. Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:28 PM :: Nods than leaves main engineering :: Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:28 PM Rex> I wonder if we can get a trip to Risa out of this. You know, as some shore leave for such a terrible experience. Assuming the Romulans don't blow us out of the stars for kicks. Asher> Oh good. Mr. Chocox. Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:29 PM The power spikes in your systems indicate as such. There was a sudden surge too powerful for your systems to handle and it cycled through until it found a faulty power node. Though, I am curious why such a thing would happen with no prior warning or undue stress on the ship. William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:29 PM "Aye sir?" Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:29 PM :: Some moments later Doctor Ryssan arrives at medical :: Doctor Dubios? CdrMirandaHawthorne 28-Feb-21 08:30 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> That's a broad assumption. ::Grimly.:: Though the fact that we have their own kind aboard might be in our favor. Cdr Jalen Stanton> Unless... Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:30 PM I am too. There are dozens of safety systems that should have prevented that from happening. He glanced over to Will I've been looking through the sensor data, but I am not an engineer. Maryse Dubois 28-Feb-21 08:30 PM ::Waving Indaura over.:: I was just double checking on supplies. Seems like most of it is intact. Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:30 PM Val> Scoffs. "What if they're the Romulan version of the Excalibur?" Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:30 PM Rex> The finest crew in the fleet? Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:31 PM I scanned everything and everyone in engineering for radiation and other anomalies. Everything and one are fine. The captain expressed his desire for an update on the vaccine. William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:31 PM "I've been attempting to figure out why the power surge took out the safety interlocks." Maryse Dubois 28-Feb-21 08:31 PM Well it's done. It just needs to go through synthesis. Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:32 PM Val> "Close enough, sure." Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:32 PM What happened prior to the surge? ::Slight of her head.:: Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:33 PM Nods I want to make sure that if we go to warp the same thing won't happen again, but I think the deeper autopsy can wait till we're out of the neutral zone. No offense Commander, but I feel like the longer we're hanging out here the more likely we are to draw unwanted attention for both of us, yes>? Clark> Mutters I graduated top quarter of my class, I don't know what you're talking about. Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:35 PM How many can we make versus how many do we need? William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:35 PM "Prior to the surge we hit a wormhole." "Far as I know." Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:36 PM ::Half smirk.:: You mean, you likely have already attracted such attention and would like to withdraw before it grows worse. Ie, there will be watchers out there. Maryse Dubois 28-Feb-21 08:36 PM If we can begin the process soon, and have it uninterrupted, we will have enough before we arrive at the colony. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:37 PM He nodded. How long before we're able to begin testing the warp field? Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:37 PM Val> "I graduated..." She thought for a moment. "It's been a long time, I forget. Anyway, let's concentrate on responding to anything the Romulans do." Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:37 PM Clark> I could look it up. William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:38 PM "Probably as soon as Reynolds has more than 50% of the power nodes on Deck 16 replaced." Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:38 PM Val> "By all means." Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:38 PM We've done what we could do to help, anyhow. ::She barked out a command and her engineers began to gather their kits.:: I've left supplies, should you need them. Components, not complete parts, naturally. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:38 PM Nods Of course. Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:40 PM If we can't get underway we may have all the time we need. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:40 PM Straightens I want to thank you again, and if you ever need anything and we're around ... well you only need to ask. Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:41 PM ::Nods to Swain.:: I would say that is not likely, but the universe is smaller than one might think. Good luck you, Captain. And do try to stay out of our territory, else the next Rihans you come across might not be so pleasant. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:42 PM He tipped his head respectfully Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:43 PM Computer> beep boop "Lieutenant Valerie Carillon. Class of 2374, aeronautic track, 95th percentile. Selected for emergency fast-track pilot training program authorized by the Federation Security Council during Dominion War." Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:43 PM ACTION> The Romulans grouped together in engineering as their captain activated her comm unit. A moment later, they swirled out of existence, back to their own ship. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:44 PM Looks over to Will and exhales Sometimes the universe gives us a tiny break, eh? William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:44 PM I'm always nervous around Romulans. "And yes." Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:44 PM Irene> Tenses up when the console beeps. "The Romulan engineers have returned to their ship, sir." Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:45 PM Well, I won't keep you. Inform us as soon as you're ready to test the warp drive. William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:45 PM "Aye sir." CdrMirandaHawthorne 28-Feb-21 08:46 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> About time. ::Sighs.:: Get us out of here, Lieutenant Carillon. Even on impulse, limping away from Romulan space is better than just sitting here. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:46 PM Our first priority is getting out of the Neutral Zone and under way to the colony. We can do the deep dive into how this happened when we're back at starbase. William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:46 PM "Of course sir." Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:46 PM Smiles And good work. You managed to not to create an intergalactic incident while they were aboard. Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 08:46 PM You could really feel the tension with the Romulans on board. I was fascinated obviously, but others were on edge. William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:47 PM "I can be professional sir." Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:47 PM Val> "There, 95th percentile." She smiles, then nods in acknowledgement to the commander. "Aye, making best speed away from the Romulan border." Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:47 PM Rex> Sighs in relief at the command Clark> Smirks and keeps watching the ops panel Rhan K'hal 28-Feb-21 08:48 PM (( checks the time "Still plenty of time for peril!" *munches more popcorn )) Laehval tTemarr 28-Feb-21 08:48 PM ACTION> A few moments later, the Talon cloaks and disappears from view. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:48 PM Grins and keeps walking towards the lift William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:48 PM ((Don't give him ideas.)) Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:48 PM Rex> Talon has cloaked and is moving off towards Romulan space. William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:49 PM +Reynolds+ "Chocox to Reynolds." Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 08:50 PM Irene> "Confirmed. The Romulans are not in pursuit." CdrMirandaHawthorne 28-Feb-21 08:51 PM Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ Go ahead sir. ::There may or may have not been yelling in the background.:: William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:51 PM +Reynolds+ "I was going to ask what the status was on the power nodes, but do I need to go down there?" Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:51 PM Takes the lift to Medical a few decks up, figuring he'd just cut out the middle man Pokes his head into sickbay CdrMirandaHawthorne 28-Feb-21 08:54 PM Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ No, we're all good here sir! Just... ah... finishing up. ::A multitude of curses.:: Shut it! I'm talking here! Sorry, sir... We're about halfway done with this deck. Any missing nodes are bypassed. William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:54 PM +Reynolds+ "What is going on down there?" Maryse Dubois 28-Feb-21 08:54 PM ::Notices the door open.:: Ah Captain, welcome. I was just told you needed a status. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:55 PM I was on my way back from engineering and thought I'd stop by instead. ::Smiling. He realized he'd never actually been in this version of Excalibur's sickbay:: Maryse Dubois 28-Feb-21 08:56 PM ::Nods.:: Understandable. Well, the vaccine is done. We just need to begin synthesis. As long as systems are stable, that shouldn't be a problem. CdrMirandaHawthorne 28-Feb-21 08:57 PM Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ We're fine, sir! Everything is fine. How... how are you? William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:58 PM William sighs heavily +Reynolds+ "I'm coming down. See you in a bit General Solo." Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:58 PM Good. I'll let engineering know that as soon as warp drive is up and working to give you full power priority. Hopefully our delay won't have too drastic of consequences. As soon as we have restored long-range subspace, we'll need to contact the colony to let them know where we're at. William Chocox 28-Feb-21 08:58 PM "Lieutenant Lahl, you're in charge until I get back." William walks into the turbolift to head down to 16. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 08:59 PM << 2 Minute Warning >> Maryse Dubois 28-Feb-21 08:59 PM Very good. CdrMirandaHawthorne 28-Feb-21 09:00 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Frowns in confusion.:: I'm not solo. I've got other people down here with me. Heads up! The Chief is coming down! Look sharp. ::Hurries off to vent the shorted node he'd been working on.:: William Chocox 28-Feb-21 09:01 PM William steps out of the turbolift as it chimes his arrival. He steps out and looks around to see what's going on. Irene Mincine 28-Feb-21 09:01 PM Val> "Our speed has increased to 1/24th impulse." Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 09:02 PM Good work. Keep us updated if you need anything. ::Smiles:: I'll be on the bridge. Maryse Dubois 28-Feb-21 09:03 PM I will, Captain. Thank you. Erich Jaenke, CEng 28-Feb-21 09:03 PM How can I help you doctor? Not much counseling lately. Captain Swain 28-Feb-21 09:04 PM !Pause MEE6 BOT 28-Feb-21 09:04 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  11. MISSION BRIEF: After drifting dangerously into Romulan territory, the Excalibur has been towed back to the Neutral Zone by the RES Talon, who has also offered assistance in repairing their ship. Several Romulan engineers, along with their Captain, have transported to Excalibur to aid and observe. MEE6 BOT 21-Feb-21 08:17 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:17 PM William bursts through a grate again, dragging himself up into Engineering. "I heard there were Romulans on my ship!" Indaura Ryssan 21-Feb-21 08:18 PM :: Made her way down to engineering to check on the crew there, following behind Chocox :: Hold up Will. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:19 PM "What? Where did you come from? Were you in the Jeffries Tube?" Irene Mincine 21-Feb-21 08:19 PM Irene is at the science station looking pretty unhappy. "So... what do you want me doing, Commander?" Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 08:19 PM ::Turns to stare at the sweaty shouting human.:: Ie. We are. Indaura Ryssan 21-Feb-21 08:19 PM Yes, following behind. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:20 PM "Ah, very well then." William turns to Laehval. "Lieutenant William Chocox, Chief Engineer." mutters to himself "Half expected an N'Dak." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:20 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Runs a hand through his blond hair.:: Not much we can do except monitor the situation. ::Throwing Irene a glance.:: Make sure no one else sneaks up on us, or our Romulans don't have friends. Not that we could do much to stop them at this point, but still... Indaura Ryssan 21-Feb-21 08:21 PM Doctor Ryssan. :: to Laehval :: Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 08:22 PM ::Eyes Indaura, studying her.:: What species are you? William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:22 PM "Bit personal innit?" Indaura Ryssan 21-Feb-21 08:22 PM Denobulan. Have you not meet someone from my planet before? Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 08:22 PM No. We tend to keep to our territory. ::Thin smile.:: Irene Mincine 21-Feb-21 08:23 PM Irene> Hmphs. "The sensor array isn't going to tell me much on emergency power but I can try to give some advance warning if we're about to get towed to Romulus." Indaura Ryssan 21-Feb-21 08:23 PM You are my first Rihan I have meet. Thanks for your help. Anything we can get you? Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 08:24 PM ::Turns back to Chocox.:: Enarrain Laehval t'Temarr... Captain in your language. But I was once the Daise'Engineer of the Talon. ::Waves a hand at Engineering.:: This is your department, then? It is... in quite a state. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:25 PM "Yes, yes it is. Unfortunately. Would've preferred you see it when it's not half taken apart for repairs. Actually...maybe not." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:25 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> They disengaged their tractor beam. So long as we're not drifting, I'm happy. Are you getting any sort of readings? Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 08:27 PM Do au have engineering experience, Doctor? ::To Indaura.:: William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:27 PM "I'm going to assume Doctor Ryssan is here to make sure everyone here isn't injured." Indaura Ryssan 21-Feb-21 08:28 PM Nothing of note like Mr. Chocox here. Irene Mincine 21-Feb-21 08:28 PM Irene> She focuses intently on her console, which makes an unhappy-sounding beep. "Well... I can tell you that we're in space. The Romulan tractor beam did null out our velocity, so we can stationkeep with maneuvering jets. I think." William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:28 PM "You flatter me." Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 08:29 PM ::Slight dismissive noise as she turned back to Will.:: My engineers are here to assist, and we've supplies. What caused your power failure? William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:29 PM Lieutenant Lahl directs some of the engineers "No, no, if you're yanking, it's too hard and something is stuck. You're going to wind up on your ass if you're not careful." William grimaces at the memory. "Power overload getting past the safety stops." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:30 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Moves over to check the tactical station.:: Any spatial anomalies? Indaura Ryssan 21-Feb-21 08:32 PM :: Nods then goes to examine the engineers :: Irene Mincine 21-Feb-21 08:32 PM Irene> She scans for any, but shakes her head. "Sorry, Commander, gonna need more power if you want more info out of the sensors. I couldn't tell the Romulans from a quantum filament." Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 08:32 PM And have you repaired the power safety nodes in those areas? ::Looking back over the department as her crew began opening the supplies they brought.:: Our technology is not quite the same as yours, but will do for a temporary fix. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:33 PM "I actually was working on that when you guys beamed over. Was coming along well before I left." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:34 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Grunts.:: And as much as I'd like to ask for more power to certain systems, it's a bit of a moot point at the moment. And Lieutenant Chocox might start yelling if we pile one more thing on him. Irene Mincine 21-Feb-21 08:35 PM Irene> "Probably has his hands full keeping the Romulan engineers away from our encryption matrixes." Indaura Ryssan 21-Feb-21 08:37 PM :: Scans the area for worrisome radiation :: William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:37 PM looks behind Laehval. "Hey! Hands off the computer unless you're supervised by a Starfleet Engineer Lieutenant Junior Grade or above!" Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 08:40 PM ::She snapped something at the offending officer and turned to Chocox.:: You might want to pair them with someone before they get into trouble. They know your technology quite well, but will not have the required access. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:40 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> That's security's job, as well. Hopefully Chief Rex has a handle on it. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:41 PM sighs "Yeah, that's a good idea." William starts directing Engineers not actively putting devices back together to pair up with a Romulan Engineer. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:41 PM Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ Reynolds to Chocox William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:42 PM +Reynolds+ "Chocox here." Irene Mincine 21-Feb-21 08:43 PM Irene> Sighs. "I know we need their help. I just hate that we do." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:44 PM Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ Ah, Chief... we've stabilized the power conduits on these decks. I think we're ready to start up the core. I've got these decks isolated so we can filter in a small stream to start, just in case. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:45 PM +Reynolds+ "As soon as we get the injector replaced we'll do it. It's taken longer than expected because they needed to cool down." Indaura Ryssan 21-Feb-21 08:45 PM :: Widens her scan as they are going to activate the core :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:45 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Turns from his station to give Irene another glance.:: What's your beef with the Romulans? I mean, I know they're generally disliked because of their questionable tactics, but you sound as though you might have some personal vendetta. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:46 PM Lahl pulls out and replaces another piece of the injectors. "Alright! Everyone off the core! It's ready to restart!" CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:46 PM Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ Aye, sir. We'll continue replacements, then. We've about half of the damaged nodes swapped out and the others bypassed for now. Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 08:47 PM Were your injectors damaged? ::Turning to inspect the swirling warp core.:: William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:48 PM William turns to Laehval. +Reynolds+ "Acknowledged. Keep up the good work. Apologies Captain, but duty calls." Williams goes to his console. "Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole! Fire in the hole!" The rest of the engineers vacate the immediate area of the warp core as he goes through the startup sequence. "Unfortunately, yes." Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 08:49 PM ::She stood with her arms crossed, watching Will as he worked.:: Irene Mincine 21-Feb-21 08:49 PM Irene> "When you grow up raised by an imperial politican mother, you hear... stories. Especially when several of her relatives were on Khitomer." She composes herself. "Sorry, Commander." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:50 PM (( Give me a number from 1 - 10, Will )) William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:50 PM (( 7 )) Indaura Ryssan 21-Feb-21 08:50 PM :: Makes adjustments to her tricorder, looking for as many particles it can detect :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:54 PM ACTION> As Will initiates the warp core's startup sequence, the injectors sputter twice before sparking to life and send a burst of power flooding through Excalibur's tortured system. However, the repairs put in place hold and only one minor power node explodes on deck sixteen, but it is a minor section and no one is injured. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:55 PM William lets out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. +Reynolds+ "Status?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:56 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Coughing through the smoke.:: +Chocox+ We lost another of the nodes, but everything else is holding, sir. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:56 PM "Oh thank goodness." +Reynolds+ "Filters not working?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 08:57 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Tilts his head at Irene.:: So, a familial bias, then. I suppose we can't help but embrace the prejudices taught to us until we experience otherwise. Ens Reynolds> +Chocox+ They look like they're working, sir! William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:58 PM +Reynolds+ "Just wanted to be sure. Sounded like you were coughing." Irene Mincine 21-Feb-21 08:58 PM Irene> "I guess so... hell of a time to be philosophical, huh?" Her console blinks back to full life. "Oh, power's back." William Chocox 21-Feb-21 08:59 PM +Bridge+ "Chocox to Bridge." Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 08:59 PM ::She moved forward to the main warp core station, examining the power readings.:: CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 09:00 PM +Chocox+ Go ahead. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 09:00 PM +Bridge+ "Warp core is back online." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 09:01 PM +Chocox+ Good work, Chief. We've got limited power up here. Looks like our systems are coming online. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 09:03 PM +Bridge+ "Thank you. Reynolds' crew is still replacing power nodes on 16. I'm going to send a team to the impulse reactors and get them back." Indaura Ryssan 21-Feb-21 09:03 PM :: Can now breathe easier :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 09:05 PM ACTION> Most of Excalibur's systems power up, including lights, lifts, and sensors. Propulsion systems and weapons are still offline, however, along with all non-essential systems are still offline. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 09:06 PM William looks over his console. "I need tea." Irene Mincine 21-Feb-21 09:06 PM Irene> "Sensors are online, Commander. Monitoring for anything weird outside." Laehval tTemarr 21-Feb-21 09:07 PM You're power matrix needs to be balanced, but is strong. William Chocox 21-Feb-21 09:07 PM "Thanks. There's a lot that needs to be done." CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 09:08 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Nods to Irene.:: If you see any blips, no matter how small, let me know. I want long range focused on Romulan territory. Irene Mincine 21-Feb-21 09:09 PM Irene> "Gotcha." She sets up the sensor array to monitor Romulan space. CdrMirandaHawthorne 21-Feb-21 09:11 PM ACTION> As soon as Irene focuses long range sensors on Romulan space, they pick up high concentrations of tachyon particles across the border where none should be. !pause MEE6 BOT 21-Feb-21 09:13 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  12. MISSION BRIEFING: The Excalibur has crossed into Romulan space following an incident involving a wormhole. Repairs to the engines, shields, weapons and other primary systems have yet to be completed; however we have restored communications -- which is a good thing considering we have a Romulan warbird for a welcoming committee. MEE6 BOT 14-Feb-21 08:10 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:11 PM Glances over to Jalen Hopefully they're in a mood to talk? Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:11 PM :: Searching for more crew to help :: William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:11 PM ::is directing crew and getting new power nodes in:: Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:12 PM Irene has made it up to the bridge again after making her way up from the medical lab. "How are we doing?" Val> "We're in business." She closes a wall panel, after which the rest of the control room's lights kick in. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:13 PM Open a channel. Rugan> Channel open sir. Maryse Dubois 14-Feb-21 08:14 PM ::Comes out of a hatch onto the bridge. After dusting herself off, she looks around.:: Everyone ok up here? William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:14 PM "Guys, we need those nodes in..." checks chrono "3 minutes ago! Let's move!" is shoving nodes into place and attaching them in Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:15 PM Clears his throat Romulan vessel, this is Captain Asher Swain of the Federation starship, Excalibur. We apologize for the intrusion into your space. If you scan our vessel you will see we have experienced failures across multiple systems due to an encounter with a wormhole. Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:17 PM Irene sees the Romulan vessel on the viewer and runs straight to the science console. Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 08:18 PM +Excalibur+ This is Enarrain t'Temarr of the RES Talon. Our sensors do show as such, but we've seen this ruse before. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:18 PM swears as a power node pinches his hand "Careful! I only have two of these!" Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:20 PM :: Enters the bridge after Dubois :: Ow my bac... oh. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:20 PM Feels like he has heard the name Talon before Commander t'Temarr, I assure you that we mean no ill-intent. We are working to restore primary systems as we speak and would... appreciate... any assistance you might be willing to offer to speed our return to our side of the Neutral Zone. Maryse Dubois 14-Feb-21 08:21 PM ::Nods to Indaura.:: Seems we arrived at a bad time... William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:21 PM ((Oh, it's the Talon...no N'Dak's there.)) Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:21 PM Irene> Tries to bring up any sensors she can, to at least give some warning on if they're about to be blasted out of the sky by the Romulans. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:22 PM to himself Where's Issaha when you need him CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:22 PM ACTION> The Romulan ship's powered phaser array suddenly fires on the ship. However, the shot skims the bow in warning and doesn't hit. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:23 PM Bloody hell. Clark> We should get back up to the bridge. Maybe they've restored some engine fuction? Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:23 PM Irene> "They're..." Shrug. "Yeah, that shot." Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 08:24 PM +Excalibur+ It seems you may not be one of the lying lloann'na that we've seen time and again. We will offer you whatever assistance we can. Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:24 PM :: to Dubois :: Do we crawl back into the hatch? William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:24 PM William taps his combadge "Chocox to Engineering, are the plasma injectors to the warp core cooled off?" gets response "If they are, then start replacing them, that is your priority one alright?" gets a response "Without that we can't get everything else back on line." response "Now!" response "Thank you." Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:25 PM +Talon+ Exhales deeply Thank you Talon. We appreciate your assistance. Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:25 PM Val> "Agreed. I'm going to have a hell of a time climbing up to deck 1 but we better get going. Unless they need us for something else down here." Maryse Dubois 14-Feb-21 08:25 PM ::Looks to Indaura.:: Do you want to get stuck in the tubes during a one sided fire fight? Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:25 PM :: This was Indaura's first time seeing a Romulan. She studied the image on the screen :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:26 PM ACTION> The ship jolts as the Romulan vessel activated a tractor beam and halted the Exalibur's drifting progress. Slowly, they were hauled back into the Neutral Zone. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:26 PM Rugan> How polite of them. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:27 PM smacks his elbow on the wall "Ow!" +Bridge+ Chocox to Bridge. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:27 PM Looks over to Jalen Coordinate with the Talon to make repairs. Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:27 PM Irene> "Looks like we're being dragged back across the border." She lets out a heavy breath. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:27 PM Rugan>+Chocox+ Bridge here. Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:27 PM What will they want in exchange? Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:28 PM to Indaura as he headed for the ready room Probably our first born. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:28 PM +Bridge+ "I just smacked my funny bone against the wall while putting in a power node, what just happened?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:29 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> And if they wish to send their people over to help with those repairs? ::Slight eyebrow raise.:: Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:29 PM to Jalen Beggars can't be choosy. Just uh, make sure no one makes a scene casts a glance at Irene Rugan> +Chocox+ The Romulans are towing us back to Federation space and may even be coming to dinner. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:31 PM +Rugan+ "As long as they bring drinks I don't care." Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:31 PM Clark> Begins climbing Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:32 PM Irene> "You're going to let them poke around in our systems and put all kinds of spy crap in there?" She catches the captain's glance and steams instead. Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:33 PM Would be fascination to speak with their medical staff. Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:33 PM Val> Brings up the rear, climbing a bit slower than Clark. "Dammit... stupid... turbolifts..." Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:33 PM Deciding to ignore that outburst, for now, he headed to the ready room. Rex> Arrives in engineering, looking a bit worse for wear Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 08:35 PM Talon> +Excalibur+ You've been relocated for the safety of all. What other assistance do you require? Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:36 PM Rugan> Stanton Should I send them our damage report? Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:38 PM Irene> Huffs, goes back to making sure the Romulans aren't charging weapons or anything. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:38 PM A tall, wiry, female Trill looks down from the top of the warp core where the plasma injectors are, on her collar are Lieutenant JG pips. "Commander Rex! What brings you down here?" Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:39 PM :: To Dr. Dubois :: Do we need any medical assistance from the, what was that ship? CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:39 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Nods to Rugan.:: We don't know the extent of it, but yes. Maryse Dubois 14-Feb-21 08:40 PM ::Shakes head.:: We are in good shape in that regard. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:41 PM Rugan> Nods, sends their damage list to the Talon, and includes transporter coordinates CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:41 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> +Talon+ We don't yet know the extent of the damage to our propulsion systems, but we would appreciate any engineering help you might be able to provide. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:41 PM Rex> I was, uh stuck in the turbolifts when whatever the hell happened, since the lifts are down figured I'd come see if I could lend a hand. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:42 PM The Trill grunts as the crew starts pulling the injectors out. "If you're up for it, we could use a hand up her pulling the damaged plasma injectors out." Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:43 PM Rex> It's been a while since I did any engineering stuff, but sure. Might as well. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:43 PM "Thank you. Lahl, by the way. Kimonzi Lahl." Indaura Ryssan 14-Feb-21 08:43 PM :: Logging all of the recent healing :: Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:44 PM Rex> Of course Lieutenant. Clark> through the magic of television, Val and Clark popped their heads out on the bridge as we came back from a cut scene Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:45 PM Irene> "If I ever need a Romulan p'takh's help, kill me..." She mutters. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:45 PM Lahl keeps pulling with the rest of the team. The injectors were all heavy pieces of equipment. William puts a panel back after putting the last node behind it, futilely wiping off his face. Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:46 PM Val> "Comms are up and r--oh." She pops out of the bridge hatch and takes her seat back at helm, waving Clark back to ops. Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 08:46 PM +Excalibur+ Acknowledged. We'll be transporting crewmen and supplies momentarily. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:48 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Inform Chief Rex to expect guests. I want them under escort while they're here. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:48 PM Rugan> Understood. Rugan> Sees Clark, and is happy to pass off bridge secretary duties Rex> Gets the ping as he's following the Trill Someone's going to need to catch me up to speed. The Romulans? Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:50 PM Irene considers asking for escort duty and a phaser rifle, but thinks better about it. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:50 PM "Romulans? What?" Lahl gets a ping from William and looks. "Romulans are towing us back into the Neutral Zone from where we drifted in apparently. And apparently they're coming to help." Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:51 PM Val> She tries her console fruitlessly. "Helm's still out. Not that I could do much from inside a Romulan tractor beam." Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:52 PM Rex> Lovely. I am supposed to keep an eye on them. I'll have to skip out on those plasma injectors for now. Gotta get a security team together. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:52 PM "Well, it's the thought that counts sir. Thank you for the offer." Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:52 PM Asher> In his ready room, opening a bottle of whiskey One of these days CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:56 PM ACTION> Rex doesn't have much time to prepare. Engineering is suddenly filled with the bright sparkle of Romulan transporter technology. Five Romulans, including a severe looking commander, appear as the shimmer fades. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:56 PM "I see they're here." Lahl says dryly. Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 08:57 PM Irene> She checks the alert that appears on her console. "Five Romulan transporter signatures in engineering, Commander." She's not very happy to report that. Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 08:57 PM ::Looks around the chaotic engineering with interest.:: Who is in charge here? Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 08:58 PM Rex> Dusts himself off, looks at Lahl Uh, I am uh, Commander Rex, chief of security. The Chief Engineering is uh, out making repairs. We'll get him here as soon as we can. Welcome to the Excalibur. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 08:58 PM Lahl comes down from the top of the warp core. "In the absence of Chief Chocox, that would be me I guess. Lieutenant Kimonzi Lahl." CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 08:58 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Wonderful. +Swain+ Captain, we have guests in Engineering. Five transported over. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 09:00 PM Takes another drink +Jalen+ They really do want us out of their space. Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 09:00 PM ::She eyed Rex, a slight tilt to her chin.:: Enarrain... Captain in your terms... t'Temarr. I've brought four of my best engineers to assist. ::Waves a hand to those behind her.:: At your disposal. ::Looks to Lahl.:: Tell them where you need assistance. They are all familiar with your systems. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 09:02 PM William gets notified that 5 Romulans are now poking around his Engineering area. "Reynolds! I need you to hold down the fort here! There's some Romulans poking around my ship!" William makes his way back to the Jeffries Tube to climb up back to Engineering. CdrMirandaHawthorne 14-Feb-21 09:02 PM Ens Reynolds> Aye, sir! I'll keep them on task and let you know if anything else goes wrong. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 09:03 PM "Thank you Enarrain, right now here in Engineering we're working on replacing those plasma injectors. Our impulse reactors need work too." Irene Mincine 14-Feb-21 09:03 PM Irene> "Want me to try to keep an eye on things with internal sensors?" Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 09:03 PM Rex> Captain... uh welcome. And Thank You. I'll let Captain Swain know you're aboard. I am sure he'll want to meet you. << 2 minute warning >> Asher> Feels a disturbance in the force Laehval tTemarr 14-Feb-21 09:04 PM ::Slight dip of her chin.:: Of course. For now, I'm more interested in seeing your team at work. William Chocox 14-Feb-21 09:05 PM "Very well Enarrain." Lahl directs the engineers to help her with the plasma injectors while they wait for William to climb back up. William is currently grunting as he climbs the Jeffries Tubes for the third time that day. Captain Swain 14-Feb-21 09:06 PM Issaha> Somewhere, in an undisclosed location, feels as if something very wrong has happened, as if he has missed out on a cameo. Makes a note to call his agent !Pause MEE6 BOT 14-Feb-21 09:06 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  13. MISSION BRIEFING: The Excalibur is adrift, hurdling towards Romulan space following what appears to be a wormhole created by Excalibur's own engines. Engineering is working feverishly to try and restore warp and impulse, along with a host of other systems. Val and Clark are trying to fix the communications array, whilst Medical is working to patch people up -- as they can't work on the antiviral medication with most of their power systems down. As we pick up, we have a little more than hour before we violate actual Romulan space. MEE6 BOT 07-Feb-21 08:05 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Rhan K'hal 07-Feb-21 08:06 PM (( peeks in )) Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:07 PM "How we doing?" Irene is with the medical team, helping out with patching everyone up. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:07 PM "Alright Reynolds, back in the tube." William crawls back into the Jefferies tube and starts climbing down to 16. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:07 PM Frowns looking over the data, looks to Jalen again. It's possible, if our warp coils were far enough out of alignment that it could create a wormhole. That used to happen a lot more often back in the old days, but there should be half a dozen different fail safes to keep that from happening. Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:08 PM :: Following the good doctor :: Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:08 PM Clark> Opens the storage locker and is incredibly relieved to find that there is in fact, a cache of actuators for the Chambers coil Oh thank the great bird. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:09 PM Val> "Spare parts?" She's working on fixing wiring under a wall panel on the other side of the room. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:09 PM William climbs down the ladder, keeping track of what deck he's at. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:09 PM Clark> Yep. Actuators. Hopefully this is enough to repair the coil. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:11 PM Val> Switches out the tool she's using. "One less thing to worry about. Oh, I'm gonna need some more optical fiber, too. Got any in there?" Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:11 PM Clark> tosses her a roll Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:11 PM Do you think the bridge is okay? What's happening to the ship? :: She flicks her hair back as she climbs :: Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:13 PM Val> Catches it! "Thanks. I can fix a console, don't know how to fix a chambers coil. I hope you do." She patches up some cabling and closes the console panel. It lights up again. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:13 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Following Chocox to the next deck. As soon as they got there, the deck was in chaos -- the emergency lights cut through the hazy smoke and engineers were working on almost every panel.:: Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:14 PM Irene> "I don't know, other than the power loss." She tries her combadge. "Mincine to Bridge, you alive up there?" Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:14 PM Clark> Yep. Pops open a panel and slides in sideways I might need you to ahnd me some stuff. Rugan> +Irene+ Bridge here, we're alive. For the moment. Looks at the tactical monitor William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:15 PM "I think we found the power surge." William takes a rag and puts it over his face before finding an ensign. "This where the power surge blew through?" Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:15 PM Val> "No problem." She heads on over to the storage closet. "Just tell me what you need me to grab." Irene> A pause. "...For the moment?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:17 PM Engineer> Chief! ::Gestures wildly.:: It's in the main node for this deck. Everything is fried! Everything! Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:18 PM Rugan> +Irene+ Assuming a Romulan warbird doesn't decide to destroy us before we cross into their space, and assuming that once we do cross into their space, a warbird doesn't destroy us then, yes. Good to hear from you though. Communications are patchy all over the ship. We went through some damned wormhole or the other. Catches a look from the Captain, though Asher seemed more intent on the science console William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:18 PM William sighed heavily, tying his makeshift mask around his head. "That's why I'm here, this is the single most important repair we have now while we wait for the plasma injector to cool down." CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:18 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Coughing and covering his nose and mouth with his uniform.:: We need to get the extractors working. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:18 PM Irene> +Rugan+ "Uh... all right... I guess I should leave you alone up there. Just checking in. Is anyone wounded?" Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:19 PM Rugan> +Irene+ Nothing major up here, just a few bumps and bruises. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:20 PM "Yeah, any idea why life support hasn't cleared out the smoke?" Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:20 PM Irene> +Rugan+ "I'm with the medical team, Dr. Dubois and Dr. Ryssan. Do you need us up there?" Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:20 PM Clark> Tosses his uniform jacket out of the crawl space he was occupying Dang its hot. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:21 PM Engineer> It isn't working on this deck -- or not as efficiently as it should. We've been working on it, but it's only at about sixty percent right now. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:21 PM Rugan> +Irene+ Negative. Captain would probably appreciate some casualty numbers though, when you have time. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:22 PM "Alright, I want you to put a team on that. Lead me to where the surge was, I want to take a wrench to it myself." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:22 PM Clark> Can you give me a type 3 spanner and uh... checks one of those thingys that looks like a sonic screwdriver but is actually a different kind of spanner? Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:23 PM :: Listens to Irene :: Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:24 PM Irene> +Rugan+ "Understood. We'll leave you alone up there." She sighs to Indaura. "Well, they're alive up there and don't need a medical team for now, but it looks like we might be in some Romulan trouble again." CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:24 PM Ens Reynolds> I'll see what I can do about that life support. ::Starts off in the other direction.:: Engineer> ::Waves Chocox down the corridor.:: It's at the primary junction for this section. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:26 PM "Thank you Reynolds!" William follows the other engineer toward where the power surge blew through like a bomb. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:26 PM Val> "Uh... hold on. Damn, it is hot in here, isn't it?" She also takes off her uniform jacket. She's wearing a grey uniform tank underneath it. Her chest and right shoulder are visibly scarred from old burns and shrapnel, not to mention the visible seam between where her shoulder ends and her prosthetic begins. "Type 3 spanner and... yeah, this." She tosses the tools over to Clark. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:26 PM Continues frowning, looking over the data Computer, bring up all records for engineering safety protocols from the last 8 weeks. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:27 PM ((Why do I feel that I'm about to get the bollocking of my life?)) Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:28 PM Romulans... :: she sighs :: Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:28 PM Clark> Thanks. Might be an EPS manifold overloaded somewhere nearby. Could explain the consoles. Tosses one of the burnt out actuators One down, uh 18 more to go. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:29 PM Val> "Why did they design a coil with 19 actuators?" Does a count of the spare parts. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:29 PM Computer> Those records are unavailable at this time. Please consult data restoration protocols. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:29 PM As him and the Engineer get to the junction point, William starts poking, prodding, and scanning to see what's going on. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:29 PM Irene> "I hate the Neutral Zone. I hate the Romulans." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:29 PM Clark> There's actually twenty some on this model alone. And don't ask me. You know Starfleet. They'd over engineer a squirt gun. Asher> Damnation. smacks his hand on the console Ouch. Rugan> Looks away to avoid laughing at the Captain CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:31 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances at Swain.:: Problems? Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:32 PM Val> "Ugh, right. Our fighters were more optical cable and duraplast interconnect than hull plating." She pops over to the console she repaired and checked the status of the local life support system. "Let's see if I can cool it down any." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:32 PM to Jalen, nursing his hand All of the records for every ship safety system just happened to be among the deleted files after the computer core took some of the power surge. Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:33 PM How much time to we have before they arrive? Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:33 PM Clark> Grunts as he manages to to free another actuator Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:33 PM Irene> "I didn't ask, but probably not long if they're that worried about it." William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:34 PM "Damn, this piece really got the work didn't it?" William starts to do what he needs to to repair the broken parts. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:34 PM Val> "Is it getting any better?" She cranks down the temperature controls for the control room. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:34 PM Rex> Beginning to think he's cursed, still in the turbolift, waiting for someone to find him Clark> That seems to be better. This isn't exactly a well ventilated place. Keeps working on the actuators CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:35 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> Did you try to access the backup systems? Or were they blown, also? Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:36 PM Trying now, but the computer core is a holy mess. Wrinkles his nose The back ups are also gone, but nothing else in that memory block is damaged. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:37 PM ((shivers, like someone has walked over his own grave.)) Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:38 PM Val> "The computer core is fried, it looks like. I can't get access to much outside this room from here. I think there's a stuck turbolift, maybe I can get it free." She tries to get power going to Rex again. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:39 PM ACTION> Chocox finds that all of the power nodes on that deck were blown in the overload and would need to be replaced. The failure in the safety systems caused a cascade of other failures throughout all of the systems. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:40 PM Clark> Tosses another fried actuator out 14 more. How much time do we have before we cross into Romulan space again. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:40 PM "How in the blue blazes? We just did diagnostics on all of this..." He turns to the engineer. "We need to replace all of the nodes on this deck. We also need to figure out why the safety systems failed." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:41 PM Asher> Runs a hand through his hair That can't be a coincidence. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:41 PM Val> Checks the console. "You don't wanna know. Just get those actuators going." She's running spare parts back and forth for him. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:42 PM Clark> Ouch! Curses in a foreign language, to avoid the censors Son of a --- Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:42 PM Where to now Irene? Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:43 PM Rugan> Captain, Commander... Rugan's voice had gone extremely sober I hate to make things worse, but if our sensors are functioning correctly, I am picking up a D'Deridex class warbird 100km on the otherside of the border. They just dropped out of cloak. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:43 PM Irene> "Uh... we're on deck... hm... uh..." She thinks for a moment. "Well, they don't need us on the bridge. We're on deck 3. I guess deck 2." Climbing up! Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:44 PM Up we go Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:44 PM Val> "Ya all right?" She's carrying an actuator on her shoulder. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:44 PM Engineer> I can send someone down to get the replacements, but it'll take a little while to get everything up here without the lifts working. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:44 PM Asher> Looks over to Jalen When it rains. Clark> Yeah. I just tried to take a short cut and zapped the crap out of myself. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:44 PM Irene> "OK. You go left, I'll go right." She takes off down the hall of Deck 2, looking for anyone who needs assistance. Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 08:45 PM :: Goes left :: Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:45 PM Rex> Hears the doors to the lift slide open, he couldn't see more than a few inches infront of his face as the entire deck was pitch black, except for some stray flashlights from crew Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:45 PM Val> "Well don't do that! You're the only one who can fix the chambers coil, dammit." William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:45 PM "Well, that's the only thing we can do." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:46 PM Clark> There's probably a twenty or so engineers who would disagree with you, but I they're not here so I'll take the compliment where I can get it. Asher> Gets up and heads towards his chair I assume we still have no weapons, communications, engines or defensive systems? Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:47 PM Val> "Yeah, and having to go grab another one once you've zapped yourself into the Delta Quadrant would be a waste of precious time." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:48 PM Clark> Grins even though he knows Val can't see him Just a few more to go, then we should be able to power up the subspace array. Rugan> That would be correct sir. I could put on a space suit and shoot at them with a hand phaser. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:50 PM Val> "Anything I can do to speed it up?" Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:50 PM Rugan> But I don't think it would be much of a match for their shields. CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:50 PM ACTION> After a hiss, the air circulation system on deck 16 begins working, sucking out the tainted air as the life support system kicks in. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:51 PM William rubs his face with his sleeve, somehow the makeup department had come in and sooted him up. "At least something's working." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:51 PM Clark> You can start priming the secondary systems, we'll have to completely restart it. Hopefully the power surge didn't mess with the subroutines. Turns to Look at Rugan with a stare that could melt steel beams CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:52 PM Engineer> ::Sends a team up to main engineering to gather replacement nodes.:: Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:52 PM Val> "We'll find out, I guess." She hops back to that console she repaired and starts getting things going again with the subspace array. "OK. Secondary systems... secondary systems..." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:52 PM Rugan> Clears his throat Just an idea sir. I will, uh, keep those ideas to a minimum. Asher> Looks to Jalen Arden has a theory that I pissed off some dead ancient god on an away mission a few years ago, and I am beginning to suspect he was right. ACTION> The alarm on the bridge dings to helpfully notify them that they have just under 10 minutes before they cross into Romulan space. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:55 PM ((Now does Jalen believe this ship is cursed?)) CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:55 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Hearing the alert, he scowled.:: After this, I believe it. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:55 PM (( Not the ship, just Asher lol )) CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 08:55 PM (( Not the ship... just the crew. )) Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:55 PM Rugan> Position of the warbird is unchanged, at least. William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:56 PM As William waits for the parts to get up, he moves to different repair teams to give them whatever help they need. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:57 PM Asher> Maybe our next mission can be a quest to undo the curse? Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 08:57 PM Val> Powering up the systems. "Ya got about 5 minutes before we get thrown in a Romulan prison, Clark." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:57 PM +Will+ Bridge to Will. Clark> Oh, lovely. Begins to work faster William Chocox 07-Feb-21 08:57 PM +Bridge+ "Chocox here." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 08:58 PM +Cho+ Now would be a good time for one of those fabled Starfleet Engineering miracles. We're about 5 minutes away from violating Romulan space, and we have a welcoming committee waiting. Erich Jaenke, CEng 07-Feb-21 09:00 PM :: Helping fix various crew, nothing major :: Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:01 PM Clark> Okay that’s it. Let me uh, crawl out of here then fire it up. Clark> They should see it on the bridge as soon as we do, assuming we don't blow ourselves up -- which I guess they would also see? William Chocox 07-Feb-21 09:02 PM William swears quite loudly, almost enough for the whole hallway to hear. +Bridge+ "I'm trying my best captain. I'm still waiting for the plasma injectors to the warp core to cool, and we're just now getting power nodes down from Engineering to here on Deck 16." Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 09:02 PM Val> Still sweating up a storm, even in her uniform tank top. "Support systems online and... well, as nominal as they're gonna get. Let's hope we don't blow ourselves up, yeah." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:02 PM +Will+ Understood. Do your best. Bridge out. *He knew there was no need to do a speech about the urgency of the situation, and besides, if they didn't respond to hails from the Romulans, there was an extremely good possibility they'd be dead shortly anyway. * William Chocox 07-Feb-21 09:03 PM +Bridge+ "I always do." Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:03 PM << Irene, give me a number 1-20, Will also give me a number 1-20 >> Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 09:03 PM (( 9 )) William Chocox 07-Feb-21 09:04 PM (( 16 )) Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:04 PM (( Hot damn! )) William Chocox 07-Feb-21 09:04 PM ((I don't know how to feel and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.)) Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:04 PM ACTION> Clark and Val do not blow themselves, or us up, but instead manage to get the subspace array back online, just as Excalibur crosses into Romulan space. Irene Mincine 07-Feb-21 09:05 PM Val> "Carillon to bridge, we're online!" CdrMirandaHawthorne 07-Feb-21 09:08 PM Romulan Warbird> +Excalibur+ Federation ship, you have just entered Romulan Imperial space. Turn back immediately, or you will be destroyed. ACTION> Sensors show the Romulan ship's weapon systems coming online a moment later, targeting the Excalibur as they power up to fire. Captain Swain 07-Feb-21 09:08 PM !Pause MEE6 BOT 07-Feb-21 09:08 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========
  14. SD 0207.2021 The Excalibur is adrift, hurdling towards Romulan space following what appears to be a wormhole created by Excalibur's own engines. Engineering is working feverishly to try and restore warp and impulse, along with a host of other systems. Val and Clark are trying to fix the communications array, whilst Medical is working to patch people up -- as they can't work on the antiviral medication with most of their power systems down. As we pick up, we have a little more than hour before we violate actual Romulan space.
  15. Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:04 PM MISSION BRIEF: En route to the mostly Tellerite colony of Dourup IV near the Romulan Neutral Zone to provide medical assistance following the outbreak of a deadly virus, the Excalibur encountered a wormhole, the source of which has yet to be determined. Though engineering was able to disable our warpdrive and collapse the wormhole, we are now adrift in the Neutral Zone itself, hurdling at 3/4 impulse towards Romulan space. Main Power is offline throughout the ship, along with a number of other systems. The stardrive section in particular has taken the brunt of the power overload and is dark, with the exception of chemically powered battery emergency lights. Life support and sensors are online, but subspace communications, weapons, shields, warp drive, impulse and the turbolifts are all offline. MEE6 BOT 31-Jan-21 08:07 PM ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== ======== BEGIN SIM ======== Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:07 PM Rex> ::In a turbolift, batting his eyes open, cursing profusely in the dark.:: William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:07 PM William comes bursting through the grate, the grate itself barely missing a hapless ensign. "REYNOLDS!" Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:08 PM On the bridge, looking at the Master Systems Display at the back of the room, brows furrowed Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:08 PM ::In the Med Lab, making sure the samples and progress on the virus are secure.:: CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:08 PM Ens Reynolds> SIR! ::In a panic as he tried to jumpstart their power systems to no avail.:: Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:08 PM Val is sitting at helm, throwing her hands up in the air. "I can't do anything here. The impulse manifold is jammed and I couldn't get enough delta-V out of the maneuvering jets to move a grapefruit." Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:08 PM Clark> Has decided he was absolutely, 100% better off on some backworld outpost than this accursed ship William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:09 PM William walks up to him. "Do you have an idea as to what we need to repair? I think we need to check the injectors." Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:10 PM Irene, meanwhile, is with Maryse in the med lab helping to secure the samples. "Looks like we're good here. But we're not making much progress on emergency power. You're the superior officer, what should we do?" Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:11 PM As long as everything is secure, they will be fine. But we have to deal with the immediate situation, and make sure everyone else is ok. CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:11 PM Ens Reynolds> Yes, sir. The plasma injector looks like it was damaged during the overload. But to repair it, we have to shut down the core completely and let it cool. Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:11 PM :: Dark dark...well, except for the emergency light strewn along the ceiling :: Glad we are not doing anything serious. :: Goes to ready any emergency kits not requiring ship power :: Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:12 PM Clark> Looks over to Val At least your console still has stuff on it. Power relays are off all over the ship and there's no way to even think about rerouting it. William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:12 PM "Then we're going to have to do that. We'll need to warn the ship." Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:13 PM Irene> "I'm certified in emergency first aid if you need a nurse. I'm not wearing an apron or bonnet, though." William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:13 PM "What about the interlocks? Why didn't the safeties engage?" Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:13 PM Turns around, forcing the frown off his face. He knew the crew was rattled, and he couldn't let his own annoyance at the situation come through. Alright people. I want you to start a silent timer for us Carilon for our approach to Romulan space. CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:14 PM Ens Reynolds> I'd guess that the power surge killed them, sir. It was more than the systems could handle. Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:15 PM Val> "Hold on..." She tries to reconfigure her console, which is still working, to bring up some engineering and power info. "Can you get anything out of this, Clark?" She also starts a countdown to the Romulan border. "Silent countdown's going, Cap." William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:15 PM "We're going to need to fix those as well. How's recruiting anyone that has so much as minored in Engineering at the Academy going?" Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:15 PM ::Hands Irene a med kit, before taking one herself.:: I guess we work our way up, since comms are down. I'll disperse med teams to the lower decks. Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:16 PM Clark, head down to Deck 8 and see what you can find out about the subspace communications array. Engineering is going to have its hands full with the power systems. Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:17 PM :: Goes up to Dr. Dubois :: Where is the best place for me? Doubt counseling is high on the list. Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:17 PM Irene> "Gotcha." She clips the medkit to her waist. "After you, Doctor. Can't imagine turbolifts are working..." Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:17 PM Making his way over to the science console, casting a glance to Jalen I want to find out how a wormhole snuck up on us. They aren't exactly a dime a dozen. Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:17 PM You can join us, or head down with the other teams, or you can man the fort so to speak. Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:18 PM Clark> Straightens his somewhat dirty uniform Aye sir, can I take the Lieutenant with me? I might need some help. Glances to Val I guess we don't have much need for a pilot right now. Gives a look to Jalen to say one way or the other CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:18 PM Ens Reynolds> We've got all hands on deck, sir. Everyone we could get is out in the field trying to find the location of the overloaded section. We've narrowed it down to decks 15 through 17. Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:19 PM I'll head down with you. :: Gets a kit :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:20 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He nodded.:: We can handle it for now. Trying to get the impulse engines offline. ::Working at the engineering station.:: Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:20 PM Val> "I'm not doing much piloting right now..." William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:21 PM "Ok, here's the plan. You and me are on interlocks and safety measures while we wait for the warp core to cool." Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:21 PM Clark> Looks over to Val Hope you like climbing then. Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:21 PM ::Nods.:: We'll start with deck 4 then. ::She exits sickbay, heading to the nearest access point. Popping the hatch, she climbs in.:: Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:21 PM Clark> Headed over to the JTs after grabbing one of the emergency engineering kits stashed on the bridge At least it’s down ladders I guess. CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:22 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Nods.:: Aye, sir. I guess you already know that the lifts are down, so we're going to have to start crawling. William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:22 PM "Let me inform the bridge and the ship before we shut down the warp core." +Swain+ "Engineering to Captain Swain." Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:22 PM Val> Stands up out of her seat and follows Clark, grabbing another emergency kit on the way. "Well, my leg's held together with durasteel pins and chewing gum, but other than that..." William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:22 PM William gives Reynolds a look. Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:22 PM ::Arrives at a junction and begins climbing up.:: Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:23 PM Rugan> The ensign frowned at the tactical monitor Still nothing on sensors but at this range we might not be able to detect a cloaked ship. Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:23 PM :: Following the doctor :: Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:23 PM Irene> "Let's go!" She follows Maryse. Thankfully all those Klingon calisthenics have been paying off as she has no trouble keeping up. Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:23 PM I glad am some of the comms lines are working at least. +Engineering+ Swain here. William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:23 PM +Swain+ "Captain, I have some bad news." Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:24 PM Rugan> Especially with all the subspace interference from the wormhole. +Engineering+ Not what I wanted to hear Mr. Chocox, but go ahead. William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:25 PM +Swain+ "We have to shut the warp core down entirely in order to make repairs." Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:26 PM +Engineering+ Bites his lip instead of cursing, takes a deep breath Understood. What’s the butchers bill? Rugan> Lowly to himself Not that it would matter if we did find a cloaked ship. We're sitting ducks without weapons or shields. CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:27 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> At least if we kill the warp core, it'll kill the engines. However, we'll still be drifting without external sensors. Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:27 PM ::Arrives on deck 4. She pops the exit hatch out into the corridor. They were at a fork.:: William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:28 PM +Swain+ "What I know is that we need to wait for the plasma injector to cool down before replacing it. There's a power overload that disabled the safety interlocks, I'm fairly certain that the impulse reactor's messed up. Weapons and comms are down...and I think I got a rope burn climbing down the Jeffries tube." Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:28 PM Clark> He strapped the kit to his back so he could climb down the ladder more easily, he looked up to Val and then kept moving You know, my mother didn't want me to join the fleet. Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:29 PM Irene> "Which way? Deck 4... um... crap, where does this go..." Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:29 PM +Engineering+ Manages a smile at the last part Very well. We have a little under two and half hours before we drift into Romulan space. Prioritize getting engines back online. I sent Clark and Carilon down to see about the subspace antenna. We still need to find out what caused the wormhole in the first place too. Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:29 PM Val> Climbing down with Clark. "She afraid you'd end up like me?" Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:29 PM Which way? Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:30 PM Clark> My older brother was at Chinktoka, the second time. He kept climbing William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:31 PM +Swain+ "Wormholes are outside of my purview unfortunately, sir. I'm going to get to repairs." Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:31 PM This is mostly quarters. ::Points left.:: You two go that way, I'll head the other way. We'll meet at the crew lounge. Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:31 PM +Engineering+ Fortunately not mine. Keep us updated. William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:32 PM +Swain+ "Aye sir." "Reynolds! Shut down the core!" Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:32 PM Looks over to Jalen Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:32 PM Val> "Yeah. So was I." Her normal casualness becomes more firm and military. "Let's climb." Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:33 PM Clark> Its about three more decks down, and then four sections over. William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:33 PM William goes over to his office/console and gets his repair kit. "Let's get climbing." CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:34 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Having already made preparations to do so, all it took were a few quick button taps. The system began blaring all sorts of warnings, which Reynolds dismissed. A moment later, the warp engines went offline and the ship was adrift.:: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Pushes off the console as it went dead and sighed, running one hand through his hair as he walked down to the command center.:: Well... that's that. Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:35 PM Val> Continues climbing down in silence. Distracted, she nearly runs into Clark a few times as they descend. Irene> "Got it..." She heads left, looking for anyone in need of her assistance! Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:36 PM I really wish I had some tea right now. He rubbed his temples The sensor logs are a mess. Looks like some of the computer core files were affected by the overload too. Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:37 PM ::Starts down her corridor.:: Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:37 PM Tabbing through the information Someone's going to be disappointed. Looks like the entire holodeck library file was fragged. Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:38 PM Irene's ears start burning. She's not sure why. CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:38 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Sits heavily.:: That wormhole... you're right. It just popped out of nowhere. How? We're in a heavily explored area. Every inch of the neutral zone is documented. This shouldn't have happened. Ens Reynolds> It's done, sir! ::Grabs his kit to join Will.:: We're dead in the water. Or, er... space. Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:39 PM He nodded and returned to the sensor files Nothing on record either. Carilon did mention some navigational hazards, but those are charted. I wonder ... he chewed on his lip William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:39 PM "Very well, let's get up to wherever this power overload was. You said between 15 and 17?" William re-enters the Jeffries Tube. Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:40 PM Clark> Stops the descent at a junction Here we are, deck 8. He tapped on the door panel Crap. Its sealed. Must be an overload. We'll have open it manually. Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:41 PM :: Searching :: Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:41 PM Val> "Dammit..." She pops open the wall panel and tries the manual release lever. "Anything?" Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:41 PM Clark> At least it was a junction and he didn't have to pry open a door while hanging suspended 8 decks in the air Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:42 PM Clark> There we go. Starts crawling CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:43 PM Ens Reynolds> Yes, sir. Only a couple of decks down, thankfully, but we don't know what section. I've got teams roving all three decks. Hopefully someone will find something on our way down. Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:43 PM ::Found a couple crewmen with minor scratches, but nothing major. She makes her way towards the lounge.:: William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:44 PM William climbs down. "I have faith in my crewmembers." Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:44 PM Irene> Found similar, nothing she couldn't handle, on her way back to the lounge. Val> "I hate these tubes so much..." She crawls along behind Clark. Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:46 PM Clark> During an academy training cruise, I was stuck in one for like sixteen hours. Shudders So yeah me too. Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:46 PM :: Looking for downed crew :: CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:48 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Huffing and puffing as he crawls after Chocox, light bobbing about.:: Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:48 PM Val> Scoffs to herself. "Yeah. Sounds terrible. I spent..." She pauses to think for a second, then continues crawling. "Spent... um... let's just keep going." William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:49 PM "Have you been running Reynolds?" William says, his own light weaving a bit. CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:49 PM Ens Reynolds> Running around engineering! Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:50 PM Opens another window on his console That's interesting. Just before we encountered the wormhole, sensors detected an unusually high level of quantum fluxations in our warp field. Clark> Keeps moving, completely unaware of the rumbling behind him CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:52 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> In our warp field? Something from the ship? Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:52 PM (grumbling or rumbling?) Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:52 PM (( por que no los dos )) Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:52 PM Val> "Come on. We're almost there." She snaps back to seriousness. William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:53 PM "Got it. Here we go, I think we're at 15." William pushes the grate out of the way. Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:53 PM ::Waiting at the lounge.:: Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:54 PM Nods That’s what it looks like. There's normally some small variations in the quantum time-space field as we pass through warp, but this is... Brings it up on console so Jalen can see it too. CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:54 PM Ens Reynolds> ::Jumps down off the last rung of the ladder and crouches to crawl through after Will.:: Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:54 PM Clark> Stops as the come to another an exit This should be the communications control room. CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:54 PM Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Leans over to have a look, lips pursed.:: Huh... what could have caused that? Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:55 PM :: Arrives at the lounge and walks up to Dubois :: William Chocox 31-Jan-21 08:55 PM "Let's hope someone has found the problem and it's down here." Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:55 PM Purses his lips Theoretically? Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:55 PM Val> Tries the door. "Ok, let's see what it looks like inside." Irene> Comes running into the lounge. "No major injuries, doctor. Just cuts and bruises." Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 08:57 PM ACTION> The door comes open, with a little bit of work, and the communications room looks a bit like an academy dorm room the night after finals. Maryse Dubois 31-Jan-21 08:57 PM ::Nods.:: Same. I guess we move up again. ::Takes the nearest junction up again, heading for deck 3.:: Erich Jaenke, CEng 31-Jan-21 08:58 PM :: Follows :: Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:58 PM Irene> "All right..." She follows her up to deck 3. CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 08:58 PM Ensign> ::Sees Chocox and Reynolds pop out of the JT and sighed.:: Sir! We haven't found anything on deck 15 yet, but we're still looking. Are you here to help? Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 08:59 PM Val> Pushes the door open with a struggle and takes a good look inside the communications control room. "This place is completely wrecked. Is any of the equipment still working?" William Chocox 31-Jan-21 09:00 PM "I am here to facilitate repairs. We're waiting on the warp core to cool down for the moment. Have you heard from the teams on 16 and 17?" Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:01 PM Clark> Pops open his tricorder Most of the consoles are offline. Looks like an ODN relay went out with the power surge. But the main control systems are online. Walks over to a secondary console that was flickering Clark> Does some bee-booping That however... not great. Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 09:02 PM Val> "At least we can replace an ODN relay..." She follows him over to the console. "What's not great?" CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 09:02 PM Ensign> No, sir. We've been busy with our own deck. Looks like the surge came through here, but the power nodes held. Some scoring in a few systems, but nothing extensive. Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:03 PM Clark> Closes his tricorder The actuators on the chamber coil within the main subspace transceiver array are burned out, I'd guess by the overload, though the coil itself is undamaged -- which that’s good news. Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 09:04 PM Val> Val shakes her head. "I'm not an engineer, Clark. How bad is that? Can we fix the actuators?" Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:05 PM Clark> We can replace them, but it’s a tedious process. Assuming we have enough surplus and don't have to scavenge them off shuttles or something. Clark> I am glad you came though. He smiled I will deffo need a hand. William Chocox 31-Jan-21 09:07 PM "Alright, if nothing looks like it's about to explode or will when we put power through it, then Reynolds and I are headed down to 16 to find the team there. Keep up the good work Ensign." Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:07 PM << 2 Minute Warning! >> Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 09:07 PM Val> She raises her prosthetic hand. "Well, you got one." CdrMirandaHawthorne 31-Jan-21 09:08 PM Ensign> Thank you, sir. ::Rushes back to his work.:: Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:08 PM Clark> The main array is just behind that panel. He motioned But let's see what we've got in surplus before we go into the crawl space. Clark> I hope we don't have to crawl down to the shuttle bay. Irene Mincine 31-Jan-21 09:10 PM Val> "What, four decks down in the engineering section? That's not too bad." She laughs, then looks for the maintenance bay with the surplus parts. Captain Swain 31-Jan-21 09:11 PM Clark> But then we'd have to climb back up, hauling those things. MEE6 BOT 31-Jan-21 09:11 PM ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ======== ======== PAUSE SIM ========