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  1. Maria, just getting off her shift in sickbay, was peacefully walking down the hall to her quarters. Alex still had a couple hours left on his shift, so she was looking forward to spending some girl time with Julie. As the doctor rounded the corner the quarters were in sight. She opened the door, seeing Crewman Andrews sitting on the couch. The unusually colored baby was lying down next to her. Julie appeared to be in a good mood as she was kicking her legs and waving her arms around, while making cooing noises. Sara Andrews looked up to see Maria standing in the door. “Oh Ma’am, I didn’t think I was expecting you for another hour.” Maria let the door close behind her as she stepped inside. She smiled as she bent down and lifted Julie into her arms. “I got out a little early. With a lot of people going on shore leave, there wasn’t much for us to do in sickbay. Speaking of, you should get going. I heard the next group heading down was leaving in about thirty minutes.” “Yes Ma’am,” said Sara as she stood from the couch. “I was getting ready to feed her, but since you are here…” “That’s perfect. I wanted to try something anyways.” “Oh? You’re going to try and feed her something other than that disgusting gunk?” Maria nodded as she cradled her green baby in her arms. Julie was playing with some of her mother’s long golden hair. “Yeah, Dr. Wydown gave me a little inspiration. I’m going to experiment with it.” “Well…good luck. I’ll be glad when you do away with that stuff.” Sara made a grimacing face as she stepped to the door. “Because it really, really stinks…” She then stepped out of the quarters, going on her way. “It sure does, doesn’t it?” Maria says as she holds Julie up to her face, giving a kiss to the baby’s still green nose. Julie giggled at the sensation. Minutes later, Julie was in her baby seat with Maria sitting next to her. On the little table in front of them were four bottles. “Ok…We’re going to have a little fun experiment,” Maria said to her daughter, lightly poking her little tummy. She grabbed the first bottle, which contained only milk. Maria slowly brought it up to the baby’s mouth. “Let’s try this one first.” As expected, Julie fussed as she refused the bottle. Maria frowned as she placed the unwanted bottle back on the table. “Alright, alright…Next specimen…” This bottle was a little different, for it held a mixture of milk and Rue Wydown’s famous banana smoothie. The mother slowly offered it to the baby. Julie took a couple sips, unsure of what it was, before she finally began to fuss once more. “I suppose it couldn’t be as easy as that huh?” Maria asked of the little baby. She looked at the last two bottles, frowning slightly. The final bottle contained nothing but the disgusting “spider milk” that was fed to her baby while in the hands of those green creatures. “One more left…” she said looking at her last hope, the third bottle. It contained a mixture of one fourth milk, a fourth of smoothie, and a half of spider milk. Maria took a big breath as she picked up the bottle, bringing it to Julie’s lips. A couple of sips and it looked as if Julie was about to fuss once more, but after second thought, she continued to drink. Maria smiled as she was quite happy. After Julie finished the entire bottle, Maria gently lifted the baby to her shoulder. With a few soft pats on the back, Julie gave a satisfied burp. “Daddy is going to be so happy with you. We’ll have to make sure we thank Rue too, won’t we? Now if we could only do something about the green…But I guess one problem at a time.” With a few more pats, Maria stood up and went to prepare Julie for a bath. And after that it was bedtime for the little green baby.
  2. *ahem* If I remember correctly, you didn't know what was going on either. B)
  3. Darkness, fear, distant explosions, trembling earth, and the whimpering of frightened children were among the things Dr. Maria Zier was currently experiencing. Deep within a bunker below Starfleet Medical, the woman sat with a dozen or so children and a couple nurses from the pediatrics ward. Meters above, was the remains of the once grand collection of buildings, along with the city of San Francisco. It was minutes after Starfleet received word from the missing USS Agincourt that Earth was under attack, and it took even less time for a good portion of her greatest cities to become ruins. There wasn’t time to react. Not enough time for a proper evacuation. Starfleet Medical scrambled as best it could to get as many patients as possible into the underground shelters, but it was quite clear that not everyone was going to be saved. The lights flickered and sparked sporadically as Maria looked to the frightened children. Most were huddled together in little balls as the cried, some for their parents. The nurses did their best to soothe and comfort the children, but every time they would begin to calm themselves a rumble or loud noise would spook them again. One of the little girls stayed near Maria, Cally was her name. She had been a regular patient to Zier, and always trusted her. “Everything will be alright,” said the doctor as she wiped a tear from the girl’s face. It seemed like hours had past, possibly longer. The sounds and rumbling had stopped, unfortunately so had the lights. The children had calmed as best they could in this situation. They had all accepted that it was going to stay dark for a while. Maria however, was not so calm. Her husband Alex, and three children Julie, Aidan, and Lisa, were in the city today. She needed to know they were ok, but to do so they needed to get out of this bunker. Was anyone left to help them? It seemed just as Maria asked herself the question there was a tap at the door. A gruff voice pierced the structure of the door. “Anyone alive in there?” called out the voice. “Yes! We have children in here!” yelled Maria, loud enough for whoever was on the other side to hear. “The manual release to the door is jammed!” “One moment…” replied the voice. It was unclear what was happening, but large clanging sounds began to erupt from the door. Moments later the door began to give, slowly sliding open. On the other side stood a large beast of a man, along with two other figures. A light from one of the men scanned through the room before rising to meet the face of the larger man. “Monster!” yelled one of the children before they all started screaming. But it wasn’t a monster, just a large Caitian male who had seen better days. The light then fixed onto Maria. “It’s ok children. He’s a friendly monster. They are here to help.” Maria looked over the men. All were Starfleet officers wearing tattered gold uniforms. She had so many questions to ask, but the first was… “What happened?” The Caitian looked down at the doctor and replied in a booming voice, louder than necessary. He probably had an ear injury. “We are unsure, other than we were attacked. We have no contact with the Starfleet, or anyone else for that matter.” “We need to get outside,” said Maria as she was about to step past the officers to head for the exit. Her family was the only thing on her mind at the moment. As she tried to move, the doctor was halted by one of the other men grabbing her shoulder. “Ma’am, most of the bunker tunnels are intact, save for a few cave-ins. We haven’t been able to get to the surface yet. It’s too dangerous at this point.” Maria was set on arguing with the man before the Caitian interjected. “Ma’am, you are a doctor, correct? There were many that didn’t fair so well. We have a small triage unit set up by a few nurses we found. The wounded could really use your help right now.” The blonde doctor looked up to the man, then the children. “We need to get them out of here first.” “No ma’am. Right now, that room is the safest and most stable place for them to be,” replied the Caitian. He looked back at the nurses. “They can stay with the children, and one of my men will stay as well.” Maria simply sighed. The man was right. She needed to set aside her personal feelings and focus on helping those that needed it. As she left with the Caitian and one of the other men, she simply said a little prayer to herself. ‘Please let my family be safe.’
  4. I can just see the Frog and Citrus getting along... :)
  5. Commander MVess "Left Ear" JoNs quietly entered the main sickbay, and after speaking with and being cleared for entrance into the maternity recovery area by the lead medical technician on duty for the shift, the feline entered the area and started to make her way over to the ships newest mother. Maria was laying on one of the biobeds. She was sitting up, holding her newborn in her arms. The baby was wrapped in a soft pink blanket. She looked up as the Caitian entered, and smiled. "Come to meet your newest crewmember?" A happy grin brightened the normally serious brown furred face of the panther-like feline. "Aye. How is the new officer?" A powerful paw gently grasped a corner of the blanket, and her soft purred voice was pitched even lower so as not to alarm the baby. The new mother looked down at the baby. Little black eyes looked back up at her, and then at the large furry thing. "She's awake for now. Say hello to Julie Alexandria Zier." The large furry cat-thing was behaving, and not projecting any thoughts or feelings that were remotely predatory or evil "you will listen to me" executive officer; all little ones no matter the species had a knack for sensing feelings, and at times were almost as sensitive as a cat. Purring could be heard. From the feline officer, not the baby. "She is so pretty. Hello little one ...." Julie didn't react either way to the Caitian. She just simply stared. Maria smiled as she too looked to the Cait. "Would you like to hold her?" "Thank you Maria, but no. She is much too little.... it would make me to nervous." Miss Straight Arrow? Nervous? Wonders would never cease. The feline sat at the foot of the bed and contented herself with running a furry paw digit over the baby's small arm. "And, I did send off an information packet as you requested to Lieutenant Zier at the starbase regarding the birth. He and his boy should be very happy." "Thank you, MVess, but..." Maria leaned forward a little, careful to support Julie's head. She then moved the baby into the Caitain's arms. "I'm not going to take no for an answer." Satisfied that Julie was secure, she let go and laid back. "I'm sure Alex is running around in excitement, and Martin is the calm one." Left Ear sat stiff backed, holding the baby, and gave Maria a "oh my gods, are you trying to make my pressure go up". Eventually, the executive officer settled, relaxing a bit, and brought the little bundle in closer to her chest. "It's been a long time since I held a baby. My brother's wife is due, so I will look at this as pre-training." The Caitian officer purred at the baby. "See that wasn't so bad," said the mother as she smiled at the two of them. "I am glad you stopped by, cause there was something I wanted to talk to you about." "And that is?" "Well I wanted to do this with Alex, but since he's on Camelot...We want you to be Julie's god-mother." JoNs's tail tip quivered with happiness, and she smiled a big fanged smile. "I would like that. I’m honored. Thank you." Maria gave a joyous smile over her exhausted face. "I'm so glad you said yes. You can never have enough god-children. Speaking of, how's little M'rrrett?" A wry look answered the question. "Well ... she's being a typical sixteen year old. Not rebelling exactly, just some attitude toward her parents." Maria gave a playful sigh. "Ah...I remember those years. My parents threw a fit when they found out that I was joining Starfleet." "Mrrett would very much like to join the Fleet, and her parents are aware of her desire to do so. Many of my family currently serve as well, so it is definitely a family thing. The kitten however has no idea yet what she would like to major in." Left Ear adjusted her hold on the gurgling baby. "Well it's not always a clear cut decision. You have to go with what is right for you," Maria said as she yawned a little. It was that time when the nurse stepped into the maternity ward. Politely she stepped up, gently taking Julie from JoN's arms. "It's time to let the mother rest. She needs her sleep." She held the baby close to Maria as she gave her one last kiss before the nurse left the room, taking Julie to her crib. Left Ear bid Maria farewell, squeezing the woman’s shoulder in a paw, and then left the maternity recovery area as quietly as she had come in. Maria smiled as the Caitian left. She then laid back in the bed, giving another big yawn. Slowly the young mother began to drift to sleep.
  6. Remind me never to get on you or Victria's bad side. :D
  7. Made some updates to history and family. :D
  8. A small shuttle landed next to an old, white farmhouse. Maria was the first to step out of the craft, stepping onto the soft ground. This was Indiana, and to Maria this was home. Holding her small carry on bag, she stepped away from the shuttle, waiting on Alex to join her. Alex was right behind her, carrying both their bags, squinting in the bright sunlight. He looked around at his surroundings, and smiled when he caught Maria looking at him. "I like it already." Maria returned the smile as she walked with him to the Kassem homestead. As the two approached the front porch, an older man and woman came out of the home. It was Thomas and Mary Kassem, Maria's parents. "I'm finally home," Maria called out as she stepped up to the porch. "Welcome home dear." responded Mary. The older woman smiled as she saw Alex for the first time. "Is this the young man I've heard so much about?" Maria got to the top of the porch, instantly hugging her mother. She then hugged her father. "Hi Daddy," she said burying her head in the man's chest. "Welcome home sweetheart." Once the hugs were over, she looked back. "Mom, Dad, this is Alex." Zier followed her up the stairs and set their bags down gently. "It's a pleasure to meet you both." He smiled as he shook both their hands. Tom shook Alex's hand, but gave it a little added pressure, letting him know that he was Maria's father. "Well come inside both of you, supper is ready," said Mary as she opened the door. Alex smiled and picked up the bags. He followed mother and daughter inside, and nodded to Maria's father as he motioned Alex in. He looked around the front room and smiled. "You have a lovely home here.” "Anty Mawia!" yelled a small voice. A little curly, dark-headed girl ran up, attatching herself to Maria's thigh. "Kairi!" Maria pried the young girl off, giving her a proper hug. "Hi sweetie, what are you doing here?" Mary stepped passed the two, entering into the front room. "Charles is on a cargo run, and little Richard isn't feeling well, so we told Rikku we'd take Kairi for a little bit." The little girl looked up at Maria, smiling. "Did I supwise you?" Maria ran her hands through the girl's black curly hair, exposing little pointy ears. "You sure did. Can you say hello to Alex?" Alex smiled and looked down at the little girl. "It's nice to meet you Kairi." Kairi looked at the strange man, then buried her head in Maria. "She's a little shy," replied her aunt. Alex grinned. "Martin was the same way." "Well come on, lets eat," says Thomas as Mary was already in the dining room. Dinner was for the most part quiet. Maria caught her parents up on her life as a Starfleet doctor, what has been happening in the Gamma Quadrant, and how she met Alex. After dinner Kairi was put to bed while the others retired to the den. Maria sat with Alex on the couch, while Mary and Thomas sat in their chairs facing the couch. Alex was nervous, it was probably apparent to everyone, but he managed to tell Tom and Mary about himself without stumbling over his words or saying something embarrassing. "And that's how I found Martin." "That's so sweet," said Mary. "You'll have to bring him over sometime." Alex smiled. "I think he'd like that." He glanced over at Maria's father, who hadn't said too much all night. Maria figured it was time. She held Alex's hand as she looked at her parents. "Mom, Dad, there's something we need to tell you..." He smiled and gave her hand a squeeze, watching her parents faces for reactions. Maria bit her bottom lip before finally getting it out. "I...I'm pregnant..." Mary simply smiled, "Somehow, I knew you were going to say that. You know you can’t hide things from me. Mother's intuition I suppose. How far are you?" Maria was a little shocked by her mother's openness. "About two months...I'll find out next week what the sex is." Thomas remained silent the entire time, while Mary was excited to hear she was getting another grandchild. "I'm so happy for you Sweetie." ------- Tom got up from his chair, quietly moving to the door. He turned to face Alex, motioning for him to join. He then steps out onto the porch. Alex followed him outside, mentally gulping before turning to face her father. Tom waited till Alex joined before he closed the door, keeping them isolated from the women. Looking out into the cornfield, Thomas Kassem leaned against the porch railing. "Son, I don't know much about you. I don't know much about space, Starfleet, or this ship named Excalibur. But one thing I do know is my daughter. And from what I can tell of my daughter, she thinks the world of you. That's all I can go on." He looked at Alex. "I suspect you are a good man, and that you will do the right thing." Alex looked down at the floorboards, then back up at him. "I think the world of her too, sir. I love her more than anything, and I would never do anything to cause her harm." He shifted his eyes to the window, behind which he could see Maria and her mother. Smiling, he continued. "And if by doing the right thing, you mean marrying her, I do want to do so." Tom put his hand on Alex's shoulder. "That's good enough for me." The older man stepped off the porch and started to head to the side of the house. "Come on, I keep a nice stash of whiskey and cigars in the cellar." Alex stared after him for a moment, then followed him, smiling. He didn’t know what had made him dread this visit, but that didn’t matter - everything was going to be right.
  9. It was actually posted on the mailstring about a month ago. But it was never posted here on the message board. It's a follow-up on "First Date" obviously. :)
  10. ::sigh:: Forgot to change accounts...
  11. Zier stood in a hallway, outside of a holodeck. Jitterbugs fluttered around his stomach, which was curious since he never was nervous about anything. He looked up and down the hallway, waiting to see if Maria was coming. He adjusted his shirt collar, and less-than-formal dinner jacket, hoping his memo to her about the attire had gotten through. Maria stopped at the corner that turned to the holodeck. She was nervous. Did she look good? Would she make a good impression on their first date? God, was he standing at the door waiting on her? Taking a deep breath, Maria turned the corner. She was wearing the all too familiar blue dress that Alex had bought her for her birthday. The silk fabric sparkled in the glow of the corridor lights. The nervous doctor smiled as she saw her date standing by the holodeck doors. He looked very handsome. She gave him a sweet but nervous smile as she walked up to him. "Hi..." was all she could say. He turned to her, and felt his jaw drop. She looked absolutely stunning in...Was that the blue dress he'd given her? He smiled. "Hi..." Blushing as Alex began staring at her; Maria looked at the large holodeck doors. "What are the plans for this evening?" "Well, I looked through my Academy files, and came across a holodeck file I had made. I hope you like it....Computer, activate program Zier 1221." He looked at her, and motioned towards the door. "After you." "Thank you," she said as the bulky doors opened. Looking around her, the holodeck walls instantly began to morph. Zier walked in after her, and smiled as he looked around at the small but elegant Italian Ristorante. A waiter came up to them. "Ah! Alex! My good friend! It's has been a long time, has it not?" Maria looked up at Zier, smiling sweetly. "Italian?" She put her arm through his. "Are you trying to impress me?" He nodded. "Yes, it's been a long time Peter. Sorry about not calling in a reservation, but do you have my usual table open? The one by the window." The energetic waiter grinned. "Of course Alex, right this way." He looked at Maria. "I see you've *finally* brought a lady-friend with you." She was a little stunned to hear that. "Finally? You mean you used to come here alone?" Alex winced. "I....yeah." He glared at Peter, who just grinned and showed them to their table. As Alex pulled out Maria's chair, Peter lit a candelabra and set it on their table. "What would you two like to drink?" "Thank you," Maria said as she took her seat. She looked across to Alex for the drink decision, since this was his plan. "Bring us a bottle of that red wine you hide in your second cellar, Peter." Alex winked, and turned to Maria as Peter scurried off. "So..." she looked into his eyes. "Why would you come to a place like this alone?" She couldn't help it. Her inquisitive nature took over. Alex got comfortable. "This is an exact version of a restaurant back on Earth. I used this holoprogram whenever I couldn’t transport there. It's just a nice, relaxing atmosphere. I used it when I needed to get away from things, or classmates." He looked at her. "It was like my own little bubble away from everything." Maria smiled, "That's so sweet. I had a place similar, but it was more remote. Maybe I could show you sometime." "I'd like that." He smiled at her. Peter returned then, and poured them both rather large wineglasses. "Are you ready to order?" Alex looked at Maria. "I'll just have a salad with a light vinaigrette, please." "And I'll have my usual Fettuccine Alfredo; you know how I like the sauce." He smiled at Peter. "Of course Alex." He looked again at Maria, and then to Alex, winking, then rushing off again. Alex grinned. "I think I programmed him a bit too enthusiastic." Maria giggled. "Would you rather have him bitter?” He picked up his glass, and swirled the wine in it. "Well, when you put it that way...I'd shudder to think what he'd be like then." He grinned. She looked at her wine glass a moment, finally picking it up and taking a sip. "This is a beautiful place. Thank you for showing it to me." He smiled. "A beautiful place, for a beautiful lady…" He smirked. "I'd like that line stricken from the record, on account of being too cheesy." Maria blushed in response to the comment. She just kind of laughed, not really able to find any words. He sipped his own wine, not coming up with anything to say, either. After a not-so-short pause of silence, Alex tried to start a topic. "So, how's Sickbay treating you?" She was appreciative at his attempt to change the subject. "It's doing real well. I haven't fully gotten to know the staff yet, but I'm getting there." He smiled. "Well, you must be doing something good; I got a memo today that announced your promotion. Congratulations." Maria tried to smile. She had hoped he wasn't going to bring that up. It just felt weird to hear. "Thanks..." He noticed her hesitancy, but Peter, with his impeccable timing, arrived with their orders just then. "Enjoy your dinner." He smiled again, and rushed off. "Thank you," she said to Peter before he scurried off. The good doctor then looked over at Alex, reaching over and putting a hand on his. "I'm sorry. I was just a little embarrassed by it. It just feels odd to be promoted at a time like this." He looked at her. "At a time like what?" "I guess with the war going on, and recently transferring to the Excalibur. I'm sure I probably deserved it, but it just seemed like an odd time to me. Maybe it was just because I was finally settling down." "Ah, so you didn't expect it." Maria nodded, as she began tossing the salad with her fork. Alex tried his own plate. He winced inwardly. So much for his dinner skills. Everything he brought up hit a soft spot. In a corner of the room, a violinist began playing. She looked over towards the violinist, who was playing a sweet, lovely piece. Glancing back at Alex, she began to smile again. "You're idea?" He grinned. "It's the one thing the real restaurant never had. I always found it a bit too quiet there." "It's lovely," Maria said as she sipped her wine again. She could tell he had been nervous after what he said earlier, but Maria had dismissed it almost immediately. This was still turning out to be a wonderful evening. Not noticing a spot of sauce on his lip, Alex continued to look at Maria, wondering what topic he could bring up. She quietly started laughing as she casually reached across the table, wiping the sauce from his lip with her finger. As Maria sat back down, she licked the sauce off. "I almost wish I hadn't ordered the salad now." the blonde doctor said with a grin. Alex blushed. "I... thank you." He chuckled a little. "You're welcome." Alex finished his plate, and set it aside. He looked behind him, then at a clock on the wall, then back at Maria. "Oh, it's getting late. You should probably get back to Martin." Maria stood up, smiling sweetly to him. "Walk me home first?" He smiled. "It's not that." He grabbed her hand. "Come with me." She was a little surprised when he took her hand. Why else would he be looking at the clock? He led her around some tables to a door to the side, and opened it. He let her walk outside first, and smiled when he saw that he had gotten the timing right. A beautiful full moon shone brightly above them, as they stood on a balcony overlooking a lake. Maria gasped in delight as she walked up to the railing, resting her hands on it. The moonlight danced along the slow ripples of the lake. "It...It’s beautiful." She couldn't take her eyes off the scenery. He smiled, and stood next to her. "I spent a lot of time here, just thinking." "It's so peaceful and quiet. I can see why you'd come here." He nodded and looked at her. "I’ll make sure you can have access to this program, if you ever want to come out here." She broke her attention from the scenery and focused on Alex. "Thank you, but it wouldn't be right to be here without you." "Well, who said you'd have to be here without me?" He smiled, and put an arm around her shoulders. Maria brought herself closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder. "Thank you, for everything. This was a wonderful evening." He smiled. "Even with my bad dinner topics?" She nodded, "Of course." He looked out over the lake, thinking. After a while, with both of them still close to each other, he asked. "How about I walk you home?" "I'd like that." He smiled. "Computer, end program." He walked towards the door with her, arm still around her. Later, the pair arrived at Maria's doorway. She turned to look at him, holding one of his hands. Her pinky was playfully locked with his. "Thank you so much. I had a great time tonight." Leaning up, she gave Alex a gentle kiss on the cheek, and slowly backed away, still finding her pinky locked. "You're welcome Maria. I'll see you tomorrow..." He kept his pinky locked, and planted a second kiss on her cheek, smiling. "Good night, and don't let the bed bugs bite." The young doctor couldn't resist it. She didn't want the night to end, but it had too, but staring into his blue eyes was intoxicating. Leaning up once more, Maria gave Alex a passionate kiss, something for him to remember when he walked away. Finally content, she backed away, breaking the hold her pinky had with his. The door to her quarters opened up and she went inside. As she turned around, Maria flashed one last smile to him. "Goodnight..." The door then closed, abruptly putting an end to the evening. Alex stood there, stunned for a moment, and then shook his head slightly while grinning. "Oh, what a night..." he thought as he walked to his quarters.
  12. Maria had quietly gotten up from her desk in her room. She had just finished a letter to home. Walking over to the replicator, she removed a cup of hot green tea from it. Alex paced the corridor in front of Maria's quarters. He held a neatly wrapped package in his hands. Was this the wrong thing to do? Would she think he was, "overly obsessed" with her? He sighed, and rang the door to her quarters. She was a bit startled, not expecting any visitors. Setting the tea down, and straightening her casual clothes, Maria went to the door and opened it. "Oh, hello Alex." He smiled. "Hello Maria." Smiling, he handed her the package. "Happy Birthday." She was surprised. "But...I didn't tell anyone it was my birthday." She took the package. "Thank you. Please come in." Maria walked back into her quarters. It was very neatly kept. Placing the package down next to the cooling tea, she looked up at Alex. "Would you like something to drink?" He smiled. "That would be great. I think I'll have what you’re having." She nodded, walking over to the replicator. Moments later, with tea in hand she gave it to Alex before taking a seat. She grabbed her tea and took a sip, taking a slight glance at the package. The doctor was being polite not to instantly dig into the beautifully wrapped gift. Her eyes fell back to Alex, giving him a shy smile. "Do you go through this with all of the crew?" He sipped his tea, and grinned. "You’re the first crewman to have a birthday since I arrived. I suppose I should continue doing it though, talk about crew morale." "Well, I feel honored then," she smiled at him. He looked at her. "Why haven't you told anyone about your birthday?" Maria brought her legs up into her chair, sitting Indian Style, letting her hands rest on her ankles. "I...don't really know. Maybe it's because this is really my first birthday without being in contact with my family." She glanced over at her desk where her finished letter is, then bringing her gaze back to the counselor. "I guess it's just a little hard to think about." "Ah, I see. I felt like that too while I was away from home during the Academy, and Starfleet Medical." "I'm glad you understand," she grinned. "Of course that's your job." He grinned as well. "No matter how hard I try, work always seems to sneak back into leisure." She smiled before her eyes fell upon the package once again. "I guess it would be rude if I didn't open this, wouldn't it?" Maria placed the gift in her lap. He winked. "I hope you like it." Maria began to open it as she spoke. "I'm sure I......." She became quickly silent as she pulled the silky blue fabric from the box. It was the same dress she was looking at days before, on Camelot. Alex watched her eyes and expressions as she saw the dress. He could feel that she was swimming in a sea of emotions at the moment. She tried to say something discernable, but found it difficult. "I...I...I...thank you. I don't know what to say." Her eyes welled up with tears. "It's beautiful. You didn't have to do this." He smiled. "Well, I know how much you liked it, and my arm wouldn’t let me forget it the way you pulled me into that store." Maria neatly folded the dress back into the box. Unexpectedly, she found herself out of her seat and embracing Alex in a gentle hug. "Thank you so much." Small tears of joy managed to escape. He hadn’t expected her to show her thanks like this, but he enjoyed it nonetheless. "You're Welcome, Maria." A small kiss found its mark on Alex's cheek as she pulled away. Wiping the tears away, the young doctor smiled. "You'll have to tell me when your birthday is now." Now it was Alex's time to try and get something discernable to come out of his throat. "I..uh...." He smiled and looked at her. She giggled at him. It was funny watching a guy not be able to find the right words, but a counselor was even funnier. He grinned. "Sometimes even counselors can't find the right words." "I noticed," shyly smiling to him. "It's not a bad thing though." "It's not?" Maria shook her head. "No, it just shows you how human...Uh I mean...well you know..." She blushed at her little blunder. He chuckled. "Don't worry about it. As for my problem, actions speak louder than words, don't they?" He wrapped his arm around her. She was feeling incredibly warm. Was it still from her embarrassment, or was it the gentle embrace of Alex? "I..." She was completely speechless. He pulled back his arm. "I'm sorry, I'm making you uncomfortable." Maria touched his arm in reassurance. "No...you're not." He put his arm back. "So, I guess Martin was half right....?" She looked up at him. "You know, children can sometimes pick up on things that adults don't see as clearly..." She leaned up, giving him a small kiss to test him. "It might make a great topic for a paper sometime." He turned to her, and whispered in her ear. "It just might...." He kissed her forehead, and then gently moved her head to find her lips. Maria’s kiss was more passionate the second time around. Her hands found his strong shoulders and the worked their way to the back of his neck. Backing her head away as she stared into his eyes, she smiled. "This is turning out to be a good birthday after all."
  13. General Information: Full Name: Maria Zier Maiden Name: Kassem Gender: Female Age: 24 Species: Human Height: 5’4’’ Weight: 103 lbs. Hair: Long, Dirty Blonde Eye Color: Teal Place of Birth: Indianapolis, Indiana, Earth Status: Married Family: Alexander Zier (Husband) Martin Zier (Stepson) Julie Zier (Daughter) Thomas Kassem (Father) Mary Kassem (Mother) Cdr. Gregory Kassem (Brother, deceased) Charles Kassem (Brother) Rikku Kassem (Sister-in-law) Kairi Kassem (Niece) Richard Kassem (Nephew) Service Information: Rank: Lieutenant Position: Medical Assistant Assignment: USS Excalibur-C Personal History: Maria is the youngest and only daughter of Thomas and Mary Kassem. Her entire family was farmers, so imagine how the parents felt when all three Kassem children expressed interest in joining Starfleet. Gregory, the oldest, was the first Kassem to graduate from the academy. He led a very successful life, and quickly moved through the ranks to commander. Charles followed Greg a few years later. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Gregory’s ship was lost among many others at Wolf 359. News of Greg’s death struck the Kassem family hard. Charles resigned from Starfleet, and took up a job at a freight company that ferried goods to local star systems. He eventually becomes captain of his own ship. A few years later, Charles meets a young woman named Rikku, and her young daughter Kairi. He marries Rikku, and a year later they have Richard. Maria instantly fell in love with Kairi, and spent as much time as she could with her. Academy: Maria was still very young when Gregory died. She was very close to him, and knew that he’d want her to continue on to fulfill her dream. Maria vowed that she would join Starfleet, and use all she had to help those in need. This led her to choose medicine as her field once she became old enough to enter the academy. Maria was in the top of her class in the academy, and in her medical studies. Surprising to much of the faculty, she kept right up with her Vulcan classmates. Some even joked that she was a Vulcan in disguise, others even joking that she was genetically enhanced. She was just driven to succeed, and not let down her family and herself. Maria was so far ahead that she picked up pediatrics and medical forensics along with her basic studies. Not long after graduation, the Dominion War ended, and Maria was immediately put to work for Starfleet Medical. She has been involved in a handful of taskforces sent to various planets to aid in medical needs, varying from relief to disease control. It was during her time in the taskforces that Starfleet Medical felt she was ready to move on to a new assignment, and recently moved her to the USS Excalibur. Service: While on Excalibur, Maria met and fell in love with the ship's councelor, Alexander Zier. After the battle for control of the Bajoran Wormhole between the Federation and the Scorpiad, Alex was injured and eventually sent to Starfleet Medical to recuperate. The Excalibur itself was supposedly lost, but in reality was transported to the Mirror Universe. It was during this time that Maria discovered she was pregnant with her first child. After the return of the Excalibur, Maria reunited with Alexander, and got married a few months later. Immediately after the return of the Excalibur, orders came through that it would be immediately decomissioned. During this time, Maria was assigned to Starfleet Medical's Pediatrics Branch. It was just recently after a reunion of the old crew, that Maria was reassigned to the new Excalibur-C. While on assignment in the Gamma Quadrant, Maria gave birth to her daughter, Julie Alexandria Zier. Personality Profile: Maria is very kind and caring to anyone she meets. She works very well with others, and rarely gets angry. She always has a gentle smile on her face, even in the toughest of situations. Patients and other doctors alike have commented on her bedside manners, saying she has an angel like aura about her when she is working. Maria has very strong family beliefs. She loves her family, talking about them a lot. She even brags about her little niece Kairi when given the chance. She loves children, one of the reasons why she picked up pediatrics. Counselor's Report: It should be noted that Maria suffered a recent bout of depression. Her daughter, Julie, was kidnapped by a race of green, goblin like beings known as the Boganary. The baby was eventually rescued and reunited with Maria, though a little green. Maria recovered and had returned to her cheery disposition. Service Record: 0611.07 - Graduated Starfleet Medical and Promoted to Ensign 0612.03 - Assigned to USS Excalibur-B as Medical Assistant 0703.11 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade 0707.29 - Promoted to Lieutenant 0708.01 - Assigned to Starfleet Medical's Pediatrics Branch after decomission of USS Excalibur-B 0712.02 - Reassigned to USS Excalibur-C 0901.04 - Awarded the Meritorious Achievement Award 0906.14 - Promoted to Assistant Director of Pediatrics in Starfleet Medical