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  1. USS Reaent October 8th 2015 The Final Destination *Mimics Porky Pig* That's all, folks USS Reaent October 8 2015 The Final Destination.txt
  2. During their journey to Andoria and then to Earth, Aidan had spent most of his off hours in the process of packing Debs and his belongings. Those belongings are quite numerous after nearly a decade of marriage and their combined years onboard ship and and in Starfleet. Nick and his brother Phelan were waiting at earth to help move the boxes into their house in Hawaii..though Aidan was also intending to dragoon a few junior officers into helping with the process of getting all the boxes into the main cargo transporter room. Aidan finishes sealing the box he's been working on filling for the last while and decides to take a little break. He wanders through their quarters feeling a strange sense of happiness and melancholy On the one hand he's glad that his time in Starfleet is just about over and that both Deb and he had managed to survive it in one piece. And that they were both about to settle into a relatively peaceful retirement..well as peaceful as one can expect when one hopes to have kids. He just hopes Deb doesn't proceed to blame him for getting her into that situation. Still, as much as he has been looking forward to retiring from Starfleet and glad to finally get there he can't help but feel a bit saddened at the prospect as well. After all he had spent his entire adult life wandering the stars...fully half of his life. It was all he had really dreamed of from the time he was a wee lad and he had always intended to spend his life as a Starfleet officer. Though that had changed when Deb entered his life and he suddenly found himself with a far different dream, one that became far more important to him than Starfleet and his career. Now all he wanted was the quiet earth bound life that, as a kid, he was determined to reject. He enters their nearly empty bedroom and glances around with a small smile gracing his lips. "Still, the treasure I obtained was well worth, and far more priceless than, the sacrifice I'm about to make."
  3. USS Reaent October 1st 2015 USS Reaent October 1 2015.txt
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