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    Gremany..for now
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    Any thing that seems interesting at that point in time: Which is right now: Martial arts, swordsmenship, reading, writing, watching movies, and just being crazy.
  1. Hello every One... Im kinda new here so.. Could some one please show me how to use this thing!!! :unsure: Ok I feel better now... I'm in germany right now and Im slightly confused as to when to attend because the times you all are one Im most likely in slumber land and during the days I work...What do I do?
  2. I was wondering if I would be allowed to use a character I just created.. She comes from the 21 century and is a soldier in the Army who gets transported on the the enterprise by Q .. I was wondering on if I would be allowed to use her i a Role play here.((She was origanily from a Fan fiction I made.)) Thanks Brandy.