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  1. I can beat A9 on the twisted career path... just ask if you really wanna know.... Lets just say I started pre vet and now I am a fire/medical dispatcher.....
  2. I can stand fur, the smell of poop, even the inviteable scratches, bites, kicks, whacks, and associated trauma from animals. I just couldn't hack chemistry!
  3. While having a plan is all well and good.. who says you have too decide your whole life at 18? (or sooner) If you think you would enjoy being a trauma surgeon.. go for it. Do it. If you get bored after doing it for awhile, change careers. There is nothing that says just cause you started as this that doesn't mean you can't go do that. I would reccommend getting an undergraduate degree that will carry you in more than one field. You don't have to have a pre-med degree to go to med school. (Although I reccommend having a good science and math base anyway.) My brother is an excellent example. Through high school he through he wanted to be a lawyer. My mom planned hoped and dreamed. My brother was an excellent debater, winning and doing well. And then in his junior year the acting bug hit. My brother was suddenly burning up the stage.. and well. Went to college on an acting scholarship, went to NYC, and later London, where he graduated from a reknowned acting school. After fifteen years of struggling, he quit, came home to Texas and went back to college. He continued to act and direct locally. When he went back to college he couldn't decide between geography and biology as a major. Took classes in both fields before moving into advanced biology and eventually getting his degree in entomology. He is now working on his doctorate in genetics. (And chasing little bugs to do it.) No law school in sight!! He did something he loved, and then found something else that challenged and excited him. There is no reason that you, or anyone can't do the same thing. My reccommendation.... find something you love. Do a job shadow at a local hospital, or even on an ambulance. (You want trauma.. there ya go!) See if that is something that would really perk your interest. If not, keep looking til you find something that really grabs you.
  4. I blame my bad weather on the Phillipines. You know, the Pinapple Express? Brings all that warm wet rain. And then the cold fronts come down from Russia and they slam together giving us days of cold wet rain. Has nothing to do with Canada.....
  5. I've been avoiding this thread, but finally worked up the nerve to check it out. Been great for a few laughs. So.. whats Ziggys grand scheme? We go back to the horse!!! I've never understood why enviornmentalists didn't want to go this way. I mean, its non poluting transportation, free fertilizer to use on the gardens we should have, etc, etc, etc. But nooooooooooooooooooooooooo the enviornmentalists still use.. *gasp* cars. (Well, some do.) I do think there should be population controls in place, but how are you gonna enforce them in our society? I mean, they work in China, but its not a quasi-democracy like here.
  6. You got a place there that has enough room for 10 horses?
  7. Northern California. An area that I can't say is known for much, other than big trees (redwoods) and our rather um... green.. crops. Oh! And this year big fires! But I am Texan born, bred and in the blood. Someday I will move back.....
  8. Kissing up a little there Nem? I mean, I know I am the best, and she deserves me. Just didn't expect everyone to agree with that. :D
  9. Ooooo... the queen finds me attractive and resplendent!!!
  10. Leave it to Dac... :D Wait!! Was that naked cowboy me????????????
  11. TAS is cannon.. even if I never watched it. :D As to Caitians.. they are definitely cannon and have mention in ST encyclopedia, etc. Like Deltans, there ain't much info on em, so each one is played individually.. allowing for a lot of creativity. It also is a huge drawback, cause while you can create what YOU think the race should be like, it may not neccessarily be what someone else sees. It creates some interesting debates, and can be fun, or very aggravating.
  12. :::reading the want ads::: I better start looking for a new job.. Arnie thinks state employees should be on minimum wage until the budget crisis is over.. or work for free. Yeah.. I'll work for free when he gives up part of his salary.
  13. :::eating the Sunday night cheesecaske a day early::: :::mumbling around said cheesecake::: wapologee accptd
  14. [/move] Happy Birthday!
  15. I will say that mine would be yes. Although I will refrain from stating what I would change and those I know would be affected. Course, saying that, I really don't know. But things certainly would have been different.