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  1. To: Capt. Kallah Ramson, Cmdr. Scott Coleridge, Dept. Chiefs From: Dr. Mimi Pavilion Subject: An-Ward Administrator The An-Ward Administrator has been dead for two days due to a break of the C1 and C2 vertebrae. The strength to cause the break would have to be from someone stronger and/or taller than the administrator. There were no toxic chemicals or drugs in the Administrators blood.
  2. To: Cmdr. Scott Coleridge, Capt. Chirakis Kirel From: Dr. Mimi Pavilion Subject: Capt. Kallah Ramson Captain Kallah Ramson is who she is. But I do worry about her mental state. I have talked to Dr. Davis about Capt. Ramson’s mental health. Hoping to find the results within 24 to 48 hours.
  3. To: Aegis Command From: Dr. Mimi Pavilion Subject: Unknown Alien Species: Brief Analysis The alien’s anatomy is almost similar to the Breen. Judging by what I can gather by my scans, it is a distant cousin of the Breen. The alien was able to communicate with Lt. Cmdr. Lawliet and myself through the Breen language, as well as a colored vapor around it’s head.
  4. Mimi stood there for what seemed the longest time. She knew she didn’t have much time, before she couldn’t revive the alien. So she began trying to revive the alien, using the anatomical scans that they were able to get of it. She began mixing a variety of revival medication to see which one would work best. After a few hours and about two dozen tries she managed to revive the alien, well enough that it’s vitals were holding steady. Now it was a matter of it wanting to stabilize even more and answering questions.
  5. As Mimi divided her time between the Vladivostok crew, the unknown substance and CnC duty, she was worn out. Luckily, she had help from Commander Brown, Ensign Fletcher, her medical staff and Admiral DeJariov. From what she could make out of symptoms of the Vladivostok crew is that they were all victims to an allergic reaction, which may be caused by the unknown substance that they had received by an unknown species. Right now, they have to figure out a treatment plan for the reaction. If had been contagious, the Missouri crew would have already been infected, Mimi thought to herself. As for the unknown substance that was found in the digestive tract of the crew, it appears to contain humanoid, plant and possibly animal DNA. Since these DNA strains are of unknown origin, there was no way for her crew to fully map out what was what of the different strains. Mimi needed Science to figure out the more intricate specifics, like what planets, the types of flora and fauna and the local natives, whether it be humanoid or animal; of the substance. Mimi delivered her report to Admiral DeJariov about her findings. She informed him that the Vladivostok crew should remain in sickbay for another few days, so treatment could be made and delivered, also that they should start getting psychiatric help as well. Mimi also told him that the children could be released.
  6. It had been three days since the Missouri informed her of the 70 survivors of the ill-fated Vladivostok, 9 more which were deceased. All 70 of the survivors were in very poor condition, all were malnourished, had some kind of disease and had been exposed to frostbite. But above all she worried about their psychological well-being. The nine dead were suppose to be transported off the station by the ship, Ships Mule, the day before to be delivered to a ship at Vulcan, but as normal, circumstances change. Their families were informed of what happened and were assured that everything was being done to find who did this. It had been five days and there was still no report from Aegean or on the missing Vladivostok, even with the information that the Missouri could find. All she knew is that Aegean could’ve also been taken over by an unknown force. To top that off, who was going to be in command when and if the away team returns? She still hadn’t heard anything from Starfleet Personnel about that whole situation. On the upside, Mimi did manage to get Brian’s paperwork through a lot quicker than it would normally take. Guess that’s a benefit of being Officer in Charge and Chief Medical Officer. Mimi couldn’t help but to think of her husband and where he was at. All she could hope was that he was safe and would hopefully return to her. She thought running sickbay and the Children’s Home was tough, who knew adding in command would take the cake? So, why leave the doctor in charge?
  7. A shuttlecraft arrived at Aegis’s shipping lanes and received permission to dock. The message that arrived with the ship was that those aboard were “For Dr. Mimi tr’Jeth Dabi,” clearly he never would accept her working name. Those aboard stayed until Mimi had time to come to the shuttle and accept her delivery. Mimi was still on the CnC when the message arrived for her and it would be a little while before they docked. “Well, that’s something. Besides I need a bit of a break.” She nodded to Brown that he was in charge until her return or was needed. Mimi got in the turbolift and ordered it to the docking ring to eat and get her delivery when it arrived. The shuttle hatch opened after Mimi responded to the driver and surprisingly, Loxil tr’Jeth Dabi exited with a smile to Mimi when she spotted her. “I’m so glad to see a familiar face. Jolan Tru, Ailhun*!” She approached Mimi and handed her a lightweight box. “These are the document chips that Torate said he wrote you about.” She paused while Mimi took possession. Two others exited the shuttle in complete silence and fell in behind Loxil. Both of the other women did not carry anything and did not wear any jewelry. “These are t’Pentha and t’Merniq, both here to serve us. If accepted, they too will come to our house.” Mimi smiled at Loxil. “It’s nice to see you too. So this is what I have to deal with now,” Mimi replied. Loxil bent slightly at her waist towards Mimi and when she returned straight up, she spoke, “Ie, for our husband has asked of this before he went… “ She didn’t finish the statement but both women knew where he went. “I am also here to assist au in any way possible. Our house’s land area has been deconstructed, so Torate felt that my best efforts would be to help here.” Loxil didn’t mention that all of the documents were in Rihannsu, some even in the ancient text. She already was informed that she’d be working closely with Mimi with these, since they could NOT be run through the station’s translation machine, being the details of the contracts were not common knowledge to the Federation, much less anyone outside of ch’Rihan, what was left of it, and ch’Havran. Mimi’s face went emotionless, “Can’t believe he’s on a top secret mission...” Loxil pressed her fingers against Mimi’s lips to quiet her. “Na in words, Ailhun (first wife).” She quietly talked to Loxil, “Thing is I have more pressing matters to attend to at the moment. Like being in command of this station. I’m sure you know where my quarters are at.” “Au are in Command?” Loxil bows slightly from the waist again, “I can na bother au with further mentions. Do au have a roll I can sleep on?” “There are two other rooms you can chose from: a small room across from mine or a room that is about the size of mine across from the kitchen,” Mimi replied. “I will have my things transported to the larger room, t’Pentha and t’Merniq will be fine sharing the smaller room, or even at the foot of my bed if you wish the room for other purposes.” Loxil turned her body and pointed past the other women, “… and Torate sent other things to be saved.” She motioned to the boxes being brought out of the shuttle. Mimi looked at the boxes, “What are in the boxes?” Loxil looked back at them, as if to remember their contents, “Ailhun they contain various items belonging to the tr’Jeth Dabi house. Au may want to familiarize yourself with them or when you have time, I shall unpack and tell you the details behind each piece. Au will find that au have married into a house of great wealth, a myriad of history, and challenging roles for each to attend.” She smiled and knew that Mimi wouldn’t ever understand the complete Rihannsu depth behind many of the items - since she wasn’t actually a Rihan herself. Mimi looked at the boxes and sighed. “So much more to learn, but I’m sure I’ll understand as best as possible,” she said. “Our quarters are on deck 38.” As they walked the corridor, before they parted ways, Loxil made sure that the other documents were on Mimi’s mind. “Please see the construction files at your best effort. They require some signatures, which Torate has granted au. The tr’Jeth Dabi land granted our house has been designated,” she paused for a moment searching for a compatible word, “constructionable now, and decisions must be made about structures. Torate has designated au as constable over the house property in his absence.” She motioned to the data box again, then bowing slightly from her waist, much like other cultures of servitude, in respect and honor to the Ailhun of the house. Mimi looked at the box and smiled and said, “How considerate that he remembered that I’m here to help. Loxil, once you arrive at our quarters, I would like for you to put this on my desk. It’s on your right as you enter. I will look them over in the next few days. I must take a stroll before I come home, to help clear my mind and focus on what I need to do at home and at work.” Just before they parted ways at one of the hallways’ divides, Loxil took Mimi’s hand and placed it up against hers, sister-ring to sister-ring. The backs of the rings actually fit together when they held their hands just right. Neither Loxil nor Torate had showed Mimi this exclusive feature. “I am here to serve our Ailhun.” She released her hand and slightly bowed again, separating herself from Mimi, heading in the direction of her new room. --- Ailhun-Wife (or sister-wife in this case)
  8. This is what Mimi knew: she was in command, Mr. Roberts was gone, most of senior staff was off station, and that there was a mysterious hybrid frankenship and unknown language consisting of Chinese, Romulan, Klingon and Breen originating near or from Nebula 539. Right now she was about to lose it. Who knew command was like this. So Mimi needed to figure out what needs to be done and what information she needs to acquire in order to make things get moving. Right now she was the only line of defense, more or less, between order and sheer destruction of the station. And this is why medical officers are not put in charge of ships and stations, unless it’s a mission of mercy, Mimi thought to herself.
  9. [Joint Log between a Brute and his beautiful wife] Mimi opened the box to see a bracelet with gems and what appeared like little Romulan dilithium crystal chips. “I can't leave quite yet, I have a meeting to attend to at a banquet hall in Drankum's at 1700 hours. But the bracelet is beautiful.” Torate sats up to look at the bracelet she’s found and adored to her wrist. “Put it on... won't hurt au, they are dead crystals, processed them to make them glow like that. The other stones are just stuff that au womens like.” He watched her gaze into the crystals and other flashy gems. Though they weren’t huge, it definitely was an attention getter. She smiled and put the bracelet on. Torate checked the room’s chronometer over the replicator, added another three hours, plus tried to guess how long her meeting would be, but asked “Serious? 1700?” he groaned again. “How long are au locked up?” Mimi thought about if for a bit, “Maybe an hour or two. But I promise, once the meeting is done, I’m yours, like I always have been.” With a rather gruff tone, he gots a little dark, “Ie, mine… but I cannot have au for at LEAST five or six hours!” He sat up and stomped over to the replicator. As he began pressing buttons, more like jamming his finger inconsistently, he created a mess of slop coming out of it. “Just get something to fill my gut out of here.” “Well, I managed to get off duty. Told my staff what to do. All that's left is the meeting. But before and after the meeting I'm yours,” Mimi said as she moved closer to Torate. Torate, “then feed me e'Lev, I’m farmished!” “Ok, ok.” Mimi mumbles to herself, “Farmished, that’s a new one.” Louder so her husband could hear her. He turned away from the replicator to see where she was and to make sure she was going to feed him right away. “Au lloann’nae make au foods in farms… farmished - the act of being hungry for that food! Do au na know au own vocabulary?” His temper was coming to a boil at this point, he only wanted to come grab his wife, take her for a 3 hour cruise and sufficiently make sure she was with his child. He could tell this order of events was clearly not going HIS way. “True for fresh food. But I think the actual word you’re looking for is ‘famished.’” He peered directly at her, as his very stern brow-ridge tightened and looked more pointed and foreboding, then bent down to her level and spoke slowly, “We do NA have a Rihannsu word for au LLoann’nae counter,” and he continued in broken syllables that were reinforced by his firm jaw’s release of each, “What - Ev - Er!” “True.” Her response was clear and sweet. She wasn’t about to take his bait. Torate felt his fury and almost barked a crew-like order at her, but actually held back because of her constant smooth and sweet demeanor; so he just listened to her continued banter while working to slow his breath and temper. “Have you checked in with the CnC?” Mimi went to the kitchen and made something for Torate and something for herself. “I had the Ha’feh contact the Ora when I arrived,” he spouted defensively with disdain, “Do au na think I know the ways of my en…. employs?” “Well you have been gone for a while. I just didn’t know if you remembered or not. You don’t have to get onto me about it,” Mimi stated as she brought the food out and placed it on the table. He plopped his big body down into the chair, a firm framed chair that still creaked slightly with his large frame straining it. He didn’t say another word in response, but just started filling his gut with huge fork-fulls. Mimi was about to sit at the table but paused to brace herself at the edge of the table, due to the fact she felt dizzy, but as quickly as she could she sat down and started eating. She didn’t want him to worry about her. He kept one eye on his wife, the other on the food being shoved into his mouth, but noticed the paused in her gentle way before she finished her descent into the chair. “What does the Daise’Maenek work on lately?” He actually gave thoughts on his wife for a moment, hoping she wasn’t catching whatever diseases she was curing in sickbay. “Oh, I’ve been treating a Pakled crew, as well as a teenage Horta that was almost dead when it arrived. But it’s better now. I guess I’ve been stressing over the Horta, due to it’s condition,” Mimi stated. He just kept filling his trap, but he took in all the information he could extract from her - something that should probably be reported to his other superiors.
  10. After nearly a week of recovery, Mimi was ready to get Torate out of sickbay, so he could stop bothering everyone and demanding to be released. She knew he needed at least another week, mentally, to fully recuperate before heading back to active duty. If nothing more this week he spent in sickbay, bought her sometime to get their quarters situated with the groceries and making sure that there were more Romulan decor rather than human, since some of her angel figurines were broken during the comm siege. Mimi walked into the room in sickbay where Torate had been, to see how he was doing and see if he needed any help getting dressed due to the extent of his injuries that he obtained, prior to his arrival. She stepped in and let the door to the room close. “So, my love, are happy now that you are getting out of here,” she asked. “It should have been last week. Holding me hostage here has created more friction than these people will ever know. I don’t understand why au have been on their side. Did au forget au are married to me?” He pulled at the restraining field, something he’d been pushing against for the past week, feeling it’s tingly pulse rage through his veins with each strain of his muscles against it. He actually figured with enough practice and enough pressure, he’d eventually be able to even break through their lloann’na containment field. Mimi released the forcefield. “Well, it was for your own good, considering the extent of your injuries. I’ve missed you. I have everything set up in our quarters in the way of decor and food for your arrival home. I have also have your personal effects crate in our closet, should you want to put some of the items out. Also, you do realize we have a lot really to talk about once we get home,” Mimi stated. He wasn’t really interested in small talk with his wife. She’d been in to visit him multiple times each day, to which he tried to dismiss her idle chatter. it sounded much like what the lloann’na described as a Schultz Teacher, though he wasn’t sure what that meant, but never argued with someone replied with a muffled “whaaa, whaaa… whaaaannn whaaannn” if he discussed it with them. The only one he had a conversation with of any length was one of his former Security Technicians, ST Elder, the one he was most fond of, that is if a Rihannsu Dheno could have fondness for anyone or anything. “Just get me out of here.” Mimi thumped one of Torate’s ears. “Really!? You should be glad I am taking you home, today. You can get dressed if you like.” The point wiggled slightly, then went back to it’s standard straight up position. Since the forcefield was released, he sat up and reached over to the drawer containing his off-station clothing. He tossed them back onto the biobed, then with his toe, clamped the drawer shut, making a not-so-quiet noise. He stripped off his medical gown, and threw it over Mimi’s head. He reached for his medical pants, pulled the string until it snapped, then pulled them off his legs, leaving him bare, except the Rihannsu boxers (or briefs?) that were standard issue for his race. He stood up next to Mimi while she pulled clothing off of herself. “Did au miss this too?” He flexed, and even though he had wounds still healing, his muscles were ripped under his taunt skin, with a very broad girth from one arm across his chest to the other arm. Mimi smiled at him, “What do you think,” as she went in to kiss him. He met her lips as he bent his knees enough to get to her level, and reached under her knees with one arm, then around her waist with the other. As he started to lift, she backed off on the kiss, gave him a stern look and said, “Take it easy, your injuries are still healing. I should know, considering I had to help repair them.” He let out a half-playful, half-disgruntled moan but let her go. He grabbed his shirt, and pulled it over his head, arms and chest. The sweatpants followed. “Good to be back in my own clothes, instead of those that all the women were staring through to see my body in sickbay.” He flexed once more, trying to get a rise out of her. Mimi looked at him and smiled, “Well their not as lucky as me to have you as a husband.” “Then let’s get out of here. What’s for dinner?” His own clothing now on, he headed towards the Medical Department’s exit. “Hmm, let’s see. I could make lasagna, steak, or a Romulan dish.” He interrupted her statement with a firm, “Ie. All of them.” A bit taken back, Mimi looked at him “You definitely never lost your appetite. Plus, you’re gonna like our quarters. Three bedrooms, a workspace, a good size kitchen, and a living room,” Mimi told him. He paused once they were outside sickbay, “We finally got full quarters”.... and continued with a silly smile, “Maybe I should send for Loxil or maybe that’s room for another wife.” He exposed a rather wide Rihannsu grin with his shifty eyebrow’s lifting. “Yes, full senior officer quarters. Speaking of Loxil, where is she,” Mimi asked and continued, “plus what about visitors and maybe future children.” He reached around Mimi, nearly lifting her up against his side. “Slow down… feed me first.” “Alright, that I can do,” Mimi stated as she was happy that their little family was reunited.
  11. Dr Schawnsee began scanning Torate even though he continued to be grouchy. Kat continued to read the results of the scan. "I’m sorry sir; with these injuries it’s going to be more than a few moments; more like a few days at the very least. I know you are a Romulan but even these injuries need healing time." The patient was lying on the biobed, allowing Dr. Schawnsee to scan him from head to toe, finding himself being more and more annoyed. “Can't au just release me for duty? Everything here is because of Rihan training. We aren't weak minded like the Lloannae and do not require all of this healing," Torate emphasized sarcastically. After spitting out his complaint, he responded to the doc’s comment. “A day?" He wondered if he should have just convinced his wife to let it all slide. "I am sorry, I cannot. And even Romulans require time to heal whether you wish to admit it or not! You have broken ribs; ribs that are cracked and can be easily broken if hit. With you being a Security officer that is more than likely to happen than it would to medical personnel. That’s not including the other injuries that I have even started on yet. I have to agree with your wife this time around. I’m sorry. But the sooner you allow me to get started on you, the sooner I can have Dr. Mimi give you the final going over to be released." Torate considered how his wife was going to “give him the final going over” with all these injuries, and so he partially gives in to Schawnsee. “Fine... go ahead. I'll rest here while you finish up.” Kat loved it when her patients gave in to her and allowed her to do her job. "Thank you, sir. I need to do a full scan to see what other injuries you are hiding from me. I know Romulans do not show pain. You are almost as bad as the Vulcans to work on, but at least you admit you are injured." He emitted a low guttural groan, knowing he only showed up to get a release to return to duty… he wasn’t about to admit there were other issues that probably needed attending. Kat then grabbed a different tricorder and performed a slower scan over his entire body. She knew how hard it was for this man to admit to her that he has been injured. She completed her scan and looked it over. "Well sir, you also have some internal injuries but I have a choice of how we proceed with those." “What are my options, Maenek?” He glanced past Dr. Schawnsee toward the window of his wife's office, making sure she was still in there instead of out here trying to read all of the scans. “Not too involved, I hope?” "You can either take several days off duty and I mean 100% Off duty allowing for them to heal or I can have Mimi assist me in doing surgery to repair them more quickly with less of a time off period. I will allow you to think about that for a moment while I work on these broken ribs. If you would care to roll over on your left side I will do the right rib first." He immediately rolled to his left side, inside groaning quite a bit, but externally, tried to keep up the ‘Tough Rihan’ act. “I'll consider... Maenaek.” Once he was on his side Kat begin working on the rib. "What type of training do you Romulans do anyway? I have never seen such severe injuries in a training exercise." He was quickly thinking to himself, ‘This is tough, because if I go for the quick solution, then Mimi is really going to know all of the damage and be beside herself with questions. On the other hand, I don't know if I can trust this Maenaek to keep all of this quiet. Mimi is already snooping around. I've got it!’ He turned only his head towards this Maenaek. "Do the surgery. This way, I return to duty quickly. I’m sure there isn't much to do”, and finished to himself, ‘and it'll keep Mimi busy.’ He figured he’d better not leave it there, however, and gave some sort of explanation to this Maenaek. “We train in all forms of combat, hand to hand, with machinery, equipment, weapons, ships, and anything the RSE has on hand. But we do not stop because someone gets a holding-nail, or curses their elbows.” Kat continued on the first rib and pressed on his side to move the rib ever so slightly back into place. "I apologize if this hurts you but it has to be done to fix it correctly. He grunted out loud when she pressed the rib back into place, but turned his head as if looking again for Mimi so she doesn't see him wince, then quickly caught his breath and straightened his face, regaining his composure. "I am glad you decided on the surgery, it will shorten your time off," she said as she finished mending the rib and moved to the lesser of the breaks on this same side. "Are you doing ok?" “Ie, just fine.” He breathed again, “Could au ... na discuss most of the damage with my wife? She over-reacts like most wo... wives do.” Dr. Schawnsee responded, "I can give you a painkiller if you need it. I wouldn’t want you to endure to much more than you have already gone through or I could sedate you completely if you wish." He boldly barked out, “Just for the surgery as necessary. I'm FINE.” Dr. Pavilion was in her office where she heard her husband yell out the word 'fine' and knew he was lying. Kat continued her work. "If you need something to assist you let me know. That takes care of 2 of the ribs, I have 1 more on the other side if you would be so kind to roll over again for me. Then I will get Mimi and we will do the other." “I also want details of everything that au want to do during this surgery. I do na want au crossing past it, so be pure.” His grammar wasn’t clear, but she understood his request. He looked to her for a response before he turned away for the last portion of treatment. Kat acknowledged his request, and said, “I will do that before I speak to Mimi.” “Hannyy'yo.” He turned back to the other side, with a very minimal grunt, though for him, it revealed something more may be going on internally. Kat took a deep breath as he turned over exposing the other side that also had outside wounds. "This looks like a slash from a whip. Did you get tortured as well?" She examined the wound with her gloved finger checking on how deep the wound actually was. Torate didn't panic, but did his best to change the subject. “Are au cracking at me? I am a loyal RSE man, they respect me as well.” Schawnsee thought to herself, 'is this a whip wound? or a knife? what in the world do these training sessions consist of?' Torate grunted slightly when the doctor shoved her fingers into his wound. “Be careful there, I am still skin, not a robot.” Kat continued, "I am not sure what caused this but I’ll tend to it also. This is going to hurt pretty bad as your rib is totally separated from itself. I need to move it back in place before I mend it. I would recommend that you allow me to give you a sedative before I do so." As Mimi waits, she started to pace in her office, wondering how long it was taking and worrying as well. Kat looked over to see Mimi pace, so she looked back to her patient waiting for the answer to her request. “Na sedatives. Just do it.” He took in a deep breath and braced himself. "Very well. But I warned you." Kat placed her hand on his back where the rib is broken into two and pressed slightly to find the correct spot where the two ends are. "If you are ready, you may want to bite down on that blanket, this will hurt and there’s no way to disguise it." “Just do it!” he bellowed out just as she moved it. Just then, something inside cut loose, the external skin immediately began to turn a dark coppery shade, and what got oxygenated turned green, giving his skin a very sickly look. His audible moan was heard throughout sickbay, but sounds more like a sickly moose than any Rihan having pain. His hands grasped the biobed so tightly, that it bent the metal beneath his fingers. Kat waited just long enough for him to begin his acknowledgement, then give a hard thrust into the spot on his back, which popped the 2 bones back into place and back together with a loud snap. Mimi heard Torate's moaning, as did the rest of sickbay, and shuddered. "DANGIT MIMI COME OUT HERE NOW!!!" She called out as she grabbed an ER tray. His eyes closed, the pupils turned deep into his skull for a moment, then eventually he opened his eyes, swallowed hard, and exhaled. Mimi rushed to Kat to help. "What happened?" Kat grabbed an infuser. "He has internal injuries that apparently were just under the rib that I just put back into place. I think we need to get him into surgery and Now." "Alright, let's move," Mimi said without hesitation. Torate’s eyes open, blurred vision due to green blood clots that built behind his iris. He tried not to gasp for air. He also just barely realized Mimi was there, and said, "I'm fine... na worry my wife." At that point, he passed out from a combination of the pain, and the meds they had started hypoing into him. She shook her head and helped get him into surgery. Kat unlocked the biobeds and moved it toward the surgical suite. "He is a stubborn man isn’t he. I’ll hook up the surgical support frame while you get ready." Mimi nodded to Kat and scrubbed up. Kat got the support frame into place and began the sedation with an additional hypo. She saw Mimi return and said, "Mimi, I’m going to scrub up; I’ll be right back. I have already given him the hypo." She was finished scrubbing up and enters the ER, “Alright try to hurry.” Mimi had a nurse scan Torate to see what changes there have been, so they knew where to go and what to do. "You don’t have to tell me that, I’ve seen the scans." She held the scanner to allow Mimi to see. "It’s not good Doc. We have a bit of work to do. I’ll return in a moment." Kat hurried off to prepare. Mimi nodded, "Alright, just hurry. I don't want to lose him." She was trying to keep her composure in front of the staff. Kat returned quickly after cleaning up. "He didn’t want you to know how bad he was. I’m afraid he will not be back to duty for a bit. Let’s get going shall we?" Kat looked over to see that Torate was totally under the anesthetic. Mimi gave a serious look to Kat. "I'll be taking off after this surgery for the next few days. But yes, let’s begin.” As Kat picked up the surgical scalpel and made the first cut, she started to tell her. "Mimi? It looks as if he has been tortured." She looked at Kat, shocked. "My gawd." Dr. Schawnsee opened up her patient to find that some work has already been done, but very sloppy to say the least. "Um Doc? Look at this. Someone has already been in here. He has already been opened up once." Dr. Pavilion looked at the work. "It is very sloppy. I plan on finding out, once I talk to Torate." "Here is the bleeder that was under the rib; let’s get it taken care of, then start repairing whatever the others missed or didn’t do well. Mimi was horrified, "Alright let's get started."
  12. As soon as Mimi returned to her quarters, she looked around her quarters. The place more or less looked like a warzone. Broken angel figurines broken all over the foyer and living room. The kitchen had some broken glass from the dishes that weren’t put up. If Torate were here, he would be having a fit and want this place cleaned up pronto, she thought to herself. That reminded her to send a message out to him and her sister-wife about what happened and why she hasn’t been in contact the last couple days. After an hour or so, Mimi finished cleaning up the place, sweeping and vacuuming, making sure that there weren’t shards anywhere that could injure someone. Then she went to send her message to Torate and Loxil. After changing and getting something to eat, Mimi sat facing the stars wishing Torate was with her or vice versa. She hated living, more or less, like a bachelorette, again. But she kept reminding herself that he had been recalled and was being cared for. But she would always be his.
  13. To: Mr. Wesley Roberts CC: SubCommander Jorahl From: Dr. Mimi Pavilion Subject: Chirakis Kirel, Captain Results of Physical: Temperature: Normal Blood Pressure: Normal Pulse: Normal Respiratory: Normal Head, Ears, Nose, and Throat (HEENT): Normal Abdomen (ABD): Normal Extremities (EXT): Normal Neurological (NEURO): Normal. Though her long-term memory may have tampered, based on the microcellular scan of her cerebellum. (E.g.: Copied, read, etc.) Doctor's analysis: After talking to the patient and asking her about her mental status, which she claims is normal for her, I do believe that this is Captain Chirakis Kirel, Commanding Officer of Sky Harbor Aegis.
  14. TO: Captain Chirakis Kirel; Mr. Wes Roberts FROM: Dr. Lt. Cmdr. Mimi Pavilion SUBJECT: Request for Medical Training I would like to have a combined medical training for all Starfleet personal and any available Romulan civilian. Previously, I stated that the training would be broken up into three sessions: Session one being medical equipment review and how to treat and stabilize the patients. Session two being running the trainees through simulations to see how they handle various scenarios on the holodeck. And session three being an overall basic medical knowledge test. After that the participants will be broken up into two groups or levels. Level one will treat minor injuries and burns as well as prep for surgeries. Level two will have the same as level ones, but they will be able to help assist in surgery, if medical is short handed. This will also give a chance for the Romulan trainees to familiarize themselves with the Starfleet Medical equipment. I do realize there will be some concern in the Romulans mistreating this privilege. If that is to occur, I will make sure that they are treated as if they were any Starfleet officer and will be supervised by one of my staff members, until they are deemed trustworthy to be on their own. Estimated time of training will be about 3 to 6 months.
  15. After spending several hours tend to the new batch of Rihan children, Mimi wondered why innocent children were treated like this. 32 children wih more potentially on the way, she thought. Mimi wanted to harm whoever did this to them, but then that could jeopardize her medical career. Mimi was more deteremined and focused on making sure that these children were protected and that the potential parents were screened more thoroughly. Now what she needed was full access to the Romulan database for a more detailed screening, like DNA analysis and comparison, facial recognition and full criminal background, if the prospective parent had one; as well as any known connections to cartels or any other terriost group. All she had to do was make an offical request the Romulan High Council with anybody who would want to support her. Mimi's top priority was the children. The medical department right now, was secondary. Now for the task at hand.