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  1. Personal Log Malik T. Pilot recording, it was a awkward shift this week. I had a chain of command problem with a bridge officer. I completely understand the importance of being on the bridge and how everything that happens on the ship goes through the bridge. It's just that this particular bridge officer was a fellow yellow shirt. He's the tactical officer, or as he suggested, "Chief Tactical Officer." I, for one didn't know we had such a position. I realize without a permanent replacement Operations officer that certain command procedures fall into the lap of that TAC officer. However, he just plainly overstepped his boundaries during some what of a resolution to a crisis we had been dealing with. I acknowledge the chain of command and I follow it. This particular incident the TAC officer violated the "CoC". I declined to proceed with his order of assigning Security to monitor the detachment of that alien vessel. Only because it was not a order from the Captain. It was an order that the Tactical officer saw was the right move. I didn't think it was worth sending out my security details to monitor a ship being towed off of our hull that is more of a ships defensive officer aka Tactical Officer's job. They are towing a ship not taking a person into custody. They also didn't request for our help while removing the ship and may have taken our security detail to monitor them as a sign of offensive natural. I didn't follow through with the order because it wasn't a good one and I do not take orders from anyone except the CO or XO or whoever is left in command of the bridge. However, in the event that a officer who is in control of the bridge is making a mistake with my Security teams I will go directly to the XO or CO and express my concern of that decision if I deem it necessary to keep those officers alive. There is a reason you get to sit in that chair and its not because you are ordered to. You are given the privilege to command a starship after you've shown you are capable. A good rule of thumb on the matter is, "If you can't control a small group of people, how do you expect to control a whole ship of people?" I am not saying that I am that person to sit that chair. Hell, I have goosebumps sitting in the aux chair and its not even the command chair. I, personally would rather not have to go through this again. I do not step on toes when I am on the bridge. I respect my fellow officer, I would at least like to get that same respect given to others, shown towards me. I don't find it fun or a power trip to act as CSEC when Commander Marx has other Security business to take care of and I am left in charge. It is my duty as a Assistant Security Officer to perform Chief Security Officer duties when that Chief is not available to. I am a Starfleet Security Officer, sworn to protect my ship, its crew, and its commanding officers. That is what I plan to do regardless of who decides to take a power trip. I won't step on your toes if you don't step on mines. Computer, save and end log. *end log*
  2. Stardate: 201004.03 Location: Just outside of Sickbay Supplemental Duty Log Malik stood outside of the Sickbay as his people carried the now visible Quantos into the Sickbay to be properly medically detained. Malik thought to himself, “My God, he could have a run amuck on the ship. It was the good Doctor’s fault in a way that he had the opportunity. What she did was right and wrong at the same time. It was good to sedate him since he was growing quite suspicious and making demands while he is in no bargaining position from the beginning.” Malik paused his thought to address the Ensign that had stepped near him waiting to be noticed. “Yes, Ensign, how may I help you?” Pilot questioned. “Sir, here is today’s security report.” The ensign replied. Malik accepted the padd and moved away from sickbay not far just a little bit down the corridor. Pilot then resumed his thought, “This Quantos is a tricky individual, he was aware of the ‘plot’ to sedate him devised by Doctor Swan. Again, who I need to speak with soon. He then gets the injection phases and runs out of the Sickbay and we get an intruder alert which just happens to be him across the hall and also have to dispatch a repair team for those crewmate’s quarters.” Pilot paused again and tapped his commbadge, “Lieutenant Pilot to Engineering repair team, please when you get an opportunity Deck 8 section 3 crew quarters of Crewman Harvey needs to have some things inside repaired.” Pilot received acknowledge from the Engineering repair team and he then moved back towards Sickbay because there was nothing else to think about and more of the time to sit down and talk variety of things. Pilot stops at the Sickbay just before he enters… <End log.>
  3. Stardate 201003.24 Location: Outside of sickbay conference room Malik had been asked to talk with the intruder/guest known as Quantos. Malik questioned Quantos quite extensively. During the interrogation/questioning session he figured out that Malik was telepathic. He was holding back information during Malik’s questions. Malik found this out while probing his mind. Unfortunately, the threats of handing him over to his government aren’t working as well as planned. However, hopefully some holographic imagery will change his mind…. <end log.>
  4. security log supplemental We've so far to our own knowledge and confirmation of our computer's scanners have eliminated all the nanites from our vessel. As I sit here on this bridge I feel as if I've done my duty as a starfleet Officer and a Security Officer. I am not the XO, however, it was good to kind of play the XO even if it really wasn't. I am overjoyed at my security teams quickness and ability to assemble and erradicate the nanites with sweeps of the decks with low bursts of phaser fire. I also commend my superior officer Tom Servo for his service during this troublesome infestation problem. I commend the whole security department for their role and duty at that time.
  5. The Dust Pt III Computer begin log... Lt. Malik T. Pilot reporting from the bridge... As we continue our research on this dust and try to find a way to rid the ship of it. I've come up with an idea that should at least give us more time to obtain the knowledge we need to rid our ship and home of this nuisance. I've been given the okay to use all active and non active security personnel to begin sweeps of different decks that are nanite infested. My teams will use phaser fire at low intensity to destroy the nanites but not damage our panels and so forth. I got the idea from when Deep space Nine was preparing for the Dominion and the Changelling threat. They used low intensity beams to sweep areas looking for shapeshifters. So why not adopt the same technique and apply it to our situation. Hope fully, we won't destroy the ship in the process which I doubt significantly. Our teams are ready to go. Watching them on the montior.//// E
  6. Security Log II As we continue to research the lint and how to defend against it. The captain has decided to have masks issued to all crew onboard. I currently have the conn, and earlier Lt Eagle mentioned radiation wave lengths might be the key to stopping this lint from spreading hopefully it does. Or else this might be the last log of this fearless Betazoid. I have the utmost confidence in our command staff and especially the brilliant mind of Mr. Eagle. End log.
  7. Security Log Lt. Malik T. Pilot recording... Upon sending my teams with the Asst Engineer Lt JG Torre Ze'Rea, my team discovered her men incapacitated along with their lungs having dust particles in them. This dust seems to be over the ship and is unnoticeable then breathed in by its victim. Unfortunately, one of my security teams have fallen victim to this. Their current condition is critical. I will issue an appropriate option to be active on the ship as soon as I know what we are exactly dealing with once our medical staff figures out. End Log. </end>
  8. I told you guys you would lose that bet, I can ride on niagra falls! ;)
  9. Personal Log Supplemental 0900 Stardate 2008.0916 (Current Sim Time insert here) – Lieutenant Malik T. Grax-Pilot Recording… “As I return from my training session I feel I have let go of the frustration that I once had.” Pilot drinking some water in-between thoughts. “I cleared my head with the training. I feel cleansed in a sense. I should be able to perform my duties as I did before this even happened. “I still call Samantha my friend and Brian as well. But as I told him in that room and I quote, ‘However, if you EVER hurt her, I will put my foot so far up your ass you will be throwing up Starfleet boots for weeks.’ It wasn’t a threat of violation, more like a punishment for his misdeed.” Pilot sipped his water again. “That is all for now.” Pilot ended the log. /END LOG/
  10. Happening 10 days after the Riley, Kent, Pilot Log Malik stood at a holodeck control panel setting his parameters. “Computer, save as Pilot training session alpha and begin.” The computer beeped with confirmation and the program begins. Pilot armed with a hand phaser and knife holstered to his leg placed them onto a table that the holodeck materialized. He was inside of a gym area. He sat down on a weight bench and laid on it after. The weighs were set to 170lbs and he began to lift up and down. Malik already lifting and he was sweating quite profusely. Malik stopped and sat up and changes the weights from 170 to 200lbs. Malik laid back on the bench and started to lift again. “1, 2, 3..” he was going in 20 counts then changing weighs, possibly. Malik had found a steadiness with the 200lbs of weights he was already lifting. After an hour passed he decided now it was time for some running activity. Malik sat the weights down then moved over to the treadmill and ran for 45 minutes, still sweating a lot his shirt soaked in his perspiration juices. Malik hopped off of the treadmill and walked to the table and toweled off. Malik grabbed his knife and hand phaser, “Computer begin part 2 of training session alpha.” The computer beeped with confirmation and the second part of the program began. Inside of a firing range he stood. This particular range was different it was more of a field and real targets would approach Pilot and he would have to defend himself. Malik stood there waiting for the first opponent to appear, he did just that! But behind him. He is then knocked in the back by a Romulan and a disruptor is fired at him. Malik luckily dodges the fire and shin kicks the Romulan. The Romulan in return kicks Malik in the knee cap. “Dirty Romulan!” Malik yelled. The Romulan spoke back in Rihannsu. Malik runs at him and roundhouse kicks the Romulan. The Romulan falls to the ground, but then gets up and runs at Malik and punches him in the face. “Damnit! That smarts!” Malik right hooks the green blood. Then out of nowhere another opponent appears. He grabs Malik and holds him in a stranglehold while the Romulan begins punching the stuffing out of Malik. “You stupid human! You can’t even take me out!” the Romulan said. Malik elbows the strangler in the stomatch. Grabs him and tosses him over his shoulder, then breaks his neck with a quick twist. “Come again, green blood?” The Romulan pulled a knife from his holster and ran at Malik. The Romulan attempts to strike Malik with the blade. Malik grabs his arm and twists it releasing the knife. “You wanna knife someone, eh?” Malik takes the knife before it hits the ground and jabs it into the back of the Romulan. “You filthy animal.” Moments later…. Malik is firing a phaser rifle long distance at moving targets, Remans to be exact. However, some of them are Hirogens, Jem Hadar, and Vorta. They are running around and ducking behind objects to miss the phaser fire. Malik eliminates them all though it took him some time (20 minutes). His shooting record is updated. He then exits the holodeck. Some of his frustration over the whole ordeal with Sam choosing Brian had been lifted from that experience in the holodeck. He hadn’t revealed this to Sam, because he chose not to. Malik got onto a turbolift and headed to his quarters.
  11. Personal Log 0700 Stardate 2008.0916 (Current Sim Time insert here) – Lieutenant Malik T. Grax-Pilot Recording… “As I sit here angry, I can only be angry at myself.” Pilot sipped a glass of Bajoran ale. “I knew she was going to eventually choose a significant other to be with.” Pilot sat the glass down. Pilot quite frustrated he didn’t want to break it. “I can’t let this affect my duties. My duty to the Federation comes first, it’s my job. Personal things and family are First dash ‘a’.” Pilot moves to the desk. “I need to work off some of this frustration, I am heading to the gym hopefully this will take my mind off of it.” Pilot ended the log. /END LOG/
  12. Back Home Personal Log 'Thank god we are back home on the ship' was the thought that ran across his mind at that time. Pilot laid in his bed, shirtless and in shorts. "Computer, raise lights 55%" The muscles in his arms, legs, all over were so tense and to walk was like carrying a sack with a ton of things inside of it. Pilot walked across the room to the replicator, "Water with lemon, cold." Watching the drink requested materialize, Malik picks it up and sips it lightly. Malik moved back over to his bed and sat the drink down one the nightstand, then laid back down. Malik closed his eyes and just let his mind wander; however, before he could realize it he was fast asleep.... 1.5 days later.... Malik sat up from his bed and looked at the lemon on the water. "Gross." Pilot moved the glass the recycle bin. "Computer, how many hours have passed since the replicator use?" he barked. With a short beep, the computer replied, "36 hours." Malik's mouth sort of dropped, he got out of his bed, then shook his head a bit. “Good god, I was sleep for a long time!” Malik moves to the sonic shower and hops in it. Malik walks out of the shower, heading to his wardrobe closet, placing a fresh uniform on. Looking at his face in the mirror after placing on his uniform. "I need to go out and relax, while awake in this instance. 1.5 Days sleeping, I must of been tired as all given hell. Maybe I can find someone to hang out with." Pilot tapped his comm badge, "Pilot to Kent." Awaiting her reply. Sam was stretched on her bed, dozing with a letter from her father perched on her chest, when her commbadge beeped. She started awake and tapped it. "Kent here. Hello, Malik." "Ms. Kent, I was wondering if you would like to join me this evening for a hanging out session?" Sam sat up, tossing the letter over onto the bed beside her and swinging her legs off the edge. "Sure. What'd you have in mind?" "Just hanging out basically, Mess hall, maybe the holodeck. Explore the ship a little bit, since this is our 2nd first time being aboard her." Malik chuckled a bit. Sam laughed softly. "True...alright. I'll meet up with you in the mess hall in...fifteen minutes? Could use the stretch of the legs." "Aye, Ms. Kent. Pilot out." Pilot tapped his comm badge and headed out of his quarters to the nearest Turbolift. Stepping onto it he stood in the corner and said, "Mess Hall." To be Continued...*End Log* Disclaimer: Please note, Ms. Kent was contacted via AIM for her responses, I didn't simulate her statements I IM'ed her and we went back and forth until the comm badge communication was over. Thank you
  13. New

    Welcome aboard Sid. its me EJ. No need to salute. Welcome to STSF. You will enjoy it here. I guarantee it or NDak will shave his head for you! Disclaimer: I can't guarantee that its just a slogan ;) enjoy
  14. This Log takes place as a dream Ensign Pilot is having……. Pilot sat at the security station in Main Security reading a padd of today’s findings. Malik continued to read his padd and tapping on it inputting info and such. Ensign Pilot was so happy to be back aboard the Arcadia after the horrendous stay on the Axkrevians’ Planet. They hadn’t all been back on the ship but a few hours after basically being rescued from their own livable hell. Pilot sat there thinking to himself “I wouldn’t have stayed there much longer. Dead or alive it didn’t matter to me as long as I don’t have to stay on that planet.” Pilot sipped his coffee that sat on his desk in the office. Just as he got quite comfy he realizes that he is late for his shift. Leaving his coffee behind he rushes out of the office and get to Deck 2 and starts patrolling. Pilot casually walked on the deck his phaser holstered on his person. He moves to the turbolift to start the next deck of patrol and wanted to check the Jeffery Tube accesses too, just in case there was some kids hiding or something. Surprising claxons go off indicating Intruder alert. Pilot logs into a Control Panel along the wall and checks the security grid. Deck 15 Section 1. Pilot shouted to the Computer, “Forcefields up in that section and alert Security personnel to meet on that deck! Evac that deck!” The Computer acknowledged and did what it was told. Just as Pilot turned around to run to the nearest Turbolift…..He is hit with the butt of a gun…a Axrevkian’s gun…just as he hits the ground he hears them laughing. Pilot then wakes up in a cold sweat in the bunk where he had better prisoner for too long. It was time for them to be rescued before they went crazy….. <End log.>
  15. <Begin Personnel.> STARFLEET PERSONNEL FILE Name: Malik ‘Talloc’ Grax-Pilot Gender: Male Race: ½ Betazoid & ½ Human Marital Status: Single Age: 25 (Earth Years) Height: 6 ft 3in Weight: 142.5 lbs Special Feature: Empathy & Semi-Telepathy (He's not good as his father but he can do it somewhat) Hair: Black long right above shoulder length Eyes: Green Place of Birth: Medara, Betazed 8512.20 (12-20-2485) Distinguishing Features: Birthmark on his back Parents: Talloc Grax (Betazoid) Father & Sarah Pilot (Human) Mother Siblings: John Pilot, James Pilot, Deanna Grax, Talloc Grax II Starfleet Service Record: Service Identification: SK-592-0012 Current rank: Lieutenant Senior Grade Current Assignment: Asst. Security Officer Current Ship: USS Arcadia, NCC-1742-E Commanding Officers: Captain Arphazad Lo'Ami, Commander Zar Alces SD 50307.24 – Entered Starfleet Academy, at the age of 18. Enrolled in Security Program at SF Academy SD 50406.11 – Promoted to Co-Leader of the Junior Security Force Team at SF Academy. SD 50406.20 – First Exercise as Security Team Co-Leader; Diplomats Protection Operation – Passed with excellence. SD 50407.24 – Anniversary of Enrollment into Starfleet Academy Promoted to Leader of the Junior Security Force Team at SF Academy. SD 50408.01 – Sent to Utopia Shipyards for Internship to help secure the making of ships. - Received an award of excellence after foiling an internal plot by one of the engineers who was going to sell some technology to some non-allies of the Federation. SD 50408.20 – Graduates 1 month early due to outstanding academics and physical performance. Enrolls into Starfleet Security. Rank of Ensign is given. SD 50801.28 – Assigned to USS Arcadia, Asst. Security Officer, Rank of Ensign is transferred. SD 50807.20 - Promoted to the rank Lieutenant Junior Grade. SD 50809.10 - Promoted to the rank Lieutenant. SD 50907.15 - Promoted to the rank Lieutenant Senior Grade. Background: Malik Talloc Grax-Pilot was born to Talloc Grax of Betazed and Sarah Pilot of Earth on December 20, 2485. Malik’s name containing his Mother and Father’s last names along with his middle name being of his father’s first name. Malik is half betazoid & half human and began gaining his empathic ability at adolescent. He is still learning new things with his empathic power. As he got older he gained telepathy but it isn't as strong as the empathic ability. Malik has never got into many altercations with others. However, he is very self controlled Malik can get wild when needed for that particular situation. Malik has 3 brothers and 1 sister. John & James Pilot are Malik’s brothers that are from Mother’s previous marriage. Then his mother’s current marriage to Talloc Grax of Betazed he has a brother and sister, Talloc Grax II and Deanna Grax which are also his mother’s children by Talloc Grax. Malik has lived a very successful live. His father is a diplomat for the Betazed Government and his mother is Starfleet former Executive Office for the USS Rio Grande, now Associate Dean for Starfleet Academy and respected Representative for Starfleet Command during diplomacies on other planets when needed. Malik’s 3 brothers are currently stationed on Deep Space 10. His sister still stays with his mother and father on Betazed they also have a house on Earth, however they use both frequently. Malik is currently serving aboard the USS Arcadia as Asst Security Officer, he tends to try to workout as often as possible and brush up on his moves. <End Personnel File.> Note: Promotion dates may be off slightly. >_>; SPECIAL THANKS TO ALEXANDER ZIER OF USS EXCALIBUR SIM THIS PROFILE WAS CREATED FROM HIS PROFILE, HIS BEING USED AS A TEMPLATE. :)