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  1. It's not just Pike that is a lover of Bacon, during his brief time as human. Spock was eating it hot off the plate. ;) I finished season #2 on DVD. The only episode I skipped was the singing episode. After Picard which was darkness everywhere. It's nice to see an active ship where you can see people. :)
  2. @McFly My father is someone who grew up with TOS. 99.9% of the time when I get Star Trek on DVD, he's meh. He saw Strange New Worlds, and he said, "This is Star Trek! It moves!" I think if anything Strange New Worlds proves that its not the writers who can't write on Trek, its other people in the line who like it being slow where you need to be spoon fed everything. In Strange New World's we've seen Spock explore his human side more, you have to wonder if the smell of bacon temps him. My money is on Sisko for one reason. His father is a restaurant grade chef, so he's bound to have passed on Ben some secrets on how to make good food, great food.;)
  3. One of my own rules, is I generally will not post things unless its out on DVD since not everyone has the money for 50+ streaming services! Say what you will about Strange New Worlds, but I feel Anson Mount does a better job as Pike than other actors. Maybe it's the hair or maybe its the environment he's in. That is secondary. We've established Captain Pike is a cook, just as Captain Sisko is also a cook. From a bushido stand point it makes sense. I've got to ask you my fellow fans. Pike and Sisko are in a cook off. Who Wins?
  4. For years now I've picked up the Star Trek novels on sale for $0.99. I've noticed for that last 2-3 months all the books for sale I already own. Amazon not rotating? Paramount/CBS not selecting new ones? Or Hey Andy you bought too many. Also little hint here, my 1 full sized novel is up, so Amazon makes me money! :D
  5. The Borg are all about adding your biological, and technological distinctiveness to their own. Can't get anymore distinct that beings that replicate like douplers.
  6. Could you imagine if the Borg assimilate one? I don't know if the tech would duplicate also. Why do I sense a GM looking at this and going, "Yes, next villain we're facing is the Douplers! They are cannon, why not? I hate to say it, Trekies haven't had it this good ever. We have the following: Picard Discovery Strange New Worlds Lower Decks Prodigy All airing now. Imagine getting 5 series to air at the same time in the 80s or 90s?
  7. You know, now I see Douplers as a real villain! Imagine killing one in the heat of battle, exhausted you collapse. Then. Bam! "Hi, you miss me!" As the duplicate they just cooked up attacks.
  8. I know not everyone has access to streaming via Paramount+, or Crave in Canada, but I also feel this is not a spoiler given how it's from season #2 Lower Decks, and its been on DVD for a while. 1) Why didn't anyone think to send it in briefing, Yelling/berating us makes us de-double. 2) If you kill a duplicate doupler, is it considered murder, and what happens when they merge?
  9. The Exodus was with SFOL from 96 till 99 I believe in Teen Fleet. It eventually became the Phantom Horizon. The reality is too many of my characters were got powered ones. Going into the achieves I found a bio for a character based on the Navigators of Dune. These days I am happy to sit back and work on my novels, but I do miss the casual trek chat, keep meaning to see if we can get the bar reopened.
  10. Never said I was on the Excalibur. I was on the Exodus, DSD1, Phantom Horizon, DSDA, Regayov, and Ranger.
  11. I am still around, and I served on several sims. I've been retired from simming for almost 20 years.
  12. *Blows dust* While I am on medical leave from work (injured hand) something hit me. It's only in science fiction we seem to get spin offs. I am wondering is is just me who wonders why only in this gendra. Is it the fans? The content? Or something I am missing.
  13. Situation regarding KONKO MECTO B XNMKAX resolved.  Thank you for sending it in.

  14. Now every month Amazon puts 5-7 Star Trek novels up for sale at $.99 Canadian. 9 out of 10 times even if the books are random, they make sense. This month I am lost on what they did, and why. They put Triangle: Imzadi II on sale, so far so good, but in the same month they put Star Trek: Signature Edition: Imzadi Forever, which is book I and II combined, and had a forward in it. Why buy the second book as a stand alone if you can buy both at the same price. Or am I missing something?
  15. I am not retired retired. I am a good old fashion grunt, and I work for a living! That's what we do in security, we work, or we die! We don't retire to Risa.;) I admit when I saw many other simmers retire before me, I asked why. I have all the answers and more now.:) The general opinion was my characters were too close to 'god' level. I needed a program literally to keep me in my place. On the other side of the coin I wrote the first of what I now see as a novel series due to simming. Only in the last few years have I picked up the pen or should I say the keyboard to write again. Where does one put a drunk radioactive hamster who thinks he's a former KGB agent into a world invasion on Christmas eve in 2020 story?;)