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    Knitting, spinning (wool, not that cycling thing), singing, and playing awesome board/card games like Dominion.

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  1. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see the chat log attached...
  2. Could I get "Armed with a Bat'leth and pointy sticks."?
  3. Assistant Security Officer’s Log: After Mr. Dana completed the design for the cannons we (that is, ensign Hopefully Not Too Flammable, his team, and I) conducted a series of tests with them on the holodeck. As the senior officer, I was the first to test the device. With the holodeck simulating the atmosphere’s nebula, I aimed the cannon at practice targets, first with the voice command, and then with the manual controls. The presence of the Class-M atmosphere in the nebula (both in reality and simulation) made the shells a bit sluggish. It took a couple of tries before I could automatically compensate for the lag. My team members did not fare quite so well. They were able to hit maybe 1 in 7 targets. Ensign HNTF somehow managed to ignite the gunpowder during the loading process and ended up needing to be emergency-beamed to sick bay. I believe that the cannons will be formidable weapons, provided the person firing them is skilled in their use. Personal Log: After the official tests were finished and my team was dismissed, I took the liberty of using the holodeck and the cannons to simulate firing tribbles from the cannons. The furry entities emitted a very satisfying and high-pitched surprised noise as they were flung from the cannon. I only wish I had been alive in the time where the Klingon Empire invaded and destroyed the tribble homeworld. Maybe I should create a holodeck program recreating that glorious battle.
  4. So I've been going through all of DS9, and in season 4,Episode 23, "The Quickening" there was this awesome bit at the beginning: And now I really, really want that Quark's mug. Except I haven't been able to find it with my Googling thus far. Do these mugs actually exist? And if so, how does one obtain one?
  5. Aw man, I was hoping to change my name to Admiral Awesomeness. :-p
  6. Arizhel, daughter of Shurin Gender: female Race: Klingon Age: 27 earth years Height: 1.75 m Rank: Lieutenant Weight: 70 kg Hair: brown Eye color: brown Family Mother: Konora Father: Shurin Siblings: none Special skills: excellence in Mok’bara/proficiency with bat’leth Other special skills: knitting Arizhel, daughter of Shurin was born on the planet Qo’noS, where she lived for the first two decades of her life. She was interested in martial arts, and studied Mok’bara, starting at age 8. Mok’bara became her main passion in life. However, she wanted more from life than a future of teaching Mok’bara to Klingon youths, so she left her home world. At age 21 she decided to join the academy. This caused less uproar than might be expected; Arizhel's uncle Kozak had joined the academy when he was around Arizhel's age, and he ended up marrying a human woman Jania Celeste, whom he met serving on the USS Nyan. Kozak was well-loved by Shurin and the rest of the family, so they welcomed Jania with open arms. Still, Arizhel was young, unmarried, and an only child, and her parents wanted strong grandsons. So in a very awkward conversation Arizhel's parents made her promise that if she married someone she met in Starfleet, that he be a strong warrior. She consented to this, as this is what she would have done anyways. She’d much rather spend time training with her bat’leth than going to movies or rock concerts or whatever it is that humans do for fun. So if someone hits on her inappropriately, she usually punches him. If she thinks she might like him, she’ll challenge him to one on one combat, and if he beats her, she’ll go on a first date with him. But so far she’s always won, and she likes it that way. Arizhel somewhat randomly took up knitting while she was in the academy. Since she couldn’t very well be walking around with huge weapons during her classes, she decided that knitting needles were small, pointy, and potentially very dangerous. But it turns out that she actually likes the art of making useful items from string.