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Karl A. Schultz

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  1. Name: Karl Alexander Schultz Birth date: May 11, 2344 Birth place: Munich, Earth, Sol System Species: Human Age: 41 Gender: Male Height: 5' 11” Weight: 161 lb Service Record: Current Rank: Ensign ( 2385) Current Assignment: USS Excalibur-C ( 2385 ) Department: Science Division Field of specialty Stellar Cartography Attended Starfleet Academy from 2381-2385 Graduated from Starfleet Academy in May, 2385 Family Relations: Father: Thomas Schultz ( 70 ) Mother: Anna Schultz ( 66) Sibling: Walter Schultz ( 47), Gabriel Schulz ( 38) Biographical data: Karl A. Schultz was born in the city of Munich on May 11, 2344 to his parents Thomas and Anna Schultz. He was a middle child between his older brother Walter and younger sister Gabriel. As a young child, he became interested in the sky. Karl looked though his own telescope at the sky often. He also visited a nearby observatory to learn more about the sky. Karl became rather fascinated by the universe and the cosmos. Karl learned on his free time a lot about the universe by reading about it on own computer terminal. When Karl became an adolescent, he lost interested in the universe. Karl became rather an average adolescent, and he pursued adolescent things. Like other adolescent, he faced an identity crisis in trying to find himself. Karl became rather a rebellious teenager, and he had rather difficult relationship with his parents. Partially Karl had an identity crisis because he was rather a middle child. ( middle child syndrome) The academics became rather a lower priority in Karl's life, as result he didn't do well in the school. Karl fought constantly with his parents due to his rebellious behaviors. Karl was also dealing with some other personal issues which distracted his academics. Due to his poor academic record, he couldn't study further. Karl entered adulthood. Karl just obtained an ordinary job, and he moved out of his parents home. Karl's life still didn't really improve. He still lived with his adolescent mentality, and he rather didn't grow up. Karl didn't really took his life seriously. Karl bounced from job to job for a few years. His life spiraled down out of control, until his life reached the rock bottom. In 2367, Karl realized that he was really out of control, and he needed some help to gain control of his life. Karl underwent professional counseling also with medical intervention. As result, Karl began to take his life rather seriously. Karl worked out his personal issues. As result, Karl's life stabilized, and he became more responsible. Karl grew up and began to lead a mature adult life. Karl became steadily employed, and he lead a normal regular adult life. In 2374, Karl became once again interested in the sky again. Karl once again fascinated with the universe again. Karl began to learn about the universe on his free time. One day, Karl had an idea: he wanted to visit the stars and visit far reaches of the Milky way Galaxy. Unfortunately Karl didn't earn enough federation credits at his job to finance his desire to visit the far reaches of the Galaxy. Karl explored a way to realize his dream. One day, Karl thought about joining the Starfleet, because it would give an opportunity to visit the far reaches of the Galaxy. Furthermore Karl decided to become a Starfleet officer. Karl went back to school and prepared himself for a Starfleet entrance examination. Karl prepared for the exam on his free time, while he was doing a full time job. In 2380, Karl took the Starfleet entrance exam, but he failed the first time. He still prepared for the exam for another year. In 2381, Karl took the exam for the second time, and he passed. From 2381 to 2385, Karl attended the Starfleet Academy and he studied the field stellar cartography. In 2385, Karl graduated from Starfleet Academy with ensign rank. His first assignment was aboard the USS Excalibur-C as a science officer.
  2. Hello. My name is Karl. A. Schultz. I am enjoying the sims. I attended so far 12 academy sessions ( 4 weeks) My favorite department is Engineering. I played head of departments a few times, and they are interesting role playing experiences. I look forward to graduate soon to an advance sim. I only wish I discovered this sim a long time ago. There are nothing like this.