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  1. a log by Counselor Zier and Dr. Patterson The Counselor Zier leaned against the wall of the lab in Medical, watching Maria leave to look in on Julie. He chewed on his tongue a bit, turning to look at the rather annoyed Klingon in the room. Resting against the wall, in the corner, she never turned the lights on, so the room was still dim. Her knees against her chest, she rested her ridged forehead against her knees, shaking her head. "What do you want me to do? Be all happy and cheery? I have never been like that." Alex stared ahead at the dented bulkhead. "No one's asking you to be happy or cheery." "I don't know what you want me to do. I am alone, Jaden is MIA..." She shook her head. "I don't know how to be a mother. I never had one." He slid down the wall, and crouched against it, looking at B'Etor at the same eye level. "No one goes into parenthood knowing exactly how to do it." He paused for a second. "I found Martin on that landing team mission so long ago. I adopted him, yes, but I didn't have any clue as to how to do it, or do it right. No one really does." He looked up at her. "I barely knew my mother either." She could tell he was near her. Looking up, she had the look on her face that told him she just might cry. "I have no idea what you are talking about, but your a man, it's differant. Klingon's come from blood lines, and carry them on for generations. They hope to gain honor and glory for thier houses. I don't have that. I don't know what house I was from. I was adopted by a human captain. I was abandoned on a frieghter after birth. I have no honor, no name, and neither will this..thing..inside of me.." She sniffed and leaned her head back. Alex looked at her, lowering his voice a bit. "You're right. I don't know anything about what it's like to be Klingon. But I do know this." He paused. "In my experience, people are not born with honor, they have to earn it. And you, B'Etor, definately have honor." She looked at him, her eyes starting to well up. "Please.. don't.. I have never cried.. never.. don't make me now..." She covered her face. "What am I gunna do? I am barely out of the academy and I am pregnant..." He scooched a little closer to her. "You're scared B'Etor, I understand. It's probably very new to you, but it's normal. You don't have to worry yourself like this." "Scared... I have only been scared once in my life..when I killed someone.." She looked down, then to him, tears streaming her mocha colored cheeks. "I don't know what to do. I am scared.. and the only way to cope is getting angry and hitting things..." "Getting angry is only one way of reacting or coping." He looked at her. "And it's the only way you know. But there are other ways." "Did you know the chances of a Klingon and Human concieving are 1 in 1 Billion... Their DNA is practically incompatible..." She looked down, shaking her head. "I don't know any other way...." "You can always talk with Maria or I if you need to or want to B'Etor, our door is always open. It helps to talk, like we are now." He looked at her. "One in a billion you said? Isn't that amazing?" She looked up at him. "Are you just telling me that to calm me down? You are starting to sound like Marius.." She shook her head. "Amazing..sounds crazy." He smiled. "It sounds like Marius knows what he's talking about. But think about it. One in a billion, and it happened to you. Like it was meant for you." "Typical Betazoid.. turning lemons into lemonade." She looked at Alex and sighed. "How do I calm my temper?" "It's not easy. It takes practice." He paused. "Try this. When someone annoys you, ignore it. Don't even take it from them." "I tried that with your wife... and she shoved your daughter in my arms..." She looked at him, her arched brow raising. "Are you going to tell the CMO what we talked about?" "I won't. I keep everything I talk about confidential." He looked at her. "What Maria did, I think it was a good idea, you're just not ready for it yet. You need to take some time and reflect on your emotions. Especially now." "When Jaden comes back... he will help. He always knew how to calm me down, and he knew what to say..." She started to sob. Biting her lip, she sounded like she didn't believe he was coming back. Alex paused, then took her hand and squeezed it. "You need to remember those times B'Etor. Remember how you felt when he was here with you." He looked her in the eye. "And know that you're not alone right now either." She looked at his hand, then back down. "Alright..I'll try. But I make no promises." She looked to him. "Do me a favor... tell Maria I would never really make her a pretzel.. and you both know I adore Julie..and would never eat her.." He smiled. "She already knows B'Etor." She shrugged. "Just in case." She stood up, helping him up. "Thanks.. you know.. for talking to me.." He grabbed her hand and got himself up. "You're welcome." He smiled as he straightned his uniform. "Don't hesitate to call me if you need to talk, or Maria, if you need us. We're here to help." She nodded. "I will." She moved towards the door. "I know this will sound odd, but can we do this.. like.. bi-weekly... so I know I am on the right track? I am kinda new at the whole..exploring emotions thing." Alex nodded. "Of course. I'd be glad to help." She nodded, walking out to finish charts. She peeked back and forth, looking out for miniature Zier.
  2. "War of Adjustments" a LeftEar and Alexander log ---------------------------------- Alex sat with his feet up on his couch in the Counselor's Office, reading through new personnel files and Excalibur's ship logs. He rubbed his eyes and sighed. As boring as they were, they were necessary sufferings in his job. He let his thoughts wander, and was therefore sufficiently surprised when he heard his door chime ring. Left Ear JoNs stood in the corridor outside the counselors office, somewhere between annoyed and curious; the meeting request from the senior ships counselor had been on her to do list, but the new promoted Caitian exec was still getting used to the whole operation. Alex focused his thoughts on his visitor, and jumped to his feet as he realized who it was. "Come in!" He straightened his jacket as the door whooshed open. The feline commander entered the office, red jacket in contrast to her brown fur. "Counselor? I am here regarding your meeting request?" Alex nodded. "With good timing too, Commander - I always enjoy an interruption to paperwork." The felinoid moved with an easy stride into the office area, regarding Zier. "So? Is this regarding crew analysis reports or some such?" One ear quirked back out of curiosity. Zier motioned for the Executive Officer to take a seat across from him at his desk, and sat down himself. "Yes, some such like that...as boring as it is." He handed over a PADD with a list of crew. JoNs took the offered Padd, as well as the offered guest chair in front of the desk and sat down, deftly perusing the contents scrolling by on the screen from years of practice. after a moment, the senior feline officer turned her attention back to Zier. "Okay, so give me the rundown of what exactly I am looking at here." Zier looked at her. "It's a list of crew I've compiled, that I believe should be watched closely, or with more regard, because of prior conflicts, or cultural differences." He paused. "As Counselor and XO, we're pretty much the middlemen between the Captain and crew, so I want to keep you clued in to the mood of the crew as best I can." "That is fine, policing and running interference with regard to any potential conflicts I can do. Is there anyone specifically you'd like me to talk to though?" The feline continued reading, until she came to a couple of familier names. "Whoa, wait a minute here - myself and Lieutenant Commander Segami? Look, Counselor, he tends to be fast and loose with rule interpretation, and I tend to follow the rules to the letter, thats all there is too it. It's inevitable that the two of us will clash, doesnt mean we can't do our respective jobs and work together." Zier smiled. "I'm glad you two can work things out. And I knew you are, but the attention-getter was too good to pass up Commander." He looked her in the eye. "Anything you want to talk about?" JoNs got up from her chair and placed her paws flat on the desk top, considering Zier. "Was this a plan to get me here to your office for a session, Counselor?" "Not at all Commander, " he reasoned in a calming voice, "I'm just curious by nature." The brown Caitian exec stared at Zier, taking in his tone and body language, and then reseated herself. "Fine - let me give you the short version of my psych file Counselor. My brother was killed during a pirate attack, as such, I have some latent issues. I dislike pirates, smugglers, and anyone of that kind. In addition? I tend to be rather strict with regard to my personal outlook and duties." Zier regarded her, then looked down at his desk. "The short version indeed." He smiled. "Being strict all the time doesn't usually turn out to be more productive in the long run Commander..." "I promise not to shoot anyone out the airlock." "And I am sure that as I further settle into the XO position, my methods will adapt as well. Such is the nature of the exec position, balancing this and that as a go between among the crew and the captain, isn't this correct? Does that satsify you Mister Zier?" Zier chuckled. "Yes Commander, but I wasn't looking to be satisfied, just to get some answers to the questions I had. Such is the nature of the Counslor's position." Left Ear decided to change tactics, and put a gentle paw up. "That's fine Mister Zier. I mean no harm - what are your questions?" Alex smiled. "They've already been answered Commander. I read personnel files and duly note them, but I like to learn first-hand what my fellow crewmates are like. I don't just want to be "The Counselor" to everyone, and be avoided. I'm supposed to be everyone's best friend, and lead the Morale Committee." He looked at LeftEar. "I just wanted you to know that." A pause. "....and I just sideswiped that morale committee, and you, didn't I Counselor?" She had the grace to look a bit embarrased. He shrugged. "I wouldn't say sideswiped Commander, I'm sure you have a lot on your mind." The feline commander took a small bit of her uniform top, tugged at it, and then released it. "Aye, this new color does tend to keep me very busy, and there will also be some adjustment....but I will take what you told me to heart Counselor." Alex nodded. "That's all I ask Commander." He looked at her and smiled. "Just keep in mind that I'm here if you want to talk, or bounce ideas off of someone. I promise I won't even act like a shrink when you do." He chuckled. At that, a genuine purr of laughter erupted from Left Ear, her dark green eyes sparkling with mirth. "...that is a deal Mister Zier." With that, the Cait stood back up and offered a paw to the man. "Truce?" Zier stood with her and took her paw, a grin on his face. "I wasn't even aware we'd been fighting a war...."
  3. "Second Helpings" a Kassem and Zier Production ---------------------------------------- Maria was quietly sitting on the dock for the creek that was near her Indiana home. Her feet were dangling in the cool waters. She wasn't expecting Alex and Martin for another hour, and all she could think about was if Alex had told Martin. Martin came up quietly behind Maria, having been told by his grandmother-to-be where the creek was that he had once seen in a holodeck. "Wow. It's just like the holodeck..." He looked at Maria, who had turned around, surprised. "Hi," he said, just a tad shy-like. Maria smiled, noticing the shyness of Martin. Reaching out, she grabbed his hand. "Hi Martin. How was your trip here? I wasn't expecting you yet." He smiled, sitting down next to her. "It was good. Dad left early from San Fwancisco, he wanted to surprise everyone." She hugged him. "Well it was a nice suprise." He looked up at her as they pulled away from their hug, still smiling. His eyes wandered around the area, then down to his lap, where he twiddled his fingers. It was clear he was thinking about a lot, and he didn't know what to say at the moment. Maria noticed how he was reacting to her. This wasn't like him. Then she figured out what it could be. Placing a hand on his twiddling fingers, she smiled. "Your father told you what was going on?" Martin nodded. "And, aren't you going to tell me how you feel?" Alex came up, and leaned against a tree, well behind them, waiting to see what would happen. Martin looked up and sighed a little sigh. "I like you Dr. Maria, but, I dunno, it'd be a little weird to think that you could be my mom. It'd be a lot different than just having a dad, and, and you're way too cool to be a mommy!" He giggled a bit. She laughed, placing a gentle hand on the side of the boys face. "Well even moms can be cool. And I'd really like to be your mom, Martin." He smiled, and moved a bit closer to her. "Ok, you and Dad can get married." Maria hugged Martin, kissing the top of his head. "Thank you. You don't know how much it means to hear you say that." The boy looked up at her, and his smile grew wider. "So when does my little sister come?" A little taken back by the blunt question, she grinned. Alex had obviously told him that as well. "Not for a while Martin. But don't worry. Your baby sister will be here before you know it." Before Martin could say a word, Alex came in and sat down next to him, opposite of Maria. "Here you two are. " He winked. "Was I not invited to this little pow-wow?" He grinned, rustling Martin's hair. Martin giggled. "Hey dad! Guess what?" Alex looked at him, "What's that, Martin?" "I decided you two can get married." The little Zier giggled some more. Maria grinned, running a hand through Martin's hair. "He sure did." Alex laughed. "Yes sir, thank you sir!" He leaned over and kissed Maria. She slowly kissed him back. Maria then smiled. "We were just talking about Martin's baby sister." Alex smiled. "I was going to wait till we were together before we told you Martin, but I guess I was too excited." He stuck his tongue out, winking at Maria. Maria gently grabbed Martin's hand. "Would you like to feel her?" Martin nodded, his eyes widening a bit. "Yes!" She placed his hand on her tummy, slowly guiding it along. She then looked up at Alex, taking his hand, putting it on Martin's. Alex smiled as the three of them sat there quietly, feeling closer to each other every passing moment. The different feelings they were all radiating were so intense, he couldn't help but sigh in happiness. His eyes met Maria's. A sweet smile came across her face as she looked from Martin to Alex. She then realized the time. "Oh it's getting late. Mom is fixing dinner, and I heard she was making apple pie." Martin grinned. "Yum! I want TWO slices!" Alex laughed. "Well see sport. Dinner first." Maria smiled at both of them. "Well help me up and we can go eat." Alex got up and offered a hand to both of them. "Lead on, mom." He winked. With their help, she slowly got to her feet. She then held onto Martin's hand as they made their way through the cornfields and eventually to the farmhouse. Thomas Kassem greeted the trio as they got to the door. "Come on, Mom's got dinner ready, fried chicken with fixin's." He smiled, giving his daughter a hug. "And don't worry, she made rabbit food for you sweetheart. Though with a little one on the way, you should start eating meat." Maria laughed. "Not a chance Dad." Alex smiled at the exchange, nodding to Tom as they looked at each other. The two had talked some more since Maria first brought Alex home to meet her parents, and it seemed to Alex like his future father-in-law had accepted him. Martin sniffed the air past the door. "It smells good in here!" Tom put his big hand on Martin's head. "We lets go. Grandma doesn't like it when people take their time getting to the dinner table." He led the boy to the dining room, followed close behind by Maria and Alex. Alex took Maria's hand and smiled at her as they moved into the dining room. They sat down next to each other at the table. Halfway through dinner, Mary looked to the couple. "So, when's the wedding going to take place?" Maria held Alex's hand, looking at him for support as she spoke. "Well...we were actually thinking sooner than later, like in a few weeks." "A few weeks? What about the planning? That's not enough time for a wedding," her mother said with concern. "We weren't planning on having a big wedding. We thought we would have a small ceremony for family, then later we might decide on having a bigger ceremony for all of our friends from the Excalibur," replied Maria. Alex nodded. "We don't know when we might be able to get all our ex-crewmen together in one place again, being spread all across the quadrant. And we want to make it official before the baby comes, or we get new orders to relocate elsewhere." Maria quietly nodded in response. "Hopefully we can find a time where we could all get together." Alex nodded too, looking at Maria's parents, then to Martin, who was quietly finishing a drumstick of chicken. "Well that sounds just lovely," said Mary. She got up from the table and moved to the counter. Once there she grabbed a container and turned to face the others. "Who's ready for pie?" Martin dropped his drumstick on the plate and swallowed fast. "Me Me Me!" Everyone around the table laughed. Maria giggled as she watched Martin's enthusiasm. "I'll take just a small piece." Mary smiled as she began cutting the pie, giving the first piece to Martin. She then gave a small slice to Maria. "How about you dear?" she asked Alex. Alex smiled. "Just a little piece as well." He grinned as he watched Martin demolishing his big slice. "Slow down there sport." Martin looked up with a piece of whipped cream above his lip. "Sorry Dad. It's just so good!" He smiled. "Here you go," Mary served Alex, then gave a slice to Tom and herself. She smiled at Martin as she returned to her seat. "Take you time, Sweetie. Don't make yourself sick." Martin smiled. "Ok," he paused for a bit, "grandma." Mary smiled, a bit surprised. She sighed a little bit. 'What a cute kid,' she thought. -- A few hours later... -- Dinner ended a bit later, after some more discussion about the wedding and other things. Martin had been put to bed, and after coffee with her parents, Maria and Alex made their way to Maria's old bedroom. The room was light blue in color, small white daisies littered the wallpaper. A few stuffed animals were on a shelf, and a lone teddy bear layed at the head of the bed. Maria had changed into her silk nightgown and sat at the end of the bed. She picked up the bear, putting it in her lap. "Well, I thought dinner went well." He sat down next to her, taking off his shirt and kissing her. "Yeah, I think everyone's getting along well." He grinned, "If your mother keeps making those apple pies, I don't think Martin will want to leave." She layed her head on his bare shoulder and giggled. "Believe me, if you asked, she would make one every night." Chuckling, he pulled her closer to him. "What do they think of me?" Maria held the bear up, playing with it's ears. She grinned, looking up at Alex. "You're the mindreader." "I know, but I've been wondering what they actually say about me." He kissed her. She turned her body, sitting in Alex's lap. After throwing the bear back on the bed, she wrapped her arms around him. "They like you, and I mean it." She gave him a kiss. "You don't need to worry." He grinned and kissed her on the neck, rubbing her back. He whispered into her ear, grinning. "How thick are the walls around here?" Maria felt very relaxed at Alex's touch. "Thick enough..." Alex kissed her again. "Perrrrfect....I think I'm ready for a second helping of desert..." He pulled them both back onto the bed, both of them giggling together. <<END LOG>>
  4. "Letting it Out" a Zier mini-log ---------------------- A shuttle sped along in Earth's atmosphere, heading towards Maria's home in Indiana. Inside, Alex looked at Martin, sitting behind and to the right of him. He hadn't yet told the 7 year-old about his engagement to Maria, or that they were expecting. He sighed, and worked up the nerve to talk with his son, carefully bringing up the subject. "Martin? I have a question for you sport." "Sure Dad. What is it?" The boy looked up at him, smiling. Alex smiled back. "Son, what do you think about Maria, Dr. Maria?" Martin looked down and shifted his toy tricorder a bit before looking back up. "She's very nice Dad, and she's loads of fun too." Alex looked ahead and changed course a bit. "Do you like spending time with her?" Martin nodded. "She's nice, like my babysitter on the Excalibur. And, she comm'd me when you got hurt, before we came back to Earth." He looked at his father. "What do you think about her Dad?" Alex sighed internally. 'Here it goes', he thought. "Well, actually Martin, I'm in love with her, and I want to marry her." He looked back at the boy. "Would you like that?" Martin shifted his legs in his seat, sitting indian-style. A bunch of emotions played across his face. "Would that mean she'd be my mommy?" Alex turned the shuttle to auto-pilot and took a seat next to him. "Well, yes, she would." He looked at him. "I know she loves you very much, and cares for you." Martin fidgeted in his seat, causing it to move back and forth. He frowned, sniffing. "But if you love her, you might not love me anymore!" A tear fell from his eye. Alex ran a finger against Martin's cheek, wiping the tear away. "Oh Martin." He grabbed the boy into a tight hug. "You know I'll always love you, no matter what happens. I have enough love in me to share with you, and Maria, and your baby sister. Nothing can happen to change that Martin." Martin looked up at Alex, a puzzled look on his face. "My baby sister?" Alex smiled. 'Oops'. "Yep. Youre going to have a sister Martin, Maria's having a baby girl." Martin sniffled, and smiled. "So I would have a baby sister to boss around if you two got married." Alex chuckled. "Well, I don't know about bossing-around, but she would look up to you as a big brother, and a role-model." Martin grinned. "That would be so cool!" The older Zier smiled. "I know. You'll also have a whole new family that will love and care for you, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins." The boy's grin widened further. "Awesome!" Alex smiled and rustled Martin's hair. "We're almost there buddy." He got up and returned to his seat. "You ready?" Martin nodded. "Ready, cap'n!" He laughed, and Alex laughed with him.
  5. "Promise" a Kassem and Zier Production --------------------------------------------------- Maria stepped into her quarters, holding Alex's hand. They had just returned from the shuttlebay, after hearing the tragic announcement. This very well could be the last time she steps into this room. She looks around sighing, as she lets go of Alex and sits on her bed. Placing a hand on her stomach, she glances up at him frowning. "I can't believe this is happening." Alex sat down on the bed next to her. "I can't believe it either, love." He looked at her, sitting there next to him, and sensed she was having a hard time. "It seems a lot's happened in the last few weeks, hasn't it." She nodded, looking down at herself. "Yes..." Maria broke down, wrapping her arms around Alex, and burying her head in his chest. "I don't know what to do. I don't want them to separate us again..." Especially now, she added to herself. He held her close, kissing the top of her head and rubbing her arm. "Don't you worry, I'll make sure we're assigned to the same place. I've made some friends in high places in the last few weeks." Maria felt reassured in Alex's arms. Just hearing him speak, she knew it will be ok. Looking up at him, she smiled. "I meant to tell you earlier, but you were right. I had a check-up done this morning." She placed his hand on her stomach, and grinned. "We're having a baby girl." Alex grinned, "I'm so happy, babe. I can't even begin to put it into words." He kissed her again, focusing his senses on the life growing inside her. "She's strong," he whispered in her ear. She placed her hand over his as it rested on her stomach. "I know she is. Just like someone else I know." She returned the kiss, eventually resting her head on his shoulder. As she looked out at her room, Maria sighed. "I guess we should start packing." He smiled. "We should. It's a good thing my quarters were already packed and sent on weeks ago. Half the work." He stood up and stuck an arm out for her to grab onto. Maria took his arm, slowly standing up. She looked around again. "I don't know where to start." He smiled. "It's always hard to know where to start, but if you think about where it might end, it'll come to you." "Well...I suppose you could start with my closet," she grinned at him. "I'll work on my little desk." He chuckled. "Big closet compared to a little desk. No problem." He winked and walked out into the corridor to retrieve one of the crates that were being left out for packing. Stepping back into the room, he smiled at her. "Have you thought about where you want to stay while we're waiting for assignments?" Maria sat at the desk, picking through PADDs. "Um...I guess I could stay at my parents. I'll need to call them. What do you have in mind?" He placed the crate down on her bed and opened her closet. "Well, I still have assigned quarters down in San Francisco, and I always did think they were kind of big for one person." He smiled and started folding and packing clothes into the crate. She put the PADDs down, looking over at Alex. A warm smile lit her face. "I always did love San Francisco." Alex carefully put away the silky blue dress he had bought for her birthday, seemingly so long ago. Looking up, he smiled. "Should I take that as a yes, darling?" Maria laughed as she went back to work on her desk. "What do you think?" Knowing full well Alex had already read her mind. He grinned. "I think...I think we should go out and have dinner down on Earth after we get your things down to my place." "That sounds good. I am a little hungry." She looked over to him. "What were you thinking?" He smiled, and rearranged the crate to leave the blue dress on top. "Oh, just a little place you and I have been before..." He looked at her, and winked. "Oh?" Maria thought for a moment, confused until she saw the dress. She smiled, "That sounds wonderful. You did promise me you would take me to the real place once." Closing the crate, he looked at her with a comforting smile on his face. "Have you ever known me not to make good on a promise?" ---2000 hours, that same day--- Later that night, Maria stood waiting outside the familiar Italian restaurant Alex had once taken her to. That time, of course, had been on a holodeck on Excalibur. And that time, Alex had been on time to their date. Not so this time. Two hours ago, he had left her at his quarters, saying that he needed to talk with someone about their assignments. He'd left her the address of the restaurant, and said he'd meet her there at 8 o'clock, sharp. She looked at a chronometer for the time. He was late. Maria looked around for Alex, hoping she could see a sign of his arrival, but frowned when she saw nothing. Maybe he was held up at the meeting. Moments later, he walked up behind her, kissing her neck without a word. "Miss me?" She jumped a little at the touch, but quickly relaxed. Grabbing his hands, she wrapped them around her. "I was beginning to think you forgot. What took you?" He smiled as he looked at her in the blue dress. "Admiral Sanifrest. I didn't think my request would go so far up the chain, but the Admiral wanted to talk." He looked into her eyes. "I'll tell you inside..." "An admiral?" Now Maria was really curious. She looked to the doors of the restaurant. "Oh alright..." She'd have to wait for him to tell her. He smiled and put an arm around her as they walked inside. As Alex was hanging up their coats, he was nearly run over by a certain waiter. "It cannot be! Is that you Alex?" Alex grinned and clapped the waiter on the back. "It's me, Peter. Long time no see my friend." Maria smiled at the waiter. "It's good to see you again Peter." She had forgotten that the Peter she had met was a hologram. Peter looked at the beautiful lady that was with Alex. He frowned. "I do not think we have met, dear lady, I would have remembered such a beautiful lady as yourself coming here with Alex." Alex grinned. "Well, you two have met, in a way. Peter, this is Maria. We met on the Excalibur, and she met you there in a holo-recording I made of your restaurant." Maria held out her hand to Peter, smiling sweetly. "It's nice to finally meet the real you." Peter looked from Maria, to Alex, and back. He took her hand and kissed it gentleman-like. "Ah, the pleasure is mine, friend of Alex." He grinned at Alex, but keeping some words to himself. "Your usual table is free Alex." "That would be wonderful Peter." The waiter led them to the familiar table, and just as before, Alex pulled out Maria's seat for her as the candle were being lit. This time, Maria gave Alex a kiss on the cheek before sitting down. "Thank you." Alex smiled and sat down next to her. Peter was smiling too as he watched the young couple. "And what would the two lovebirds like to drink?" Alex reddened a bit in the cheeks before grinning. He looked to Maria. "Ah, let's make it your best non-alcoholic red wine Peter." Maria nodded in agreement. She won't be touching alcohol for a very long time. "Yes, that sounds fine." Peter smiled and nodded. "Of course, and what would you like to order?" She looked to Alex for a moment before finally coming to a decision. "I'll have a salad with a light vinaigrette please." Alex smiled, some things didn't change. "And I'll have my usual Fettuccine Alfredo Peter, and you know how I like the sauce." Peter beamed. "Of course. I'll be back momentarily." Alex grinned at Maria when Peter went out of earshot. "I take back what I said the last time we were in this situation. I don't think I programmed enough enthusiasm into his holo-character." Maria giggled as she rested her head on his shoulder. "I don't know. He still seems charming to me." He chuckled. "I think I forgot to tell you how beautiful you look tonight earlier." She snuggled his shoulder a little, before realizing something. She quickly sat up. "Oh, tell me about the admiral." He smiled. "Well, when the Admiral heard I was poking around his office, he invited me in to talk with him. Nice guy by the way. He was really interested in what I thought about Excalibur, and Captain Corizon. I had this feeling he wasn't all that wild about not repairing or building a new Excalibur." "And?" she waited in anticipation. He took a sip of water. "Well, we got around to talking about the re-assignments, and he said that he hadn't gotten to most of the Medical personnel yet. I told him about us, and he promised me that Starfleet wouldn't separate us." He kissed her. Maria wrapped her arms around his neck, returning the kiss. "That's wonderful." He smiled. "I know." He continued as Peter set down their orders and drinks, "It's not official yet, but it looks like we'll both be at the Starfleet General Hospital, San Francisco. I still have some patients I was helping there while waiting for Excalibur to return, and there's supposedly a spot open in Pediatrics." A sparkle in her eye lit up at hearing that. "I love it when you read my mind." She kissed him again with added passion. He grinned. "I know, but that's not even the best part." "There's more?" She looked at him puzzled. "Mmhmm. The good admiral looked up our leave time, and if you want to, we could take up to 3 weeks leave, right now." Maria didn't hesitate. "Let's do it. I could use the time off, and it'll give us a chance to prepare better for the baby." He smiled. "Somehow I knew you'd say that, so I told him yes." He winked. "Let's eat before our food gets cold." "Our food?" She giggled at him, pointing to her salad. He winked. "Ah, well okay, my food." He kissed her. Maria winked at Alex before finally starting to eat her salad. The couple sat quietly and ate their food, Alex occasionally rubbing his foot against hers, grinning silly. The sun had long since set, and the moon fully risen. But inside the low lights of the restaurant, you could easily loss track of time. Especially if you with someone you love. Time had no meaning to Maria right now. Time had no meaning to Alex either. As he looked into Maria's eyes over a shared plate of fruit for dessert, Alex knew what he was thinking in his mind was the right thing to do. He looked out the window to the terrace overlooking the lake outside. He looked back to Maria. "Would you like a breath of fresh air?" "I thought you would never ask," she smiled to him, slowly standing from the table. He stood up with her and led her out the side door, and onto the deck. The setting was more beautiful than he had remembered, the moon so big and bright in the distance. It had gotten a bit chilly outside, and he removed his suit jacket, putting it over Maria's shoulders. Maria held the coat together with one hand as she stepped outside. She walked over to the deck railing, looking out at the lake. The ripples in the water danced in the moonlight. "It's better than I could possibly imagine. It's so beautiful." She couldn't break her gaze from the peaceful scenery. Alex smiled as he looked around, and at her. "I know, but not as beautiful as you." He reached into his trouser pocket and pulled the small, but seemingly heavy, little box out. He stepped back and kissed her neck to get her attention before he dropped to one knee. Maria got a pleasant chill up the back of her neck when he kissed her. "I don't think this night could get any bet....." She cut her sentence off as she had turned around. Gasping in delight, she brought a hand up to her mouth. "Oh my god..." He smiled. "Maria, before we were separated, I knew in my heart that I loved you, but in our time apart, even though it was hard, my love grew deeper. Now that we're back together again, I don't want to lose you, or be away from you, ever again. I promise to love you and our child with all my heart. So, Maria, my angel," he paused to take a breath and open the box, raising it to her level, "will you marry me?" It was hard to talk at first, and even harder to breathe as it had been taken away by the moment. "Yes..." she said softly, almost inaudible, but said it once more once she got her voice back. "Yes!" Tears of joy fell from her face as she pulled Alex up to her, giving him a passionate kiss. They stood there, kissing each other for what seemed like forever. In that moment, Alex knew that everything he had worried about, everything he dreamed about for the past few months, was finally right. As they broke apart, he took the diamond ring from it's box, and slid it onto her hand. Maria watched as the diamond sparkled in the moonlight, but she soon released her gaze from it and focused back onto Alex. "I love you." Alex pulled her into a close hug, kissing her neck. He smiled as he saw Peter watching from the window, giving him a thumbs up. He whispered into her ear, "I love you, too." <<END LOG>>
  6. <<I apologize if anything in this log contradicts any others or what's happened in the sim the last 18 weeks. I wrote these as part of what I heard had happened since I was gone, partly how I felt and am still feeling about what's happened in my life since I've been here last, and part sub-plot that I left behind. It's not what you would call a normal log, apologies in advance ;) I just wrote what came to mind. It's good to be back :) >> ------------------------------------------------------------------ "7 Weeks, 4 Days, 15 Hours, 32 Minutes" a series of mini-logs by Lt. J.G . Alexander Zier =/\= [7 Weeks, 4 Days, 15 Hours, 32 Minutes] Pain... Eyes open, Bright lights. Jumbled voices...."Lieu.. Zier... ou hear me? Y... been inj... on the ...... Cloverleaf.... You'll....e ok." Eyes close, Faces flashing. Martin..... Maria..... Pain... ----------------------- =/\= [4 Weeks, 6 Days, 1 Hour, 53 Minutes] Eyes open, Bright Lights, Groggy. "Well, hello there Lieutenant...You had us worried there for a long time." Zier blinked, trying to focus on where he was. Turning his head, he could see a doctor smiling down at him. "Wha....Where?" A chuckle. "Easy now Lt., you've been banged up pretty rough. You're on Earth, San Francisco. The USS Cloverleaf brought you here from the front." Images flashed before his eyes, a camera reel of faces and memories. "Yes..., I remember." The doctor pulled up a chair next to him. "That's good Alex, very good. Like I said, we've been very worried about you. You've been in a coma for almost 3 weeks now." A coughing fit rose to Zier's dry throat, stopping only when the doctor forced a straw into his mouth to drink some water. "There, better?" Zier nodded, slowly trying to sit up. "Three weeks? But.....Excalibur...Camelot...Martin!... Maria! What...?" Dr. Zival put a hand on his shoulder. "Calm down Lt., please! You'll start another coughing fit." He smiled. "All is well. Excalibur, and Camelot are well. I hear the Excalibur is returning here, to Earth soon." "What about.. ::wheeze:: my son.., my son Martin." "Martin's been here with us, waiting. Now as for Maria..., I assume you mean Dr. Kassem, your co-worker? I believe she is OK as well Lt." Alex finally relaxed, putting his hand to his head. "When can I see Martin?" Dr. Zival smiled. "Soon Alex. We just want to run some tests, make sure your out of the woods and all. But you know that all, right?" Zier smiled and nodded. He knew all too well from Medical School what needed to happen and why. Laying back down on the pillow, he smiled. Everything would be OK. ----------------------- =/\= [4 Weeks, 2 Days, 18 Hours, 2 Minutes] Everything was not OK. "What do you mean, disappeared?" Alex and Martin had been strolling in a garden nearby the hospital when Dr. Zival joined them and delivered the news. "They've been out of contact for a few hours now, and not one ship out there can find them. It's like they just disappeared right off the sensors." A camera reel of memories and images floated before him. A large tree atop a small hill with a creek nearby, him and Maria swimming in the stream, a blue dress, a close shot of them kissing goodnight at her door, a cozy holodeck restaurant, the moonlit terrace. "No...." ----------------------- =/\= [3 Weeks, 2 Days, 19 Hours, 1 Minute] "Yes!" The normal person would not jump for joy in the middle of reading a daily report of movement and logistics. Only someone desperate and waiting for news would. And good news it was. The Excalibur had returned from wherever it had vanished to, something about a parallel universe, but that didn't matter right now. All that mattered was that his home, his friends, his family really, were OK, and they were coming to Earth. Alex smiled as he put down his PADD. He was fine now, and he could help other people cope with what had happened to them and their lives, but were not so fortunate. Everything was going to be all right. ----------------------- =/\= [1 Day, 22 Hours] He lay in an open meadow, staring up at the stars, thinking about everything and nothing, about friends and enemies, happiness and sadness, life and death. and adventure. It was who he was, and he couldn't wait to get back out there. Cue one final camera reel of images, of friends and crew mates aboard the Excalibur, of corridors and rooms, of good times and bad, and many, many memories. A picture PADD lay next to him in the cool grass. The light from it piercing the dark of the night enveloping him. Pictures of Martin, pictures of Maria. He smiled. "Soon."
  7. "Touchy Subjects" a Kassem and Zier Production ((Log begins right after 2/11/07's sim ends)) >>BEGIN LOG<< Alexander looked at Maria. Inside, he was nervous, and he hoped it wasnt showing. "I was actually going to have lunch before your party came aboard. Would you like to join me?" Maria was brand new to this ship, but she seemed to already make a connection with someone. She smiled at Alex. "Yes, of course. Maybe you can give me a tour of the ship afterwards?" He nodded. "It would be my pleasure." He backed out of her quarters. She followed him out of the room and into the large corridor of the Excalibur. It was a definate change from the cramped Reliant. Alex looked at her. He wasn't good at making small talk. "So you just came back from the Reliant?" Maria nodded as the walked. "Yeah, I guess you could say I got drafted. I was waiting on Camelot Station, but they needed a medical officer on a rescue mission." He nodded, as they walked up the mess hall doors. "Did the rescue, go well?" "It didn't go as well as we had hoped, but it still had a good ending." He followed her over to one of the replicatore lining the near wall. "Thats good to hear." He smiled. She looked around at the large room. "So this is the mess hall?" He handed her a tray. "Yes. Sometimes its used for other functions. I think one ot the botanists is trying to get a play going." She took the tray, with a thanks. "I like plays, though I don't think I could see myself in one." He grinned. "Neither could I." He looked at the replicator. "Computer, tomato soup, hot. Grilled cheese sandwich, on white, moderatly toasted." She smiled at him, after getting her order from the replicator. It looked like a green mess piled on a plate. Grabbing her green tea, Maria turned to look out at the rest of the hall. "Where should we sit?" He shrugged. "There are some tables there by the large windows." She nodded as she moved in the direction Alexander motioned to. She took a seat so she could look out the window. He took a seat across from her, and eyed her plate. He raised his eyebrow. Maria laughed, noticing his look. "It's a Vulcan wilted lettuce salad." He grinned. "Ah. Well, it does look, wilted..." He winked. She giggled. "It's actually quite good. Most Vulcan quisene is once you get past the looks." She took a small bite of the food. "And it's healthy for you too." He nodded and sipped his soup. "Ive always been partial to Earth cuisine, since I arrived at the Academy." "Unfortunately Terran food isn't always vegetarian friendly." She looked at him after taking a sip or her tea. "Where are you from?" "I'm Betazoid. Lived there all my life until I was accepted into the academy." "Oh really?" Maria seemed both surprised and intrigued. "I wouldn't have guessed. Most Betazoids I've met would've tried reading my mind by now." He smiled. "Well, I was taught growing up that "mind reading" shouldnt be used for everything. Besides, it's not too polite to go exploring in someone's head." He winked. She smiled at him, not seeming to care he could possibly read her mind. She was quite comfortable. "I'm glad you see it that way." Alex sensed her easiness, and relaxed a little. "So, what got you interested in Starfleet?" "You know, I'm not really sure. Me and my brothers always seemed to be interested in space, which was weird for my family. We grew up on a farm." He nodded. "I grew up pretty close to a farm on Betazed." She grinned, "I always liked the farm, but I felt there was something more that I needed. My two older brothers joined the Academy as soon as they were old enough. I was still too young though." He nodded. "What do your brothers do in Starfleet?" Maria sighed as she thought back. "Greg, my oldest brother, died at Wolf 359. Charles left Starfleet after that, and he's now a captain of his own merchant ship." He dropped his smile, hoping he didnt hurt her in any way. "Oh, Im sorry to hear about Greg..." She waved it off. "No, no It's alright. It was a long time ago. I was still young. If anything, it drove me harder at what I wanted to become. After his death, I knew I wanted to be someone that could help people." She smiled, "And here I am, Dr. Kassem." Taking another sip of her tea, she looked into Alex's eyes. "So tell me about yourself. I suppose you're married? Have four kids," giggling at that last part. He chuckled. "No, not married yet." He winked. "I was raised by my neighbors after my mother died, and they were more focused on me studying." He smirked. "What about your father?" He shrugged. "He abandoned my mother when he found out she was pregnant with me. I never did meet him." He took a bite of his sandwich. "I'm sorry." She kind of laughed. "I guess we both have some touchy subjects." He laughed too. "Everyone does, even if they dont want to admit it." Smiling, he continued, "My story isn't all that bad however." "That's good to hear." She finished her salad. "I've always been a fan of happy endings." He grinned. "I have an adopted son. His name is Martin. I found him during an away mission during my semester aboard a ship at the Academy." Maria seemed a bit surprised, but continued to smile. "Really? Maybe I could meet him sometime. I love children. Part of the reason I studied pediatrics." Alexander had expected her to be surprised at that, but was it good or bad? "He's a great kid. Chaotic at times, but it's all worth it." He smiled. "I think all kids are worth it, through good and bad." She rested her chin on her elbows as she seemed to daydream slightly. Perhaps about the day she would have kids of her own. He nodded, and watched her carefully. He could tell, even without picking at the feelings she was emanating, that she really did like kids. He sat there thinking, too. Maria soon snapped out of it, when she realized she was daydreaming. "Oh, I'm sorry. I was out of it for a moment." She smiled at Alex. "I believe you promised me a tour?" He smiled. "I did, didn't I?" He stood up and gathered his utensils. "Shall we start in Sickbay?" She stood up, clearing off her half of the table in the process. "That would probably be the most logical place to start," She smiled. -=10 minutes later, Sickbay=- Alex walked into Sickbay, closely followed by Maria. "Well, here we are." He smiled. "Chief Pilot's office is right over here, the biobeds are there, and around that corner. We have some labs and private rooms in the back as well. And my office is just back there." Maria stood there for a moment, trying to take in as much as possible. Sickbay was huge indeed. It might take a little time to get used to. She had spent much of her time in small trauma units when working with the relief taskforce. "It's larger than I had imagined." He grinned. "Yeah it is. You'll get used to it though." "I'm sure I will," she said as she walked up to a biobed, running her hand along it's surface. Alex looked at her. "I'm also partly trained in Medical, I figured I could never sit in an office all day." She smiled, "I completely understand. I'm not much of a desk person." Alexander opened his mouth to say something, but just then the doors to Sickbay opened, and he heard an all too familiar cry. He whirled around to see Martin holding his arm in the other, being helped along by his "babysitter", Nurse Linden. Martin, seeing his dad, immediatly ran to him..."Daaaad......::sniffle:: It hurts so badddddd!!!!" Nurse Linden looked at Alexander anxiously. "I'm so sorry sir, I didnt see him climbing up a bench in the holodeck, he just fell over. He can't move his arm..." Maria's eyes followed his to the sound of the door, and cry soon after. "This must be Martin?" She smiled sweetly to him. Alex lifted Martin up onto a a biobed. "It's allright Martin, don't you worry sport. We'll fix it right up." He looked at Linden. "It's allright Jacklyn, really, don't be so upset." Martin looked up at Maria. "Who're...::hic:: you?" Maria grabbed a medical tricorder off a nearby table. She knelt down to be eye level to the boy, so as not to look intimidating. Smiling gently at him, she glanced at the arm. "My name is Maria. May I take a look at your arm, Martin?" She held up the tricorder to show him. "I'll let you help me if you do." Martin's eyes looked from the tricorder, to Maria. "Ok!" Giggling, Maria gave Martin the scanner part of the tricorder. "Good. Take this, and point the flashing lights over your arm. They are going to tell me what is wrong." Martin carefully took the scanner, and looked at it. "It's not going to hurt, is it?" "No," she smiled. "You won't feel a thing." Martin finished looking at the scanner, and placed it over his arm. He glanced at the tricorder. Alexander stood by and watched, amazed at how Maria had gotten Martin to stop crying so fast. Maria looked at the readouts. "You're a lucky little boy." She showed Martin the readout. "Your arm isn't broken, only bruised." She gave a playful pout, "I had my arm broken once. It hurt so bad, I cryed." Martin looked at her. "YOU cryed?" "I sure did, but it's much better now. I had a good doctor fix it for me." Letting Martin hold on to the tricorder, Maria moved away from the biobed, grabbing an object from a table. She then turned back, keeping the object from sight. "Martin, why don't you scan your daddy. See if everything is ok with him," she winked at Alexander. Martin grinned. He pointed the scanner at Alex. "Hmmm, Dad, I think you need surgery.....your flitibula looks broken...." Alexander laughed. While Martin was distracted, Maria gently held up his injured arm, so not to cause much discomfort. She then quickly and quietly began running the small device over the arm. Once done, she pocketed the device, smiling. "There all done Martin. You were an excellent assistant." Martin looked at his arm, flexing it. He blinked. "Wow! How did you do that?!" She laughed as she held up her empty hands. "It's my little secret," giving a little wink. Alexander chuckled. "Thank you Doctor Maria..." He gave a knowing look to Martin. Martin got the drift. "Yes, thank you Doctor!" "My pleasure." Maria leaned in whispering a little loud for even Alexander to hear. "Now I may be the new girl, but I'm sure if the next time you're hurt, I may be able to find some treats for you." She looked up at Alex, grinning. Martin grinned. "Really?" "Of course. A doctor and her assistant have to stick together don't they?" "Just don't go hurting yourself on purpose Martin..." Alex laughed, grinning and winking at Maria. She smiled back at him. Martin looked between the two of them. He frowned. "Are you my Dad's girlfriend, Doctor Maria?" Maria backed away slighty, completely blindsided by Martin's bluntness. She began blushing. "Oh...n..no Martin. I just met your father." Alexander looked down at Martin, surprised. "Uhh, why do you think that, sport?" Nurse Linden blushed. "Uhhh, i think he mightve overheard me on a comm." Alexander winced, and gave her an apologetic look, trying hard not to burst out laughing. "Martin, uhh....why don't you go back to the Holodeck with Ms. Linden, we'll have time to talk later when Im done working for today." Martin jumped off the biobed. He winked at him, saying, "Ok dad!" Trying to recompose herself, Maria managed to respond. "Bye Martin. It was nice meeting you." Martin skipped out the doors. "Thanks again Doctor Maria!" As the doors swooshed closed, Alex burst out laughing...."I'm sooooo sorry Maria....." She looked back up to Alex, trying to hide her blushing, as she too began to laugh. "I forgot how straightforward children can often be." He grinned. "Martin can be a real gunslinger at times." She smiled back. "He's a nice boy." "Thanks, I've tried. It's been a little rough, what with how we found him, but it's all worth it" "I'm glad things have worked out for you." She didn't want to dwell too much on the subject. It was obviously a conversation for a different time, when they got to know each other more. Maria looked around sickbay for a moment. "Well, you've shown me sickbay. So how a bout a tour of the rest of the ship?" He smiled. "Of course." He motioned to the door. "After you." >>END<<
  8. >>>Open File<<< STARFLEET PERSONNEL FILE Name: Alexander Zier Gender: Male Race: Betazoid Marital Status: Married Age: 27 (Earth Years) Height: 6 ft 1in Weight: 140 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Place of Birth: Syndoll Village, Betazed Distinguishing Features: Birthmark on back of left leg. Parents: Mother - Lucilla Zier(Deceased) Father - Unknown. Siblings: None Spouse: Maria Zier, age 25 (Maiden Name: Kassem) Children: Son - Martin, age 7(Adopted) (see History below) Starfleet Service Record: Service Identification: SJ-687-1526 Current rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade Current Assignment: Counselor Current Ship: USS Excalibur, NCC-2004-C Commanding Officers: Captain Corizon, Commander "Left Ear" JoNs SD 10000.00 -- Graduated from Starfleet Academy, enters Starfleet Medical, Counseling Division. SD 10307.26 -- During summer semester on tour of duty, Alexander finds Martin on an away mission and adopts him. SD 10606.02 -- Graduates Medical Academy SD 10608.18 -- Assigned to U.S.S. Excalibur as ship's Counselor SD 10612.17 -- Promoted to Lt. J.G. by Command Team. SD 10708.01 -- Transferred to Starfleet Medical Main Hospital, Psychology Ward after Excalibur-B decommissioning. SD 10712.02 -- Reassigned to USS Excalibur-C as Ship's Counselor. Background: Alexander was born to Lucilla Zier in the small, poor village of Syndoll on Betazed. His mother never spoke of his father, and always encouraged him to do great things. She died when he was 5. Until he was 18, he was taken care of by neighbors, some nurturing, and some not-so nurturing. His greatest friend was a wise old man called Teynor. With his help, Alexander learned to use his telepathic abilities well. Teynor also led Alexander to find what he really wanted to do. So when he came of the right age, he tested and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. After passing all his basic courses, Alexander transferred into Starfleet Medical, and began studies that would ultimately lead him to a career as a counselor. His exceptional grades earned him the opportunity to study for a semester on the USS Cheyenne, with it's ship's counselor and medical staff. During an away mission, Alexander found a crying young boy. He was the lone occupant of the town the team had happened upon, and was apparently left behind for some reason. The boy took an immediate liking to Alexander, and when it came time for him to return to the Academy, Alexander filed papers with the Federation to adopt the boy, now named Martin. His request was approved, and the new father and son finished their way through studies at the Academy five semesters later. Two months later, Alexander received his first assignment, the USS Excalibur-B, as it's ship's counselor. During his time on Excalibur, Alex met Maria Kassem, an assistant medical officer, and the two began a relationship. A year later, Alex was injured during the battle for the Bajoran wormhole, and sent to Starfleet Medical. After the Excalibur's accidental brief time in an alternate universe, Alex and Maria were reunited on Earth, where they remained for 4 months after the decommission of the USS Excalibur-B. The two married, and are awaiting a baby daughter. Alexander and Maria currently serve aboard the USS Excalibur-C, as Ship's Counselor and Assistant Medical Officer. Hobbies and Quirks: Alexander is somewhat of a neat freak. "Know-it-alls" and bigotry are his worst pet peeves. During off-shifts, he can usually be found reading in his quarters, spending time with his family, or enjoying time with friends. =================================== To: Starfleet Personnel Office From: LtCmdr. Amanda Reyes, (Dr) Re: Alexander Zier CC: Starfleet Medical Records Ensign Zier is a most astute, but caring individual, and it has been a pleasure to have personally guided and taught him in his Academy career. I see no reason to not allow Zier to serve aboard a starship or starbase. He does his job very well, and it is this doctor's personal opinion that he will do exceptionally well in his future assignments. =/\= Dr. Amanda Reyes Counseling Dept. Starfleet Medical =================================== =================================== To: Starfleet Personnel Office From: Dr. Ryan Oberth, (Lt.) Re: Alexander Zier Ensign Zier has passed basic and intermediate medical training at Starfleet Medical, and is hereby licensed to a Nursing Degree in General Practicing. Zier is aware that, though he has this training and approval, his first priority is to Counseling, and that his approval to assist (as a practioner) in all future assignment posts are ultimately the decision of the post's commanding officer(s) and Chief Medical Officer. =/\= Dr. Ryan Oberth Head Medical Academics Dept. Starfleet Medical =================================== >>>End of File...<<<
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?? Everytime I find a real neat Trek/Gate show I love and start watching religiously, they end it, and this goes all the way back to Voyager people. Voyager, Enterprise and now SG1. (I guess you can count Threshold in there as well.) Ah well.. There's always the internet on to rewatch all the seasons, and BSG will be sticking around.....hope I didn't just jinx that.