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  1. I see Kroells got a job in construction.
  2. I owned two Macs, but they were both pre-iMac machines. One of them wasn't even internet-capable. My girlfriend at the time used to chat with the latter one but I wasn't into chat then. Sorry, can't help.
  3. Sorry, forgot this contest was on. Invisible Kudos Cramp wins.
  4. I thought of a good one. "IKC" Bonus points for those who somehow tie in Qob-Lakota at the end.
  5. OK, gimme a couple days to think of a good one.
  6. Stop This Stupid Fraker!
  7. Sims That Suck Fingers
  8. OK, Samantha Kent wins.
  9. I'll let it go a few more days.
  10. OK, I'm lost. What the heck happened?
  11. OK, here it is.
  12. We have a Vulcan. K-Bear doesn't like him much. He collects her knives.
  13. I bet Tim Russ would like to forget this earlier part of his: That's right, he was the "We ain't found ######!" guy in Spaceballs.
  14. :rolleyes:--> QUOTE(B @ Sep 6 2008, 07:17 PM) 84171[/snapback] OMG! It's like Dean's Run for President in '04! "YYYYAAAAAHHH!!!" That post has nothing to do with the picture. However, any reference to Dean's "I Have a Scream" speech is worthy of Honorable Mention at least.