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  1. STL is going to be my reason to get a 360! I got to see some clips from it on G4 and I was astonished. I start playing that I may not put it down!
  2. Chell Reno Posted Sep 16 2006, 10:03 PM Oh and umm you can die and/or get injured! It is more in depth and everyones got thier own spieces!
  3. What? whos a Pirate? :: Looks around:: Sure I disabled the ship but I didnt board it! <_<
  4. How can no one have mentioned this one??? Worf: "No, no, no. Men do not roar. Women roar. Then they hurl heavy objects. And claw at you." wesley: "What does the man do?" Worf: "He reads love poetry. He ducks a lot."
  5. I was gonna write something for that but after reading Capn Huffs There is nothing for me to say!
  6. And the next picture and the win goes to Merina!!!
  7. Well That was odd ok here we go again!
  8. Alrighty here you go!
  9. Thanks Carst!
  10. I know I am showing my age but I guess Ill bite. What is the yub yub song?
  11. Hmm . . . I think you might have to sell both to get the TNG season!
  12. Greetings Barbie welcome to stsf! I look forward to seeing you around the academy! Hmm. . . I think they all say that! well except for Seiben and NDak they sorta state it like it is! But you can trust Jami (I think!) I only died off once or twice in the tuesday night academy.
  13. What no spot for Orions!
  14. Who Flung Poo?
  15. I gotta say TOS for the Academy! I mean with all of the Cadet fatalities that occur there How can you not see a Red Shirt on them! For the advanced sims I think more in the lines of the later DS9 uniforms you know when Sisko went bald! Oh and along the Lines of the early TNG/ TOS movies Uniforms. . . Its not a Skirt its a Kilt. . . !!! :D :D B) :D