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  1. The Knife Kansas grabbed the first thing her hand touched; it just so happened that is was support piping for something.. She wasn’t sure what had broken, her body hitting it or something else. Her right hand gripped it tight, even though it wasn’t in her dominate hand but it was going to be her last shot at stopping their intruder. Maybe it was a good thing the pipe was in her right hand, pulling herself up was easier with her left hand. She stood on her own and squinted at the bright light the streamed in from the corridor, he was escaping her control. She stretched out her left arm and pointed at the area where the breastplate and gap to the arm openings separated. With a loud grunt she pivoted and threw her Hail Mary makeshift weapon, once the pipe was no longer in her hand the momentum pulled her forward and down to the floor once again. She stayed down and tried to catch her breath.. Hit your target. It always comes down to the throw. Kansas wasn’t sure how many times her Father had drilled that into her head… any grunt can shoot a phaser but being able to hit your target with control, with the blade. It was how you would keep others alive. You are the weapon Death is your gift Your miss is their Death.. Part of her mind wondered where her knife had finished its journey once it had left her grip; it had been in her hand for as long as she could remember. It was her legacy…it was her family. Her grandfather’s blade… The smooth spin had always brought comfort, controlled the longing.. The familiar spin and lightheadedness of unconsciousness had started when she could hear someone yell out her name, but they were far.. or was she? Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable – George S. Patton
  2. Once Kansas hit the floor survival training kicked on over drive, the sounds of the crew around faded out and the only sound she could hear was her own heartbeat, with slight murmurs in the background. Keeping one hand inside her wound, she felt around to determine if anything important was damaged and at the same time reached into her waistband pocket. She pulled out at small tin, about the size of a deck of cards and slid the small bottle of *sulfa powder out. She inhaled quickly and poured the powder inside the wound as her gut burned from the powder she pulled out the small syrette and inject the wound with morphine. With the yelling and chaos going on around her no one noticed as she lifted her tunic up and pulled a wound sealant (Tape-like thing) over the puncture. With the pain numb and her own injury an after thought she could hear Matt yelling at the medical staff as they only treated OPSGirl. Kansas gripped the bottom of the Helm seat and placed her other hand flat on the floor fingers towards her shoulders and then rolled back, kicking the Helm office in the head and then landed on her feet. She quickly grabbed the knife out of OPSGirls hand and threw it across the room and into the wall panel, hoping that she disabled the power to the lift to keep security back up from entering the Bridge and causing them to be even more out numbered then they already were. *Sulfanilamide greatly affected the mortality rate during War. American soldiers were taught to immediately sprinkle sulfa powder on any open wound to prevent infection. Every soldier is issued a first aid pouch that was designed to be attached to the soldier's waist belt
  3. Kansas sat at her desk and poked her knife into the groove she had created there since becoming its owner. She was starting to hate being the owner of the desk and everything that came with it, it was easier when someone else had to listen when people talked and she could focus on shooting things only. She took a deep breath and pulled up the report she needed to file on the adjustments she had to make to help Keb and then Erich listen to reason. Security incident report Location: Cargo bay entrance and outer hall The entity that is currently in our cargo bay communicated to the crew telepathically that it wanted to speak to the person who was in charge of the ship. I relayed this request to Admiral Sovak, since I was not sure if he had received the same message telepathically or if the message that was given had a limited reach and didn’t reach Admiral Sovak on the Bridge. Once Admiral Sovak arrived at the Cargo Bay entrance I was informed that he was going in, I confirmed to him that I would remain at the entrance to secure the area and to provide back up if the person inside became violent or needed encouragement in settling down. While maintaining visual on Admiral Sovak I noticed that Lieutenant Commander Keb was advancing towards the cargo bay entrance, focusing her attention on the occupants of the Cargo Bay and not responding to warnings for her to step back. There was a moment when she did hesitate but then continued to walk through the Cargo Bay doors. Since our “Guest” inside the Cargo Bay was already agitated and Admiral Sovak was starting the first steps of making first contact with him I used necessary force to pull Lieutenant Commander Keb out of the Cargo bay and against the wall in the corridor to help get my point across to her that I was not asking her to halt her advancement I was telling her to stop. After I helped her find the wall with sufficient force to convey my message to her, Lieutenant Erich pulled his phaser out and held it to my head. He expressed his disapproval of my uses of force on his mate and maybe other missive that I ignored. With emotional distress clouding his judgement it was easy to disarm him and render him idle until Admiral Sovak was finished with his business inside the Cargo bay. Unfortunately the sound of the commotion in the outer hall was not as silent as it should have been, and I was instructed rightly so to get the area squared away. To secure the area I ordered Lieutenant Commander Keb to return to the Bridge since her presents wasn’t needed in the area and that she was the cause of the distraction. Upon her departure I was able to secure the area and focus on the events within the Cargo bay. Lieutenant Erich was still propped up against the wall and came to himself before Admiral Sovak exited the Cargo bay. Currently I have the Cargo bay manned until it is no longer needed. I accept the consequences for my error of letting insecurity by other individuals jeopardise not only Admiral Sovak’s safety but the safety of every person on the Manticore. Kansas frowned, unhappy with the events that had taken place earlier. The use of force on your own crew members is never fun but sometimes needed. Every kid knows the rules even before they started primary school: “Security cannot be taught by rule of thumb. It is a frame of mind attainable through self-discipline and self-training that will make the taking of precautions a “Habit” this will in turn make every action committed to become automatic.” She couldn’t understand how Keb could ignore the basic standards that every parent expected from any pre-K child! Kansas grabbed her knife and threw it into the wall across from her, “damn it” she stood up as she submitted her report. Then exited her office to walk it off.
  4. I would like: "Poster girl for the NRA"
  5. Father's pride Ian stood by the fire place and stared at the fire, his head had been throbbing the past few days. From where he stood he could hear Junior out on front porch yelling at the boy Kansas’ brought home with her. He sighed knowing he would have to tell him to cut it out, even though he wanted to do the same thing. He turned around when the front door opened and snapped shut. “Feel better with that off your chest Junior?” Ian(jr) stood at the door and glared at his father, he hated when he called him Junior, it made him feel like he was six again. “Someone had to set that guy straight.” He grumbled as he walked into the living room. “It’s my job to protect this family, and you going off like that is only going to drive them closer… besides.” He looked back into the fireplace not wanted to finish his sentence, “He isn’t so bad… I checked his records. We need to back off for now, you know Kansas. She isn’t going to settle down this easy.” He watched the flames of the fire trying to believe his own words. “He needs to know that…” Ian cut his son off, “That she can’t take care of herself?” “No! That I will break every bone in his body if she gets hurt…” He smirked at his dad. “I trust Kansas, plus I think she can take him down fairly easy.” ≈ Kansas bounced through the door and stopped short seeing both her Father and Oldest brother Ian standing in the living room, "Whats going on? Where is Matt?" She eyed them both suspiciously "What'd you two do?" Her father lifted his hand, calling her forward and into the room. "He's outside walking around, I need to ask you something." She crossed her arms and walked forward waiting for an ambush, "Go on" "This guy is he treating you right?" Kansas smiled up at her dad, "Of course he is! do you think I would be with someone who would treating me like crap? I know better... you have nothing to worry about, I'm not stupid." she looked at her brother when she finished talking. "I know baby, I worry. I can't help it..." Kansas looked from her brother, back to her Father. "No one better tick him off or touch a hair on his head... if they do, *I* will make them wish they were never born.. you got me brother" She evil eyed him then turned around and exited the house to find McFly. "I guess I go make buddies now?" Ian asked his dad looking guilty. "If you don't want her to smother you in your sleep I would make nice and be his best friend.. pucker up son, she'll let you live longer!"
  6. The Kenickie Home Part 1 McFly watched Kansas half walk, half dance down the hall and into the transporter room. She pulled him onto the pad and glanced at the transporter operator, “22 Shadow Ridge Road, Owl Canyon... Colorado… pleassseeee.” Matt lifted his brow, “I thought your Dad taught at the academy?” She smiled at him and half rolled her eyes, “He commutes over, since mom is gone we had to move in with my grandfather to help pick up the slack. Besides no room to spread out in San Fran, we live on the boarder of the Roosevelt National park… a lot of room to cause trouble.” She winked at him and waited to shimmer down… Matt nodded thinking that made sense and also noted that she hardly ever talked about what is going on with her Mom. He knew she is in the rehabilitation center in New Zealand, but never asked what she did or even looked into it. Suddenly his train of thought was interrupted by the tingle of the transporter. ₪ Once the transport was complete the bright sun above made them both squint, once his eyes adjusted Matt noticed two Fox Hounds on the front porch of an older looking farm house that looked too had been expanded at one point. One dog stood up and was missing a back leg, its’ tail going crazy. The other lazily got to his feet, clearly the older of the two. “Trigger!” She clapped her hands twice and the lively one leaped off and darted across the lawn to the curb where they stood. “What happen to his leg?” he asked as the dog circled them in joy. She smiled sheepishly, and started walking towards the house “Hunting accident.” She climbed the steps and placed her hand on the other dogs head, “Hey Thor, how ya doing old man.” She leaned in and hugged the dog and gave him a loud kiss on the top of his head. To McFly the place was like out of a photo, Farm house, old barn, and a large stretch of land to get lost on… there was even a swing hanging from a tree. He watched her push the door open and the dogs dart in before them, “Daddy! I’m home.” “Is that my little girl?” was yelled out from some where. The inside of the home didn’t let Matt down; it had a feeling of home to it. Fire alive in the fireplace, leather couches and dark wood accents. The sound of chairs scuffling from another room could be heard from where they were. A very tall man with broad shoulders walked towards them, Kansas skipped down the small hallway and leaped into his arms. He caught her instinctively and hugged her, “Ahh, my girl.” He smiled, “you have good timing, your brothers are home and some cousins are here for Christmas. How long do I get you for?” Kansas leaned back and gave a small pout, “Only today, unless thing change. I brought someone with me.” She pointed over her shoulder to where Matt was standing, her Father smiled “I noticed.” He dropped her back down to her feet and appraised McFly where he stood. Here he was meeting Kansas' father for the first time, something he never thought would happen. He could feel himself being measured. As long as her father didn't request a cat scan he would be fine. “Mister Kenickie” He said extending his hand, “Matt McFly, pleasure to meet you.” Ian leaned in and shook his hand, “Ian, please... Welcome to our home.” Matt looked up at him instantly recognizing him from the communique he received nearly a year a go. He was impressively tall and could see why Kansas idolized him, he had an honest face and a look that he thought would have had his image hanging in every Starfleet recruitment office wall. All of a sudden he felt small. Is this the standard Kansas has set for herself? “There is Moose stew in the kitchen; the boys are off getting a tree.” Ian said leading them into the kitchen. They followed him and an older man stood at the stove, he half turned and smiled, “Hey Pip” he grumbled. Matt stood in the kitchen doorway and glanced at the photos that littered the wall, each one was filled with group of boys the size of linebackers and one of them hoisting Kansas at every age and not one of her mom, it was like she didn’t exist. There was even one of those corny body pyramids with Kansas standing on top with her arms raised high. Kansas broke his train of thought when she pulled him the rest of the way into the room. “Poppie, this is McFly..” the older man nodded to Matt, “Jerry, you’re a brave soul coming to this den.” He winked. McFly smiled, glanced around the room and noticed a bunch of phaser rifles spread out on the table, with pieces scattered around them. Kansas handed McFly a bowl of chili and glanced at the table, “taking the little ones out for their first shots?” she asked her father as she sat down at the table. “If I can get this scrap metal working again, you know how they think about firsties. I’ll be lucky if any of them hit a target on the first outing. Good weapon or not.” Ian nudged a seat out for Matt to sit in, it seemed to be a normal activity to eat among weapons on the table here… very refreshing. Out the back door Matt could see Bows and arrows, large blades and a number of other weapons, some he wasn’t sure what they did. “Stew is excellent, your kill?” Kansas asked getting up to get more from the pot. “No” He answered sourly, “the old man blasted its brains out before I could… should have been mine.” “Canada trip or is this newer from the last time we talked?” she asked with her mouth half full. Before he could answer the dogs started barking, and the door banged open, "Were home!" Was shouted from more then one person. "So am I!!" Kansas yelled as she ran into the other room. Matt smiled and realized why Kansas had refused Faldek's advances towards her, he would never fit in at this home. it Oozed warmth and fun, things no one would use to describe Faldek. Kansas' Grandfather took a seat next to him and nudged him with his elbow, "Better go join them... they can smell weakness. Don't worry... they wont hurt you to much, not unless you hurt her. She's has them wrapped around her finger, has since the day she came home." Matt stood up, he wasn't scared of her army of brothers, just nervous that he couldn't live up to the type of men this house held... Come on in boy sit on down And tell me about yourself So you like my daughter do you now? Yeah we think she's something else She's her daddy's girl Her momma's world She deserves respect That’s what she'll get Now ain't it son? Y’all go out and have some fun I'll see you when you get back Probably be up all night Still cleanin' this gun Now it's all for show Ain’t nobody gonna get hurt It’s just a daddy thing And hey, believe me, man it works
  7. Tired Thoughts Kansas closed her eyes and pretended to sleep, she was getting tried of McFly hovering. She had a few things to go over in her head now that there was a moment to think. What she had done wrong on the planet, what other people did wrong and of course what they should have done. The one thing that kept popping up in her mind was getting grabbed in the first place, not keeping better communication with the ship and McFly. The last one was buzzing around her mind the most, because of her; McFly had put every person on the ship in danger. Which in turn put the whole fleet at risk, and that was something she didn’t want to be responsible for. He had made her more important then everyone and that couldn’t happen again. If they were going to keep seeing each other she would need to know that he would never do that again. If that didn’t happen then it would have to end… At the moment she wasn’t sure if she wasn’t going to end things any way, letting emotions get in the way in a security department was like playing hot potato with a live plasma grenade. She couldn’t be flagged as the weakest link, which she felt like at this moment. She was his weakness, which made her weak even if he wasn’t hers she was a liability.
  8. Pulled from the Farm Kansas felt the slight tingle of the transporter sweep over her soon after the rescue team had forced their way into the Farm. From the looks McFly and Faldek had been giving her she could only guess that she didn’t look very well. She had decided earlier to not relay to them the extent of pain she was in, keeping still reduced the amount and there was no use in freaking them out. Once she was placed on the bio bed pain meds were the only thing on her mind and were soon given without asking. Here in the warmth of sickbay and the relief of not having to keep a façade up. For once she had no fight in her and let people move her around since she didn’t have the strength herself to do so. The sounds of scanners and instruments filled the room, after the hiss of another hypo spray went off Kansas remembers the pills. “I took some kind of blue pill down there.” She whispered out to them, “There are more in my pocket.” She confessed, someone pulled them out and the stash of colored pills she had collected while down there was sitting on a tray. Little did any of them know that her plan was to take all of them if the pain had become unbearable, it seemed like a good alternative at the time. Kansas sat up slightly, starting to cough again and faintly whimpered at each breath that that was needed. The look on the Doctor’s faces at her movement was unhappy, a few tried to nudge her back but she held her own until the fit passed. Then leaned back exhausted, she had lost track of what the Doctor’s were saying and soon drifted off to sleep. She wasn’t sure if it was from the drugs, the doctors or death… either way she was tired and she welcomed the darkness that inveigled her. For death begins with life's first breath And life begins at touch of death. - John Oxenham
  9. Struggling Kansas gripped the shovel in her hands tightly and slammed it down hard against the robot that had grabbed her. After the third blow the handle snapped, that was also when the machine started to squeeze. She glanced back at the boys and first noticed that neither of them were moving. Then she saw the look on McFly’s face, she struggled in its grip until she could no longer move. Kansas looked over when she heard the demanding questions asked by the robots about the other people on the planet. She knew it was only a matter of time before someone came to rescue them. Kansas tried to fight the pain of the tight grip the robot had on her until she could no longer stop herself and cried out in pain. Once the sound slipped through her lips she knew one of the two knuckle heads would falter. From where she was Kansas couldn’t hear what McFly and Faldek were saying but could only read their faces. McFly had a pained look on his face, which meant that he was *thinking* which shouldn’t be happening! Faldek on the other hand was yelling, which meant he knew what to do. “Shut up! Faldek SHUT HIM UP!!” she screamed as she gasped for air She kept struggling a useless fight in their grip and was stunned when Faldek kept *talking* she figured that he would gladly jump at the chance to clobber him. McFly had been put in charge when he wanted it; he also had won her favor over Faldek. She couldn’t believe that he was talking to him and not shutting him up!! “No” she whispered out as the room grew dark and the sounds around her faded away like a bad made for TV movie.
  10. Relations Kansas watched appalled by the events taking place in front of her, Faldek had just staked him claim to Keb. Confronting the Romulan guard that was to watch over them, after Doug’s melt down and now this it was clear that they were making a royal mess of this mission. Kansas turned her back not wanting to watch the scene play out. She could head someone stepping in and defuses it; she smiled turning back to her hyper spanner, soon-to-be weapon. She was happy to know that her own relationship wouldn’t jeopardize the mission. McFly wouldn’t jump in and pound his chest and proclaim her to be his and no one else’s. She glanced over to where he was, and hoped he wouldn’t. After a few minutes she noticed the Romulan looking at her. Well he was looking at her in that Hello there Miss, way. She smiled back, flirty; it was better for him to focuses on one person then watch everyone and if he wanted to look at her fine… go for it. “What’s going on here?” McFly asked her leaning in. Kansa raised her brow at him and shrugged. “If I can keep his attention on me and off everyone else... all the better.” McFly frowned, “I suppose that's a good idea, just promise me not by any means necessary.” Kansas looked over her shoulder at him, “I make no promises.” He looked at her shocked by her words, “that, that's just...” He walked off, clearly annoyed or hurt. He leaned against the wall and folded his arms, crossing his chest. Kansas sighed and went back to weapon’s project and flirting. She knew that the most important thing right now was keeping everyone alive and safe if he wanted to pout, fine. She would use all her assets to do her job. Even if it got him upset. Clearly she was wrong when she thought that they were beyond chest pounding. Kansas had never made a promise to know one and if God forbid she needed to step past flirting, she would unhappily do it, but would need a raise, month shore leave and a lot of chewing gum after it. Of course the men here seemed very bravado, so the chances of anything having to go that far didn’t seem likely. They all needed to remember that this is Black Ops, there are no second chances, you need to make sacrifices sometimes. Kansa glanced to the corner and noticed Faldek and Keb kneeling down and in a whisper. She watched them out of the corner of her eye and quickly figured out what they were up to. She sighed and shook her head, could they be any less unprofessional? She was ashamed for them and their carelessness, there was no excuse for their actions on this mission. Kansas prayed McFly would never loose his mind and do something like that.
  11. TO: Lieutenant Commander Matthew McFly From: Sergeant Major (SFMC) Ian Kenickie Stardate: 0901.28 Subject: Improper use of hands Mr. McFly It has come to my attention that you have decided to get involved with my baby sister. As you can guess the thought of someone taking advantage of her makes the hair on my arm stand up. I am writing to inform you that if you lay one finger on her again I will personally take care of you. Since I am a trained Marine I can do this without leaving a mark, although I will admit the thought of breaking every bone in your body brings a smile to my face. I suggest you take my warning to heart and consider your options, more so since I have three other brother that have yet to be informed of your actions. I am sure they will want a piece of the action. Cordially, Ian Kenickie Sergeant Major Ian Kenickie Starfleet Marine Corp Semper Fi
  12. Pain All Around By Kansas Kenickie & Matt McFly This log takes during last sim and before Matt's Log... When the shock and the smoke had cleared Matt McFly had found himself on the floor thrown far from the tactical console he had once been behind. When the emergency lights kicked on it was as if his own internal light went on as well. When he returned to his feet he could tell the ship was hurting, the feel of the ship was indescribable. The lose of defector control and maybe dampeners were making the ship feel as if it was rocking or drifting. The sounds on the Bridge were a mix of alarms blaring, people searching for the injured and the injured responding either by cries or distress. McFly made his way back to the tactical console and listened as someone began announcing the systems that were damaged or down. He soon realized that his own console and systems were not responding he hit the console with his open hand in frustration and looked down. He soon realized what he was looking at, it was someone pushed far under the tactical console. As he ducked down under the console he could hear the sound of a transport in the back ground, he wasn’t sure if it was someone coming to help, or injured being beamed down to sickbay. Matt moved the debris out of his way and rolled Kansas over; she had a pretty nice gash on her head from where it had been hit. He pulled her free, from under the console and checked for a pulse that was thankfully there. “McFly!” Was shouted from some where. He popped his head back up and tried his console again, trying everything to get some kind of message or response but there was nothing. He glanced down at Kansas again, it was odd at how still she was… and tiny. He had never seen her so still, since there was nothing that could be done at his station he decided to return to her and find out if there was something he could do to help her. Kansas could feel the darkness lifting away slowly as the throbbing began; there was a shadowy figure that kept moving from her line of blurred sight. Her eyes fluttered open again trying to get a better view of what was there… “Kansas? Hey open your eyes.” Kansas fought the pull to fall back into the darkness and opened her eyes as commanded. She saw Matt kneeling over her, he had a worried look on his face and the lighting was oddly romantic behind him. “What happen? Did we make it back?” she knew the question was important… back from where she couldn’t remember right now. “Yes, we crashed into another ship” He helped her into a sitting position, he would rather her stay lying down but Kansas gripped his arms and pulled herself up. She looked dazed, “Maybe you should stay down.” He worried. She nodded no and closed her eyes, running on auto-pilot… “We need to find the injured.” She tilted her head to the side and looked up at him, “Did we make it back?” she asked again her voice was impish and confused. Matt furrowed his brow at her, “yes we did.” He started to worry more as he pulled her towards the turbo lift that he had seen Faldek use moments ago. He pulled her in and the doors remained open, the lift was down as was almost everything else around him. “Transporters?” He called out to anyone…. “Transporters are down!” someone replied. McFly pulled her out of the lift and sat her down; he had only a few options left. Wait it out and hope there wasn’t anything major wrong or take the ladder down few decks. He went and checked on Jami quick and then looked over at Kansas, she didn’t look up for the ladder. “Matt” McFly stopped dead in his tracks, he turned around hearing Kansas call him.. by his name, something that she never did. He dashed over to her and knelt down, looking her in the eyes, they were glazed. “Did we make it back?” She asked again. He touched the cut on her head gently, “Yes we did, and you hit your head.” Kansa smirked slightly, “It's just my head... nothing important.” McFly placed some bandage over the cut, “True, if it was your trigger finger it'd be more of an emergency, but still you need to get to sickbay now” Kansas nodded and stood up, falling into him loosing her footing… “Did we make it back?” McFly sighed in frustration, glanced over at Kansas for a second, sighed “yeah sweetie, we're back.” He gripped her tightly… “Great”
  13. Moments of pain Kansas sat on a rock out side the opening of the cave and held her side. She was in pain from her fall… she had landed harder then she thought. She slowly took a few deep breaths and started to get pissed at Faldek, it was stupid for them to take a risk without really knowing what they were in for. She was also starting to hate this planet, everything here was annoying… the quicker they left the quicker she would be happy. She looked up as the sky got brighter, she sigh and winced in pain as she stood up unsteady on her feet. She felt a little nauseous and dizzy as she took a step, she closed her eyes and stopped moving. She pulled herself together and walked into where the others were… there was no point in show weakness, you get eaten that way.
  14. The Hand of Fate: What’s one more lie? Ian enters the stone colored building and walked up to the information desk, he cleared his throat and the women behind the desk looked up at him. “I am here to see Mister Andros; I received a message about my wife.” He looked down uncomfortable about the topic. He hadn’t heard or seen Alison in a while, and since their divorce was finalized there really wasn’t any business they had together anymore. He was brought down the hall and shown into a rather large office, Ian looked around the room, but its owner was not where. “Mister Andros will be right with you… have a seat.” The women said as she exited, Ian looked out the window and nodded; he walked over to the desk and read the name plate on the deck, Steve Andros, Director of Family Services. “What do you want?” Ian asked the desk. As he expected the desk didn’t answer him, because it was a desk… and he was pretty sure they didn’t talk. Steve Andros entered his office and smiled, his next appointment was on time… maybe even a little early. “Ahh, Mister Kenickie… Please have a seat.” He extended his hand towards the seat, then walked around his desk and pulled out the correct PADD. Ian took the offered seat and sighed, “I am not sure why I have been called here, I know my Ex-wife was taken into custody but I had nothing to do with her actions.” He sat straight and tall in his seat, officer training never left you… no matter how long you have been gone. He watched Andros closely trying to get a read on him. “Also I don’t have much time, I have four boys at home and my sitter can’t stay all day.” He wanted what ever this was about over so he could forget Alison and enjoy the only good things in his life, his boys. Steve grinned, “Understandable, but your Ex has caused a large amount of trouble in her recent travels. She has offered us information on illegal activities on other people of interest in exchange for a lighter sentence, also to give you something.” He looked down and pushed a button, “Hailey, please bring in.. Ian jumped in before Andros could finish, “I don’t want anything of hers’ ” he said as he stood up to leave. “You don’t understand Mister Kenickie.” “NO! You don’t seem to understand, that women broke my kids heart when she walked out on us, I have nothing to say to her and I don’t want anything from her!” He yelled louder then he wanted to, and then pulled himself back together. “Good Day” Then turned to leave, but froze in place. The women who Steve Andros had been talking to, Hailey, walked into the room carrying a pink blanket and cradling something in her arms. Steve walked up behind Ian, “Mister Kenickie, like I had been trying to say… Your wife wanted me to give you your Daughter. She had been hiding her from you; I guess she thought you would have gotten custody of her as well during the divorce.” Ian walked over to the women and took the baby, and looked down at her. She was perfect… after Andros said daughter he hadn’t heard anything else. He smiled a little, a girl. A small part of him had always wanted a daughter to dote on, and leave it to Ally to try and keep him from her… He looked back at everyone in the office…”thank you”
  15. The Hand of Fate: To the Moon The cargo hold of a ship wasn’t the luxury she was used to; with a long sigh Alison was starting to think this baby thing wasn’t such a hot idea. Now she had to deal with someone else’s problems and that wasn’t what she wanted, it was the part of the reason she left Ian. The Ephesian was headed to the Lunar base, which was closer to Earth then she liked. The chances of running into someone Ian knew were high, there was also the other problem of the Police looking for her and she wasn’t sure if Captain Raab was still in charge of the Lunar base but if he was then she had to worry about the MP grabbing her. Alison bundled up the baby as soon as she felt the ship land; smaller ships always landed… for once things were going her way. Gibson must have known that this one would land and had put her on this ship knowing she would be able to slip off without notice… at least she hoped without notice. Without making a sound, she moved towards the gangplank. She had waited long enough for the ships cargo to be unloaded; there was no talking or sound coming from outside. She took a deep breath, pulled the baby closer to her and started down; she glanced around and smiled there was no one there. She picked up her pace and headed towards the public area, once she entered the market place she felt home free. She didn’t feel the hand on her arm until it pulled on her and spun her around. She looked up at the Starfleet officer who was holding onto her, “Ma’am, I am going to need you to come with me.” She then noticed another officer standing off to the side… “Do I have a choice?” she sneered at him. “Not really.” He said with no feeling, and then guided her towards the security office. Alison sighed and looked down at her meal ticket and knew that it was going to make her prison stay that much longer. A kidnapping charge was sure to tack on more time in the reeducation center then she had planned… She smirked at the term reeducation such a fancy name for prison. She needed to figure a way out of this… What’s one more lie?