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  1. Thanks for making this post, the exact same thing happened to me, also around 2008 i think. Now that you've done thr leg work i can follow the links and be lazy.
  2. Welcome to STSF! Have fun, i'm sure someone will be along shortly providing you with links that should make things clear for you.
  3. How dare you not put Cardassians on that poll!
  4. Subject : Cardassian Union Response From : Legate Dukor To : Ambassador Joy Two Classification : Top Secret: Level Gamma Seven Security clearance. As you may know Cardassians were once a peaceful race and its people excelled in the arts and music. I can’t grantee the transformation of the Cardassian people into a nonviolent and peace loving race over night. Or would I desire to do such a thing especially in the current situation. On the other hand I will work toward convincing those in my government not to pursue actions that will result in the aggressive rebuilding of the military, for the sole prepuce of returning to the previous state it was in. I can give you this in full authority of the current Cardassian Detapa Council. Cardassian industry in all aspects is still reeling from the war. The economic consideration is, along with restoration of patriotic pride, one of the foremost reasons for the military rebuilding. I have coordinated with our ministry of economy and I can give you access to all the information you need. This might cause the most difficulties in any kind of diplomatic negotiations. What was once Cardassian should be returned to Cardassia, with that said we are prepared to discus the exact boarders and the governing bodies of the varies outlining colonies. The Cardassian Union, within her frontiers as they were on Stardate 50536.8, for the purposes of occupation, were divided into three zones, one to be allotted to each power as follows. 1. A zone containing the following star systems and the surrounding regions, to be allotted to the United Federation of Planets: Aschelan V, Atbar Prime, Chin'toka III, Kora II, Omarak, Simperia; 2. A zone containing the following star systems and the surrounding regions, to be allotted to the Klingon Empire: Avenal VII, Regulak IV, Sarpedion V, Seeba II, Septimus III, Trelka V; 3. A zone containing the following star systems and the surrounding regions, to be allotted to the Romulan Star Empire: Adarak Prime, Gilora, Kelvas Prime, Quinor VII, Rondac III, Soukara. The rebuilding of the orders is needed to restore the government’s ability to administrate both the core worlds and the outer planets of the Union. In its present state the Cardassian military is not ready for the future handover of the allied powers. There are those who call for the rebuilding of the destroyed orders whether the Federation and its allies give their blessing. I’ am not in that camp but they are gaining popularity with their views, hopefully cooler heads will prevail.
  5. Legate Dukor of the Fourth Order Consul General to Sky Harbor Aegis “For Cardassia” The two door panels separated and Dukor stepped out of the conference room. Having just spent the last three hours being briefed by members of the Detapa Council he was a bit tired. The new civilian government wanted to ensure that I knew the full scope of my new assignment. Dukor had a grasp of the political protocols but that didn’t stop the very detailed oriented council members. They insisted that they set up an outline of how to react in dozens of different diplomatic situations. As he walked down the corridors of the Detapat Councils head quarters in the Cardassian capitol city he thought about his new assignment. It was not long ago that Dukor was a Gul in command of a Gulor class warship. The mire site of a Federation, Klingon, Romulan vessel would have sparked hostilities. Now he would have to sit down with these very same people and be diplomatic. He exited the great hall onto a raised platform over looking an open air atrium. He could see for miles around the scares of the Dominion war were still visible. Industrial cranes were spread across the skyline. Dukor paused for a moment and exhaled deeply. Just then he felt a great sense of shame wash over him. The once proud Cardassian Union, with an interstellar empire spanning over 20 worlds and billions of inhabitants was now reduced to the level of a common street beggar pleading for a hand out. Dukor stood in opposition to those who had wanted to betray the Cardassian people by joining the Dominion. He despised those in the second order, especially Gul Dukot for usurping power an overthrowing the Central Command. Dukor couldn’t help but wonder what would have happen if he had put up a stronger opposition. As he leaned on the railing watching people go about their daily lives. A young Glinn walked up behind Dukor and saluted making his presence know. Dukor turned around and indicated to the lower ranking solider to stand at ease. “Sir your transport up to the space station is ready and waiting for at the Relore ship yards.” “Thank you; tell them I’m on my way.” He turned back once more to look over the city vowing to himself that he would restore Cardassia to its former glory. Dukor boarded a surface transport vessel and made his way to the Relore facility. He quickly boarded his courier vessel and departed to Sky harbor Aegis. On route to the station he accused a communiqué from one of his informants on the station. With the station on lock down getting news on the daily going ons was difficult but not impossible. His informant disguised a subspace message as background radiation. The content of the message had worried Dukor bringing doubt to his mind on the security of the station.