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  1. I recently bought a Chromebook. Like most reviews say I'm finding it makes a great second computer. I was surprised to find that it does not play well with Java. But, there is a way to access the mobile chatroom sites with it. So, thought I would share what I found. First, click on the chatrooms. http://www.stsf.net/chats.php Second, right click on the page. Third, Select "Inspect Element" Fourth, Click the gear icon for settings in the lower right hand corner. When this pops up there's a couple things to do. First, check user agent and select what mobile device you want to emulate. Second, check enable. Now, when you click on Click Here to jump straight into STSF's chat room system and start simming! it will open the chatrooms though the mobile client. This does not continue to emulate once you navigate away from the original page you right clicked. So, it's not something you have to change back when done. If you do the process again the user agent and the device you selected to emulate will still be selected. You will only have to select enable again. I would guess you can do the same thing on a normal computer with a Chrome browser if you just want to see what the mobile client is like.
  2. A tractor beam held them tight. It's ghostly florescence tinted everything on their viewscreen. The image of the Miranda-Class cruiser was blurred but unmistakable. Rov looked over at the woman sitting in the command chair. "The Federation ship is hailing again." Rashon sat in contemplation. Moments like this she truly looked a daughter of Romulus. Had her father been of importance she might well be commanding a Warbird. However, they rarely gave such roles to Orion half-breeds. Their loss. "Open the channel. Audio only and add some static for effect." "You're on." Rov opened the channel. He then turned and took a curious look at his partner. She was fascinating to watch in action. With a wink and a smile towards Rov she began. "Do you read us now?" A gruff voice responded over the comm. It sounded Tellerite. "This is the USS Liberia. You have attacked a transport in Federation shipping lanes. Drop shields and prepare to be boarded." "They attacked us!" Her voice took on a girlish squeal. It left a foul taste in her mouth but Rashon fought on. "We had half our comm system stolen before we could raise shields. Just scan their hold and you'll find it." Rov nodded in understanding. The transport in question was carrying communications equipment. That wasn't what Rashon wanted them to find though. The Federation Starship might just change it's priorities when it found 100 crates of Romulan ale smuggled across the neutral zone. That was what Rov and Rashon were after themselves anyways. A long silent pause was the reply. The Tellerite's voice sounded stressed. "Prepare to beam over to the Liberia. I will arbitrate this disagreement between you two." Rov saw the look on Rashon's face. He muted the channel. "Not the response you expected?" "No, it wasn't! That Pig probably already knew the ale was on board that ship." "Explains a few things. They missed the ship crossing the neutral zone but they were on top of us quick enough. That Starfleet ship was paid off to let them through." Rov shook his head. "No, only the Captain. He's making a show of things now, until he can find an excuse to move on us." "You can't beam over there." "I don't plan to!" Rashon sat back in her chair. "Target their tractor beam. It's time to get out of here." "No. We'll never get through their shields. Tell them our transporters are out and we'll have to use our shuttlecraft. I'll take it from there." The small shuttlecraft exited the ship and turned it's heading towards the Liberia. The view of the shuttle, ships, and even the stars in the distance took on a flat pixelated tone. Rov was watching the events unfold on an early 22nd century projector. He remembered this projector. He replicated it for the nostalgic feel for movie nights on the USS Illustrator. Well, not always nights. Most of the showings took place in the middle of duty shifts. As he looked up from the projector Rov could see he was now standing in the Illustrator's engineering department. The twin reactor cores hummed softly. He hated those things. The presence of those monstrosities turned this dream of Rov's quickly into a nightmare. On the screen the shuttle came about on it's landing approach. "I'm really surprised that plan of yours worked." The voice came from another Catullan sitting in the front row. Rov stepped over and took a seat beside Morishon, his grandfather. "Got lucky. They didn't bother scanning the shuttle for explosives before it landed." "So there wasn't any need after all to send a pilot on board?" "Rashon was going to kill him the next day anyways." Rov picked up a box of popcorn from the next seat over. "This was a bit quicker than what she had planned." The back of the Liberia exploded. Bits and pieces showered outward and the tractor beam failed as the ship began a slow spin. A second and third explosion ripped through the remains of the ships shuttlebay. The force shattered the back half of their port nacelle and removed the entire impulse drive. Rov watched the much younger him on the screen now turning towards Rashon. "We're free, let's get out of here!" "Target their bridge! Fire!" Rashon screamed at the weapons office. The shots hit their targets exploding the bridge dome. "What are you doing!?" Rov's voice was equally as excited. "Ending that Pig and making this worth our trouble." She looked at Rov, her eyes telling him she wanted no questions. "One Starfleet photon torpedo is worth a fortune. Start beaming them out, all of them!" Morishon reached over to the small remote and paused the video. "And so you stripped the ship bare, shot all the lifepods, got the ale from the transport, and murdered that crew as well." "That's the short version, yes." Rov tossed a piece of popcorn into his mouth. "And now you're working for the same Starfleet you butchered." Rov laughed. "I spent how many years IN Starfleet and you're just now bringing this up? I resolved those issues a long time ago." Morishon stood up. "Yes, you got Rashon sent to a Cardassian prison. Then she escaped and killed Shirla's mother out of revenge." Rov's eyes shaded darker. "I resolved that issue as well." "Your solutions keep making more problems. That is why I showed you this." Rov bolted out of his seat. "Errrrrr, Enough!" The imaginary engineering room around them cracked and flew apart. "I restored the domain you lost! YOU lost! The Ishons are returned to Catulla. But that's not enough for you! Of all the ancestral knowledge it is your voice I hear first at any thought of me living a life other than as one of the Ishons." "As the Lord of the Ishons! That is our birthright! But you have abandoned that! You abandoned your title! You even abandoned Novar!" Rov's fist sunk deep into Morishon's abdomen. Mor slumped onto Rov's shoulder. Whispering into his ear, "Novar left me. You couldn't keep her either. At least I made her my wife." Rov shoved Morishon to the ground. "I knew she would outlive me by centuries and I didn't care if we never had children. But that wouldn't do for an Ishon, would it. You would never take her as your bride so don't talk to me about abandoning anything!" Mor sat motionless on the ground. Rov circled around. The cracked deckplating below them faded to an orange haze. The black void grayed and joined the haze in a wall slowly moving away. One by one other figures emerged. They appeared by the tens and twenties. Their ranks flowed upward to make a grand arena. Rov surveyed them slowly. "Does the Ancestral Knowledge have any more council to give their Coora?!" Rov shouted. Silence was the reply. "Then rest. Return to your rest until you are needed!" Rov looked down at Morishon. "The past needs to rest." Rov's eyes snapped awake. He sat up and looked around his quarters on the Lit By Moonlight. "If only the past could rest."
  3. Tak grumbled as he walked along the deck of the cargo ship. He hadn't left a stable job on Ferenginar for this! What did he know about repairing a drill head anyways. "Find someone to teach you," said his Uncle! Like who? Those crooks he called his crew wanted 10 strips just to show him where the access port cover was. Now he was searching this massive ship for someone who could just take care of it for him. The same company who contracted his Uncles had hired this ship. It was really their responsibility to see that everything was working properly. "By the hinges of the Great Vault, this ship is big!" Tak wasn't sure where he was now. Well, he knew he was still in the cargo hold. Where though?! Nothing but one identical container after another filled his view. As he spun around which way he had even come from was lost to him. They weren't wasting any power on lights, that's for sure. Every direction was a shadow. The clash of metal on metal called suddenly out to him. As the only signal that anything else still existed in the universe, he followed the sounds through the labyrinth of cargo. He almost ran into the small craft before he saw it. The sounds were coming from the other end and as he felt his way around a faint glow could be seen near the nacelles at the aft. "Hello!" Tak bellowed into the dark. The pounding stopped. With a snap the exterior lighting of the craft lit the area up. Tak shielded his eyes but adjusted quickly. He could see the ship quite well now. He'd never seen a design like it. Probably Catullan, same as the cargo ship they both were on. A hatch at the bottom of the vessel opened and a figured dropped to the deck. Yep, Catullan. He wore the overalls he'd seen of the ships maintenance crews as well. Finally, someone to do his job for him. "Hey you! You need to go fix the drill head over there." Tak said firmly, folding his arms. Act like the boss, be the boss, rule of acquisition...um, ummm, well it was in there somewhere. The figure stood as he cleared the underbelly of the craft and stepped towards Tak. "And why do I need to do something like that?" "Not your place to ask! You work for this ship. Repairs were part of the deal, now get over there." Tak pointed to the distance then glanced around as he had no real idea where he'd come from. "I take care of my ship, you take care of your drill. That's the only deal made." He glared at the Ferengi now. "You can work on this shuttle on your own time! I need that drill running in 4 hours." Tak stayed firm though his fingers started to twitch nervously. The Catullan was dressed as a mechanic so he had to be crew. Right? Did the crew have their own shuttles? Oh no, what if he was another passenger? What business contact was he ruining! "I was talking about the one you're standing on." The Catullan, named Rov stared unblinkingly at Tak. Tak's mouth dropped open. Sudden realization washed over him. He'd paid more attention to the fine clothes this man was wearing last time they met than his face. "Yo...you.... are..." "TAK!" Malk yelled. "What are you doing?!" He marched up quickly and grabbed his nephew by the shoulder. Rov spoke with a dark tone," He was informing me of why I needed to fix your drill, personally." No combination of syllables could represent the warble of fear and shock that came out of the older Ferengie's mouth. The closest equivalent would have been a moose trying to imitate a kitten. He turned and smacked Tak across the head. "You idiot!" Malk quickly then turned back to Rov, "The boy is an idiot. I told him to take care of that by himself." "If you have idiots in charge of drill repair, maybe I hired the wrong firm." Rov folded his arms. "No NO!! It's a minor fault. Nothing really. I have the best team there is. I was just trying to teach the boy." Malk's fingers dug deep into Tak's shoulder, causing the younger to wince and cry in pain. "Then it would be best to go teach him a few more things." Rov turned to take a scanner from the nearby work tray then returned to the shuttle. Tak continued to wince and cry as his Uncle drug him back across the cargo hold's deck. "You fool! You have no idea what you did! He's funding most of this venture! And be happy, be so so happy you didn't try that back when I first met him. He would have shot you where you stood. He still might!" The two receded into the darkness of the bay. Shot him, indeed. Still might, too. Memories of doing just that filled Rov's head and darkened his mood. His concentration lost he set the scanner back down, secured the craft, and returned to his quarters. Perhaps sleep would clear his mind, or simply brood more demons.
  4. LONG VERSION. Catullan Office of Records Subject: Rov Title(s): Dynastic: Ishon of the Twin Moons of Jahavic, Coora of the lineage of Drodasha Service: Starfleet Commander (retired), A'Ma'or of the Army of the Ishons (retired) Commercial: Owner and CEO of: Drodasha Designs, Twin Moons Transports, Strata Heavy Industries, Dayen Orbital Works Biological: Male Catullan. Lineage: Grandfather: Morishon, last Ishon of the lands of the Drodasha (deceased) Father: Ithven, Regent in exile. (deceased) Mated: Shreesha Jovna [Catullan] (deceased) Progeny: Starfleet Lt. Shirla Jovna Jilsha [Catullan](Status unknown) Progeny: Kenum (status unknown) Lt. Commander Novar [Human] (MIA) Progeny: None Biographical: Soon after birth Rov was left in the care of monks on the Catullan mining moon Moris. He was raised as an orphan with no knowledge of his heritage. In his early youth he quickly began spending more time on the streets than within the halls of the monastery. Several events led to his need to leave the moon for a time and he joined with a free trader bound for areas along the Romulan Neutral Zone. This ship and crew would eventually be captured and imprisoned for acts of piracy. However no charges were ever brought against Rov having returned to Moris several months prior to their capture. During this time he was involved with two woman leading to the births of his daughter and son. With few options open Rov applied and was quite surprised to be accepted into Starfleet Academy. In the academy his performance was adequate and indiscretions minor enough that he graduated and was assigned Starship duty. Originally assigned to the USS Shiloh but a shuttle incident delayed his arrival before the ship set off on deep space exploration. He was reassigned to the USS Illustrator as helmsman. After the death of his daughter's mother he became her primary guardian.On board Illustrator Rov would meet and marry the human named Novar. Shortly after they both took a two month leave of absence from Starfleet. While onboard Illustrator Rov became aware that he was a Coora, the carrier of ancestral knowledge. In the exploration of the memories he carried he also learned of his royal lineage. His grandfather had been the last Ishon (or king) on Catulla to be forced to abdicate. The Great Abdications were taught in history as a peaceful shifting of power from noble houses to elected councils but the truth was far from peaceful. In the years of exile many of the Ishons gathered support to reclaim their thrones. During his LOA Rov met with these leaders. The Ishons had marshaled a force capable of retaking the planet but a large percent marched under the banner of the last Ishon, Rov's grandfather Morishon. Without the command from Morishon's rightful heir they would not act. Rov accepted his birthright but forced the other Ishons into a new strategy. The Ishons parked their armada's in orbit of Catulla and intimidated the planetary council to negotiate. A deal was finally arranged which established the Ishons as sovereigns over the moons of Catulla, each according to the sizes of their original kingdoms. Most of those loyal to the Ishons had migrated to the moons over the decades and a good percent of the wealth of the Catullan system lay in their moons. Rov would be made Ishon of the Twin Moons of Jahavic. They were the two richest moons but also the ones most likely to resist a change in government. In an attempt to maintain peace Rov named the existing ruling council as his own, assigned his armies to their service, and after a brief tour returned to Starfleet leaving the council as stewards of his realm. Returning to Illustrator Rov was named Chief Engineer. Within a year of returning to service his wife Novar would disappear while attending a conference on Andoria. Investigations found nothing and six months later she was officially listed as MIA. After this Rov transferred off of Illustrator and was assigned as Chief of Operations of Starbase 48. When the Dominion War broke out he was promoted and assigned as Commander of the Beta Ceti Magnus V Shipyards. At the end of the war Rov decided it was time to retire from Starfleet. This decision was aided by an Admiral's attempt to have him court-marshaled for striping his ship for parts in repairing other ships bound for the front lines. Rov returned to the Twin Moons of Jahavic in an attempt at a peaceful retirement. What he found was his council mired in scandal. He would spend the next three years reforming the council. After this he found he was no more willing to take on fully the role of Ishon than he had before. But, until his new council could prove itself his subjects would not accept him departing again. He would remain in the Catullan system for the next two years pursuing commercial interests. During his pre-academy career Rov had amassed a sizable fortune, though certain factors made this hard to access. With the ending of certain statutes of limitations he pooled these to start a starship design firm called Drodasha. The success of his early designs funded his own transport company, Twin Moons Transports. This led to his ambitious plan to design and build Warp 8 transports. He acquired the Ithenite shipbuilders Dayen Orbital Works and began work on the transport Lit By Moonlight. The ship was built and quickly broke speed records for a civilian ship of it's size. However Rov found only frustration in the ships early uses. It's speed meant little within the Catullan system. Most of the trade networks within the Federation were based around small transports hopping from one planet to the next. The ports of call with enough traffic to make use of her size were well claimed by established trade companies. Looking for undeveloped trade lanes he became aware of operations in the far distant Aegis Sector.
  5. Subject: Rov Biological: Male Catullan. Appearance: Rov is a retired Starfleet officer now owning and managing a cargo transport company and space construction firm. He has a limited partnership with a Ferengi mining operation now in the Aegis asteroid field. He designed and owns the cargo ship Lit By Moonlight. It is one of the fastest civilian cargo ships of it’s size. At nearly the size of a Galaxy-Class starship Lit By Moonlight can reach warp 8 at full capacity. It is operated by a mostly Catullan crew. The orbital construction firm Rov owns is comprised of mostly Ithenites. He acquired the firm when the former owner retired. Ithenites: Long time members of the Federation, they are very short by most humanoid standards and can be identified by their bronze to gold colored skin. (Seen on the TOS episode Journey to Babel) [Yes, Rov has Minions] Catullans: Humanoid species recognized by their multi hued hair. (Seen on the TOS episode Way to Eden.)
  6. As a very brief assistant engineer and long ago thorn in A9's side I'll have to see about dropping in as well.
  7. All investigations into the wiring failure have led to nothing, literally. If it had been simply age as suggested then the scans would have shown metal fatigue or corrosion or other aging effects. If it had been a short there would be thermal wear. If it had been physical damage then impact scars or markings. If it had been subspace fluctuations then there would be trace fracturing of the subatomic bonds. Seeing as scans have shown nothing then we are either dealing with a situation our scanners are not equipped to deal with or we have to rewrite the laws of physics. Either case is more serious then a simple annoyance. As for the system failures, I am in the process of running diagnostics for the second or third time. A minor chroniton reading was detected. It was my first theory that the ship's cloaking device may also be malfunctioning seeing as chronitons are normally associated with cloaking problems. If leaking chronitons had interfered with ships systems then it is totally possible that circuitry signals could have been "cloaked", altered, blocked, or otherwise rerouted to create system failures or corrupted data loops. The chief took my interest in those readings as jumping to some grand conclusion of hidden cloaking generators and conspiratorial agendas. Where he got that I've given up trying to figure out. The facts are the chroniton blips do not match the frequencies typically used by cloaking devices. While the Chief's assertion that this is simply background signals is probably true his lack of grasping the situation is leading me to run a scan of the cloaking device before ruling the theory out for myself. The Chief seems to believe the system glitches are nothing but bad data from the age of the ship. Preflight diagnostics before launch, and during and after the gel pack replacements, and after the first and second system failures should have caught this at some point. But, I am running the scans again, as ordered. I am taking it upon myself to personally physically scan one bank of isolinier chips. Once I confirm no problems with it I will run a secondary diagnostic of the diagnostic's program through it. This will take longer than normal but will make sure we are not using corrupted data to look for corrupted data. -end report
  8. "I said cut the red wire!"
  9. Thankfully the Manticore had stopped long enough for Rov's shuttle to catch up. He wasn't sure what was going on with the other ship but there was time enough for that later. Now onboard he was in his newly assigned quarters. Suddenly, the room reminded him of his old quarters on the Illustrator. It was a nagging feeling he'd had the second he'd stepped onboard the ship. This was his first shipboard posting in years. All the memories of that time started to comeback. Mostly, he rememberd the crew he'd worked with. He had lost touch with so many of them. Where was Dirk? Dragon, Nelar, Bravo, Driver, where had they all gone over the years? Where was Novar? He looked down at the leather band still on his wrist that Captain Kai had put on them both so many years ago. Did she still wear hers? Of all the women that had left him, Rov always figured she would be the one to return. That was probably why he had accepted starbase posts, so not to be hard to track down. But that seemed such a distant hope now. His wife's life had as many or more mysteries as his. Time would only tell if they would meet again. And time would see him meet new people as he did before. Edwards, Rios, and Shulu from Starbase 48 had actually stayed in some contact after the war. His staff at Ceti Beta Magnus V were a good lot too even is he didn't manage as close of a relation as he'd liked. He was their commander and they never had great dramatic moments to bind them together. A pitty, even though Rov did enjoy going for a couple of years without anyone shooting at him. This was a new beginning though. No pressures of rank at the moment. Pretty much no one knew where he was. He had time to visit with his daughter at the academy before leaving. Somehow that alone had given him a focus during this time of change that he'd never had before. Maybe perhaps he could end this next chapter of his life without murders, betrayels, abandonment, treason, or courtmarshel. Maybe.
  10. At the height of the Dominion War, Starbase 48.... "I'm sorry Commander, but the fall of Betezed has disrupted our supply routes in your sector. It will be a week before you'll have your parts." Rov scowled, "I'll make sure the Jem'Hadar know to expect them... since they'll probably be the ones in charge by the time they get here." The Admiral squared his shoulders. "Scavenge parts off any derelicts and keep the fleet running. Admiral Scotts out." Shaking his head, Commander Rov slowly looked over to the status board pulled up on his desk monitor. "Admirals," he grunted to himself. He had twelve ships in drydock waiting for parts. Four were going nowhere, their main reactors completely shot. For the fifth time Rov scrolled through the damage reports and material requisitions. He would have to sacrifice three of the ships to get just one operational again. Holding his head in his hand something glinted outside his office in orbit. The reflection of the nearby nebula danced across the gleaming sides of Admiral Shu'naka's flagship. Rov smiled. "Edwards! Get in here! I have an idea." later... Rov whistled merrily as he entered the drydock central command. Lt. Commander Edwards smiled as his commanding officer strode in. Lt. Rios glanced between them, attempting to restrain her grin. Rov turned to Rios, "Am I to understand that the LaRouche is testing the new warpcore settings today." Innocently, "Yes sir, just as ordered." "Good, good. Commander Edwards. Dispact a workbee with a class 3 tractorbeam....just incase there are any incidents." Edwards nodded, already having the small craft on standby. Rios, "Sir, they're started." Rov nodded, listening intently to the radio chatter now broadcasting throughout the command center.The low drole of routine commands was interupted by the splitting alarm klaxon. Now the comm was a little more lively. He could make out some of what was going on. "...Injectors locked!" "...bypasses not responding..." "...EPS pressure rising...." "....EJECT THE CORE!!" Rov, along with everyone else in the comand center looked out the large viewport towards the Admiral's flagship. There was a flash of light along the dorsal edge of the ship and then the whole of the warp core assembly shot out from the belly of the ship. Not saying a word Rov nodded to Edwards. "Retrieval operations underway." "Good, I'll be in my office." later... "As I informed your chief engineering, we retreaved the core but as regulations dictate we can not hand over any parts until they are processed and inspected." The Andorian Admiral barked from the desktop monitor, "That was 38 hours ago!" "Yes Admiral. But, we are also under parts rationing. Priority has been given to the ships with the highest combat ratings. I'm afraid all the Intrepid class ships will have to wait, even the Admiral's flagship." "I want my warp core back, NOW COMMANDER!" "I can't. It has already be disassembled." "WHAT!?!?!?!" "The Sarsfield has your Anti-matter injector. The Royal Oak will be installing the matter injector in the morning. Jupiter is having the reaction chamber fitted as we speak and the Kershaka is...." "WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! I've suspected you've been pilfering parts from my ship for the last six months...but this has gone Too Far!!! You will return all those parts to my ship AT ONCE." "No, I won't. You've been sitting on your blue butt for the last eight months. You've logged more hours in the officer's club than in deep space in that time. I'm sure if the Dominion does come here your crew will be perfect for repelling invaders since they must know every inch of that station by now. Rov out." He could see the Admiral's face go from blue to a dark purple and his mouth agape in a roar just as the channel closed. Letting a low sigh out, "Admirals". One month ago.... Rov sat in the defendants chair trying to look like he cared anymore. It took him years but Admiral Shu'naka had finally gathered enough evidence against Rov and it came down to this. The proceedings from here on out were mear formalities though. He had taken a deal to protect those that surved under him. It was his idea anyways and it was him alone that had sold the extra parts to a certain Orion of a wanted status in exchange for FTL conduits and a phaser coupling. "Commander Rov. This court has accepted the plea bargain. You are hereby demoted in rank to Ensign and we will be asking for your resignation. This court is adjurned." Rov now sat in the starport observation lounge. He wasn't sure where he was going from here. He was torn between a fear of waisting to nothing in some boring job on Earth, Vulcan, or some other mainstream world and a fear of being let loose unsupervised into the depths of space. Another fine mess he thought. "Enjoying the view?" Rov turned towards the voice. Another Admiral, great. "Errrr, yeah...something like that." "We never met and I didn't get a chance to thank you." "For what?" "Repairing the Jupiter. If you hadn't gotten those ships up and running Starbase 48 would of fallen. And, I'd never of made Admiral." "So, you're Captain Sullivan. Well...glad I could help. Goodbye." Rov turned his head back to his mindless starcounting. "You want back in?" "Errr?" "I've got a place for you back in the fleet. They made you resign. Nothing was ever said about your reapplication. You'll be starting all over again...which might not be a bad idea. It should also be a posting that will keep you out of the way until Shu'naka and his friends forget about you." "Oh and what lovely hole have you for me?" "USS Manticore. I believe you served under Atragon on Illustrator." Rov turned slowly. He thought hard for a second. Smiling, "Manticore you say. I think I could deal with surving under ol' Captain A9 again. I'm in." "Good, I'll get the paperwork started. Oh, and it's Admiral Atragon now." Sullivan smiled. ......Admirals, heaven help us all.
  11. =/\= / STARFLEET RECORDS-OFFICER'S BIO \ / -USS Manticore- \ \ SD: 0607.11 / ----------------------------------------------------- Name: Rov Race: Catullan Gender: Male DOB: N/A Appearance: Height: 1.8 meter Build: Wiry Hair: Shoulder length, Wavy, Multi-hued; Red with gold streaks Eyes: Multi-hued, light brown Social Status. Daughter: -Shirla Jovna DOB: 8602.13 Mother: Shreesha Jovna (deceased) Currently 4th year cadet at Starfleet Academy Son: -Kenum DOB: 8709.29 Mother: Jilsha (status unknown) Status Unknown. Wife: -Novar Status Unknown (MIA). Pre-Academy History: Rov was raised by Catullan monks on the mining moon of Moris, having no knowledge of any of his family. He spent most of his youth on the streets. Spent his early adulthood as a pirate. Had a change of heart and joined Starfleet to escape some of his old associates. Academy: Studied helm control and navigation, including in depth studies in Starship engineering. Minored in planetary sciences(geology, oceanography, hydrology). Special Skills/Knowledge: Learned a paralyzing method from Catullan monks, similar to a Vulcan neck pinch, but requires both hands free. Events from a presently sealed mission showed odd effects from psionic influences. Rov has been less then forthcoming with an explanation. Starfleet Career: 9509.15- Assigned- Asst science officer aboard USS Shiloh, but never made it to his post. After his disappearance, reappearance, and a short tribunal, all records of the events were sealed, except a note to keep Rov away from casual Cardassian contact. 9509.28- Re-assigned- Helm officer aboard USS Illustrator 9602.01- Promoted to Lt.jg. 9606.01- Promoted to Full Lieutenant 9610.17- Married Novar. 9610.17- Promoted to Lt. Commander 9610.24- LOA 9612.19- Returned to Active Duty 9612.19-Assigned Chief Engineer USS Illustrator *9812.25-Assigned Chief of Drydock Operations, Starbase 48 *0112.30-Promoted to Commander *0302.01-Assigned Commander, Beta Ceti Magnus V shipyards. 0607.01-Demoted to Ensign and forced to resign. 0607.11-Reapplication accepted, Rank Ensign. 0607.11-Assigned Assistant Engineer, USS Manticore (* = OOC, these are guestimates.) Official Reprimands: -Failure of Psychological Examination for Starfleet Entrance. -Misuse of ships systems -Allowing minor under his guardianship unauthorized access to ships systems -Unauthorized use of sidearm on ships systems. -Unauthorized modification of ships systems. (At about that point they made me Chief Engineer so I could get authorization) Courtmarshal hearing. -During the Dominion war while at Starbase 48 Rov "stold" the warpcore to Admiral Shu'naka's flagship in order to complete repairs to 4 other starships. (He had actually stolen nearly 40% of the ships core systems, but managed to replace most before anyone noticed.)The Admiral was notorious for remaining in port and his crew saw little action during the war. Because of a shortness of supplies Rov "procured" the needed parts from the Admiral's ship. It would not be until stardate 0604 that enough evidence could be brought to charge Rov with anything criminal. By that time Admiral Shu'naka had been forced to resign because of his inactions. Also, one of the Captains of the ships Rov repaired (Sullivan) was now an Admiral in Starfleet intelligence with some amount of pull. This kept Rov from doing any criminal time.This could not help the fact that some parts were sold to wanted criminals. So that none of his subordinates would face charges Rov pleaded guilty to reduced charges and received demotion to Ensign and was asked to resign. Admiral Sullivan then accepted Rov's reapplication and assignment to USS Manticore.
  12. It really depends on who you are simming with. When the hosts let you have alot of input, then Science and bridge posts are the best. When the hosts don't then get me as far from the bridge as possible, which would be engineering and medical. Security is always a good inbetween. I voted engineering cause there's always things to fix, even if you have to break them in the first place.