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  1. Don't encourage her Sam. That Kitty doesn't need anymore run-ins with drug trafficking.
  2. What is hope? Some would describe it as a wish or desire for something to happen others think about it as something we should not always believe in. Mona watched Shadow feeling that her explanations of hope were falling short. How do you describe something to a being that didn’t really have a concept of it? Mona turned her thoughts back to the away team for a moment and silently hoped that they would all be safe. She realized she was doing that more often nowadays, hoping for the crew. There was a time when she had no hope and yet now she had enough for an entire ship. Mona sat on the hospital bed working on mental exercises with her grandmother. Mona broke the connection suddenly and stared at Min, “This is hopeless. I will never be able to clear my mind with everyone’s thoughts running thru in here” She said as she pointed to her head. The older women nodded and gently said “Nothing is hopeless. The only time things are truly hopeless is when we want them to be. I hope my darling you don’t want this to be hopeless.” Mona stood up and began to pace the room. She still had to work very hard to try and control the many thoughts flying around in her head and most times she couldn’t do it for very long. The two women didn’t talk for a few minutes. Min sat on the bed calm and collected while Mona paced the room becoming more agitated by the moment. Mona walked to the door and looked out in the hallway. On the outside it was a cold sterile place, not to mention quiet. She hated it here and wanted out. She promised herself that after this she would never spend anymore time in hospitals. Mona turned around and faced her grandmother again. “Your right Min, nothing is ever hopeless. You want to know what I hope for?” Mona didn’t even give her a chance to reply before she continued. “I hope that someday I get out of this stupid hospital. I hope my brother suffers for what he did to me. I hope those stupid doctors realize what kind of curse they have given me. And most of all I hope these voices in my head go away someday.” Mona cut herself off as she began to once again hear the doctors down the hall talk about her. Min only watched her granddaughter, she understood where her anger was coming from but knew if Mona continued to focus on it, it would eat her up from the inside out. And Min knew the telepathy was already doing that. Mona began to cry silently as she watched her grandmother. “I’m sorry. I guess I am just scared because you’re right. If my anger doesn’t kill me then my mind will.” Min looked a bit surprised; she thought she had hid her thoughts deep enough. Mona continued “I can still hear them. Anyway I have changed my mind. All I hope for right now is learning to control my mind so I can stay with you.” Min collected the young frightened girl in her arms and slowly began to rock her. “Everything will be alright my love, just think good thoughts.” Mona shook her head slightly as she thought about the past. She wasn’t sure if Shadow completely understood hope, but she was sure he understood it enough to know it was a good thing. She knew the away team was up against a lot, but she had hope that they would be fine and do their job well.
  3. “Stormy Minds” Mona stood in sickbay with her hand on her forehead. Her mind was racing as she tried to control her thoughts. Shadow had let her know that the crew of the other ship was dead. She had been shocked to find out and also concerned for the Agincourt crew who were on the ship. When she contacted the bridge they seemed to be otherwise occupied. A dead end, but it wouldn’t be the first time and she was sure it wouldn’t be the last. She turned her thought back to Shadow. The pain and sorrow he was feeling was somewhat overwhelming. Mona had found that because of his energy and the fact that telepathy was easier for him that his emotions and thought hit her with more ferocity than other beings. At times it felt like someone throwing a tricorder at her head when she wasn’t ready. She rubbed her forehead again in the hopes that the dull throbbing might let up a bit. No such luck for her. As Mona began to try and block some of the sorrow that threatened to engulf her, she was suddenly hit again as a title wave of emotions came flooding into her mind. They would be expecting casualties any moment. Although she wanted to pry further and find out who it was she decided against it. No use in worrying they would find out soon enough who was hurt. She thought her time would be better spent in getting sickbay ready and keeping in contact with Shadow.
  4. Good idea. I knew they choose you to be in charge for a reason.
  5. They say it's your birthday...da dum dum da da...your gonna have a good time... I think you know they rest. Have a good one Kairi ::hands her a cupcake, a cookie, a bottle of romulan ale and a lollypop::
  6. We all bend the rules sometimes. Of course some of us do it better than others.
  7. I think the real question is do we want her back. She wasn't the nicest of guests.
  8. Thanks everyone. I think my family is finally comming around they got me action figures as a gift.
  9. Oh I remember that. Yes when Kansas tried to shoot us all (friendly altercation my foot.) :) Sounds like I am missing out on a lot. Can't wait to get back in a few weeks.
  10. And don't think just because it was your birthday you can slack off. Happy Birthday ::hands him a sickbay lollypop::
  11. Oh good, I was worried for a second there. Keep those quotes comming.
  12. Happy Birthday to a guy from the "left coast", a crazy col and a man who writes more logs for npc's than anyone I have ever seen. Hope you all have a great day ::hands each one a cupcake::
  13. Always Check you Pockets Mona stood in the small cell. She glanced around trying once again to find anyway out. It did not seem to be of any use, but maybe she might have something that could give her a bit of an advantage. Quickly she began to pull anything out her lab coat pockets that might be of use. “Lets take a bit of inventory… 1 tricorder.” She opened it and tried to get some readings. The tricorder screen was blank. “Damn it” She threw the useless piece of equipment across the room. “What’s next…1 phaser. I have a feeling this will be just as helpful as my tricorder.” She fired the phaser at a nearby wall. Nothing happened. “Fancy that another useless Starfleet issued piece.” She tossed it in the same direction as the tricorder. “And last but certainly not least. What doctor is complete without a hypospray.” Mona stared at the hypospray for a moment, trying to remember what was in its. “Oh yes, that lovely sedative I grabbed in case of emergency.” A smile crept across her face. She put the hypo back in her pocket. “I will save you for later.” Mona closed her eyes for a moment trying to find anyone’s thoughts. Her eyes quickly fluttered open and she hit her fist against the floor. “I can’t get a lock on anyone. Whoever is in charge of this ship we are on must have some sort of telepathic dampening field.” She let out a sigh. “So what do we have left, an impaired telepath with a crap phaser, a faulty tricorder and a sedative.” She shook her head as a small smile crept across her face. “Guess I will have to fight my way out.”
  14. Ok so really...Rieve and Murray get to fight it out American gladiator style and I get stuck in a cell for the next few days. Well at least I get feed right. Oh who am I kidding it is a poor trade off. ::shrugs:: Oh on a side note, did anyone notice the "all humans are beamed to the other ship" thing. I am not fully human so if that is one of the criteria, how the heck did I get affected? None of the other half and half's got violent. Wonder if that was planned or just a mistake?
  15. Oh how sweet Kansas, you like me, you really like me. Oh and by the way I also hit Kroells...I think, or at least I tried. ::evil laugh:: That is true we did get hit with that powder stuff, but I don't think it is that. Mainly because Kairi is not acting out of character, only I am. Needless to say it was a fun sim. Nothing like a bar fight in sickbay to shake things up.