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    USS Hood, USS Excalibur, IKC Qob/Lakota
  1. I will be there :P I just need to find a way from the airport to the Hotel, I thought the silly Hotels had service <_<
  2. I am not sure if I am going to be able to make it I have spent more then normal amount of money on my sick cat. Plus the plane ticket price has doubled! Unless anyone needs a roomie, I donno if I will have the funds.. unless OT comes my way. -T
  3. Presley's contemplations Presley wasn't completely sure what was going on, he did know that everyone was very excited and that the last station they were at was different then all the others they had visited in the past. For one thing the people there were dressed in a similar uniform as his mother’s and the other Non-Klingon crewmen on the ship. At first everyone was very excited, then that grew to frustration, which turned into drinking… which was some what how things went on the ship, everything ended up with a good drink. Presley had had the luck of getting a few drinks in when his mom wasn't looking. For some reason the mood on the ship had changed again once they left the station, all the Klingons were singing and in a very very good mood. All the others were very angry; he also noticed that his mom was acting a little crazier then normal. She had been staying up late at night and sending out numerous communications, which was odd in it self. She had never sent out any messages for as long as he could remember. Who was there to talk too really?! Everyone they knew was already on the ship. Presley decided to ignore it, nothing ever changes on the ship. He knew that everything was going to go back to normal in a few days. That this was nothing to get worried about.
  4. Random walked the decks of the Qob and felt the tears pour down her cheeks. She couldn’t believe they were being tossed out with no explanation at all. Why on Trill would they send *everyone* away, She should at least able to go back home to Trill. She was no citizen of Qo'noS, in fact the occasions her past hosts had been there they didn’t care for it, so she was pretty sure she was going to hate it too! Random entered her quarters, glances at Presley and then sat down at her desk. She needed to get help for Presley and herself, she decided to try speaking with people on Trill now since she hadn’t gotten any word back from the Federation or Starfleet. To: Ambassador Odan From: Random Perfect Subject: Citizen Request Star date: 1403.08 Director Odan, I am in desperate need of your help. I am an officer in Starfleet; I was originally posted to the U.S.S. Phantom Horizon. Due to circumstances during the battle above the planet Risa with a species I am not sure of, I was temporally placed on a near by Klingon vessel the IKC Qob, which coincidently holds the crew of the missing Federation ship the U.S.S. Lakota. From my understanding the Lakota was destroyed when both ships were transported to the Gamma Quadrant. It has taken a number of years to return to Federation space, but we have finally made it home. Once we reached a Federation space station we were informed we were declared dead a few years ago. This didn’t seem like a problem until the Federation has refused to grant us access to our basic rights, we are still classified as dead last I was told and were told to head for Qo'noS. This doesn’t bother the Klingon Crewmen, but Starfleet officers would like to return home. This brings to me why I have written you. I am in need of your help, as Ambassador of Trill I am begging you to help me return home, I am not only worried about myself, I have a son who has never stepped a foot on Trill. He needs to learn our culture and flush out any influence the Klingon’s have had on him. I also believe Trill would not want to abandon the symbiont Perfect on Qo’noS; the security of Perfect is at risk. I will be waiting to hear back from you as soon as possible, We have yet to reach Qo'noS and I hope to not have to stay long. Respectfully yours, Random Perfect
  5. it Looks like I will be going this year as well, I am Guessing that we are staying at the Embassy again? Also is their an Email listing out there yet or am I getting ahead of myself again ;)
  6. Here is the Meatloaf Recipe I have been telling people I would post. it's my Moms and makes 2 loaves, I freeze one for later I also use ground chicken, but it's just as good with beef :o Easy Pleasing Meatloaves 2lb Ground beef 1 Pkg (6oz) Stove top stuffing, any variety 1 cup water 2 Eggs, beaten 1/2 cup Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce, divided MIX all ingredients except 1/4 cup of the barbecue sauce SHAPE meat mixture into 2 oval loaves, side by side in a 13X9 inch baking dish. top with 1/4 cup of barbecue sauce. BAKE at 375 for 35 minutes or until center is no longer pink
  7. Undaunted Random laid on her bed in the guest quarters of the space station and looked out the window and smiled… Home. The stars looked breath taking; it was as if she was seeing them for the first time. Knowing they were some what familiar stars made them that much better. Random glanced over at the communications console and hoped there was an answer to her message she had sent to the Stations Captain. She wasn’t sure if internal transmissions were being blocked as well but she figured it couldn’t hurt to try. She had sent another formal request to speak to the Captain in hopes of being able to send outside message sooner. Random couldn’t stop smiling, she wanted to run around the station and scream out for all to hear her “home, home! I am home!” she also couldn’t wait to return to Trill. It had been years since she had been there and Presley had never been there. It was way over due for him to go there and learn who he really was, to cleanse him of that Klingon ship and the people on it. The thought of being on Trill again made her tummy flutter with excitement. Her plan was to go home and not leave it for a very long time. To sit under the sun and get a very bad sunburn that will make her mother scowl at her. It was odd that she would want to return there; once she was joined she wanted nothing more then to be in space, to leave Trill and know what was out in the universe. She had taken the short cut to get out there taking a non-commission post as a Yeoman, it was meaningful work and it got her out there and taught her the finer points of what it took to for someone to command others. It also showed her that she never wanted to be that high in rank, it stunk. . It had been a life time since she had been here and the thought of this station stopping her from making outside calls was starting to get her pissed off. She had never heard of a lock down for people who were on leave… how was it leave if you were locked down? Random glanced out her bedroom door at Presley’s; this whole mess was more unfair to him. He had never met his father and the male figures on the Qob were not her first choice in influencing him. He had spent way too much time with the Sons of Bch, either running from them, being picked on or what ever… He needed to be around Patrick and learn to be normal... Well as normal as he could be after everything that has happened. After take a few deep breaths, she calmed down and tried to focus on the good. She needed to think of the joy of being home and being free. She leaned over and grabbed a PADD and wrote up her resignation. Not planning on returning to the Qob or the Lakota... If they made a new one or not. She wasn’t even if there was new one now floating around in space to replace the old one. She tossed the PADD on the floor when she finished and closed her eyes; if she slept then the time would pass quicker…
  8. I seem to be having this problem to, I have uninstalled Java and reinstalled it. I seem to be having the problem only loging on through AOL. I have also updated AOL just incase... I can get in through IE but I still can't get in through AOL :P
  9. Happy Birthday Dac :P R