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    Star Trek, Babylon 5, Farscape, and even any new science fiction series that has no chance of topping the Big 3. Reading science fiction, writing science fiction, talking science fiction, thinking science fiction, dreaming science fiction. Fantasy's included too since it's just science fiction in the Mid Ages, right? ;) Oh, and simming!
  1. If you mean Red Star, it's starting in 3 minutes. I'm in the room now.
  2. ::Does a double take:: Sounds like we have some broken records around here. :lol:
  3. There you go, bigger. Honestly, get some eyeglasses. :lol:
  4. Better? :)
  5. Our best players are too busy trying to win the World Series. :D That's been around a lot longer than the sport's been in the Olympics.
  6. Babylon 5 is the greatest. Beats all the Treks hands down. Well, TNG is kind of close. :lol: And there could very well be a feature film in the works, so I'm pumped for the return. The first two seasons of Farscape were great, but it took a turn south from there. Too bad Sci Fi axed it. And the original Star Wars trilogy.
  7. ^ Has a lot of opinions on people. :D
  8. ^ types "aboot" in sims. :mellow:
  9. ::Raises eyebrow:: Who's performing the medical examinations over there? :mellow:
  10. You can't knock the Godfather. It's probably just short of the LOTR trilogy as my all-time favorite film. And Brando fit the role perfectly. Little wild behind the scenes, but a great actor. :mellow:
  11. Jami and I are also pleased to announce the graduation of Cadet Miral Paris to the rank of Ensign. Shield modifications, deflector dish bubbles, and ships being torn apart by nebular turbulence--the stuff of engineers, and Mr. Paris, as assistant engineer, showed tonight that you don't even need to be the chief of all of that fun stuff to warrant graduation. :P Congratulations Miral, and may your career in space be successful, productive, and above all, fun!
  12. Better late than never. :P Jami and I are pleased to inform you that Cadet McNight graduated from the Academy one week prior to tonight. His piloting skills helped him land a shuttle in a swamp (not an easy task), and he tried his best to wrest it free of the tentacled swamp beast that took ahold of it. Most importantly, he followed the actions and worked superbly with his sim mates to help resolve the evening's problems. Congratulations Arian, and may your career in space be successful, productive, and above all, fun!
  13. Well, isn't "Picard Syndrome" the 24th century name for what happened to Sisko? :P
  14. I think Images is referring to the two Klingon intruders.
  15. Actually, we do have ourselves an armory crewman. And a weapons expert who can probably work with our engineers to get some security systems installed. Aside from that, we can assume there are some NPC's running around. Anyone can write a log for them. ;)