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  1. On this half lit day With your crown beneath your wings Ev'ry word just echoes And the empty world sings The graceful lines of the Albion glinted under the lamps of the dry dock facility. Utility bots buzzed, and shuttles ferried supplies and crew towards the newest of the NX-class starships. The shuttlepod carrying her new master approached slowly, letting the full view of her bow fill the panorama of the view port. When he'd lost his command of Challenger it seemed no ship would ever look the same as she had when he first laid eyes on her circling the red-iron sandscape of Mars, but now as he approached the glimmering hull of the Albion his heart skipped a beat. True he'd been master of the Challenger, but he knew in his heart it was never his. The Albion though, she belonged to Neptune to shape into his own vessel. There was a sort of excitement in him now that had been absent for so very long. The cares of the war, and the pain of being stranded on Earth while his friends and colleagues went off to fight seemed to melt away with the anticipation of shaping the future of Earth as command of the Albion. “We're on final approach now, Sir,” the voice of his pilot interrupted the train of thought. “Of course, signal the bridge I am on my way.” “Understood.” The shuttlepod continued her approach and docked along the waiting starboard airlock. Standing from his seated position, and in dress uniform, Neptune moved towards the opening doors. The bosun whistle followed “Captain on Deck!” cried the Chief of the Boat as Neptune's first first steps fell gently on the gleaming, waxed deck plates of the NX-26, and the assembled crew took a sharp attention in unison. “As you were,” Neptune said in a slightly raised voice so they'd all hear him. The crew resumed their at ease posture, looking on to the man who would command them. “COB,” he said warmly. “You've done an excellent job.” “Thank you, sir.” The COB said with a proud expression. “I expect you'll want to take a look around?” “That would be satisfactory,” Neptune said, motioning for the COB to lead the way. -- As the tour ended, Neptune found himself on the bridge of the Albion for the first time, perched in her command chair,which for some reason, felt more comfortable than Challenger ever had—a new model perhaps? Regardless, the Albion felt like home already. Looking at his bridge crew, he smiled. His helmsman was a young ensign fresh from the academy. He looked to be in his early twenties, and from the American northeast—from his accent. His communications officer was a linguistics specialist whom he'd met a few years prior when he was still on the Challenger in that same role. He'd only met his science and engineering chiefs in passing, but he'd have more time to meet them on the way to their first destination. And then there was Bill Gamble, his first officer and Security Chief/Tactical officer. He'd known Bill for nearly three years now off and on, and the two worked well together. In fact, Bill had been his first choice as XO for Challenger but the admiralty had killed that idea in favor of Giovanni, who himself ended up as Commanding Officer of Challenger. “Captain,” Bill said from behind the Tactical console. “We're cleared for departure, all hands and supplies have been brought aboard. The last shuttle pod just cleared the dock.” “Excellent,” Neptune said standing from his chair. “Activate running lights and clear all moorings and retract docking clamps.” “Moorings cleared, retracting docking clamps. We are free to navigate.” “Ahead full thrusters.” Outside the sparkling hull, now lit by running lamps slowly lurched forward under her own power, clearing the dry-dock facility. “Bring impulse engines on-line, set course for the Asteroid belt. Ahead full. Once we've cleared the asteroid belt, lay in a course for the Ventax system, Warp 3.” “Aye, aye Captain.” And the impulse engines came to life, surging the Albion forward. And so the mission began, and an empty world sang with hope.
  2. Author's Note: Set a few months after Neptune left Challenger Captain Neptune Rex stood on the observation tower of the Earth Orbital Dry Dock faciliy. It had been a few weeks since he'd been released from the UE Medical facility in Brussels, and he was just starting to regain his strength—physically anyway. Losing his command had been difficult—even if he'd never wanted it in the first place; but with the war on, he felt simply helpless. “Captain Rex,” the sound of a familiar voice echoed behind him. “Admiral Thompson,” he said turning his head for a moment to look at his superior officer before looking back to the NX-class ship being constructed. “Something I can help you with?” “Honestly” she said placing a hand on his shoulder and joining him at the floor-to-ceiling windows. “I was about to ask you the same question. “I understand the staff at Brussels have cleared you for active duty again,” she paused a moment and took her hand off his shoulder, neatly folding both of her arms behind her back. “I am sorry we took you off the Challenger but we couldn't afford to have it tied up here while you were recovering—if your recovered. It's just...” “I know...the war.” Thompson offered a tender smile before continuing. “We need every ship we can out there...those Romulan bastards just keep hitting us...and we can't do anything about it.” “I just wish I was out there,” he pointed to the stars, “doing something to help.” “That's kind of why I came to see you,” Thompson said, looking at the gray-haired Captain. “Just like we couldn't afford to have Challenger tied up at Earth, we can't afford to have you tied up either.” For the first time in what seemed months, there was a glimmer of hope in the worn eyes of the former master of the NX-05. “What do you have in mind?” “I want you to finish the mission you started with the Challenger,” she said resolutely. “We need every ally we can get in this fight, and your experience still makes you the best man for the job.” “Wonderful,” Neptune said returning to the glass. “But I don't have a ship.” “True,” Thompson said with a Cheshire grin. “I however do have a ship.” “Oh really?” “It is my duty to inform you, Captain Neptune Rex, that you are here by ordered and expected to take command of the UES Albion NX-26, recently launched from Utopia Planetia. She's on her way to Earth to pick up captain and crew.” “So I don't get to choose my first officer?” “Oh I don't think you'll want too.” Neptune lifted an eye brow. “I won't...” “As I recall you wanted Bill Gamble as your XO on Challenger, correct?” “Yes...” “Well then, you shouldn't have any complaints.” Grinning from ear to ear Neptune nodded. “Nope, If you'll excuse me Admiral, I believe I have some packing to do.” “Of course, Captain.” Neptune started walking off towards the location of his temporary quarters, stopping a few feet away. “Thank you, Scarlett.” “You're welcome Neptune,” Thompson said smiling warmly. “And this time...” “Yes?” “Try not to get lost or put in stasis your first few missions, okay?” “Is that an order?” Neptune said smiling widely again.
  3. Mission Brief: The Fungal incident well behind them, the Challenger crew, lost in space, continues on its course towards home. 042207.txt
  4. Mission Brief:Leave on the planet continues, get what supplies you need, it could be a long trip back to civilization! 031107.txt
  5. Mission Brief: Challenger has detected a busy space port and is making its way towards said space port. 022507.txt
  6. This Week On Challenger Challenger has detected a larger and rather busy spaceport in the vicinity. In need of supplies, and more information about the area around them, they've headed towards the spaceport where they've been given clearance to dock. Captain Rex has given the crew general leave to investigate the planet and acquiesce supplies and information. He's also issued a stern warning for anyone who gets a shuttle pod towed.
  7. The Challenger crew has managed to determine that they have exited the wormhole somewhere on the otherside of what they believe to be Romulan space and have pointed themselves in the general direction of Earth. 021807.txt
  8. The Challenger crew has managed to determine that they have exited the wormhole somewhere on the otherside of what they believe to be Romulan space and have pointed themselves in the general direction of Earth.
  9. And you can't forget the ever popular Challenger UES Challenger: Reaching for the Stars Email the Co for more Info!
  10. MISSION BRIEF: Where oh where has the little Challenger gone, oh where oh where could it be. 012107.txt 012107.pdf
  11. Mission Brief: The Dameon's gave us an hour to prepare to surrender. We all know that's going to happen....riiiigggghhhhtttt. 011407.txt 011407.pdf
  12. Mission Brief: With the Dameons at our front door, we ponder our situation and choices. The Dameons gave us an hour to think it over. 010707.txt 010707.pdf
  13. The UES Challenger will not be running on December 24 and 31 due to the holidays. Though players wishing to gather informally are welcome to do so. Have a safe and happy Holiday Season.
  14. Mission Brief: Having sent a sample of the green substance to Challenger for further analysis, the away team continued to attempt to get the communications array back on-line and to determine why it had stopped working. After several attempts to access the data logs failed, the team beamed back to the ship. On the bridge, sensors have detected a reoccurring blip that appears to be moving towards us. 121706.txt 121706.pdf
  15. The following positions are available on UES Challenger for immediate assignment: Assistant Engineering Officer Assistant Medical Officer Assistant Science Officer Assistant Security Officer Navigation If you have graduated STSF Academy, and would like to fill a position on Challenger, contact STSF Personnel by email, [email protected]. If you have any questions about the ship, feel free to send private messages to either GM -- the CO, Captain Neptune Rex, or the XO, Cmdr. Sergio Giovanni. The latest roster and plot summaries are available on our website All are welcome to watch our sim on Sundays at 11PM ET.