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  1. The young officer in his quarters struggles with the sounds of screaming, sensation of fire, and the image of the Reant going through his mind again and again not nowing what it all means. He finds himself, cut and bleeding badly, in a small lobbey which now resembles as if it were a miniture version of Hell. He gets up after being knocked out by a blast of unknown origin. He looks around on the ground to fortunetly to find a PADD with Starfleet Academy information on it. He then runs out side to find the outpost in flames and blood. Phasers can be heared in the background as he runs to the nearest evacuation building. While he's trying to evade any conflict he runs into a some what familar face. It was his childhood friend Han'on, but he haden't seen him since he entered the academy. "You alright Mitch? I was trying to get to you when all this went down." Mitch look at his friend with confusion, "Why, what's happening? Who's doing this?" Than all of a sudden a near by buildling explodes and Han'on yells, "NO TIME! RUN!" Both men begin to run down the street to the evacuation building. Just before they get there a man comes out of no were and shoots Han'on in the chest. He falls down to the ground like a rock as the man comes to attack Mitch. Mitch struggles with the man for about a minute and manages to grab his phaser and fires at the man at blank range. The man desenergrates right in front of Mitch who now has a shocked face on him. He drops the phaser and checks on his friend who is struggling to breath. "Don't worry Han, we'll get you fixed up and you'll be fine." His friend says something faint which could only be concidered a whisper and dies right in his hands. Johnson yells out in pain in his quarters and falls out of bed and begins to struggle to breath. He taps his comm badge and calls for sick bay than losses consensious. OCC: This is my last post for a while guys. I would like to thank each of you for the great times we've had and I hope to be back as soon as possible.
  2. Engineer's Log Stardate 0704.26 With the help from the engineering crews from our allies, we've managed to restore power to the warp core, however, we can only operate at a maximum of 55%. To be on the safe side, both Scherer and myself have agreed to lower the power levels to 45% and not exceed 50% unless absolutely nessesary. Other than the fact of the constent repairs to the Reaent, I've taken time to review the situations that have taken place over the past few weeks. Starfleet should have new regulations conserning medical and command operations and I believe I've struck apon an idea that my prove quite effective. End Log
  3. Engineer's Log Stardate 0704.19 The last twenty-four hours have been nothing but simple on the Reaent. Medical and engineering teams from the two Federation starship that came to Reaent's aid in the nick of time have been working around the clock to restore the Reaent into good working order. Here are activities in the past day: Hour One: Scherer and I gave the Engieering teams a full report on all of Reaent's systems and as soon as we were done they all went about their routine. Scherer told me it would be best if I reported to sickbay to get patched up and whatever else was nessesary and take in a long required rest. I arrived in sickbay which was needless to say a reck, but sure enough there was a team of engineers on the job. The EMH was running and took care of my injeries and then released me. Hour Two: I returned to my quarters and collapsed on my bed like a rock. Hour Eleven: I woke up to find my uniform a mess and my quarters to be a reck. I was oblivous to the fact when I came in to sleep. I jumped in the sonic shower, put on a new uniform, and organized my quarters as best as I could before returning to duty. Hour Twelve: I returned to Science Lab Three as it was still acting Main Engineering. I found that Scherer was not present, I guess he had gone off to bed too during my absense. The engineering crews had managed to restore life support and power systems to operating levels. I jumped in and continued to work for what would seem the longest time. Hour Twenty: Scherer had come back about three hours before and helped my with the restoration proccess of the secondary systems. Hour Twenty-Two: After stabalizing the secondary systems, Scherer and I made our way down to Main Engineering to find it striped from wall to wall. Engineering crews had been going through the department centimeter by centimeter, replacing data chips and power relays. Scherer and I got down to business like always. Hour Twenty-Three: Scherer returned to Science Lab Three and left me to continue working in Main Engineering. Hour Twenty-Four: I'm currently in Main Engineering and I've got to say, "What a day." End Log
  4. As he sits down at the warp control interface with his head down and arms crossed, he taps the log entry button on a nearby interface and begins speaking in an exhasted voice due to his injeries and lack of sleep. "Engineers Log, Supplamental. Our attempt to escape the Romulan Raptors by restoring power to the warp core has failed and further damage is the result, on both ends. The Warp Core is now damaged beyond repair, the impulse engines are operating at only half power, our shiled grid was destryoed near the begining of the battle, and our weapon systems are still operational for the time being. Apart form the Warp Core still being intact, Main Engineering has been nearly destroyed by the damage caused by the hull breaches that were caused by Romulan Torpedos. All control interfaces are fused and loseing power, also there are pices of hull and glass scatered all over the floor along with smoke from the fires I've had to extenguish and spraks flying out from the circut wires. It's only a matter of time before Main Engineering becomes unaccessable. I have no choice but to transfer what control I have left to the main bridge and remaining nonessential power to life support systems. This will be my first time of the bridge apart from the time I was in the Holodeck. I just hope it won't be my final visit. End Log." He sturggles to get up and as he does, he looks around a what was once his home. The place he was ment to be, now it's all but gone. He struts past the center control table and to the main display which is flickering on and off. He turns around to take one finaly look. "Computer, transfer engineering control to the bridge and nonessential power to Life Support systems. Authorization Johnson 29 Omaga Alpha." The computer responds with a distored voice. "T-t-t-ransf-f-f-er in p-p-p-progre-re-re-s-s." The control interfaces and lights in Main Engineering begin to dim and go offline when the computer responds with a dead-like voice. "T-t-t-tra-ansfe-r-r com-m-m-m-ple-e-e......" The computers voice goes dead as he walks out of Main Engineering for what may be the last time.
  5. Captain Michaels enters Main Engineering finding it to be covered with derbie from the celling and computer consols as well as smoke and electric discharges going off left and right. He looks around to see if he can find anyone. After a minute he calls out: Michaels: Mr. Johnson!?!? The captain waits about ten seconds when a Jeffries Tube hatch opens and Lt.jg. Johnson crawls out with an engineering tool kit. As he gets stands up the captain notices his uniform is ragged and he has a large cut above his left eye. Michales: Johnson your bleeding. Johnson: I'm all right captain. Michales: No your not. The captain grabs an emergency med kit from Scherer's office and takes it to Johnson. He pulls out a medical tissue generator and begins to heal Johnson's wound. Johnson: I told you I'm fine. Michales: Not with me as your doctor, now hold still. Besides, with 1Lt. Scherer in Sick Bay your the only real engineer I got. Johnson: Aye sir. Michales: So, how is he? Johnson: Fine. He should be back up and about in a day or so. The captain finishes his treatment and places the generator back in the medical kit and sets it aside. He turns to Johnson and says: Michales: Well, if it isn't good news I don't even want to hear it. Johnson: Then I'm afraid your not going to listen. Looks like we're back to square one. The damage from the Romulan Raptors has critacly damaged the ship. We are functioning under axilery power and we have three major hull breches on the lower saucer section, neck section, and another just off our port side. Michales: Are they secure? Johnson: For the moment. I've managed to transfer emergency power the the structual integrity grid and errect emergency force fields around those sections. Michales: And our primary shields? Johnson: Gone. The grid was completly destroyed by the attack. If we go back there it would mean sending us to our deaths. The captain looks down to the controls with an agitated look. He looks up at Johnson. Michales: How about weapons? Johnson: I might be able to give you a few weak phaser shots and a few photon torpedos, but that's about it. Michales: And the warp core? Johnson looks over at the core and his previous readings. Johnson: I need to find a way to stabalize the antimatter containment filed before we can even bring the core back online. However, there might be additional damage that I'm not aware of and could result further damage to the ship or the core. The captain walks towards the core the looks up. Michales: But if we stay here it could mean trouble if the Romulans decide to come after us. Johnson: That is true captain. Michales: Well I've been around the block a few times and I know when to take certain chances. Let's get this core back up and running. Johnson: Us? Michales: Of coruse. Two heads are better than one and it's been awhile since I've gotten my hands dirty tinking with starship repair. Both men smile and get down to work.
  6. Duty Log Stardate 0307.08 With most of the repairs completed, those which were capable of being repaired, life in engineering seems to be returning to normal as well as other departments around the ship seeing how the confrontaion with the NX-Class starship is over. I've been informed that 1stLt. Scherer's recovery is going well and should be back on duty rather soon. I've taken the liberty of fileing a report to the captain on what further repairs are to be nessesary when we reach the nearest Starbase. End Log Personal Log Stardate 0307.08 It is with a good sigh of relief that the chaos of my first mission in starfleet is drawing close to an end. I'm also relived to hear that 1stLt. Scherer is making a recovery and should be out and about in no time. Thank God. I've had more than my share of engineering detail since his absence. After everying is said and done I'm taking a long, hot bath and have a feast fit for a king. Here's to the start of my career in Starfleet. End Log
  7. Duty Log Stardate 0107.13 The procedure to eraticate the unkown particles that were emited by the NX class starship was a complete success, however, as perdicted the power surge caused an overflow of power in the port nessel where Chief Engineer Scherer was monitoring the flow when most of the control consols overloaded and caused an explosion that put him into a state of shock with third and second degree burns. He's been taken to sickbay where he remains under intensive care. This result has left me no choice, but to take tempary command of the engineering department until Schere recovers from his accident. Since taking command of engineering, I've put the crewmen to work at restoreing primary power to vital systems accross the ship. So far the following systems are functioning at the current efficency: Life Support-95%, Enviornmental Control-97%, Gravity-100%, Internal Communication-100%, External Communication-65%, Shields-82%, Phasers-68%, Photon Torpedos-N/A, Long Range Sensors-33%, Short Range Sensors-76%, Transporters-84%, Impulse Engines-91%, Warp Engines-N/A. Only little more repair efferts can be commenced at this point; for all ship systems to be restored to full power the ship will need to seek repairs at a starbase. End Log Personal Log Stardate 0107.13 I'm in a state of uncertinty. With Chief Engineer Scherer in sickbay and the Reaent facing a dilema which I have little knowledge about, it's becoming extreamly difficult to think straight. Only few months out of the academy and now I have to run engineering nearly alone and the capatin and commander are breathing down my neck as I try to get the ship back into order. The only thing I can do is do my best and try and balance everything out before something unpresnented happens.
  8. Duty Log Stardate 0107.11 Due to the events that have recently accured, we are forced to risk the ship in order to expel the unkown articles that were transmitted via the energy beam from the enemy NX Class starship. I've cordinated with Scherer and the engineering crewmen to prepare all stations for what may be the biggest ship wide system restart procedure ever comenced. End Log Personal Log Stardate 0107.11 After finishing the preperations for the procedure I took a brief walk around the ship, trying to reflect on the situation. I walked into what I thaught was an empty ten-forward until I heared a voice from behind me, "Shouldn't you be down in main engineering ensign?" I turned to see that the captain was siting at a near by table. I walked over and sat with him and asked him what he was doing down here, he responed, "It's tradition that captains tour their ships before a major battle." We talked about the choices we make and I told him, "The choices we make are simple, it's how we act on them is what's difficult." I left without another word.
  9. Duty Log Stardate 1012.06 For reasons unkown, the ships engings and sensors have gone offline. After a few failed procedures to try and correct the problem, I now have no alternative but to start from square one and work with what little information I have. End Log
  10. Duty Log Stardate 1006.05 After leaving the starbase, the Reaent recived new orders from StarFleet Command to procced to the Neutral Zone while under code two alert. As the leading engineering officer on duty at the time, I was ordered to modify the sensors to scan for cloaked vessels, Romulan in particular. Since then, the engineering staff and myself have worked on end for nearly ten hours and we've managed to improve the sensor array to detect anti-protons that are or have been present in the vasinity in the past three hours. End Log Personal Log Stardate 1006.05 I never would have gussed that my first offical mission in my StarFleet career would involved with the Romulans. Perhaps I'll have one of the shortest life spans in my peoples history. After working for nearly ten hours on the sensor array, I could use some rest, but that is going to be out of the question as we are at a code two alert which I've been informed is only active in a time of war. How I could use my peoples wisdom at a time like this. End Log
  11. Duty Log Stardate 0906.11 After graduating from Starfleet Academy I've been assigned to the U.S.S. Reaent as an Assistant Engineer. After arriving aboard the Reaent from a twenty hour shuttlecraft ride with another graduate who was assinged as a Science Officer to the Reaent, I went through a minor medical examination before reporting for duty in Main Engineering where Chief Engineer Aaron Scherer had me conduct tests on the shield and operations systems. Since then, we've been working to repair what we can before arriving at the nearest Starbase. It seems that the Reaent will need an engineering crew from the station to come on board and help with a few of the more serious problems. End Log Personal Log Stardate 0906.11 I'm finaly relived to have been assinged to a starship since my graduation from the Academy. I'm really looking forward to my service aboard the Reaent, as it was my first choice, and making some new friends. I also met a new crew member who joined me aboard the shuttlecraft that we used to get to the Reaent. His name is Sebastian Gray and he works in the science department. I hope that he and I will help eachother out until we both get a feet nice and wet. I've also meet my department head Aaron Scherer who seems like a nice guy, but I still got to work with him a bit more before I understand how he operates. On a more personal note, I've had a strange sensation lately that I'm being watched. As if someone or something was following me, but then again it just could be in my head from all the excitment. End Log
  12. STARFLEET GALACTIC DATABANK BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION SUBJECT: Ensign Mitch Johnson GENERAL INFORMATION: Name: Mitch A. Johnson Gender: Male Age: twenty-one Species: 75% El-Aurian/25% Human Height: 5'10" Weight: 140 lb. Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Dark Green Skin Color: White, Tan Place of Birth: North America, Terra Telepathic Status: None SERVICE INFORMATION: Rank: Ensign Position: Assistant Engineer Assignment: U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-G Awards: None TRAINING: Mitch Alexander Johnson enroled in Starfleet Academy at the age of eight-teen and had recently graduated at the age of twenty-one without incident. During his time at the academy he studied in Engineering with a paticular interest in Theoretical Procedures. He has been recently assined to the U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-G as an Assistan Engineer. MEDICAL HISTORY: Johnson's genetic traits were a subject of question for the first eight-teen years of his life. As being part Human and part El-Aurian his lifespan was uncertain until four years ago when part of his genetic make-up trigured an effect that caused his "internal clock" so to speak, to slow down and it was determined that he would live a rather long lifespan, but not as long of that of an El-Aurian. It has been caculated that Johnson will live to see the age of five-hundred. Other then his genetic traits, he is in excelent shape. SERVICE RECORD: Stardate 0608.31---Completion of Education at Starfleet Academy Stardate 0609.01---Promoted to the Rank of: Ensign By: Captain Dacotah Starfleet Academy - San Francisco, Earth Stardate 0609.07---Transfered to: U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-G Commanding Officer: Captain Fred Michaels -=FILE CLOSED=-
  13. Boy: Oh lord, thank you for all things, thank you for.................... Dog: If I do everything like they do, one day I might learn how to drive
  14. Oh okay. Cause I emailed my application in last Thursday and it just seemed so long I had to ask.
  15. How long dose it take for the STSF Staff take to post a newly graduate to an advanced sim?