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  1. I use a Chromebook so I've had to do this for awhile but I hear that Chrome on Windows doesn't play nice now with the chatrooms. Here's a way to access the mobile client through Chrome. 1. Go to the chatroom tab on the main page, http://www.stsf.net/chats.php 2. Right click on the page and select Inspect Elements or ctrl+shift-i. 3. If you do not have a window at the top of the page that says Device, click on the icon along the middle control bar that looks like a phone. Should be right beside the magnifying glass. 4. In the Device panel click Select Model and choose a device with a large screen size. 5. Click on "Click Here to jump straight into STSF's chat room system and start simming! 6. Click on the center icon that says click to start chat room You're now in the mobile client. One word of advice about that is make sure you sign directly into the chatroom you want as I've not seen how to navigate between chartooms once in.
  2. A Short Trip To A Long Walk -or- Specters in the Mist It only took moments to travel the 3 decks from Medical to the CnC but that was more than enough time to go over the scant data they had so far. Kallah Ramson did just that, reviewing the pieces to this puzzle while the decks zipped by. They had a Horta in medical who had just given birth to a single egg. She had come on board from the doomed Pakled ship though they seemed to know nothing about it. They were more interested in rocks, though it was totally possible they simply mistook the Horta for just another rock. The Horta had identified its homeworld and it lay right at the location the Pakleds had traveled through the nebula. This nebula had been visited by more than one ship for unknown reasons. What Kallah pondered on most was what role each of these played. Pakleds were known to abduct people to gain technology but a Horta was not a typical target. She wondered if they could have actually contained the Horta seeing they couldn't even keep the ship itself together. There wasn't enough left of the Pakleds’ ship to check on that. The nebula they were investigating was nothing out of the ordinary. It lay within the old borders of Breen territory. Other than an initial scouting by the USS Yorktown three years ago, it had warranted little attention until now. As the turbolift doors opened, Commander Ramson saw images of the nebula in question floating on the viewscreen display. Perhaps the probe they had sent would answer some of these questions. The answer of what to do with that information would have to come from elsewhere.
  3. As the main screen on the CnC cleared after the conversation with Mr Roberts most of the officers returned to their ongoing assignments. Commander Ramson however felt a level of concern from one officer. “Mr Lawliet, if you have a moment.” She walked past him and towards her office. Lawliet followed the new station XO into her office. A lot had happened over the past few days. The Captain unexpectedly left and with all the changes, he could only feel something was going to happen...and soon. Entering the office the lights raised to a low but acceptable level. Accent lights fell upon the rug which designated Ramson’s work area and the far corner of floor pillows around a short round table. Bypassing the former Kallah moved to the far corner. She gently knelt down to sit. Shifting her legs to the left Kallah rested her right side and arm on the pillow. Motioning for him to have a seat, “To answer your curiosity first, I knew about the Horta because medical is only a few decks above us and you all were making quite a racket, telepathically speaking.” Ramson smiled. “And, if you were unaware I am empathic, though Minaran telepathy works a little different than most. But, I can definitely tell you are worried about keeping the Horta confined in medical.” “I’ve made it a point to never intrude on others thoughts...that is to say willingly.” Lawliet took a seat across from Ramson. “It’s even more difficult reading others who have empathic or telepathic abilities.” “With Minarans that is much like asking most people to go without sight. But, we can also sense the desire for privacy and try to respect it. What did you sense though from the Horta?” Lawliet took a moment to process his thoughts. “It was...complicated. The Horta wasn’t able to communicate effectively like you and I, but ‘she’ expressed a great deal of discomfort. I suppose that makes sense considering how just seconds later she laid an egg.” Kallah smiled softly, “I can imagine. And the drive to protect that new life was also strong. Anything else after that?” “No. While it is ultimately Doctor Pavilion’s call on rather or not the Horta can be released, I strongly advise relocating it to its planet of origin. Seeing how there will be an infant on the way, its best chance of survival is in its own habitat.” Lawliet said plainly. “I agree. As soon as the good Doctor clears her patient we can make those arrangements. We do need to make sure that is what the Horta wishes. We also have to consider that it is a witness in it’s own abduction and may need to be questioned.” Ramson shifted slightly in her reclined position. “Which, brings us to another matter. Engineering has launched a number of probes across the sector. Scientific…. for the most part. There is however one probe soon to enter a nebula which the Pakleds stopped off at for a prolonged period. We are considering this is where they obtained the Horta or at least offloaded cargo for some unknown reason.” Ramson looked down briefly in thought. “Do you consider yourself capable of asking the Horta questions about this?” Lawliet locked eyes with Ramson. “Of course, but I can’t guarantee anything solid. While the Horta can communicate, it’s part intelligence and part animal instinct. Aside from that, tell me more about this probe. What makes you think it’ll be able to get accurate scans from the nebula?” “Engineering used a bit of their magic to boost the probes effectiveness. But, we don’t really know what is inside the nebula. If it is hiding something illicit then there’s probably a good reason they are using it to hide in. We may not get much information. I need science however to go over everything we do get. The probe feed is being sent to science, though you may want to check with SubCommander tr’Korjata and make sure he’s sharing all the data like I asked him to.” Lawliet nodded. “I’ll get right to it. While I’m looking over the probes sensor telemetry, I’ll have Ensign Tarisa look into the nebula. Cross checking both will help me determine if there is anything in there. “ “Good” Kallah lifted herself off the floor pillow into a more proper seated position, her legs neatly tucked beneath herself. “Then, once we have some information about the nebula and the Horta has rested I would like you to ask her if she remembers how she got here.” Taking a slightly more serious tone, “And don’t dismiss the Horta’s intelligence. We had one serving in the science department when I was on the Excalibur. I wish we could use the same translator matrix we used there but, much like my own psionic verbalizer,” Ramson lightly tapped the small device on the side of her head, “it takes training for the speaker to use.” Lawliet got to his feet. “It will take some time for the computer to process the telemetry. I’ll make the Horta my top priority and report my findings once I have them.” “Thank you for your efforts, and your concern.” Ramson nodded. “I’ll await your report.” She smiled and nodded again. Lawliet simply nodded his head and walked out back into the CnC.
  4. Kallah Ramson sat upon a short dais in the corner of her new office. The platform stood barely above the floor, covered by a rug of Orion design. A low bookshelf ran behind this for the length of the wall. Along the curved glass wall that looked out onto the Commerce Zone hung thin curtains. Their patterns were of Minaran origins but in color and style complimenting the Orion rugs and tapestries adorning the room. Minaran floor pillows filled out the rest of the space. The only break in this theme was the replicator station across from where Ramson sat. There she sat, seiza style. A small device in front of Ramson projected upward a holographic desktop. Starcharts, reports, and schedules floated on its transparent ethereal surface. A line of PADDs sat in a cradle to her right. To her left was a tray holding a pot of steaming water, a small cup, and a dish of fragrant tea. At the other end of the office a young women knelt before the bookshelf, taking books out of several boxes, paging through each one before placing it on the shelf. She was not dressed in Starfleet attire but wore a loose golden robe. Her features looked remarkably like Ramson’s, though several years younger. A soft chirp from the doorway drew the attention of both from their work. “Come,” Ramson said. Jylliene entered and smiled as she looked around. "Commander," she greeted. The décor reminded her much of what she had seen on the Aegean. For that matter, answering to Ramson reminded her of the same - like going back to the first days of her posting. "You wished to see me?" “Yes I did.” Kallah glanced over to the woman tending to the books. “If you could give us a moment.” The woman nodded and vanished in a holographic haze. Ramson looked back towards Kital. “As you’ve noticed there’s been a bit of shuffling of positions lately. The SubCommander has moved his primary duty station to the shipyard. This is going to leave engineering with a number of… lost little sheep.” Kallah smiled. Jylliene quirked a slight grin. "I won't need a shepherdess costume, I hope?" She nodded to Ramson. "Please go on." “How you go about managing them will be up to you,” Kallah said with a grin. “Though, Nijil might…. well, anyways.” She attempted to take on a more serious tone. “You think you can oversee engineering as part of your Ops duties?” She blinked a bit in surprise. "Me? I... I'm sure I could, with some tweaks to my displays," she replied, already mentally shuffling the readouts and picturing what she would want to keep tabs on. "What would it primarily entail?" “On a day to day basis you would mostly handle the paperwork side of things. They are an experienced crew which shouldn’t need too much micromanagement. Technically, SubCommander Jorahl is still titled as Chief Engineering. That fear should keep most of them in line. Agreed?” "It would work for me. What does the SubCommander think of this?" she asked. “This was actually his idea. None of the senior engineers seemed to have any interest in command and Jorahl felt you were in the best position and of the ability to direct engineering," she said with a reaffirming nod. "I'm - actually quite honored," Jylliene replied, recalling her impressions of the officer. "So keep tabs on them to make sure they know what they need to be doing on a normal basis. And if things go wildly not normal, the same, but with more urgency?" “Thereabouts, yes. Management of repair teams and prioritizing work will be your main focus - a natural extension of your current duties. There are also some building projects being considered that you will need to help manage as well. You’ll get more on those as they are approved.” Ramson leaned back slightly and reached over to take her tea with both hands. She observed Jylliene over the edge of her cup for how she was taking the possibility of these new responsibilities. Nodding, the woman considered how to best handle the additional duties. "Very well. It's quite a responsibility to take on, but I appreciate the confidence that you and the SubCommander have expressed in me, and accept." Pausing, she smiled and added, "And my congratulations to you on your new position." “Why thank you. I’ve lived most my life on or near an Aegis station. This is the fulfillment of a number of childhood dreams.” She set the cup aside and smiled. Leaning in a little closer, she added, “and a few nightmares.” "Let us pray it stays more toward dream and less nightmare, for both of us," she replied with an understanding smile. “Agreed. Then it seems it’s settled. I believe you have a few new duties to see to, as do I. Good luck Lt. Commander.” Nodding in acknowledgement, Jylliene answered, "Thank you, ma'am. And to you as well." Turning, she started to leave. Commenting as Jylliene stepped towards the door, Ramson added, “Who knew managing Nijil would be such apt career training.” A brief chuckle escaped the woman, who glanced back and grinned. Continuing to her station, Jylliene started to make the adjustments to her displays, then hit the communicator. "Ops to engineering - status report to my console ASAP."
  5. Filtered through Aegean's cloak the streaking stars seen at warp out of the Captain's forward viewport made odd grey swirls rather than the normal crisp spectral lines. With no other sources of illumination to contend with these phantoms of distorted light freely cast dancing shadows across the room. Uneven waves washed across the far bulkhead. A whirlpool of grey tones circled the desk and chairs to one side. Patterns like raindrops on still waters splashed across the face of the figure seated on the floor in the center of the room. Kallah Ramson sat in meditation. She carefully processed all the information they had. It was the best way for her to separate the facts from all the feelings radiating from the minds around her. A genetic inheritance from her Vulcan Great Grandfather perhaps? In any case it was a valuable tool in such trying times. The first fact they knew was that Jorahl was dead, shot with a disruptor from behind by a Romulan. The station had either been seized or was about to be seized by outside forces, now apparently a renegade faction of Romulans. Five warbirds were in the area around Aegis. The Defense Grid had been locked down and was inaccessible to either side. These vital clues Jorahl gave his life for them to know. What that meant was a full assault by Revenge, Aegean, and Missouri would do no good. Five warbirds and presumably control of most of Aegis' weaponry were too much even for these three advanced ships, even if they didn't have to deal with the Defense Grid. But, with the Grid down Aegean could enter the area under cloak. Other clues were gathered from the computer link with Aegis. One warbird was physically docked with the station, two more lay in close parking orbits, but the other two were not on sensors so were most likely cloaked and patrolling the asteroid field. The link also told them the shipyard had been emptied of personnel and powered down. Civilian mining operations had been restricted to areas clearly within Aegis' weaponry range. All other traffic had been diverted from the area. Some of the more interesting clues would have been totally looked over by those not familiar with Aegis. The station's roster had been forged. There were a lot of additional transfers of Romulan officers, presumably the renegade faction pulling some strings very high up the chain of command. But, that was not the only oddity. According to records twice as many security crewmen had been assigned to Revenge and Aegean than were actually aboard now. Most of medical's trauma experts were at a conference on Kitla IV, which had no such conference let alone a breathable atmosphere! A fifth of Engineering's roster just didn't exist. Here and there officers and crew one would see everyday were not on the record. The first fears were that the Romulans made these people disappear. But, if Jorahl had manage to safeguard and hide them away they could be laying in wait or already actively engaging in operations to retake the station. How to retake the station was now the main question. The Romulans clearly had command of the Control Tower. Main engineering and the computer core would have been the next critical targets. Ramson knew Jorahl would not let these fall easily but there had to be limits to what he could do without tipping his hand. However, like the station roster the operational specs of Aegis were also off in areas. While in reality Pylons A and B were near mirrors of each other the specs now showed it's computer core a simple backup unit. Likewise Pylon B's main power core was offline and listed at a third of it's actual power output. As a whole the importance of Pylon B had been downplayed and the interconnection of control systems hidden. The battle plans in their simplest terms came down to control of three areas; one of Aegis' control centers, a main computer, and station power. The first to seize all three of these would have effective control of most all parts of the station. As much as Jorahl had done there were equally motivated Romulans on the other side doing everything they could to take Aegis by whatever force was needed. Kallah exhaled as she opened her eyes. The assault teams knew their jobs. Her job was to get Aegean close enough to beam them over. It was fitting the starship Jorahl had designed would be delivering those seeking revenge for his death. As she thought of the dangers awaiting Ramson prayed no other revenge would be needed.
  6. The Captain's quarters on the starship Aegean were dim and silent. Faint starlight crept in around the corners of the forward view ports but most of the visible space was blocked by the circle of the planet Romii. It too showed it's dark side towards the orbiting starship, leaving the lights of the major cities the only sign that a planet rested below. It seemed an appropriate setting for Kallah's mood as she sat on the floor. An empty loneliness felt as physical to her as the Minaran pillows that nested around her to form her bed. Just several hours ago Aegean had left the Romulan star system. Her thoughts rested heavy over the fate of the refugees aboard the Truvest. If not for the dire situation, that ship should never have been pressed into service. It's commander had given into despair. The refugees were frightened and confused. And, there was nothing more her crew could do for them. Even if she knew it was for different reasons, it upset her that her commands from the Romulan fleet mirrored those of a despairing defeated drunkard. Aegean was to withdraw. The fleet logic was Aegean was too small to aid in transporting civilians from the planet and to unknown in it's abilities to find a role for. It was simply in the way, which was the same thought they had for most of the Federation ships in the area as well. Even with a broken world, Romulan pride remained intact. So, Aegean and all but the largest Starfleet freighters and transports were ordered to clear the spacelanes in and around the Romulan system. Aegean had moved off to Romii before beginning it's long trip back to Aegis. The scale of the catastrophe could even be felt here. Every orbiting docking facility was either filled or held open for incoming refugee transports. Her ship now floated in orbit clear of the jammed lanes of interstellar traffic. And while in orbit much of her remaining crew were off seeing to personal matters, each being touched by the disaster in someway. The Starfleet crews from Aegis were absent as well having transported over to the Revenge. Given that ships special abilities they were probably half way home by now. Even Jorahl had left Romii en rout back to Aegis. The time they spent preparing for the assault on the Breen seemed a lifetime ago now. That too was now gone. The Breen had slipped away again and the task force disbanded. Even Romulan rage would not send their fleets chasing vainly after the Breen when they could be better used saving the lives of their people. Aegean had proven herself but it was now time to return home. Kallah thought of home and tried to put all the events that had occurred into the perspective of her own life. Just over a hundred years ago her own peoples homeworld was destroyed by their star going supernova. Her great-grandmother had shared memories of that time. Kallah knew what it was like to run and play on fields that no longer existed and to long for a home one could never return to. But, the Minarans had been saved, transported away to a new home by the Vians. She prayed the Romulans would be as lucky in their new homes. The temporally displaced Comanche Creek seemed to equally mirror her own past. Most of her life had been a paradox since the accident with the time portals on Canar II. Discovered when the original Aegis banner was assigned to the orbiting starbase in the Canar system, many had tried to use them for their own goals. One year ago, in one timeline, a group of Cardassians set out to change the course of the Dominion War. During the firefight to seize the archaeological site that housed the portals the young Kallah Ramson found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Through a storm of time she fell backwards into the past. She awoke looking up at her own eyes, or at least the eyes of her younger self. And, she remembered looking down on this older version of herself even though she never had done so in the life she knew. The younger Kallah also through the telepathic commune of the Minaran minds knew all that the older knew, thus instantly changing the future they knew. Yet they knew this too and could see the new future laying ahead as if it was the past, which it was. The paradox grew as all possible futures passed between the two Ramson girls, who were the same but different. But, somehow the paradox suddenly held its place. To this day she doesn't fully understand how, which may be one of the reasons the walls of reality haven't fallen upon her. She does remember the voice of her father's mind and the focused thoughts of a familiar Vulcan mind. It was odd, to say the least growing up with an older/younger version of yourself. It was like having an identical twin who was 10 years older (or younger). To see yourself come of age and set off for Starfleet Academy while also leaving the young child you are (or were) at home to finish grade school was an idea that both fascinated and confounded all her temporal mechanics instructors at the Academy. Kallah wondered if her experiences would have helped the Comanche Creek's crew or only added to their displacement. Like it seemed so many others now, she would not get the chance to lend any aid to them as well. All these swirling thoughts brought her back to the dark scene outside the viewports of her cabin. Then, a soft glow began to form along the edge of Romii's horizon. From this orbit Aegean quickly entered into the full rays of the systems star and into a new day. The warmth reminded her of all the lives their efforts had saved. The future of all those touched by the recent events (and the pasts of some) were still unclear. Many would live to face these new challenges because of the dedication and actions of her crew. Hope remained for those willing to reach for it. Kallah was willing to fill the hollowness she now felt with that hope, no matter how distant it might seem. In a few more hours Kallah Ramson would return to the bridge of her ship. She would set course for Aegis, returning with a proven ship not just a hopeful prototype. From there.... the future only knew.
  7. [LOCATION: Breen Subspace Domain] The backdrop of this starless void was an unending, featureless blank. To call it black would give too much substance to the nothing. But, for one brief second the perfect nothing was marred by an explosion of white light. Bright rays streaked out at odd angles from the swirling ball of light which quickly constricted back upon itself. The layers of space, subspace, and the voids between ripped and folded over each other like layers of earth pushed aside by a sprouting seedling. With a last pop the light was gone, replaced by a small Romulan vessel. Then, just as quickly it too faded with a gentle wave of distorted light. "Transition complete. Cloak has reengaged, Commander." "Good. Sensors?" The Romulan Commander leaned back in his chair, giving the blank viewscreen a brief look before turning towards his Operations officer. "Modifications have improved range 38% from our last survey. Nothing in our immediate area." "Ping the marker buoys." The Commander sat patiently waiting as they found their bearings in the void. The Ops officer worked his panel in quick proficiency. It took a few seconds for the cloaked buoys left from previous scouting missions to signal back. "We are in sector 2, grid 9, sub-grid 28." With a sigh, "Add our transition point to the map." The inconsistencies in movement between normal space and the Breen domain would have proved an interesting study to the Commander, but at the moment he had more pressing matters to attend to. "Take us to the Breen!" Once the Breen had been found to be behind the impending nova near Romulus the Romulans set their military to the course of eliminating the Breen as a threat. Data collected from the starship Aegean gave their engineers an idea on how to confront the Breen in their own hiding place. With careful manipulation the AQS cores of Romulan ships could be harnessed to create a transition corridor between the two dimensions. Scouting missions were underway before Aegean ever reached Romii. Many of these never returned however as the subpsace positions were unclear. But, once Ambassador Spock and the crew of the Aegean fine tuned the subspace depths and coordinates, each mission added more and more intel on the Breen's encampment. A full assault was just hours away when the unthinkable happened. With Romulus left dead this was no longer a defensive invasion, this was now about revenge. "Commander, Breen station coming into sensor range now." "On screen." The Commander waited to see the source of their problems. The station had been identified as the very device driving the star near Romulus into a nova. It also served as the center of the Breen fleet and only known star base in the void. What came onto the screen was something far less imposing as they had scouted before. The station was split in two, one half obliterated into a cloud of debris. The other half was bent into an L shaped mass spinning in place as bulkheads and supports melted from the venting power grid. The Ops officer began answering the Commanders questions before he could even form them into speech. "Reading massive background radiation. From all scans it appears the singularity formed by the Vulcan fed part of the nova back at the Breen." A pleased smile formed on his lips. "I'm not reading any active ships. There is wreckage but not nearly enough to account for the Breen fleet." "See if the surveillance probes are still in tact and download their logs." Quickly turning towards the other side of the bridge, "Engineering, prepare to transition back to normal space. Command is going to want to see this." "Completely gone, Senators." The Admiral stood with clenched fists, anger in his eyes. The three Senators reviewed the data before them. One looked up and spoke, "We have no idea where they've gone this time?" "No Senator. They warped away from the remains of their command base but no probes detected them along their course. They have either returned to normal space somewhere or found a new hole to hide in." Another Senator, "We do not have the resources right now to go looking in anymore holes. Have the rest of the assembled fleet stand down from battle preparations and join the relief effort." With resignation the Admiral nodded his head then turned and exited the office. The third Senator slowly walked to the window, looking out across the city skyline. The crackling of the city shields overhead had dulled to a faint glow as the radiation lessened. This only made the destruction outside clearer to see. Beyond the perimeter of the city the countryside burned. The firestorms all around ebbed and flowed in a sick dance of delight over the broken world. Even the seas burned as the water of the rising mists were ripped apart into hydrogen and oxygen atoms and blazed in the heat. It was every bit the picture of the human Hell. Tears formed in the Senator's eyes. The other two Senators came up on either side of the Third. "Come, we have much work to do. Our people call us to duty."
  8. Command log, starship Aegean. One hour ago a wave of gamma radiation struck Romulus. Ambassador Spock's efforts managed to stop the warp speed shock wave from obliterating the planet but the nova's burst of gamma rays were not contained. Any exposed lifeforms would have been destroyed and even those deep underground would have been irradiated to fatal levels. If city defense shields were raised in time there is a high chance of survivors but as of yet we have not been able to make contact with the planet. All of the subspace disturbances in the area have garbled subspace communications. The best case scenarios leave possibly billions of survivors in shielded areas but they can not stay there forever. The sad truth is the more survivors there are the more suffering there is to come. All of this added to the fact that Romulus is now a dead world. It could take a century of massive terraforming efforts to recreate the biosphere. Aegean is en route at best speed but I am not sure what we can do. In regard to the evacuation, we are a thimble trying to bail out the sea. We will find our place in the effort, no matter the magnitude of what has happened. -Kallah Ramson, Commander of starship Aegean.
  9. The loose dust and rocks shifted oddly under her footsteps. Her lite frame bore even less weight in the weak gravity but likewise the thin layer of moonsoil had little will to remain in place. With each bounding stride she left a small cloud of dust and a bootprint behind for the ages to record her passage. The stars above shown bright, nebulas radiated their energy, distant galaxies spun, and this far distant arm of the Milky Way stretched from one horizon to the next. This rouge asteroid field, removed from any solar system gave such an astounding vantage to view the heavens above yet also left those nearer objects masked in blackness. She was aware of the ominous asteroids not by their sight but by the voids they created as the blocked the stars beyond. "Commander Ramson?" chirped in her helmet comm. "Go ahead." "We're receiving the probe telemetry." "Good, I'll be there shortly." With a last large step Kallah arrived at the mouth of the vast cave in which Alpha Squad had set up base. She felt the buzz of the forcefield against her flightsuit as she stepped into the pressurized section of the cavern and saw her pilots gathered beside a small heater and a mobile hologram display that made up their temporary campsite. Lt. S'Sagra turned as Ramson stepped over, removing her helmet. "Have a nice walk?" Smiling, "Yes, a very nice one indeed." Turning her attention to the holodisplay, "What do we have so far?" The Phylosian officer layed it's vine like arm over the display controls and pulled up the incoming probe signals. "Probes have confirmed some of the initial steller maps we've obtained. As of yet charts are within 98.543% of expected arrangements corrected for stellar drift. Remaining irregularities are within feasible expectations for natural cosmic growth. No signs of habitation or stellar craft as of yet. No subspace signals or transit wakes detected." "And all that translates to, we're set to move out." Lt. Shadara interjected with a twitch of her Andorian antenna. "Then let's proceed as planed. S'Sagra's flight is equipped with sensor pods so they will take point. Flight's 1 and 3 will form up, pattern Delta 1. Let's break camp and launch in... 5 minutes. Dismissed." Lt. Shadara stepped next to Lt.Commander Ramson. "You know we could have done all that in the cockpits." "You object to having a chance to stretch for a moment?" Smiling, "Or are you still upset your flight got cargo duty with the survival pods?" With a frown,"They were an unneeded burden." "Unless we detect a Dominion Fleet, Cultist starbase, or other nasty surprises and then we'd be laying low in this hole for quite a while. And, while it's nice having Excal to lug us around from one point to another I want this Wing ready to move out and deploy anywhere at anytime. Be it a starship, planet, moon, or cosmic spec we should be ready to make use of it as a base of operations for a day, month, or years. Understand?" "Yes Sir," snapping to attention. "That and I like seeing you lug those bulk containers around. You look so cute trying to stay up with the rest of us." Shadara's antenna scrunched low in annoyance. She thought as Ramson turned away with a smile, One day I might get use to this Minaran's quirks, one day...maybe.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Let's all remember what this holiday is for, and that's not just to mark the start of the countdown to Christmas. Thanksgiving formally started during the Civil War by Lincoln. In one of the darkest times in America's history it was important to remember all the things we still had to give thanks for. So, during this time of war, financial crisis, and troubles abroad let us try and remember everything that we still have so easy, the safety we live in compared to so many others, and the wealth in each of our lives. HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM THE RAMSON (Sanders) FAMILY!!
  11. Cool space station!! New design for Aegis?! For some reason this looks like something straight from Star Trek Online's art gallery. The guy in brown looks like he's wearing a uniform from the Imperial Navy of Star Wars. And I don't think this is a ship's shuttlebay, from the windows up there it's probably a ground hanger. It actually has a striking resemblance to the Goodyear Air Dock in Akron.
  12. Scheduling has meant very little to me in picking out sims. I picked out my first sim (Fek'lhr) be reading a collection of logs on the old SFOL boards titled "The Fek'lhr Chronicles". I was fascinated by the stories they had told and wanted to be part of that sim. Websites can give that kind of info without forcing someone to read every post on the boards to get an idea about the type of missions and command styles. That's my experience at least. I could be alone in that. Sounds like a poll to take.... be kinda interesting to just to see how most people pick a sim anyways. As for Wiki's, there IS a sim wiki out there somewhere that's for ALL Star Trek sims from any group. We could just take it over. I know someone (I'll blame Fred) filled out a lot of info about Aegis, Raeant, and another sim or two.
  13. Three cultist fighters erupted in plasma flames as two Lancelot's unleashed their pulse phasers. As they swept through the dieing blue embers of their previous targets another wing of Cultists dropped down behind them. The Starfleet pilots were quick to spin their craft around into an evasive pattern avoiding the Cultists first salvo. But, twisting and tumbling through space as they could the Cultists stayed firmly behind the two starfighters, taking shots as they could. The stars streaked around in gigantic circles as the crafts jockeyed for position until all sense of direction was lost. At least, the Cultists sense of direction. With a hard twist to port and engines to full the Lancelots made themselves easy targets the Cultists couldn't pass up. As they lined up for the easy kill seven torpedoes from the starfighter squad they had turned their back on obliterated all trace of their existance save a little more background radiation added to the universe. As the Lancelots of Beta Squad zipped past, the image froze and sank back down into the larger holgraphic tactical map spread out between Lt. Commander Kallah Ramson and the seated 310th Fighter Wing. "And that is how you perform the Saylek 3 Diversion Pattern. Well done Beta." With a motion of her hand over the control panel the tactical map spun around and zoomed outward even more to show the whole combat area. "So overall I am pleased with our performance. There are areas of improvement but there always will be. I am sending specific recommendations to each squad leader... I'll let them rip your flying skills apart." Ramson smiled, giving a glance to her own Alpha Squad. "Are there any questions?" There was a brief light shuffle as the pilots and crew looked among themselves or gathered their PADDs for the expected dismissal. The rustle quieted as one blue hand lifted into the air. Kallah nodded for the new Gwen pilot to speak. In a thick Andorian accent, "Commander, what tiz that craft in zector 331? I had difficultiez in targetting around them." Ramson smiled though her eyes spoke of other emotions...and any telepath in the room was getting the whole story. "Oh, one of our shuttles got themselves a little out of position. With experience you'll be able to identify friendly craft quicker. And as we all work and train together we will be able to see and expect each others actions. As we perfect that teamwork we will be ready for any and all tasked layed out before us." She still smiled and her eyes and overall mood softened as well. "On one final subject, several of the squad leaders have shared your...desire for squad names with a little bit more flavor than some ancient alphabet." Taking a stiff tone, "Like callsigns, these are not needed for the daily operation of this Wing. But.... also like the callsigns many of you have adopted anyways... I will be listening to any recommendations your squad leaders bring to me." Looking around at the generally pleased crowd Ramson nodded and said, "Dismissed". The room emptied out until only Kallah was left looking over the holomap still spread out in front of her. She reviewed it for a few more moments before turning to reports of a different type. Three Pilots Killed in Action. Seven Pilots Wounded In Action. Two Deck Crew Killed In Action. Eleven Deck Crew Wounded In Action. The lists spelled out the exact cost in life and materials the engagement had cost them. Another list showed the toll they had inflicted on the Cultists. Adding the loss of Epsilon Squad weeks earlier it seemed the 310th had payed back with interest their own injuries taken. This eased Kallah only on a primal level. The dead were still dead. There were likely more engagements to come. How the scales would tip in the end was still to be seen and whether it would matter at all was anyone's guess.
  14. I primarily pointed this out so the existing sim pages could be moved to an operational hosting site for those that weren't aware AOL had stopped their hosting. Or, so the links could be removed since it looks bad to have links that go no where. Just a suggestion, what about an STSF Wiki? You then have one site hosting all the sims info in an easy to research format that can be added to by the community. I always thought there was a middle ground between sifting through countless logs for info and just getting an overview from a sim website and a Wiki format possibly fits this bill. But then I may just be too big of a fan of researching useless data.
  15. Basset Hound!