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  1. My character's a white Human (Cajuan) male.My enisgn Arthur(Rackle)Dragoon anyways.
  2. Thanks Atragon!
  3. Im going for DS9 lol i only have seen but 1-5 episodes of the other ones cept TNG
  4. Welcome.....and beware of........DAC......The head of......EVIL.......and the Murder of.......CADETS.......like you.Hope you dont......DIE......I never did and i think you can surivive too :) :o :D
  5. Good luck<<Hope you dont die like i never did>> :o :D :)
  6. A voice,"Extra,Extra.Read all about it......a chicken on steriods farmer blamed.....what steriods do to chickens.......and more........read all about it" "Extra Ex......" Newspaper headline............CHICKENS....STERIODS....THE.....REAL....TRUTH...... Are chickens on steriods.....read on to find out.
  7. The farmer was teasting a new type of drink for cows.it was supposed ti make them hudge,but being old he took a nap and accidently put the chicken's water in the cows pen,and he put the cows drink in the chickens pen,he thought that his cow tranformed into a chicken and his chicken transformed into a cow.He ended up in solitary confinement for being a crazy fruit loop.He muttered while rocking slowly,"Chick-ow Co-icken. Growth drink.Cows. It's raining cows and chickens...." ::Thawmp::He hit his head on his knee and he was unconsieus for days.And when he woke up, there was a giant chicken stairing him in the eyes.Even though he was dreaming, and he thought he woke up he didnt.He woke up(for real) and said he was abtucted by chicken aliens. And thats the story about the giant chicken
  8. This Farmer gave his chicken New-Culer Chicken Growth Feed. He just thought he had a growth sperg.
  9. The babies Mom went to look at somthing and when she came back, the baby was gone and she saw someone in the distance basket with a basket and said,""En,she probablly just went for a drink. ::Note::If we weren't doing this pic im sorry i didnt read page 23::
  10. :) I would like mine to be "Firebirds......Dangerous,Cunnin,and Fiery" Please and thank you(oh yeah i just graduated from acadamy if you didnt know)
  11. :D :D :D :D I just graduated.I look forward to ASCI on USSReaunt or USSExcaluiber.I gradauted under STSF_Shadow and STSF_Amnor.My new name will be Arthur (Rackle) Dragoon intead of Pheonix.(and if you have been wondering where i was the past 2 week, i was grounded for fighting with my sister)I will still be at Redstar almost every week.I hope i will see you all there!! :) :D :D :D :D Edit:I also never died in the acadamy! :o
  12. I will be making another one i think,because i do not like this one that much.
  13. NAME:Cody J. Pheonix :D Race:Human Gender:Male Height:6.4 ft. Hair Color:Red with orange strikes. Eve Color:Orange Wieght:169 lbs. Age:24 Mother:Charline N. Pheonix(Human)(Deceassed) Father:Robert A. Pheonix(Human)(Deceassed) Siblings:None Husband of:Jannette N. Treg(Human) Children:None Current Assignment:Starfleet acadamy History:When Pheonix was 10 years old his mother and father died when they went to go to another planet,(Planet unkown by Pheonix)and they died because of life support faluire.But pheonix was told to go to the escapepod when the faluires started happening. Then, Phoenix had to live on the streets, until one fateful day-- 5 years later-- he came across a broken down ship. Since his early days he was amazing with engineering, he would fix all kinds of things that were broken. He took the parts and hid them in the wood, because he didnt have all the nessasary parts.So he got a job at a local pawn shop selling every thing from jelwrey to bullets. He worked at this job for 3 years and forgot all about the ship, because he had a great time with his new friends Jannette N. Treg(Human), Robert G. Desa(Human), and Susan H. H'yua(Vulcan). At three years something tragic happened to the store, it went out of buisness. They were all froced on to the streets because they had no money. Then Pheonix remmembered his ship. So, they all had to get a new job. Then, Robert remmembers his secret staff of money that if anything goes wrong they can use to make it better. So they all got a cheap apartment and had some money left over. So pheonix said 3 years later, "We cant go on like this forever!" And then he had an idea, he would train to join a starfleet. He told the others and Susan and Robert didn't like it. But Pheonix persuaded Robert to let them have some money so they can train. After he got the money, Jannette and him went to another pawn store and got two cheap pistols and 1,000 bullets. Then they made thier own targets and hung them to the trees in the forest. they trained for three years, kept on getting bullets too. Untill a starfleet commander saw them one day. He said, "How would you like to join the starfleet acadamy?". They both answered yes. Then the two got married and joined the starfllet acadamy. Medical History: Pheonix broke his right and left arm when he was training. Has a scar on his right elbow where he got shot. He also has a scar thats a vertical line on above and below his eye, where a peice a sharp steel hit him. Thank you for reading my characters bio. :D