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  1. Sitting in the Children's, ward talking to Annisha, made Kat think. All of these children, all of them had been uprooted from their original home. Now they are here, had just gotten settled in well, and find themselves in hiding once more. She can only imagine how they must be feeling right now. Most of them seem to have come through the ordeal without much troubles, but she would have to have a long heart to heart with Amanda to see what she has seen and heard from them. For right now Kat would just have to watch and listen.
  2. "Schawnsee what do you remember last before waking up in sickbay?" Kat's still laying on the biobed, her head still hurting, from what she figures was the fall and that she hit her head on something. "I remember seeing ... what I thought was the bird flying outside the window and then was escorted to my quarters. I went to walk towards the sofa, then things started spinning." Merina was slightly concerned, "The bird... in space. You know that's impossible." She looked at Kat's vital's again and noticed that her blood pressure was slightly lower than it should be. "Hmmm." "I know that's why I didn't say anything at first. Doc, How bad is my head? It hurts like crazy." Kat says reaching up rubbing her temple once again. "Well, you have a mild concussion which I can treat, but it's not your head you should be worried about, it's your blood pressure. I think the medication that we started you on may have an adverse reaction. ' But don't worry, I'll talk to Dr. Matthews about the medication and it's affect on you." Merina begins treating the concussion, so Kat doesn't have the headaches anymore. Kat sighs softly. "My blood pressure? Is it that high? You said Mild concussion, Did I hit something with my head?" Her voice turning more worried sounding and she sits up onto her elbows.She quickly lays back down when her world starts spinning again. "Whoa..." She blinks her eyes several times, resting her head back on the bed once more. "Actually, it dropped it. From the readings, probably more lower than it is now. Which would cause some of the reactions as if was higher. What you hit your head with I'm not sure, you were in your restroom," Merina replied. Kat turns her head to look towards Merina once more. This time she started rubbing her eyes, Things were a bit blurry. Merina looked at Kat, "Are you ok?" Kat answered, "When I sat up on my elbows everything started spinning, now everything is blurry." Her voice changes slightly to a more scared tone. "Doc Im scared. Am I going to be okay?" Merina ran some more scans. "Kat, I want you to relax. I'm going to run some tests and scans. I'm going to have Dr. Matthews look at them to see what we can do to fix this. I promise everything is going to be fine. You know we'll take good care of you." Kat sighs with a sob. "I... I know.. Im just .... scared Doc and worried, that I will ... " Kat drops off not wanting to say what she's thinking. Merina puts her paw on Kat's shoulder, "I know, you're in good hands. We'll figure this out, I promise." Kat lets out another quivering sigh and closes her eyes, allowing Merina to do whatever it is she wishes. "Thanks .... Doc." She then moves her hand to place on top of Merina's paw. "Thanks."
  3. Joint log between, Kat Schawnsee, Dr Matthews, Cmdr Ridire, Will Murray, Dr Merina Kat heard Ridire and wondered if this would be her chance. Ridire told Deb to have Herself and Merina help with the wounded to get them out of the cave. Kat knew the way threw the cave as she had been that way before. Kat moved her elbow and looked up at Deb. "I can lead you out of here, I went down that path before, I know the way. Just give me something so I'm not swaying from side to side and to clear my head. I can help carry Jon if need be." Kat left it to Deb to make the decision to allow her to help. Debbie viewed her friend warily but ultimately decided to comply with Kat's request. She reached into her med kit and located a hypospray. Setting it accordingly, she pressed it against Kat's neck. "Don't betray my trust," she warned the security officer. "Because right now, you need all the friends you can get." She turned away and quickly repacked the med kit. Glancing around the site, she spotted certain items she thought they should take with them. Nothing technological should be left behind. While the others tried to get Jon on his feet, she tossed those few things into a duffle bag along with her own med kit. Merina had her's slung over her shoulder. When she secured the bag she made her way toward the others. Merina had revived Jon enough for him to help carry his own weight but it was apparent getting the Zemun out of this cave would be a mighty task indeed. Kat laid there long enough for her head to clear and her equilibrium to balance while Deb collected things around her. She sat up slowly and looked around, getting her bearings. She then moved over to Jon to assist with anything she could with getting him out. "Jon, come on dude we need to get you out of here." Will got up and shook his head from a little dizziness that still remained in his head. Ordinarily, he would still be resting but if they actually had a way out of the cave and off this rock, he was all for it. Seeing that Kat could use some help, Will came to her side, "Commander, having him on his feet is bad for his internal injuries. If I might suggest, you get his legs and I'll grab under his arms. The more level he is, the less his injuries will be aggravated by moving." Will knew what he said was true, he also had the ulterior motive of keeping the unstable officer in his sights at all times. The last thing he wanted was for Kat to get behind all of them. Best case scenario, she would bolt again. Worst case scenario, she would attack them in her obsession with the Changeling. Kat looked to Will and then to Deb and then Merina. "Doctors should we carry him or have him walk out? which would be better for his injuries?" She stood next to Jon waiting for an answer, not wanting to cause her shipmate even more injury. "Carrying him out would be best for the injuries he has," Merina replied. After all she would hate to see Kat get into more serious trouble than she was already in. "Besides I have to make sure that Deb and Will are taken care of as well." Kat looked back to Will who was in position to pick up Jon. "Doctor? Should he be even helping then? I mean if he's at risk also then Maybe I should try to do it alone." Kat nodded towards Deb, "Deb and her leg shouldn't be doing any lifting." Kat looks back over to her before she could say anything. "Sorry Deb but you shouldn't." She then turned her gaze to Will. "You either Will if your still having issues. Deb fixed my ribs so I should be good to go." Kat knelt down next to Jon to get ready to attempt to pick him up. What could she say? Deb was having enough trouble walking. It was doubtful she would be able to help move Jon Shamor out of the cave. She would probably just slow things down and reinjure her leg in the process. "I'll carry as much of our gear as possible," she said while trying to make sure she hadn't overlooked anything. Her attention turned to Will. "I don't want you overdoing it either. So lets take this nice and slow." Will nodded to the good Doctor, but most of his attention was on Kat. He remembered meeting her when he got on to the ship. They hadn't been more than casual acquaintances but still she had been Angel's wife which put her in a high category as far as he and all the other pilots were concerned. Nevertheless, his instincts were screaming at him that Kat was an unstable element in a critical situation and he had absolutely no reason to trust her. This unrelenting obsession with the Changeling led Will to believe that she would go to any lengths to locate the changeling on the planet, even if it meant bringing harm to herself or her crew mates and there was no way he was going to allow that. He felt a little better that her back to was to him as they got the badly wounded Shamor ready to move. "Ok Commander, ready here. Give the signal and we'll move..." Kat turned looking to Will and the Doctors. This wasn't the way she had planned it but maybe she could break free after the exited the cave on the other side. Right now all she could do without raising suspicion was to take a hold of Shamor's legs and lead the way down further in the cave that would eventually lead the way out. She let out a soft sigh and turned with her back to Will and Shamor and bent down grabbing the man by the knees and said, "Ok on the count of 3. Ready? One, Two and Three." On 3 she lifted Shamor with her elbows crooked under his knees and her fingers looped into her trousers to keep the man as straight and steady as possible. "OK Lets Move." She stepped once and waited for Will to follow with a step so she would know he was with her. As Merina saw Will and Kat carry Jon out through the back of the caves, she whispered towards Deb, "You think it's a good idea to let her lead the way." Merina kept her pace between Will, Jon, and Kat, as well as Deb and the Commander, knowing full well she was the only medical officer to treat the four injured and make sure that nobody got injured or reinjured. Deb met Merina's gaze and shook her head. "No, not really." She hefted one of the bags over her shoulder and moved forward. "I'll go ahead of her.....along with Anna. Commander Ridire is bringing up the rear. Why don't you stay between him and Jon." She didn't wait for Merina to answer, walking on toward the head of the group. It might be slow going with her in the lead but she wanted one or two people ahead of Kat as they approached the entrance. Kat and Will had just started moving with Shamor when Deb stepped in front of them. "Doc? I can lead. I know the way threw the cave." She then thought to herself. 'With you in front of me I can't make my move.' She continued slowly walking forward hoping Deb would move back behind them once more. "Easy Will there is a foot drop here in the path. Be careful I wouldn't want any of us to fall," Kat said to all that were behind her. She wanted the Changeling but she didn't want to see anyone hurt either. "I'll lead the way," replied Deb switching on her flashlight. "We'll be traveling slowly anyway so I'm sure I'll do just fine up here." Kat let out a heavy sigh. This just made her plan almost impossible. With Deb in front of her and Will and the others behind her, she would not be able to make the break she was hoping to. She would have to try to figure out a reason to move away when they got to the end of the cave. "Fine Have it your way. JUST BE careful. We cant Carry two of you." She said to her in a bit of an angry tone. Will watched Kat intently while he felt his way along with his feet and other senses as they began to move. Will acknowledged Kat's warning, "Copy that Commander." The one drawback of having Kat up front was that he had to rely on her calls of the uneven terrain but given the circumstances, he felt it was a decent trade off for keeping Kat in his direct line of sight. Feeling the drop come up, Will stepped down and pressed on slightly comforted by the fact that, for the moment, Kat seemed to dealing straight with him. As long as she continued to do so, Will would not have a problem with her being on point, right in front of him. Watching where she was stepping to keep herself from falling with Jon was about all she could do. She kept looking up at Deb as if she was throwing daggers with her eyes. She had to find another way to complete her mission. The Captain was depending on her to find the Changeling and that's what she was going to do. She didn't have much time left. They were almost to the end of the cave. She could see a scant of light ahead. She knew the entrance was just around a few more turns. Deb could feel Kat's stare burning a hole through her back. She wanted to believe her friend would follow orders and give up the hunt for the changeling.....at least for now. She felt both annoyed and guilty for not trusting the woman but the sad fact was, she didn't know this version of Kat Schawnsee. Sometimes, she seemed like her old self. But other times..... "Will, there is a large step up here, about 2 foot high." Kat stepped up and stepped a few feet forward waiting until Will was at the same level she was before she began moving once more. Merina couldn't help but keep an eye on Kat. For a few years she had gotten to know Schawnsee, but now it's like that part of her was nothing but a memory. Merina kept checking on everyone, from the Commander behind her to Deb, who was making sure that Kat didn't try to escape. All she could do was keep an eye on everyone and think of scenarios of getting Jon out and keeping Kat with the group once they reached the exit. "Got it Commander." Will replied to Kat's direction. Though he still didn't trust her not to escape, Will was getting the impression that she didn't wish any real harm on her shipmates. He was a bit comforted with that idea as he negotiated the obstacle in question. "Ready Commander." Will began to move forward when Kat did. During the rather slow march to the second exit Aidan had been mulling reminding Kat of what her obligations actually were. He was torn between not wanting to provoke a situation and trying to head one off before it starts. So it isn't until the second exit is in sight when he steps up to the head of the group. He stops near Kat and Deb and says in an undertone, "Just to make sure you understand me, Ms. Schawnsee, right now your only job is to get Shamor inside the shuttle and to stay inside the shuttle. If you get it in your head that this is an opportunity to run off after that changeling let me be clear, I will have no problems whatsoever in knocking you out with this phaser even if it means shooting you in the back. I have also instructed Mr. Murray and Ms. T'Kar that if it seems like you're about to take a runner that they're to do the same. They will both be waiting on the other side of that exit." Aidan narrows his eyes and his tone goes ice cold "Your responsibility, Ms. Schawnsee, is to the safety of these people. You will not put your life or the life of these people in danger just because you foolishly think that changeling is all that matters. Getting ourselves, all of us, home safe and sound with no further complications is the only thing that matters. Your obsession with that changeling is only going to get people killed, your obsession is out of place, unbecoming a Starfleet Officer and will not be tolerated." Kat looked to Cmdr. Ridire as he was speaking to her then looked back to the path continuing the trek through the ends of the cave. She wanted to tell him where to go with his orders but stopped before she did. The Captain was the one that gave her the order to find the changeling not him but she could tell by the tone in his voice that he meant what he said. He would shoot her and or have others do the same. With his little speech to her she was trapped. She would be surrounded by officers and there would be no way for her to sneak off to find the changeling. She let out a heavy sigh and said in an aggravated tone of her own, "YES Sir." She continues walking until they reach the end of the cave and see the light of day.
  4. Schawnsee walked out of the room where she had just finished a session with her therapist. Standing there waiting for her was an officer in a Star Fleet uniform, holding an envelope. She looked at him and smiled and began to pass him when he spoke to her. "Cmdr Katherine Swan of the USS Reaent?" He said standing straight and holding the envelope in front of him that read "Confidential". "Yes sir, may I help you?" She replied with an odd tone to her voice. Who was this and what did they want, she was about to find out, as her therapist came up behind her placing her hand on her shoulder, as if knowing she may be needed. "Ma'am," he said to the therapist and then back to Schawnsee, "May we go back into the room so we can speak privately?" Kat looked to him then to the therapist behind her. She turned and walked back into the room being followed by the others. She went over to the couch and stood there waiting. "Ma'am you may wish to sit down," the officer says nodding to the couch and then looking to the therapist. If was obvious that he was not comfortable with what he was about to do. Kat sat down as her heart sunk. She had been gone from the Reaent for a while and the last time she had spoken to them was over the open channel that she was given a 5 minute window. She looked up to the officer and waiting to hear what he had to say. "Ma'am, I'm afraid I have bad news for you. It's it about you ship and your husband," he began. "I have in this envelope a final message from your husband and a few of the crew to their families." Kat's face went pale, "FINAL? What do you mean final," she cries out as tears form in her eyes. Her mind is going wild with things that could have happened. "I'm sorry ma'am but the USS Reaent was sent on a mission that I can not disclose because of its nature. Your husbands squadron was sent on a reconissaunce mission." Kat's eyes watered up almost knowing what was coming. She pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, placing her face behind them. "Ma'am, His squad was hit by enemy fire and several fighter were damaged. All but his fighter were recovered, but he is still MIA. They found parts of the fighter but nothing of him as of yet. Upon the regathering of the fighters, the ship also came under attack. The Captain and first officer were forced to place the Reaent into self destruct mode to keep the technology from falling into enemy hands. These are the messages sent out from the crew as final goodbyes to their families incase they didn't make it to escape pods. With their families permissions we made copies for you as well. You husband had recorded a message before he went on this mission knowing how dangerous it was going to be. I'm sorry ma'am." He then offers the envelope to Kat. The therapist came behind Kat and placed her hands on her shoulders knowing she was going to need a lot of help with this, as Kat starting crying loudly. **************************************** Kat jolted awake as a nurse touched her shoulder trying to wake her. The nurse had heard Kat crying and wanted to make sure she was OK. Kat sat up quickly looking around at her surroundings. She was still at the infirmary. Her face was wet from the tears. Her eyes were red and bloodshot. She asked the nurse, "Has anyone had been here to see me, specifically an officer in a Federation uniform?" "No Mrs Swan, Why are you expecting someone?" The nurse replied handing Kat a tissue for her face. "No, no. Have you heard anything about the USS Reaent not returning or about me being sent to a different ship?" Kat asks as she's wiped the tears away. "No, nothing like that. As far as I know you are on the ledger to be released soon. And We have to make arrangements to get you back to the Reaent. What's wrong, Why are you so upset? Maybe I should go get your therapist." "Please do. I had an awful dream and I want to talk it over with her," Kat says then lets out a huge sigh of relief realizing that it was all just a bad dream, more like a nightmare. She just hoped it would never come true.
  5. Kat was sitting in her room looking at the holopicture of her husband that she had taken with her. "Angel I miss you so much." At that moment a nurse came in her room. "Mrs Angelis? I have some good news for you." The nurse had a smile on her face and a holoimager in her hand. Kat sat the pic of her husband down and looked to the nurse. She hadn't had any "good" news in forever it seemed to her. "Well, You have proceeded so well with your treatment you have been given access to send a message to Your ship. If you want to that is? " The nurse held out the holo-imager towards Kat giving her the chance to accept it. Kat began to smile. "Really? I'm doing well enough? When will I be able to leave?" The happiness in her voice increasing with every word said. The nurse shook her head. "I'm sorry Hun, I can not tell you when you will be able to leave but You do have this privilege. You will be able to send a note out once a week and as you continue to progress you will be given even more opportunities. And just to give you something to look forward to, If you continue as you have, You may have visitors other than just the 2 that have been allowed thus far. And one more thing? If you continue, in a month or so You may, its a possibility but you may get to take a field trip to your ship if its in the area. Just a few things to look forward to." The nurse could see the excitement growing in Kat's eyes with every step suggested. She had no reason to think that Kat wouldn't succeed in the predetermined goals set for her. "OH Thank you, you don't know how happy that makes me." Kat then stands up, takes the holo -imager from the nurse and proceeds to give her a hug. "Thank you SOO much." She then sat down at the table and started the Imager. Once it is set to record Kat sits back and thinks for a moment of what she's going to say. She then looks back over to the nurse who was waiting by the door. "How much time do I have?" The nurse smiled at Kat. "Since its been 4 weeks since you have had contact with your crew or your husband, Ill give you all the time you want. I'm only supposed to give you 5 minutes but you have made remarkable progress and tried your hardest while you were here that I admire. Take your time Kat. If you want me to leave and come back I will." Kat's smile widened across her face. "Thank you Crystal, That means as lot to me. If I can make this alone I would appreciate it. " "Sure Kat, word of warning though, all transmissions are scanned before allowing them to be sent. So you might not want to get TOO personal." She grins as she turns to the door. "Now get to that message." Kat nodded, "Thanks Crystal." She turned back to the set up imager and began her message. "Cmdr. Katherine Swan to the Medical department of the Reaent, I am sending you word that I am doing fine. The Docs here say I am proceeding wonderfully and If things continue I may even get a chance to visit before my treatment it complete. I wanted to say Thank you for making these arrangements for me. I can see now that I really did need this. But If it wasn't for you and the med team on the Reaent I may not have been this far along. Please give this message to the Counselor as well. Thank you Dr Curtis, Dr Deb and Dr Mernia. I owe this all to you wonderful folks." Kat took a deep breath as she closed that note and opened a second to her husband. "Schawnsee to Arch, "O si yo, Gv ge yu i" She began in their native tongue. "John I have missed you So much. I do have good news though. The docs here say I am improving day by day. They felt I was well enough to be able to send a note to you all. They tell me that if I continue then I may be able to come for a real life visit. I was so excited when they told me this. I am missing the crew. I placed a note here for the Docs there on the Reaent as well. Please make sure they get it." Kat's eyes began to well up with tears. She was so happy to be able to contact her husband and give him the good news that she may be coming home, if only for a visit but coming home all the same. "John, I know you know this already but I can not say it enough. I love you so much words can not speak it. Even though we are so far away I hope you can feel what I a feeling in my heart. I love you and miss you SO much. I hope to see you soon. Di da yo li hv dv ga le ni s gv Gv ge yu i. I will see you soon, I hope. Schawnsee out" Kat closed the log entry and shut down the imager. She wiped the tears from her face and again picked up the picture she had been holding when the nurse first entered. "I love you SO Much John." She laid down on her bed with the image clutched to her chest, hugging it for all she was worth as she fell asleep.
  6. "Sweet grass" The shuttle door opened and Schawnsee and Angel entered, Angel quickly inventoried their travel luggage and confirmed them to all be present before they departed. The trip to their native lands were relatively unremarkable with the small exception they were finally going home. Seated beside Schawnsee as they peered out the view ports he smiled as the peaceful and happy appearance had returned to her cheeks. "I am so glad to be going home. Have you called ahead to let our families know we are on our way?" Schawnsee says as she looks out the veiwport. Grinning from ear to ear Angel responded..."Of course not, I thought it better to just drop in as a surprise"...the look on Schawnsee's face for a moment spoke volumes for a few seconds until she of course knew better,taking a moment to squeeze his hand,and a faux spanking on it. "I can't wait to see family again and be able to smell the scent of the sweet grasses growing on the plain. Don't forget we will want to bring home some more herbs. The ones from home are so much better than the ones grown in hydroponics." Kat says as she turns back to the window. " Indeed it will be good to feel the Earth beneath our feet again,Strolling through the sweet grass,picking the Sage,and of course the Cedar" Mother has assured me she as well as our cousins have been preparing a "carry back pack" of the various herbs,teas,medicinal roots etc. for us. I only hope it has not been so long you and I may have forgotten the way to dance. After all we are to attend the green corn ceremonies...yes times three while we are there....as well as a open intertribal gathering. Kat turns back to face her husband of 2 years now. "I may have forgotten some things but dancing is not one of them. I can't wait to get back into the circle. I miss the gatherings and the festivals." She then lays her head over to rest on his arm. "How much longer until we arrive?" Looking at her resting her head on his arm Angel could sense a bit of her old impish impatience beginning to creep through as if saying "Are we there yet?"..."Well my love judging from our attitude and the land track we seem to be following, I would estimate another ten minutes or so Little one". We will be there in a blink....then I have been told mother and a few of the other women will have charge of you for a few hours, I still say it is just a hens session. All is well though for I am to meet Father and a few uncles for a bit as well. She lifts her head and looks him in the eyes. "Why are we to be separated?" Then she stops and thinks back to her heritage and smiles. "Never mind, I think I may have an idea. This is going to be the best vacation we have ever had, I think." Looking back into her eyes.."I bet you do indeed" They probably just want you to tell them of all the fascinating places we have been,our life in the fleet....you know the rampant curiosity that will ensue,Angel paused and smiled," Indeed no doubt the reason as well for my Father to have me join the men as well", No worries ,we will be home,safe and sound for awhile...and I agree this is looking to be the best vacation we have ever had . With that Angel grinned...."With the possible exception of our little trip we had to Risa. "True, The trip to Risa was very memorable." The shuttle slowed as their approach to the LZ came into view at the Old Oklahoma Station...there visible from the view ports was what appeared to be every member of both their families...The door to the shuttle opened. Angel grabbing their luggage and passing it to the porter that was charged with that job,Thankfully....stepped out onto the ramp with Schawnsee by his side hand in hand, The air was filled with the scent of Cedar,Sage....and the very sweet smell of the burning sweet grass. " It is indeed good to be home Little one". "It is, Its GOOD to be home." She reaches her other hand and take his arm now hugging it tightly. " We are home indeed," she says as she take a deep breath of the smoldering sweet grasses.
  7. STSF_BluRox -> MISSION BRIEFING:: The holiday party has been winding down, and many of the crew have started heading back to their quarters for the evening. Fiona Weber -> Didn't they put out a new one this year? Fiona Weber -> (Guerlain Homme, I mean. I know there was a new Trek...) STSF_BluRox -> Several others are still lingering working at that last large punch bowl filled with spiked Eggnog. Ayumu Kasuga -> <I think?> Jameson Bardolph -> ((lol, fiona)) STSF_BluRox -> BEGIN SIM STSF_BluRox -> BEGIN SIM STSF_BluRox -> BEGIN SIM Jameson Bardolph -> ((evening, cap)) TireanBell -> ::is compleetly drunk now :: Ayumu Kasuga -> ::escourted back down to the brig, toaster in tow:: STSF_BluRox -> ::Back in quarters, glad to have made an early exit and fine with Holly running the bloody party, as she wasn't quite in the mood for it:: Ayumu Kasuga -> ::but at least she gets to see a drunk Vulcan. Never got to see one of those before:: Fiona Weber -> ::still at the party, pretending like she was socializing:: Jameson Bardolph -> ((are the paint brigade people free to go? or are they brig-bound as well?)) August Jax Robinson -> ::had alot of Egg nog:: Fiona Weber -> (Prison Keeper Weber is at the party, so I assume that you can?) STSF_KBear -> <<Hello Cmdr Farrington>> Capt Rian Kwai -> ((The paint brigade were free to go to the party)) Jameson Bardolph -> ((i know they could go to the party but i meant afterwards)) Cmdr JFarrington -> <Hey, KBear. Republic folksies> Ayumu Kasuga -> <heck, even I was lol> August Jax Robinson -> <<JAMI!>> Ayumu Kasuga -> <Jami :D > Jameson Bardolph -> ((heya Jami)) STSF_BluRox -> <howdy Jamie> Jameson Bardolph -> ::draped over a chair, having had his fill of eggnog and pondering the door and going to find his bed:: August Jax Robinson -> ::Leans on Will:: Fiona Weber -> ::doesn't do eggnog or spiked beverages, too proper:: TireanBell -> ::has had a little to much to drink is stumbling ever where:: STSF_BluRox -> ::grabs a hot chocolate from the replicator, and drops down into the pile of pillows in the corner:: Ayumu Kasuga -> ::plays with her toaster:: STSF_KBear -> :: Schawana with Jenna in tow hurries to the holodeck and enters:: Fiona Weber -> ::glances at Bell, then Kwai:: Someone let him into the liquor? Jameson Bardolph -> Bell> ::a little blearily:: You may wanna sit down there, boyo. Ayumu Kasuga -> Let's give this baby a spin. ::pops in a slice of Wonder bread into the slot:: STSF_KBear -> Schawana> :: looking around the room:: Ayumu Kasuga -> ::plugs the toaster into an outlet:: Jameson Bardolph -> ::glances towards the kid who came in and cocks his head curiously:: TireanBell -> ::gets up on one of the tables starts dancing to the music:: STSF_KBear -> :: in her quarters skipping this years feastvites:: LtCmdrRobinson -> ::is leaned on:: You look tired. Ayumu Kasuga -> ::magic edits back to the party since noone left yet:: Jameson Bardolph -> ((hahaha)) LtCmdrRobinson -> Or drunk. You're not drunk are you? Fiona Weber -> (We know what happened last time.) August Jax Robinson -> I am drink August Jax Robinson -> ::Smiles::Drunk Ayumu Kasuga -> ::depresses the lever that slides the toast downwards and watches it glow inside:: STSF_KBear -> Schawana> ::sees Captain Kwai and pulls Jenna in her Direction:: LtCmdrRobinson -> You are a wonderful example. STSF_BluRox -> <Hey..I left!> August Jax Robinson -> (w) I know TireanBell -> ::does a backflip off of the table continues dancing:: Ayumu Kasuga -> :didn't notice the Admiral leaving; too busy gawking at the toaster:: August Jax Robinson -> ::Huggles him:: Fiona Weber -> (So let's be honest here... am I the only one who's imagining Bell as the bartender in the RickRoll video right now?) Ayumu Kasuga -> ::amused by it's glowing in her inebriated state:: Jameson Bardolph -> ::puzzled sort of look, then shakes his head slightly and goes over to Bell, narrowly missing being kicked by the flip:: ::says slightly too loudly:: You know...you're gonna regret this in the morning. Capt Rian Kwai -> ::uncomfortable in Holly's presence, is looking for a way out of the party without seeming rude or unsocial:: LtCmdrRobinson -> Gunner> ::passed out but not drunk:: Ayumu Kasuga -> <rofl.. no, now that you bring it up> Jameson Bardolph -> ((no, but now I have "Never Gonna Give You Up" going in full voice in my head. I hate you)) STSF_KBear -> Schawana> ::to Rian:: Excuse me Sir, Is Auntie BluRox been around? TireanBell -> ::takes another sip from the bottle:: The liquior help you think better comeon party! Fiona Weber -> ::amused by Ayumu's being amused:: Jameson Bardolph -> Oh, believe me, I know -- I'm the one whose nickname is a common mental lubricant, remember? STSF_BluRox -> ::sips cocoa:: August Jax Robinson -> ::Makes face:: who is yelling? Jameson Bardolph -> I more meant the fact that you're dancing on tables in full view of the chief and no doubt several monitoring devices as well. STSF_KBear -> Schawana> ::holding a gift in her hands:: I have a gift for her but do not see her around. Ayumu Kasuga -> ::watches the drunk Vulcan a bit:: Capt Rian Kwai -> ::smiles tightly:: I believe she's left for the evening all ready. It's been a late night...and close to your bedtime, hmm? Cmdr JFarrington -> <have a good one, Rep> Ayumu Kasuga -> <night Jami> TireanBell -> Comeon Dude its a party! loosen up ::nudges him:: Fiona Weber -> ::eating food, no doubt, and having a moment of wondering why the little juniors got invited, too:: STSF_KBear -> Schawana> Yes Maam. I begged My mother to let me bring Auntie BluRox her gift. Fiona Weber -> ::Though, she reflected, noticing Bardolph, at least one could behave.:: Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Fiona:: I've never seen a drunk Vulcan before. They are usually too snooty for that Jameson Bardolph -> ::rubs his temple, trying to figure out how he ended up being the one being told to 'loosen up':: LtCmdrRobinson -> ::pats her hand:: OK, time to go to our quarters, you're done. STSF_KBear -> Schawana> She told me if Jenna would bring me here I could. Will she be coming back? August Jax Robinson -> I am? Jameson Bardolph -> Right. You have fun, boyo. ::leans heavily on the table for a moment and then turns away, shaking his head and laughing:: August Jax Robinson -> ::Takes his arm:: Fiona Weber -> ::smirk:: Oh, you'd be surprised. I've seen a few Vulcans in my day who seem all snooty, but you put a little alcohol in them... STSF_BluRox -> ::finishes the cocoa, and sets the cup aside, relaxing back on the pillows, finaly getting a chance to finally just shut her eyes and rest::: TireanBell -> ::spinns on the floor:: Fiona Weber -> It's like underneath it all, they're Romulans or something. Ayumu Kasuga -> Drunk Vulcans are funny Ayumu Kasuga -> Very astute, that LtCmdrRobinson -> ::Gunner in one arm and a drunk wife in the other:: Fiona Weber -> I'd say drunk anything is funny, really. ::gives Ayumu a look:: Though I can't imagine you... indulging... very often. Ayumu Kasuga -> No, I can't handle drinking too much. Ayumu Kasuga -> I usually just pass out STSF_BluRox -> <<says Ayumu..who's sitting there amusing herself watching the toaster make toast> Fiona Weber -> Mmm. ::nods, sagely:: Yes, you seem like the type. Fiona Weber -> ::being the superior voice of sober reason, planning to lord it over everyone in the morning:: Ayumu Kasuga -> Yes. ::toast pops up and hits the ceiling... giggle:: Jameson Bardolph -> ::wanders past Fiona, then pauses and points at her, stopping just short of nudging her in the shoulder, then gestures vaguely over his shoulder at Bell:: That one's gonna need your help tomorrow, I'm figurin'...::laughs, only swaying a little:: Fiona Weber -> ::pauses, giggles:: TireanBell -> ::dances up to Ayumu :: wanna dance! ::dances to the music playing:: STSF_BluRox -> ACTION::Scent of toast wafts through the air towards Will Capt Rian Kwai -> I'm sorry, she's gone to quarters for the rest of the evening. Perhaps your mother can deliever the gift tomorrow. August Jax Robinson -> ::Stumbles a little::\ Fiona Weber -> Dear god. Ayumu Kasuga -> Fiona wants to dance. Fiona Weber -> ::blinks at Jameson:: I only treat patients who do not injure or make themselves ill through gross self-negligence. ::smiles, sweetly:: He can sleep off his hangover. It might be good for him. Fiona Weber -> ::withering look at Ayumu:: Capt Rian Kwai -> ::feeling like she too should go, someone must have spiked the punch by the looks of the crew right now:: LtCmdrRobinson -> ::drops Jax as he spins around to smell the toast:: Ayumu Kasuga -> :D I'm kidding. You don't seem to be the dancing type, just like myself LtCmdrRobinson -> Sorry! Instinct. STSF_KBear -> Schawana> ::sighs:: Maybe you can for me? My Mother says that Auntie Blu is mad at her because of this past mission. She doesn't want to go near her unless shes on duty. ::lifts the gift to Rian:: Could you please? I made this especially for Auntie Blu. TireanBell -> ::takes another sip from the bottle ::and dances around:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::waltzing over in her skimpy little outfit towards Will :: Not me!! Jameson Bardolph -> ::barks a laugh, still slightly too loud:: August Jax Robinson -> :::Stumbles some more:: Wooah Fiona Weber -> Mmmhmm. And just you remember that, Ms. Kasuga. ::glance:: And Mister Bardolph. Ayumu Kasuga -> Quite rightly Jameson Bardolph -> Doc? ::cocks head:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::Scoots over towards Kwai:: So...nice party eh? But why aren't you dancing? You're about as stuffy as the Admiral Capt Rian Kwai -> I'm sorry, :;shakes her head:: It'd be better if your mother did later. :;thinking a) she shouldn't get involved and B) might let the two of them start talking to each other again:: LtCmdrRobinson -> ::steadies Jax with his free hand:: Walk normal. August Jax Robinson -> I [email protected] August Jax Robinson -> ! TireanBell -> ::slips as he jumps up on the table:: Capt Rian Kwai -> ::stiffens at the slight of Holly, looking visibly tense:: I prefer observing, Holly. ::tries to smile in hopes that'll ward of Holly:: STSF_KBear -> Schawana> ::to holly:: The Admiral isn't Stuffy, You shouldnt talk about Auntie Blu like that. STSF_BluRox -> ::closes eyes and lets herself sink into one of those deep restful sleeps:: Fiona Weber -> Oh, shock. The Robinson woman is... inebriated. Ayumu Kasuga -> ::points at laughs:: Ayumu Kasuga -> and* Jameson Bardolph -> ::headswivel:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> Ooooo...aren't you the tough one!? But.....really.....she is...lol STSF_KBear -> Schawana> ::places hands on hips taking up for her Auntie:: Jameson Bardolph -> ((holly said "lol"?)) LtCmdrRobinson -> ((dont mock her, she will kill you)) STSF_BluRox -> <she tries to accomodate all ages...> TireanBell -> ::falls hitting the ground hard:: STSF_BluRox -> <since kids do nothing but text..she felt it appropriate> Jameson Bardolph -> ((::snickers::)) Ayumu Kasuga -> OOo... STSF_KBear -> Schawana> ::gets an upset look on her face:: NO Shes NOT!! Im Going to tell her you said that. Shes the Admiral Shes the Best!! Fiona Weber -> ::glances at Bardolph, then back to Bell, and sighs:: I'm off-duty. If he breaks his head open, I'm not fixing it. Jameson Bardolph -> ::hears the thump from behind him; winces:: I told you! ::calling over his shoulder with a tone of faint triumph:: Ayumu Kasuga -> Heh, funny STSF_KBear -> Jenna> Come on Schawana Lets go back home. we will have your Mom take the gift to her for you, Lets go. STSF_BluRox -> Holly> Isn't it your bedtime little one? This was an adult only party as well. August Jax Robinson -> ;:exits the Holodeck with Will:: STSF_BluRox -> +com+ Commander Kawalas, please pick up your daughter from Holodeck two. The party was listed as adult only this year please Capt Rian Kwai -> ::watching the play between the AI and the little girl, wondering which one of the could win in a fight:: STSF_KBear -> Jenna> Thank you Sirs We are leaving. Come on Schawana. STSF_BluRox -> Holly> Hold on..I can help.. LtCmdrRobinson -> ::walks the Family Robinson into the lift and speeds away:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::beams both Jenna and Schawana back to her mother August Jax Robinson -> I think I am drunk? STSF_KBear -> ::Both appear back with Kania:: STSF_KBear -> Umm What happened? STSF_KBear -> Schawana> Mommy That lady said bad things about Auntie Blu! STSF_KBear -> Who Did. STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::turns smuggly back to Rian:: So...back to what I was saying.......you need to loosen up! STSF_BluRox -> Holly> Go dance or something...you dont' have to stand her being the stone lady in her place STSF_KBear -> Jenna> Holly. She transported us back here. LtCmdrRobinson -> Defintily. STSF_KBear -> Oh boy ::shaking her head: LtCmdrRobinson -> It's ok though, I'm used to it. It's why I married you. LtCmdrRobinson -> ::grins:: STSF_KBear -> Schawana>Mommy I want to tell Auntie Blu what she said. Capt Rian Kwai -> Oh, I'm quite loose all ready, thank you. ::wary of the AI:: LtCmdrRobinson -> ::heading down to thier quarters now:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::turns:: Oh darn..I was going to help Will out and send his bunch back home too so that we could dance some more, but I must have missed him when the kid was sititng here jawing at me August Jax Robinson -> ::Stumbles into their quarters:: no, it's how you married me Jameson Bardolph -> ::wanders over and nudges Bell gently with his boot:: STSF_BluRox -> <it's also how you ended up with Gunner> STSF_KBear -> Dont worry Schawana She will know, and Its past your bedtime. Thanks Jenna for taking her down there. TireanBell -> ::laying by the table with the lable cloth on him:: Ayumu Kasuga -> ::gawks at Bell:: LtCmdrRobinson -> <well that and some very detailed explicit things, should I mention them? ^_^> Fiona Weber -> (So tell us, Blu, do you have a dice roll every time there's... ahem... action on Republic? A "Gunner" dice roll?) Capt Rian Kwai -> You like being the bouncer, eh, Holly? STSF_KBear -> Schawana I will take the present to Blu on my next shift. Fiona Weber -> ::watching the altercation between the Kawalas child and Holly and Kwai, finding it most entertaining:: STSF_BluRox -> <I don't...do you think I need to get a set of Gunner random dice?> August Jax Robinson -> <<He was a dice roll!>> Fiona Weber -> (With an "alcohol" anti-saving throw?) Fiona Weber -> (Oh, I definitely think you should!) STSF_BluRox -> <lol> Fiona Weber -> (I mean, it's not like Fiona's going to be in any danger...) LtCmdrRobinson -> ::puts Gunner to bed first, while Jax is sprawled out half on the bed and half on the floor:: August Jax Robinson -> Somethng is wrong with the gravity STSF_BluRox -> <ok..well, yea, yea he was a roll.....hee hee...but that was the first time that had happened> LtCmdrRobinson -> (random pregnancies are not above Blu's dice, so watch it) STSF_KBear -> Schawana> OK Mommy but dont forget. :: heads to her room to go to bed:: August Jax Robinson -> or the bed LtCmdrRobinson -> Maybe you have an inner ear imbalance. STSF_KBear -> ::listens while Jenna explains what happened in the Holodeck between Holly and Schawana:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> Wait...I know....::snaps fingers and a really handsome trill guy shows up in front of Kwai::: Care to dance? August Jax Robinson -> ::Climbs onto the bed:: LtCmdrRobinson -> ::Gets him settled and head back to August:: You look pitiful. Fiona Weber -> ::nearly spits out her punch when Trill-boyo appears:: Ayumu Kasuga -> :blink: Fiona Weber -> Oh gods. STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::leans over to Kwai:: And later if you get along, you can play connect the dots!! August Jax Robinson -> ::Smiles:: Sweet talker Ayumu Kasuga -> Wow STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::snickers and moves off:: STSF_KBear -> <<LOL>> Capt Rian Kwai -> ::blinks:: Holly! ::lead away by the holo-Trill:: <m>First fly paper, now this? LtCmdrRobinson -> ::helps her get undressed:: You are going to feel like hell when you go on-shift August Jax Robinson -> ::tries to pull her jacket off, gets tangled up:: help! August Jax Robinson -> Help!! LtCmdrRobinson -> I am! You are the one making it difficult. August Jax Robinson -> ::Throws jacket across the room:: who said I am working tomorrow? TireanBell -> ::laying on the ground passed out:: LtCmdrRobinson -> ::sighs:: STSF_BluRox -> HoloTrill:: Leads Rian out to the dance floor and starts doing the tango:: August Jax Robinson -> ::lays back:: hi Ayumu Kasuga -> ::sighs:: Fiona Weber -> ::le sigh:: August Jax Robinson -> ::hiccups:: LtCmdrRobinson -> ::smiles:: Hi. Capt Rian Kwai -> ::caught in the web of the tango, making an absolute fool out of herself in the process:: LtCmdrRobinson -> Get some sleep. ::throws a blanket on her:: STSF_KBear -> Lets just hope Holly doesn't take it out on me or on Blu for Schawana getting mad at her. Schawana Loves BluRox. Since she never had a real Aunt, BluRox has somehow I think without aiming to, Filled the role in Schawana's eyes. Fiona Weber -> ::absolutely has to see that:: Fiona Weber -> ::small moment of pity for Kwai:: August Jax Robinson -> ::Grumbles:: you are no fun Fiona Weber -> ::Ayumu:: Holly seems to be rather... overbearing, for a hologram. Ayumu Kasuga -> ::will probably all be on Youtube in a matter of hours:: TireanBell -> ::still laying their with liqiour bottle in his right hand:: Ayumu Kasuga -> Yes, I have noticed that. Fiona Weber -> ::And Au'Tube:: STSF_BluRox -> HoloTrill>> No no....relax...just follow my lead.....yes, there you go.....be loose...step step step....look at me....away....look at me....away....Very good! August Jax Robinson -> Gunner> ::Starts crying:: Fiona Weber -> HoloTrill> ::probably programmed by some member of the Huff Dynasty:: Capt Rian Kwai -> ((ROFL)) LtCmdrRobinson -> Oh you woke him up. ::growls:: August Jax Robinson -> me! STSF_BluRox -> ACTION> Two little Holly's appear on Fiona's sholders...one dressed as a devil, one as an angel...What....us? Overbearing!! LtCmdrRobinson -> Just go to bed. Shhh. ::goes to take care of Gunner:: Ayumu Kasuga -> O_O Capt Rian Kwai -> Like this? ::step, step, step, loud laugh as she's dipped:: Ooookay.... August Jax Robinson -> ::Rolls over::(m) I woke him up... suure Fiona Weber -> ::glances from shoulder to shoulder, then skyward, as if to ask for divine patience:: STSF_BluRox -> HoloTrill> Excellent....wait...:: rose stem appears in Rian's mouth:: There we go! Fiona Weber -> Overbearing, yes. It's a wonder you... however many of you there are, haven't been reprogrammed. STSF_KBear -> Thanks Jenna, Have a good evening. There should still be time to go to the party if you want. Ayumu Kasuga -> ::looks up as well, seeing the stuck slice of toast on the ceiling:: LtCmdrRobinson -> ::gives Gunner his toy phaser and he quiets down:: August Jax Robinson -> Gunner> ::Cries on:: STSF_BluRox -> Devil Holly> She as a point..you are overbearing...::looking at Angel Holly::: Ayumu Kasuga -> Praying to Ceiling Toast? STSF_BluRox -> Angel Holly> Me!? If anything, you're the one that's always starting all the trouble.. STSF_KBear -> <Jenna> No thank you, They have already spiked the punch and HOlly's in charge of it. Blu's no where around. Capt Kwai said she was in her quarters. STSF_BluRox -> Angel Holly> ::points at Rian: Like that! Fiona Weber -> Oh, shush, both of you. There are much more fun people to perch upon, I'm certain. STSF_BluRox -> Devil Holly> This one is stuffy too....not like the last few doctors we've had TireanBell -> ::moves a bit:: STSF_BluRox -> Angel Holly> Perhaps she needs to have a little fun!? Fiona Weber -> Stuffy? ::small smile:: I think that's a compliment. STSF_BluRox -> Devil Holly> We could put her in a vat of eggnog? LtCmdrRobinson -> <August you are making gunner sound bi-polar with our varying actions! thats all we need!> STSF_BluRox -> Angel Holly> No no..that would be messy August Jax Robinson -> :P August Jax Robinson -> ::opens eyes when Will comes back:: STSF_BluRox -> Devil Holly> Wait.I konw... Fiona Weber -> I think I need absolutely nothing. Capt Rian Kwai -> Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of this. ::sort of forgeting, but not quite, that her dance partner is a hologram:: Fiona Weber -> Perhaps a good night of sleep, or a coffee. ::crosses arms, feeling a headache coming back on:: Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Wondering where this is going:: August Jax Robinson -> I need something to eat ::Sits up:: TireanBell -> ::starts screaming for no appearen't reason:: Ayumu Kasuga -> ::Bell:: Cobras? LtCmdrRobinson -> So you can vomit it up 10 seconds later? LtCmdrRobinson -> I'll get you some toast. STSF_BluRox -> ACTION:: Fiona is suddenly in a pair of red felt and white fur trimmed hotpants and halter top. Ayumu Kasuga -> :o STSF_KBear -> anyway Jenna you have the next 2 days off. I have to report back to work on 100104 to my bridge post. See you at 07:30 STSF_BluRox -> Devil Holly> There you go...now you can go have some fun too~ Fiona Weber -> ::literally, and for the entire party to hear, screams bloody murder:: August Jax Robinson -> and a Taco! STSF_BluRox -> Holly's fade away snickering Ayumu Kasuga -> Screaming competition. I give this round to Fiona Fiona Weber -> What the devil... you... you... STSF_BluRox -> Someone in the crowd gives a catcall whistle at Fiona TireanBell -> ::takes off his uniform top starts walking around back andforth:: Fiona Weber -> ::starts lapsing into a heavier and heavier accent, looking at her outfit with abject horror:: LtCmdrRobinson -> And a taco. ::gets some food from the replicator for her Majesty:: Capt Rian Kwai -> ::freezes mid-step, gapping at Fiona:: Oooooh no. Fiona Weber -> How can she have... that can't be within regulations... I'm going to have her program utterly terminated. STSF_BluRox -> <get her a fish taco...that will help clearn her stomach> Ayumu Kasuga -> Someone Else in the Crowd?> :::throws a slice of toast at Bell:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::skips over:: Oh look! We match! STSF_BluRox -> Holly> Lovely dearie... Fiona Weber -> ::gives Holly the look of utter, Fiona-laden, icy doom:: Fiona Weber -> You. Capt Rian Kwai -> ::suddenly finds the Holo-Trill dance partner really not so bad all things considered:: August Jax Robinson -> ::Clapps when he returns:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> Oh for Pete's sake....go have some fun:: Ayumu Kasuga -> ::eats a burrito:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::at least you have the body for it..I could have put the little drunk man :: points at Bell into it:: Fiona Weber -> I am going to wring your holographic neck, and pay Jax set you up so you're my new SurgerySuite Training Program. Fiona Weber -> ::smirks in spite of herself:: STSF_KBear -> Schawana> ::comes out in her PJs:: Night Mommy. Dont forget to give the present to Auntie BluRox. Fiona Weber -> Well, that's true. STSF_KBear -> I won't trust me. Ayumu Kasuga -> ::nods a well:: LtCmdrRobinson -> ::rolls his eyes when she claps:: Here. STSF_BluRox -> Holly> Oh.....a new challenge.....Will's not been so fun this last year....you just might need to be my ....new project! Fiona Weber -> Project. August Jax Robinson -> ::Places it on the night-table:: thanks Ayumu Kasuga -> ::sits on the chesterfield, eating some poutine and wiping her face with a serviette:: Fiona Weber -> ::arches eyebrow, crossing arms over the tight shirt in something between modesty and infuriation:: Project? STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::sees Bob-O and puts him in a matching outfit to Fiona:: Hummm..not so good on him with that gut hanging over eh? TireanBell -> :: finds a bush goes behind it:: August Jax Robinson -> BobO> ::Grunts:: I knew I shouldn't have come Fiona Weber -> ::cringes:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::instantly beams Bell to the Brig for attempting to soil her Holodeck:: August Jax Robinson -> ::Knocks Will over and leans on him:: LtCmdrRobinson -> What is wrong with you lady? TireanBell -> ::is beamed out:: LtCmdrRobinson -> ::sits down on the bed:: Ayumu Kasuga -> :D Fiona Weber -> Well, at least that little issue's taken care of. STSF_BluRox -> Fred> ::hands Bob another eggnog:: Nah..it's just the drink..you're imagining it all Fiona Weber -> Now, Holly, darling, sweetcakes, would you please give me my clothes back? August Jax Robinson -> nothing is wrong with me.. STSF_BluRox -> Holly> I shouldn't...but you're no fun.....Bob there.is mch more fun Capt Rian Kwai -> ::progressed from the tango to the cha-cha with her dance partner:: August Jax Robinson -> ::Smiles:: TireanBell -> ::finds himself in the brig:: Fiona Weber -> Perhaps you could be his girlfriend? Fiona Weber -> ::smiles nicely at Holly:: Fiona Weber -> He could be your new "project". STSF_BluRox -> HOLLY> Zaps Fiona's uniform back on her, except it is now green instead of blue:: Fiona Weber -> ::will take it:: August Jax Robinson -> ::Leans in and huggles:: Fiona Weber -> Thank you, Holly. I do so appreciate it. Fiona Weber -> ::feathers slowly unruffling:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> oh no....I think...you will do just fine. I was going to make it Spots over there...::points to Kwai:: but..you'll be more fun.. Fiona Weber -> ::slowly uncrosses arms:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> oops.gotta go get another cheeseball! STSF_BluRox -> Holly> Zips away LtCmdrRobinson -> ::is hugged:: Oh no August, its no fun when you're drunk and I'm not. Fiona Weber -> ::watches Holly leave, warily:: Ayumu Kasuga -> ::finds it most comical:: August Jax Robinson -> not my fault you didn't drink TireanBell -> ::shows his security pass and exits the brig:: Fiona Weber -> ::looks slightly exhausted, and slightly miserable: Why didn't I have some sherry at the start of this thing. August Jax Robinson -> ::rests head on him:: I love you Jameson Bardolph -> ((::scowls and mutters a long stream of oaths in the midst of which the word "Comcast" is faintly discernible::)) STSF_KBear -> Schawana> ::hugs her Mom and goes to bed:: Fiona Weber -> ::keeping an eye on Holly, now -- can't be a bad idea:: LtCmdrRobinson -> I know but one of us has to stay sober at all times, until that kid is out of here. LtCmdrRobinson -> I love you too. STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::sends toast and cheeseballs to everyone's replicators so that they have a snack when they get back TireanBell -> ::enters TL:: heads for his quarters:: Jameson Bardolph -> ::has probably left and is heading to his quarters by now:: STSF_BluRox -> Holly> ::may have forgotten with one certain one...to stop at one..with multiple cheesballs filling the cabinet, then starting to roll aross the countertops August Jax Robinson -> you do huh ::Lifts brow;: TireanBell -> ::wondering the corridors:: Fiona Weber -> (Oh, god, not my Sickbay...) STSF_KBear -> ::sees the toast and cheese ball appear:: UT OH Hollys at it again. STSF_BluRox -> <2 minute warning> TireanBell -> ::punches the pannel +computer+ Computer I want to know where my quarters are! STSF_KBear -> +Rian+ K Kawalas to KWai Fiona Weber -> All right... ::Kasuga:: Stop by tomorrow morning if you need a detox hypo. ::smirks at Kwai from across the floor:: Oh, do enjoy yourself, Captain. August Jax Robinson -> ::bites toast:;: Ayumu Kasuga -> Ok, I will. Thanks. Ayumu Kasuga -> ::eats a cheese ball:: Fiona Weber -> ::makes a deft exit from the party when Holly's nowhere to be seen:: Capt Rian Kwai -> ::paused mid-dip again, sighs, hanging in air as she taps her commbadge:: +Kawalas+ This is Kwai, go ahead. STSF_BluRox -> Action> About 50 cheesballs fill up Fiona's replicator and counter threatening to spill out and start rolling acroos the floor Jameson Bardolph -> ::returns to his quarters and notes the food; makes for it gratefully, not really thinking to wonder where it came from:: Fiona Weber -> ::eminently nervous about this whole business, doesn't trust Holly with a ten-foot pole:; STSF_BluRox -> TangoTrill> ::sticks Rose back in Kwai's mouth::: party...tango...no business August Jax Robinson -> ::nudges Will, not letting him sleep:: STSF_KBear -> +Rian+ Kwai, Is eveything going on ok down there? I just had a cheese ball and toast appear on my replicator. Jameson Bardolph -> ::noms:: STSF_BluRox -> and... Ayumu Kasuga -> Renault Twingo! ::passes out:: STSF_BluRox -> PAUSE SIM
  8. A Joint log between Acting Ensign Swan, Lt Eagle and Commander Alces Eagle and the twins entered sickbay. The twins eyes wide with wonderment at the facilities. Katherine was sitting in her office watching the monitor where the Cmdr. laid. She just hoped this would work. She heard the doors swish and stood, walking to meet whomever had entered. When she saw the Twins and Eagle she sighed a sigh of relief. "Hello Mr Eagle." "Hello Doctor Swan" came Eagles reply, I do not remember if you had met my daughter and son. Well if not,here they are. I had briefly conveyed to them the procedure we are going to be participating in. They have given their full consent and understand the situation." Katherine Smiled. "Oh I know them quite well Mr Eagle. They were the ones that brought you out of your trouble a short while back. That's why I had asked if you and they could be of help." Eagle took a pause for a second before replying . That was of course very true. He had been treated with the inclusion of the twins in his recovery although a few short term memory issues apparently remained. " Of course Doctor, forgive the momentary lapse of memory. Now shall we be about the procedure?." "Well there is a 2 fold reason I have asked for your help. One being your mental capabilities and the other Your background. When I was entering your information in the computer files, I saw that you are also a doctor. I'm still new at this and not as familiar with the symbiot process as I feel I need to be in this situation. The Commanders situation is delicate in more ways than one. This procedure can not get out to anyone, not even the Captain. Nodding his head in understanding, Eagle positioned the twins into place. " I have my Doctorate doctor, and am a skilled surgeon in my past life Doctor. Now you are the doctor." Pausing before beginning the meld procedure. " Doctor I will of course assist you in any way possible, and of course this is a very private and personal contact that is to begin." With that, Eagle and the twins began to link. The twins carefully placed their small hands into position both on the Commander, and then on Eagle. "Doctor you may desire to record all that is spoken, I cannot guarantee I will remember everything." With that the twins began the merging and melding of minds. "I had planned on that, since you don't remember the twins helping you." Katherine calls out to the computer, "Computer begin recording the conversation in this room." She knew it would only be what was said in room that was picked up because of them being in Isolation. "I'm ready when you are. The Commander was in a bit of pain so I gave him a light dose of sedative to make him comfortable. Hopefully the Symbiot will still be able to speak to you." Eagle could hear the Doctors words in the distant sense, as in to a dream state. The twins were delving deeper into a space that engulfed his mind. The thought of seeking out only the symbiot's consciousness was placed deeply prior to the event. Alces begins feeling the presence of those around him. Even though Zar sleeps, He can feel the presence of the 3 minds beginning to connect to him. Eagle could begin to hear, in his own mind, the contact between the twins and the symbiot. The communication had appeared to take it by surprise a bit at first. He could feel the actual withdrawal of the symbiot until the virtual minds of the little ones, assuring it there was absolutely zero harm intended. The images and thoughts began to emerge into Eagles own level of consciousness as he began to repeat verbally what was inquired to the symbiot Alces, and subsequently the response. The twins assured the symbiot of the necessity of privacy would be assured, however they assured it the literal danger both to he and the host. Alces becomes comfortable with the meld and begins questioning the need for it. "You need something that Zar can not provide. The drug needed can be replicated but it can also be manufactured. You will need several components to do so. The compound is made up of 3 different drugs. The first is that of a non-rejection drug called Coralline, you will need 80 units, Second is an analgesic called Asinolyathin, you will need 50 units of this drug. Hydrocortilene can also be used as a backup to Coralline's unavailability but only 20 units of this one. The third is Tesokine, you need 30 units of this one. These three drugs, when intereacting together, will make up the compound Benzocyatizine. Once you have the compound made, Alces will need several doses over a few days, only 2 to 3 hours apart. The dose should be no more than 2 units at a time. The Isoboramine levels will have to be monitored every 30 minutes to make sure they do not go to high. This too can be a problem." Dr Swan monitors the meld and the variables on the console. If anything started to show going wrong, She would get Eagle to break the link between them. She then takes a tricorder and scans the twins as well as Eagle himself. She softly spoke to Eagle, "I need all of the ingreidents to make the drug. The amounts of everything. I can not replicated it. It will be recorded and will break the privacy the Commander asked for." Eagle began to relay the various componets to the Doctor for the drug necessary to possibly restore Alces back to normal. This was unknown and unexplored territory. The symbiot began to desire to relinquish the meld, though not offensive, it reacted like one might when overly taxed. Eagle began to urge the twins to break the meld. Dr Swan, not noticing the intended breaking off of the meld, lightly touches Eagle's arm. "Eagle, Eagle The twins vitals are starting to show taxing, We need to get them to come out of it." She again looks down at her tricorder worried about potentual damage being done to the youngsters. Eagle had touched the twins hands, in mind anyway, holding them close. They began the walk back to consciousness together. She scans the twins again to check them over as they all began coming around. "Eagle I want them to stay here for a while for them to recover. This was more taxing on them than it was when they helped you. I don't want to take any chances here with their young lives. " Katherine had the deep face of concern for the twins welfare. She could not bare the thought of something happening to them after they had done something she had asked them to do. She lightly touched the two on the backs as they came back to consciousness. "Eagle Are you ok?" Eagle opened his eyes and looked first instinctively at his children. The strain had been very taxing on all concerned indeed. The twins moved from the position they had previously occupied. Eagle gently reached out as each in turn drew close to him and cuddled up on his lap, as he had taken a seat next to the bio bed the Commander was on. Eagle looked at Doctor Swan with a knowing look on his face and smiled. "Doctor...they will be fine. All we need to do right now is return home to quarters and rest.". Katherine knelt down next to the trio. She had called a nurse to bring the three of then some juice to at least try to get some sugar into them. "Eagle I want to keep you all here. Doctor or not, I want to keep all three of you under observation at least for the next few hours. You can take them to Isolation unit 2 if you wish. I will not give in on this, I want you all here where I can monitor you. Looking bemused a bit Eagle smiled and gathered the twins up and headed in the direction of ISO unit #2. "Very well Doc, I understand. By the way Kat, I think my wife, their mother, would have liked you.She too helped me find a way after her death". Eagle just turned and entered the room with the twins commenting back over his shoulder. " She would have helped you too find your way, for you really do need help". Katherine gave Eagle a look of bewilderment. She didn't reply to him but allowed the trio to go into the room and gave orders to allow them to remain there uninterrupted until she came back later to check on them. She knew they would need time to rest and doing anything now would only tax them further, even the slightest of Exams. After the door was close Kat moved to the lab to try to piece things together on her own. Still wondering in the back of her mind what Eagle meant by the comment about 'Her really needing help and his wife being able to give it to her.' Two hours had passed and Kat was no closer to getting the compound made than she was before. She decided to go check on Eagle and the twins to see how they were faring. She lightly tapped on the door to ISO unit 2, "Mr Eagle?" The twins awoke Eagle as they always did, watching him as he slept. He could actually feel them looking 'in him', another prank he had found Vulcan children had learned at an early age. He heard the tapping at the door as he opened his eyes ,still holding the twins whom by now were fully awake and exhibiting signs of being hungry, and fully recovered. Dr Swan slowly opened the door to the room and was happy to see the children in the condition they were. "I see you all have recovered well, at least the children have. What about you Mr. Eagle. You still look a bit tired." Eagle rose and shifted his position to the edge of the bed. "I am a bit tired still Doctor, remember they are half Vulcan and extremely resilient. Unfortunately we are not so young anymore, eh?" . He grinned as he spotted the small impish grin forming at the corner of T'Linnas mouth. Katherine picked up a tricorder and scanned the bunch checking all of their vitals. She had looked at the room monitors before she stepped in the room knowing there had been no troubles during their rest period, but she wanted that one last scan to be sure they were all good to go. " You are correct there Mr Eagle." She placed the tricorder back into her pocket and continued. "Mr Eagle, Or in this case Dr Eagle. I am in need of your help getting the compound together to give to the Commander. If we do not get the isoboramine levels up in his system soon we may loose the Symbiot. If we do that we may loose him also." Eagle looked at Kat with an understanding look. " Well Doctor...from one Doc to another, I absolutely agree with the urgency of the compilation of the necessary compounds to form Democratizing and a regiment of treatment must be established.". I will return shortly while you are setting up the lab with possible resources for the necessary compounds we will need to process the necessary drug into the final rendering for the Commander. I must take these two right now back to their Nanny. I have promised them a rare Terran delight they do enjoy and relish". Turning towards the door and walking with the twins towards the Commander. " I have to get them a Cheese burger, salad and shake". T'Linna tugged and whispered to Eagle, "And some ice cream Father". Looking at Kat Eagle shrugged and smiled. " And ice cream. They have earned it I think. Doctor do not be concerned I will return shortly". "I have the lab set already. I have been attempting to set the compound while you rested but have not had any luck thus far. Please Eagle be quick. We don't have much time left." She watched him nod to her as he exited the door of Sickbay. She slowly turned and went again into ISO Unit #1 and checked on the Commander. She had only given him a light dose of the sedative but he was still sleeping. As she did another scan, she only became more worried. "Commander Alces, hang on. We will get this taken care of for you. Just hang on for me."
  9. <<A Joint Log between Kat Schawnsee and Arch Angelis>> Kat had sat down on the couch in their quarters living area. She was struggling with the fact that they had found themselves within another time once again. She was trying hard to keep her emotions in check, but was beginning to falter. She looked up as Arch enters through the door and looks up to him with a worried look in her eyes. "Hi Arch," she says in a subtle voice. Arch Angel had entered the room and literally dropped the potato soup and French bread onto the meager coffee table, as he looked into and onto the livid visage of his wife, Her long stare speaking quantum sentences without the first utterance. She looked at the soup and bread on the table and looked back to Arch. "Hun? That looks good but..." she trails off knowing what he's going to say to her but she just wasn't in the mood to eat. She had to many things swirling in her mind. The visions of the Ship exploding once again and the vision of her husbands fighter being destroyed by the debris. "I'm just glad to see you." She stands and wraps her arms around his neck and begins to sob softly. Angel gently pulled Schawnsee...into a full embrace...knowing all to well the circumstances from the "other" timeline...and kisses her gently on her cheek as to reinforce he is real..and not a mere phantom. Looking at her so defenseless and open had opened another part of Angel....the one that defied the present state of affairs on the Reaent...::. "I'm sorry for making you bring something home. I'm just not hungry right now. Angel I know the ship is real. I know you are real. I just don't understand why the effect of the time being different is having such an effect on me." She leans her head against his shoulder once more. " I just don't know how much more I can take of this." The tears start welling up in her eyes as she talks. Angel Gently strokes her face, " My little one, all is as it should be. I fully understand your crux....as it pertains to us, and this damn ship. As time goes along it is quite the "Damned Ship", hell instead of Reaent. It should have been named the Flying Dutchmen, but that is a place for rumors, and myths. I do know the personal hell you have been going through my love.... I assure you I will be along side you." As Kat sobs with her face buried in his uniform, she continues. "Hun, I know you are here and always will be but I don't know how much more of this I can take. Even though you are here, I do not know how to explain it but that I still feel all alone." She takes a few breaths before continuing. "I just don't know where else to turn." Angel looks down and with almost a totally clam cool voice says , "My love, if in doubt, where do we always turn to when in dire need? The Elders of course and the spirit that has been my own personal salvation through all that has occurred. And by the way my arms are always open and willing to hold you for all time, which ever eternity we are part of." As soon as Angel spoke his last word, a message came over both of the com badges. "ALL DEPARMENT HEADS, REPORT TO THE CONFERENCE ROOM IN 10 MINUTES FOR A MEETING WITH THE CAPTAIN. HAVE ALL REPORTS READY AND IN HAND." They bother looked at each other and stood for another minute just holding each other in their embrace neither wanting to let go.
  10. Kat is sitting up in the chair in the isolation ward. She had had the injection and the talk with Dr Curtis. She just had to wait now until the scan to see if everything was back to normal or not. As she sat there she picked up the book that Tkar had brought her, opened it and began reading the poems in it. She seemed to be able to concentrate on things a lot better now than she had been able to before. Maybe the treatment was working. Angelis had been through probably the busiest past 23 hours he had recently known...first the target practice of the Alert fighters...then the taking out of two of the new prototype fighters for trial runs with his friend Commander Scherer...he easily slipped into the the quiet sickbay now at this late hour,sage and cedar in hand once again. Kat heard something and sat the book down, thinking it was one of the nurses coming in to do their nightly check on her. She waited looking at the door. The blasted nursing staff appeared out of what seemed nowhere...,they were of course doing their assigned duties,however each and every approach and question from the staff merely delayed his opportunity to see his wife for a short time..while he was still awake ...before he had to get some rest. Clearing the last nurses station...and the always present question..."What is in the package sir?" He honestly felt like telling them "None of your damn business actually", but as usual he refrained and allowed the inspection...Angel tapped on his beloveds room". Kat acquired a worried look on her face. None of the nurses had ever knocked they just entered. The docs knocked but only out of curtosy and they were both off duty at this time of night. Kat said with an almost shocked sound in her voice, "Enter?" Peeking around the door frame as it slid open Angel looked on the beauty that was his wife...He could not restrain the smile as he looked in and saw her actually up and reading a book no less, However she was the most dear and beautiful visage he had seen recently,at least in his eyes. Kat saw Angel peek his face around the doorway. Her eyes lightened up and she jumped to her feet rushing over to him, wrapping her arms around him and began crying. "Thank the elders.... your still alive..... Why have you taken.... so long to come..... to visit me." She says crying as she leans her head on his chest and then looks up to meet his downward gaze. Angel was taken a bit by suprise rush from Schawnsee...However it soon melded to her wrapping her lovely arms around his waist,He instinctively looked down and squatted a bit to embrace her. " I have been visiting as time allows little one",He grinned and softly held one hand over her head as he stroked and ran his fingers through her lovely hair,taking in her scent he had for so long missed. "I must admit though you were not exactly concious when I managed a sneak visit...you were resting,and I am sure you needed it....but you did get the teas and sage and cedar ,right".? Kat sniffled and smiled trying to stop the crying. "I did. I saw it had been brought but wasn't sure when or if it was you or not. Angel, I thought you were gone. I saw the fighters and the Reaent explode. Dr Curtis is telling me that somehow I was a part of two alternate time lines. Its all still a bit confusing but I am so glad you didnt die as I had seen. I dont know if I can handle not having you with me any more." She took a deep breath and wiped her eyes once again with her sleeve. Looking at her...and gently wiping her tears away,with his hand as well as her sleeve...."" Now there thats quite enough of that,unless those are tears of joy you are shedding, I am very much alive my love,and be assured without you....my heart I would not desire to be here and living as well.". He gently kissed each of her cheeks before drawing her close and a gentle kiss on those lovely lips,gazing into the most lovely eyes he has known for so many years. Her smile let him know she missed him as well as that her condition was getting better. She was starting to get her normal glow back to her face. "I had a dream and was spoken to by the Elders. Angel I'm sorry for not believing you, and for the trouble I may have caused." Looking deep into her eyes..."Schawnsee my love ...you have been no trouble,at least not to me...he chortled out a chuckle ,I love you and do know what you must have been going through...and yes, I am dead...in another time another place,however you must take into account my wife...you disappeared and reappeared as well...wll,from my communications with our "elders as well"...there are alternerative paths,times...,where's,..what was revealed to me is...you are here,as am I, And I am eternally grateful you are my love. I know what Doc has been saying...I do get a report on my wife after all <feigned suprise insert> ,I am convinced there may have been actual switches in the time stream...however the ones present in either universe are "exactly" the same,or else they could not survive...and you are my wife,down to the last molecule...and more importantly...the last memory that non other but we know.::slipping her more deeply in his arms::. She began to tire some and back towards her bed still holding her husbands hands. She reached around and lifted the book from the table next to her bed. "Look what Tkar brought me. A book of Vulcan poems. Some are quite good." She sat on the bed looked into her husbands eyes once more. "I hope I get to come home soon. The doctors need to be sure that the imbalance is corrected and will not cause any more trouble before they release me." She gripped his hands tighter. Angel paused to look at the Vulcan book of poems...nodding and quietly thanking T'Kar..." I see you are reading from the top ten best sellers list my dear. looking back at her gaze..." I am sure you will be back home ...soon my little one...in the mean time,it has been now 26 hours for me ...without sleep ,more counting the ones without you,or your touch,the hour is late,and grant you. This is not our honeymoon suite on Risa...Hon I need your touch so desperately...to hold you,perhaps I could just hold you tonight,and let us both rest in our arms...together?. "I do not think the Nurses would allow that Angel," She smiled at the thought but contnued, " It should not be long now that I am released. Well the nurses have made their rounds my love,and it would be so little time...but I understand,if you would rather wait...hanging his head a little lower:: I understand my love, "I think it best. " she leaned towards him once more and again wrapped her arms around him. "I must get some sleep also. I have another session with Dr Curtis in the morning. We have been talking at least once a day." She moves back into her bed and smiles placing her hand on his face. "You need slep also or you will not be able to fly without putting yourself and or your team in danger. I'll have Dr Matthews contact you when she finishes the scans and she can tell us together the results." Taking her small hand in his,gently holding it to his face and kissing it...."Well if that is the way it has to be then...so be it" ,he stood still holding her hand.."However Mrs.Angelis, I will not entertain or go along with this seperation from my wife much longer,or seperation.." Mocked stern voice.., Angel simled again ...for once in so long of a time,an exhausted smile to be sure...but a smile non the less". Schawnsee: Kat smiled and swung her feet back up on her bed and began pulling the covers over her, the weiriness now showing on her face. "Good night my love. I will be home soon. I promise." Kissing her gently while assuring she was covered and warm..."Indeed you shall my love,I am waiting for your speedy return...he turned to look at Schawnsse as he opened the door.."Sleep well and rest my love,sooon we will be back together",he simply exited...exhausted,now seeking their bed..and home.
  11. Schawnsee sat on the biobed that had been indicated by Doctor Matthews. She knew that with everyone worried about her, that if she didn't, she would be pulled from duty. At the moment that seemed to be the only thing that seemed right in this world. She was still in command of Security. She took a deep breath. "All right Dr. Matthews, didn't we go through this a week or so ago? I didn't know we were doing physicals every other week now. Or is this something new since they think we are out of our minds, when we said we saw the Reaent Blow up into a millions pieces." Her tone was a sarcastic one, not like any other time She had ever spoken to the Doctor. She watched as Deb, began scanning her ever so slowly. The CMO kept her eyes fixed on the readouts produced by the biobed's internal scanners but there was no way she could miss Kat Schawnsee's acerbic tone. Even before the exam began, the security chief exhibited a somewhat defensive attitude during her brief exchange with Lieutenant Angelis. Deb glanced back toward her office where the Lieutenant waited for his wife. He was pacing and though he tried to focus elsewhere, he kept looking in her direction. It was obvious he was concerned. "Your last physical was over a month ago," replied Deb with a small chuckle. "It just feels like it was last week." She met Kat's gaze and smiled warmly. "And you're not crazy.....neither am I or any of the others who made it off the Reaent in those escape pods. And we have the sensor logs to prove it." The CMO watched Schawnsee closely as she spoke hoping to pick up on any subtle changes in the security chief's mindset. "At the same time," continued Deb evenly. "It was an extremely disturbing event for everyone involved....some more so than others." Debbie stepped to the small equipment tray placed at the head of the biobed. "I haven't handled it all that well myself, " she continued calmly. She returned to the biobed and offered Kat a sad smile. "I keep thinking this is all a dream. I'm going to wake up at any moment and find myself back in a Romulan brig." Kat watched as Deb maneuvered around the biobed. "Doc, I don't just keep thinking it, I believe it to be true. I have this odd feeling that we are still on that Romulan ship and they do doing some type of experimenting with us. I don't know how to explain it." Kat looks around and the sits up getting a little closer to Deb's ear as to be a bit more secretive. "Doc, I think they are trying to get us comfortable with what's going on around us so that we end up giving them information they need to get to the Federation. Everyone I have spoken to is giving all of the right answers, not just the *right* ones, but almost perfect ones. Look at Angel, when would he ever stand in your office and pace and not leave me in your care, and NOT go back to his post. In the TL on the way down here, he told his newest pilot to run drills without him? That's not the Angel I know. There are other things also. Lets just say that I don't think we are were we are being told we are." Kat laid back down on the biobed and rolled her eyes. She thought to herself, 'And when have you ever given physicals once a month.' She looked over to Angel pacing, noticing the Counselor in the doorway looking on. She then looked back to Deb. "Well, Doc Can I go back to work? NOW??" Again her sarcasm showed, as if she had something to prove. The CMO smiled warmly at her patient and friend. "And no, you can't go back to work right now. I have some additional tests to run. We need another encephalographic profile on you so we're going to run a hyperencephalogram.....get a picture of brain circuitry pattern.....make sure everything is okay." Kat just rolled her eyes again. "FINE, More tests. Whatever." She took a deep breath and huffed it out again. The more Kat talked, the worse Debbie felt. Dr. Curtis was right. Schawnsee was in deep trouble. Her paranoia alone was enough to alarm anyone. She forced the concern from her voice and spoke as casually as possible. "I've heard the Romulans are proficient at mind games, but do you really believe they have the expertise to pull off an illusion of this magnitude?" She surveyed the expansive Sickbay as she continued. "There are hundreds of people on this ship alone not to mention everyone on Starbase 1123. I don't think the Romulan's are capable of replicating our ship, a starbase and thousands of individuals so perfectly we wouldn't suspect they were artificial." She paused a moment to examine the latest readout from the biobed. "As far as Angel is concerned, you're his wife. He loves you. Of course he's concerned about you." She offered Kat a knowing smile. "He's opted to put you before his responsibility to the ship. Think about it. There's no emergency on the horizon. Does it matter if he's with the fighter wing as they run a practice drill? No, not at all. You, on the other hand, are the love of his life. What happens to you is more important than anything else. It's only right that he be here.... with you." "I think the Romulans are quite crafty. They have been at this a long time. Who knows what they can do. Has anyone ever been near their training facilities? Or even their research areas? I kind of doubt it." Kat then changes the subject. "Let's get this Hyperwhatevergram going. I think I've been here long enough already. I want to start doing some deep checking out of our *New* captain. I want to see if his back story has any flaws in it. I can't to that until I get out of here." Kat looks over towards Angel and the Psychiatrist Curtis. "I hope they have the extra time to sit and wait." Schawnsee lets out a deep sigh once again and waits for Deb to start this test she's talking about. Debbie lightly rested a hand on Kat's shoulder. "It will take about half an hour. But I'll try to hurry and don't worry about what Angel and Dr. Curtis are up too. Just lay here and relax." She grinned at the security chief and then crossed the room to order one of the technicians to bring over the equipment and set it up. Upon returning to her patient and noted Kat's blood pressure was elevated. It had been rising steadily since the exam began, another indication that Schawnsee was agitated. A moment later, the technician arrived with the necessary equipment and immediately went to work setting it up. "Try to remain still if you can," requested Deb. "That will go a long way to speed up the process." She activated the scanner and then maneuvered around the biobed to get a clear view of Kat's eyes. "Just relax, my friend," she whispered softly. "This won't take long. As the equipment was set up around her head, Kat became more and more nervous. It was visible in her eyes as well in her vital signs. Her heart rate and breathing both quickened in rate. "You keep saying that. Something tells me this isn't going to be pleasant." Kat watched Deb move to the new position. She looked around again with her eyes instead of her head as the scan began, trying to keep her head still for the testing. It was going to be hard but she was going to try. She took one last deep long breath and looked back to Deb with an almost worried look in her eyes. She looked back up to the ceiling in Sickbay and as the test went along she felt more and more closed in. Her breathing quicken as her mind went back in time to when she saw the fighter containing her husband explode. A few moments later she let out a visible jump and her heart skipped a beat as well as a short stop in her respiration, as the entire Reaent exploded. She closed her eyes tightly as a tear was squeezed from each one and ran down the side of her head into her hairline. The CMO remained at Schawnsee's bedside as the equipment silently went about its task. "It's okay," she assured Kat as the security chief shot a terrified look in Deb's direction. "This won't hurt at all. I promise... you won't feel a thing." She frowned as Kat closed her eyes and seemingly retreated into a dark place in the not too distant past. The patient's heart and respiration rates increased precipitously. Debbie glanced across the room to where Dr. Curtis and Angel waited. She didn't want to jump the gun but she was almost positive the encephalographic profile would show a marked difference from the one on record from Kat's last annual physical. A soft beeping sound broke the silence indicating the scan was complete. Debbie nodded to the technician who immediately removed the equipment and started processing the data for review. The new profile was on the screen within a couple of minutes. And just above it was the baseline profile run several months earlier. "We're finished with you for now," announced Debbie cheerfully. She took Kat's hand and helped her to a sitting position. "I'll call you when we have the results. It should be a couple of hours." Kat sat up and looked at Deb. "Debbie, I'm still having the flash backs." She sobs slightly as she continues, "I keep seeing it play over and over in my head. It happened while the testing was going on." Kat wipes the tears from her eyes and looks back to where the others were. "Debbie I just want to be alone. I don't want to be around anyone. Do you mind if I just stay in the isolation ward? I won't be any trouble." Again she wipes her face as she sniffles a bit. "Please I just want to be alone," she says begging not to leave. Debbie felt her own eyes misting as she reached for Kat's hands. At least Schawnsee was opening up about it. "You're not the only one," whispered Deb, squeezing her friends hands. "And it's okay with me if you stay here. Nobody is in isolation right now so you'll have the place to yourself. I'll come get you when we're ready to discuss test results." She watched sorrowfully as Kat slipped off the biobed and wiped her eyes. Nodding to the nearby technician, she ordered that he escort Schawnsee to the isolation ward and see to it she was comfortable. As they walked away, Debbie turned back toward Dr. Curtis and Angel. Drawing a deep breath, she headed in their direction. There was no point in delaying the inevitable. She had to break the news to them so they could all decide how to tell Kat. Kat was escorted to the isoward and was helped to be made comfortable. She laid on the biobed and put her face into the pillow and sobbed.
  12. Kat walked down the corridor with her own people following her. She was not happy that her weapon was taken from her by her own team, but was glad to see them doing their job without prejudice. This was not something they had been trained for and she was glad to see them handling it so will and professional, leaving their personal feelings out of the equation. Kat moved into sickbay with the others that had been in the pod. Wim had been taken off, to where she did not know. She was asked to sit in a chair to await her turn to be "checked out." It was procedure and she knew it but still was unhappy about having to go through it. As she sat there waiting her turn she saw Cmdr Ridire slip in and walk towards his wife. Somehow he had managed to do so without her feeling it. Kat sat back and watched, still thinking that this may be a trap. If this was the real Cmdr Ridire, wouldn't his wife feel his presence? She knew if it were Her sitting there and Angel had come up behind her she would have known and or felt it. It didn't take being a betaziod to have a sixth sense about a loved one being that close. To Kat this still seemed as if it was a trap. Something nagged at her gut. That was one thing Kat could always depend on. If her gut had a badddddd feeling about something, there was normally something not right with the situation. Kat sat on the chair awaiting the exam, praying to the Creator that Angel WAS still alive and that her gut feeling was wrong for once, and this WAS the real Reaent that had come to their rescue.
  13. ::Lady in the doorway:: HEY Wait your turn. OH OK IF you think you can make it you can go first. Be my guest.
  14. Yes Happy Birthday Admiral BluRox, and many many many more.
  15. Kat begins walking away from the rest of the team to meet up with Angel. He had spoken of an idea before the meeting adjourned and she wanted to hear more about it. Once she heard all he had to say then she would reconvene the team and discuss the options open. Angel was making his way back to the rest of the department heads, pausing for a moment seeing they had adjourned, he patiently waited as Schawnsee approached. Smiling, Angel stands there looking around the quiet corner next to the TL. "My love." "Hi Hun, I hope your meeting with Cmdr. Ridire went well?" Schawnsee says stepping up to him, smiling back. "The meeting went rather well indeed. Better in fact than I had hoped, No worries there. I apologize for my absence from the team meeting. Was there anything additional the team needed from me, other than what was stated in the main meeting?" "I would like to hear more about it. I mean all of the pros and cons. Anything that may be gray I would like made black and white. Ridire placed me the head of this team and I want to make sure that nothing can go wrong." She states as she motions back to the observation lounge and turns to take a step in that direction. Looking back at the observation lounge he turns and enters the TL as it opens. "Come on, I have a final inspection of the crews and flight deck to tend to. I'll explain on the way. Join me?" He says nodding his head to the open lift. Kat looks from the lounge to the lift. "All right let's go." She turns back around and steps in the lift and waits for Angel. Angel watches as the doors close. He sighs out loud. The obvious stress on his features, he looks at Schawnsee. "You know as well as I do there are no absolute guarantees on any mission. There is always the constant variable. That being said my dear, I have carefully laid out a plan of action, if need be, with all of the full redundant checks in place. I am implementing a three wave assault if necessary. The first wave is at the gate, second wave within strike distance, the third to protect this ship and aid in the event of engagement." Turning to her as the lift moves to its destination, "I just have a knot in my stomach. Something seems out of place and I have my suspicions. Be that as they may, I have the ship and crew as my main concerns. We are ready to react at a moments notice." "Explain what's bothering you. What seems to be out of place." Kat says as she leans back against the wall of the lift as it moves. "Well, my love, have you really stepped back and considered our position and what has transpired? I smell a Rat and it has the distinct odor of black Ops from the fleet. I may be wrong, but..." He hesitates a moment and begins again. "That being said, our primary concern to me appears to be our very survival and returning home with as much Intel as possible." Angel says looking into his wife's face. "Do You have reservations about closing the wormhole? Is that what's leading you to black ops?" Kat asks. "Ah well..." he starts to say as the lift stops and then he shrugs.