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  1. Thanks guys :) I'll still be popping into the Redstar from time to time just to keep a hand in :) but the academy sessions and posting when I graduate would be pretty impossible for the minute. Take care, Kim
  2. And that was my log for now!!! I've just gotten a six months temp job working nights in a cleaning position so I won't be around much at all :) I pretty much have to take the job for the money but I'm still looking for a daytime job!!! I've absolutely loved simming, and hope to be back with you all soon!! Live Long and Prosper, Kim
  3. Cadet Log. Entry Five. Begin. I guess this is it then, for now at least anyway. I received news of my science award from the University of London. They've offered me a six month contract studying with an interstellar sample analysis team on a ship in the Gamma Quadrant. It's a privately chartered ship and the money is good, but it's not starfleet. I handed in my academy resignation to Admiral Hayes this morning. He said he would be sorry to see me go, but that he understood my decision. Pause Entry Kim looked around the now bare quarters. Her suitcase was already packed and the cadet uniform was laid out on the bed. She stared at it. One day, she'd be back. Resume Entry My transport to London arrives in an hour. I could have used the transporter but I need the time to think. I need to readjust to my decision. Admiral Hayes says that the Academy will wait for me and will still be here when I return, but that doesn't stop my disappointment at having to leave it behind for now. End Entry. Kim pulled the com badge from her chest and laid it on her bedside table. Looking back over the room she wiped a tear from her eye before leaving the room, the campus and the academy.
  4. Cadet Log. Entry Four. Begin 'Finally returned from the shipyards at Utopia Planitia. I hadn't realised it was gonna be a few days excursion, but it was well worth it. I got to try firing up the warp engines on the new Zephyr Class Runabout. That's really a piece of work. It's so sleek and shiny and generates a warp field which makes warp travel possible even at a moment's notice. We couldn't take it out though as it's still in development, but just seeing it docked was amazing enough. Pause Entry. Kim took a drink of hot chocolate and opened the letter which had been dropped into her pigeon hole. The mail mark was posted 'Vulcan'. She paused a moment over the seal, the wax on the flap old and crumbly. Then, changing her mind, she folded the unopened letter back up and placed it in her jacket. Resume Entry. I'm scheduled for the Academy on friday night and then again on Sunday night this week. I've turned my studies from medical to science now as it's something which has really grabbed my attention. I was so hooked when I took the CSCI role during the Borg sim. I've yet to try the tac or ops position and I haven't dared try the Engineering yet. Maybe I'll give them a shot on Friday evening if there's a place free. Tomorrow is the phaser practice again. I really can't take to it, especially since shooting the captain in the sim. It just still feels too odd. Anyway, an early night for me. Early start in the morning. End Entry. Kim pocketed her padd and took the envelope back out from her jacket. She paused over it again, before closing her eyes and putting her hands to her head.
  5. Pneuma's right. Try all of the posts :) I thought I'd never like science but it turns out I really really do! (Didn't care for security tho :P ) Kim
  6. Pretty cool log, Ensign :P Kim
  7. New

    Thanks! :P Welcome to the Academy!! Hope you have fun!! Kim
  8. Welcome to the Academy!!! Kim
  9. Cadet Log. Entry Three. Begin. 'Just finished my security simulation. I think my dad would be mortified! We were invaded by tribbles and I think they must have brought some form of confusion gas with them because I was all over the place. From trying to bleach them out of the jeffries tubes with plasma bursts to attempting to beam them off the ship I felt just out of my depth. Maybe I should stick to science or medical. Security obviously doesn't flow in the genes!!' Pause Entry Kim blew out a sigh, still recovering her wits from losing them in the simulator. The hot chocolate was steaming on the table next to her padd, and she took a sip, noticing her hand was still trembling. She took a moment to calm her nerves. Resume Entry 'There's no wonder tribbles are loathed by the Klingon Empire. I don't blame em. And to think I used to own one of the chattering tribble toys my dad brought back from Risa when I was a kid! Funny how things change. Pneuma has been posted now. I'm not sure when he ships out, but I'm pleased for him. Finn Halek has also arrived at the Academy, so it's good to have someone familiar around too. He has his first academy tomorrow. Wonder if he's as nervous as I was on my first one.' Pause Entry She walked to the door and it opened automatically. Stepping outside, she had to duck aside as two cadets ran past her, laughing. They disappeared along the corridor and Kim made her way to the refectory. Resume Entry 'The Redstar is open tomorrow, which will be refreshing after the time at the shipyards. I'm gonna keep my eyes open for that Vatric guy. Something tells me he's one to watch! End Entry Three. Kim pocketed her padd, and walked into the refectory, her stomach already rumbling to the smell of the cooked chicken she could smell. Or was it tribble?
  10. Kirk: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Message, Spock? Spock: None that I am aware of, except of course, Happy Birthday. Kim
  11. Thanks. Actually I don't mind. :) I quite like the Academy :P Kim
  12. Of course you did. Getting Romulus and Betazed mixed up is something that happens to us all at the best of times. ::Still highly suspicious:: :P Kim
  13. I was thinking about all the Trek siggys on the site and figured I'd ask y'all. What's your favourite trek phrase(s). I think mine has to be: Picard: Mr Worf, do you intend to blast a hole in the viewer? Kim
  14. TOS Where No Man has gone before. Still gives me the heebies! TNG Lower Decks. Fascinating insight into how the main crew are perceived. Would have loved to have seen more of these characters. The Naked Now. Also a big favourite. DS9 Hippocratic Oath. Loved it loved it loved it!! Voy Probably the pilot, Caretaker. Movies II: Wrath of Khan. Well cool. Kim
  15. Thanks!! :lol: Kim