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  1. err... Got any free samples?
  2. Dom walked down the corridor to 10-Forward. Never had he been so happy to be off duty. The day had been long an tedious, and especially after the conversation with Anna, Dom needed a drink. He was on duty tomorrow at 0800 and it was currently 1800. Upon entering the large lounge he made his way up to the bar. Synthol, Straight, keep them coming. How he longed for the good stuff from Betazed. The stuff that would not give the illusion of being drunk but actually numb his mind for a while. The sharp liquid splashed over his tongue and tore down his throat leaving the tell tale soft burn of alcohol. Even though it did practically nothing. He sat there sipping at the drink. His mind wondered to the different things he had learned, from the academy, the time spent on the Reaent, and the time on both on Betazed and the colony. How he missed his family, those people that managed to squeeze so much love into a few short months. Another long sip wet his lips and tongue. What he wouldn't do to speak with his mentor one more time in person. He downed the rest of the glass then took another. Another thing was bothering him. Something he hadn't felt since he was back on Earth. He used to because he was one of the few non-humans to grow up there. He was picked on and looked down on for it. It was the only time he had really felt what he did from Anna. The thought made him take another swig. What was the deal with her? Why was she so bent on hating telepaths? Its not his fault he was born to Betazoids. Nor is it his fault that he can read people. A sigh escaped his lips as he took another long sip of his synthol. He drank up 2 more glasses of synthol and made his way to his new quarters. He didn't hardly recognize it. It was set up the same way his old quarters were. It wasn't his though. Everything though his was who he used to be. The unsure fiery kid who was just starting to become aware of his abilities. The same guy who didn't understand what it was to really have a family. To be close to anyone. It was overwhelming for him. He went through several room layouts till he found a new one that he liked. Afterward he started laying out a few items that he brought on board with him. First was the wedding gift for his future wife, whoever that might be. Next he pulled a few bottles of the wine he got from Betazed which he promptly hid. Finally he pulled out something that was truly unique. Before he had left Betazed, The head of the house had pulled him aside. He spoke to Dom which was a unique occurrence, “Dominick you are next in line to be head of this house. You will be responsible for the direction it takes. If it remains a great house or if it falls will depend on you.” The man drew a long beautifully elegant sword and raised it into the air. “This sword,the sword of Vallanice, has been handed down from generation to generation. Before a man takes the seat of head of this house. He must show himself studied with this blade. It is not a weapon but a tool. One must you must learn to use. Train with it Dominick and show yourself to be studied.” It seemed like so long ago. He drew the sword and brought it into a ready stance. He needed to learn a bit about sword play before he would be ready to wield such a delicate blade. With a steady hand he hanged the sword on the wall and looked it over. Such an amazing piece of craftsmanship. Light hit it so beautifully. He was ready for his future wherever it led.
  3. Nuh uh!!! Parrots are too smart for that. They do tend to drink a bit too much when they are bored. 'Nough Said.
  4. Reflections Pneuma personal log. I am currently flying on course with the USS Reaent. I just left Cestsus III colony and I have to say, I am thrilled to be returning to some sort of semblance of home. I won't be at my old post anymore. Going to be a scientist as it seems. I will miss the bridge and working with the old girl but alas I guess things change. Only one way to handle it. Accept it and move on. Of course I won't be doing any acrobatics in the science department but who knows what will happen? ::adjusts speed and trajectory as the Reaent comes into view :: Theres the old girl now. Its been a long time and I wish I never left. ::Scratches his chest and adjusts the new uniform.:: I couldn't leave give much notice when I left nor much reason. I was summoned to Betazed by my house to tend to family matters. Turns out my the ninth house decided that they be the dominant house on Betazed and began trying to rally support against a few other houses. Mine being one of them. Considering my position in the house as well as the benefit to the Federation I went back and stood by my family. The Ninth house were talking about withdrawing from the Federation. They actually got a respectable number of people to back them up but after 3 months of debates and disputes they finally renounced their claim to dominance and submitted to the majority will of the other Houses. It wasn't long after that when I began packing for my return trip to the Reaent. As I was putting my things into the cases, I received a top secret communique which resulted in my changing destinations from the Reaent to the Cestsus III. They needed someone there to act as a mediator between a few groups who were squabbling over a few issues. I was happy to oblige, sadly Reaent wasn't going to be getting her shuttle back for a while. While there I began to study science to be able to assist more on the colony, even though the place never really was home. Science was not my forte at the academy. I preferred to fly anything I could get into. The science end eluded me. Thankfully I met a man named Erik Tameron while at the colony who managed to teach me a bit more about science. Erik... what an interesting character. He had a knack for anything science. He was also extremely smart. He shamed most anyone I met at the academy with his intelligence. He did teach me a good bit about science. Enough that I can comfortably take my new post without much worry about messing up. He used star ships to explain different things about Physics, Chemistry and even biology. The man stunned me with how much he new and he wasn't that old either. He quickly became a mentor to me. “No matter what you do, Do it like its the last thing you will ever do,” he would tell me. Even now as I make my way back to the Reaent those words ring out. I am not exactly thrilled that I am being ordered to leave already. I mean I will miss just learning. Doing the job as a mediator there was a wonderful experience. Not to mention that this journey has finally gotten me on par with my family on Betazed as far as my abilities go. I am just more comfortable with them now. ::Pneuma looks out at the Reaent which is now the grand vessel he once navigated.:: +Reaent+ Reaent this is Lt. Pneuma reporting. I am home. ::Before a response is given from the Reaent, Pneuma accelerates the shuttle and sends her around the Reaent once width wise and again length wise. :: +Reaent+ ::Laughing:: Sorry for the show Reaent I am just really happy to be back. Look forward to seeing everyone. Pneuma OUT! ::Pneuma proceeds to the shuttle bay and lands:: END TRANSMISSION
  5. The Fly 3: The Cat.
  6. If a tennis player gets tennis elbow and an Athlete gets Athletes foot, what does a football player get?
  7. Forget this noise... bring back FIREFLY!!! :P
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STSF!!! 7 is a perfect number. I ain't gonna say everything is perfect here but its darn close. Also in ancient times every 7th year was supposed to be a year of celebration. Jubilee. Sooooo.... CELEBRATION!!!! ::puts on a banana suit and starts dancing:: PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!!!
  9. You all keep your little speeders. I am taking the Millennium Falcon. Endor Police??? Taste Quad guns!! Muahahaha!!
  10. Why you stuck-up... half-witted... scruffy-looking... nerf herder!!
  11. ugh! Hokey religions, and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side. ::pulls a blaster for emphasis but then slides it back in its holster.::
  12. Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam, Wonderful Spam lovely spam...
  13. What has he been waiting for you will marx? Do you meet again at last? Now is the circle complete? When you left him were you but a learner? Are you now a master?? Oh and if you say you are a master of evil I will have ask NDak to thwap you. Thats his title :)
  14. Hey will, Perhaps you think the thread is being treated unfairly?