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    Guitar hero, xbox 360, Science fiction in general. wild taco obsession. Also please check out my deviantart for updates on project endrom
  1. Character Name: Louis O'solion Character Race: Human Character Gender: Male Age:27 Character Appearance: Height: 6'3 Hair color: Salt'n'pepper Eye color: green/blue Age:27 Skin color: caucasian Weight: 290 lbs StarFleet Medical Notice: Louis O'solion has a acelerated ageing disease (Progeroid syndrome) and may appear older, perhaps in late 40's range. Character Appearance: Louis is 6'3 which is still very tall to most people. He is of a heavy muscle drum phyisque. He has medium lenth hair and partial facial hair in the form of goatee. all mixed of white and black, very odd for his age, but is a effect of his Progeroid syndrome. slight signs of the ageing, wrinkles, freckles ETC. Character Personality: Louis is a mild mannered, cold humor enjoying, man. He perfer logic in a extreme sense and has a "first there, first recieve" response to most situations. He's enjoys the other perspective on a situation and is a key negociator. Though his threating size may seem intimidating, He is a very open individual. He does seem to have a bit of a taste for doing things the wrong way. unfortunatly and is sometimes conceived as a villianess archtype. Due to his acelerated ageing, O'solion feels its a right on his behalf to accomplish as much possible before he has quote, "luck runs out". Character Background: Pre-Academy History: Born on earth, Louis grew up in the eastern side of north America. Main residence in new jersey. After the death of his two parents and leaving his Weapon development company to his dependable siblings. Louis decided to take up a career in starfleet. Louis has minor criminal offensives for assualt, all charges were dropped. Starfleet Academy history: Still suffering emotional stress form academy simulations Due to low survival rates. Graduated 2380 Assigned ship: USS Reaent Post: Engineering Department, Technician 1st Class Rank: Petty Officer, Third class
  2. Thanks all, Ill have to remember to change my rank to Ens now.
  3. Being a observative sci-fi nerd, I like to think alot about what if moments. Then this morning it hit me, wow theres alot of connections in half life 2, and star trek. Example 1: Q.... yes half life has a Q, but he's been going under the name of G-man. Think about it, teleportation, stopping time, capable of taking freeman to a place where he doesnt age until he's needed? sounds alot like a Q, which could answer why G-man doesnt speak good english. TNG's Q is a "humanity" expert, that's why he's chosen to deal with them. he's chosen to study us, and can speak like us. The G-man could be a Q that is using Freeman as a tool to win a bet or get something else, and didn't think to take the "time" to work on communication. Example 2: Nonlinear Transuranic Crystal of Extremely Long Wavelength, IE: dilithium crystal. Both have simular porperties, and especially in Half-life 2. During one part of the game, inside Docter vance's lab, he shows you a crystal, rather large, and activates a laser the refracts beams off it. Isn't that the just like a dilithium crystal? "A beam of matter and antimatter interacting within dilithium generates a plasma that is used to power the warp drives that allow starships to travel faster than light.". Possibly the misuse of the crystal is what cuased problems in Half life 1? Example 3: Borg and combine. There is a amazing resemblence between the combine and the borg. sure, the borg are alot more Direct, they would have assimulated all human life instead of keep them in cities. But the combine work under alot of the same ways. They TAke best parts of other species and add to their own, hence the Insectiod ships and the Machine+human hybrids. They all work of a major mainframe, and are autonumous in nature. Could the combine be a Rogue hive, possibly forming its own strengths to fight its greater hive? I'm not saying that Half-life is connected to star trek, its more like wishful thinking. but theres alot of simularites.
  4. plants... eating people... ::stares in confusion::
  5. Just saying hello, enjoyed my first sim last night, hopefully the next will go better. I hope i didnt get cancer....