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  1. The waves washed up against the piers with added frequency from the wake of the boat pulling into its berth. Several other ships were coming in as the Avalon sun began to set on the horizon. The crews were quick to secure the ship and begin unloading their catch. It was an ancient art and largely lost in a day of replicators and perfectly engineered foods. But the Romulans had not traveled as far down the road to Borgdom as certain other peoples. The Administrator turned to view the community they had built on Avalon. The docks along the beach of this protected bay were only the beginning. The fish market lay to the south, produce from the farms flowed to the markets to the north, and in between was the vast merchants' market underneath the transport landing pads. Rolling up the hills were the community of artisans and skilled laborers and the homes of these brave Romulans who had come so far to make a life. He was proud of what these people had done so far. He was also very afraid of how tenuous it was. It was amazing how much events on the other side of the galaxy could affect a small settlement so many light years away. Romulus was flirting with strife once more. Forces again wished to draw the empire inward to deal with its issues while leaving the rest of the universe to fend for themselves. Ambassadors with power were being replaced by junior attaches with little more skill than taking a message. Joint ventures like Aegis and the Triangle Development League had already lost much interest in expanding a Romulan presence. Inroads of trade and culture were growing cold. But it wasn't going as easy as usual. Perhaps, finally, the Romulans had stepped out too far into the affairs of its neighbors. For once there were firm feet barring the doors from closing. Worlds were not giving up the ties across borders. Even blasphemous words had been spoken by a few radical members of his own homeworld of Romii about how that if the Empire could not face the universe through its troubles that perhaps they should align their interests with others... even possible membership in the Federation. Even if spoken by madmen they were words that had never been spoken before. Beyond those extreme ideas Romulan officers were still doing their duties from Cardassia Prime all the way to Camelot high in the sky above. And the Romulan hearts of these settlers were as firmly devoted to the land below their feet now as they were to the soils of Romulus when the first settler stepped onto its shores. Could they achieve anything as great?
  2. "Bawk BAAAAWWKK!!"
  3. No, his name is TIGER Woods not..huh
  4. Living in Dallas, for the next week there is no sport on the planet besides basketball. Go Mavs! Also living here, between the Mavs, Cowboys, Stars, Rangers, and even the arena league Desperados... FC Dallas soccor is ranked in populatiry somewhere down between High School Football and JV volleyball.
  5. My first character was a Gorn on the USS Fek'lhr. One of the hardest races to play on the worst ship for newbies. But I survived. In 12 years of simming I've only played a full human once. But I don't recommend this to everyone. Even if you CAN do it, as a noob you'll never be fully trusted with the freedom to do somethings with the character. It's about knowing the limitations and letting others know you know the limitations. One quick case in point, my Gorn one time pulled a Klingon in two. But then it came time to run from his buddies. I ran as fast as a Gorn can run....and got the tar beat outta me when they caught up. I got to show off the Gorn strength...and weaknesses.
  6. While I like Romulans, I've played many types. I usually pick the ones mentioned maybe once in an episode. That way, I can create whatever culture I like. I always stay true to what little might be shown of the race I just use that little spark for a catalist to greater things. Some of the characters I've played have been: Minaran (TOS:"Gem") Catullan (TOS:"Way To Edan"..no, not the colliflower ear guy) Gorn (TOS:"Arena") Barzan (TNG:"The Price") Maybe the strangest is the daughter of my Minaran who is 1/2 Minaran, 1/4 Orion, 1/8 Vulcan, and 1/8 Human. And I didn't just make that up. The only made up hybrid was the original series Vulcan/Human(I don't even know who's character that ever was), everything else was characters getting together and having sim kids, who became player characters and had their own sim kids, and so on.
  7. Hey, you didn't list the Animated Series! My vote, Original. ------- all I ever needed to know about the Romulans I learned in the Original Series...
  8. I voted No. But, I would like to see a Made for TV Movie. It seemed to be something Alien Nation did well when it went off the air. Give us a little 2 or 3 week mini-series with a localized plot (nothing universe shattering) but would end with Sisko coming back...which then leaves it open for future such TV movies.
  9. N'Rycus leaned against the metal column of the dock. The gentle waves beating on the new support pier below were enjoyable to hear. The last time he stood contemplating by the water's edge he was dreaming of the future. Now, he was looking at it. The massive bay was now dotted with habitation. On this northern shore boat and shuttle docks were firmly established. Colony Module One was just north of him and served as the central hub of the new colony, providing replicaters, medical support, and communication. Lands around the area were now cleared and the first crops had been planted. Select terraces on the western slopes were being planted and in this dim morning he could just see the lights far to the south of the settlements there. His people were moving out of there quarters on Colony Module One and into the temp structures. Some had even moved from these to their own lands and the first houses were taking shape. The planet was beginning to be subdued. Even the Federations colony was beginning to look more like a working settlement and less like a mass of humans running into one another. He knew the Federation wasn't that disorganized but their ways seemed alien enough to give him a headache if he watched their scurrying too closely. Once more though N'Rycus looked to the future. Romulan cities of importance were built with strict guidelines and required such forethought. He dreamed of what this colony could become. What form should he prepare for it to take? How central to their expanding Gamma Quadrant holdings should this colony be? This and more he pondered on as the city in his mind grew all around him. <<Below is the sequence the Romulan Colony took shape over the week between the last and next sim. >> Colonial Status Report: 0605.06 -Construction Freighter Marvus and its escort ships have signaled their approach to Avalon system. ETA 0605.07 13h23m. -The transport Gavix has finished refueling at Deep Space 9 and has proceeding through the wormhole. Colonial complement primarily construction labor and basic agricultural personal. Colonial Population: 5 CSR: 0605.07 -Preliminary surveys of colony site Prime completed. Secondary and Tertiary sites designated. -Marvus has entered Avalon orbit. Running diagnostics on all systems and cargo. Start of operations planned for 0605.09 08h00m. -Colonial Module One has signaled its tug has experienced technical problems and will be delayed by atleast 38 hours. New ETA 0605.11 23h10m, Colonial Population: 78 CSR: 0605.08 -Gavix has entered Avalon system. With the delay of Colonial Module One, Gavix passengers will be housed on Camelot until its arrival. Construction labor forces will report to Marvus to assist establishment of emergency shelters planetside. -Office of Land Grants will officially open its doors at 0605.09 07h00m. Colonial Population: 398 CSR: 0605.09 -Office of Land Grants have entered 112 grant requests. -23 grants have been processed and given permission to proceed with settlement. -Correction of +1 to colonial population, one female child born enroute to Avalon. -Marvus has begun land clearing along the shores of colony site Prime. Excavation of shelters has been delayed due to a mixture of volcanic rocks which are proving difficult to transport through and previously undetected aquifers. Both should be beneficial to the colony in the future but other methods must now be undertaken in the placement of secure shelters. Colonial Population: 399 CSR: 0605.10 -Office of Land Grants has entered 78 new grant requests. -59 grants have been processed and given permission to proceed with settlement. -A team of 10 geologist have been assigned to the Federation Alpha Site colony. -Colonial Module One has arrived ahead of its altered schedule. Landing operations to begin ASAP. Colonial Population: 423 CSR: 0605.11 -Primary Landing areas along the northern shore of the bay have been completed. -Module One has made landfall. -Three agricultural settlements have been established within 20 km of the primary landing area, with Module One centrally located among them. -Two agricultural settlements have been established along the western slopes of the bay. -One experimental aquacultural settlement has been established in the wetlands along the southern shore of the bay. -23 private farms have been established Colonial Population: 423 CSR: 0605.12 -Emergency shelters have been established for the northern settlements. -Private civilian transports have begun to arrive. -46 new Land Grants have been submitted and approved. -Construction of public grain silos begun. A small market area is being cleared around this site. Colonial Population: 483 CSR 0605.13 -Construction of the first commercial structures have begun. -One Ferengi was removed from the colony for attempting trade without proper license. -Lands for a Public Forum have been cleared. -The first Colonial Forum of the People is scheduled for 0605.14 to discuss progress and submit official names for the colony and surrounding territories. Colonial Population: 512 Colony Map-
  10. I'm in talks with the other half of the Ramson family to see if we'll be making a return to Aegis... in one form or another.
  11. Yet another submission. Any suggestions on the coloring?
  12. Modified original idea, taking out the ship and added a mostly transparent screen with all the current sim names.
  13. In testing, you can shrink it to about 35% current size and it is still readable.
  14. And now for something totally different.... Actually, now it's looking like the Imperial symbol from Star Wars. Oh well.
  15. It was a beginning. The walls were bare, there was but one chair in the entire office, but he had his drafting table. From here he could give birth to all the ideas that would fill the voids. From this one seed civilization could spring forth. The Administrator has already downloaded the colony liner specs, sector maps, planetary surveys, city building codes, and Imperial City design qualifications into it's imaging database. He had just established the link to Camelot's computers and was beginning the download of Federation specs, surveys, and Alpha Site blueprints when he heard a knocking at the door. Knocking? He mentally added a door bell to his shopping list as he called out, "Enter." The doors slid open and in stepped a distinguished Romulan officer. His gray hair and a roughness of his skin showed his age but his stature, stance, and the clarity of his gaze gave no hint of frailty. N'Rycus stood quickly, partly out of habit but mostly from respect to his old Commander. "Commander! A pleasure." Nodding,"Administrator." "I must thank you again for bringing me here." "A chance to see the other side of the galaxy, I couldn't pass on something like that." Smiling, "Come anytime and you will be fully welcomed. You're not having to hurry back too soon are you?" "That actually will be up to the Sub-Commander. I've turned in my retirement request." "Retirement!! Sir! You have to be joking." "No, your old boss in engineering is taking command of the Romii, that has already been finalized. They tried to promote me but I've been away from my family for too long now. I've served my years and it's time to settle back down as a simple citizen." "Quite a loss for the fleet but I understand. With your service record you must be owed a sizable allotment. Thought of taking a veteran's land grant in one of our planned Gamma Quad colonies?" He smiled broadly with a slight chuckle. "Actually, yes." N'Rycus blinked. He'd said that in jest and wasn't expecting honest interest. The Commander continued, "In fact I took the time we've been here to look over that planet...Avalon is it? Have you had a chance to look it over?" "I have the survey scans right here." With a quick tap on the side consol the map of Avalon scrolled across the wide drafting table's surface. "Olives." "Olives?" N'Rycus turned back towards him. "This island here, at the edge of it's eastern valley. The weather, soil, exposure, everything is perfect for growing Glintaran and Romulan olives. We even scanned a few native verities." N'Rycus stood in shock to see his battle hardened Commander gushing about...produce. But then this was why he was here. This was his job, to give lands and new opportunities to those who have given so much to the Empire. This was his duty to divide the spoils of war among the noble servicemen of the fleet. "Commander, we've not established clear boundaries for settlements on Avalon yet but.... if the Federation can go throw a base down wherever they feel like it without asking I think we can claim one orchard for the Empire. Take a shuttle down and do a detailed survey. I'll get you quarters on the station while we process the paperwork." Yes, this is how you start a colony. Let the Federation build there base in the wilderness where nothing but stone grows. Civilization begins with the citizen investing themselves in the land and in the future. Let the Klingons recklessly conquer for the sake of conquest. Let the Federation claim the unknown simply because it's there. The Romulan will invest in the land and in the citizenry, and in the Empire... and it's fruits will be grand and glorious and its roots deep and unmovable.