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  1. Ember Prospera's Personal Log - "Finding Herself" Ember wasn't used to someone not liking her. Growing up & being in the family she was, people always adored her & her sister. Fawned over them. Was desperate to be in their company. Yes, Ember wasn't used to someone looking at her with such utter digust & hate. She couldn't help but be bothered a little by it. However, Ember had grown up jaded from the lifestyle she had become used to. She knew people only liked her because of her status. Her name. Her riches. Or, her family's riches. Prestige was so important to the N'diri. Reputation. & control. Even those who embraced their empathic & telepathic abilities were scoffed at. How dare they not keep themselves under control. To play with such explosive & unpreditable things. Her parents had discussed with her sister & her about the importance of controlling their abilities. No daughter of theirs could tarnish the family name with such rubbish. In all honesty, Ember was glad to be away from her home planet. Away from the pressures to perfect. To be herself. She had begun to find herself in this time away. In science. In her career. & the journey was just beginning.
  2. Ember Prospera's Personal Log - Making A Home Her quarters were still a mess. With all the craziness that had consumed her since her first days on the USS Agincourt, Ember never had much time to really settle in. In the few days after the intruder incidents, she had focused on helping out getting things back in order in the Science labs. She had gotten to know her fellow scientists & realized she'd really enjoy her time here. & of course, Jamie. Part of her had been weirded out by the idea of her superior officer being someone from her romantic past, but she had quickly gotten over it. All in all, she knew that they would work well together in the future. She was here on the ship to focus on her career in science & she was determined to be the best scientist she could be. Ember had a few hours before the beginning of her duty shift. Taking a deep breath, she began the tedious task of unpacking her possessions & making a home.
  3. Ember Prospera's Personal Log - The Science of the Past She had known that choosing a Starfleet life would be unpredictable. Even dangerous at times. However, Ember had never guessed that within her first few days on the USS Agincourt, her first assignment out of the Academy, would place her in this situation. Engineering invaded by Romulans. Carrying a phaser & firing at enemies. (Not that she minded combat, but preferred hand to hand.) Part of her was afraid, but she mostly was determined to do her part in helping her new crew. Sure, she was just a scientist. But she believed scientists were highly underrated. There was more to them than disheveled hair & their noses in experiments. & then there was Jamie Kroells. They had a past together. One could say they dated at some point. He was older & handsome. She could tell he liked her from their first moments together. They shared each other's company for a good period of time before he graduated & moved on in his career. Ember moved on from there, enjoying her final years at the Academy & hadn't really thought about what happened to Jamie Kroells after that. & now here they were. She hadn't been aware that he was the Chief Science officer on her new assignment. Things were going to get interesting. Though time had passed, she couldn't deny the same attraction creeping back in her mind. But for the moment, there were more important circumstances at hand. The awkwardness would have to wait for another day. The past had to remain the past. It was time to take the ship back. Somehow.
  4. Happy Birthday, Chief. =)
  5. I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING. :lol:
  6. BIOGRAPHY: Prospera, Ember'anya Avarine BASICS Name: -- Ember'anya Avarine Prospera, though prefers to be called "Ember" for short. Gender: -- Female Race: -- Humanoid Species: -- N'dirian (the N'diri) Age: -- 21 standard human years Date of Birth: -- 16th Day of the Fourth Month (Ir'ulan) Place of Birth: -- Nesayem, Mihri Province, N'diri IV Social Status: -- Single, though 'betrothed' to Vis'ar Odarn of Nesayem. (She tends to not agree.) Height: -- 5'3" Weight: -- 108 lbs Hair Color & Style: -- Blonde. Long with sublte waves. Usually warn in a long braid on duty; down when off. Eye Color: -- Teal with small specks of violet. The intensity of the color changes with her moods. DISTINGUISHING INFORMATION -- Ember has telepathic/empathic ability, very much like a Betazoid woman. (This is explained more in the planet/race information.) She also has slightly pointed ears, a racial trait. Not as pronounced as a Vulcans. Subtle, but noticiable. This warrented a few teasings during her Academy years, calling her an 'elf'. PARENTAGE & FAMILY Father: -- Zarin Prospera; Chief Provincial Adminstrator of Mihri Mother: -- Rakara Prospera; Wife, Socialite Sibling: -- Aldari Prospera; Sister (26), Student at University EDUCATION Primary School: -- Private tutoring until age 10. Secondary School: -- Nesayem Academy, until age 16. University: -- Mihri University (1 Year) Specialty: -- Starfleet Academy (4 Years) STARFLEET HISTORY -- Promoted to Midshipman by Joe Manning on Stardate 0603.19. -- Assigned to the USS Agincourt on Stardate 0603.22 as a Science Officer. HISTORY -- Ember'anya Avarine Prospera was born to well-to-do parents in Nesayem, a fairly large metropolis in the Mihri Province on N'diri IV. Her father, Zarin, was a higher level politician, working for the adminstration of their province while her mother, Rakara, played the part of a politician's wife & socialite. The couple already had a 5 year old daughter, Aldari. Zarin was deeply disappointed that he only had daughters, wanting to continue on the family name after his death. The couple continued to try & have a son, but to no avail. Rakara's pregnancy with Ember, her shortened nickname, had caused Rakara plenty of womanly problems & she was never able to conceive again. Despite that disappointment, Zarin & Rakara treated their daughters like princesses. The two girls had only the best private tutoring growing up. It was easier for them since the family had to travel for long periods of time to social & politcal functions because of Zarin's work. When the girls were old enough, they were sent off to the Nesayem Academy, a boarding school in the area, to continue their education. It was a very prestigious school, though Ember found it lonely at times. Her parents would leave town at length & going home to an empty house did not seem like a wonderful option during free visiting times. & very rarely did they visit their daughters at the school. They did correspond weekly through messages & subspace conversations. Aldari seemed satisfied, but Ember found it pretty lacking. However, she would hide these feelings .. as a situation like this was very common among the elite families of this planet. It was during her school years that Ember developed a love for science & for working with people. At the age of 14, she used the pull of her family name in the community to develop several volunteer programs for those less fortunate than her. Like science fairs for young children, etc. She looked like she was quickly falling into the socialite pattern, but she was determined to pursue science at university. That was not what her parents wanted for her. Science was a fickle field, that did not make a lot of money & prestige was not always promised. Reluctantly, she decided on medicine instead. Her family seemed pleased with that idea. Her sister, Aldari, had chosen to be more like their mother. She rarely focused on her studies & attended parties as much as possible. Medicine was a respectable field that made a lot of money & gave the family prestige. Ember was 15, preparing to go to university, when she first had an encounter with the Federation & Starfleet. Their planet had been overlooked by the Federation for a long time, but the N'diri were well aware of their presence in the universe. They had simply chosen not to seek them out. Eventually, deeper conversations & encounters were made & things were amicable. Her father had a lot of dealings with them, as he had finally moved to the ultimate political level, Chief Administrator (like a govenor) of their province. Ember was intrigued. While attending a party, she cornered a cute young man in a Starfleet dress uniform & grilled him on this 'Starfleet'. At the end of the night, he was in love & so was she. At least, with the idea of entering Starfleet. She tried to not think about it, knowing her parents would never approve of her going off gallivanting in space. Her secondary school graduation came & went. She entered university & began to study medicine. But the idea of Starfleet haunted her for a year. Her year at university was miserable. Ember realized that this kind of medicine; pretigious & only catering the rich & the elite, wasn't for her. In fact, medicine in general wasn't for her. Science was truly in her heart. & Starfleet kept creeping into her mind. When her first year was finished, she secretly applied to Starfleet Academy. She was amazed when she received the acceptance letter. There was no going back now. She came clean to her parents about her plans. The family was in an uproar. Her sister criticized her for being the 'odd one', & for being ungrateful to their fabulous upbringing. Her parents expressed disappointment. However, Ember was of age to make decisions on her own. They had no choice but to let her go on this 'ridiculous journey to find herself'. They were also very upset that she was leaving, as she was betrothed to a young man, Vi'sar Odarn. Her sister had already married the man that was arranged for her, but Ember was going against tradition. Her parents made it clear they would come for her eventually, when she was ready to be wed. Despite the less than happy atmosphere among her family, Ember Prospera left for Starfleet Academy. She spent her four years there focusing on science, like she had always wanted to. She took part in a few extracurricular activities & was an exceptional student with little to no problems. Upon graduation, she was convinced that this had been the right choice for her. Even though she was deeply hurt when none of her family decided to take part in the graduation ceremony. It wasn't too long that she was given her assignment, the USS Agincourt, where she took the position of Assistant Science Officer. PLANET/RACE INFORMATION -- The N'diri system has 5 planets surrounding a sun similar to the Sol System. Only one planet of the system is inhabitable, & that is N'diri IV. It is a class M planet. Their year consists of 11 months, all of which have 26 days. The months are Osane, Yera, Nerea, Ir'ulan, Hovin, Fien, Elettra, I'laria, Kir'ani, Theland, Xarinta. -- The N'diri are NOT a part of the Federation, but have an amicable relationship so far. -- It is believed that the N'diri are a very distant relatives to the Betazoids. Their physiology is extremely similar, even to the length of their gestational periods. Though there are subtle aesthetic differences like slightly pointed ears & more diversity in physical traits. They have identical telepathic/empathic abilities & the same standards in it's use, maybe even more extreme in their control over the abilities. They are much more interested in one's social status & success than in one's telepathic/empathic abilities. They believe control over these abilities are of the utmost importance. Those who are not in control of them are deemed 'crazy' or 'disturbed' & are often locked up & are attempted to be rehabilitated. -- The social classes of the N'diri are of the extreme. One is either extremely wealthy or well to do or extremely poor. The poor are usually forced to choose household or farming servitude or military service to make it in the world. The two groups do not interact with each other. Very rarely is there a rags to riches story in this society.
  7. It was clear that something went very wrong in hydroponics.
  8. The star of Pixar's new feature length film, "Finding Emo", takes a break from a busy schedule of filming.
  9. Paco for a boy. Bonqueesha for a girl.
  10. I would like to change mine to: "Ember's Fire" Thx.
  11. That was the funniest one.. ^_^ You win!
  12. Awesome! =) The old guy reminded me of that commercial about writing 'Chefs' instead of the 'Chiefs' on the footbal field. I can't remember what the product was.. but I certainly remember Great Gooogly Mooogly! ^_^ So, here's a picture I guess!
  13. Heh, that's okay. It's actually pretty funny. :D I was just wondering.. it just seemed like an odd name considering the location of the event. But hey ..whatever floats your boat, right?
  14. "Great goooogly, moooogly!"
  15. I only live an hour or two from Orlando. Though it'd be nice to KNOW someone by then. I'm still in the Academy. :D The website is pretty neat... though why is it called Shoreleave 28 West? Tell me if I am wrong... but Florida is on the east coast. =)