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  1. Updated Biography. :P
  2. "Off the Hook" Log entry 04: SD 10605.01 "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Allmighty I'm free at last!" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr The Away Team was back. Zafira leaned back in his console and breathed in a huge sigh of relief. So, it seemed his career was safe afterall. More importantly, so was the Away Team. He looked around the bridge. Naturally, everyone was in a happier mood and the atmosphere was much more light. Zafira smiled and congratulated Murray and Montague. "Great job, gents. Couldn't have done it without you all" He turned backed and headed to the lift, off the bridge. It took alot out of him and Zafira wanted to rest up a bit. Entering the lift, he leant on the wall of the lift. Thinking back, Zafira had never stood up to any of his ranking officers before. Being the model Starfleet officer, Zafira never used to have problems doing what he was told. But, his gut feeling told him that the members of the Away team were indeed still alive. And though his career and reputation are still in jeopardy, he felt that it was worth it, especially given the outcome. He didn't quite care what the Captain would do with him after this. So long as everyone was okay, it really didn't matter what happened to him. Zafira entered his quarters and took out a bottle of 12 year old Scotch from his secret stash. He replicated some ice and poured some of the contents into his cup and down the contents quickly. According to the computer files, the Reaent was to rendezvous with the USS Scovil for shipment of two of the new Paragrine fighters. He wondered if he was still going to be here for that as Fighter Chief. The thought made him smile. It was unlikely, but he did have his family back in Alaska to fall back upon. An apartment in Fairbanks or Anchorage are certainly not below his means. Inwardly, Zafira hoped it wouldn't have to come to that. He still didn't know Captain Michaels or Commander Redire too well, but he was fairly positive they weren't the type to do such a thing, but he wasn't sure. For now, then, Zafira poured himself another glass of scotch on the rocks and waited out his fate in Starfleet.
  3. "Couldn't Be Helped" Log entry 03: SD 10603.31 As if it wasn't bad enough for poor Zafira, he had to get his arse handed to him by the Captain. Naturally, the Bajoran felt at a loss over the deaths of his comrades. So many of them gone in an instant. A short time, where there was no possible way for him to react. Damn it all. It should have been him piloting that shuttle not V'Roy. In all his years in service, Zafira hadn't lost a single person in escort missions. And now, because he let his guard down for a fraction of a second, the majority of the Reaent's Senior staff had vapourised in a flash, reduced to nothing now except particles of shuttle debris. Perhaps if he had time to analyse that alien probe that suddenly appeared near the shuttle, he might just had determined it a threat and take care of it, before it had a chance to fire on the hapless shuttlecraft. If Zafira could turn back the clock, he would do so in a heartbeat. But even with 24th century technology, that just was not possible. But then again, Picard and Kirk did it before..maybe.. No! Thought Zafira shaking his head. Who am I kidding? They were gone now, dead as a door nail, as far as he knew. Zafira didn't need a stern lecture from the Captain to make him feel remorse and guilt over his lapse of judgement. His own conscience was plauging him far worse than anybody could. Zafira worked tirelessly, going through the fighter's sensor and flight recording data, to try to find something that could explain why the prbe fired so suddenly, or how it was able to blow up the shuttle. He felt he owed them that much.
  4. "What to do? Log entry 02: SD 10602.02 When Zafira got the call to join the Reaent as their Squadron Leader, he knew the ship was currently undergoing major refit cycles, but he wasn't aware it was this bad. When he first stepped aboard the ship, he could see that he was indeed right as the old vessel was far from being spaceworthy. But that didn't matter much to Zafira. The first thing he wanted to do was check on the new fighters he was going to lead. He wanted to familiarise himself with the craft, choose one that suited him the most and add his own personal touches to what would be his trusty steed which would lead him on to battle. One can imagine the surprise when Zafira entered an empty fighter bay. Other squadron leaders might have been angry about the lack of fighters. But that wasn't his way. Ol' Zaf remained fairly placid about it. He just sighed and walked to his office. At least the container with all of his stuff inside was there. He unpacked his belongings and installed his mini-fridge. Zafira wanted his office a comfortable place for guests to enter. He stocked the mini-fridge full of pop and beer and left out candies and chocolates in little dishes on his desk. He met his first, an Ensign Angelus, whilst he was unpacking. About an hour later... Zafira left the bridge after his meeting with Captain Michaels. At least he was nice about it. Zafira couldn't really help it. He was curious about the lack of fighters and called the bridge for an explanation. It would have been nice to check out the fighter before the Reaent relaunches. There's still lots of time, so he probably will anyways. But for now, it left Zafira and his men with nothing to do until the fighters arrive in a few days or so. So Zafira decided to do the next best thing, and take advantage of the Fighter Squadron's little break. Firstly, he wanted to see if the ship's bar was open, and what they had in stock.
  5. "Enter Zafira" Log entry 01: SD 10601.22 Denali National Park, Alaska, Earth It was a typical Alaskan January afternoon. The sun was out and shone brightly on the fresh white snow overlooking Mount McKinely. Buddled up in a parka, and multiple layers of clothing, a rider atop of his trusty black stallion look in the sight of the majestic snow-capped peak of the mountain. It was a sight the rider was all too familiar with. But everytime he sees it, it still fills him with a sense of awe, of the sheer size of it all. Most people would cringe at the idea of living in Alaska in January, but for Zafira Terios (pronounced Zah-fearah Tehr-rye-ous),it was paradise. He loved it here in Alaska. The vast open wilderness, the meese that sometimes roam his backyard, and especially the Northern Lights with illuminate the skies at night. A far cry from his former life on Bajor. Something Zafira still is reluctant to talk about. But those days are behind him, and Zafira isn't really one to dwell on the past. A small 4-wheel drive jeep crunched the snow quietly as it drove up behind Zafira. The vehicle beared the markings of the United States National Park Service. The driver, fully clad in a Park Ranger outfit stepped out from the small vehicle and approached Zafira. "Came home already?" the soft voice of Kenari Terios called out. "From what I heard, you weren't supposed to arrive for a few hours" Park Ranger Kenari looked up at her older brother. Sweet, and still innocent, Zafira's kind-hearted younger sister chose civilian life, unlke her more gung-ho big brother. Zafira dismounted from his horse and tied the reigns to a nearby tree. "Yep. Kudos to the helmsman of the Vengeance for finding a shortcut home. He shaved a few hours off our journey time" smiled Zafira. "But it's good to be home again. It's been a long time" Kenari smiled back. "Well, it's good you're back all the same" she replied before giving Zafira a quick embrace. Zafira responded with a thanks. "I left a message of my early arrival, but you were already at work" shrugged Zafira. "Probably" said Kenari, as she took a quick peek at her chrono. "Anyways, I'm just about finished for the day. Just have to get back to the Ranger Station and sign out. We'll have some dinner. Mom and Pop came up from Fairbanks to see you again" Zafira smiled. "Sounds great" He untied the reigns of his horse and mounted back up to the saddle as he followed Kenari in her jeep. Healey, Alaska, Earth. Two hours Later Healey is a small town situated about eleven miles north of Denali National Park. Despite the technological advancements of the 24th century, the sleepy former coal mining town of about 1000 people, remains fairly rustic. Not blessed like larger cities, such as Fairbanks, Juneau or Anchorage, the city still has its own unique charm. Situated near a crystal clear mountain lake, overlooking a lush forest of huge trees, was a relatively large wood house. A cozy, intimate place where Kenari currently resides with Zafira, whenever he's back on Earth. Smoke filled out from the chimney as the home was filled with many guests welcoming Zafira's arrival back home. At the table was food fit for a king. Alaskan salmon, char and enormous king crabs, the many guests ate their fill, in celebration of Zafira's arrival. The guests, numbering about twenty or thirty, sat by the fire and listened to the guest of honour tell stories of what happned aboard the Vengeance, since the last time he was home. "The stuff I've done back on the Vengeance, the things I did, the things I saw. I am sure am going to miss those guys. And that ship" Zafira said reflectively. "But, it's onwards and upwards, as I've just gotten assigned to a new ship" Zafira sighed. He served on the massive Pathfinderclass ship, for more than two years. It was always hard to move on, after one served on a ship that long. Quite frankly, Zafira found the assignment change surprising and totally out of the blue. It was to head the squadron for the USS Reaent’s new fighter corps. Apparently, the ship was under refits, and decided to add a new Starfighter Squadron into their folds, and needed someone to lead the pilots there, and thought that Zafira was best suited for the job. It was an interesting job, heading the first Starfighter contingent of a starship. Starting from scratch essentially, molding his pilots to be the best they can be. Zafira felt up to the task, and accepted the post straight away. His transfer was made official a few days later, and his service with the Vengeance ended as soon as she returned to Earth following her last mission to stop a Tal’Shiar attack on a Klingon Outpost. Near the Klingon/Romulan Border. “So, what do you know about this new ship you’re going to serve on?” asked Peter Reddington. Reddington was a man of great kindness and wisdom, with a heart as big as Alaska. A former Starfleet Commodore, Reddington adopted Zafira and Kenari as their own children when Zafira was ten. After ten years of hardship on Bajor, during the Occupation, Zafira and Kenari found happiness with their new human parents. Zafira and Kenari’s biological parents were both killed by the Cardassians during the Occupation. His biological father, led a revolt against the Cardassians in the strip mine they were working in. Though the revolt was successful, both of Zafira and Kenari’s parents lost their lives in the battle. Zafira and Kenari remain enternally grateful towards their new parents, returning the boundless love they gave them. “I can’t say I know much about it. I know it’s an Ambassador Class, commanded by a Fred Michaels” Zafira sighed deeply. “I also know that the ship is basically just a floating hunk of metal, orbiting in dry dock and undergoing major repairs and refits. From what I was told, it was very nearly destroyed in its last mission near the Tholian Border“. Pete nodded knowingly. “Well, don’t count a good ship out. I’m fmailiar with the Reaent and it’s history . I pretty much know Starfleet won’t give up on it just yet” he said. “No, no” responded Zafira. “But from what I was told, based on her condition, I think that I’ll be here for awhile, before they get the ship space worthy again” Several Hours Later On the clear, crisp night , Zafira looked out of the large window overlooking the lake. He sipped his mug of hot chocolate and marveled at the Northern Lights’ brilliant spectrum of colours over the darkened skies. The lights reflected off the calm and tranquil lake over the horizon. With the party over, and the guests long ventured back home Zafira was alone with his thoughts. In the distance, he could see a solitary moose made his way, swimming past the house in the lake. Full grown male, and probably well over two metres in size. Zafira felt he could relate to the large beast, making a trek to new territories, crossing into the unknown to find a better place. Zafira too, was soon to make a trek to the unknown. Unsure as to what would happen next. Dressed in a black, silk nightgown Kenari walked towards her brother. “Trouble sleeping?” she asked. “Yeah, you can say that. Just thinking about the future, and what happens next” he responded. “You’re like this every time you get transferred to a different ship. Don’t worry about, you’ll do fine” Zafira put an arm around his sister, who leaned close to his chest. “Yeah, of course. I really shouldn’t worry about these things” he said. They both gazed out at the sky of that cold Alaskan night. The Aurora Borealis still doing its thing in lighting the sky hues of green, red and orange. Zafira nodded and smiled and soon ventured off to bed.
  6. UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS CREW BIOGRAPHY FILES GENERAL INFORMATION File No: 28406-ADG-191 Name: TERIOS Zafira Species: Bajoran Gender: Male Height: 6'1” Weight: 183 lbs Place of Birth: Dahkur, Bajor Date of Birth: 18 January, 2355 Age: 28 Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Residence: Deck 10, Room C603 (off-ship) 85 Wood Lane Healy, Alaska, USA, Earth 99743 Marital Status: Single SERVICE INFORMATION Service ID: 84329DFZ-0023A Rank: Lieutenant Commander Assignment: USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, NCC-86590. Commander Air Group, 388th Starfighter Squadron. Call sign: Denali Years in Service: 7 Total Enemy Kills: 84 Major Battles Participated: 18 Reprimands: None FAMILY/NEXT OF KIN Biological Parents: Trajet Terios (Father, Deceased) Liana Terios (Mother, Deceased) Siblings: Kenari Terios (Biological Younger sister) Adoptive Parents: Comm. Peter Reddington (Ret) Sharon Reddington Information: After retiring from Starfleet, Pete and Sharon Reddington moved to Fairbanks, Alaska where Peter opened a successful tour company and continues to operate it today. His wife Sharon runs a small but popular restaurant in downtown Fairbanks and Zafira's sister Kenari currently serves as a Park Ranger at the Denali National Park. When Zafira is on Earth, he resides with his sister at her four bedroom home in Healy, 11 miles north of Denali. EDUCATION During childhood, Zafira and his sister were educated by his biological parents, and by close friends of the family with the other children at the strip mine he and his parents worked on. This was done secretly and during their off-time. This continued on and off for several years until Zafira moved to Earth, where he was educated in Federation schools. On Earth, Zafira enjoyed piloting small craft belonging to his adoptive family in Alaska, and continued his formal education in public school until his graduation from high school at the age of eighteen. After which, Zafira enrolled in Starfleet Academy. An assessment test showed that Zafira would do best in the Starfighter Corps, which is where he enrolled. Starfighter piloting proved to be the best choice for Zafira, as he quickly adapted to the role. He soon gained familiarity with the flight and weapons systems of virtually ever type of fighter. His keen piloting and targeting skills earned him many awards in Academy, and later graduated in the top 20 percentile of his class. MEDICAL HISTORY Medical Allergies: None Distinguishing Features: One 10cm long scar on back, from Cardassian whip for “talking back” One 6cm long scar on back, from Cardassian whip, same reason as above . One 1.5cm long scar above right eye, pistol whipped by Cardassian for “slacking” Last Physical: Stardate 10606.06 – Pass Physical/ Mental Condition: Excellent PERSONAL HISTORY Zafira's childhood was an unfortunate one, filled with much hardship and sadness. Born during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, Zafira was born inside of a small cave on the outskirts of Dahkur, a major city on Bajor. His early childhood was mostly spent toiling in the mines under strict Cardassian supervision with his parents and young sister, being offered little in terms of food and compensation. Despite the apparent bleakness and suppression the young Zafira witnessed in his short life, his parents were very loving to both him and his younger sister Kenari and instilled in them both strong belief in the Prophets and adherence to Bajoran practises and principles. Naturally though, this did not prevent the young boy to harbour an intense dislike for their Cardassian oppressors. A dislike that continues on to this very day. Because of the circumstances of his childhood, Zafira did not get the chance to enjoy his youth as a normal child would, but that wasn't to say that it wasn't all filled with hardship and suffering. Zafira had a small group of friends in the mine he worked at. But he considered his younger sister of four years his closest friend and playmate. The two were always close and for the most part remained virtually inseparable, to the extent of the elder Zafira being quite protective of the younger Kenari, finding solace in each other and their parents despite their harsh living and working conditions in the strip mine they worked at, until the events that took place shortly after Zafira's tenth birthday. Lead by Zafira's father Trajet Terios, a member of the Bajoran Resistance, the workers of the strip mine staged a revolt against their Cardassian oppressors. The revolt, though successful in shutting down the strip mine, and freeing dozens of people, was won at the cost of both Trajet and his wife Liana, who were systematically executed by Cardassian Authorities for Trajet's role in the revolt. To prevent the children from suffering the same fate, Zafira and Kenari were both taken to a safe place far away from the strip mines by friends of the family, eventually being smuggled into a cargo freighter leaving Bajor, bound for a nearby Federation Starbase. After safely arriving at the station, the two were accepted asylum in the station, under Federation refugee rules, and originally destined for an orphanage somewhere on Earth. However, before this could take place, Station Commanding Officer Commodore Peter Reddington and his civilian wife Sharon grew attached to the young children. Childless, the Reddingtons adopted Zafira and Kenari. They received formal education at the station school and stayed aboard the starbase for about seven months, when the Commodore retired from Starfleet. Upon the Commodore's retirement, the Reddingtons took Zafira and Kenari, now ten and six respectively to their home on Earth, located in the Fairbanks North Star Metropolitan area of Alaska in North America. Though it took awhile to adjust to the harsh Alaskan climate, the two children finally had the opportunity to enjoy their childhoods like normal children. It is here, where Zafira gained his passion for flying after being taken up to the skies by his father in his bush plane. Enjoying the freedom it had to offer and the spectacular Alaskan landscape, Zafira went up often with his father, and eventually was taught by him to fly the craft, quick to learn the tricks of the trade of small plane piloting. When Zafira turned eighteen, he was enrolled in the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, California. Originally wanting to take Helm and Navigation, he instead enrolled into the Starfighter Corps when a pre-assessment test showed that he would fare better in that particular role. A role which Zafira took quickly to and enjoys primarily due to the freedom and solitude it offers over piloting a large starship. CAREER HISTORY June 2377: Promotion to Ensign and Graduation from Starfleet Academy Starfighter Corps - San Francisco, California. August 2377 – September 2379: Pilot in the 133rd Starfighter Squadron – Starbase Delphi March 2378: Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade September 2379 – January 2383: Pilot in the Delta Starfighter Corps Squadron - USS Vengeance May 2381: Promotion to Lieutenant November 2381: Promotion to Delta Squad Flight Leader – USS Vengeance January 2383: Leader of the 2nd Squadron, 420th Light Fighter Group – USS Reaent September 2383: Promotion to 1st Lieutenant January, 2384: Transfer to USS Franklin D. Roosevelt under Captain Rob Blake and Commander John Elway HOBBIES & INTERESTS Having spent his early childhood working with his parents in a Cardassian strip mine on Bajor, Zafira never had an opportunity to pursue hobbies as most children his age do. It was not until he was adopted and moved to Alaska when Zafira finally found hobbies in flying and horseback riding. Both of which, Zafira is considered an expert in. Whilst in Alaska, Zafira's other hobbies grew to mountain climbing, hunting, fishing and kayaking the iceberg laden fjords that dominate the Alaskan landscape. Though born on Bajor, both Zafira and Kenari consider Alaska as their true home and love the vast and rugged Alaskan frontier (despite the cold climate and mosquitoes in the summer). However, both siblings have not turned their backs on their Bajoran heritage. Both still practise Bajoran religious beliefs and principles. In addition, Zafira is very proficient in the Bellaclavion, a stringed instrument native to Bajor, following in the footsteps of his mother Liani who prior to the Occupation was also a professional player having performed at such venues as the Jalanda Forum. Zafira is also seen often wearing a metallic earring on his right ear. It is made of diamide laced berillium and has his family symbol inscribed onto it. The earring is considered a symbol of his faith. Like most Bajorans in Starfleet, Zafira only wears his when not on duty in order to comply with the Starfleet Uniform Code. Both Kenari and Zafira also enjoy traveling together whenever they can and have the free time to do so. Their most recent trip back together was to their native Bajor five years ago after the end of the Occupation. Both were happy to see their planet rebuild but were naturally saddened of the state it was left in. Nonetheless, they have both since returned to Bajor two more times in order to attend Bajoran religious festivals and participate in Bajoran Holidays. They have also traveled to other places as well, such as Risa and Betazed. Academically, Zafira is also interested in Earth History, painting and classical Earth music such as Mozart and Beethoven and enjoys action movies, football and poker. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Professionally speaking, Zafira is considered as one of the best young and coming pilots in the Starfighter Corps. His demeanour, professionalism, piloting skills, instincts and unquestioned loyalty is a valuable asset to any ship he is a part of. Though still harbouring a dislike for Cardassians, Zafira has never let this affect his ability to follow orders regarding the Cardassians or Cardassia. Personally, Zafira is a friendly and sociable individual easily getting along with most anybody he meets, and tries to make them feel as comfortable as he can. As a Flight Squadron Leader, this trait is also shown to his subordinates, to the extent of offering coffee and donuts in the Flight Mess Hall for his pilot's enjoyment. END OF BIOGRAPHY