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  1. Cool! I was wondering though how come no one bothered to update the Agincourt's website address? (Ya I went in and decided to do it myself)
  2. They expect the Raptor to out perform the Eagle, with the new stealth tech, thrust vectoring, and other stuff, but the lost wing depends on the pilot, if hes unexperienced, he wont be able to correct for the lost wing (unless hes lucky, well extremely lucky when your landing on a carrier) or you can save all that energy trying to correct and bail out of the plane. They depend on the stealth tech to keep the Raptor safe. If you get hit by a missile or a few bullets your cover is blown and you better hope they included some defensive systems.
  3. Yeah F-22 Raptor (replacing the F-15). I've always had this question, which would be better, the F-22 or the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter?
  4. ROFL!! So are stars now considered currency? I think you use them to rate people for helpfulness, kindness, etc etc etc
  5. I like the new chat too. You can change the font to your most liked font, and a few other stuff.
  6. ROFL!!! :unsure: No Cs, a lot of Bs, and an A here and there.
  7. ROFL!!!! :unsure:
  8. This officer got an upgraded "ride" after he wreaked his car while dozing off while waiting in a drive-through for donuts.
  9. Welcome to STSF!!! Justremeber the most important rule, have fun!
  10. Welcome to STSF!!! Remember the most important (or atleast 2nd) rule, have fun!!!
  11. I was home, just waking up. I went down stairs, and their, right in the middle of the TV screen was the images of WTCs. I was so shocked. I just sat there looking into the TV as the second plane hitting the second tower and the towers collapsing.
  12. Welcome, Vic! Make sure you have fun here!
  13. His producer was watching the video of his death, after he died, and he said Steve grabed the barb and bravely yanked it out, but someone else, dont know who, said that it was false.
  14. LOL, that would've helped me about 8 months ago. I went to stsf.com and was wondering where i was.
  15. This is really shocking news. There's a forum to send condolences to his familey, but there is are overwhelming responses and it might not work. Go to http://community.discovery.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/9691947048