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  1. Personal Log.. We are en route to an emergency distress signal from Caleb IV. Our ETA is 15 minutes. Based on the Command staff's interactions it is likely the mystery vessel that destroyed a Federation Task Force is now attacking the outpost. We will be the first response vessel to Caleb IV. Based on what the mystery ship did at Watchtower 13, and the Comanche Creek's own capability ..I may only have 15 minutes to live. With that in mind... For the record I wanted to state my thanks to the Captain and Commander for allowing me to serve on the Creek. It has not been easy, and I know I have not been Starfleet material to say the least but it has been a honor to serve on this Border Patrol Vessel. For all those I have offended and hurt I apologize. I hope I will be remembered not as a Nausicaan Mercenary but an ordinary crewmember on a Federation Starship. I ask that Lady Mareena be notified of my fate ....if possible. End Log... Byblos
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  3. Doctor T`aral, I found myself exceeding 10 pages of documentation about my life and realized you probably didn't need all the info I was sending you. So I abridged everything. If you feel you need any more information, do not hesitate to contact me. Some info about just myself you should know. As I mentioned to you earlier I was debriefed by Starfleet Medical and Intelligence Personnel during the Comanche Creek's rebuild at Starbase New Topeka. I am a product of a cloning program used to produce a Nausicaan labor force for the Dilithium mines of Talega Prime and a "Bezerker" Nausicaan type for export for violent purposes. My physical attributes, larger muscular structure and slightly above average height come from the latter type of Clone. Myself and both Nausicaan types mentioned are the result of extensive genetic alterations of Basic Nausicaan DNA. I should note it took me 15 years to reach maturity from my release from a "Birthing Chamber" Starfleet Specialists who analyzed my DNA structure at Starbase New Topeka expressed great interest in the restructuring of sequences in my DNA. While finding evidence of cloned DNA, they expressed amazement that I had not succumbed to some sort of death related to known cloning processes. I must confess I do not have enough knowledge to understand their experience with cloning. Nor did I ask. Starfleet Intelligence and Genetic Researchers were dispatched from Earth to evaluate me further. They were particularly interested in who was responsible for, if I may say, my creation. And now about the Doctor who was responsible for me being me. Starfleet Intelligence was able to construct a possible date of my creation from what they knew of Talega Prime's destruction. Given 15 cycles of existence on Talega Prime before the Doctor and I escaped the planet's destruction, my estimated age is 150 standard years. This Doctor Smith appeared completely human. Yet, Humans had not reached Orion Space by that time. Hence, Starfleet Intelligence's conclusion was that this "Dr. Smith" was an alien who appeared Human. Smith told me he had been employed by the Forerunners of what would be the Talega Cartel for over fifty years. His job was to create a labor force to excavate recently discovered Dilithium ore from Talega Prime's Mountains. And he said he succeeded and I was in part living proof of this. When I disclosed to Starfleet Intelligence that Smith had visited a planet that had an interesting history and my name was given to me from a historical site that was being excavated there. With the name Byblos ..they clearly thought Smith had been referring to Earth. I think this has alarmed them, maybe that is why they want to interview me again. Starfleet Medical wants more samples for Study of my DNA. They admitted to me they had not seen such a case of "advanced genetic modification." I find it curious they said that, because I was the product of Smith's work 150 years before they came across my "Advanced Genetic Material" When I asked Smith what species he was when learning basic education skills on Talega Prime he described himself as a "Listener." During my debriefs I could not tell if Starfleet was aware of a humanoid race called the "Listeners" I ponder if you are Doctor T`Aral. As for Dr. Smith's fate after our evacuation off Talega Prime I cannot say what happened to him. He dropped me off at a rather small harbor on a world currently in Orion Space. From there he left me. I think his final words to me ...were "he had to move on to continue his work." I will end this report to you here. Again I am available for further consultation, as I rather would not be questioned and subjected to further testing by Starfleet again back on New Topeka.
  4. Hey Shane Welcome Back!! Byblos still exists...in another Timeline on the USS Commanche Creek. He's a different Byblos by need of the sim, however he still is..a BIG. Good Luck in the Academy and I hope you find a ship that works with you! -Byblos
  5. To : Doctor T`Aral Chief Medical Officer USS Comanche Creek From: Byblos Subject: The Information You Requested Regarding Potential Outer Rim Species Encounters Dear Dr. T`Aral, To be truthful I wish I had a better gist of what is happening along the entire border along which the Federation ends and your "Outer Rim Territories" begin. But there are some things I can tell you. If we focus along the territories beginning with the "Widows Run" and expanding radially outward from Federation Stellar Cartography we are able to narrow the area of most concern. The "Widows Run" has been a trade route for at least three centuries, predating your Federation. Oddly enough it was the first humans who traveled the route that gave that spacelane it's name. Trade between earlier space borne races of the Federation and Orions while more docile at the time brought many familiar species to our potential theater of operations. These would include, Andorians, Tellarites , Vulcans and Humans. These first trailblazers settled outer systems with no Orion objections because commerce was considered of value. This explains the presence of these races today. Orions however began to change. For what reasons of this change over a century ago..I do not know. But they became fragmented, yet more empowered. The Cartels came to be; and with the cartels the Orions began taking back what they had tolerated ...settlers soon became enslaved or forced to work for these Cartels for meager wages for protection. The Original settler populations declined. The Orions needed more slaves. The "Widows Run" earned it's new name as the Orion Cartels didn't just seized cargo...but beings. The Orions needed more and pushed to areas farther from our zone of Engagement, but one of those worlds was Nausicaa. Nausicaans tougher to enslave, so violent...some were willing to be payed thugs for cartels. Nausicaans were behind on basic space travel...the Orions gave them warp drive for soldiers for their cartels. Hence Nausicaans, although a species far from our area of concern will be present. And they will be violent as ever. But Dr. T`aral, beyond our area of interest rumors exist of Nausicaans tamed for mining uses. I don't see how this is possible. But for the mission's safety any Nausicaan encountered should be considered very dangerous. Other races from the original settlers still remain...and serve the Cartels. Humans especially. They seem to have a greater sense of ...loyalty to those who pay them. We witnessed this with the Prisoners taken at the Battle of Widows Run. Displaying extreme loyalty to the Dragoons. The Dragoons are of note for this discussion of species we may encounter. The only vessel we have an engaged appeared to have an entirely human crew. The "Wraith" himself being human. What is a very big question is the composition of the races employed by the Dragoons. They originate from a different area of space than our theater...yet a human is their commander. In my time with Orion males, they would not tolerate a human commander. Yet Tavington's Dragoons must be considered as another means of species realignment in the area we will be operating in. Sadly since Tavington wiped out The Federation's intelligence apparatus in the Orion controlled Outer Rim sector of concern...we must expect species from farther regions of space and be ready....for anything. I hope this was useful. Byblos.
  6. Whodunnit? Byblos entered the guest quarters Lt Wrench had been able to grab from Command to conduct his investigation into what was wrong aboard the USS Caine. An array of Labtop Padds, some bigger than his own enlarged Padd were set upon the table. One looked like it was projecting a 3d image of some sort of ODN grid. "Glad you are here big guy. I appreciate the two days alone you gave me. This data I have been digesting is immense in quantity, especially since the engineer's logs were made available." "The Chief Engineer is the only crewman that could of pulled all these incidents off over the past three months. He is the only crewman to possess the access to the ODN and EPS network to its full capability." "This has been going on for three months?" Byblos replied in surprise. "No wonder the Captain lost it." Wrench adjusted this projector to the saucer section then to the entire USS Caine in a wireframe projection. "The first incidents occur in two distinct clusters. The captains quarters and the Command deck as noted by the red dots." "The Captain was clearly targeted by the Chief of Engineering. Seeing this." It would appear. Let's continue the the incident ticker. Now the incidents start appearing all over the ship. As I pause here. This is when the Captain is relieved by the senior crew of the Caine. We continue to play until here the last incident three days ago with a message on the Command deck Viewscreen. Oh yes I saw that one. "I am in control you pests." A very powerful statement. Byblos added. Yes and the CENG is in the Cargo bay held by our security teams during the last two weeks of minor events. Look at the ship and the incident dots. It is quite...disturbing. The entire ship has had problems..starting three months ago. So you think Chief Engineer Stark is innocent? Wrench sighed. " I think so..but I can't clear him for the incidents when he was CENG..what we have here may be another cadet doing things..or an associate of the CENG? "Usually saboteurs work best alone." Byblos commented. "Can you rotate the ship...like a spin view...not just this view?" "Sure." Wrench spun the graphic . "The history of Earth would prove you wrong on your single saboteur point Big Guy...they worked in teams in Earths greatest conflicts before we got out of the--- "Stop!" Byblos interjected..."back 35 degrees...down 20." Wrench altered The projection of the Caine to meet what ever Byblos saw on the total incident report. "Okay what am I looking for...oh wait..I think I see what you are referring too that area of no incidents deep in the ship" "Yes, what would be there?" Byblos asked. "The Caine's Central Computer Core. If a Saboteur was using the the Core to distribute commands....wait a second.." Lt Wrench rose and grabbed a PADD studying it...then another..then yet another." "What are you doing" "Let me think here...oh geez. Okay I need to do something with the ship Map here..what we are going to see is.....Command trace lines...but not inputted commands by incident victims or equipment .just computer core outgoing..and." The map of the Caine reappeared with Brown lines all over the ship leading to red dots. With further adjustments of the view and a zoom in the command traces. "Oh heck this is out of my league Byblos. The computer is what sent out the commands that led to the incidents. The ODN network was used to carry out the incidents including the one that led to the Cadet's death." "But I have seen the Computer Core of the Creek it is huge. People tend to it outside. Although I have heard you can enter it but it is like cold in there." "Right because the Computer of a Starship is a humdinger of a heat producer. But even the terminal outside the Computer Core that monitors the Core itself you cannot just designate I want a shower on deck 12. It is remotely done via the ODN from the shower itself..not the Command Console in the Computer Core access room." "Which has not had an incident according to your data." Byblos added. "And the people who did use that console were engineers now in the Cargo Bay for detention. One of our guys took over the job." Geesh..The Computer cannot do this on its own.."The Plumbing" doesn't work the way...what we are seeing here is a Computer giving remote commands and overrides to ship systems Byblos!" Wrench uttered a profanity. "So I have to ask the question Engineer Wrench? Has a Starfleet Computer ever been hacked before?" Lt Wrench did not even respond...He knew what Byblos was getting at. The Caine's computer had been seriously corrupted beyond belief..three months ago. But what happened Three Months ago? "I am not use to talking to the Boss Byblos..but..Captain Calestrom is not going to like the potential ######storm this vessel might be in danger of. And I don't want to be anywhere near it right about now." Notes: ODN- Optical Data Network EPS -ElectroPlasma System
  7. (Transmission sent by Byblos last sim) Starfleet Secure Channel Authorization CCdmzLM Max Data Stream Compression. Lady Mareena, I hope I have succeeded in my mission. I sincerely hope the message I delivered was worth where the courier is now going. I will not be anywhere close to our region of space, given apparently Starships rotate positions. You must of known the chance of me being stranded was high, since the Federation is not known for aggression rather defense, as recent events have shown. What is important in this final message is that the Dragoons are for real. They are a threat, and their crews operate differently than cartel minions. Taking on the Federation was something unexpected to say the least on this end. They had no fear in doing so. It is also important to note their intelligence gathering capability has compromised any further transmissions I can send you, and those that you would receive may not be from me. The only message from me you should trust is one from me in person now. The larger cartels are going to get into the Dragoons way, I sense it because I have seen the arrogance of the Orion Male Driven Cartels. Conflict is inevitable. Be safe, Be small, Beware. End of Transmission
  8. The Chief of Security looked down at Byblos who was sitting on a couch in his temporary quarters, which have now been made his permanent quarters until repairs of Comanche Creek were completed. He was angry at what the Nausicaan did, but something kept him back from throwing his full wrath upon Byblos. "I have many questions. And if answered correctly, maybe your Captain will not throw you out the airlock when you return to your ship. Understand Big Guy?" "Yes I do, proceed." Byblos replied simply looking up at the tall human with enough rank insignia visible the Nausicaan pondered how he remained upright. "First for Station Security I need to know how you walked through not one but two prison cell force shields?" the CSEC asked. "Oh..here is your answer, catch." Byblos tossed the Colonel Dixon's little hacking chit to the CSEC who caught it and began looking at it intensely. It did not take long for a comment. "Who gave you this device?" "Your friend in Starfleet Intelligence" The CSEC uttered a profanity under his breath. " I have had it with him. Tavington will be found and that imp DIxon will be out of my hair." Byblos supplied more information. "And yes he wanted me to get intelligence from a pirate about the Dragoons. I believe he wanted me to physically threaten the pirate to see just how strong willed they are." Byblos injected his opinion. "And that is why you are in your quarters right now under guard. I cannot have brawls or haphazard interrogations take place on this station, especially in my own BLASTED BRIG!!! Do you understand that?" "Of course. I deserved to be punished. I clearly was too violent." Byblos smiled at the CSEC. "Oh I know what you are getting at, do not play I am a nice Nausicaan because I did not kill half a dozen people when I came onboard and in my brig. We all are educated about your species." "You are? Could you tell me why I did not kill the Pirate?" Byblos retorted with his own questions. "Okay. You have diplomatic status on your entry here. How the heck that happened Is beyond me. How you are talking to me right now and not getting in my face..is beyond me. I will find out." "Careful Colonel Dixon may find out first." Byblos cautioned. "Back to my questions!" the CSEC blurted. You took the prisoner to another prisoner. The Silver colored woman..on our cameras it sure looked like you intended to. Are you familiar with the female prisoner?" "Yes. The Creek's logs are open to my knowledge of a man of your rank. She and her assoc- former associate came to warn us about the Dragoons and war was coming. She however had some outstanding warrants that led to her being in your brig. She also has talents." "Another one of Mudd's woman..bah," the CSEC spat out. "Do not underestimate her Captain...I think she was going to break the pirate when you guys barged in. She is very intelligent, and very amazingly tough." Byblos meant that after how long she had been hiding in a tiny compartment a few weeks back. "I don't think highly of anyone who works for Harcourt Mudd." The CSEC replied. "You might regret that." Byblos pointed on the table in front of him in emphasis. The CSEC changed the subject "We have audio of the ...crime. You are aware you were yelling at the prisoner as you beat him. Mentioning what he did , allegedly against the Creek. You took that attack on the Comanche Creek personal. I find that..remarkable that a Nausicaan would care about Federation lives. Clearly not laws...but you.... Byblos startled the CSEC with a lightning fast reply. "I saw those Dragoons shoot our pilots after they had ejected from their fighters like sport. That pissed me off. So I agree, there was some ...emotion in my actions. "Emotions..Mr. Byblos you shattered the guys ribcage with your emotions. Yet you did not kill him. I do not know what to make of you. You are clearly Nausicaan yet you did not finish him....I still cannot believe that guy is alive." The CSEC shook his head out of disbelief. "Perhaps your file on Nausicaans needs updating." Byblos suggested. "Don't mock me or our records Mr. Byblos, but I would like to debrief you on your culture. Clearly we are missing some things about Nausicaans..Aside from your size and strength, you are not entirely what you seem to be. That is a gut feeling..and when I get gut feelings...I want to get answers," the CSEC clearly stated. Well, if the Comanche Creek does not get repaired soon. You will have time. I am not going anywhere. But, you are in a footrace with Col. Dixon. No doubt he read my medical check up coming in." Byblos floated a suspicion of his. "Patient files they are supposed to be.....Damn Him...Damn him to...." The CSEC bolted out the door leaving Byblos by himself alone. But he would not be bored. He had more LCARS panels to study in this quarters to pass time. And brace himself for the wrath of the Comanche Creek's command staff.
  9. Not one hour after Byblos had been placed in a holding cell, he was a free Nausicaan. His liberator was one Colonel Dixon, a Starfleet Intelligence Officer who was all apologies. In fact he would not stop apologizing until he took Byblos to his Office, deep in the core of Harrington Base. Dixon used a dermal scanner to access the office. The Secretary just glanced up looking at Dixon and went back to work, and Dixon led Byblos to his office. "I am so sorry about the mix up with Security Mr. Byblos. Please understand, the few Nausicaans that have been to Harrington were not Federation Operatives." Dixon smiled offered him a seat and a caf. Byblos took the Caf and gestured his height and pointed at the chair. "Oh how insensitive I am. I hope you don't mind me taking a seat. Arguing with Security can be tedious sometimes." Dixon again smiled taking a seat. "Well where to begin?" "I thank you for getting me out of the Brig, but may I ask why you did it?" Byblos took a sip of the Caf which was quite good he decided. "You are a Federation Operative. They just thought you were an ordinary Nausicaan on the loose" Dixon answered. "Uhm, not certain how to say this. But I am not a Federation Operative I am under employment with.. "Ah yes the Black Kris of Course!" Dixon quickly interjected the fact while looking at a PADD. "Yet Mr. Byblos you have not had one contact with your employer since arriving on the Comanche Creek with quite an entrance!" Byblos mentally swore.."Why could it not of been on of the crew that got him out?" "You see Mr. Byblos, you've been actually working on the Comanche Creek not for Lady Mareena. You have been reporting to Captain Calestorm not the Black Kris." The Colonel continued. Byblos looked at Dixon oddly. "Yes, and you have even flown Combat Air Patrols for the Federation and not to long ago..a rather heroic Search and Rescue Mission in the middle a Fighter fight, taking four Federation security guards with you with basic medical training..I have it here.." Dixon quickly pulled out another PADD to CAGs that have submitted commendations of valor for your crew of the "Mule" as you call it." "I was only following our CAG's orders." Byblos quipped in. "From a Federation Officer. Byblos, you've been taking orders from Federation Personnel. Not the Black Kris" "I am not a Member of the Federation. I did not graduate from your school on Earth. I don't think they would accept Nausicaans. We are vicious ,dangerous and not smart enough to even get though an entrance exam before killing an administrator." "You haven't killed anyone on the Comanche Creek..and you were helping to save lives twelve hours ago." do not sell yourself short Mr. Byblos." Dixon replied seriously. "Okay...I am a Federation Pet. Your point?" "Don't sell yourself short. In fact in my mind you are ..and can be a valuable asset to the Federation as you already have been. Would you consider becoming an operative for the Federation in the Orion Sector?" Byblos Laughed. "Are you kidding. Did you know I killed a Orion Cartel Family member..I wouldn't last long at all. Thank you for your praise but not interested." "Byblos," Dixon stood with a very serious face. "Clearly we have underestimated the Orion Sector. People who we thought populated that sector were Pirates, Slavers and Smugglers in a patchwork of Cartel quasi States. Included a group of people we, until recently knew nothing about. And their combat tactics are completely different than what we expected." "I thought you sent an entire team in to learn about the Dragoons." Byblos commented. "Yes we did and all we got was a name, and a battle we were not ready to fight." Dixon was now standing right next to Byblos looking up at him. "Colonel, my apologies for Colonel Tavington being missing. And I know I am going to find out some new found friends are dead back on the Creek once I am allowed to board her again. But I've done a few jobs that would probably give me away to the Dragoons. Since you know I am a mercenary you know I can say No. And I am going to say No. There is no incentive for a suicidal mission of the sort. I do not know who this " Wraith" is. I am sorry." "Byblos, your friends on the Comanche Creek are going to be demanding a shot at the Dragoons after what happened..::checks his chrono:: yesterday. You'll be heading back with them against the Dragoons again. Why not use the skills you have and give your crew the info before they go hunting for the "Wraith." "Colonel Dixon I thank you for getting me out of the Brig and this...excellent caf. But the answer is no. Have a nice day." Byblos started to exit his office. "You'll be back Byblos. And I will be waiting. And oh thank you for the Fighter Image. We are analyzing your Flanker now." Byblos exited before Dixon finished. After Byblos left Dixon picked up a PADD and made a few notes. "Confirmed. Definitely not an ordinary Nausicaan, Genetically Altered. Forget the Blood work."
  10. Image added finally.
  11. Byblos was disappointed he could not actively defend his new found friends in battle. And by far that was the biggest battle the Nausicaan had ever seen in space. Of course he had not been off world enough to probably be a judge. Byblos could see the four security guards pressed into service for SAR duty, Able, Baker, Charlie and Delt ; were getting some rest. Well earned for what they had to do, and given such a long flight to Starbase Harrington. He was a bit tired himself. But Byblos had something to do. Byblos had passed the time working with the flight recorder, gleaning data on what the Mule's sensors had recorded. It took him a few hours to pin down what he was looking for. Once he had the imagery data he took a data PADD to download what the Mule saw. He wanted to make certain the Fighter he saw a few years earlier was the same fighter that participated in the attack of the Comanche Creek. Sure enough it was, or to put it more correctly it was a fighter of the same type. And it looked very much like one of the Federation fighter's he grew so familiar with..the Tomcat. Was it the same pilot? There was no way of knowing. He didn't take the female magnet human who loved to show of his fighter but always said don't touch...was the pilot that tried to destroy the Creek. What did he call that idiot who used his fighter's clean looks to get the women he wanted. Byblos thought he just called the guy Fighter-pimp. Well in anycase now he had an image of the airframe that may of confused some Federation fighters. It was only 2D, but he hoped it would help. A few hours later the Mule dropped out of Warp and the Security Quadruplets were awake and anxious to get aboard the Starbase. Starbase Harrington was huge, Byblos had never seen any Space structure of the like. The Security Guys were quick to point out this was a station of "modest" size and he needed to see the one orbiting Earth. The two escorts the Mule had peeled off as the Mule was ordered into a section of the Space Station. Byblos confirmed, steering the battle scarred Mule into a cavernous bay. From there the tractor beams pulled the Mule where it was intended to be placed for a major cleaning. Byblos looked at the PADD and wondered if the Leaders on board would be interested. Maybe, maybe not. He hoped he just wasn't arrested on the spot. Captain Crash did send this station his file right?
  12. Little Robe Creek, and the Strike Eagles from Harrington were beginning to push what was left of the Dragoon fighter force back towards the Dragoon Cruiser. Little Robe Creek was even firing her primary weapons repeatedly against the Dragoon Cruiser which seemed to have a deathwish to destroy the Comanche Creek. The Mule's rushed SAR sortie had picked up numerous pilots from all three Federation Units involved. The Mule was now behind the Strike Eagle Flight Line when one of the Security Officers entered the cockpit. Byblos had to look at his uniform to see which Quadruplet had news to pass on. It was Charlie, and his uniform was covered in patches of blood. "Byblos we have a problem..." "Close the hatch and make it quick. We have to move back into the fighting wedge developing in front of that Dragoon Cruiser-" Byblos was suddenly interrupted as the cockpit door slid shut and Charlie took a seat. "Some of those pilots we picked up are going to die if they are not treated by doctors..My Brothers and I can only do so much..some of those pilots are missing limbs..they need treatment in a medical bay not a heavy transport." Byblos heard the missing limbs comment and to think quickly. "The Comanche Creek's landing deck has been compromised according to squadron chatter. We cannot land there. "Nor should we...Time to visit the Little Robe Creek Big Ugly." Charlie offered the suggestion. Byblos gave the Mule an immediate 180 turn with an eased angle. "See if you can raise the Little Robe Creek." Charlie immediately made the COMM call. "Little Robe Creek this is Comanche Creek Heavy SAR we need to immediately land on your deck. Critically injured pilots aboard. Do you copy?" The COMM came to life quickly. "Copy SAR Heavy. Flight deck is currently full with Replenishing fighters...standby..." With that response Byblos immediately jumped a bit promptly hitting his head on the overhead LCARS display. "What the $^&%! kind of answer is that! I am going to- Charlie cut Byblos off again and risked putting his arm on his shoulder.."Get us in for approach." Byblos followed Charlie's commands as two Hornets closed in and escorted the Mule into a final approach vector. In the distance he could still see the Dragoon Cruiser firing on ..what appeared to be a listing Comanche Creek. +Comanche Creek Heavy SAR+ ...Sorry for the delay..we had to clear some items off the deck for a quick medical evac of your passengers. Captain has granted you an immediate clearance to land but be in dust off ready incase of more Dragoons arriving." Charlie replied "Copy...Little Robe Creek we are already on approach be notified that I think you will need a triage." "Copy Comanche Creek Heavy SAR".. Within five minutes the Mule was on the deck of the Little Robe Creek, her aft ramp door open. Byblos chose to keep the MULE in Dust off mode as mobile pilots disembarked and doctors quickly removed the pilots in litters. This took ten minutes. A Doctor ran up the deck of the Mule and was immediately greeted by Charlie. The Doctor was quite animated about something, before he was restrained by flight deck personnel. Another Knuckledragger began giving hand signals Byblos knew. Charlie immediately ran up the ramp in the process of closing and to the Cockpit while his brothers strapped themselves in back. "What was that about? Byblos queried as he gunned the impulse engines and sent the MULE back into Space...and was instantly greeted by Four Hornets as escort. Charlie answered. "Nothing we can do about what his objection was... Let's get back to the combat zone just in case. The radio crackled to life. "Little Robe Creek to Heavy SAR This is the Captain. Our fighters will escort you to into the condensing fighter action. Frankly If I were you I would wait outside the Fighter Perimeter we are setting up to contain what is left of the Dragoon fighter ranks. I know it it tough to see your own ship beaten up like that. But if I know Crash Caelstorm she is not going to go down that easy. Thank you for saving our pilots. You have my thanks..Good Hunting SAR Mule." Byblos looked at Charlie, with Charlie giving a nod and a quote. "One big Happy Fleet." Byblos looked back forward again seeing the profile of the Dragoon ship. "Charlie, I don't know who these Dragoons are, but they are no mercs or pirates. And that is all the help I can provide intelligence wise for this one. Whoever is in charge of this attack against us has his fighters operating like yours except he isn't allowing retreats and they are following his orders on almost a fanatical level. Kinda scares me." Hearing Byblos make that statement sent a slight chill down Charlie's spine as they approached the battle ahead.
  13. Byblos was quickly gathering his gear as he read the Doctor's report on the creature known as Tch'ana. And what he read he did not like. He already had his armor plate on, and readily attached a Federation COMM-CAM to his shoulder. He also decided to wrap his upper torso with his Knife vest. His favorite Blaster cannon would not do any good given the close proximity to the medical staff. He did not want to kill any Federation Doctors. He selected his own Disruptor Pistol instead. It simply fit his hands better than the Federation's smaller humanoid Phasers. Tch`ana was not of a species the Federation knew. He certainly had never encountered anything like her before. To stay hidden in a shielded box compartment for over three days? In such a contorted position? Amazing. Lack of Knowledge and what abilities this alien had already shown gave Byblos a big danger sensation. If she chose to escape, she could outmaneuver him in close quarters.. but ,she'd pay a price for it getting around him. Byblos noted the word that alarmed him the most: "Shape shifting Potential." Attaching a Federation Tricorder to his waist and finally his deployable forearm blade which had saved his life more than a few times, he sincerely hoped the Captain would keep this Tch`ana separated from the Con Man Mudd and in a Force Shield cell. One thing Byblos did know. Given Tch`ana's rap sheet provided by Dr. Ta`ral; this gal was not going to be released. She was destined for a Federation security facility. And that meant she would attempt to escape the Creek before Ta`ral found a way to put her to sleep. That is what the Doctor would do? Wouldn't she? In Any case, The Doctor was requesting Byblos' help. Well, he would provide it the best he can to keep a very dangerous woman contained.
  14. 14 Minutes of Game Play After a Dradis* warning that he was about to exit the Fighter Simulation boundaries, Byblos dropped out of warp and began a parallel course with the "Enemy Creek." It was quite embarrassing what Byblos did. He fled. He did what he would of done as a Pirate flier meeting a vastly superior target. The Nausicaan had momentarily forgotten he was not piloting a Pirate Fighter but a Federation Tomcat Fighter, as told by the deck crew ...A Federation Starfighter one should not "tussle" with. Embarrassment flooded Byblos. Jumper counted on him to do a flyby of Creek's outer defenses..and that he did. But right after the flyby he lost contact with Jumper, and Tom-16 as Creek unleashed Jamming that would probably fry a Vole if it were on deck of the Creek. So what to do now. He was out of contact with the mission leader..all by himself. That Human intel officer probably thought he just stole the fighter! Well the Game was not over yet so he had to do something. He had no communications with the rest of the fighters that were out on patrol. Nonetheless, he tried again. +Jumper+ This is Tom-13 do you read... The comm audio was static. And a few more tries proved useless. So that was it...then continue the Mission alone. He was not going to win this one. But he still had orders to defend their. "Keep" from the "Creek." Byblos tried to remember all he knew about the Creek on his still, short time aboard. How she operated, where her weapons were..where to land..where it's huge single warp engine was located. The Nausicaan unfolded a thin, Dradis Panel near his ship...a Navigational one. From there he checked his Dradis again...The Barn had not launched her own attack birds yet..thank the Gods..So Byblos plotted his run against the "Enemy Creek" it would be a quite a hook...and if the fighter stopped right..he'd be charging literally right into the Creek's aft Engine area on a Z-axis ..He did not even KNOW if his Missiles would work against "The Creek"...they were to take out enemy fighters right? Well maybe 8 will be enough. Byblos adjusted his flight position and dived...he flew a while until he was in a Warp Jump position. Next he entered his coordinates, planning Creek moving. Several Minutes had gone by...the simulation was still going. Perhaps "Jumper" might prevail. He hoped so. He was more nervous than he would be on a job. It was embarrassing. His flight gloves were getting sweaty. More time.. The Computer Spoke "Warning Course Projection suggests possible Collision with Target Vessel" Byblos Ignored the Warning and punched his thrusters followed by RCS adjustment for his final drive... "Computer: Override Collision Safeties...Accept Launch Protocols for MK VI Torpedoes on designated target .All weapons remain on training mode.." Computer: Course set. Maximum IDF fields will be employed. All Weapons in Training Safe mode. Navigation Safe Mode overridden. "Confirmed" at ...Byblos noted 13 minutes had passed. "Warp 2 Engage!" Byblos began his run with the Computer taking him into the Fury of the "Comanche Creek's" defenses...even if it were a simulation. " Wasn't this supposed to be fun? " Byblos thought as the stars turned to streaks. *Dradis- Byblos created term for his Radar screen that has been modified for him to view it better.
  15. Lt. Wrench was clearly mad. "I cannot believe that blooming idiot Deth almost got himself killed on a Spacewalk to simply clean some emitters. What an idiot. You spill your tools, everyone knows in EVA 101 they are not worth a life. That guy should be dumped back at Harrington!" Byblos poured himself some water from a pitcher. "I take it his career is finished." "I would have him off this ship for such stupidity," Wrench made his voice quieter. "Gone..I thought Security trained people with some sense." "I have received no training since coming aboard." "That is different. You are not Starfleet. You are more of a mission specialist." Wrench countered quickly. "A specialist whose advise is not being heard. Tell me, is your Captain really going to take the ship after a con artist? "MUDD? We've encountered him before. Wrench supplied some information. And no I don't trust him, but I am not the Captain of this ship. Remember Big Guy you got to work on trusting your superiors better." Wrench advised. "Captain Crash is hard to understand. She is withholding the creatures we found at the old space station from Your Intelligence department. I do not understand. Why..they seem not worth the trouble here or the trouble she is in with her intel people." "Byblos, trust your Captain." Wrench tapped the Nausicaan in the foot to emphasize his point. "I sense she is going to pursue this Mudd fellow. After looking at the reports from your past encounters it makes no sense to do so. The man is baiting her into something for only his benefit." "Dammit Big Ugly, why don't you just take over this ship and run it the way you feel comfortable." "I'd follow the trajectory of the Olympic Carrier to find out who the hell sent her. To leave such a topic shelved is a ... Byblos was instantly soaked by water from Lt Wrench's glass. "Let me tell you something about serving aboard a Starfleet Vessel Big Guy. You stand by your Captain. You trust your command team. Anything else is just anarchy on a vessel that can cause a lot of harm. Do I make myself clear Specialist Byblos?" "Yes.....sir?" Byblos replied slowly as Wrench left the table with an air of disgust. The weight of not amounting to anything again sank on Byblos. Perhaps he should just leave the Creek the next time she pulls into Harrington. He could always cancel his contract with Lady Mareena. She hasn't asked him of anything. What the hell was he doing on this ship anyways aside from agitating people. Specialist Byblos rose to leave the mess for his scheduled flight simulator time.