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Thalen Sinjyn

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  1. Thalen watches the events unfolding on the viewscreen with a mixture of curiosity and dread. He had never seen what the humans called a "Guardian of Forever" but there wasn't an El Aurian that didn't know about them. He supposes that in a way that his people are something of kin to the sentient time portals. In the same way that humans and the other species of the Alpha and Beta quadrant were kin in a way. Among many lessons that was drummed into every El Aurian was to never trifle with a Guardian of Forever, no matter what the reason may be..even if it may be good and noble reason. The consequences of messing with time was something that was not worth risking for. Idly he wonders if Duren was doing so because he wanted to alter what happened to the El Aurians when the darkness came. Thalen frowns and shakes his head. Not that the thought hadn't occurred to him when he realized what was actually going on but there was no way to tell what the changed history would be. And Duren had proven himself power mad enough that it was within the realm of possibility that he was just trifling with a Guardian of Forever to secure his own power. Or it could be worse than that. The ships that the El Aurians once had were nothing like anything seen in the Federation or it's neighbors. If Duren somehow changed time so that the El Aurians were imperialistic and conquerors there was nothing any of the Alpha and Beta quadrant powers could do to stop them. Thalen glances at the General and frowns. He doubted any of them understood fully the consequences of what was happening. Yes, history as it had unfolded certainly didn't seem correct to him but that could just because he didn't like what Duren had engineered. Still it could be that the General had just doomed her race to extinction. Or that they would all cease to exist. There was no telling what was the correct time. Sixty-thousand El Aurians had survived the Borg. If this wasn't the correct time it could be that in the correct time all of them survived, maybe the Borg never attacked...or that the Borg did attack and that none of them survived. It could even be that in the correct time, if this wasn't it, that the Borg conquered the Federation even before it was born. Or the change could be something as subtle as he was never born or that he never met his wife and his kids never existed. For a minute Thalen considers whether to warn the General or not. However, things were already out of hand, beyond their control. What was going to happen was going to happen no matter what it was. He steps down to the General's side and glances sidelong at her for a few seconds. He bows his head slightly and says quietly so only she can hear. "It was an honor serving you, General. And..one more thing. I do not believe in God or any other deity. But I do believe that the Universe contains light and dark. Duren is one such example of the Universe containing darkness but he is far from the worst." He pauses momentarily and his voice takes on a dark ominous tone "The darkness that nearly destroyed my people will come for yours..sooner or later. It may even be on the way here now. If you and the others are not prepared for it..you will suffer a fate far worse than death. It merely killed my people..it will take yours."
  2. Malaise: 1 : an indefinite feeling of debility or lack of health often indicative of or accompanying the onset of an illness 2 : a vague sense of mental or moral ill-being Thalen enters the observation lounge and retrieves something to drink from the replicator. He steps over to the windows looking out at the stars as he quietly sips the drink. Sighing quietly he wonders not for the first time what he's doing on this glorified garbage scow. It's not like he needed the job and it wasn't like he was really that interested in rising through the ranks of the NFS military. He had been there and done that before on ships that would make the best either Federation, or any other power in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant for that matter, had to offer look like pieces of junk. And yet here he was, First Lieutenant on a ship with a crew that didn't trust him not for who he is..but for what he is. And to top it off he's answering to people who while technically holding higher ranks then him and presuming that they're superior to him and all the while they're mere children playing a dangerous game in a dangerous universe. Murray was a perfect example of that. He sat there petulantly whining about not being told a piece of information that to be honest he had no right to know in the bloody first place. Exactly how childish do a people have to be to think they're going to get everything handed to them on a silver platter merely for existing. Thalen shudders to think what would happen if this ship happened across one of the Cruisers that Thalen used to command. They'd probably try and claim the bloody thing all the while thinking they were entitled to it using some strange twisted logic. Shaking his head he tries to banish the feeling of being out of place that hovers over him like some dark cloak. It was not a new feeling, truth to be told it was something that Thalen had been feeling for a long, relatively speaking, while now. A vague little voice that kept whispering in his mind that something was not right.
  3. Name: Thalen Sinjyn Gender: Male Age: 495 (Appears to be in his late 30's) Species: El Aurian Height: 6’2 Weight: 170 lbs Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: Silver YOB: 1887 (Earth Standard Year) POB: El Aurian Homeworld Family Information Father: Kelain Sinjyn, NFA Intel. Mother: Kiari Sinjyn, Professor of Music at Betazed University Siblings: Various brothers and sisters. Entire list would take up half a page. Wife: Jaolyn Sinjyn, Professor of Sciences at Betazed University Children: Nikel Sinjyn, NFA Intel Marei Sinjyn, Graduate Student at Betazed University Service Information Rank: First Lieutenant Position: Science Officer Assignment: N.F.S. Reaent NCC-3345-C Starfleet Service Record Details are not known but what is known is that he has served stints in NFA Intel and served previously on the NAS Exeter. Further information and any prior service assignments is highly classified. Personal History Early Childhood and Family History: Classified Thalen was born on the El Aurian homeworld to Kelain and Kiari Sinjyn in what would have been the Earth year 1887. Kelain was, at the time, one of the senior Admirals of the El Aurian Defense Force and Kiari had just retired from the EADF and taken up a position as a professor in one of the El Aurian higher education institutes. Thalen spent his childhood..i.e. his first thirty years of life, helping care for his younger siblings and learning the basics of his education as well as being guided to control and use his mental abilities. It was during this time that he developed a love for the sciences and also developed his artistic talents. And thanks to his father's influence he also discovered a passion for space. Upon reaching the age of thirty, Thalen entered the El Aurian educational system which he eventually graduated from with honors. He then moved on to the El Aurian University system which he again graduated with honors, focusing his education on the space sciences as well as graduating with degrees in music, engineering and the biological sciences. Upon graduation at the age of eighty, Thalen followed his parents footsteps into the EADF and was assigned to a succession of science vessels, exploration ships and eventually the cruiser that was his father's flagship of the El Aurian Home fleet. He continued to remain in the EADF though every century or so he took a sabbatical to reenter collegiate education for five to ten years as is customary with El Aurians. It was during one of those sabbaticals that he met Jaolyn who was also attending classes as a student. The two hit it off and shortly after he returned to service in the EADF the two were married and started a family. Life proceeded as normal for the young couple for the next few centuries. And then in the 23rd century the Borg came. Thalen, who had by this time risen to the position of Commanding Officer on one of the cruisers in the Home Fleet, found himself thrust into the middle of a battle that every El Aurian knew couldn't possibly be won. Even with the technology at the El Aurians command, technology far beyond anything seen in the Alpha quadrant even to this day, the Borg simply were an overwhelming force due to their sheer numbers. If the El Aurians had had more ships or the Borg fewer then there was no way the Borg would have won but that was not the case. The El Aurians fought back for one reason and one reason alone. To give time for as many El Aurians to escape the imminent destruction of their homeworld and their species. It was the job of the Home fleet to buy that time, even if it meant their total destruction. As it was a few ships of the Home Fleet, including the one that Thalen was Captain of and the one his father commanded managed to survive. But most of the fleet had been destroyed but that destruction had allowed 40,000 El Aurians to escape beyond the reach of the Borg. The El Aurians escaped to the Alpha Quadrant...to the Federation, a body of worlds they had kept an eye on for several centuries. There in the Federation, on Earth and other worlds, the refugee EL Aurians took up residence and slowly began to acclimate to their new home and to rebuild their lives. The Sinjyn family was one of the fortunate ones. None of the members of the family had been lost during the Borg attack though that was more due to the political connections and influence the family wielded then to sheer luck. Though the El Aurians acclimated to being members of the Federation they never completely adjusted. They seemed intent on keeping a certain amount of distance between them and their new neighbors, primarily due to the trauma of the Borg attack and also the recognition that because of their knowledge and the technology they could wield that they could potentially be detrimental to the Federation. There were El Aurians who sought to take a more active position within the Federation..the El Aurian known as Duren being one of them. Duren and Thalen's father, Kelain, had been old friends for most of their adult lives, having served in the EADF together. But as it became evident that there was a war with the Klingons on the horizon thanks to the conspiracy that killed both the Federation President and the Klingon Chancellor, a split formed between Kelain and Duren. Kelain quite vocally objected to the declaring of martial law and also quite vocally disagreed with Admiral Cartwright. That put him on opposite sides with Duren who had by then become a Vice Admiral in Starfleet. That split between old friends was only a microcosm of the split that was starting to form among the El Aurians themselves. A minority took the position that Duren did, that it was only right for them to be active participants in the Federation while a majority, like Kelain and Thalen, thought it best that while it was right that the El Aurians take an active role to some extent, that they also needed to still stick more to the shadows so as not to endanger the Federation or themselves. When Duren succeeded Cartwright it only sealed the split between Kelain and him. They no longer saw themselves as friends, at best they disagreed..at worst they considered themselves political enemies. When Betazed and the other worlds that would form the New Federation Alliance seceded from the Federation Kelain saw to it that his family moved to Betazed from Earth. A significant portion of the El Aurian population, by that time numbering between 50,000 and 60,000, also left the Federation. For a time after the split Thalen remained on the sidelines, living the life of a civilian retiree and doting on his children and grandchildren on Betazed. After a while though that grew boring to him and he joined the NFA Intelligence Agency along with his father. While in Intel he participated in several classified operations, some minor and some major. As he neared his 500th year of life though he requested and was granted a transfer to the NFS and was assigned to the NFS Exeter as one of its science officers. Two years later he was transferred to the NFS Reaent where he remains to this day. Psychological Profile He maintains the typical El Aurian stoicness and has a tendency to come across as aloof. He is quite intelligent which is also typical of El Aurians and can at times appear arrogant because of that and the fact that he has been around centuries when everyone else around him on the NFS Reaent is far younger then him. To some extent that makes him feel a bit out of place. All in all he usually polite and respectful and is of even temperament. The one area that does seem to affect him emotionally..at least visibly, is the subject of the Borg. He loathes the Borg with a dark hatred and would, if given the chance, have no problem in wiping them from existence.